The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 37 Chapter 5

5) Weed’s End

Weed felt a chill down his spine 10 seconds before the first meteor hit.

‘I really might die.’

His increased defense had no meaning against this immense power. It was enough to call Summon Meteor the ultimate magic attack. A strong magic attack couldn’t even compare to it!

A minimum of 3 Master Magicians were required to summon a meteor. It wasn’t magic that just anyone could use. The individuals would also require a long time to cast it and the accuracy was low, therefore it was taxing to use in battle. If they were lucky it would fall on the enemies. If not, their allies would be the ones damaged.

Weed had thought it was similar to a skill when he used it. Even if the meteor headed towards the desert army, they could just run away on the horses or camels to reduce the damage. There wouldn’t be a large impact even if 200,000 combat slaves died.

So he had a rough idea of the area where the meteor would fall.

“Get out of the way!”

Weed wasn’t the only one running recklessly. The monsters and demons were fleeing in shock.

“Ohh, G.o.d Embinyu! Finally this land will be destroyed.”

“Come and kill me. My wish is death!”

But the fanatics bowed on the ground and said prayers of thanks.

“By the grace of Embinyu….ack!”

Weed stepped on them as he pa.s.sed by. He couldn’t see it but he felt like the meteor wasn’t far away. His back felt hot.

‘In the next 5~6 seconds.’

He roughly estimated the time that the meteor would fall. He didn’t know if it was accurate but just 0.1 seconds could mean the difference between life or death. The rain and whirlwind disappeared as the meteor fell to the ground.

Weed ran through at least 1 kilometres of land. He was fleeing in the same direction as the priests of the Embinyu Church but he didn’t have time to kill them.

His entire field of vision was filled with a bright light. This meant the collision was imminent!

Anyway, he was positive it would fall down behind him. He would still experience the destructive power no matter how far away from him it fell.

“Aigoo, I will die. It would be good if I live in order to help others.”

Suddenly he noticed another crack in the earth nearby. But it was too narrow for his current body to enter.

“Sculpture Transformation release!”

Sculpture Transformation was released and he s.h.i.+fted from the bulky barbarian to his original form. He plunged towards the crack in the ground while hurriedly equipping his armour.

“Close Eyes Tightly, Absolute Defense! And this as well. Steel Skin!”

It was a defensive skill he used in the early days of his growth in the desert but he hadn’t used it lately. It was a scene that demonstrated his great survival instinct.

And the meteor crashed into the ground. The location wasn’t very far from the crack that Weed had initially fallen into.

There was a huge earthquake after the meteor crashed. The debris was swept away and a huge flame storm occurred. Shortly afterwards, a shock wave pa.s.sed through the ground like a tsunami.

-Health has been dramatically reduced due to the tremendous impact to your soul.

Absolute Defense has ensured that you won’t lose consciousness.

You have lost 48% health at once.

The serious injury to your body has significantly lowered the effects of your combat skills.

Your leg has suffered serious damage. You will limp due to the pain.

It was difficult to see the message window that flashed in front of him. Beginners would run with fear when seeing such messages.

Weed’s 354,000 health was reduced all at once. In the meantime, he had also been swept away in the disaster so he only had 38,000 health remaining. If he hadn’t supplemented his health with Mi-ne’s blessing then it would’ve been really dangerous.

Weed sighed within the crack in the ground.

“It seems like I barely survived. This is all because I have no luck. I need to work harder to exploit others. I have to return unharmed to the Arpen Kingdom.”

A shock wave and hot wind swept past him. Huge flames covered the ground.

-Health has been supplemented through the aura of fire.
-The earth G.o.ddess Mi-ne has blessed you.

The energy from the earth has restored your health and vitality.

Health is below 20% so recovery rate is 4 times higher.

Weed recovered his health and vitality using the fire and Mi-ne’s blessing. This was a situation where his life would be at risk if caught by the enemy!

‘The meteor should’ve killed a lot of them but some will be dreaming of a counterattack. It was a surprisingly devastating attack. The enemies outside should be roughly broken so I can easily sweep through them.’

Weed’s expectations of the amount of deaths grew by 10 times.

‘It is regrettable. I should’ve save this magic scroll for the Hermes Guild.’

He regretted consuming the scroll in a moment like this. It wasn’t easily obtained but he used it too easily.

‘Although it is important to finish the quest.’

Weed stuck his head out of the gap after recovering his health to 6%. His body still wasn’t healthy but he wanted to take a glimpse at the enemy.

“Embinyu’s protection is superior and he was save us from all the destruction.”

“Destruction! Destruction! Destruction!”

The impact of the meteor falling wasn’t as wide as he thought.The senior priests had used a special protection spell.

-Divine faith has negated the destruction.

The s.h.i.+eld also temporarily protected the monsters and fanatics inside it from the attack. A fraudulent skill! The disadvantage was that it took a long time to chant the spell but the Priests of Punishment completed it to defend themselves.

As a result, many priests survived but the Embinyu Army suffered disastrous damage. The meteor struck in the heart of the army so many troops were instantly changed to dust. The power of the fall was so great that the terrain itself was shattered and many troops completely destroyed. Many were disabled and couldn’t fight anymore despite surviving.

Just like Weed, they couldn’t avoid being involved in the large disaster. If it hadn’t been for the priests’ protection magic then the core power of the Embinyu Army would’ve been wiped out. In particular, the demons that came out of the Gates of h.e.l.l were decreased by one third. The gate was still open but the meteor meant the demons weren’t in great shape.

Weed was quite close to the edge of the s.h.i.+eld. The Knights of Atrocities and monsters caught his eye.

“A sacrifice! Hiding over there!”


Weed tried to dive down into the ground again like he was playing whack-a-mole. His health was low so it was be a burden if he immediately resumed fighting. But a short moment pa.s.sed and the Knights of Atrocities and monsters didn’t head over.

‘What are they doing?’

He noticed that they didn’t want to exit the boundaries of the protection magic.

‘If the attack is over then the divine magic would be turned off. It is questionable.’

The destruction that the meteor brought still hadn’t disappeared. A sea of fire was still covering the ground like flowing lava. Despite that, the troops were cautiously wandering within the divine magic.

Weed’s instincts was as sharp as a knife.

‘These people aren’t crazy.’

The Embinyu priests wouldn’t collectively act stupid.

‘Don’t tell me…’

He looked up at the sky to see it turn red again. And numerous small pebbles could be seen! They grew as they approached at a rapid pace.

“It didn’t end with just one!”

The effect was different from when a Summon Meteor spell was used. In most cases, only one or two medium sized meteors would fall.

A magician’s power was important when summoning but it also depended on luck. That’s why a meteor shower could only be summoned when the magician was older and their power was at its peak. The biggest meteor would fall first but dozens of others would follow suit.

Weed’s brain worked as quickly as a computer. And the calculations were complete! The situation was bleak. The quote that emerged wasn’t good.

The Summon Meteor scroll was just bait for him to kill himself. He blamed the magician Roderick. His conclusion was that it was best to blame others!

“It is really difficult to survive.”

However, he couldn’t just give up. Weed exited the crack in the earth and headed towards the direction where the desert army was waiting since it was also furthest away from the meteors. He only had 6% health left so a similar impact would kill him.

‘I will unconditionally die.’

That’s why the Embinyu Army didn’t try to stop Weed. They were just looking and staring. The monsters that didn’t receive the protection of the priests were just spread out in every direction like trash.

The new meteors would collide with the Embinyu Army. It was almost impossible to reduce the damage.

‘A lot of dead. Those fellows won’t be alive for long.’

It was like Weed taking the milk from an elementary school friend. He limped uncomfortably through the flames. His health recovered faster thanks to the flames.

Of course, he had to give up the appearance of honour and dignity necessary for the Great Emperor of the desert.

“Everybody rejoice. G.o.d Embinyu is showing his will.”

“The strength of Embinyu is coming down from the heavens.”

The Embinyu followers were pleased. Dangerous meteors were falling from the sky but they didn’t blame Weed for it. The Embinyu Church were just cheering.

Three or four meteors fell from the sky at once! They hit the ground in different directions. One fell a fair distance behind Weed, one near the flowing river and one to the right.

The Embinyu Army was also distributed close to Dulmore Fortress in order to attack it. The meteor falling near the river accurately hit the troops of the Embinyu Church.

“Where should I go to avoid damage?”

His eyes could clearly see the flaming meteor so there was no time to hesitate.

“h.e.l.l, I don’t know.”

Weed threw his body into a crack. And he grabbed onto the cliff while falling. After a while, a huge impact was delivered into his body.


-A heavy shock has been received in succession.

Health has decreased by 48,973.

Absolute Defense has prevented the damage caused by aftershocks.

Currently the ‘Curse of Pain and Cruelty’ is lowering your maximum health.

You have 1.6% health remaining.

The durability of your armour has been reduced.

The leg injury has worsened.

There is damage from bleeding. Health will decrease by 974 every second.

“I-I lived. Nonsense.”

If he hadn’t limped through the fire then he would’ve died. Weed clung to the steep cliff and stared up at the sky.

Six meteors could be seen in the sky. He was already sick of the Summon Meteor ultimate magic. The good news was that this time, four meteors went in a completely different direction. They were headed towards the location of the Beiner Kingdom’s capital city.

And two were approaching Weed from the front. He didn’t know exactly where it would drop but the damage would occur over a large area.

“Let’s go.”

Weed emerged from the crack again. This was the first time a meteor was heading this way. It wouldn’t kill him if he walked a little more. There would be a colossal explosion but he could absorb the energy of the fire.

If the Embinyu Army suffered huge damage and he somehow survived then he would likely win the war. The biggest problem was that the chances of his survival wasn’t very high.

-Health is continuing to decrease.

The curse ‘Blood Legacy’ will reduced health recovery rate by 19.7%.

The curse ‘Black Skin’ has weakened your resilience.

The curse ‘Dark Hallucinations’ has weakened your magic resistance.

Weed’s injuries were too severe to heal quickly. Some persistent curses on his body still hadn’t disappeared. His st.u.r.dy body and vitality meant he could walk instead of just dying.

The Embinyu Army were just waiting to chant congratulations after he died a painful death. His injury meant he couldn’t even fight the knights or monsters if they emerged from the s.h.i.+eld.

And Weed started to truly despair.

“I can’t go any further.”

The terrain changed a lot from the impact of the meteor falling to the ground. The gaps in the earth became even larger. Weed avoided the meteor and replenished his health with the fire but couldn’t cross a 20 metre wide gap. It was impossible to cross the bottom or go backwards.

“It is over.”

The damage from the bleeding was still continuing. The meteor would fall to the ground soon and he still needed to replenish his health. Weed stared at the sky with melancholy eyes. A giant, flaming meteor was clearly visible.

“The quest will fail and my life will disappear after 30 seconds.”

In their last few moments, memories would pa.s.s through a person’s mind like a kaleidoscope.

That also happened to Weed to a certain extent. The Nodulle and Hilderun quest in the desert and sea that he experienced with Seo-yoon. Only the memories of sweeping across the continent with the desert army remained.

“This is a decent stage to greet my death. I’m not lonely.”

Weed calmly accepted his death. Not much health remained so he couldn’t survive the shock of the meteor. Even if he survived that danger, he would be in the heart of the Embinyu Army.

“This will be the most memorable death.”

Weed lay down on the ground and blankly looked at the sky. He wanted to watch the meteor fall and die beautifully.

The sky was completely red and dozens of large and small meteors were falling towards the ground. This sight was difficult to see anywhere else.

Weed suddenly felt something moist touch his nose.


There was a musty smell that was difficult to endure.

“Bactrian Camel, go away.”


“Bactrian Camel, you are smelly. You should wash out the smell…. Bactrian Camel, why are you here?”

Weed jumped up and saw the dirty Bactrian Camel standing next to him. Hope started to burn again in the eyes that had been filled with despair.


Bactrian Camel hid in Dulmore Fortress in accordance with Weed’s command.

‘Well, it is hard to fight against them.’

It was fun to watch the battle at the fortress but his gaze turned towards Weed. He had helped Weed during combat in the desert.

Warrior-1, Warrior-2 and the other sculptural lifeforms fought separately but Bactrian Camel and Weed moved as one. He would kick with the back feet while fighting monsters. He also observed the stars and smelled water to find a route through the desert.

“Faster! Faster!”

Weed would also make him run nonstop in order to arrive at the destination in the shortest time.

“Very good.”

It was great whenever Bactrian Camel received a compliment. He could eat 2~3 extra carrots, Therefore, he always followed Weed despite his face not being able to show emotions.

But while watching Weed’s growth in the desert, he thought that Weed’s life was more important than his own.

‘What is that?’

Bactrian Camel sensed danger when the dark sky turned bright red.

‘Master is in danger.’

He knew that the meteor was falling and ran in Weed’s direction. Bactrian Camel became the target of dark knights and monsters.

“Embinyu will give you a special mercy. Burn and eat that camel.”

“Capture that camel and eat it!”

The Embinyu Army leapt towards Bactrian Camel.

He rushed past the enemy but couldn’t help receiving some injuries. He safely avoided the impact of the meteor and searched for his master.

And after finally discovering Weed, he casually gave a nose kiss.


“Well, I told you to wait but you must’ve been bored and came here.”


“Anyway, it is great.”

Weed mounted Bactrian Camel.

“Go as quickly as possible!”

Bactrian Camel took two or three steps back before running and jumping past the 20 metres wide gap. This was just an insignificant obstacle to Bactrian Camel.

“Faster! Run like this is the desert sand!”

Bactrian Camel knew that meteors were falling. There were only 10 seconds left.

The camel carrying Weed ran at a frightening speed that overtook the wind. He jumped over gaps in the earth, rocks and the Embinyu Army.

Bactrian Camel’s vitality was replenished while pa.s.sing through the fire. Weed’s health was also filled!

Weed turned around and looked back as the camel continued to run. The meteor with a long tail was falling towards the Embinyu Army.

“Go over there!”


Weed and the camel arrived at the fire zone where the first meteor had fallen. The meteor had left behind a huge trail in the ground.

A 400 metres deep pit had formed. And there was a sea of fire around it!

Weed and the camel’s body shook as there was a shockwave. The next meteor had landed on the ground.

-It is difficult to recover from the shock.

There is a severe reduction in health due to the shaking of the earth.

Bactrian Camel has absorbed some of the damage.

15,838 health has been lost.

Absolute Defense has blocked any additional damage.

You have suffered a critical injury throughout your body.

The damage from bleeding has worsened.

You are unable to walk.

Maximum health will be reduced by 14% for the next two days.

It was a situation where he was barely living! Weed was almost devoid of life so his body was in a half dead state.

Bactrian Camel also fell helplessly to the side due to acc.u.mulated fatigue and injury. Even so, his facial expression was satisfied because he had saved Weed’s life. Bactrian Camel closed his eyes and waited for death.

He still had 13% health left but his right front leg and left hind leg were injured, making him no longer able to walk. A camel no longer being able to walk just meant death. At least he had saved Weed’s life.

“I can’t stop here.”

Earlier, Weed had given up on his life. He honestly hadn’t seen any ways to survive.

“I survived at least two times so there is no reason I can’t now. Life isn’t something easily obtained.”

He used the G.o.ddess of earth, Mi-ne’s blessing in an attempt to restore his health.

-Thirty-one bones in your body have been broken.

You will feel the pain every time you move so normal behaviour is impossible.

Health will recover slowly.

“I am like a vegetable.”

Weed couldn’t even get up. He received a very serious injury and was on the verge of death so his recovery speed was affected. It was unfortunate but he couldn’t move while meteors were dropping on the Embinyu Army.

“I will die when a meteor falls.”

He only had a few minutes so it was a very short amount of time. He needed to somehow survive.

The most important thing about the Dead Rat operation was Weed’s ability to survive in any environment. He reached the limits after the disaster and the crisis caused by the summoned meteors.

Although the Embinyu Army was somewhat to blame, his pride also caused his result. It raised some questions about himself.

‘I did my best.’

There were some quests where Weed had struggled. He had used sculpting or anything in the vicinity to respond to the enemy.

He led an army of dark elves and orcs to defeat the Immortal Legion and joined the Northern Expedition to defeat the Bone Dragon.

Then he experienced significant growth in the desert and proudly confronted his enemies. Of course, he had fought the Mapon and Beiner Kingdoms but Weed hadn’t really faced any strong opposition.

Such honesty wasn’t normal for Weed.

“I’ve been wrong.”

Weed became cool-headed. He didn’t find anything missing while a.n.a.lysing the situation. He would use any favourable opportunity to survive. Then he had a realization like he had been hit in the back of the head!

“I still have this left.”

Weed took out something to eat.

Mana Heart of the Fire Salamander King. The heart of the Salamander King beat like it was still alive. It would have a better effect if he cooked it properly. If he tinkered with it while cooking then adverse effects might occur!

So far, he had just brought it along as food. But it could act as a restorative in a dangerous situation. There was no guarantee his condition would get better and it might even worsen.

“Well, I’m going to die anyway. My mother used to say that eating before dying is good to get rid of demons.”

He simply sprinkled salt on the heart. It was a bit jarring that the heart still seemed alive but he could endure it. He was also willing to eat snakes, frogs, insects, flies or mosquitoes if it was good for his body.

“Well, it should taste similar to a giblet. That savoury taste. Eating it lightly grilled with red pepper paste would be tasty.”

He put it in his mouth and it literally melted as he chewed.

-You have eaten the Mana Heart of the Fire Salamander King.

Maximum mana has permanently increased.

The ability to deal with flames has increased by 3%.

The flame compression technique has strengthened. It will affect the destructive power and range of a particular skill.

You have gained immunity to flames.

There will be no damage even in a very hot location.

The skill World of Fire can be used.

Vitality has mostly recovered.

Some health has been regained by absorbing the energy of fire.

-Skill World of Fire: The Mana Heart of the Fire Salamander King contained highly concentrated fire spirits sleeping.

The senior spirits of fire can be fully released.

It is extremely rare for World of Fire to be used. The mana nestled inside the heart means that World of Fire can be used three times.

However, if you use it two times within a week then the flame mana will disappear. Once used, World of Fire can increase maximum mana by 45,300 for six months.

The maximum mana value will decrease the more that World of Fire is used.

“World of Fire!”

Flames started to spread uncontrollably around him. It was like the G.o.d of fire had descended to earth.

“It is good that I ate that thing. My body will become more sensitive as I become older.”

-The earth G.o.ddess Mi-ne has blessed you.

The energy from the earth has restored your health and vitality.

Health is below 20% so recovery rate is 4 times higher.

Health started to recover normally again. Weed’s current health was 5%. He regained 30,000 health after eating the mana heart. But he still had various combat injuries and other abnormal states.

-Bleeding has stopped.

His tough body that lived in the rough sands of the desert had overcome the crisis again.

The recovery speed of his health now accelerated. He could gain energy from the fire so recovery became more active. If he hadn’t hunted the Fire Salamander King during the Nodulle’s Growth quest then he wouldn’t have obtained this recovery method. Nevertheless, monsters and fanatics were still around him.

“I have to go before they come.”

Weed stood up from the deep pit caused by the meteor. His leg wasn’t completely normal but he needed to get way from the Embinyu Army. There were also the demons from h.e.l.l. If they knew his status then they would attack.

Bactrian Camel lay quietly as he felt the warmth of the flames.

“Hey, Bactrian Camel!”


Bactrian Camel just grunted. It seemed like he wanted to be left alone with his huge injury. He didn’t want to open his eyes to see his master’s last appearance.

“Hey, are you there?”


“Don’t go to sleep.”

Weed hit Bactrian Camel on the shoulder.

He wasn’t going to leave his sculptural lifeform to die there. Bactrian Camel had many injuries and his health was low.

Weed started to walk towards the location of the desert army while carrying Bactrian Camel.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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