The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 38 Chapter 8

8) Dementia Dragon

Petrov had his own pride.

“The best profession is one of the arts. My complex and subtle paintings can allow someone to fully understand the world. Well, the sculptor Weed might have more fame and skill than me but there are always exceptions.”

He still couldn’t abandon Yurin in his heart. Weed might be a family member but he was still a compet.i.tor!

“My future family is developing the north very well.”

Petrov nodded with satisfaction.

In fact, he expected Weed to be quite thankful after realized all the chaos and confusion Petrov created on the Central Continent.

The pictures he painted dealt a blow to the peace of the Haven Empire.

Only a painter could be so exceptional in this area. His works depicting the lords as villains were inspiring and moved the heart. The realistic portrayals caused the infamy of the lords to increase and even created scenes of confusion in some places.

He did quite a bit of damage in the early days of the Haven Empire’s occupation so Petrov’s name was quite well known among the users.

-Petrov the magician of colour.

-Petrov the mural storyteller.

“A painter who can draw dreams or express the true nature.”

Petrov occasionally visited the Painter’s Guild in Morata. It was to obtain a chance to meet Yurin.

“Buying paints. Buying natural paints 3 silver or less! And I will draw a picture in those clothes for a cheap price!”

“A poor painter is buying wolf leather. If there are holes in the leather then I will buy it for a cheap price. Please help me and don’t sell it to a grocery store!”

Novice painters worked hard engaging in business in the city. When first starting Royal Road, a person couldn’t leave the village or city for the first four weeks.

Unlike other professions, novice painters could hone their skills in this time period.

“Ahem, she isn’t here today either. She must be drawing all the beauty in this world. I want to see her face.”

Petrov bleakly turned towards Painter’s Hill.

In the crowded Morata, if a person wasn’t careful then they would always into players. A procession of merchants and architects holding shovels caught his eye.

Despite the crisis of the Haven Empire invading the north, the number of beginners in Morata was growing every day. Even the level 1 beginners would lay down foundation stones in the Arpen Kingdom while filled with hope.

“This place has remained unchanged.”

Petrov climbed the hill while looking at Morata’s landscape.

The city that had become the hub of commercial traffic in the north contained high buildings and the streets were filled with symbolic sculptures. It didn’t have a deep historical tradition so buildings of various styles created a culture that symbolized the city.

Architects, painters and sculptors all added decorations. Merchants ran businesses and residents could live their lives. Adventures made friends and relaxed in the city while sharing stories. There would be many losses if the city fell into a crisis so people came forward to fight.

“How is it so well drawn?”

“Maybe they have been a professional portrait artist since childhood.”

“The drawing speed is really fast. There are numerous colours that are mixed well. This isn’t a normal skill.”

The gathered spectators were buzzing.

“It seems to be an artist drawing a picture.”

This sight was common to Petrov so he attempted to casually pa.s.s by.

Painters or sculptors working would draw people’s attention. The painters deliberately sat on a street corner while showing an attractive painting.

If an audience was gathered then they could get a higher value when succeeding with the artwork. The audience also consisted of customers such as a warrior asking for his appearance to be drawn.

Petrov wasn’t interested generic users selling paintings.

‘No on will buy my paintings. They aren’t the type of paintings that would be sold for a cheap price.’

He was just going to walk through towards Painter’s Hill. Then he heard the clear voice of a woman among the onlookers.

“The value of this picture is 30 gold. Can you recognize how good this price is? I’ll tell you in advance but discounts or requests can’t be returned.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“If you prepay for a painting then you can increase the paint colours or add options for an additional charge.”

A chill went down the bones in his spine as he heard the voice!

Petrov’s eyes flashed.

‘It is her!’

He had met her in the painting of St. George’s Castle. The sculptor Weed was the brother of his lifelong companion in the future!

‘It is fate that we’re meeting again.’

On the eve of a storm, two opposing families were meeting again on Painter’s Hill. They could be like Romeo and Juliet who ended in tragedy or extremely happy lovers like Nodulle and Hilderun.

Petrov stood by waiting while she drew the picture. There were many travellers so Painter’s Hill operated until late at night. Then at dawn, users would flock to the Tower of Light to continue painting.

“How about we get rid of this red paint? I will draw it with yellow instead of red.”

“The night fare surcharges are a little… Is it okay? Your equipment indicates that you have a lot of money.”

“I will draw the bridge of your nose more firmly and raise the jaw line. Do you prefer longer bangs? The additional charge will be 35% but it will be indistinguishable from a photograph.”

He listened to her ripping off the guests that kept on coming.

Yurin’s hair had grown longer since the last time he saw her. A female warrior cut their hair because it would be a burden in battle but painters or magicians could wear their hair long under pointed hats. Her paint stained clothes only enhanced her pure charm.

‘Wow, a whole swarm of bees. Indeed….’

Yurin finally finished and placed her painting tools in her backpack. He had been waiting for this moment so Petrov swallowed his saliva as he approached her.

“Excuse me… Do you remember me?”

A small, shaky voice! It was filled with longing and affection.

Petrov had shown Yurin his treasured paintings that weren’t open to the public. He was certain that she would remember him.

She might have even been waiting for him deep in her heart. If so, today’s meeting was a sweet destiny!

“Hey, who are you?”

“I am Petrov….”


“I am the Aqualight Painter from St. George’s Castle.”

“Oh, that disgusting person?”


It felt like a spear had pierced Petrov’s heart. Yurin then laughed brightly.

“Just joking. Have you been well?”

Weed knew her personality well and that smiling expression occurred when she was manipulating someone. She was his sister but sometimes she acted like a naughty pony.

In particular, if she had a grudge then she tended to not forgive it.

“Of course. I’ve been waiting to meet you again.”

“You should have come see me earlier. Petrov is always welcome.”

“Hmm hmm.”

Petrov coughed and tried to change the atmosphere. In the past, he had criticized her brother so he felt that she was still upset about that.

“Then do you want to talk about paintings? The painting style that is fas.h.i.+onable these days….”

“Are you being”

Petrov shook his head. This approach didn’t seem to be working.

He had to confess like an honest man. Otherwise, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

“I have always been waiting for the day that we would meet again. I’ve been thinking about your face every day.”



His preconceived ideas seemed to be bad. Petrov felt like he should improve the situation.

“Don’t you think the cloak I’m wearing is very nice? After meeting the king of the Sprit World and helping the water spirits, I obtained this cloak that has the ability to call down rain. The value of this cloak isn’t cheap….”

“A bean paste man?” (A term that grew to mean a man who values superficial things, is obsessed with appearances or spends above their means)

Petrov was speechless. She wasn’t impressed with his extreme devotion.

He decided to use a wildcard.

“I’ve been waiting to meet you again so I’ve prepared a painting with 300 diamonds embedded in it.”

“Can you go away?”

Yurin had little interest at this point.

In fact, she also felt pleased to meet Petrov after a long time. He had lost her goodwill after criticizing Weed last time. She felt pleasure crus.h.i.+ng a man like that.

Petrov removed a hairpin with a water drop on it from a box.

“This is a magic hairpin made of the purest water in the world. I think the brilliant sheen makes it worth more than 300 diamonds.”

“This man is scary, spending valuable money while children are suffering…..”



Weed wanted to turn his head.

The dragon Ausollet seemed to be having a b.l.o.o.d.y discussion with its eyes. It was like a starving carnivore staring at an insignificant herbivore.

‘I don’t know what I should do. Thinking about it positively, I am the one who save it from the brainwas.h.i.+ng. Of course I deserve some financial rewards.’

Unfortunately, the dragon Ausollet’s thoughts were a little different.


There were many implications in that short word.

Weed’s eyes trembled.

-This foolish creature that tried to attack me, was your balance distorted or something? I will tear through your body although it will be glory for you to die by my hands.

Weed wanted to give up that glory. His troubled expression returned.

‘It really is a corrupt society when an honest person like me doesn’t receive preferential treatment.’

He blamed all the absurdity on society!

The dragon Ausollet that had been attacking the Embinyu Church stared at Weed for a few seconds.

A dragon was a monster that would lose its composure!

‘This is…. The dragon will become aware of its ident.i.ty the moment we say the word dragon.’

Strictly speaking, it was difficult to consider the current Ausollet as a high ranking monster.

But the moment the dragon became aware of it, the dragon would spread its wings and fly. It could then aim the terrible dragon’s breath and other magic towards the ground. It had two or three times the devastation of the summon meteor spell.

A dragon was a creature that could significantly change the world when it became angry. The younger Ausollet was a crazy dragon that committed such terrible actions.

‘I can’t let it become like that.’

Weed had a similar idea to the Embinyu Church. The senior members had no fear of the dragon. Their G.o.d Embinyu had given them magic to put down rebellions.

“Internal Rupture of the Unbelievers!”

“Digging through the Heart!”

“Brilliant Judgement!”

“Devastated Paradise!”

The high priest and senior priests gathered magic and struck the dragon. A huge explosion occurred and Ausollet staggered.

-Kuoohhhh, you humans….!

The dragon rose in anger and faced the priests of the Embinyu Church. The dragon seemed to have forgotten about him due to the shock. Weed waited another moment before leaving.

“Keep moving.”

“Only a few minutes remain until it is completely brainwashed. Devote your life to this glory.”

The features of the priests were calm. They moved quickly to use divine magic against the dragon. Atrocity Knights and dangerous monsters continued to flock in order to draw the dragon’s attention.

Weed turned and quickly retreated. But the Embinyu Church had also noticed him.

“That one over thing is going against Embinyu’s will.”

“It is the big, foolish bear that smashed our tower. Peel off his skin and eat it.”

The priests and knights that had seen Weed climb the tower pointed towards him. Weed had done something bad so hostility had risen!

“I have to run away.”

Weed jumped up from the ground.

The situation wasn’t good so it only took him 1 second to decide to escape. It was better not to fight against the enemy. Instead, he should retreat and hide in a suitable place.

He would only work when he was in the best state! But the high priest Heuller demonstrated his divine magic.

“Restricted Area of the Slaves!”


-A powerful curse spell has. .h.i.t.
-The curse has been cast with the power of the ruler of the Embinyu Church, Heuller.
-You will suffer endless pain and reduction of health when outside a certain distance and your weakened soul will suffer.
-The wrongfully dead ghosts will jump on your flesh and you won’t be able to control it properly.
-Heuller’s divine magic is unavoidable and can’t be resisted.
-Travel speed has been reduced by 26%.
-Health will be decreased by 1,293 with every step you move.

Weed’s eyes could see a red aura that signified a fixed area. If he went beyond those boundaries then he would suffer from the curse magic.

“This d.a.m.n curse.”

There was no way to escape.

“It is like a cat pursuing a mouse until it dies and still eating it….”

Weed grabbed a nearby monster with both hands and threw it towards the high priest Heuller. Of course, he gained nothing as it was burned away by Heuller’s protective magic.

“I won’t forgive him.”

Weed overflowed with anger and headed towards the Embinyu Church. Of course, a tremendous force was encircling the dragon.

There were fanatics, knights, priests and monsters everywhere after the Sky Tower collapsed. If the tower hadn’t collapsed and blocked the roads then there would be an infinite number of troops.

Instead, the production bases continued to produce fanatics and demons. Weed was surrounded by several hundred to 1,000 troops. He couldn’t look down on them since he was in the heart of the enemy.

“No matter how I live quietly, this world always tries to kill me. If you are willing to bother me then I will fight.”

The huge black bear wasn’t daunted and gave off an overwhelming impression! Although it couldn’t be compared to a dragon, the extra large black bear bared its teeth.

-These dirty savages, you should all die!


“Now it is too late. Do I have to just watch without fighting?”

“Aigoo, I will die.”

Warrior-1 continued to scout without getting closer. He saw the Sky Tower collapsing and the dragon moving. Now all the troops of the Embinyu Church had been mobilized so it was quite easy to invade the interior.

But Warrior-1 couldn’t move from his spot at all.

-Your body is rotting.
-Health is constantly decreasing.
-Poison has reduced the vitality in your body to the minimum.

You can’t wield your weapon or any other activities.

His body had been rotted by the poison after pa.s.sing through the river.

Warrior-1 could only lay on the ground. It was a scene that would cause Weed to nag him! In this state, he could’t even resist if the Embinyu Church stabbed him in the chest.

“Great Emperor-nim won’t forget and will save me!”

Warrior-2 was still bound with the chains in the prison.

“I will not give up until the end. I’ve survived worst situations because I didn’t give up hope.”

The guards were talking among themselves.

“It is a little noisy above.”

“The strength of the priests are amazing and the dragon is being brainwashed faster than expected.”

“Then shouldn’t we prepare the offerings?”

“Let’s start.”

Warrior-2 was going to be offered to the brainwashed dragon. The guards sprinkled seasonings over Warrior-2 while he was still living.

“Roasted or boiled?”

“Shouldn’t they be burned with an iron rod?”

“The last thing I tried was delicious. Juicy and sweet.”

“It is delicious when it is a little undercooked.”

“Kuhuhuk, Great Emperor-nim.”

Warrior-3 was pretending to be a knight so he could walk around relatively freely. He didn’t go into the combat zone and just searched the buildings. He had learned from watched Weed’s actions and was looking for treasure.

“These are things related to curses. There isn’t anything normal here and there are even books about black magic.”

Warrior-3 threw anything related to curses or the ground or destroyed them.

Hestiger was in the kitchen when the guards dragged down some female elf slaves.

“Make some food. A fellow who is still alive. And I won’t cook you in the same pot with that guy. Kilkilkil!”

He might applaud Weed’s efficiency but Hestiger couldn’t put up with injustice.

“Those bad fellows! How can people like you live under this sky?”

“Who are you? Kueok!”

Hestiger ran out and killed the guards while saving the elves.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, we aren’t injured.”

They were beautiful elves and high elves. They couldn’t use their magic and even the shamans couldn’t invoke their spirits due to the enslavement.

Hestiger swung his scimitar and freed them. The sight of so many elves being defaced by chains was an insult to beauty itself! In addition to his good looks, Hestiger had the atmosphere of a hero in the movies.

Hestiger’s low voice instilled faith in the people that heard it.

“This place is dangerous. I will guide you out of the temple.”

No matter how dangerous the situation, he was a typical hero that defended women!

“No. We also have to fight. We will fight together.”

“You don’t have a map of this area and you seem tired.”

“We can feel it as elves. I don’t want to imagine all that evil and dangerous magic gathering. If we don’t stop it then the elves won’t be able to live safely any longer.”

“Then it is a good idea. We will go together.”

The high elves picked up guards’ bows. It was incomparable to the bow made by high elves but they had two other weapons, magic and spirits. The bow would increase their spirit power by dozens of times.

“There was a big impact a little while ago. We need to rescue the other slaves before the building collapses.”

“Of course.”

Hestiger and the elves quickly seized the building. A high elf with a thin and pretty face called Lunari was stuck next to him. And they discovered a facility that manufactured poison.

“This has a strange smell. They seem to be making something using the rotten corpses of the monsters.”

“This awful smell! Poison. It is a sufficient amount to pollute the rivers, lakes and sea. And if a spell is used to dump this on land then it will be devastated and creatures won’t be able to live there for a long period of time.”

“The Embinyu Church, it is a really awful place. I know why Great Emperor-nim is fighting them.”

“I shouldn’t say this as an elf but should we use this poison to defeat them?”

“Are you serious?”

“It is already hard to see them as humans. They should be cut away before they get rid of all other living things in nature.”

Weed would have praised the high elves if he heard those words. But Hestiger thought for a moment before shaking his head.

“No. I am a proud warrior of Great Emperor-nim so I can’t use such a cowardly method.”

“But there is no method more effective than this.”

“I won’t do anything unsavoury that will undermine Great Emperor-nim’s honour. I will believe in Great Emperor-nim and wait for him to thoroughly defeat the Embinyu Church.”

Hestiger’s original character wasn’t like this when he was with Nodulle. Nodulle had emphatically refused the poison due to his moral conscience.

But Hestiger’s personality had changed. In order to not be a burden on Weed, he had become a more upright and honest hero.

Weed was stronger than Nodulle so Hestiger had no need to anguish about winning against a stronger enemy. He knew that Weed would sweep them all away.

If Weed knew this situation then he would lament that he trained his subordinates incorrectly. Hestiger should have died sooner or been killed due to jealousy!

Hestiger had the appearance of a grand and righteous warrior. The high elf Lunari looked at him with even more impressed eyes.

“Indeed! We can win this using the right methods. It is like Warrior-nim said.”

“Burn away all the bad people.”

“I will help you.”

If Weed knew this then he would strike Hestiger from behind without hesitation.

And Zahab took advantage of the confusion to run in.

“Sculpting Blade!”

The fanatics that believed for a long time would accept evil into their souls. n.o.bles that were controlled wandered around with blank expressions.

“All these people… They will all die for Evane.”

Zahab swung his sword without hesitation after thinking of his beloved Evane. His white hair flew around as he cut the enemy with brilliant movements.

“I can get perfect results thanks to Evane. I will give me life here.”

It was simple when he thought about it calmly. Even if the Embinyu Church fully collapsed, it wouldn’t change the fact that Evane would become queen of the Rosenheim Kingdom.

He had to watch his first love Evane live happily in the arms of another man. He was now an old man. Maybe it was better for Zahab to die here instead of returning to his original world.

“Kuoohh, G.o.d. T-this pain….”

And Saint Ah.e.l.lun suffered serious injuries. He had been among the slaves in the Central Square when the Sky Tower fell down.

It was said that a saint would only emerge once a century. They were superior to a pope and could use the divine power of G.o.d to sustain life.

In Nodulle’s original adventure, Ah.e.l.lun had played a huge role but now he could die at any moment like an old man.

Kung. Kung.

The ground in Weed’s immediate vicinity was also shaking due to the battle. Ah.e.l.lun was trapped in more piles of rubber every time Weed played an active role.

“I am doing this. Saint-nim.”

“G.o.d…we will take care of you.”

Young female slaves were helping Ah.e.l.lun.

When the tower had been crumbling, Ah.e.l.lun used his divine power to form a protective s.h.i.+eld around the slaves. If it hadn’t been for the s.h.i.+eld then all of them would have lost their lives the moment the rubble landed.


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