The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 36 Chapter 9

9) Embinyu Army

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“Life is like a garlic. No matter how close, it is too spicy.”

Weed nodded as he convinced himself.

He was leading his troops towards Dulmore Fortress but was worried about the hard quest. In the early days, he thought he had been really unlucky. But not that he looked back on that time….

“It wasn’t that much. I must’ve sold a large country in my previous life.”

People liked solving important affairs but Weed wanted to live a comfortable life while eating sweet fruits. But he had to suffer through every significant event on the Versailles Continent!

“This is the difficulty of suffering alone.”

Weed continued complaining with dissatisfaction while marching.

As the rule of the desert, he had ruled over the desert warriors with fear. The sculptural lifeforms were also mistaken about Weed’s nature.

Weed was vicious and brutal but they viewed him as a hero. The desert warriors followed his orders as he was the ruler.

Weed had complained when he fell into the desert.

“I tried to live moderately in a good place. I don’t like the desert because it is annoying to save water and only fire attribute monsters wander around.”

People never really thought about living in the desert. Of course, people who were born there couldn’t help suffering discomfort. Therefore, it was rare to find many users in the southern desert area.

There were more visitors since Weed’s revival of the desert region but none of them wanted to live there.

“I’ve raised the tribes like sheep yet I can’t even sell them for money.”

Weed kept on complaining in the midst of moving. His hobby was complaining about money in order to relieve the tension of war!

He had calmly a.n.a.lysed the revealed power of the Embinyu Church.

‘They are a little bit stronger. And in the worst situation…I will completely fail the quest.’

He had to throw away the illusion of winning unconditionally. It was worse than the time he had to fight the Immortal Legion alone. In this case, if he failed then he would fail the final secret sculpting technique quest.

“I need the Embinyu Church to sweep through the Mapon and Beiner Kingdoms first.”

Even if he didn’t want to use the desert warriors, the Embinyu Church would just sweep through the continent later. But history had somehow changed so a great expedition might appear in order to take care of the Embinyu Church.

“I almost made a big mistake. The devil inside Seo-yoon can’t wake up.”

Even bad actions required delicacy!

If the quest failed then the pressure of taking care of her would disappear. Due to the endorphins secreted while thinking about bad behaviour, he was in the best physical and mental condition.

Warrior-1 who was leading the march asked.

“There is 2 kilometres left to Dulmore Fortress. Should we shatter any enemy cavalry that comes to scout?

The Mapon and Beiner troops stationed at Dulmore Fortress will know they are being attacked and will become nervous.”

“No, leave it alone. And we’ve arrived early so we shall take a break here.”

The Embinyu Church would come in the night. They had undead and used magic to move a long way quickly. Even if they failed to arrive today, the latest they would arrive would be noon tomorrow.

‘Then it will be the optimal time to fight.’

The Embinyu Church didn’t care and would even attack in the night. The great plains near Dulmore Fortress was a great place for battle.

Night was also a favourable time for the undead. Well, Weed had thought of different means and methods no matter when the battle would take place. He didn’t have a troubled or hesitant nature.

The Embinyu Church was quite unlucky. Currently Nodulle was a brave warrior who stopped evil from being revived again on the continent. But after Weed came to the past, it became a huge fight to the death.

Unlike Nodulle, he didn’t move for reasons like justice or moral obligations Weed could even deal a large blow to the Embinyu Church in the future.

That evening, there were no incidents so the night pa.s.sed comfortably. The plains were filled with bonfires and torches as the soldiers set up camp. Those far away were sitting or standing in the darkness.

The advance of the Embinyu Church was a little slow so they would arrive at Dulmore Fortress tomorrow. Weed would make sure all their hope disappeared.

And the next day.

Weed generously fed the soldiers.

“Eat heartily.”

“Yes, Great Emperor.”

“There is a lot more.”

The slaves were in a good mood despite the risk in battle. Weed at least had enough conscience to feed them before sacrificing their lives in battle!

Weed observed the Dulmore Fortress on the next day. The soldiers of the Mapon and Beiner Kingdoms were preparing for war.

“This will go down in history as a great battle.”

History would describe Weed’s actions as an established fact!

As predicted, the Embinyu Church arrived around noon. And finally, the battle to determine the fate of the Versailles Continent was initiated.


The Embinyu Church’s army was overwhelming as they revealed bronze giants and giant, flying creatures. The ground was filled with so many fanatics that it would take a while to pull them.

However, the bronze giants and flying creatures had archers, knights, witches and priests on-board.

The high priest of the 4th sect, Motuls had jurisdiction over the bronze giants and flying creatures.

Igrig, the leader of the 6th sect led the dark army.

The Embinyu Church was like an overextending large conglomerate.


“Strange people have appeared.”

The combat slaves were surprised.

“Oh, the Embinyu Church has found us. Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!”

“Come to me. All the humans are gathered here to be killed!”

The fanatics of the Embinyu Church cheered enthusiastically.

In the meantime, Weed had thrown the fanatics he captured towards the enemies or changed them into vampires and the undead. Nevertheless, they were tough like c.o.c.kroaches!

More than 10,000 people among his army cheered. Weed shrugged without saying anything. Then the desert warriors quickly took care of the fanatics.

Apart from the 20,000 desert warriors, Weed was worried about the other soldiers being corrupted by the Embinyu Church.

“Everybody listen carefully!”

-Atrock’s Cry has been used.

The soldiers have forgotten all the horrors.

The army will receive good luck related to combat.

Trained soldiers will perform their duties superbly.

Atrock’s Blessing is given to the knights.

He needed to use his skills at the appropriate time.

If he didn’t exert his leaders.h.i.+p at the right time then the army gained from the surrendered n.o.bles would scatter. Even the combat slaves might try to run away during battle.

“They are the Embinyu Church! They appeared to destroy the land we live on.”

Weed pulled out his sword and gazed at the Embinyu Church.

“The fanatics’ humanity has disappeared! They only know death and destruction! Their only purpose is to kill for Embinyu. They will trample the crops, burn cities and brutally execute children. Use your swords to fight them with everything you have!”


The desert warriors and combat slaves shouted loudly. The desert warriors thought that fighting with Weed was important. The combat slaves also had no freedom anyway. If they die even if they didn’t fight!

The people in the Dulmore Fortress felt like it was absurd.

“He is the head of the barbarians. Are they fighting among themselves?”

“I don’t know. Your Majesty. Anyway, he is a shameless person.”

From the viewpoint of the Mapon and Beiner Kingdoms, Weed’s speech pointed towards himself as the invader. But the Embinyu Church was approaching so the Dulmore Fortress was in a dire crisis.

“Get ready for battle!”

“Attacks will come from the air so be prepared with plenty of arrows!”

“Prepare for combat!”

Weed watched as Dulmore Fortress prepared their defenses. Weed’s army was still quite a distance from Dulmore Fortress.

Arrows and magic could be shot from the walls and the undead couldn’t access the fortress because of the river flowing through it. The terrain around the fortress was a little bit difficult to defend but they could overcome it.

“Fight. Prepare the battle formation!”

Weed commanded his army to prepare to confront the Embinyu Church.

The desert warriors were placed in the middle, left and right wings. They could respond immediately to any attacks depending on the circ.u.mstances.

The recently drafted combat slaves were placed in the front. They were troops he wouldn’t be reluctant to lose. The army of the n.o.bles were used to fill the headcount in the centre.

The priests and paladins from each religion were packed in the rear. And Weed rode Bactrian Camel at the head of the army while watching the approach of the Embinyu Church.

‘I don’t belong in this place.’

Naturally he wanted to be in the safest place in the rear. The front was the primary target of the various magic curses and magic attacks cast by the Embinyu Church.

Of course, he also had his pride as a man. He was the tyrant of the desert so he couldn’t change his personality to express fear!

The Embinyu Church didn’t stop and approached continuously.

Weed had plans to have a nice argument with the enemy’s high priest. He would’ve justified this war but criticizing them harshly. This would then raise the morale of the troops.

It was hard to compare this battle to anything in terms of scale and it would play an important part in changing the future. The stations would also be broadcasting this live so he needed to look good.

Of course, it would also be good if he could find their weakness or more information. Weed coolly wanted to show he was on the side of justice.

“Yes…good work on coming here in the first place.”

A gentle tone was used by Atrock’s Cry caused it to ring out through the battlefield. However, the Embinyu Church continued their march without stopping.

Now the two sides were close enough for arrows and magic attacks to hit. The army of the two sides were so close that there was almost no difference between them.

“Embinyu Church, the contents of your conspiracy has been revealed. I have come back in time in order to protect the peace of the continent….”

Weed unleashed a series of loud criticisms but the Embinyu Church didn’t care at all. It was like Dogmeat was barking but no one was listening.

Cheolkang! Cheolkang! Cheolkang!

Then one of the bronze giants lifted its hands. It was holding an enormous rock approximately 5~6 metres.

“Don’t tell me…”

The bronze giants threw rocks! Hundreds of rocks flew towards Weed and the combat slaves.

“Absolute Defense, Summon Another Sword, Power of Birth!”

Weed hastily used his skills and used Extermination Sword on the rocks. The rocks were turned into tofu while others melted.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kw.a.n.g!

However, the remaining rocks that Weed didn’t eliminate hit the combat slaves.

The battle had commenced without saying anything! The Embinyu Church didn’t need to raise the morale of their army.

It was followed by a shower of arrows from the flying creatures. The arrows were cursed by Embinyu and those hit by it lost their lives. These attacks had a tremendous effect on the combat slaves.


“Ahh, spare me. I vow allegiance to the Embinyu Church!”

“Raise your s.h.i.+eld while running out of the attack range!”

The formation of the combat slaves quickly broke down. In fact, it was natural for something like this to happen when the enemy was overwhelming. They also clamoured to avoid the area that the creatures were flying around.

Kukeok kukekeok!

“G.o.d! Believe in G.o.d! G.o.d Embinyu is equal to all. He will be fair to all of you and kill you painfully!”

“Glory, destruction, death!”

The monsters, knights and fanatics of the Embinyu Church screamed as they ran forward. However, Weed still maintained his composure.

“This much was expected. There is still the possibility of winning.”

The all-out offensive of the vanguard of the Embinyu Church smashed into the combat slaves. But the best part was Weed’s a.n.a.lysis of the power!

He had experienced countless battlefields so he could get a rough estimate of the enemy.

As expected, the Embinyu Church was a powerhouse in this warring period. The Embinyu Church had naturally prepared the best power in order to cause harm. The number of combat slaves was only enough to annoy them.

Weed hadn’t joined the battle yet and the desert warriors were also waiting. The scale of the fight hadn’t become large enough for him to actively take part.

“…In the name of G.o.d Embinyu. Gates of h.e.l.l, open!”

Right then, the witches that belonged to the Embinyu Church chanted a spell and their hands flashed. And a dark hole with a red aura pierced the sky.


Thousands of lightning fell all over the place and monsters from h.e.l.l emerged through the hole.

“Kuriririk. Why are we visiting the human world?”

“Eat everything!”

Thousands of lower ranked winged demons poured out en Weed gave a loud sigh.

“My d.a.m.n fate….”


Weed’s sea adventure reached an unprecedented audience ratings.

The users were amused yet envious of Weed’s charismatic desert tyrant. Since then, the contents of his adventure eventually became a hot topic.

Then came a variety of reactions.

-Nodulle and Hilderun’s quest in the past is romantic in itself.

-Those two people are good.

-I want to go to the warring period. If I was a man in a place like that…. The reality is that I would’ve fled from the dungeon because I could never win.

Dedicated and brave men were traditionally very popular.

-The rugged arm muscles of the desert warriors. Kyaah!

-Hestiger’s slender and handsome face, doesn’t he look really good? The beard raises his grade to that of a real actor.

-It is unfortunate.

-He should just die.

-His sweaty look after battle is really handsome. I feel like crying since he is a NPC.

-Bactrian Camel is cute.

And the bulletin boards were filled with a myriad of articles and risk a.n.a.lysis a.s.sociated with the adventure.

t.i.tle: Kingdoms that exist during the warring period.

t.i.tle: Historical changes to the Versailles Continent?

t.i.tle: Another warning of the dangers a.s.sociated with the Embinyu Church

t.i.tle: If the quest in the past fails then a catastrophe will happen

Weed’s adventure having a major impact on the continent was a huge topic. Everybody’s attention was on his adventure.

The Embinyu Church was also related to the present as damage kept occurring to the Haven Empire in the Central Continent. Users that received direct damage unleashed their criticism on the bulletin boards.

In addition, they wrote new information about the kingdoms that fell to the Embinyu Church in the warring period.

And finally, the war against the Embinyu Church was broadcasted live. The stations had wanted to slow down the broadcast schedule but they were paralysed by protests from the viewers.

In fact, this adventure wasn’t simple Weed’s fight. It was a battle to decide the fate of the Versailles Continent. Whether they liked or disliked Weed, everyone hoped that he would win the battle.

The viewers cheered Weed on but also showed concern.


Hwaryeong and the others in the group learnt about the contents of Weed’s quest.

“To leave me and take another woman…sob sob sob.”

She cried while connecting to Royal Road. Zephyr and Bellot tried to comfort her as she cried.

‘Unni liked Weed-nim this much…no, she loved him?’

‘Hwaryeong-nim has a pure side like this. It doesn’t seem like it but she is a lonely person.’

Everyone decided to wait quietly until her tears stopped.

“Sob sob sob sob! I-I really wanted a bag from the warring period.”


“I’ve been really stressed due to my last overseas schedule! A sweet trip to the past…. I could try on many shoes.”


Pale thought that Hwaryeong was completely thick-skinned as she expressed the words in her heart. The words she spoke while tears were pouring down her face was like a joke.

She wasn’t upset about Weed. Hwaryeong was more upset about the potential bags and shoes she missed.

“I should get along well with Weed-nim. He can buy me an expensive bag in the future.”


“Thanks to a scheduling accident, I could only reserve the new products…sob sob sob!”


Hwaryeong cried heartily.

She originally had a direct personality that expressed her feelings without a filter.


The chairman of Hosung Group, Jeong Deuk-soo organized his s.p.a.cious mansion.

“I have no more regrets.”

The chairman of the conglomerate that once dominated the business community now had to leave the wealthy neighbourhood.

Hosung Group had been acquired by various creditors and Baekhwa Group. The entrepreneur branded as incompetent by the media needed to go somewhere far away.

He still had many real estate and villas overseas in places like the United States and Italy.

“But there is a place my heart really wants to go.”

He would feel lonely if he left his mansion and hid in another country.

Up until now, he had been busy due to corporate management. Looking back at his past, he realized that he had been lonely for a while. He was a middle aged man with only money.

The chairman had a large amount of company shares so his wealth was considerable. But there was an emptiness in his heart that money couldn’t buy. None of his relatives would be glad to see him and Seo-yoon was the only close family member he had left.

“I will live near my daughter. It would be good if I could occasionally pa.s.s her on the streets.

He went to a rest estate agent to look for a single house.

“Sir, what are you looking for in a house?”

“I just need a house where I can live alone.”

Jeong Deuk-soo didn’t want to talk about complicated matters with the real estate agent.

There were many people who lived alone. In addition, the real estate didn’t recognize Jeong Deuk-soo as a company chairman. In fact, it was rare for the public to know the faces of company chairmen.

“Okay. Then would you like to look at the leases available?”


“Huh? Oh, the current price of real estate has increased a lot these days. So many lease a residence. The fact that you’ll be living alone means there should be some with a good rent.”

“Let’s just see what is for sale.”

“Yes. Then what house are you specifically looking for? This neighbourhood is good but there aren’t a lot of houses for sale…although this is now moving season so there are some for sale.”

He wanted a house near Lee Hyun and Seo-yoon’s, despite how difficult it might be. He also didn’t want a house on a main road that would disturb his privacy.

“A common two-story house would be nice.”

“Ah, a two-story house? Then the number of choices has decreased.

“Have many trees in the garden would be troublesome. A lake where I can raise some fish as a hobby would be good. Room for an indoor gold range and a movie room…ah, a place for my fitness equipment as well. The living room should be separate from the study and have a large structure.”

“…Anything else?”

“Stairs are c.u.mbersome so an elevator would be good. Also a garage with automatic license plate recognition would be convenient.”

“There is no such house in this neighbourhood. And even if there is, do you know how much the price of that house would be?”

“Is 5 billion enough? I am willing to spend 100 billion on a house.”


The real estate agent was in a panic as there was no such two-story house in the neighbourhood.

This was a middle cla.s.s area so the houses were only built in a small 140 square yard area.


Bart drank cheap beer at a tavern in Morata.

“Ahh, how good.”

Many people were gathered in the tavern.

“Everybody threw their hunts and quests.”

This was the day that Weed’s adventure was being broadcasted so the cities were filled with people. This matter didn’t affect just the Northern Continent but the Central Continent as well. It was also popular in the territory of the Haven Empire.

It was difficult for Bart to find a spot in the tavern. The stores didn’t have fixed customers and some couldn’t even sit down to drink.

‘I guess I can’t say that she is my daughter and my daughter’s friend.’

n.o.body would believe that he had a relations.h.i.+p with Seo-yoon and Weed.

‘I never through the virtual reality would turn out like this.’

Weed was the king of the Northern Continent so he could easily squash Bart. He was also indebted to the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult living in Morata so he didn’t want to leave the north.

“Hey, is it going to start now?”

“Let’s quickly eat the chicken.”

“It would be best to eat slowly.”

“There are 5 more. Eat a whole bunch.”

“Good job!”

The merchants with large bellies sat down while talking.


Bart looked at the merchants with an envious glance.

In the early days of the north’s development, the merchants had small and skinny bodies. It couldn’t be helped since they were all low levelled. But after the development of the north, it was common to see merchants with fat bellies. A regular user had faith in fat merchants.

The northern merchants had high popularity due to the ma.s.s selling of materials at affordable prices. Security surrounded carriages as they moved through large areas and ignored words calling them cowards. They didn’t have a combat profession but pushed carts filled with leather or iron ores up to mountain villages.

However, merchants weren’t unconditionally fat as those with combat capabilities or traded over long distances would become skinny again. But it was embarra.s.sing to trade without the necessary weight.

“Should I change? I’m not suited for a combat profession.”

Bart decided to become a merchant.

Unlike a warrior fighting monsters, he had lived as an entrepreneur for his entire life so being a merchant would be fun.

His level was also low so it didn’t have a significant impact if he changed professions.


The leaders of the Hermes Guild that conquered the Central Continent.

The Allied Forces had lost and the Imperial Army occupied different places. They seized important fortresses, castles, cities and even small villages in the mountains and on islands. After 1~2 months, the flag of the Haven Empire was flying almost everywhere on the Central Continent.

Securing the dwarf kingdom Thor and the elven forests was under control. It was much easier for them to conquer the dwarves and elves because there wasn’t a systematic, organized resistance.

Money and manpower was committed to places territories under the influence of the Haven Empire.

Lafaye was holding a great meeting in the Imperial Palace of the Haven Empire. The outcome of this meeting would determine the future direction of the war and their method of ruling the continent.

“The large war on the Central Continent is finis.h.i.+ng up. As we move forward, Weed and the Embinyu Church are the only obstacles left.”

Lafaye had a headache as soon as he heard the words from the leaders.

The Embinyu Church was expanding in a terrifying manner. The religious influence was expanding and it was difficult to block the fanatics. The Embinyu Church was challenging the obedience and loyalty in the territories of the Embinyu Church.

And Weed was adventuring in the past. There was no way for them to respond. The aftermath of the destruction of cities was reaching the peak and important commercial or military cities had become obsolete.

So far it wasn’t an irreversible blow to the Haven Empire but it created anxiety that couldn’t be ignored. The Central Continent was the loser and suffered considerable damage from Weed’s adventure so their interest turned there.

“As we all know, the current Weed will soon be fighting the Embinyu Church.”

Lafaye held the meeting when the battle between Weed and the Embinyu Church was just starting.

Each station was broadcasting it live so there was a keen interest in it. Even the players who were part of the Hermes Guild felt their chests boil with excitement when watching Weed’s adventure.

“If Weed achieves the quest and obtains the final secret sculpting technique then I don’t know what effect it will have on us.”

“Is there no way to stop it?”

“We can’t stop the progression of this quest. But the quest doesn’t seem easy so he might fail. And we must be prepared for any possible situation.”


The leaders waited for Lafaye to continue. Lafaye was a crucial reason behind the Hermes Guild being able to easily take control of the Haven Kingdom without any resistance.

He had planted spies among the prestigious guilds for long time mischief. Of course, the emergence of Weed was a big variable but Lafaye believed he could solve it.

“The staff has a.n.a.lysed Weed’s quest. And the conclusion they came to is there is a vastly larger chance of the quest against the Embinyu Church failing.”


The faces of the leaders had frowns on them. It would be bad for the local lords if the Embinyu Church spread even more. The lords started complaining with dissatisfaction.

“This time I made a big investment in a vineyard….”

“Won’t all my money from my small business disappear?”

The early members of the Hermes Guild all occupied territory, including Dain being the lord of Evaluk Castle in the Kallamore Kingdom.

There was no resistance at Evaluk Castle and the population and economy of the Kallamore Kingdom was developing. After the post-war reconstruction and development, it was being referred to as the second capital city.

Otherwise, the lords that suffered under the Embinyu Church asked.

“What is the expected damage?”

“It is difficult to fathom the current degree of the Embinyu Church. Seeing the importance and contents of the quest, it might be 2~3 times larger.”

“If so….”

“The history of the kingdom might disappear and all the citizens would turn into fanatics. Then the Haven Empire will need to go to war with the Embinyu Church. So we have to be prepared.”

The Haven Empire needed to prepare to confront the Embinyu Church.

The stakes were high so knights were secretly gathered to eliminate the threat to the continent. They were armed with weapons and armour imbued with holy power and prepared to hit the Embinyu Church.

But it was difficult to predict the forces of the Embinyu Church so it would inevitably be a struggle.

The entire Central Continent was in danger of being wiped out from the Embinyu Church and returning to the basics. Fighting them might give the Allied Forces a chance to recover and risk the Haven Empire’s reign.

“The might Haven Empire. We have the power to defeat the Embinyu Church. And public opinion will be positive. Weed will fail to handle the Embinyu Church. In other words, he will damage their power.”

Due to the risk of Weed’s adventure, the Haven Empire widened their plans. They completely dominated the Central Continent and prepared for war with the Embinyu Church.

“What if Weed succeeds in his adventure?”

“History states that the Embinyu Church was much more substantial in that period. If he wins then there is no need for us to fight the Embinyu Church. In that case, the troops we have prepared will head north for a war.”

“You mean….”

“The destruction and subjugation of the Arpen Kingdom.”

Once the Haven Empire conquered the Central Continent, they had no compet.i.tors except for the north. They would become the complete ruler of the continent.

No matter what direction Weed’s adventure went in, Lafaye and the Haven Empire were ready for it to bring benefits to them.

‘I am just afraid that….’

However, Lafaye didn’t tell the lords something.

Weed was on an impossible quest with no chances of success. It was an objective evaluation of his ability. But if his quest failed then the Haven Empire would be in the worst position.

‘Weed’s quest has been seen up to here. I’m already aware that history can be changed thanks to the destroyed cities. If the quest fails then it will be a platform that raises the Embinyu Church tremendously.’

Historically, there was a disconnect between the Northern Continent and the Central Continent. The Embinyu Church would completely decimate the Central Continent but the north would be untouched. If Weed didn’t do his best then there would be major side effects for the Hermes Guild.

‘What if he deliberately fails?’

Lafaye’s body trembled with anxiety.


Weed watched the evil pouring down from the sky.

“Monsters are coming down like rain!”

The witches the opened the Gates of h.e.l.l! The h.e.l.l demons with enormous power couldn’t pa.s.s through this door. But a numerous amount of monsters was pouring down into the world.

The world suddenly became darker and evil poured down en like water.

-The Gates of h.e.l.l have opened on the Dulmore Plains.

A great crisis has arrived on the Versailles Continent.

The witch Pechet is a very dangerous woman.

She is proficient in all types of black magic and evil tricks and created new creatures through experimentation.

She has created a pa.s.sage connected to the ‘Ring of h.e.l.l.’ The monsters will continue coming through the Gates of h.e.l.l until she is eliminated and the Ring of h.e.l.l removed.

If the gates are open for a long time then it will be dangerous to the human world….

The battlefield is filled with heavy fear and morale has decreased by 60%.

If the Gates of h.e.l.l are open for a long time then those with weak will and determination will become insane.

The effects of faith are temporarily reduced.

The efficiency of black magic on the Dulmore Plains has increased.

The soldiers literally froze from shock as the evil demons emerged from the Gates of h.e.l.l. Large fell from the sky and landed on the ground.

“Kkueeh, kueeeeh!”

The fat body opened its mouth and ate anything it saw, including the gra.s.s, rocks and trees. The twitching fat approached the soldiers and swallowed them down in one gulp.

The demons also shot knives from their bodies. There were armed humans on the plains as soon as the creatures pa.s.sed through the Doors of h.e.l.l. It was like seeing a buffet full of their favourite foods.

Before the battle, Weed had believed in his abilities that he gained through Nodulle’s Growth quest.

“The remaining quests… I can just fight moderately. How strong can it be? I won’t compromise or concede anything.”

Therefore he had willingly proceeded with the Embinyu Church quest. He didn’t worry about being unable to handle large quant.i.ties of enemies. But this time doubts grew in his head.

He was unlucky and the difficulty level had exponentially increased.

“It turned out like this. I definitely shouldn’t buy lottery tickets. I will never win even when buying it for my entire life.”

He needed to stay vigilant until the end. Weed’s life would never go moderately smoothly.

“These guys are really unruly.”

Weed sighed and used Atrock’s Cry again.

“Concentrate on defense!”

It was absolutely impossible for the combat slaves to fight the demons! It was sufficient if they could last for a few minutes. The core attack power would be the desert warriors, mercenaries and priests of each religion.

“Get rid of all the non-believers!”

“Painful death.”

“It will be delicious to eat them alive.”

The fanatics of the Embinyu Church engaged in a fierce battle with the combat slaves. The fanatics used things like ‘eating young children,’ ‘draw blood with torture’ and ‘pagan sacrifices’ to hara.s.s them!

Ordinary fanatics were level 100 while those with special abilities were level 200. Due to the nature of the fanatics gathered, the effect was insignificant.

The main forces of the army, the dark knights, priests and witches smashed into the combat slaves. Furthermore, the Embinyu Church’s flying monsters and bronze giants were like an impenetrable fortress.

The Brotherhood of Punishment and Knights of Atrocity actively partic.i.p.ated in battle. There were all the boss level monsters in the witch Pechet and the Embinyu Church’s Motuls and Igrig.

The combat slaves didn’t only fight due to Atrock’s Cry but because they believed in Weed. Weed had shown that he could reverse a battle after it started. They were dragged here to fight with that belief.

“How amazing. This feels like a luxury department store.”

Weed’s chest trembled as he imagined it. He couldn’t shrink back in front of his sculptural lifeforms. This was the honour and pride of the desert. He needed to show his courage and abilities!

“Well, I suddenly remember something old. I went to the department store but the prices were so expensive that I couldn’t sleep at night.”

The slaves fighting were dying almost cruelly.

“One pair of underwear cost 100,000 won…. It really was a source of fear.”

Weed’s escapism! However, he soon had to accept the reality of the Embinyu Church’s army.

“Still, the Embinyu Church isn’t a fur coat at the department store. Give me a try, Embinyu Church!”

Weed drove Bactrian Camel and ran to the front.

“Human, you look delicious.”

The demons felt like he was prey and leapt at him. The monsters of h.e.l.l could become stronger by absorbing humans. Otherwise, they would quickly weaken and die in this world.

In the past, Montus was a devil with the strongest power. Despite that, he was now incomparable to Weed who had pa.s.sed the limits of the sword.

“Fire Sword!”


Weed swung the Extermination Sword and literally burned all the demons around him. The attack range had increased by 3 times and the damage was no comparison. And the demons dropped jewellery, steel, smelting tools and other items hard to find in the human world!

“Let’s play properly!”

Weed’s battle spirit rose quickly. Bactrian Camel rushed towards the enemy. He had just received the Extermination Sword but it was an easy weapon to handle.

The amount that he needed to s.h.i.+ft his weight for each weapon was different. Weed’s hands quickly adapted to the new sword. Dwarves had created the weapon so its features were impeccable. Weed’s senses were outstanding when it came to things like this.

Flames occurred everywhere the sword pa.s.sed. Once cut, the demons didn’t get back up again. The damage was too huge and the creatures were completely burnt to ashes.


Weed and Bactrian Camel continued moving. The demons were continuously cut or stepped on. He used his skills to reach the entrance of the Gates of h.e.l.l!

“Black Knight’s Strike!”

The demons continued appearing. Once the wide area skill was used, all the demons turned into a grey light.

The witches drained their mana to make the Gates of h.e.l.l but the majority of the demons disappeared due to Weed.

However, he couldn’t close the Gates of h.e.l.l so stronger demons continued pouring out. Weed’s actions might seem meaningless at first but they weren’t.

“An incredibly strong human!”

“Humans like these are better to eat.”

“But how? He is as strong as a devil.”

He had immense popularity among the demons. Weed rose Bactrian Camel through the waves of demons falling from the sky.

“Let’s go!”

He stepped on the creatures that landed on the ground.


Bactrian Camel could even jump off a cliff so this was nothing.

“Let’s go, Bactrian Camel!”

And he boldly rushed towards the Embinyu Church!

The bronze giants threw rocks at him. Bactrian Camel ran exquisitely while avoiding damage and Weed cut the enemies with his sword.

He recklessly stormed the Embinyu Church’s army alone! The desert warriors hadn’t been dispatched so he couldn’t receive help from them.

“Hu…man! I will take out your heart and offer it as a sacrifice to G.o.d Embinyu!”

“Followers of the Great G.o.d Embinyu, kill him!”

Motuls and Igrig growled out commands. The fanatics and dark knights responded in unison.

“Kill! It will be an honour to tear him up with my hands!”

“My Darkness Sword will chop you up.”

Weed was surrounded by dozens of layers of enemies.

“This should be interesting!”

Weed didn’t panic.

He worried a lot before the battle but felt no fear once he actually moved. Even in the worst case situation where he lost his life and failed the quest, the Central Continent would still be turned into a mess.

As a result, his stomach didn’t hurt from thinking of the consequences. It was like an athlete facing tremendous pressure before the final game but then showing his skills. In Weed’s case, he didn’t care about what was coming.

“You aren’t worthy of facing me. You are all screwed. Bring it on!”

Weed’s hands spun the Extermination Sword round and round! The dark knights were all struck by Weed’s sword.

-Black Knight’s Strike!

An irreversible attack against the surrounding enemies.

Weed was surrounded by enemies.

The demons landing on the ground fought the weak combat slaves while the Embinyu Army’s primary goal was Weed.

“This world is ruled by darkness and destruction….”

“Bound with suffering and pain….”

Witches also changed curses and suffering spells. No matter how strong and high levelled Weed was, he couldn’t take multiple curses at once without his combat skills falling.

Weed had predicted the actions of the witches.

“It tickles my ears. I guess it is time for me to eat.”

He took out the Yurbusika Frost Bow and aimed towards the witches. A white ice arrow flew straight past the dark knights towards the witches kneeling down.

“Avoid it!”

“The arrow of a non-believer!”

The witches hurriedly cancelled the magic they were casting and used protection magic. Weed’s ice arrow was so strong that it pierced through several layers of the protection spell.

However, Weed pulled his bowstring continuously and fired hundreds of arrows.

Surging Arrow.

After mastering the Rapid Fire skill, his archery had an absurd speed.

Bactrian Camel moved through the enemies, making it easier for Weed to shoot the arrows. The witches’ s.h.i.+elds eventually broke and they were frozen by the ice fragments.


The dark knights and magicians were turned into chunks of ice. The magicians with low health died! The dark knights could possibly move again once the ice melted. And the ice arrows completely penetrated the bodies of the witches.

But after a short moment, the witches turned into smoke and ran away.

“You still haven’t managed to strip the human’s things!”

Pechet had come out to help the remaining witches. The air experienced spatial distortion, causing the ice arrows to change direction and fly to the wrong place.

Meanwhile, the dark knights and creatures attacked him. He ignored the incoming attacks from the dark knights because they didn’t hurt.

-The Majestic Leather Armour for a Conqueror has absorbed the enemy’s attack.
-You have been hit by the tail of Hecate who lives in h.e.l.l.

The energy of h.e.l.l has penetrated your body.

Health has been reduced by 1,393.

If you are hit multiply times by the demons’ attacks then it will be hard to dispel the curse.

The sculptural lifeforms Alverun and Alveren could heal this but it would consume unnecessary time and holy power.

Now that there was a curse that reduced health, Weed couldn’t ignore attacks anymore and aimed his sword at nearby enemies.

“Witches and magicians, make sure you take care of the priests.”

There were at least 1,000 witches and only 100 had been damaged by the arrow attacks.

Advancing into a group of monsters early in battle wasn’t an opportunity that would come easily. Numerous magicians gathered to block Weed and the various dark magic made the situation increasingly unfavourable.

“It is regrettable.”

He needed to cleanly process the dark knights.

The number of monsters continued to grow but not as quickly as before. Only the strong demons from h.e.l.l showed up. And they even swallowed the fanatics. As a result, the battle became more complex and he couldn’t compromise with the stronger enemies.

In order to reach Pechet who was holding the Ring of h.e.l.l open on the Versailles Continent, he needed to get through the demons.

“G.o.d Embinyu says to take care of that human.”

“Tear that human to shreds!”

The hostility of the Embinyu Church was the worst towards Weed. The combat slaves were just dying in vain so the Embinyu Church didn’t care about them. Weed attacked alone and became their only target.

“My popularity never ends. End of the Day!”

Weed didn’t save his mana and used the strongest skill of the Sun Warrior. The fire spread like a tsunami and turned the dark knights near him into ashes. The scope of the attack and the damage was amplified by 3 times due to the Extermination Sword.

The Embinyu fanatics screamed as they were covered with flames and died. A wide area attack that damaged anyone nearby! However, this was a colourful and exhilarating moment for Weed.

“I’ll make you regret your rashness!”

The bronze giants threw boulders. The dark magicians and witches aimed magic bullets at Weed and summoned lightning and poison gas.

-You have been hit by 161 magic attacks.

Your nimble agility has avoided 59 attacks.

Health has decreased by 95,831.

His high resistance, resilience and armour meant he could withstand the lightning storm. The flames rapidly supplemented his mana and health. However, this was just the beginning of the enemy’s offensive towards Weed.

The bronze giants now strode forward with huge spears and the followers of the Embinyu Church rushed over on horseback.

Weed supplemented his health in battle but it was still declining. So far he had wandered the battlefield and hadn’t felt any risk of death.

However, now he felt some regret as he turned around.

“This much is enough.”

Bactrian Camel nodded like he agreed.

End of the Day was a wide area skill but the camel didn’t get hurt by it. Bactrian Camel was considerable thankful that Weed rode him after seeing the horrors inflicted on the enemy. Bactrian Camel’s emotions were expressed from the slyness of his mouth.

“It’s time to conduct the 2nd stage of the operation. Let’s go back!”

Weed ran away from the Embinyu Army on Bactrian Camel.

A bronze giant threw its spear and it landed deeply into the ground.

“Don’t slip away. I will make you feel pain that you won’t ever forget.”

Dark knights tried to block his path. The dark knights weren’t opponents capable of blocking Weed’s escape. He lightly brandished his sword, picked up j.a.ptem and continued to run away.

“Tie up his feet!”

“He is moving too fast.”

The witches and dark magicians tried to change an incineration spell. However, he was quickly fleeing so it was difficult for the curses to catch him. He had been prepared for a chase!

“Pursue him until the end!”

High Priests Motuls commanded the ground and flying troops of the Embinyu Church.

A flurry of arrows came flying after him. But waving his sword through the air had so much power that it literally blew them away.

He couldn’t avoid all the arrows so his health still declined. However, Weed’s health still remained at 89%.

“I still need to be vigilant. If will be dangerous if I receive a concentrated magic or arrow attack.”

Bactrian Camel raced forward as quickly as possible. However, he couldn’t avoid the arrows as well as the incoming army of the Embinyu Church.

The archers on the flying creatures concentrated on Weed. Weed was the most tempting meal because he was the strongest human on the battlefield! They aimed for a crucial moment when he was weakened so they could pounce and eat him.

The Embinyu Army nearby came to chase him intensively. A colossal amount of enemies rushed towards Weed. But the desert warriors and mercenaries didn’t come to rescue him.

“Move to the east as planned.”

“We have to go to the west.”

Warrior-1 split the army he was in charge of into two.

It seemed like Weed was fleeing from the battlefield. Weed headed towards the fortress while being pursued by the enemy.

Bactrian Camel raced down the dirt road leading towards the fortress with the flying units, knights and bronze giants closely following. There were also 1,000 demons sticking to him.

Weed and the Embinyu Church’s army headed towards the heavily guarded fortress.

“I’m satisfied that the barbarians are fighting the monsters, Your Majesty!”

“This is a good thing. They can die while fighting among themselves.”

The leaders inside Dulmore Fortress gloated at the situation.

“Shoot! Shoot recklessly!”

Magic and arrows headed towards Weed and the Embinyu Church. Bactrian Camel unleashed his evasive techniques and avoided the attacks while still running ahead of the Embinyu Church. The bronze giants caused the land to shake as they walked.

Weed and Bactrian Camel arrived in front of a moat and a closed gate.

“A high jump!”

Bactrian Camel kicked the ground and leapt forward.

Normally he was lazy and ate carrots but Bactrian Camel could run as fast as the wind in the desert! He instantly leapt up the 10 metres high wall to where the Mapon and Beiner Kingdom’s defense was waiting.

The soldiers had a shocked expression due to the abrupt change in situation. Weed ignored the soldiers and looked back at the Embinyu Army coming towards him.

“Well, it became a bit twisted but things are working out as planned.”

It was the pleasure he felt when picking up 100 won from the ground. Weed stood on the walls and shouted loudly.

“Embinyu Church, attack if you dare! The Mapon and Beiner Kingdoms have been waiting to defeat you for the sake of justice!”

The Mapon Kingdom and Beiner Kingdom guarding the fortress thought this was absurd.



The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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