The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 37 Chapter 7

7) Destination Point

Weed’s eyes indicated that he wasn’t dead yet. An unyielding spirit like a weed!

“I need to go somewhere. Well, what is dying once more? If I am killed then the quest would just be ruined. Anyway, this is life.”

A desperate plan!

The odds for completing this quest wasn’t very high. The Gates of h.e.l.l was broken but the immortal fanatical army had appeared. He had even used a huge disaster like a meteor shower.

It was difficult to predict the likelihood of success. He had been caught off guard but it wasn’t the first time that had happened in his life. Just as there was a ray of hope, Igrig used his magic to revive the Embinyu Army. Several hundred people were resurrected sequentially so it hadn’t been completed yet.

“It will be finished quickly.”

Weed limped as he walked with Bactrian Camel. He absorbed health thanks to World of Fire but his physical condition wasn’t good after facing the witch Pechet. There were dozens of curses hanging on him so he couldn’t flee quickly!

Bactrian Camel cried out.


The shaking of his head obviously meant ‘just leave me here and go on alone!’.

“Don’t worry. Do you really think I will leave you and go on alone?”


“Don’t be scared. I can do it.”

Weed walked carrying Bactrian Camel again.

The fire elementals burned the enemies in front of him as they opened the way. Once he walked approximately 200~300 metres, the power of the fire weakened. The mana supply to the advanced fire elementals was running out.

“I don’t have time.”

Weed increased his fleeing speed.

World of Fire had inflicted damage to the Embinyu Army but they would just be resurrected again. The turtles flying in the sky were approaching as they wanted to get revenge on Weed. Weed’s leg was injured so his pace was uncomfortable.

Due to the land distortion caused by the disaster, even riding Bactrian Camel wouldn’t be that fast. Bactrian Camel had received serious injuries in the meteor collision and they wouldn’t heal properly without treatment magic.

Weed absorbed as much as he could from the flames.

-Summoner, I am happy receiving all that mana. I will wait for you to call me again.

The summoning of the advanced fire elementals was released! The flames had spread widely through the Embinyu Church.

“There is someone over there.”

“He is a sacrifice. Kill him!”

The Knights of Atrocities came running. The monsters were also running behind the Knights of Atrocities. The demons that had already descended prepared to attack.

But he felt ,ore rea.s.sured about the demons. Those that were killed didn’t have access to the divine power to revive.

Weed put down Bactrian Camel again and grasped the Extermination Sword.

“This place will be your grave.”

He wasn’t looking at the knights but the turtle unit in the sky. The bronze giants continued throwing a myriad of rocks on the battlefield.

“You will die like last time.”

Weed left Bactrian Camel behind and swung his sword towards the Knights of Atrocities. The Atrocity Knights fell as a tremendous power was thrown at them!

This was true swordsmans.h.i.+p. All the soldiers and knights in front of him were knocked down. The enemies couldn’t prevent the attack and died due to severe injuries.


“Pagan, you are challenging the will of Embinyu!”

A Knight of Atrocity said after killing 150 of them. He was a level 600 intermediate ranked boss in the Embinyu Army.

-Health remaining is 5.8%.

His physical state continued deteriorating as he fought in an unstable condition.

“I encourage you to bring it on!”

Weed righteously exclaimed.

His health had fallen to the floor again but the situation couldn’t be reconciled at the moment! The Knights of Atrocities continued attacking and bodies piled up.

This wasn’t a situation with a fair and square victory. To make matters worse, Igrig’s magic meant the bodies of the Atrocity Knights rose again.

An endless fight!

Weed used minimal movements to avoid the attacks from the tireless attacks from the knights. The Extermination Sword felt like an increasingly heavy burden.

‘This is why I shouldn’t be a hero. I should’ve lined up on the side of the bad guys…..’

The seed of justice in this world! At that moment, a faint rotten smile crossed his face.

‘This much effort is enough for the viewers. Even if I die, there will be praise that I fought well.’

The beautiful death of a hero. The sad conclusion would resonate with the viewers for a long time.

‘This situation is pretty good. I will fight until the end.’

Once Weed died, the Embinyu Church would certainly destroy the Central Continent. The fate of the nearby Mapon and Beiner Kingdoms would also be decided. The cities would be completely destroyed as the Embinyu Church swept through. This wasn’t Weed’s style but it soothed a little of his disappointment and regret.

“Sword of Ma.s.s Slaughter!”

The Knights of Atrocities swarmed him like they were flies jumping into a fire. He was constantly forced to deal with the enemies’ attacks so he welcomed the final attack.

It was then that the situation changed.


Bactrian Camel who was lying down and pretended to be dead jumped up and ran over to him.

-Running rapidly in a sand storm.

A technique that will run until the strength is exhausted.

Bactrian Camel’s body still wasn’t healthy but it was a situation where he could run. Two forelegs and one hind leg! He wobbled but made a final sprint. Bactrian Camel run through the encirclement of monsters with Weed riding him.

“Chase, all knights!

The Atrocity Knights immediately pursued.

“You have come.”

Weed felt much better. Unlike his normal body, Bactrian Camel couldn’t run in a straight line. He wouldn’t be able to leave the plains even if no one interfered. The Knights of Atrocities were quickly catching up.

“I can still kill one more.”

He used the Yurbusika Frost Bow! Ice arrows were showered towards the knights chasing him.

Their advance slowed down but there were too many enemies. And monsters were coming at Igrig’s command. Furthermore, the bronze giants were trampling the monsters as they approached.

He had no hope for his life as he viewed the enemy’s serious offensive! The incident happened at that time.

“Lowlifes of the Embinyu Church, you will not pa.s.s here.”

Knights with their entire bodies made of bones. Van Hawk, the commander of the undead army and his doom knights showed up.

It wasn’t just them. The dark shadows hiding in the ground were vampires! They had been quietly lurking in the heart of the enemy and struck as their sharp fangs entered then necks of the monsters and priests chasing Weed.


Van Hawk and Torido.

They had been shocked by the meteor fall. The 100,000 undead army but the vampires weren’t daunted.

Abyss Knight Van Hawk led half of the undead forces to quietly rescue Weed.

Torido was unable to show off the power of a Vampire Lord in this place. A frontal attack wouldn’t work so he waited for a chance to ambush the Embinyu Army. Their goal from the beginning was the delicious priests.

The blood of priests were delicious but paradoxically, they were also fatal to vampires. However, the priests that followed Embinyu had the power of darkness so it acted as a restorative to the vampires.

The sudden appearance of his subordinates caused Weed to be considerably impressed. When a business failed, the presence of friends was like a ray of light in a dark world.

A spontaneous cry of joy emerged.

“These incompetent, unlucky b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”

Contrary to expectations, it was a stream of criticism!

Van Hawk used the power of an Abyss Knight to block the Atrocity Knights.

“I am Van Hawk, the commander of the dark army and I will teach you the true laws of darkness.”

“Embinyu doesn’t care about the undead! Embinyu will let you known what death and evil is like in this world!”

Van Hawk demonstrated his strong skills against the Atrocity Knights.

In Torido and the vampires’ case, they had average fighting power but superior intuition. They hara.s.sed the priests and prevented them from using curses and attack spells.

“Bactrian Camel, let’s go.”


Bactrian Camel continued forward despite being exhausted. Van Hawk and the doom knights were combat specialists so they bravely faced the bronze giants. One hit from the bronze giant’s fist would break bones but their bodies were quickly reform.

The undead were proud of their immortal health. The Embinyu priests could send them back with purification spells but couldn’t due to the vampires constraining them.

Igrig revived the monsters and fanatics but Van Hawk and the undead were quicker. The undead were hastily made so they weren’t pretty but there were many of them. It didn’t matter if there was a skull defect.


Although he threw away his attachment to life, Weed rose again like a flame. It was like having a stock investment at Han River fail only to win the lottery. Igrig approached with a convoy and cried out.

“Eliminate all of Embinyu’s enemies!”

Van Hawk and Torido intercepted a lot of enemies but many more escaped to pursue Weed. The turtles flying through the sky also chased him. Igrig and Motuls’ troops were closing in so Van Hawk couldn’t block them for long.

Weed fired ice arrows towards enemies in close proximity. He rode Bactrian Camels backwards as he searched for monsters. Walls of ice were built to block the monsters but they soon caught up.

“There really is no end to this.”

Several monsters lost their lives from the ice arrows. Weed was very strong thanks to Sculptural Destruction!

However, the monsters were only obedient to Igrig so the didn’t care about the deaths of their colleagues. They just rushed past those frozen by the ice arrows.


“I know!”

He aimed the ice arrows at the ground in order to disperse and reduce the number of enemies. To make matters worse, Bactrian Camel couldn’t run properly and was getting smaller.

Weed said pitifully while firing the arrows.

“Bactrian Camel, a little bit more. I will feed you carrots for the rest of your life.”


The ice arrows shot in the sky pierced through seven monsters. But then what could he do?

He would get caught in a few seconds. The enemies were only dozens of metres away.

“Run a little more. This is a crisis but if all my money….”

Weed didn’t have a lot of time. A flying demon that got 10 metres close to him whipped its long time. Weed was firing another arrow so he couldn’t deal with the attack. Bactrian Camel also couldn’t avoid it!


But just before it touched Weed, the flying demon suddenly crashed into the ground with its life lost. Thousands of arrows flew in the sky and hit the monsters of the Embinyu Army.


Weed looked back to see the familiar dust storm of the camel cavalry.

“Kill everyone who threatens the Great Emperor!”

“The Red Knife desert unit, defeat the enemies.”

The soldiers specialized in archery pulled their bowstrings. The arrows of the desert warriors fell skilfully. They focused on hitting the enemy in an area that they wouldn’t survive. The arrows were also aimed to neutralize the movements of the opposing army.

The superior manoeuvrability meant the camel cavalry flew past Weed. A brutal power that would be displayed in the long term! The monsters that they broke through were subdued.

Warrior-1 who was temporarily in charge of the army came up to him.

“Great Emperor, we have come as promised.”

If it had gone as Weed originally planned then the desert army would be fighting on a good terrain. However, the desert army hurriedly ran away and suffered a headache because of the meteor shower. They didn’t receive the brunt of the blow but the deep furrows in the ground delayed their movement.

Anyway, they arrived at the perfect moment to defeat the chasing enemies. Of course, they were also arriving at the centre of the Embinyu Army.

Weed looked at Warrior-3 and his troops fighting the bronze giants. The arrows and spears were fiercely thrown. The bronze giants were knocked down by the pa.s.sing desert warriors.

A close battle!

A man would want to intrude. Of course, those who cared about their own survival wouldn’t.

Weed dismounted from Bactrian Camel.

“These incompetent b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Why did you only come now?”


“Anyway, it is done. Help Van Hawk and Torido and focus on defense.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Warrior-1 secured the area around them and Weed touched his hands to the ground.

-The earth G.o.ddess Mi-ne has blessed you.

The energy from the earth has restored your health and vitality.

Health is below 20% so recovery rate is 4 times higher.


It felt superb to feel his health start to rapidly rise. In addition, Weed was more eager to return to the battlefield after refilling his health.

Bactrian Camel squatted down with no power.


The leg injury was severe so he needed a very good rest. Nevertheless, Bactrian Camel blinked and watched Weed.

Weed had said a while ago.

If they escaped from a crisis then he would part from a treasure. He had a curious mount. Weed felt dismay as he saw Bactrian Camel’s eyes.

He had a list of terrific treasures from the desert. It was enough to even buy one country.

“Hrmm, anyone can do the things you did so you don’t need to be proud.”

He immediately said!

“It is meaningless but I will still give you 20 gold for the achievement. That is enough money to build a nice barn in the middle of the desert.”

An amount possible to construct a barn in a place with water and sand! Bactrian Camel’s lips looked like he was laughing. He had a certain level of intelligence but still maintained absolute loyalty to Weed.

While the desert army and slaves fought, the army of the surrendered n.o.bles and priests arrived.

“Bodies with a wicked aura are approaching. G.o.ddess Freya bless us.”

-The debilitating curses on the bones have been relieved.

The weakening of the bones will disappear.

Health recovery speed +27%.

-The curse of Mirror Destruction has been alleviated.

The probability of receiving reverse damage when attacking the enemy will disappear.


“Round Hill!”

-Atrock’s holy magic has restored health by 3,872.
-Tyr’s holy magic has restored health by 3,872.

Blessings and healing was concentrated on Weed to relieve the curses. His body’s condition rapidly shot upwards.


The Embinyu Army and the desert army!

The desert warriors thrust through the monsters and fanatics.

“Keep moving. In accordance with the law of the desert in regards to dealing with enemies.”

“The first priority is to break through the enemies. If the priests pursue then kill them all!”

The Knights of Atrocities were no match for the desert warriors. The Embinyu Army was strengthened with magic but the desert army used sophisticated, group strategies. They threw arrows and axes towards the enemies as they approached. And they used the thick scimitars to hit the enemies. Then the following camels would then trample on them!

The strength of the desert warriors also lay in the camels they raised. In the case of knights, armour clad horses could influence the battle. But for desert warriors, camels were essential to cross the desert plains. They needed to track down the enemies or sources of water. Weed trained the desert warriors to utilize the camels in this chain method of attack.

In addition, the desert mercenaries that Seo-yoon raised were also adept. The mercenaries solved commissions in the harsh desert so they knew how to fight with multiple weapons.

The situation of the combat slaves and prisoners were different.

“N-no. We will die if we go in there.”

“Why do we have to fight? I don’t know what I am fighting for. I want to go home.”

Their training and morale was low so they were hesitant to head into battle. At that moment, Weed yelled using Atrock’s Cry.

“Fight! If you fight the Embinyu army then you can return to your homeland. If they win then this world will end in destruction. Defeat the enemy in order for your families to survive!”

As soon as Weed recovered, he felt the need to send more troops to the desert army. The slaves’ terrified expressions changed dramatically.

“We have to finish those guys off.”

“I’m looking at that big monster for the first time. It seems kind of cute. I will mutilate them!”

Atrock’s Cry caused a change!

The power was enough to sweep away the weak fanatics. The combat slaves’ mission was to subdue the ridiculously strong Embinyu Army. Their fighting style didn’t show any training at all. Their purpose was to use their spears and s.h.i.+elds for create a fortified wall.

The desert army acted as bait in order to give them time to fulfil the mission. The priests that weren’t disturbed by the vampires used the brainwas.h.i.+ng technique.

“You will truly believe and only follow Embinyu. What has this world done for you? If you believe in Embinyu then you will gain strength and power. You will be able to deliver pain to others.”

“No, we have already submitted to the Great Emperor Weed-nim. If he is on our side then we will be able to defeat the enemy. No humans can fight him and win.”

Atrock’s Cry had raised the troops’ resistance to brainwas.h.i.+ng.

“Embinyu will liberate you from all pain and suffering.”

“Ohh indeed, G.o.d Embinyu!”

“It is strange that you are suddenly talking about Embinyu.”

“Kill him!”

“I shall receive the power of Embinyu…kek!”

“Those people are talking about Embinyu. Kill them all!”

The traitors were immediately executed by other soldiers! The priests’ magic only caught weak soldiers so it felt like a waste of magic.

Of course, the desert warriors didn’t fall victim to the lure of Embinyu. They had a resolute will but also obtained many powers and treasures from looting across the continent!

The meteor disaster had caused fatal damage to the Embinyu Army. The dead troops might’ve been revived but those who survived had decreased strength and vitality and numerous injuries! The Embinyu Army wasn’t at full strength.

“This is a great opportunity. There might not be another chance to beat them.”

Weed ventured back to the battlefield after his health reached 68%.

The Embinyu Army had tremendous power and the situation wouldn’t be resolved until he killed Igrig and Motuls.

Weed used Sculpture Transformation to once again turn into a barbarian. He couldn’t finish the whole thing alone. He would consider it after drilling through the vanguard towards the desert army.

His only complaint!

“I am an apostle of justice that will protect the peace of the continent. So this is good motivation.”

Through the numerous adversities and doing bad things, his men had developed a firm commitment. When he looked at it in the long term, the Embinyu Church was a compet.i.tor.



Warrior-2 still hadn’t fought.

His mission was to organize a convoy of 1,000 desert warriors for Weed! 200 of the desert warriors in the convey were those that grew along with Nodulle. A single, small group that boasted the best power on the continent.

Weed felt rea.s.sured as he looked at them. In the worst case situation, his subordinates would be strong enough to escape.

“Let’s go. Stop the priests.”


The desert warriors were in charge of taking care of the Priests of Punishment. They shot arrows at the priests. The free spirited methods that the warriors used to fight in the desert.

The desert warriors followed tactics that Weed gave them but they also bravely jumped behind enemy lines. Their unmatched resistance and survival strength allowed them to be reckless on the battlefield!

In fact, their actions were ignorant when dealing with groups of magicians, priests, shamans or knights. They wold be weakened by spells or curses and eventually killed.

The deserts warriors were proficient in using their mobility to break through but their real advantage was melee combat when they split up.

“It isn’t too late even now. Rotten corpses are wandering around the battlefield. If you follow Embinyu then you can go back home.”

“Shut up. Don’t give me those dirty words. My child is from an affair my wife had with the man next door!”

“Home? I’ve only roamed the battlefield so I have nothing left. I have nothing to do except kill you.”

The desert warriors advanced into enemy lines and scattered to take care of the priests. Weed was a huge barbarian who broke through the centre. He smashed the monsters with both arms and kicks.

He stopped before Van Hawk and Torido’s troops who were on the verge of collapse. It was especially bad in the case of the vampire army that had been reduced by one third. They returned to Weed in order to recover.


“It seems like you are safe.”

His subordinates just wanted to hear a few words of praise. Weed advanced towards the Atrocity Knights and wiped them out with the Extermination Sword before saying.

“Tsk tsk, I have to clean up your mess.”


“Van Hawk, you are the great commander of the Army of Darkness.”


“Torido, so far you’ve only drank one or two drops of blood. Anyway, I am suffering because you are insufficient.”

A tactic that swallowed and spat out his subordinates! A way for his subjects to learn their natural positions in the hierarchy.

However, the Embinyu Army also properly demonstrated their strength.

Igrig squeezed a heated response from the priests and knights. The priests were in charge of barriers, curses and holy magic while the knights with high morale attacked without any hesitation.

The desert warriors were capable to using spectacular strikes to defeat them but Igrig’s infinite resurrection magic meant they would eventually tire.

Motuls also had enormous special skills.

“This is the land ruled by G.o.d Embinyu. No pagans can come through this area. Declaration of Sacrosanct Territory!”

-Declaration of Sacrosanct Territory.

The destruction power of Embinyu is spread over this zone.

All followers of the Embinyu Army will have their combat related stats increased by 70%.

The destructive power of their skills have increased by 120%.

All those who don’t belong to Embinyu will have 3,892 health absorbed every 5 seconds.

The absorbed health will be changed into mana for the high priest Motuls.

Please Note!

A barrier will form around the sacrosanct territory.

In order to break through the solid barrier, true heroism is needed to kill the high priest Motuls.

Igrig and Motuls!

The high priests of the Embinyu Army had levels exceeding 700 and special abilities. It was enough to make a level 700 warrior feel weak. Their health was also high so they wouldn’t die easily.

Magicians and priests had special abilities so they would wreak havoc when commanding subordinates. While within the sacrosanct territory, the desert warriors would have their health absorbed and they also couldn’t retreat.

“Bone Destruction, Devastating Wrath and Deep, Dark Poison Fog!”

Motuls embarked on a spree of magic after using the mana absorption spell. A high priests with an infinite supply of mana could freely use advanced magic. There should be a limit to how scary a priest and magician’s special abilities could be.

“I need to hurry and take care of them as quickly as possible.”

Weed had more fun the stronger the enemy was.

Igrig and Motuls. This was a great opportunity for the two high priests to show their special abilities. It was beneficial if they dragged out the time.

Weed’s eyes quickly looked around the battlefield. He found Hestiger and Zahab who were positioned with the slaves. The meteor shower had devastated the land so flames burned everywhere.

“Break through. Don’t let the valour of our enemies stop us.”

“Waaaah! Follow Hestiger-nim!”

Hestiger led his troops to slay the monsters. A st.u.r.dy, tall and good looking person with a considerate nature towards his subordinates. His swordsmans.h.i.+p couldn’t be questioned and he always gained great achievements on the battlefield. He gave off a stylish appearance as he drove his camel forward for an a.s.sault.

The Master Swordsman Zahab was currently using a sword of light to cut an enormous monster in half. He had also used Sculptural Destruction to convert his stats into strength. His art stat surpa.s.sed Weed since he lived for a long time. Therefore his sword and attack skills had reached the peak, making the monsters no match for him.

He deflected the fireball a priest shot at him with Moonlight Sculpting Blade. He recreated the beautiful dance in the moonlight that was a legend in the Rosenheim Kingdom.

“Okay, they will be sufficiently useful. I won’t go alone.”

Weed gave a loud shout.



“Bring your troops along and fight with me.”

“It is an honour.”

Hestiger was always polite to Weed. He was humble yet elegant.


“I know.”

Zahab had already wanted to target the high priests. He had mastered swordsmans.h.i.+p so he was one of the strongest people.

“Warrior-2, prevent the other troops of the Embinyu Army from interfering.”

“I will dedicate my life to it.”

Weed decided to target the high priest Igrig first. Both of them were opponents that couldn’t be left alone for a long time. Igrig continued to revive the Embinyu troops while Motuls inflicted ma.s.sive damage on the desert army.

Igrig was chosen because he was closer.

“Let’s go.”

Weed ran towards Igrig with Zahab and Hestiger. He brandished the Extermination Sword and stormed through the monsters! Igrig was one of the leaders so he had strong looking monsters and knights around him. The bronze giant in the convoy made it an absolutely untouchable defense! He needed to slay thousands of enemies before eliminating Igrig.

Weed stomped on the ground.

“Earth Shaking!”

The solid earth shook at least 1 metre up and down so the monsters and bronze giants couldn’t stay standing. The bronze giant fell, causing the monsters to fall one after another. The priests that were chanting spells also lost their balance.

The troops in front of him were devastated! Weed thought it was highly risky but was willing to make a concession to obtain the opportunity.

“Now Hestiger!”

“Red Lion! Go!”

Hestiger’s troops ran like the wind. And arrows and magic attacks immediately flew around in the vicinity. They ignored the Embinyu Army and focused attacks on Igrig.

The Punishment Priests out of range of Earth Shaking aimed curses towards the enemies heading towards Igrig. Hestiger and the Red Lion broke through the barrier and pounced like a hungry lion.

The bravery and recklessness of the desert army was clearly shown. Each person was a great warrior with leaders.h.i.+p abilities. There were no useless movements as they broke through the enemy. They received countless attacks but the damage was minimal and they were unstoppable.

“Zahab-nim, go!”

Weed followed behind Zahab. Whether it was one on one or one on ten, none of the knights could stop them. Zahab lightly cut the enemy with Sculpting Blade while Weed just overwhelmed them with force.

“Get out of the way!”

The Extermination Sword struck them to the side! The s.h.i.+elds or swords couldn’t block it so those hit would fly away more than 100 metres. There was an exciting feeling similar to hitting a baseball or golf ball.

Those watching Weed from the side found it an overwhelming spectacle. After a few knights were thrown away, the barrier had collapsed.

“Igrig, this is your last day!”

Weed cried out as he arrived 70 metres in front of Igrig. This was a good distance for barbarians. His size that made the Dulmore Fortress and its plains seem narrow!

“Curse of Blood in the Lungs!”

A dark red mana gathered around Igrig. The curse hit the knights that Weed had thrown.


Blood poured form the knights as the curse hit and they died.

‘There will be no chance for 10 seconds.’

Weed calmly read the situation.

The knights that fell to the ground were immediately woken up by Igrig. And the centre of the Embinyu Army contained priests chanting curse magic.

A barbarian had the highest attack power but curses would half their capabilities. If he missed the right timing then the desert army would be wiped out by the Embinyu Army.

Weed alone couldn’t deal with the constantly resurrecting Embinyu Army.

“Zahab-nim, this is your opportunity.”


Weed threw Zahab towards Igrig. Zahab flew straight like an arrow!

“Radiant Sword!”

Birds of light appeared from Zahab’s sword and hit the knights guarding Igrig. And Zahab jumped over their bodies before landing in front of Igrig.

“Evane’s enemy!”

Well, he seemed like a genuinely good man but he still dreamed of an affair with a married woman.

“Who are you?”

Igrig picked up a staff and blocked the attack.

“You are quite good, human.”

“I will kill you.”

“I represent G.o.d’s will so how can a human kill me?”

There was a current of mana every time the sword and staff clashed. He was a high priest but he still had significant close combat power. The eyeball in the skull studded staff had the ability to absorb the enemy’s energy.

“You are strong enough to see the skills of the Embinyu Church!”

“Shut up. I have received the value of Evane’s life so I will stop you.”

Of course, it was unfair since Queen Evane was born and died many years in the future. Zahab was old but Weed couldn’t even guess his age anymore.

Anyway, Weed was able to aim him at an appropriate opponent.

“Sculpting Blade!”

Weed also took action while Zahab charged at Igrig. He wiped out the bronze giants and priests that were affected by Earth Shaking. The rest were blocked by Warrior-2’s troops so no one interfered with Weed’s actions.

“The priests will fulfil the will of Embinyu!”

The bronze giants ran amok with their ranged attacks but Weed knew their weakness was close combat! He ignored the curses. .h.i.tting him and just attacked the monsters and bronze giants.

Weed also joined Zahab in fighting Igrig.

A barbarian’s oversized appearance made it seem like someone bullying the weak but the reality was different.

Igrig attacked him with a staff filled with darkness. In addition, Motuls was approaching Igrig with his troops.

Zahab blocked the staff while Weed chopped Igrig’s body.

-Igrig has been cut.

The energy contained in the Extermination Sword has caused 16% fire damage.

The Curse of Health has a 87% chance to repair the damage.

-A critical hit!

The Evil G.o.d has applied an immunity to confusion.

A critical hit had been continuously struck.

Igrig was too busy dealing with Zahab that he often left weak points for Weed. Weed’s damage was real but Igrig’s body had all types of blessings on it! A priest was vulnerable to close combat but a high priest of the Embinyu Church wouldn’t simply die.

It was a fight against time. The bronze giants and monsters gathered like vultures but he just ignored them or brushed them aside to focus on Igrig. Motuls and his troops were also being blocked by Warrior-2. If they didn’t handle Igrig now then his special abilities would continue resurrecting the troops.

“Van Hawk, Torido!”

“I have been waiting, Master.”

“I am very curious to see what blood steeped in evil will taste like!”

Van Hawk and Torido quickly joined the battle. Several people were being used to beat just one!


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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