The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 39 Chapter 3

3) Choice of a Th.o.r.n.y Path

Weed continued attacking the back of the head while falling together with the dragon.

-The dragon Ausollet has been hit in the back of the head.

By attacking the weakness of the dragon, 126,381 damage has been inflicted.

The Extermination Sword has caused 32,382 fire damage.

The blow has temporarily decreased the opponent’s agility and wisdom.

Recovery will be delayed from the confusion.

An enormous increase in damage! The dragon’s magic s.h.i.+eld and solid scales became obsolete. Weed’s attacks were finally dealing solid damage. Every attack filled with special abilities reduced the abilities of the dragon!


-The accuracy and continuity of the attacks has set the most outstanding achievement among humans.

Weed and the dragon fell to the ground in a tangled mess. At the last moment, he threw his body in order to not be caught by the dragon’s attack.


Weed fell through the roof of a building and down the stairs.

-Your entire body has received a big shock.

There will be a tingling around your body and paralysis will last for 25 seconds.

Health has decreased by 12,938.

Unlike when he was a huge bear, the damage from the crash wasn’t that large. This was one of the benefits of returning to a human sun warrior.

Weed raised his body.

“I have become familiar with falling.”

He looked around and it seemed to be the laboratory of the priests as there were the corpses of young babies. The priests had been suddenly mobilized to fight to there were many things still inside.

Weed instinctively searched the laboratory for items.


-Vitality Water

Water made from grinding up bodies for a long period.

Combined with Embinyu’s divine power, it can bring forth an incredible energy.

Minor side effects can be caused by the mutated cells and you can transform into a monster. Those that become a monster will have their health decreased and will suffer a big shock until their death.

Effects: More than half of your health and vitality will recover no matter what the circ.u.mstances are.

Faith will be permanently reduced by 4.

Can’t receive blessings from any G.o.d other than Embinyu.

“This…it is okay to feed it to other people instead of drinking it.”

A item that gave a big impression. The other goods in the laboratory had similar side effects. Great power couldn’t be obtained without great sacrifice!

He looked out a nearby window to see the Embinyu priests and knights attacking Ausollet. Ausollet couldn’t move normally after such a severe crash. The priests had been greatly weakened to 100 people but they were still capable of tying up the dragon with the red whips of the brainwas.h.i.+ng spell.

But the grounds and buildings were a mess when Weed took a closer look. The fanatics were dying due to the influence of the dragon’s breath and the poisonous fumes were melting everywhere. The buildings affected by the impact were pulled down as the frames corroded. The result of the enormous power contained in the dragon’s breath!

Weed had just fought with the dragon and called it friend but he didn’t feel like saving it.

“I shall give it back to you.”

The brainwashed dragon had a short expiration date so he could leave it briefly in their hands. Spitting out the weak and keeping the strong was a desirable philosophy in life!

“The enemy is attacking!”

“Someone has appeared to obstruct us. Stop them!”

But suddenly there was a huge fuss. A white haired old man jumped among the Embinyu priests and cut them with a sword of light. Eagles seemed to explode from the sword and swirled around the knights.

Weed was too familiar with a scene like this.

“Heinous Embinyu Church! I will now pay you back for killing Evane!”

The sudden appearance of the master swordsman Zahab! He didn’t fall into a panic as he lurked like an and headed to the location of the priests.

Even Zahab flinched back while the dragon was running amok. But now that everyone was silent and interested in the dragon, he suddenly jumped out to the battlefield.

“Another unbeliever.”

“Take care of him so that he doesn’t interfere with the cause.”

“I have received a divine message to deal with that rebellious subject!”

The Atrocity Knights jumped to catch Zahab but he just continued gliding among the priests.

A master swordsman had gone to the warring period with Weed and his sword of light had become even stronger, causing the Atrocity Knights and the senior priests to lose their lives in vain.

“N-no! Embinyu’s will….”

“The brainwas.h.i.+ng isn’t finished….”

The dragon was defenseless against the divine magic of the senior priests.

There were a number of Atrocity Knights and monsters but Zahab moved quickly to catch them.

The priests of the Embinyu Church neutralized more than half of the dragon’s breath but 350 of them still lost their lives. Weed had killed quite a few of them with his arrows. The priests only made up a small number of the Embinyu Church members but they played a key role. Therefore, it was hard when so many of them died at once.

“Ohhhhh, defeat the villains!”

“Kill all those who have lost their humanity!”

“Get revenge for Ralph.”

Prisoners wearing shabby attire stampeded out of a large building while holding weapons. Warrior-2 walked out proudly behind them like he had rescued the prisoners.


Warrior-2 was to be a sacrifice so his entire body was covered in spices.

“Kuuuuk, Great Emperor-nim will get revenge for me. It wasn’t honourable to die by becoming food. I will make sure whoever eats me regrets it when I give them an upset stomach.”

The guards laughed at him.

“The spices smell really good. I want to bake him and eat him. He will melt in my mouth.”

“I prefer him roasted. The fellow will die soon.”

“Yes. Hey food ingredient, what brings you here?”

“I came to defeat you for the sake of Great Emperor-nim. And I don’t taste good.”

“We won’t know until you are eaten.”

At that moment, a group appeared to save Warrior-2.

“You are here.”


Hestiger had rescued the prisoners and seized control of the prison with the help of the elves.

Originally they intended to occupy the important buildings but that changed due to the activities of the dragon. The ground was filled with Embinyu troops and the roads blocked due to the debris.

Instead they found the stairs down to the dungeon.

With the help of Hestiger, Warrior-2 was freed from his thick chains.

“Ahem, I came all this way alone so please take care of cleaning by yourself.”

“I’m sorry.” Have you met Great Emperor-nim?”

“Of course. I am a loyal subordinate so I already met Great Emperor-nim who told me his plan. He told me to come inside here.”

“You came earlier than me.”

“Yes. Now I am just waiting for Great Emperor-nim to call.”

The sculptural lifeforms thought that Weed’s behaviour towards Hestiger was slightly uncomfortable.

He was a man that would do brilliantly on any dangerous mission!

Hestiger’s smile was like a gem but it didn’t lose any civility. Thick eyebrows, white teeth and large clear eyes. His whole body was in perfect balance and his proportions was like a beautiful statue. There was no difference between the body and muscles of Hestiger compared to the sculptural lifeforms. But this muscular body was completed with the attractive face!

Hestiger’s chest and arm muscles attracted the attention of the elves. On the other hand, they didn’t show any interest in Warrior-2 who was still oiled up. They blocked their nose as he came close and regarded him as food garbage.

“If I knew Warrior-2 was here then I would have come earlier.”

“No, of course.”

“The ground is shaking fiercely. Great Emperor-nim is making his move.”

“We should prepare to go out.”

“Yes! I will explore a little more with the elves.”

Warrior-2 decided to strike the Embinyu Church with the released prisoners.

“Finish them all!”

“If we take care of all these people then we can return to our hometown!”


The slaves that had been trapped for a long time armed themselves with weapons and rushed towards the Embinyu Church.

Weed had honourably destroyed kingdoms that were secretly devoted to the Embinyu Church. The priests would receive magic goods from the royal families and their tyranny would continue.

The prisoners of the Embinyu Church contained dwarves, elves, descendants of giants, warriors and tribes that only existed in legends. The Embinyu Church grabbed them as experiments or sacrifices to increase their magic power.

Weed observed the prisoners for a moment before shaking his head.

“They won’t be able to fight for long.”

Due to the long imprisonment, they were injured and their vitality had dropped a lot. The rocs that scattered also gathered again to catch and eat the humans. At least the prisoners could disrupt the forces of the Embinyu Church a little bit.

Heuller and most of the priests had been incapacitated. The divine power of the priests had been wiped out in a single attack by the dragon. They couldn’t tame the dragon and now even the prisoners had escaped so the Embinyu Church gave a command.

“The value of the prisoners have now disappeared. Embinyu’s third and fifth arm. Offer their flesh and blood to this land!”

One of the senior priests gave the command.

Monsters were dispatched while archers of the Embinyu Church aimed in the direction of the prisoners. The Embinyu army had 8 arms with different characteristics.

The prisoners were fighting with the knights but the archers didn’t hesitate to shoot the arrows in that direction. The prisoners and knights were turned into a hedgehog by the Embinyu archers. The prisoners had no armour or s.h.i.+elds and quickly lost their lives to the arrows.

Then the sound of Hestiger yelling was heard.

“Now. Let’s go help them!”

Arrows flew from the tallest building towards the archers and priests. The gleaming silver arrows were exceptionally fast and accurate.

Fire elementals caused a big explosion and water elementals a flood. The monsters were swept away in a torrent of water, easing the situation of some of the priests.

Weed was deeply impressed by the sight.

“I should catch some elves as subordinates.”

The desert warriors were skilled with the sword and brave enough to never back down. But the elves were agile and optimized for specific battles.

The sight of Hestiger leading the elves to deal great damage to the Embinyu Church’s archers was invigorating. Up until now, Weed had gained the most combat achievements with Hestiger right after him.

“I haven’t seen Warrior-1 or Warrior-3 yet.”

Out of the 5 colleagues Weed brought on this quest, he only saw Zahab, Warrior-2 and Hestiger. They had managed to come here safely.

And soon his sculptural lifeform Warrior-1 also appeared. Warrior-1’s behaviour was noticeable strange! He staggered like he would collapse at any moment. Warrior-1 was filled with a powerful poison so his life kept on flickering. Divine power could save his life so he came to look for Ah.e.l.lun.

Weed could see the light of Ah.e.l.lun’s divine power among the rubble. And he gave a grudging compliment!

“Incompetent b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Now only Warrior-3 is left.”

It wasn’t just his colleagues that arrived. The barrier had broken and the monsters walked over from the Barren Howling Ruins. They were distorted by the magic of the Embinyu Church and jumped in without hesitation.

“Go away. No!”

The monsters pounced on the priests and fanatics while tearing into and eating them. They obtained more magic from the Embinyu members and their bodies were strengthened. The infinite number of creatures continued flocking from everywhere.

“We must defend this Holy Land.”

“Stop the creatures that are outside the gates!”

“They are continuing to flock past the collapsing walls. I can’t see an end to them!”


The control of the priests had weakened so the dragon tried to get up again.

Ausollet tried to gain its freedom but it was seized again by the priests of the Embinyu Church. One day it looking down upon everyone else and now it couldn’t even use its breath attack.

“Mmm, this is a good sight. The buildings of the Embinyu Church are collapsing.”

The Embinyu Church was now in a horrifying situation. This was all due to Weed!

-Who are you? Why are you attacking me? It hurts, it hurts! This pain…. Kuaaaaang! I can’t endure it.

The priests that were attacked by Zahab and elves were forced to hurriedly retreat. Warrior-2 had opened the protective screen but it was now difficult to find anyone in the middle of the priests.

Meanwhile, Ausollet who was being restrained by the brainwas.h.i.+ng roared and ate any enemies close to it. The continued loss of health meant its big body slowed down and it kept stumbling.

The dragon was the strongest creature on earth and this was the worst day it experienced since it was born. Weed had destroyed the scales and the protection magic was removed but if he left it alone then the enormous damage would slowly recover.

The elves were somewhat confused after the first attack. They had a deep grudge against the Embinyu Church but the dragon needed to be killed before it recovered.

Hestiger had decisively attacked the priests but now he hesitated as he glanced at the dragon.

“The first priority is to handle the dragon.”

Weed jumped out the window.

At his current level, he could easily leap forward 100 metres. But instead of hitting the back of the dragon, he looked around the area for Warrior-1.

The Atrocity Knights were swinging their swords towards Warrior-1.

“A subordinate that doesn’t take care of their own life is useless. It is time for the Embinyu Church to die. Cough!”

“You still have many lessons to learn. The villains are going to suffer.”

A villain who had previously hit the back of the dragon’s head and now attacked the Atrocity Knights from behind.

Warrior-1’s face that had been puffed up by poison changed as he welcomed Weed.

“Great Emperor-nim, you have come to save me.”

“Uh, yes.”

Weed casually answered as he blasted away the debris. And he was able to rescue Ah.e.l.lun and the slaves trapped in the rubble.

“Ohuhuk, I almost died. Emperor, thank you for rescuing me.”

“I didn’t know that Saint Ah.e.l.lun-nim was over here. How did you get trapped?”

“I was watching the celebrations among the prisoners while waiting for a chance to interfere. Then suddenly the tower collapsed on top of me.”


Ah.e.l.lun had almost become a carca.s.s thanks to Weed!

“Hrmm hrmm, if I knew you were in danger then I would have saved you earlier.”

“My lungs are troubling me. I gathered the divine power hoping for a miracle as the weight of the crumbling building pressed down on me every time the wind shook it…..”

Speaking of which, he had b.u.mped this area a few times when fighting together with the dragon. He was glad that the buildings broke since it would interfere with the movements of the enemy.

“Right now there is a situation. There is work to be done so straighten your body quickly.”

“I understand. G.o.d hasn’t taken this body yet so I can still move. Radiant Recovery!”

A radiant light covered Ah.e.l.lun’s body. One of the ultimate divine magic that could heal himself to a perfect condition!


Warrior-1 who was severely poisoned was trying to ask about treatment. The reason he came here was to receive healing from Ah.e.l.lun.

Weed sneaked a glance towards Warrior-1 before saying.

“I need to hurry and return to this war. Please give me a strong blessing.”

“He looks very sick so shouldn’t I treat him first? A bit of time is needed for the blessings.”

“He won’t die straight away. He just needs to sprinkle a little bit of saliva on it.”

“It looks like it really hurts….”

“He is just exaggerating. I’ve been duped many times. And he is a tenacious person.”

It was like pouring cold water and then hot water.

In fact, Weed didn’t really care about rank even in modern society. However, Weed had thoroughly established the hierarchy in the desert. If they wanted to eat beans then they needed to use their own power!

“I think Emperor-nim is right that you have to rush back into battle. Emperor-nim is the only human that can get through this”

Ah.e.l.lun gathered his two hands together and started to chant a divine spell. A divine spell that the G.o.ds directly told humans in ancient times.

“Grant strength, wisdom and determination to this human. A deep, dark evil has appeared in this place so awaken the unlimited potential.”

A halo of light seemed to emerge from Ah.e.l.lun’s body. Normally the light would flash after a short chant but this blessing seemed to be much longer compared to others.

“Your hand will wield the sword of G.o.d and your body’s pains will be avoided with the thick armour of G.o.d. In addition, all the difficulties in the divine name of Pahwe….Divine Advent!”


-The effects of Divine Advent will be applied differently depending on your faith.

Your body is fully recovered.

The potential of your mind and body has been fully opened.

Maximum health, vitality and mana will increased by 3.5 times.

Natural recovery will be faster like a troll.

Cold and heat. Your resistance to the above phenomenon will be close to 96%.

Complete immunity to poison.

When it detects an attack, magic resistance will automatically activate.

Weak undead of the 1st stage will be destroyed regardless of their health.

All stats will increase from a minimum of 250 to a maximum of 469.

The divine effect is granted to attacks and defense.

Can use G.o.d’s weapon.

Can use G.o.d’s Armour.

“This is….”

Weed had expected favourable blessings for the fight but the power of the divine spell shocked him.

“As expected from a professional saint. He is off the hook.”

It was like arduously climbing from a shabby toilet only to encounter a bidet. Then a complaint came quickly.

“I wish you had given this boost to be earlier.”

It was like saving a man from drowning only to take his bankbook! If he had such a blessing then he wouldn’t have suffered so much.

So far Weed was using the Fire Extermination Sword and Majestic Leather Armour for a Conqueror made from the materials of the Fire Salamander King.

But a clear, transparent sword and s.h.i.+eld appeared in front of Weed while armour was placed around his body. A full set from the shoulder pads, belts, chest plate, boots, etc.! In particular, areas such as the boots had pure white angel wings.

“There is no need to hesitate. Good equipment is needed in order to become an excellent villain.”

Weed was wearing armour while holding the sword. The weight made him feel like he was almost wearing nothing and it gave a warm feeling.


-Sword of the G.o.d Thor:

Durability 210/210. Attack: 232~766

A sword given by G.o.d in order for humans to eliminate an unbeatable enemy.

A saint can only summon it with G.o.d’s approval and only those with the blessing can use the sword.

It will hide in the world for a minimum of 100 years before appearing again.

Restrictions: The strongest human.

Options: When attacking the demons steeped in evil, attack damage will increase by 4 times.

They are natural enemies and can be killed by attacking the weak point, regardless of the health.

In addition, there are nine attributes that are impossible to determine.

It is unknown due to the lack of information.


A groan emerged from Weed’s mouth that sounded similar to when he found out the price of the luxury bags sold in department stores. It was outrageous like a loan fraud!

He didn’t even dare check the armour. Each armour part would have different attributes that he couldn’t even remember all of it. The effects of the attributes could all change due to the quality or attack pattern of the monsters. But for now, the easiest method would be to determine it with his own body.

Ah.e.l.lun said.

“May G.o.d continue watching over you. Emperor-nim, good luck.”

“Of course. The enemies will be overpowered with this sword. But can I keep this sword in the future? I don’t have any other intentions. I just want to keep it as a souvenir….”

“G.o.d’s items can’t wander around this world. It will be reclaimed at the end of the battle. It is unfortunate but you should focus on the battle in front of you.”

Weed felt like a child being deprived of his New Year’s money.

“Ah well, then I’ll do so.”

“And be wary of Ausollet. If the high priest Heuller takes control of the dragon then the Embinyu Church can destroy the balance of the world. If the dragon regains its memories then I will risk my soul and body to seal it.”


“I will only do such a thing if it is needed.”

“It is truly commendable.”

Weed obtained important information. Ah.e.l.lun was a safeguard to stop the dragon from rampaging. After achieving Weed’s objecting, Ah.e.l.lun finally treated Warrior-1.

“I have to go. Now, my goal is….”

He had a broad view of the area.

The Embinyu troops were fiercely clas.h.i.+ng with the slaves everywhere.

There had been a large number of slaves in order to maintain the buildings and shrines. Many of them had been strong warriors in their tribes and they unleashed the rage in this battle.

Warrior-2 and Hestiger had divided them in half and led their own units. Weed didn’t need to fight the Embinyu monsters and troops for a while. There was no end to the fanatics and monsters that kept on showing up.

There was an enormous pile of debris from the collapse of the Sky Tower. Other buildings that collapsed or fell on its side acted as obstacles. If the favourable terrain was seized then the monsters and knights couldn’t recklessly attack.

Weed’s gaze alternated between the dragon and the Embinyu Church.

This would be his one chance in a few years to hunt a dragon. If the power of Heuller and the Embinyu Church was significantly weakened then it would be favourable to him. The Embinyu knights were originally no match for Weed and now that he had the blessing, they didn’t even enter his eyes.

The quest’s success might hinge on his choice right now.

“In the worst case scenario, Ah.e.l.lun can take care of it if I die.”

Weed lightly flew across the ground towards Ausollet.

His maximum speed was similar to a wyvern flying in the sky without any obstacles. His experience with Sculptural Transformation meant he didn’t take that long to adapt to the wings.

-Everything, I will eat all of you.

The dragon Ausollet!

His hatred toward the Embinyu Church and humans were simmering over. Its entire body was covered with injuries and it had slightly recovered, but its current state wasn’t significantly different from earlier.

The Embinyu priests continued trying to brainwash the dragon despite the enormous damage they suffered. But even with Heuller, the priests’ brainwas.h.i.+ng operation wasn’t going smoothly.

The red whips kept on breaking from the dragon’s vigorous movements. Many Embinyu knights were being killed by the dragon.


Weed quietly moved among the Embinyu Church as he moved behind the dragon.

-You, you must die!

The dragon suddenly turned its body and cried out with anger as it saw Weed. It knew exactly who the bad guy was in this situation!

“Him! He is the main culprit behind this!”

“G.o.d Embinyu has given us a message. We will tame the servant G.o.d sent us later. Kill the one behind all of this!”

The Embinyu Church had the highest hostility towards Weed. From their position, he had sprinkled ashes on their rice.

The Embinyu archers and knight simultaneously turned their weapons towards Weed. The dragon also caused the ground to shake as it moved on two feet.

“My d.a.m.n popularity!”

Weed rose dozens of metres above the ground and flew towards the dragon’s chest. But Ausollet seemed like it was expected and stomped its feet down towards him. At that moment, the wings on Weed’s boots flapped fiercely and he accelerated faster. He was barely able to avoid the dragon’s legs.

Although the dragon was big and quick, its attacks were simple.

“Strengthening of pain!”

“Sticky Breath.”

The priests aimed curses at Weed. The curses were the wide area type so they were difficult to avoid. Ausollet had the immunity to curse magic that was a characteristic of the dragon but Weed was vulnerable to curses acc.u.mulating.


-The curse magic that weakens defense and increase magic damage has been overridden by the blessing.
-A curse that consumes vitality faster in order to exhaust the body has been made obsolete due to the power of Thor’s boots.

He didn’t need to worry about curses thanks to Divine Advent and could rampage around the environment.

In his previous battles with the Embinyu Church, he could exert his full skills but now that heavy burden had been eased.

‘The archers and magicians are attacking from the right. I don’t need to pay attention to them.’

Weed was fully concentrated on the dragon. With its magic and flying sealed, it was just a simple lifeform!

The black dragon Ausollet glared at him from a short distance away.

-I will kill you all!

He avoided the claws and tail attacks as he clung tightly to the side of the dragon.

“It isn’t always good to be huge. No matter how strong it is, there are many gaps.”

He had a close up look at the dragon’s combat style. By clinging to the body, he could predict the attacks and avoid them to a certain extent. Then he climbed up the dragon’s body like he was rock climbing.

-Human, humans! Humans like you deserve to die.

“Noisy. You shouldn’t worry about humans. Instead you should despite the flies, mosquitoes, moths and fleas. They are more annoying.”

The dragon frantically swung its tail towards its body but hit the building. The power of the dragon that caused devastation all over the place!

Weed climbed aboard the dragon. He had survived climbing the collapsing Sky Tower so the body of the dragon was easy. He could even put some kimchi in the refrigerator while completing the final secret sculpting technique quest.

He used the red whips from the Embinyu Church’s brainwas.h.i.+ng spell as a support. The dragon’s scales were smooth, polished and glittering with a dim light.

-You are a faithful servant of Embinyu.

-The reason you don’t believe in Embinyu is the pain.

-Repent. Repent. Repent. Repent. You will enjoy the rest. Repent.

-High priest Heuller-nim has prepared everything for you. He is willing to take care of your miserable life.

He heard whispers that caused exhilarating feelings in his head as his hand touched the red whips. Flattery that acted as brainwas.h.i.+ng!

“Do you believe that I will follow Embinyu? Not a chance. The only ones who have my respect are the aunties at the market. If I buy 3 fresh fish then I will be given 1 more. And the prices have been discounted by a lot!”

The red whips that indoctrinated people to the Embinyu Church would cause hallucinations and delirium.

But Weed’s sword, armour and s.h.i.+eld blocked all of them.


The dragon struggled as Weed arrived at its neck.

Even though it didn’t know how to use its mana, magic water bubbles would spontaneously burst.

-G.o.d’s armour has mitigated 87% of the damage coming from the heavy pressure.

Health has decreased by 3,489.

7 defensive magics will automatically activate.

-Flexibility Technique: Agility will increase by 87% to avoid the enemy’s attacks. Inaccurate attacks will be deflected.

Magic Attack Detection: You will notice in advance if dangerous magic is used.

Coercive Power: Ignorant species in the world like the giants will follow you. You can face other strong forces.

Normalization: Those who follow G.o.d won’t waver, no matter the bizarre magic. Negative states will return to its original state 95% faster.

Subtle Recovery: Every time you attack your opponent or you are attacked, you will absorb 4% of its health to heal your body.

Emergency Escape: Use magic or vitality to escape from physical restraints.

Tremendous Dignity: Nothing is required. Defense will increase by 2% every second. It will combine with your armour to increase defense by 300%.

His increased defense was dumbfounding.

This armour from G.o.d truly made up for the shortcomings of the human species compared to other species.

Weed’s original body and armour meant he wouldn’t be able to withstand even one hit from the dragon. But now he was the Great Emperor that conquered the desert and Central Continent! He had the resilience and health to endure a strong crisis.

Weed soon rose to the top of the dragon’s head and aimed at it. Black blood was still flowing from the back of the head. The crucial weakness of the dragon hadn’t been treated yet.

The dragon currently had 17% health remaining. It seemed to be a plentiful amount but it didn’t have much health left. Moreover, the current Weed was the most powerful human and coming out completely armed.

The dragon shook its head as it felt a crisis.

“This is a refres.h.i.+ng feeling.”

Weed held on to the dragon’s horn and looked at the fierce battlefield going on like he was on top of a mountain.

The trapped prisoners were fighting the Embinyu Church! Flames and smoke were rising everywhere.

In fact, all the people fighting were conscious of the dragon. The prisoners and sculptural lifeforms were shocked to see that Weed had ascended the dragon’s head.


“Warrior-1 hyung-nim, you are alive.”

“Great Emperor-nim….”

“He is up there.”

“Uhh, finally….”

“I’ve made a gravestone and coffin for Great Emperor-nim.”

It was a situation that really caused electrifying goose b.u.mps! Currently, arrows and magic were flying towards where Weed was standing. There were still Embinyu archers and priests available for combat. They all attacked Weed.

A brainwashed and weakened dragon facing a human wearing G.o.d’s armour and weapon was something that couldn’t be imagined. The dragon might die. Weed’s position was that even if he didn’t finish the fight, Ah.e.l.lun would complete it.

The Embinyu fanatics, sculptural lifeforms and prisoners! All the people here were watching but it wasn’t just them. Through the television, millions of people were watching this adventure.

‘Will this suffice?’

It was an opportunity.

Of course, it wasn’t easy to reach this point. He had overcome many crises in the final secret sculpting technique quest, including Roderick’s Labyrinth.

Weed’s competencies had just grown in the desert quest. It might seem simple but he had found the best secluded places to grow stronger quickly. Getting information from residents wary of outsiders and risking his life in every fight.

The path of struggle in order to become stronger. But a distinctive characteristic of Koreans was to go around shouting and roaming off-limits areas. It was to the extent that the wicked curses and magic from the Embinyu Church that had been difficult earlier now only made Weed bored.

Weed had a rotten smile on his face. The possibility of an accident never even crossed his head.

“This problem here should disappear. So should I kill all the bad guys here?”

He came to a conclusion and convinced himself.

Even with the help of Zahab, the sculptural lifeforms and the prisoners, it would take a few days to kill all of the Embinyu Church.

The time limit on the quest ended today as well. In addition, it was almost impossible for Weed’s allies to survive after the battle.


-Don’t call me with that rotten tongue!

“I know your name. Do you want to know about yourself?”

-I won’t be fooled by your lies anymore. If you don’t come down from my body then I will tear you apart.

“It is very thoughtful that a lizard would care about my funeral.”

-Lizard? Is that my nickname?

“That’s right. An oversized lizard.”

-I am offended!

“Of course you are. Your ident.i.ty is the most expensive ransom in the land, the dragon!”

Wed yelled out Ausollet’s ident.i.ty.

The weight of the word dragon was enormous. At that moment, static seemed to flow through the battlefield.

The Embinyu Church’s priests, fanatics and prisoners. Everyone knew the weight of his words and the risk of saying it.

“How can he say that…..”

“Reckless, too reckless. A truly fearless human in this world.”

“I wish I could have one last drink of beer before I die.”

The dwarves were especially afraid of the dragon so they dropped their heads to the ground and begged for their lives.

Both enemy and allies had to be careful because of the dragon. They were trying to kill each other but there had been a tacit agreement not to say the word dragon!

However, Weed had just let Ausollet know it was a dragon.

-I’ve heard of this. A dragon with great honour…a predator that can cross the world and determine the beginning and end of life.

Ausollet was lost in thought for a moment as its body shrank in fear. Then its body became significantly larger!

-I am a dragon? It is familiar. I remember eyes looking up at me with fear. That’s right, I am Ausollet the dragon that tried to destroy this world!

A fierce surge of mana moved in the dragon’s body.


It seemed like an earthquake was occurring as dust flew up into the air. Buildings in the distance were collapsing due to the shock. The remaining Embinyu shrines and buildings became completely devastated.

The eyes of the dragon Ausollet gradually changed. The blurry eyes became sharp and full of dignity.

Arrows and magic flew towards it in vain. The arrows and magic just floated in the air like something had caught it before decomposing.

With the return of its ego, the unique defensive capabilities of its species was coming back.

There were a large physical and mental change once the dragon learned about itself. It would soon remember the large scale magic attacks that would decimate the area without leaving a trace.

“It wouldn’t be fun if my heart didn’t beat as fast as this.”

Now Weed felt like it was truly fun.

“Let’s get started!”

The Sword of the G.o.d Thor was slammed down onto the dragon’s head.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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