The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 39 Chapter 2

2) Embinyu’s Avatar

-The common shadows are coming at me over and over again. It is strong and painful. There is nowhere on my body that is unscathed.

“I’ll make a gap so target the right side!”

-Don’t you dare command me. Humans can’t dictate things to me.

“Come on, don’t say such mean things between friends. Now I am sad.”

-Why is it important that we are friends? If you try to command me again then I will kill you.

“Then if I see a chance, can I make an opportunity for you to attack?”

-You might be lacking but your opinions aren’t bad. I will permit it.

Weed shot an arrow that exploded and caused flames to rise in front of the Embinyu Avatar.

The 8 arms a.s.saulted the dragon with continuous attacks from different weapons. The enemy was on the ground but Ausollet couldn’t be careless because the huge weapons had a long reach.

The Embinyu Avatar was made with divine power and the power of darkness so its attacks caused excruciating pain to the dragon.

Of course, if Ausollet fully awakened then the battle efficiency would completely change. Its defense and offense would coordinate to give them for its recovery magic to work and the combat power would rise greatly.

However, right now the Embinyu Avatar had the advantage. The chasing speed, attack range and continuous attacks overwhelmed Ausollet.

Weed tirelessly shot arrows towards the Embinyu Avatar fighting the dragon.


-An arrow has penetrated the chest of the Embinyu Avatar.

Damage has been inflicted on the avatar.

The power of darkness had minimized the damage.

The divine power has healed it.

‘Hmm, I should’ve dealt with the priests. It was a mistake to allow this divine magic to be completed.’

Heuller and the priests continued to give strength, health and divine power to the Embinyu Avatar. The Embinyu Avatar didn’t even pay attention to Weed’s arrows and persisted in chasing the dragon.

The dragon ripped through its body dozens of times but the problem was that the avatar didn’t have a physical form. The power of darkness restored it and the divine power healed it. Hundreds of senior priests continued to increase its health and vitality so the situation remained at a standstill!

The dragon’s flying movements and speed became more persistent and stubborn. The terrible sight of the avatar formed from dark power coming right behind them!

The Embinyu soldiers on the ground were also holding spears but their attacks hardly landed. The Embinyu Church suffered severe damage for a moment due to the dragon but now Ausollet had no way to deal with the avatar.

“Follow me. Move to higher ground after pa.s.sing through the following buildings!”

-This human seems to have forgotten that I said I would kill you if you gave me a command. I am also getting annoyed that you are riding on my back.

“That is a lot of words. Your dirty nature means you will just forget this memory anyway.”


“Those dirty fellows can’t recognize Ausollet-nim’s greatness. If order to prevent such despicable methods, shouldn’t we pa.s.s those low buildings and rise higher?”

-I think so as well.

The dragon pa.s.sed between the buildings and then angled its wide wings in order to fly towards the sky.

This was an urgent situation so Weed had to prevent the dragon from throwing him off its back! Flattering its pride was the only thing Weed could do to settle the dragon down.

The dragon soared into the sky carrying Weed but the priests cast a spell that gave the Embinyu Avatar a greater speed.

“There is definitely a weakness.”

The divine magic was so tremendous that not even the dragon with near infinite resilience could deal with it.

“It is too much fighting against something like this!”

The reason Weed suggested flying into the sky was to have some time to think about a way to escape the crisis.

But the Embinyu Avatar’s speed increased so it swung an axe, stabbed a sword and cut the dragon’s tail with a knife.


A series of continuous attacks on the dragon!

The dragon had changed directions but the avatar persistently followed and didn’t miss an opportunity. He turned his head and was able to see that the avatar was in close proximity.

The avatar’s face was made of black smoke. Deep blue smoke radiated from the eyes while red smoke like hot pepper paste emerged from the mouth. A fearful look that would appear in a dream!

-It hurts. I can feel the pain. This impact. Kuwaaaak!

The dragon let out a scream. The n.o.ble dragon was now no different from an oversized lizard. If the dangerous attacks continued then it wouldn’t be able to endure.

-Friend, what should I do?

“What are friends? The logic of the world is all the same. People only use the word friend when they need something.”


“I’m thinking about what to do!”

This was the first time Ausollet had asked for Weed’s opinion. This was evidence that it was fairly tame!

‘This is how to educate a naughty child.’

He could see that the dragon had been taught the wrong philosophies while growing up. Weed’s mind raced before he finally found the answer.

“I have a way to kill it.”

-What is it? Tell me right away.

“The easy or difficult way, which one do you prefer?”

Actually, there was only one method but he deliberately asked a useless question to waste time. This was the consequence for the dragon disregarding him!

The Embinyu Avatar was still chasing and dealing large and small wounds. Weed deliberately wasted time in order to weaken the dragon a little more. Its health was originally very low.

-It is painful. The easy method.

“Will you be able to believe me and follow my words?”

-Naturally. I am being attacked now. Tell me quickly.

“Faith is an important value in this world. The method is simple. Just take a deep breath like you practiced earlier.”


“Aim towards that thing!”

The Embinyu Avatar was attacking Ausollet quite harshly. The multiple arms and weapons were simultaneously striking it.

The anger and sense of crisis caused the dragon to take a deep breath the moment it heard Weed’s words.

The strong sound of wind came like a storm was going to occur. The dragon’s chest swelled up as it took a breath.

Ausollet folded its wings and turned towards the Embinyu Avatar before blowing out the breath.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A stream of fire emerged from the dragon’s mouth!

The Black Dragon’s Breath hit the Embinyu Avatar.


At this moment, everything seemed to fall silent.

Black Dragon’s Breath!

The powerful stream covered the sky, the Embinyu Avatar and the ground. The source of the mana was the poison!

All the materials within range of the explosion melted. The Embinyu army near the gates were destroyed instantly. Even those not directly touched by the breath melted as those nearby suddenly emitted poison gas. The land and buildings also dissolved.

-Kuooh! Ah, no…I haven’t released all grudges…

However, the Embinyu Avatar was enduring the breath attack. At first, most of its body and head had been lost but Heuller and the priests were constantly replenis.h.i.+ng its health so it managed to survive.

“This d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Weed cursed from the back of the dragon.

What the h.e.l.l was the ident.i.ty of this divine magic? The tenacity that could even endure the dragon’s breath! Perhaps this was the most treasured weapon of the Embinyu Church.

Ausollet continued to breathe in the direction of the Embinyu Avatar.


The Embinyu Avatar started to melt. The recovered body areas started disappearing again like snow melting from the hot sun. Finally, the cruel eyes were the last to go as the Embinyu Avatar was completely destroyed.

-The Embinyu Avatar has disappeared.

The Embinyu followed remaining on the earth will have their souls broken.

The divine power of the Embinyu Church has decreased by 13%.

This effect will last forever in the future.

Partic.i.p.ating in the historic battle has raised your achievements.

All stats have increased by 6.

You will receive respect as a warrior from all tribes on the continent.

The t.i.tle ‘Killer of an Evil G.o.d’ has been acquired.

All divine magic and curse magic harming you will have the effect decreased by 16%, the duration decreased and you will soon return to normal.

Fame has increased by 23,989.

Over time, the influence of the Embinyu Church will be reduced throughout the continent.

There were changes on the ground after the Embinyu Avatar was killed.

“Kyauuk, our faith has been broken….”

“The end, this is the end….”

In order to create the divine magic, 1,000 priests had joined together. Heuller and 400 senior priests also combined forces with the regular priests.

However, they couldn’t withstand the damage caused by the Embinyu Avatar being destroyed as they were supplying their health to it. Therefore, some priests collapsed and lost their lives.

“I believed we could destroy the world….”

Heuller and the senior priests didn’t die but received enormous damage to his health and magic.

-More than half of the major buildings have been destroyed.

The buildings meant for G.o.d have been destroyed by the Sky Tower’s collapse and even the Sanctuary of Wors.h.i.+p had been melted by the dragon’s breath.

The divine power of Embinyu filling the area has weakened.

The Holy Land can no longer fulfil its function.

The Embinyu followers that had their strength and resilience enhanced have returned to normal.

Those who have their flesh and spirit weakened by Embinyu will return to normal.

Now the effects of Embinyu’s Holy Land had disappeared.

Meanwhile, Ausollet was calmly staring up at the sky like it had an epiphany. Ausollet lifted its head up high and roared.


The cry would cause life all over the world to feel a chill. The dragon’s presence was enough to make even another dragon shrink back!

All the knights and monsters stopped their movements and looked up at the sky. The sense of oppression when looking from the ground and seeing a dragon in the sky. It felt like a grim reaper was rus.h.i.+ng towards them.

-Everything is confusing. Where is this world and who am I? But now it seems like I will find the answer. I….I…..

Weed had been prepared for this moment since the Embinyu Avatar was destroyed.

The world might be eternal but there was no eternal friends. A one-time friend might become a compet.i.tor or you might one day meet up with an old enemy for a friendly cup of coffee.

When a raised hound had achieved its purpose, it would die quickly. Weed didn’t miss the precise moment when the position changed.

Weed was already holding up the Extermination Sword. It was obvious what he would use it for!

“One point attack!”

The Extermination Sword struck a blow to the back of the dragon’s head.

-The dragon Ausollet has been hit in the back of the head.

Most of the impact was absorbed by the dragon’s scales so 4,314 damage was inflicted.

The Extermination Sword has caused 2,118 fire damage.

His hands tingled and was pushed back. But there were consecutive strikes!

-The dragon Ausollet has been hit in the back of the head.

Most of the impact was absorbed by the dragon’s scales so 8,642 damage was inflicted.

The Extermination Sword has caused 3,329 fire damage.

-The dragon Ausollet has been hit in the back of the head.

Most of the impact was absorbed by the dragon’s scales so 11,314 damage was inflicted.

The Extermination Sword has caused 8,118 fire damage.

-You have dealt a critical blow!

23% damage has been added.

4% reduction in the opponent’s intelligence.

A slight confused state has been caused.

The Extermination Sword has caused 3,838 fire damage.

His level, stats and use of Sculptural Destruction from the ongoing quest meant that his attack power was enormous.

The dragon still thought of Weed as its friend and didn’t use mana to protect the body. Therefore, the shock went deep into its bones.

-Stupid human, what are you doing?

“You don’t know you stupid lizard? This is the bitter taste of society! You will be swallowed and devoured.”

-Stop it right now!

“Would you stop? Once a betrayal occurred, you should follow it through to the end.”

-If you stop now then I will forgive you for your sins.

“Don’t lie. Do you think I am stupid enough to fall for such clumsy flattery? Especially when you are the one to blame, you stupid lizard!”

Weed continued with the one point attack even while talking. The dragon tried to twist its body violently in the air but Weed still had amazing accuracy.

His concentration increased further as a result of the dragon’s anger. A person who endured a lifetime of violence was finally given a chance to beat his boss to his heart’s content.

Of course, the dragon couldn’t counterattack so he just focused on dealing damage.

-The dragon Ausollet has been hit in the back of the head.

Most of the impact was absorbed by the dragon’s scales so 11,314 damage was inflicted.

The Extermination Sword has caused 11,219 fire damage.

Exponentially increasing damage!

When looking at simple combat power, Weed was much superior than Heuller.

-You have dealt a critical blow!

318% damage has been added.

4% reduction in the opponent’s intelligence.

Some dragon scales have been destroyed.

The Extermination Sword has caused 42,382 fire damage.

His one point attack succeeded 20 times!

Weed aimed for the dragon’s scales. At this point, he was just attacking without worrying about defense. Ausollet shook its head furiously in order to dislodge Weed. But Weed grabbed the dragon’s horns with his left arm and held on tightly.


The dragon’s pained moans filled the sky.

-I can’t believe in any humans.

“Don’t blame the humans. Will blaming others relieve your mind? Open your eyes. The world is originally like this!”

Weed continued to damage the weakest area in the back of the dragon’s head but there was still a long time before Ausollet would die.

Even if the one point attacks continuously succeeded, it wasn’t enough for its health to reach the bottom.

However, the dragon’s health was below 26% due to the Embinyu Avatar’s attacks. It was like water droplets falling on rocks so the dragon would lose its life if the attacks last longer than 5 minutes.

‘I can abandon any areas of the dragon.’

The scales were the best material for armour. If he put it up for auction then he couldn’t even guess the final price.

If a sword was created with the bones then it would be a precious sword with destructive cutting power and the ability to recover mana.

The blood could be used to create magic reagents. The scarcity meant it was valuable for research so any magician would thank him.

The teeth and whiskers were useless but if the dragon’s core, the heart was processed then it would tremendously increase the blacksmith skill.

If he wore equipment made from dragons then his attack power will increase another dimension.

Of course, if he could kill a dragon then he would no doubt be reward with combat achievements and a decisive t.i.tle.

Millions of users were enjoying Royal Road but he would be the first one to get the glory and reward that came from killing a dragon!

-Why would a friend betray….. My head seems to be breaking. This pain is unbearable.

Ausollet struggled before started to fall to the ground. Weed had wanted to beat it up in the air until it died but there was a limit.



The enraged Embinyu Church was waiting on the ground.


Seo-yoon heard loud noises as soon as she returned to the square in Morata.

“Let’s go, to Romud Forest!”

“Gather the Octopus Porridge guerrilla members for a meeting at 11 pm.”

“Today 13 volunteers will go to reinforce Vargo Fortress. The merchants that decided to provide support are gathering their carriages at the western gate.”

Morata was being restructured due to the war.

While Weed was busy on his adventure, the northern war was continuing. Many cities had been destroyed in the war but the northern troops kept fighting.

Rather, more people started to gather with every defeat! Their spirits were derived from Weed. Continuing to fight against the strong enemy. He showed everyone on his adventures that he would never run away or accept defeat.

Users were drinking beer in the tavern.

“Frankly, we are weaker than the Hermes Guild.”

“Look at the overall situation calmly.”

“But will they occupy the north? h.e.l.l no! It will be impossible to conquer us even if they win the battles. The north was made with our sweat, effort and mental strength.”

They thought that the Hermes Guild wouldn’t last if the users continued resisting. The Hermes Guild wouldn’t keep the territory even if they conquered it. All users would instantly revolt. If the Arpen Kingdom was destroyed then they would just build it up again.

“Our profession is a thief. That’s great. Let’s go to the areas that the Hermes Guild occupied. We will plunder to our heart’s content and give support to the people.”

“Forming a bandit group is also fine.”

“Oh, that is a really good plan.”

The northern users came up with plans to constantly haze the Hermes Guild. News about the Hermes Guild’s army was constantly being heard.

The disciplined army of the Central Continent was on a winning streak as they headed towards the Earth Palace. In addition, the army bypa.s.sed Vargo Fortress where a frightening number of orcs were gathered.

“This land belongs to the orcs, chwiiik!”

“It is too narrow for us. Chwi chwik!”

There was nowhere in the north free of the shadow of war and the fate of the Arpen Kingdom was at risk. However, the users couldn’t place their hopes in Weed.

Weed was experiencing a paradoxical crisis because as his name grew larger, more users gathered in the north.

It was unknown when Weed was coming back but people gathered like clouds under the name of the Arpen Kingdom to fight in the war. When the time came, all the sculptural lifeforms would aim their wings at the enemy.

The northern users just wanted Weed to succeed in his quest and return early. The northern users were suffering a crisis so they couldn’t truly cheer for Weed.

‘It is still crazy.’

Seo-yoon had just returned but her clothing was similar to a beginner.

“Excuse me, what killed you?”

People asked after seeing her standing in the middle of the square.


“Do you want to join the Bean Porridge unit?”


“Looking at your expression, you want to join the Bean Porridge unit right? My sister is also going on the battlefield as part of the Bean Porridge unit. Won’t you fight the Haven Empire?”

Seo-yoon had been living alone for a long time with just Weed due to the quest. There were other humans around but most of them had been NPC residents.

All of a sudden she encountered users burning to fight against the Haven Empire so she nodded.

“That’s great. Then let’s go together.”

The user grabbed Seo-yoon’s hand and headed towards the Bean Porridge unit.

Morata’s squares that were the heart of commerce, hunting and adventures continued to be filled with users shouting against the Hermes Guild.


In a shabby grave in the cemetery, a skeleton opened its eyes! The pure white bones shone with a brilliant light in the darkness.

“This is….”

The ident.i.ty of this skeleton was the Abyss Knight Van Hawk. The ultimate undead born in the midst of a deep abyss of despair.

He took a deep breath and looked at the city that seemed far away. A previous area of the Kallamore Kingdom, the city of Reinstadem was now part of the Haven Empire!

“I came back.”

Van Hawk activated his dark power. The power of darkness gathered and became his armour, sword and cloak. The sound of crying insects stopped and the tree branches stopped waving in the wind.

He had been abused and beaten by Weed in the warring period but he was still an Abyss Knight! In the past, he had served Barkhan as the commander of the dark army and now he was even stronger.

“I summon my fellow kin.”

Van Hawk called out towards the graves.

The mud started to split apart as rotten skeletons rose. It was an old cemetery so the owners of the graves didn’t even have any monuments erected.

A long time had pa.s.sed so the bodies had weakened but they seemed like newly dead bodies due to their deep resentment.

The former Imperial Knights division of the Kallamore Empire that Van Hawk commanded!

The skeletons turned towards Van Hawk and spoke like they knew him.

“Kilkil, Vice-Captain-nim, it has been a long time.”

“You came a long way so did you have a pleasant trip?”

“The beer wasn’t too bad. Although the drink keeps on leaking from my jawbone.”

Van Hawk and the skeletons encountered each other after a long time.

“Everyone listen.”


The skulls marched and formed a line. The strict discipline experienced through their lives allowed the skeletons to stand at accurate intervals in the moonlight.

“The glorious Kallamore Empire is no longer on this earth.”

“What does that mean?” Has the name of the Kallamore Empire changed?”

“The 3rd Imperial Prince Creksiad, don’t tell me that fellow sold the Imperial Palace….”

“The Kallamore Empire has been invaded by other countries and disappeared.”


The skeletons were shocked and their shoulders started shaking at Van Hawk’s words. It was a comical sight but the skeletons tried to wipe the tears with their bony fingers. Instead of tears, the fingers caught leaves, dirt and weeds instead.

“We need to get revenge for the Kallamore Kingdom.”


“This is an era where the weak prevail through deception. Let’s show everyone what a Knight of the Empire is. Raise your weapons!”

The skeletons simultaneously raised their hands above their heads. Then the dark aura created swords, spears and axes. The dark aura even clothed them in armour.

“Go to war.”

“Oh, war! War, war!”

“I can smell the fragrant smell of blood again.”

Van Hawk led the skeletons towards the city of Reinstadem in the Haven Empire.

-A special event has occurred.

Abyss Knight Van Hawk is leading a troop of 800 Imperial Knights of the Kallamore Empire to attack the Haven Empire.

Their goal is the reconstruction of the Kallamore Kingdom that is currently being occupied by the Haven Empire.

The anguished ghosts of the Kallamore Kingdom will continue to join them.

Abyss Knight Van Hawk obtained power from the abyss of despair so he will return to a common Death Knight if he loses.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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