The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 37 Chapter 8

8) Traces of History

Igrig was a priest so his health wasn’t high.

“Check the status of the enemy!”

-Crazy Igrig

A high priest that follows the evil G.o.d Embinyu.

In the past, he was an ordinary farmer until he discovered a slab left behind by Embinyu and became a fanatic.

He commands the army with the promise of immortality.

Health: 51%

Mana: 79%

Igrig had 430,000 health! He wore rare robes inscribed with special characters that gave him a st.u.r.dy defense.

However, he couldn’t afford to ignore Weed, Zahab, Van Hawk and Torido’s attacks. A priest was adept at blessing their colleagues or cursing their enemies. They were the most vulnerable when it came to close combat.

-I’m asking you. A crisis has fallen upon a faithful servant, Igrig. All members of the Embinyu Army, come here!

An ability to command the entire army! Suddenly all the monsters and fanatics on the battlefield came running. Even those fighting the desert army ignored them and attempted to get to Igrig. The monsters died as they tried to escape.

Weed moved behind the bronze giants and used a powerful skill.

“Heavy Explosion!”

The bronze giants weren’t killed. Weed poured out large scale destruction magic but they had high health so several accurate attacks were needed. Weed targeted the legs in order to destroy the bronze giants’ balance. The fallen bronze giants greatly hindered the entry of the monsters.

Igrig was concentrating on defense but his health was rapidly falling. A high priest of the Embinyu Church that was trying to destroy the peace of the continent! Weed and his group was trying to save the world.

Abyss Knight Van Hawk was ignored while Torido would rush in to suck Igrig’s blood.

Zahab was Weed’s slave for life due to the woman he loved! He had been enjoying life in his old age until he was forced back to the warring period.

It was the best combination to deal with a high priest of the Embinyu Church.

‘He won’t last long!’

Weed instinctively felt that Igrig was reaching his final moments. His curses were continuously cancelled by Zahab and the aura of darkness was disappearing.

Weed felt something unusual as Igrig started chanting a spell.

“Oh Holy One, in order to fulfil the promise of immortality that your faithful servant Igrig….”

Weed didn’t know it but Igrig could use an immortal flesh spell on himself once his health fell below 20%. If his spell was successful then he would be in an invincible state where his health wouldn’t fall anymore. However, the promise of immortality hanging over the Embinyu Army would be turned off! The monsters and fanatics wouldn’t survive but Igrig’s health couldn’t be reduced for two days.

Weed instinctively perceived a serious threat. A similar tension to when a friend called after several years!

“Van Hawk, go ahead. He has to die! Okay!”


Van Hawk emitted a dark aura and brandished his sword at Igrig. Unlike other occasions, Igrig’s spell chanting wasn’t interrupted by the attacks.

“I will sacrifice all live that lives on this land so that your enemies can feel pain and bitterness….”

The chanting continued. Weed also attacked Igrig rather than the bronze giants.

He focused on battering the head, chest and belly! The series of continuous attacks caused terrific damage. Igrig was. .h.i.t all over his body yet he still chanted his spell. Now Zahab swung his sword of light while Van Hawk summoned the power of the abyss.

Currently, the ones with the best attack power on the continent was gathered in this place. And…


Igrig spread his arms wide open and screamed.


A thunderbolt fell from the sky and struck the ground. Dozens of forked lightning burned Igrig’s body.

-The crazy high priest Igrig of the Embinyu Church has entered his eternal rest.

Due to his sins, his soul won’t be able to rest but he will feel free for the first time since being captured by the evil G.o.d.

-The monsters and fanatics of the 6th sect of the Embinyu Church are in turmoil.
-Fame has increased by 32,392 due to the great achievement.
-As a special reward for the fight, the Faith stat has increased by 120.
-One G.o.d has strongly blessed you.

Hestia, G.o.ddess of the Kitchen!

Her blessing will increase fire damage by 135% for a week.

“Now there is only one left.”

Weed had a rotten smile on his face!


Motuls gave a sad scream.

Of course, Motuls was also a high priest. Weed needed to be careful on this quest or he could lose everything.

But Pechet and Igrig were dead so the burden on his mind was significantly lightened. It was a blessing that the fanatics and monsters that the desert army swept through wouldn’t revive again.

In addition, the divine power causing resistance when Van Hawk tried to make undead from corpses disappeared. Skeletons, dullahans, low grade death knights etc. were being created everywhere. The movement of the fanatics were hampered.

Weed set up an organized plan. Until now, he had been urgently responding according to the battle situation.


“You called.”

“You go over there first.”


Motuls was inside the sacrosanct area! The intruders would lose their health so Motuls’ protection was very strong.

Therefore he should throw Torido in such a place! He was the weakest in combat power but he had the high health characteristic of a vampire lord.

“I don’t want to.”


“It looks dangerous. How come I have to go?”

“I will give you a choice. I will kill you. Or do you want to go over there to die?”

“Uhh, I think it is better to go there to die.”

Torido entered the sacrosanct territory and even duelled with a knight. He was pierced by a several Atrocity Knights and barely escaped by transforming into a bat.

“It is somewhat tricky. He is different from the others.”

Weed made a plan and left his position.

Operation Steel Lunch Box!

The promise of immortality was broken so the monsters and fanatics were removed by the desert army. The power of the Embinyu Army was definitely exceptional. The 20,000 desert army that didn’t know defeat was rapidly reduced.

However, many priests also died. That was because the desert warriors breaking through the enemy focused on the priests. The damage sustained from the meteor shower and the battle at Dulmore Fortress meant their current power was 80,000.

“I need to take advantage of the undead and the vampires should eat more actively. The supplies are sufficient….the desert warriors don’t get tired even after fighting all day so I don’t need to worry about that.”

The arrows are focused on the bronze giants and Motuls. They threw stones while the desert warriors dodged and counterattacked with fire arrows.

His sculptural lifeforms also knocked down a group of enemies. The Embinyu Army were packed together so the desert warriors. .h.i.t them quickly.

1,000 warriors would hinder a giant monster and would attack and retreat while firing arrows! They divided into groups of 20 and danced like a b.u.t.terfly around the enemy. The barrage of blows from the desert army caused enemy lines to collapse.

The desert army showed a successful tactic against the Embinyu Army! This demonstration of the group tactics wasn’t due to numerous experiences but Weed’s nagging.

The Embinyu Army retaliated using magic and curses but the desert army just scattered in every direction. They had high health and were also supported with healing from the priests.

The Embinyu Army was strong but they were honest and simple when it came to fighting. The main army just headed in front of them while the large monsters were slow and lumbering.

The manoeuvrability and ranged strikes annihilated the main army! The desert army was overwhelming when it came to tactics. They were children that learned all types of tips and tricks from Weed.

They had no chance to fight within the sacrosanct territory. The desert army fought outside the range of Motuls’ control. Every time there was a volley of arrow attacks!

It wasn’t just their combat power and manoeuvrability. Their ability to win was also based on their ranged combat.

Of course, Weed was in danger due to being alone in the Embinyu Army but he was fairly relaxed. The Embinyu Army had been decreased by 30% since the desert army first appeared. And he was at the final goal to defeat Motuls.

Despite that, there were still quite a lot of monsters, knights and priests remaining in the Embinyu Army.



200 desert warriors in Weed’s convoy had died while he fought Igrig. This was one of the toughest troops so 200 casualties were a huge loss. The people that survived would be able to last a long time in Weed’s empire.

“It is time to hunt the biggest guy. Support me.”




“Don’t let anyone interfere.”

“I will obey.”

Warrior-1 and his troops kept out the surrounding monsters and fanatics. If the interference was minimized then he could just focus on the enemy inside the sacrosanct territory.

Weed still wasn’t in his best condition.

“Zahab-nim! Hestiger!”

“I know.”

“I have been waiting for your orders.”

Now Zahab and Hestiger marched into the sacrosanct territory! The Knights of Atrocities were attacked by arrows from their escorts. The desert warriors stayed outside the sacrosanct territory and continued to fire arrows like lightning.

“Severe Blow!”

Even so, Weed blew back enemies with an intense blow while entering the holy area.

-You have entered the divine territory of Embinyu.

Health is reduced.

Defense has given high resistance.

Health will be reduced by 2,138 every 5 seconds.

Sacrosanct territory would convert this to mana for Motuls. If Motuls had an unlimited supply of magic then he could continue using his advanced magic.

He was like a mountain standing in Weed’s way.

“Finish it quickly.”


Weed threw Zahab at Motuls. When looking at the side effects, there was no guarantee of his safety. But due to the fact that he was a genius in swordsmans.h.i.+p and sculpting, he flew through the enemies and ended up in front of Motuls.

“Hestiger, you too.”

“It is an honour, Great King!”

In contrast to Zahab’s loyalty, Hestiger followed Weed due to his selflessness. He was handsome, humble and had plenty of popularity among his subordinates. A nice person would built achievements through hard work!

Bung bung buoung!

Weed also threw Hestiger towards Motuls.

‘If everything goes well then this might be a jackpot.’

Hestiger was a nice person but he also raised his level within 3~4 of Weed during the Nodulle’s Growth quest. Hestiger unleashed all his acc.u.mulated resentment on the Knights of Atrocities.

He somersaulted and lightly landed next to Motuls! Two knights were attacking from both sides but he jumped up and swung his sword at both of them. Of course, the enemies didn’t die but they were knocked down a while.

“As expected from Hestiger!”

“That is the Red Lion troop led by Hestiger.”

Weed’s ears kept on hearing Hestiger being praised. But now wasn’t the time to be jealous so Weed jumped straight at Motuls.


Suddenly, a wall rose up from the ground. A wall of demons! A barrier protecting Motuls.

Weed pa.s.sed through the barrier using the power of his body. The knights and monsters were easily knocked down with Severe Blow. He deliberately knocked them out of the sacrosanct area so that the desert warriors could take care of them.

“Those who go against the will of Embinyu, you will die and this earth will be destroyed!”

If Motuls was an ordinary priest then the outcome would be decided with one punch. Even Igrig couldn’t survive a series of continuous attacks. But Motuls was a monk, not a typical priest! He used fists to strike the enemy while chanting spells at the same time.

“Blood Fist of Atonement!”

He swung his fist at Weed. Weed moved to the right side to avoid it.

‘This is a little risky.’

The Blood Fist that he avoided rather than blocked headed in a straight line towards the Atrocity Knights behind him.


The Blood Fist hit the Atrocity Knights in the surrounding area and 4 of them were killed. This was the sacrosanct territory so Weed couldn’t afford being damaged.

The nature of a monk meant that Motuls had better health and vitality than Igrig. To make matters worse, he had protection magic and high magic resistance. It enabled him to fight Hestiger and Zahab.

Additionally, the Atrocity Knights had huge stats as well!

“Weight of Repentance!”

Motuls used a skill to add a heavy weight to all friends and enemies within range.

-You have received a curse.

Movement speed has slowed by 24%.

Pain has been received.

There is a chance of damage every 10 seconds.

Curses of hatred will cause additional damage.

The divine magic that didn’t care about who it affected.

“Don’t worry about the curse and fight! The colleagues outside will help!”

“I understand.”

Weed could endure a little longer but Hestiger and Zahab had less than 15% health left. The monsters and knights near Motuls interfered by defending him. Dealing with their attacks in a limited s.p.a.ce was quite tough.

“We will take care of it.”

The sculptural lifeforms plunged in. Zahab and Hestiger were the subject of intensive treatment from the priests.

“High Priest-nim is in danger.”

“No! If High Priest-nim dies then we will stay in the pits of h.e.l.l forever.”

Warrior-1 and the widespread desert army completely blocked any reinforcements! The bronze giants occasionally threw rocks but all access from the land was blocked.

Weed focused on the Knights of Atrocities in the sacrosanct territory. His kick wiped out the enemy’s defense and then he would strike with the Extermination Sword.

-Health is decreasing.

Current health remaining is 17.8%.

You have been caught by 7 curses.

“There is no need to kill all of them.”

Those Weed threw out of the sacrosanct territory were left to the sculptural lifeforms. Aside from the priests, Motuls was also protected by 20 Atrocity Knights.

“Complete Recovery!”

A pillar of light rose up from Motuls’ body. The high priest offered up some of his mana to recover his health. The injured knights escorting him were also healed.

“No way. A scam!”

Weed thought it was ridiculous. Motuls could use the mana stolen by sacrosanct territory to heal himself. The close combat power of the high priest also couldn’t be ignored. The sculptural lifeforms also had their defense and attack power weakened due to curses.

“There can’t be more than 30 troops protecting him. Warrior-1 can thoroughly block them.”

Then Motuls used another spell.

“Guardian’s Vow!”

Light pillars shot up once again in the sacrosanct territory and 4 bronze giants appeared! More than 100 Atrocity Knights were summoned.

“It is starting from the beginning again.”

Weed jumped back into battle when his health reached 67%. He once again blew through the barrier made from knights! The amount of resistance wasn’t unexpected.

They were damaged by the desert warriors but the Embinyu Army’s defense formation was strong and stable. Weed was only aiming at Motuls.

“The will of Embinyu won’t be broken.”

“They are naive. You can’t believe anything in this world.”

“Take my hand. I will lead you to the correct path of faith. You will receive great strength and power.”

“Money is the best thing in life!”

He also got into an argument with Motuls as the battle resumed! Zahab, Hestiger, Van Hawk and Torido joined him. They would be switched with sculptural lifeforms once their health was low.

Weed and Motuls both had their health fall. The knights were a.s.saulted by arrows from the desert army and their number decreased by a third.

“Kuhuhu, this pain and suffering. If you believe in Embinyu then he will solve all your worries with his infinite power.”

Motuls’ fist was quite intimidating. Aside from the damage, there were also the bizarre curses. Motuls’ attacks. .h.i.t a wide area so Weed avoided it and wielded the Extermination Sword. Both sides engaged in a fierce battle but Motuls had 50% health left while Weed only had 16%.

Weed would be the first to die. He noticed that Motuls focused on divine magic while attacking. He didn’t care as long as Weed was killed.

“Kill him. It is Embinyu’s will.”


The Atrocity Knights also focused their attacks on Weed.

“I don’t care as long as he dies!”

A fight where the person who died first would be the loser! Weed pushed through 10 large Atrocity Knights in order to damage Motuls’ body. It was a crisis as his health fell sharply.

He had 3.4% health remaining. All the effort he made would disappear in vain.

Motuls who was vigorously attacking still had 35% health left.

The Knights of Atrocities’ attacks were focused on blocking Weed from running out of the sacrosanct area.

At that moment, Weed gave a large shout.

“Recovery of Joy!”

-The barbarian’s unique ability, Recovery of Joy has been used.

Bardger, the G.o.d of Bravery will return a barbarian’s body to its normal state.

It is a shame for a barbarian to lose against a strong enemy.

A barbarian’s pride won’t allow the enemy to win.

You have to take down the enemy!

-Health has been completely restored.

Curses hanging over your body have been completely removed.

Resistance to curses and magic will rise by 370%.

Weed’s body returned to a normal state. And his movements suddenly accelerated as the curses were eliminated.

‘Just one chance!’

He moved past the Atrocity Knights and wielded his sword towards Motuls.


Motuls was cut up with the Extermination Sword. Despite that, the injuries were smaller due to the protection magic.

Weed didn’t care. He was much stronger in a one-on-one battle. During the Nodulle’s Growth quest, he had evenly balanced his offensive and defensive growth. His level was high but he also mastered many skills a.s.sociated with combat.

It was like a tiger regaining its spirit!

“You dare disobey Embinyu!”

“What can Embinyu give me? Well, it might be blamed on the fact that I’m too handsome!”

Weed continuously moved the Extermination Sword. He tirelessly swung his sword at Motuls. He also used Power of Birth and Black Knight’s Strike to hit the forces.

The Knights of Atrocities screamed and tried to protect Motuls but they were just ignored! Motuls was forcibly pushed back while the continuous attacks disabled his divine magic.

“Is this world working correctly? If you believe in Embinyu then you shall realize the true light.”

“I never trusted this world in the first place.”

“Embinyu’s wrath is terrible…..”

“I only fear the landlord!”

Weed had a strong faith that Motuls couldn’t shake. He learned that money was the first priority in modern society! Motuls’ health was drastically reduced to 10%.

“Complete Reco….”

“I’ve been waiting for this. Go!”

-You have dealt a critical blow.

68% damage has been added.

-You have dealt a critical blow.

149% damage has been added.

-You have dealt a critical blow.

261% damage has been added.

-You have dealt a critical blow.

442% damage has been added.

A continuous one power attack that caused critical hits! Weed used his keen combat senses to find weaknesses in Motuls. Weed’s countless combat experiences meant Motuls’ health would keep on decreasing once he was caught.

The battles he fought became easier and more comfortable due to his sharp eyes and intuition. His milk deliveries and newspaper deliveries meant he could look at the door or walls of a house and determine if they wanted strawberry or chocolate milk.

‘Then lastly….’

Motuls had attempt to use his divine magic for recovery. Weed struck his chest 3 consecutive times.

-Texture Sword was successful.

You have dealt a critical blow.

The opponent’s defense has been neutralized and 284% damage has been added.

-Texture Sword was successful.

You have dealt a critical blow.

The opponent’s defense has been neutralized and 516% damage has been added.

-Texture Sword was successful.

You have dealt a critical blow.

The opponent’s defense has been neutralized and 837% damage has been added.

An exponentially growing attack! The damage from a barbarian wielding the Extermination Sword was incredibly huge.

Motuls’ sacrosanct territory didn’t last much longer. Motuls’ body shattered like gla.s.s and a dark energy started to flow.

“You…your days are numbered. E…mbinyu…always….”

-Motuls, the high priest of sacrifices and bribes has entered his eternal rest.

Due to his sins, his soul won’t be able to rest but he will feel free for the first time since being captured by the evil G.o.d.

-The monsters and fanatics of the 4th sect of the Embinyu Church are in turmoil.
-Fame has increased by 42,138 due to the great achievement.
-As a special reward for the fight, the Faith stat has increased by 130.
-The dark energy covering the Embinyu Army is gone.
-Advent of the Conqueror has been completed.

A young conqueror that set off from the southern desert has rattled the world.

Disobedient n.o.bles will kneel down with every step he takes as he expands his territory.

His soldiers are brave and full of loyalty.

His desert territory has widened and the residents recognize him as a Great Emperor.

The deeply disturbing shadows cast by the servants of Embinyu have disappeared. The greedy kings have repeatedly caused wars and drew this world into a feast of blood.

One of the greatest conquerors is looking down on them from a high place!

-Fame has increased by 51,282.
-A large footprint has been left in history.
-Bonus time compensation has been given for this quest.

The time bonus will be given to the final secret sculpting technique once you return to your original world.

-Due to the miracles achieved in this adventure, all stats will gain 15 points.

The acquired stats will be retained even after you return to your original world.

-Please set the name of your Empire.

The empire will exist in the history of the continent and will disappear after like a fixed trace behind.

“Hrmm, the name of my empire.”

Weed often thought of names. He was experienced with naming his sculptures but never thought about ones for an empire.

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter because my relations.h.i.+p with the empire will vanish after a while.”

Lots of money wouldn’t be coming from it so he gave it a simple name.

“Pallos Empire.”

-Pallos Empire is correct?

“That’s right.”

The name Pallos. It was the name of a candy in his distant memories. He wanted to eat the candy but it was too expensive so he couldn’t. Sometimes he would take some when he saw little children eating it. The name suited an empire founded on looting and destruction.

-The name Pallos Empire has been decided.
-Please select the governance system.

A monarchy ruled by an emperor, a feudal system, a republic or a senate ruled by chief n.o.bles.

Please note.

If you choose a monarchy then you need to immediately establish a heir that you can hand over all your power to. A smart emperor would lay the foundation of the empire for a long time. Of course, the opposite could be true if the emperor selects an incompetent heir.

If you choose a republic then the citizens of Pallos Empire will select the emperor themselves. Each emperor’s power will be constrained and they will be replaced at regular intervals. Trade will grow quickly and there will be less resistance from the occupied territories.

If you select a feudal governing system then each region will be ruled by a lord. It is a good system to govern distant areas in a vast empire but the lord will have more power than the emperor in that area. There will be no rebellion or tax evasion.

A senate will consist of those with the most fame and strength in the Pallos Empire. They will rule on serious matters in meetings.


His mind wanted to just select a monarchy.

Absolute monarchy! An emperor that rules over the entire territory and could exploit the residents was a perfect fit for Weed. G.o.d might say killing was rule but the emperor of an empire had all the power!

“But I don’t have anyone to hand the empire over to.”

A republic was more difficult. Weed’s desert army had the absolute force and authority on the Versailles Continent. However, a republic meant a NPC would been selected. Then it was likely that Hestiger would be selected as the Emperor of the Pallos Empire.

A feudal system was even more ridiculous. He couldn’t give full control of different regions over to other people.

“I will decide on a senate.”

The political system chosen wasn’t perfect but the people selected wouldn’t be a problem. The Pallos Empire would leave a deep impact on the history of the Versailles Continent but Weed just made his decisions roughly.

-The governance system of the Pallos Empire has been decided as a group senate.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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