The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 37 Chapter 6

6) Embinyu’s Power

The Embinyu Army was caught up in the meteor disaster and smashed! The land itself was smashed by the fearsome meteors falling on it. The core power that the Embinyu Church was proud of collapsed and many fanatics and monsters were killed.

Motuls, Igrig and the priests were safe due to the protection magic but their control over the monsters had collapsed.


The monsters attacked and ate the fanatics without hesitation. Meanwhile, a fight was still ongoing between the monsters and humans at Dulmore Fortress.

“All soldiers of the Mapon Kingdom, raise your swords!”

“All knights, cut the monsters. His Majesty wants you to win!”

The humans at Dulmore Fortress had surrendered to their fear. They were full of despair as they fought the monsters while the king escaped.

“G.o.d, save our Mapon Kingdom!”

Rohadram led the knights against the monsters. However, the earth shook as the meteor fell near the river.

Although it was fortunate because the advance of the fanatics were stopped, many defenses and facilities in the fortress collapsed along with the soldiers.

“Ohhh, no. We were wrong.”

“Hanson, why would you say that? The enemies are now approaching. Go ahead and shoot the arrows!”

“No. Why has the king abandoned us? I will now follow the Embinyu Church!”

“Knights, raise your swords for the Embinyu Church!”

Due to the influence of the inquisitors and priests, the soldiers became fanatics. A situation that was rapidly deteriorating!

Powerful curses were inflicted on Dulmore Fortress by the Embinyu Church. The Priests of Punishment near the fortress planted vicious curses as the soldiers were engulfed in madness.

But after the sky was cleared of the meteor shower, Motuls and Igrig regained control of the Embinyu Army.

-Aura. That person is going against Embinyu. The will of G.o.d. Kill everyone who stands in our way.

“Igrig is calling.”

“A command has come from G.o.d Embinyu.”

The fanatics and monsters recovered. And the troops were ordered out of Dulmore Fortress and changed targets according to Igrig’s command. In order to fulfil Embinyu’s will, killing Weed was more important than the insignificant Dulmore Fortress.

The monsters and fanatics who survived the meteor showed were only 120,000. It was a situation where they were wild with rage and the Dulmore Plains would eventually be renamed as the Distorted Plains.

Of course, the remaining humans at Dulmore Fortress weren’t persistent opponents. The sacred river had been completely dried up and the 12 magic defenses at the fortress were all broken.

The monsters protected by the magic s.h.i.+eld ventured out after the meteor shower was over in order to boldly hunt the humans. Unfortunately, the 1,000 demons had only been reduced by less than a tenth. Half of the monsters had their bodies destroyed while others were scared by the meteor shower and left the battlefield.

“Those who manage to kill Weed will be given special powers by Embinyu.”

“Don’t miss out. Chase him. His footprints are over here.”

Nearly 140,000 troops searched the plains for Weed. The Knights of Atrocities started to chase after him.

“We will knock him down.”

The ground also shook due to the bronze giants. Among the 1,000 bronze giants, 700 were still safe!

The bronze giants from the Embinyu Church had a special power. As long as their heads weren’t destroyed, their bodies would eventually be restored. Of course, this was at the speed of a slug but it still meant they didn’t die.

The bronze giants caused thumps due to their huge bodies. The bronze giants that didn’t avoid the meteors were completely smashed. Those attacking Dulmore Fortress were injured by the meteor hitting the river. They picked up boulders and roared in an attempt to get revenge for the fire.

‘All of them are my enemies. My life is like this every time.’

Weed was carrying Bactrian Camel on his shoulders so his movement speed was slow. This was why he wasn’t far from the place where the meteor had fallen. Flames and smoke meant the enemy couldn’t see him but the wind was blowing the smoke away.


Bactrian Camel cried out.

“Shut up. We will be discovered by the enemies.”


“It is also hard for me since I am giving you a piggyback.”

There were clear tears in the Bactrian Camel’s eyes. He had been running through the desert sand shortly after being given life so his chest warmed at this event.

He had acted as a bad man many times so Bactrian Camel was greatly impressed by this good deed. His master was using his strength and vitality to save him. If they could survive here then he would follow his master anywhere with a willing heart.

“It is dangerous if you continue having that illusion.”


“I will throw you towards the enemy as bait. And you will be used as protection against arrows. Well, I will take care of it.”

He didn’t want to die together with Bactrian Camel. It was pa.s.sed off as a joke but Bactrian Camel was likely to suffer!

Weed and Bactrian Camel walked through a deep, smoke filled place. There were many deep holes in the ground due to the meteor shower. Flames and smoke were rising but that wouldn’t last for a while.

‘My health is over 8%. I don’t need to be concerned about the fanatics but….’

Weed calculated that he needed to moderately increase his health in order to escape.


While he was lost in thought, a chunk of stone was deeply inserted into the ground next to him. The bronze giants were throwing stones through the fire.

“He is hiding somewhere there.”

“Smash everything!”

The priests of the Embinyu Church used ice magic that would extinguish the fire. Stones pillars and wide area curses were blasted in the area.

“They aren’t giving me a break. They are continuously attacking.”

Weed complained as he stared at the flame zone stretched out in front of him. He couldn’t even stop to breath as that would just cause his death! He was surrounded by monsters as soon as he exited the smoke.


The monsters gave a huge cry. And the other monsters close to one another started to cry out as well. The Embinyu Army scouring the plains for Weed’s movements started heading towards his location.

A bronze giant found Weed.

“You killed my brothers.”

“Rip him apart while alive!”

The bronze giants were far from being calm and rational. They threw rocks right towards Weed.


Bactrian Camel sensed his death the moment the rocks were thrown. He had been quietly waiting for death but his heartless owner had dragged him out to be killed be stones. The moment the camel’s short life was about to finis.h.!.+

Weed watched the rocks and used a skill.

“Undulating Flame Mark!”

He had already experienced the fall of the meteors so this didn’t frighten him.

Kwa kwa kw.a.n.g!

Only bits of the stone fell around Weed. The ones directly aimed at him were melted by the power of the flames. The bronze giants were roaring.

“That man is mine. I will tear him apart with my own hands!”

They gave a warning to the other monsters! Weed’s Undulating Flame Mark blocked all the stones that the bronze giants threw. Outside the fire zone, 10 bronze giants were encircling him.

“Foolish human, there is no place to escape.”

There was an angry voice as the witch Pechet floated in mid-air. She was unharmed but quite a large number of witches failed to withstand the impact of the meteors and died. Weed sighed as he gazed at the enemies around him.

“My d.a.m.n popularity….”

Weed’s popularity among the monsters and followers of the Embinyu Church surpa.s.sed that of a Hallyu star! They grinded their teeth so much from anger that a dentist would need to be hired to fix the teeth of the fanatics. Of course, he was used to the Hermes Guild or regular users hating him.

“Kill me.”

Weed just continued walking forward while carrying the Bactrian Camel.

“Of course you want to kill me.”

“He is my share! I won’t give him to anyone else.”

“I will extract the value of the witches’ lives from you.”

The bronze giants and witch Pechet competed with each other. Unfortunately, the bronze giants were ignored of any ranged attack methods outside of throwing stones or spears.

Their siege was good but their attack methods weren’t effective against a much smaller human. They tried to step on him or brandished a spear!

The witch Pechet gathered a red energy between her hands and threw it at him. Her ability to absorb the strength of others!

Weed jumped forward first so he wouldn’t be weakened.

“That is impossible, witch!”

Weed put Bactrian Camel and wielded the Extermination Sword. But his attacks just pa.s.sed through her like she was a ghost.

-The enemy’s body has been cut.

No damage has been caused.

-Movement has been reduced by 3% due to the paralysis effect.

You have been scratched by Pechet on the side and health has fallen by 4,382.

Despite Weed’s heavy attacks, he couldn’t cause any damage to Pechet’s body. He couldn’t break the encirclement and dozens of curses. .h.i.t his body.

It was the worse situation! But Pechet’s attacks were slow and obvious.

Weed linked his attack skills together and predicted his opponent’s follow up actions. His physical attacks against the enemies were obsolete but he could block or repel Pechet’s sharp claws.

But his movements were awkward when he had to move in front of Bactrian Camel. He needed to protect Bactrian Camel so he couldn’t possible leave!

‘This is his true heart. He is my master.’

Bactrian Camel was so impressed that he shed tears.

“I will do anything to save Bactrian Camel. End of the Day!”

And he prepared to catch Pechet with a big skill.

“Ohoho, you’re caught!”

-Your body has been paralysed.

The skill has been forcibly cancelled.

-Life force has been absorbed!

1,390 health, mana and vitality will be forcibly taken away every second.

The power of your skills have been forcibly suppressed by 79%.

Small amount of the stats you’ve acquired through successful training or adventures will be permanently taken away every 10 seconds.

If health and mana is completely drained, you will experience death and the side effects can last for 3 days to 1 month.

The witch Pechet literally sucked other people’s auras. Weed was already aware of this.

However, he had no intention of using a spell like Corpse Explosion. He couldn’t use a necromancer’s magic and he wouldn’t save the world at his expense.

‘I need to eat all of this!’

Pechet’s face became a little clearer as she absorbed his life force. Her long hair was like a sharp sword and a red aura radiated from her entire body. Her flesh was entering this world from another dimension.

-43,756 health is remaining.

Strength has permanently reduced by 4.

Honour has permanently reduced by 4.

Weed waited quietly. A chance wouldn’t come twice so he needed to wait for the perfect moment. When his health fell to 30,000 and h lost 17 stats…

Weed was barely able to turn his head and blinked his eyes at Bactrian Camel.

‘Ah, Master is giving me a final goodbye.’

Blink blink.

Bactrian Camel closed his big eyes before opening them again.

‘Goodbye Master. I will follow soon.’

Weed frowned even more.

It was an expression of regret like he had to eat barley bread for his entire life!

Bactrian Camel was impressive and noticed something very quickly. He understood that it was a nagging expression, not a compliment.

‘He only gives me that look when he thinks I am being stupid or lazy.’

Meanwhile, Weed was nearing death. Then Weed suddenly smiled widely like it was his happiest moment. Just like when Bactrian Camel was eating a fresh and delicious carrot!

Weed desperately conveyed his intentions. Bactrian Camel was able to understand after remembering the past.

In the early days of the desert growth, Weed’s level had been low so Bactrian Camel had fought with him. There was a risk with every hunt. The moment Weed was in danger, Bactrian Camel would kick the monster and be rewarded with a carrot.

Weed had helped him come here so Bactrian Camel could move slightly. He staggered upwards and headed towards Pechet. And gave an intense rear kick!


Pechet who was attached to Weed fell with a scream.

-The paralysis has been released.

End of the Day could now be used as originally planned but he did something else.

“World of Fire!”

-The mana contained in the Heart of the Fire Salamander King has been released into the world.

Senior fire elementals have gained the necessary nutrients.

The n.o.ble spirits will descend in order to devour.

The air started to heat up as soon as he used the skill. The temperature that had fallen since the meteor shower started to steadily climb. The sudden heat was reminiscent to a fire pit. And all of a sudden, different types of fire elementals appeared everywhere!

-The pure energy of fire is overflowing here. Summoner, what do you want?

Weed ordered decisively.

“Burn it all. Clean everything!”

-It shall be as you desire.

The rare fire elementals that never descended to the ground was going to cover this world with flames. The flames swallowed up the monsters, knights, priests and bronze giants.


The witch Pechet was rolling across the ground in an attempt to get away. She had a high ability to not get caught. Even if his attacks. .h.i.t, she couldn’t be damaged because her flesh was in another dimension. But now the circ.u.mstances had changed.

“Summon Another Sword.”

The sword of light that Weed summoned immediately cut Pechet’s body.


Magicians and witches had exceptional capabilities in curses. Therefore Pechet didn’t die despite having low health. Weed got up as Pechet tried to run away.

He couldn’t miss this opportunity to get rid of the witch. Pechet’s body became slightly transparent as she tried to return her body to another dimension.

“Black Knight’s Strike, Moonlight Sculpting Blade!”

The light from Sculpting Blade continuously went through Pechet’s body.

-You have dealt a critical blow!
-You have dealt a critical blow!
-You have dealt a critical blow!

It thwarted the spell being chanted.

-Black Knight’s Strike!

An irreversible attack against the surrounding enemies.

There were numerous enemies in the vicinity but Weed didn’t care about them at all. All his attacks were focused on Pechet.


Pechet screamed as she persisted in not dying.

“A human like you won’t be able to escape. Death is close to your side. Your corpse will be buried here….”

The witch started chanting an attack spell. Weed’s health was already in a vulnerable state so the attack would unconditionally kill him!

-The attack has grazed you.
-The attack has powerlessly pa.s.sed you by.
-You have cut the enemy.

If Pechet’s body half disappeared then it would’ve all been useless. Weed needed to stop the magic from being completed or die! Weed continuously stabbed straight in the heart area.

-You have dealt a critical blow.

96% damage has been added.

-You have dealt a critical blow.

283% damage has been added.

-You have dealt a critical blow.

485% damage has been added.

-You have dealt a critical blow.

721% damage has been added.

A series of one point attacks!

He had used Sculptural Destruction so his damage was terrific. Finally, Pechet’s body cracked like a broken mirror and she turned into a grey light. And hundreds of mana lights scattered.

-Your level has risen.
-The ruler of the Narut Valley and a wicked alchemist, the witch Pechet has entered her eternal rest.
-Fame has increased by 19,238 due to the great achievement.
-As a special reward for the fight, all stats have increased by 6.

Once Weed returned to his original world, his level and skill proficiency would be reduced again. But the battle achievements and additional stats gained was completely his own.

The witch Pechet also dropped some amazing items. Dragon Bone Flute, Ring of h.e.l.l, Cloak of s.p.a.ce and Everlasting Arm s.h.i.+eld.

Weed bagged all the items but couldn’t verify the information as he raised his Extermination Sword.

The demons had stopped falling down.

-The Gates of h.e.l.l has been broken.

The connection between Embinyu and h.e.l.l has been broken.

The pa.s.sage a.s.sociated with h.e.l.l will be closed.

-The moral of the soldiers that had been reduced by the Gates of h.e.l.l opening has been restored to the original state.

Hope has temporarily reached 140%.

-The effects of faith is working properly.
-Black magic won’t be strongly expressed.

“This is my resolve.”

Weed immediately collapsed to the ground. Health, vitality, mana. He didn’t have a lot remaining. Pechet’s absorption had been stopped shortly before he died.

-Health has been supplemented through the aura of fire.

World of Fire was currently active so Weed’s health was quickly restored.

Meanwhile, many monsters and bronze giants clamoured as they died. But World of Fire could only be maintained for a short time.

It didn’t change that fact that he was surrounded by the Embinyu Army. Weed needed to replenish his health as much as possible.

“There is still hope. Pechet and a large number of the Embinyu Army has died.”

Their fighting spirit should be decreased by the meteor shower disaster and World of Fire. Weed had dealt a great amount of damage to the Embinyu Army. Then the high priests Motuls and Igrig exchanged glances.

“That pagan has some capabilities.”

“However, Embinyu is the G.o.d of Destruction.”

“Of course.”

And Igrig started chanting a spell.

-Servants of the faith, your soul hasn’t entered h.e.l.l even if your flesh is rotting. Freedom, rest and tranquillity isn’t allowed by our sacred promise. Embinyu is immortal and has arranged a festival of carnage and destruction!

Igrig’s divine magic spread through the plains and Dulmore Fortress. The flesh of the dead monsters and fanatics got up and started moving again. Those who were buried deep in the ground by the disaster also came back up again. Even those without any traces left due to the meteor shower were returned. The bodies of the bronze giants regenerated.

-High Priest Igrig’s fanatical army!

The fanatics who pursue destruction have been granted immortality by the G.o.d Embinyu.

The spirit and flesh subordinate to the G.o.d won’t completely disappear.

High Priest Igrig has fulfilled this promise of immortality and have revived the army to lead the world into destruction.

In order to prevent the promise of immortality, return Igrig to his eternal rest.

Apart from the witch Pechet, the monsters, fanatics, priests and knights would endlessly revive. Their bodies were different from the undead as they were revived in their original state.

The turtles that crashed in the early stages of the battle also flew back up. Even the archers on the backs of the turtles were intact and they flew towards the plains at Igrig’s command. The entire army was revived at a frightening speed.

Weed was appalled as he watched the spectacle.

“This is the first time I’ve felt like this.”

Normally difficult quests was like crossing mountain after mountain but he felt a sense of achievement at completing it.

Weed finally realized that this quest was like crossing a mountain, acidic lake, the deep sea, underwater caves, underwater canyons and then a crater spewing lava.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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