The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 38 Chapter 7

7) Black Dragon Ausollet


‘He will die.’

‘He is going to die.’

‘Will he die soon?’

Most viewers thought that as they watched Weed’s adventure.

“Boss-nim, I’m taking a vacation for Royal Road. And I also want a paid bonus.”

“Our company is doing well thanks to you. I will give you a few weeks! Look at this corporate card!”

This was the dream of most workers!

In reality, the department chief or director would handle any work without unnecessary remarks. Sometimes there would be social lunches or meals with overtime workers. Even overtime allowances weren’t paid properly so this was more of a dream than reality. A dream that they would have in the mornings or on weekends!

But they could meet others through Royal Road. The workers could have fun through their characters without having to worry about anything. Weed was like a hero to them.

In particular, the users of the Central Continent full of resentment and blame towards Weed had to literally repent.

“I didn’t know Weed-nim’s deep intentions… I was narrow minded.”

“Isn’this relations.h.i.+p with the Hermes Guild not very good? But now he is saving the people of the world while benefiting the enemy?”

“Now I know why the people of the north respect Weed and think he is a good king.”

“His fans are growing as they repeatedly see his adventures. We know in advance that the results will affect the continent so Weed is becoming more popular through his adventures. Others have chosen to become strong through stable hunting and picking the right quest while Weed freely challenges the world.”

Wonderful adventures while travelling around the continent!


Weed came up with a way to live in a matter of seconds. He heard some valuable information while working in the tower!

“Yes, I’ll believe in Embinyu. G.o.d Embinyu won’t save me. Ohh, G.o.d Embinyu!”

Schizophrenia symptoms occurred due to the brainwas.h.i.+ng magic. There would be a mental collapse like a man forgetting that ramyun was boiling while on the phone!

However, Weed’s eyes sparkled as he sensed a chance for survival.

“It isn’t finished yet. I won’t die!”

Weed sat down on the tilting tower.


Nothing broke but there was the sound of the tower being pressed inwards.

“Let’s go.”

He slipped down the slope of the tower. A very large black bear was sliding down like it was a slide! But it was an almost vertical slope so the acceleration became frightening after a few seconds.

“A person surviving beautifully in a movie!”

The situation was different from what he thought! The walls were literally crushed as Weed slipped down due to his weight. Even though the Sky Tower was very large, the transformed Weed was only riding down a very narrow area.

Weed’s b.u.t.t acted as a terrible weapon crus.h.i.+ng the tower.

-A part of your body has been damaged due to the friction.

Health has decreased by 3,742.

The black bear’s b.u.t.t became hot due to the acceleration!

“I need to check my status now before it becomes more dangerous. Health… Phew, there is no need to worry about vitality and my health is still over 800,000.”

A large creature had excellent strength and health but its art, wisdom and dignity stat was at the bottom. Its charm was surprisingly high but that was because the bear was cuddly.

‘Even if it is like this, will I still be able to survive?’

A thought pa.s.sed through his head at that moment. His health was high but the huge body going at this speed meant there would be significantly more damage. He might end up being stuck deep in the ground. The fanatics could then indiscriminately attack his body.

All members of the Embinyu Church had an infinite hatred inside them.

“I usually don’t have any luck. Isn’t this harsh scenario enough?’

But after one moment, the feeling of his b.u.t.t sliding stopped as it seemed like he was floating in the air.

He wasn’t mistaken!

The tower’s tilt wasn’t enough to allow him to reach the ground. The bottom portion had broken off due to the excessive weight.


The 65th floor and above disconnected from the Sky Tower while the remainder was left intact. Weed had been sliding down the tower but he was still at the height of the 300th floor.


His huge body and limbs struggled wildly in the air. The Sky Tower was collapsing towards the Weed who was flapping his limbs. He didn’t have any wings or skills to prevent the fall.

“Cras.h.i.+ng like this is another worst-case scenario. This is definitely something that is likely to happen to me.”


The monsters and fanatics were swarming among the strongholds of the Embinyu Church.

There was tight security to prevent an invasion but they could only stand there helplessly as the tower fell from the sky! The stones that made up the Sky Tower were falling towards the fanatics.


“Embinyu is punis.h.i.+ng us. Let us gratefully accept death!”

A flood of stones poured down as the tower collapsed. The Embinyu Church’s facility to produce demons, sell souls and the demons’ training centre were damaged!

The fanatics and monsters swarming inside were also constantly hit. Now the top of the tower cut off from the lower part fell towards the centre.

“Today Embinyu will accept a new follower and there will be a feast of blood.”


The Chaos Dragon Ausollet was sitting in front of the huge statue of Embinyu in the Central Square!

The ceremony to brainwash Ausollet was in full swing. 200 Priests of Punishment were focusing divine power on the dragon.

The deeply asleep dragon was covered with a red aura while there were occasional large and small explosions. The Embinyu Church’s efforts against the dragon’s strong resistance was coming to fruition.

Then the Central Square suddenly darkened. The priests looked up at the sky to see the tower collapsing towards them.

“The tower is collapsing.”


A catastrophe was coming.

“Don’t avoid it. Embinyu is testing us.”

“This is the final test before the world’s illusion of calm and peace ends. We will show them.”

The senior priests said to the fanatics trying to flee.

“Ohh, Embinyu.”

Through blind faith and obedience, the fanatics kneeled and prayed instead of fleeing. Including the elderly and young children ,all those in the Central Square couldn’t leave.

But then a little boy pointed at the sky and asked.

“Priest-nim, what is that?”

A huge bear covered in black fur was falling through the air with struggling limbs.

Even the priests who blindly believed in Embinyu’s miracles were at a loss.





Weed did everything he could to minimize the impact of falling. Even though he was falling from the 300th floor, that was still 4,000 metres.

He needed to think positive thoughts.

“People paid money bungee jumping to experience a thrill like this. I got it for free. The bad thing is that there are no safety devices.”

By spreading out his limb and making his body ma.s.s wide, he was able to obtain some wind resistance. His paws also pushed off some falling stones.

But he couldn’t find any more tricks to use.

“I will be turned into a squid after falling to the ground. Perhaps I will be so smashed up that a bear dish can’t be created to the bear’s gall bladder used.”

Thanks to the air resistance, the tower was falling a bit late. Even so, there was a heavy wind as it rapidly approached the ground. Falling without any safety devices was like an elementary school student looking forward for the holidays only to receive homework.


Weed thought he was hallucinating as the sound of birds crying seemed to enter his ear. It wasn’t just 1~2 but a chorus of thousands. In order to apply the cooking skill to meat obtained from hunted, he needed to invest time and attention.

Anyway, he was hearing this crying sound while falling to his death. Weed didn’t care about it. However, there was a huge surprise when he looked towards the ground.

All the birds on the ground or sitting on branches spread their wings and flew in unison.

Sometimes he would see birds take ch.o.r.eographed actions like a dance. In an effort to protect their eggs, they would simultaneously fly into the sky like there was an emergency. Weed found it scary as he fell at a terrible speed towards their beaks.

‘These birds with no conscience! No matter how juicy and delicious bear meat is, you should at least wait until I die before eating me.’

Weed needed to conserve as much health as possible so he couldn’t afford for the birds to eat him.

But he felt this strange feeling that made him reluctant to act. He had observed the behaviour of birds while on his hummingbird adventure. Those who felt a crisis would chirp loudly in order to protect their children.

Now the birds flying towards Weed were crying out.

‘Should I leave it alone for a minute? The birds won’t even be able to scratch my leather.’

The birds’ beaks grabbed hold of him but they weren’t trying to eat him. They supported his body and head as their wings flapped painfully.

-The G.o.ddess Freya’s blessing has been invoked.

Freya is the G.o.ddess of abundance and her grace enriches the land, caused grains to grow, flowers to bloom and trees bear fruit.

Birds that eat the grains and insects are the children and messenger of G.o.ddess Freya.

G.o.ddess Freya has sent 100,000 birds to help you.

-Due to the blessing, your health has been completely restored.

Your hunger situation has changed to feeling full.

You can maintain the best vitality during the day.

“It really is G.o.ddess Freya!”

It was like Weed was overflowing with faith after going to church on Christmas and receiving a gift!

The birds desperately tried to save the falling Weed. There were some eagles but the ones that caught his eye were the small birds like sparrows.

Thanks to all the birds in the vicinity, his falling speed started decreasing. But the giant black bear had a heavy weight so the birds could only slightly slow the speed of his crash, not save him.

Meanwhile, the tower that fell first had completely hit the central area and was destroyed. The impact of a building with a height of a few kilometres cras.h.i.+ng down!

The entire ground shook like it was an earthquake Weed created. The buildings were destroyed by the tower falling down on it. The impact of the crash caused a strong wind to blow that scattered the debris in different directions. A dust cloud rose up and covered all the monsters, fanatics and priests.

Weed had been through small and large sieges but it was the first time he saw a fortress being destroyed like this.

“My idea was great!”

And the birds holding up Weed being frightened and scattered at the sound.

“No! Come back!”

Freya’s Blessing had gathered the birds but they weren’t much help before scattering.

Weed was terrified as the ground once again approached. Now that the small force of the gathered birds disappeared from beneath him, his speed started accelerating again.

And he desperately looked for something that could minimize the impact or reduce the damage. Weed was peering through the dust cloud when he saw something huge.

‘That thing.’

Weed twisted his limbs in the air as he adjusted his falling position. The impact energy contained in this huge body would be like a meteor falling down from the sky.

‘I guess I would be fighting the Chaos Dragon. But this way it is in my path.’

His goal was the Chaos Dragon Ausollet sitting on the ground! He wasn’t fighting it with a sword or magic, just b.u.mping into it while falling.

300 metres, 160 metres, 75 metres, 20 metres, 3 metres! The body of the dragon was getting closer at a terrifying speed.

Weed curled up his entire body like a ball.


And he head-b.u.t.ted the Chaos Dragon.


The Chaos Dragon Ausollet!

The dragon was involved in a ritual when the Sky Tower collapsed and hit him.


The dragon had been exposed to the Embinyu Church’s brainwas.h.i.+ng so only instinct remained.

Ausollet felt a severe pain and peered down at the ground.

“I-I’m alive!”


The spirit of a real dragon would destroy such fragile creatures. The fanatics were rolling around on the ground from pain. The priests focusing their holy magic on the Chaos Dragon had lost their lives to the tower.

Ausollet slowly lifted up its eyelids.

-Where is this place? And why… What is this?

A huge black form! The dragon got up from the ground and spread its wide wings.

-Why am I here?

Ausollet had also suffered damage from the tower collapsing on it so more than one third of its health had flown away. It was an astronomical amount of damage.

Then a powerful vortex of mana was absorbed into the dragon’s body. The mana had been the means used to dominate the dragon and use its power for their own will.

The dust cleared and the shape of the dragon could be seen. A 350 metres long body with polished black scales! The foreboding big eyes, sharp teeth and dignified beard that connected the right and left sides. A streamlined muscular body and tail that made it looked very beautiful and also dangerous.

The strongest creature on the Versailles Continent, the dragon opened its eyes and took a deep breath.


Even the breathing was scary. Mana pushed against the dragon was smoothly absorbed into its body. It had woken up early from a deep sleep but now it’s body was reverting to its normal status.

The dragon’s mouth opened and it roared.

-I don’t know why I’m in a place like this. And why bugs like you are here.

The dragon cried out.

The servants of the Embinyu Church that didn’t dare disobey screamed with pain. This was the legendary grandeur that had been mentioned in history books.

At the same time, Weed fell from the sky and crashed against the Chao Dragon’s body.



Weed and the dragon both screamed from the pain.


Most traffic accidents that occurred weren’t able to be predicted. Even though he made some preparations, the collision almost caused him to lose consciousness!

-You have suffered severe injuries due to the crash.

There is a severe reduction in health!

Health has been reduced by 74%.

Spine and neck damage has caused paralysis, confusion and hallucinations.

The right hind leg, left hind leg and right front foot has been broken. You won’t be able to walk.

There is a shoulder injury and large wound on your side.

The message indicating the damage suffered from hitting the dragon! It was more difficult to find body parts that were normal. The degree of injuries were okay for being on the verge of death.

Weed rolled like a ball and landed on the ground after hitting the dragon. Weed’s body crushed some large and sharp rocks that were the remnants of the tower. The fanatics that fell to the ground due to the dragon’s roar were crushed to death by the ma.s.sive bear!

Weed rolled a few hundred metres across the ground before remaining still. And he muttered in a small voice.

“My head is spinning. Stat Window.”

Character Name Weed Alignment Extra Large Beast
Level 825 Species Asian Black Bear
Health 813,943 Mana 433
Strength 2,731 Agility 1,695
Vitality 2,184 Wisdom 5
Intelligence 4 Fighting Spirit 3,219
Endurance 662 Perseverance 2,133
Art 3 Charisma 1,293
Leaders.h.i.+p 2 Luck 3
Faith 283 Charm 382
Resilience 2,391 Dignity 6
Concentration 445 Courage 621

* Due to the unique characteristics of the bear species, perseverance and resilience is very high.

The glossy leather improves magic resistance. However, this will make you the target of hunters.

As a large creature, you have high health and strength.

Combat skills are only partially available.

Sophistication is required so the proficiency of Swordsmans.h.i.+p will be adjusted to Advanced level 1.

Weed had high stats from the Nodulle’s Growth quest in the desert! There was also the influence of Sculpture Transformation and the bonus stats from dungeon explorations.

Weed was proud of what he raised his level to. Among humans, it was difficult to find someone who could be his opponent. This was why the desert army was so imposing when they swept through the Central Continent.

What did he have to fear? Would he meet an enemy so dangerous it would cause him to hesitate?

Weed was a powerful existence but he was willing to prostrate his body for a cheaper price.

‘The remaining health… Approximately 100,000. This isn’t a considerable amount.’

Even if he had hundreds of thousands of health, it was hard to be optimistic about the situation. The curses and magic from the Embinyu Church would immediately cut down his health. The huge bear would be an easy target for the enemies.

Weed had to choose the best tactic among the options inside his head.


He calmly took a deep breath. Thanks to the fall, he was in a state incapable of fighting.

-The earth G.o.ddess Mi-ne has blessed you.

The energy from the earth has restored your health and vitality.

Weed stretched out and took a break while the blessing of the earth restored his health.


The dragon’s angry roar was enormous.

The Sky Tower had collapsed and Weed needed to kill the dragon. His goal seemed close yet far away. The dragon had wide magic and there was also the range of its breath.

The good news was that the Embinyu Church was attacking the dragon so Weed didn’t have to worry about it right now.

“G.o.d Embinyu has given us a faithful servant. Catch him.”

The fanatics of the Embinyu Church woke up from their shock and quickly followed the orders.

Many lives of the elite troops had been taken by the Sky Tower. But it was still overflowing with troops that were sufficient to destroy the continent. The fanatics and monsters rushed out from the collapsed buildings.

-Strange. Lowly humans, you dare challenge me. I… Kuaah! My head hurts.

Ausollet emitted a breath. A child that wasn’t completely aware after waking up!

-I will kill you all.

It automatically stepped on the monsters and smacked the buildings with its tail.

“Embinyu magicians, attack!”

Hundreds of magic attacks were cast towards it but the high magic resistance meant it was brushed off like flies.

Ausollet had a mysterious healing power like trolls so his wounds slowly recovered. The magic would naturally act to heal it.

A dragon wasn’t called a legend for nothing. If Ausollet was fully awakened then his combat capabilities would be many times stronger!

“Use the offerings to complete the brainwas.h.i.+ng magic.”

But high priest Heuller already organized a countermeasure against the dragon. The aura around the Embinyu members increased as their movements accelerated and health increased.

“Treat it seriously.”

“The gift that G.o.d Embinyu gave to us will be captured through mind control.”

The Atrocity Knights were decoys that attracted the attention of the dragon. Although the dragon Ausollet could fly, it didn’t jump up from the ground.

Weed had climbed the Sky Tower. It had an impact but the dragon’s body and spirit weren’t working properly due to the long term brainwas.h.i.+ng.

-This… You are doing something preposterous. This is laughable….

Ausollet blew out a cloud of poisoned smoke as it talked. That meant it was angry!

-You should have perished sooner. This species isn’t worth living! You should go around begging for your lives like the bugs you are! Kuoooh, my head hurts. Who am I? I can’t think.

“There are many gaps.”

“Switch to magic attacks.”

The priests once again attacked Ausollet with magic. The Priests of Punishment and senior priests under Heuller also took action. The top ranking priests used divine power and cast special spells!

-No. You can’t hurt me.

The dragon instinctively covered its body with a protective layer of air! But there were many gaps that allowed the magic to hit it. The archers also fired arrows made of superior steel that could pierce the dragon.

“Charge, charge!”

The Atrocity Knights rushed over to the dragon on horseback and wielded a hammer and axe.

“Dedicate my two ears, two eyes, two legs and two arms to Embinyu. Give my life so that the great story of Embinyu will unfold!”

The knights even chanted sacrificial magic. A dark aura surrounded their bodies like a halo! They sacrificed their lives to Embinyu but they could exert 5 times the brute power for a brief period of time.

In the case of those knights, their colleagues also chanted additional spells to support them.

-Acting so recklessly.

Ausollet instinctively waves its tail and trampled the incoming enemies with its paws. The dragon also bit the Embinyu monsters.

The knights dealt decisive blows to the dragon’s scales before losing their lives. But no matter how strong it was, the dragon couldn’t gain an advantage in the fight.

“Capture it.”

The priests chanted the brainwas.h.i.+ng spell despite risking death.

-What are you doing? Kuaaaah!

The dragon swung its paw towards the priests. A large fireball shot through the air and exploded where the priests were. Its innate ability to handle mana caused magic attacks to be triggered with the slightest action. Magic s.h.i.+elds were used by dozens of Embinyu priests died from the blast.

The dragon’s fighting spirit that developed over thousands of years again would awaken once it remembered its past. At the moment, the dragon didn’t know its own ident.i.ty or how to use its techniques. The wide area magic and devastating breath was gone.

The Embinyu knights and priests realized this and jumped to stabilize the dragon through brainwas.h.i.+ng.

‘Well, that doesn’t really interest me.’

Weed’s body was covered by dust and the remnants of the buildings. Of course, he was the one who caused the situation but he was staying silent.

“This person doesn’t believe in Embinyu. Those who don’t believe in G.o.d aren’t qualified to come here.”

The inquisitors of the Embinyu Church arrived at the place where Weed was. They were holding glowing iron rods in their hands.

-Stigma of the Unbeliever!

Those who don’t believe in G.o.d will receive a negative stigma.

Vitality, health and all stats have been reduced by 27%. Good luck is completely destroyed and unfortunate things will happen.

All believers will attack those branded with the stigma until it is cleared.

The stigma of the inquisitors can be fatal.


Weed tried to pretend to be a cute bear.

“A shallow creature that doesn’t believe in Embinyu just gives off an dirty impression.”


An outright insult! Weed had extensive familiarity with flattery but he couldn’t possibly become intimate with the inquisitors of the Embinyu Church.

Weed looked around and no one was paying attention due to the dragon so he attacked the inquisitors with his paws.


The inquisitors died immediately! Weed’s health had currently been restored to 24%.

‘It is dangerous being too close to the dragon’s big battle.’

His paws took out a sculpture of an Atrocity Knight on horseback.

“Surround the dragon so the priests can capture it.”

“It will take a few minutes. All slaves should devote their lives to this task!”

The Atrocity Knights rushed towards the dragon like fanatics.


Weed stopped when he saw their huge movements. And after a moment.


He withdrew little by little.

‘Well, isn’t it important to somehow live?’

He could hear the sound of the fight between Ausollet and the Embinyu Church. The dragon was stressful but it would also be risky if the Embinyu Church noticed him.

So far he had been mindful of showing an elegant appearance on his adventure but now he crawled across the ground. He crawled quickly and accurately like highly trained special forces.

‘Just a little further away. So don’t look back.’

He could hear the loud sounds of the Embinyu Church and the dragon fighting behind him. If someone appeared in the vicinity then they would see a body slowly crawling on all fours.

However, his surroundings suddenly turned static! He didn’t understand the reason so he opened his eyes with regret and looked back. While Ausollet was fighting the Embinyu Church, its dark eyes noticed Weed.

Then Weed turned around and made eye contact.




The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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