The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 38 Chapter 6

6) Tower Cras.h.i.+ng into the Ground

In the early morning, Weed was standing on the 140th floor of the Sky Tower.

Looking through the window towards the outside world, the darkness was slowly withdrawing as it became brighter.

“Great. The scene of the night brightening up in the morning always gives me some strength.”

The red sun rose over the distant plains. The land brightened and monsters could be seen roaming around and eating corpses. And hordes of fanatics near the monsters were revealed.

It was a terrible spectacle made visible by the sun rising.

“Is this the view that people living in expensive high-rise apartments prefer? If there was scenery of a river or the sea then the prices would climb more….Hrmm, I don’t know if I want to live in a high-rise apartment or not. The monthly expenses are a lot and I can’t savour the delicious taste of sweet potatoes planted in the yard.”

Weed placed a stone back on the ground.

“Whether I like it or not, this has to be done.”

The nords, barbarians, elves and humans heading down the stairs just glanced at him indifferently. They were slaves so they didn’t care about anything except eating and working.

“What is it today?”

“Crow soup.”

“I haven’t tasted meat for a long time.”

The slaves that finished at dawn hurried down the tower for a meal. They only had one a day and it wasn’t even breakfast.

Crow soup had a sticky feeling and the crunchy meat stuck to their teeth so the greasy soup was the worst thing to eat. Strictly speaking, it wasn’t crow soup but the dead crows fell into the enormous cauldron and turned it into that. The black feathers weren’t even removed so it was difficult to eat.

Weed had exploited the beginners to make the pyramid but at least he gave them gra.s.s porridge.

“I have a lot to learn from the Embinyu Church. Thoroughly reducing the cost of business while succeeding.”

The strength of the Embinyu Church was their exploitation of the slaves and followers.

“Then shall I start? This is thanks for my hard work.”

Weed took out a heavy axe.

-Skilled Woodsman’s Axe for Logging:

Durability 31/65. Attack: 14~25

An axe that can cut down a tree. It is rusted and someone seems to have just thrown it to the ground.

It is too thick so it isn’t suitable to be a battle axe! However, it is surprisingly easy to cut down a tree if the axe is swung correctly.

Restrictions: More than 400 power.

Level 140 or higher.

The axe is easy to handle so no skill is required.

Options: Vitality wasted will be reduced when cutting wood from forests and mountains.

When the swung is accurate, an additional 160% cutting power will be added.

Of course, Weed hadn’t taken out the axe for the sake of fighting. The damage was terrible and he wouldn’t even be able to sell it in a store!

In particular, the heavy weight of the axe meant that many merchants wouldn’t buy it.

“I am going to begin.”

Weed struck the axe against the wall of the tower.

Syuuuuuung! Kwaaaaang!

The strength behind the axe was enough to break the wall or split a monster apart.

“Taste this!”

Weed continued to smash the walls with his axe.

“It has to crumble.”

After smas.h.i.+ng the walls, he struck at the pillars supporting the weight of the tower. The building was quite strong so the durability of the axe fell quickly.

An axe needed to cut against s.h.i.+elds and armours so they were quite durable. However, an axe couldn’t be used for a long time against walls and stone pillars.

The axe in Weed’s hands broke.

-Due to the deterioration of the durability, the Logging Axe has been destroyed.

“I have many axes.”

Weed pulled out another axe from his backpack. This time it was a magic axe that increased destructive power! It was an axe obtained from the Central Continent and was a common tool and weapon found in stores.

This was the secret weapon used to destroy the Sky Tower. Weed had this idea when watching the video of the Sky Tower rising.

‘How can I make it fall down?’

The top part specifically had its weight reduced by magic but the fundamental architecture were the pillars. Then cracking them might bring it down.

“Remove the stones from the bottom one by one. It would be fun if it collapsed all at once.”

This was the strategy he would use to destroy the Sky Tower. He wanted to see the high building collapse due to the pillars!

Kwaaang! Kwaaaang!

Weed dug the axe into the pillar and revealed its bones. Not only were stones piled up but the special mammoth horns and bones inside made the pillar have very high durability. Even so, Weed only needed to wield his axe three or four times before the stem was broken.

“A tree might take 10 tries and I will make the tower collapse even if it takes 1,000 attempts!”

The walls and pillars were smashed with a horrific, destructive power. Even if he smashed 5~6 important pillars, the tower was still fine. But it started to shake slightly.

Now the shaking was only slight but he felt like it was escalating. This fear and imagination was what made people so excited. If he continued to strike with the axe then who knew what would happen!

“When I was a child, I went to the aquarium with my mother and was thrilled when I saw the piranha tank.”

A truly fantastic horror!

Even though this was the 140th floor of the tower, the upper parts beyond the clouds were already shaking. Due to the walls and pillars collapsing, the guards realized there was an emergency.

“What’s that?”

“Something seems to be breaking.”

The guards started searching the tower. It was a high and wide tower so there were 5,000 guards stationed inside. Every 10 floors there was a manager that was equivalent to a boss level monster.

“I don’t know. Where is that sound coming from?”


The guards could’t find Weed’s position immediately. The sound flowed through the building so it was hard to determine the floor and location.

The Sky Tower stretched up to the sky and the interior also had a complicated structure. The stairs were strangely twisted and Weed could instantly come up to the 140th floor form the 137th. Or he could come down from the 144th floor. And the middle 140th floor that connected it was like a remote island.

“He is here!”

“A nord dares go against the Embinyu Church!”

Weed was switching to his third axe when 10 guards found him.

“Triple Swing.”


A beginner’s axe skill was used! But the guards were continuing to come up.

“I can’t resist the j.a.ptem and experience.”

He was working near the staircase when those guards appeared. The enemy running up the stairs weren’t a problem for Weed. Even the priests emerged and there wasn’t much s.p.a.ce to avoid the divine magic.

“140th floor.”

“Kill him!”

The yells of the guards could be heard.

An emergency happening in the Sky Tower! The guards flocked to his location without hesitation. The total number of Embinyu guards kept increasing.

“You are the young nord that was doing a good job! Did you suddenly go crazy?”

The guards unleashed a barrage of criticism on Weed.

“There is no justification for going against the will of Embinyu. You will immediately be sprinkled with salt and thrown to the crows!”

Weed also had a considerable number of complaints piled up.

“It is okay if you make me work recklessly. Difficult and dangerous work is the reality of life. But I can’t tolerate unpaid wages!”

A backlash against unscrupulous employers!

“Seven Swings!”


-Your Axe skill has increased.

Destructive power of the axe will increase by 130%.

Attack rate is 5% faster.

14% weight will be added to the axe.

Beginner level 3!

Weed might have a high level but the guards weren’t weak. Their levels were at least in the late 300s so the Embinyu guards weren’t weak.

That’s why his axe skill quickly grew as he dealt with them. But the skill level was low and the attack range was short so it wasn’t suitable for fighting a large amount of enemies.

“Bad builders!”

Weed disregarded the guards’ attacks and continued wielding his axe against them. The attacks from the guards only reduced his enormous health by a small drop. The nord might be weaker than humans but their resilience was better.

The guards continued to floor through the stairs so the destruction of the pillars became more delayed.

Then Weed had a pa.s.sing thought.

‘The whole building will be wrecked anyway so why do I need to leave the stairs?’

Although the stairs were necessary for him to descend the building later. But his first priority was handling the guards hara.s.sing him.

If the guards continued to interfere then the bosses on the upper flowers of the Sky Tower would come down. As he climbed the Sky Tower, the supervisors ended up being senior priests. He had just killed the high priests Igrig and Motuls so he didn’t want to waste the results.

“Eh, I don’t know!”

Weed run to the stairs and started smas.h.i.+ng them with his axe.


“The stairs are falling. Aaack!”

The upstairs and downstairs staircases connecting to the 140th floor collapsed at once. The guards on them also fell down. From now on, they could no longer come from downstairs.

The wreckage of the fallen stairs blocked the pa.s.sage underneath. The guards continued jumping down from upstairs through the spot where the staircase collapsed.

“Tear all his flesh off!”

“He is trying to sabotage and interfere with the Embinyu Church!”

There were no stairs however the guards showed up even faster. Yes, one or two guards died but the remaining became more ferocious.

“Sink or swim!”

Weed smashed the ground with his axe.


The guards that landed on the smashed ground continued falling down.



Black or grey stones were piled up and there were various monsters and human bones protruding from them. The tower was originally a prison so the inside still had that type of aesthetic.

He was smas.h.i.+ng the floor of the Sky Tower. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that this feeling wouldn’t be comfortable for anyone who spent their lives trying to buy a house in Korea.

But breaking it was also fun. He was destroying the tallest building.

“Wow, this is high.”

“Really, seeing the building come down would be a jackpot.”

It was similar to young children marvelling at the sight of the 63 Building (used to be South Korea’s tallest building)!

“It would be fun to smash it down.”

The interference of the guards had disappeared so Weed shattered the pillars without hesitation. It was hard at first but once a small portion of the pillar was broken, it was easy to smash the remaining fragments.

The pillars were holding the astronomical weight of the tower’s upper floors. Once some of them collapsed, the remaining pillars became more vulnerable because they had to carry a larger load.

“Have I grown bigger? The ceiling seems to be closer…..”

Weed thought it was weird that the 140th floor seemed a bit lower. This was an illusion. The ceiling was actually coming closer.


Once 30 pillars were destroyed, the ceiling started to seriously crack. Not only that, the pillars holding up the weight of the tower started being squashed.

“I guess I can’t stop now.”

Weed became a little cautious. He couldn’t stretch out in an area and rested while watching. He knew how dangerous this could be.

His risk awareness had risen thanks to Disaster Sculpting but he couldn’t stop destroying the pillars in the building.

“These pillars will definitely fall… That pillar is more urgent!”

He couldn’t waste even 1 second to collapse the tower. Weed planned to pull down the tower rising into the heavens. The so-called eating free pheasants overseas after winning the lottery!

Kukukukung! Kwadududuk!

The ceilings and floors gradually collapsed. The pillars spontaneously twisted and bent. It was a desperate crisis.

If the tower was crushed than not even Weed could survive. Stones were falling down on Weed’s head.

-Health has been reduced by 31 due to the debris.

The damage wasn’t enough to affect his health so he didn’t worry about it.

‘So far, I’ve done as I planned. My brain is a genius. It wasn’t my fault that I didn’t study in school. I blame the teachers for not being proficient enough!’

Weed had intentionally destroyed pillars on the east side of the tower. But he only had a moment to rejoice as the weight distributed on top of the pillars and a widespread destruction started occurring.

Cracks appeared on pillars of the 140th floor, 133th floor, 121th floor and the ground floor. The weight of the entire tower was added to those weakened pillars and the tower shook like it would fall at any moment. The hundreds of metres high tower was serious shaking.

Weed had only smashed the eastern pillars so it would collapse in that direction but things hadn’t proceeded as planned.


“Ah, he did it like that.”

Weed’s adventure was being broadcasted around the entire world at the same time.

Many viewers were impatiently looking forward to seeing what would happen on the adventure. All gaming stations and even general stations competed by showing Royal Road.

The Royal Road craze hit foreign countries later than it did Korea but the gap had closed so that it was almost negligible. Many foreigners now enjoyed a variety of leisure activities and enjoyed holidays in Royal Road. It started late but the benefit of hindsight meant it was even more popular.

At that moment, all the architects watching around the world were sighing deeply.

“He shouldn’t touch something like that.”

“If I wanted to calculate the dynamics of the structure then it would take me 10, no 100 days.”

“It is a nice attempt but there are too many variables.”

In order to destroy the tower, precise measurements and calculations were necessary. The tensile strength, accurate design of the building and the weight on each floor needed to be known. Determining the optimal height and position for destruction would take at least a few days.

It was a very high and large building so any destructive power would sink the tower at once. If the person was lucky then it would fall in the desired direction but it was much more likely for the crumbling tower to crush the person.

Sequentially destroying it in the desired direction would require calculating wind speed, the tilt due to the weight change, the speed of the collapse, the structure of the terrain and even the time it would take to fall.

All those things were theoretically possible to calculate through mathematical calculations but it was actually impossible.

The by-products of different monsters were used to create the pillars so the strength of each one was different. Each floor was also different. The architects of the tower didn’t use precision measuring tools while designing it.

Holding a stone and intuitively finding the weak points was a simple idea. Even the highest level of architect wanted the experience of taking down this tower.

Of course, common sense stated that such a high tower wouldn’t exist in this world. The material surpa.s.sed the strength of steel and magic was used or else the building wouldn’t be possible at all.

Nevertheless, the architects couldn’t help being filled with admiration.

“It is silly and simply but it is a genius attempt.”

The uncomplicated judgement like a pure child. There were many things that could go wrong but he didn’t worry about them.

The architects couldn’t guess the result. The interior of the building was cras.h.i.+ng down on Weed. The ceiling and pillars were helplessly falling. The environment was also scary.

Even those that knew nothing about construction could tell how dangerous the Sky Tower was. It felt like their heart was shrivelling and their hair standing up as they watched Weed’s adventure.


Weed looked around.

“The situation doesn’t look good.”

A chain reaction had taken place and the entire tower was collapsing around him. He could see chunks of stones falling outside the window. Once everything became worse, a person on the verge of dying would feel like their life was flas.h.i.+ng before them.

‘I don’t know why this happens every time.’

Intended or calculated, or a wrong action. Or he simply didn’t have any luck.

‘This is the worst. The probability of getting out of this is quite low.’

However, he didn’t give up.

Weed realized that his survival skills in Royal Road were excellent. The more extreme the situation was, the more fiercely he would try to survive.

Usually other people’s heads wouldn’t think quickly but his head was always rotating at a rapid speed. If he studied like this then he probably would’ve pa.s.sed the bar examination.

“I can live. I have to live.”

Weed looked around rapidly for anything he could use. There were an excess of rocks. There were a pile of stones that people carried and those that fell down from the ceiling. The entire top of the tower was collapsing so stones were still continuing to fall.

He no longer needed the axe as the tower was crumbling on its own. It would be the end if he got caught in the rubble.

“The only thing I can do now is sculpt.”

Weed out the Sculpting Knife. The body of a nord wasn’t useful for fighting or escaping. In the current situation, he needed to change his body to look like the enemy.


Weed’s Sculpting Knife moved like it was possessed. He had less time to sculpt during his final secret sculpting technique quest. It was stuck at Advanced level 9 and hadn’t climbed the final step.

But this time sculpting would be a huge help. Weed still had many complaints about sculpting.

“Whether it is the battlefield or art, sculpting is really good. I just wish that it would earn me more money.”

It was like saving a man from drowning only to be given a free apartment! He needed to finish the work before the tower fell so Weed’s Sculpting Knife moved insanely fast over the stone.

Suksak susak.

The speed meant his hands couldn’t be seen properly. The rock was smoothly cut like an apple.

His speed was ridiculous but he didn’t want to die an unnatural death. He needed to move faster. He was familiar with sculpture so the body shape was being refined. He had made all types of strange sculptures for battles or quests.

An exhibition of works would display the artist’s creative and unique personality. The works would contain that philosophy and ideology or deep feelings about culture.

Weed usually favoured beautiful or practical works.

‘Prices are rising every day so my head is full of complex thoughts about how to live. It is useless if it isn’t pretty.’

For a simple reason!

The sculpture he was making was really easy to understand.

Embinyu monster!

Their health was high and the vicious monster also had poison. Its skin was white and wrinkled like it had lived 400 years and there was a long tongue to catch flies and mosquitoes.

The piece of rock had layers of a strange pattern and microscopic cracks that gave it a rugged impression. The st.u.r.dy physique resembled a barbarian but the face and body looked closer to a humanoid snake. Furthermore, the soles of the feet were designed to prevent slipping and there were thin wings attached to the underarms like a bat. The head was completely bald and covered with scales.

‘I wish I never created a sculpture like this.’

Weed always thought about money when making sculptures. If the sculptures during his adventures were broadcasted then they would be a huge hit. The dolls of the wyverns, Bingryong and Yellowy were all sold out in the markets. Of course, some of the proceeds were sent to his bank account.

There was also the toy of the Bone Dragon. Apparently it was tacky to have bones but young children really like that these days.

The origin of the crab cakes. The origin of the seasoned potatoes. This was their source.

There were contracts were confectionary companies. A man and a woman was also collecting the skeleton dolls. All parents would tremble at hearing these words from their children.

“Mother, buy me that one.”

“I never had that before. Weeeeng!”

Weed’s quest meant that children never stopped crying for his sculptures. Every parent might regret the moment they had to give their children seaweed soup.

“The children are making a purse for when I retire. A job that makes a living from young children… It is a reliable stable”

Now even the sculptures Weed transformed into were popular. He always sculpted a tall, handsome piece with features that would sell well.

This sculpture with a snake head and thick limbs like a crocodile was the worst in history. If Karichwi was ugly then this sculpture was horrible enough to raise goose b.u.mps!

“Sculpture Transformation!”

-Sculpture Transformation has been used.

The infinite affection for sculpting makes the sculptor and statue resemble each other!

Your skin and appearance has quickly changed.

It depends on the shape of the sculpture but the physique is similar so you can wear your original equipment.

The influence of Sculpture Transformation has significantly increased Strength and Agility.

Charm has fallen to the lowest level.

Art stat has halved.

Perseverance, resilience and luck has significantly risen.

This will last until Sculpture Transformation is released.

“It was made in a hurry but it is perfect.”

Weed’s Charm stat had brutally fallen.

Charm would make the skin bright and attractive and even improve the overall shape of the body. Especially in the case of women, they were very sensitive to the changes in the body caused by 100 charm or 200 charm.

But Weed lived without thinking of his body or face. A handsome face wouldn’t allow him to eat or live better.

Honestly, his looks were irrelevant after meeting Seo-yoon. Her charm stat had to be at least 200,000 so he absolutely couldn’t match her

“It won’t be a hindrance even if my face is boiled!”


The top of the tower vibrated and Weed could feel it through his legs. It wasn’t surprising anymore that this would happen. Everything was slowly moving towards the point where it would collapsed.


The movement of the entire tower suddenly stopped like it was struck by lightning. The place that had been filled with loud noises became abruptly quiet.

“What, has it ended?”

But then he heard a squeaking sound like a herd of mice was running around. Microscopic cracks were occurring in the central pillars. The evidence that it was continuing to collapse was invisible but still there.


Weed ran past all the piled up debris and jumped. And he threw his body outside the window. It looked like a cool scene from an action movie.

Weed didn’t have a parachute like the main characters in that movie. Weed was also falling from the 140th floor so it would be a huge burden if he crashed.

‘I’ve managed to escape unharmed so far. Even if I crash into the ground, my enormous health means that I won’t die. But there are enemies that will pounce.’

If he crashed into the ground then the Embinyu members would swarm like ants. All the troops of the Embinyu Church were already in emergency mode. There was also the stones falling down from the tower due to the shaking.

“That tower is to greet G.o.d Embinyu. We must prevent it from collapsing.

“All priests use their power.”

The priests of the Embinyu Church demonstrated their divine power. The divine magic lightened the weight of the tower, strengthened the structure and joined broken joints together.

Original divine magic couldn’t do this but the Sky Tower was constructed to commune with the Embinyu. In addition, there were magic circles placed inside the tower.

The tower was already built beyond the limits that it could physically withstand! The light of the magic wrapped around the pillars and considerably lowered the weight on the pillars.

The medium and large monsters of the Embinyu Church plunged inside the tower. They held up the pillars and ceiling with their shoulders and back.



Despite their bodies being crushed, the monsters prevented the collapse of the tower.

“What? It is a little strange.”

Weed realized that the collapse of the tower seemed to have stopped. The tower was slanted but seemed to have been stopped from falling.

“I really can’t eat things raw.”


Weed stretched out both arms and flapped the wings covered with a thin film. The speed that he was falling at reduced.

“Eh, I don’t know.”

He then used the wind to change directions and clung to the walls of the tower.


The effect was weakened but stones were still falling from the tower. Falling rocks! Weed swerved the rocks that contained a terrifying power after falling from a high place.

“I feel like I’m wiping the windows of a skysc.r.a.per! I didn’t dare risk it despite it paying well….My sense of adventure was fulfilled being a construction labourer!”

The stones were different sizes and fell in slightly different directions. Sometimes the stones would change direction in the middle so he was quite nervous.

“This d.a.m.n life… I need to stop swearing. This is why my tough days keep on repeating.”

Weed spat out complaints as he started climbing up the wall of the tower like a spider. His hands and feet easily found windows and niches in the broken stone walls. He avoided the falling rocks by spinning sideways at a perpendicular angle.

Weed soon pa.s.sed the 140th floor, 160th and then the 180th floor. He would skip past two or three floors with one leap. Anyone watched Weed’s adventure would feel dizzy with every leap. The circ.u.mstances was enough to call him a human c.o.c.kroach.


Weed moved like a b.u.t.terfly every time the stones fell!

‘I need to think of a method. Something is stopping the tower from cras.h.i.+ng down. I need to make it collapse.’

The tower was shaking more severely as he climbed upwards. The strengthening magic of the priests couldn’t work properly on the higher floors. If I leave it like this then it won’t collapse. But it will be difficult to recover to its original state.’

If he just watched as the tower collapsed then it was likely he could easily fulfil the quest. But he didn’t know how many days it would take.

“I’ve decided. Take this. Moonlight Sculpting Blade!”

Weed slammed the Extermination Sword against the wall of the 213th floor. He was thrown by the force of the skill and fell before opening his wings at the 209th floor.

“I need to go as far as possible!”

Kwa kwa kw.a.n.g!

He faced the top and furiously slammed his sword against the tower. The shock caused stones to start falling from the tower again. He observed increasingly large stones falling from hundreds of floors above him.

Weed lifted his head and brandished his sword. If there was a situation he couldn’t escape then he would briefly enter the tower through a window. In the case of large stones, he would use it as a support to leap dozens of metres.

An exciting aerial action that took place at the collapsing tower! There were some dangerous stones that he barely avoided. Even though his current appearance wasn’t very handsome, it allowed him to be like a fly or a mosquito.

Countless monsters and fanatics on the ground and in the Sky Tower died from the stones. The guards were continuing to exit as the tower shook at an alarming rate.

“Power of Birth, Black Knight’s Strike, Summon Another Sword!”

Weed climbed the tower while using his master cla.s.s combat skills. When he pa.s.sed the 250th floor, the tower shook and swayed from left to right. He quickly floated in the air but couldn’t avoid being hit by the swaying tower.


-You have been hit by the Sky Tower.

Health has decreased by 31,386.

It was a rare experience as Weed was whacked by the tower and flew back 100 metres.


His narrow wings opened as he moved towards the tower again.

“It would be nice if this was an amus.e.m.e.nt park. I shouldn’t be the only one to suffer through this!”

If it was possible to create the ride without anyone dying then thousands of people could experience it at the amus.e.m.e.nt park!

“This degree isn’t enough to make it crumble!”

Weed cried in a loud voice.

It was hard to avoid the stones and sticking to the side of the tower was also dangerous.

“Sculptural Destruction! Everything into Strength!”

Weed smashed a fine piece and his strength greatly increased. Anyway, so far he had broken quite a few walls and pillars.

But the tower was shaking so much that he couldn’t determine which way it would fall. Due to the pillars breaking from supporting the weight of the tower, it was breaking in all directions.

He couldn’t imagine what would happen when he looked at the tower shaking. Any ordinary human would have given up here but Weed couldn’t.

“I have to go to the end. I will prove that living ignorantly in this world is frightening.”

Weed held onto the wall and continued climbing up the tower. He had been tired carrying stones up the tower and now he needed to hold onto the wall while avoiding falling rocks.

He reached the 279th and then the 300th floor. At this point, the wind was flowing towards the side of the tower. The feeling of the tower shaking through his hands while he climbed caused a frightening feeling.

-The Sky Tower has struck you in the chest.

Health has been reduced by 13,288.

He would receive damage every time he jumped hastily.

Weed stopped moving at the 330th floor. Every 100th floor was marked but he didn’t know the exact location. So much debris was falling from the tower that it was a mess.

In fact, he had intended the tower to fall earlier so it was more robust than he thought. Even so, it seemed like it would take just 1~2 more minutes to crumble. There was there creepy sound of something being split apart.

“A different method… I made it when I was bored but it will be useful here. I hadn’t wanted to use this. Sculpture Transformation!”

Weed used the skill to resemble a sculpture. It was a specific sculpture of a black bear! It was like a very large sculpture had been shrunk to a miniature size. A black bear that would likely crush a city.

-Sculpture Transformation has been used.

The infinite affection for sculpting makes the sculptor and statue resemble each other!

Weed’s snake like smooth body started growing black fur. In addition, his size became bigger. Shoulders, chests and legs all grew steadily longer. 10 metres, 20 metres, 30 metres…. Before long, his body had become 230 metres.

He had turned into a hulking version of the sculpture. An extra-large black bear!

It seemed to be the size of Bingryong and the body was enough to make the elves in the forest tremble! The eyes were small and cute compared to the body and gave off the impression that he had been chewing on tree roots since childhood. There was a vivid half-moon pattern on the chest.

Clearly, this work was creating while aiming for popularity among children.

-Your body shape has changed so a number of equipment can’t be worn.
-Perseverance, Vitality and Resilience has been enhanced due to Sculptural Transformation.

But all the other stats have been reduced.

The leather of the black bear is like steel and has a high level of magic protection.

Although it has knowledge and wisdom about life, this is instinctive magic and they can’t use complex tools.

Just smacking the enemy with the paws will be enough to break the waist.

The skill Understanding Sculpture has granted you an attribute of the species.

When angered by a severe attack, damage will increased by 260%.

In this state, you will suffer less damage from the enemy’s attack and you have become twice as strong.

However, you will become vulnerable to ranged weapons like arrows. Once this state is released when health falls below 10%, you will be vulnerable to fear.

When health reaches 30%, recovery rate will be 6 times faster. But once 30 minutes pa.s.s, the recovery rate will slow down to half the normal rate.


Weed shouted as he clung to the tower with his paws. The bear’s thick and sharp claws dug deeply into the walls. His body was much bigger but his high health meant there wasn’t significant risk from the stones falling.

The thick bear fur and leather also played the role of solid armour and s.h.i.+eld.

“Shall I try this? This is like when I was playing at the neighbourhood playground!”

Weed was really ignorant so he decided to use this method. The tower started fluctuated wildly as his heavy weight clung to it.

The simplest method to bring down the tower in the desired direction was to use his heavy body! It wasn’t possible to measure his current weight but he would be making a deep pit if he walked along the ground.

The top of the tower started shaking and spun around.

“This is a little weak!”

Weed was very excited. This was at the level of neighbour child at the playground. These days, there were many scenes in movies where the protagonist barely survived.

Weed felt the need to maintain his popularity.

“Let’s go!”

Weed released his hold on the tower and jumped. The shock caused the wall of the tower to collapse even more. A tremendous sized black bear was jumping in the air.

It could be compared to walking along a sky-high cliff! Weed’s large body separated the sky. And he quickly reached the peak.


The crash of a giant black bear! At that time, the tower came close to him again.


Weed hugged the tower. Due to his tremendous weight, the place where his paws held on caused the tower walls to literally crumple like paper.

The 4 thick claws furiously dug in and damaged the building. A destructive sound was heard from the tower. If the building was destroyed then it was likely he would lose his life as well!

“I won’t survive the fall Then let’s try this again!”

Weed once again jumped up the tower. The tower shook strongly as the black bear jumped from the tower! This fast paced and reckless thrill was an environment that he would rarely experience.

During the short distance he was in the air, an unearthly sound could be heard. It was the sound of rocks and pillars being furiously crushed by the weight and impact of the black bear!

The tower couldn’t withstand the sudden weight that slammed into it and started tilting in one direction.


In the beginning he didn’t feel like it was that tilted. But the angle meant he couldn’t jump. He was forced to cling on all fours while feeling himself tilting.

It wasn’t only the central part where Weed was as the whole Sky Tower was seriously tilting.

‘Success! But what do I do now?’

The result was what he intended but now it was a life threatening situation. An ice cold sensation could be felt on his neck.

‘This isn’t that small?’

His survival instincts issued a warning. He looked down at the ground that could be seen through the clouds.

“It is like I intended. There is just a minor issue….”

Weed was attached to the side of the tower. Now the tower was tilted as he intended. There was a loud roar as something in the tower broke.

‘I need to live.’

Weed dug his claws into the wall of the tower and moved to the opposite side. In the meantime, the angle of the tower was increasingly heading towards the ground. It was like the neck of a giraffe moving towards the ground.

“Aigoo! What is the best method I can use?”

Weed’s brain started furiously thinking. His survival instinct surpa.s.sed those of an insect. Weed surpa.s.sed a c.o.c.kroach’s health, tricks and various methods to survive.

‘I can’t fall at this height. If this was my original body then I might be able to survive with my high health. But right now my large size means I will receive heavier damage. I need to use Sculpture Transformation.’

He quickly took out a sculpture of a dragon fly. It was a dragonfly with a very strange face!

“Eh, I don’t know. Sculpture Transformation!”

There was no time to think of the side-effects when he used Sculpture Transformation!

-Due to the heavy shaking, the skill has failed.

“Then Sculpture Transformation release!”

-You haven’t perfectly adapted to the current body yet.

Even the mysterious power of sculpting can’t change your flesh.

“This doesn’t have any soup!”

Young children were also watching Weed’s adventure so he couldn’t use his worst curses. It was like opening the remaining bag of ramyun only to find there was no soup!

Sculpture Transformation couldn’t be used due to the vigorous movement and it couldn’t be released. Earlier he was a monster but now he was a giant black bear with a heavy weight hanging on the wall of the tower.

After a few seconds, he was falling along with the tower. Just like a monkey falling down with a tree, the bear falling with the tower would die!

Weed needed another way to survive.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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