The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 39 Chapter 4

4) Eons of Erosion


“Father, how is this happening? It seems like a real dragon is going to die.”

“Don’t talk. You are disturbing my concentration.”

The father and son watching television couldn’t conceal their excitement. At that moment, everybody was watching Weed’s quest in Royal Road with doubtful eyes.

The famous black dragon Ausollet better known as the Chaos Dragon! The elegant dragon that caused fear and awe everywhere it went.

Weed wasn’t afraid of it.

“Joo-wan ssi, is this really happening?”

“I can’t explain it in words. Anyone would use every little trick to send it to a different place but he actually woke up the dragon to fight.”

“As expected, only Weed the G.o.d of War can show something like this. He greedily chose a thrill in a stable moment instead of going for something stable!”

“When considering Weed’s military power from the quest, fighting the dragon…. Ugh, I don’t even dare think about it.”

“It would probably be a wiser choice to surrender.”

The hosts of the broadcasting stations were excited. The situation had changed dramatically even if they didn’t add comments or compliments.

Oh Joo-wan was truly impressed.

“Isn’t the final secret sculpting technique quest a once in a lifetime opportunity? It is like choosing between further employment or studying without any hesitation. Weed really isn’t an ordinary person.”

The success of this quest was important as the final secret sculpting technique could be gained as a reward. No one would have blamed him if he decided to reliably achieve the goal.

However, this dramatic and bold actions could truly be called a G.o.d of War. It was the reason why he could sometimes create miracles, even though some of them were accidents.

“As a fellow colleague of Weed who partic.i.p.ated in his adventures, what does s.h.i.+n Hye-min think of his decision? He must have really decided to hunt the dragon.”

“In my opinion….”

s.h.i.+n Hye-min thought back to the various times she saw Weed in Royal Road.

Whether it was disappearing like a ghost before he needs to pay at a restaurant or picking up every j.a.ptem while hunting. Sometimes he got lucky and picked up items that could be sold at an unusually high price.

“He did it without thinking.”

“Are you saying he dares to fight the dragon without an specific plans?”


“How can that be?”

“Weed-nim is originally like this.”


The station’s ratings were once again rising exponentially. It wasn’t simply the viewers but topics about Weed’s adventures continued to explode enormously.

So far users had never fought against dragons like this.


-The dragon Ausollet has been hit in the back of the head.

The weak area of the dragon has been struck, inflicting 59,291 damage.

The Sword of the G.o.d Thor has absorbed the enemy’s health and mana through the divine power in the wound, dealing an additional 93,282 damage.

2% reduction in the opponent’s intelligence.

Mana recovery ability has been suppressed.

Weed once again continued the one point attack in the same area.

Even without studying, his memory was unusually excellent. He didn’t remember the grades he got as a child but he could accurately remember the location where he buried money in the ground!

-Stupid human. This is just accelerating your own destruction.

Ausollet’s attack was filled with rage.

-Reverse Gravity!

All people and buildings in a 1 kilometre area will be turned upside down. The destructive power was so high that it could be called a dragon’s pure havoc rather than magic.

Every time Ausollet took a step forward, it would emit a poison mist that dissolved the buildings nearby. A blazing fireball would rush out in the direction that the dragon points its claws.

-Rock Explosion, Summon Black Poison Mist, Seething Steam, Group Paralysis.

As expected, thousands of people were devastated by Ausollet’s magic. A dragon depended on its magical ability to attack and defend.

“It has recovered. Priests should pour out more divine power.”

“Sacrifice for our faith is required. Only our hands can completely destroy the world for Embinyu. Execute that dragon!”

The Embinyu priests chanted sacrificial magic in order to kill the dragon. If they temporarily destroyed their souls then divine power would be increased by 12 times.

The knights’ faith won over their fear and they continued rus.h.i.+ng towards the dragon. And they were melted away by the wide area destruction magic.

-This is ludicrous. Humans, know your place. Even if you become angry, it won’t change anything.

Ausollet trampled on them without mercy and melted them with its magic. Hundreds of people were frozen and broken into pieces while others were dropped from the air. The dragon was showing an amazing spectacle as it was attacked.

-Miserable human beings! I will take great joy in destroying your species…keek!

-The dragon Ausollet has been struck in the back of the head.

The weak area of the dragon has been struck, inflicting 59,291 damage.

The Sword of the G.o.d Thor has absorbed the enemy’s health and mana through the divine power in the wound, dealing an additional 113,959 damage.

The opponent’s defense has weakened and the next attack will deal an additional 4% damage.

The sword of the G.o.d Thor has absorbed 0.6% of the opponent’s oppressive strength.

Despite the scene of destruction and carnage, Weed continued beating down on the back of Ausollet’s head.


The dragon shook its head as it realized but Weed clung on like a leech. A large number of magic also flew towards Weed.

-Fragments of ice have been scattered.

The small but dangerous pieces of ice swirled above Ausollet’s head. Weed’s body was torn by a myriad of ice pieces.

The thing that warriors feared the most wasn’t arrows or another sword opponent, it was magic. The magic of the dragon caused the worst havoc and suffering!

The large area was turned upside down and burning. The human magicians were barely able to chant spells while the dragon just needed to mutter to cast advanced magic. It was unknown how much mana was consumed but the destruction it caused was dozens of times stronger.

Among the living creatures here, none of them could withstand the dragon’s magic. But the G.o.d’s armour was invoked in response to the magic.

-The finest magic has been weakened.

The aftermath of the impact has been minimized.

The solid ice fragments that were as hard as steel kept on pouring down like rain. Weed automatically moved but he didn’t get wet.

The quality of G.o.d’s armour was more than expected.

“I can believe in this armour as well.”

-Stupid humans. There is nothing you can do. My attack has begun. Dull Shock, Dislocation, Wind Strike, Incurable Disease, Heavy Blow, Stopped Breathing.

The dragon used its magic in succession. Although the surrounding area was filled with enemies, its only goal was Weed!

Weed could see dozens of magic heading towards him. It was like a rainstorm or tsunami of advanced magic. The variety of magic reminded him of all the kimchi kept in his refrigerator and it was a really unpleasant sight.

-The G.o.d Thor has been watching you, a great human warrior.

The power of G.o.d’s armour will be maximized.

It will counteract the magic.

Subsequent magic damage is reduced by 96%.

Depending on the loss of health, the recovery magic in the armour will be triggered.

A divine energy flowed from Weed’s pure white armour and resisted the magic. Some especially strong spells were eliminated by the Sword of the G.o.d Thor.

The dazzling light that occurred on the dragon’s head looked like a hero’s story or a myth. In particular, the black dragon Ausollet had a magnificent but oppressive appearance so the contrast was more effective.

In order to save the world, Weed was fighting the dragon! The sight would be so gorgeous on television that elementary students watching would shed tears and have a runny nose.

Naturally no one would recognize the Weed who wore old sweats.h.i.+rts with holes in them and slippers when heading to the supermarket in the neighbourhood.

The magic couldn’t move Weed so the dragon shook its head vigorously. The shaking that moved dozens of metres.

Weed had grabbed the horns but it was impossible for his body to remain stable. The dragon b.u.mped its head into the buildings and the ground so Weed was lucky he wasn’t thrown. In such circ.u.mstances, a one point attack was naturally impossible.

Then ropes emerged from Weed’s hands!

“I’ve had enough!”

This was a treasure he had acquired after the desert invaded the Central Continent.

A slave’s rope. It seemed ordinary but magic increased the length to 1 kilometre and it couldn’t be broken.

The rope emerging from Weed’s hands wrapped around the dragon’s neck 35 times. The dragon struggled so hard there was a possibility of it breaking. But it couldn’t break 35 layers of rope.


Weed quickly tied the rope around the horn and fixed his own body to it. The skills he used to sew eyes onto the doll hadn’t gone anywhere.

But there was even more. He didn’t worry about using the items he obtained as the Great Emperor of the desert.

“Take this!”

The dragon lifted its face to the sky as it struggled. He threw a crystal towards the open mouth. It was the Crystal Leading to the Fire Sanctuary that he obtained from the Fire Salamander King!

Obviously it was an item related to a new adventure but he would obtain remain in this time until the final secret sculpting technique quest finished.


The dragon reflexively bit down on the crystal that entered its mouth. Then flames hundreds of metres long shot out from its mouth.

-M-my mouth….!

Fire elementals had appeared in the dragon’s mouth after the crystal had broken. Weed could easily guess that it was in pain. It wasn’t enough to eat freshly baked sweet potatoes. He knew it was like drinking boiling hot oil.

Due to the pain, it stopped shaking its head to try and drop Weed.

“The value of that was too expensive.”

He kept using the one point attack on the dragon’s weakness. No matter how high the dragon’s health and defense was, it quickly became a wreck.

Ausollet’s mouth was a wreck.

-Dis is not the answer. Chu will pay for dis sooner or later.

The tongue seemed to be melted so the p.r.o.nunciation was twisted!

“I’m not trembling with fear. People start complaining every time their lives started deteriorating. And I am called the Great Emperor!”

Weed didn’t stop attacking.

Villains who prepared for a long time could have their reward taken away by a moment of laziness at the end. Diligence was essential even when doing bad things!

Weed’s one point attacks reduced the dragon’s health to less than 9%. The flames inside Ausollet’s mouth had gone out. But the fire elementals had gone down to the stomach and dealt more damage.

The dragon’s body shook from the enormous damage.

-I’ve never encountered a human like you!

The dragon’s p.r.o.nunciation was once again fine but the pained countenance was obvious.

“You deserve it. No, it is okay if it was just once. But you were born without any worries while I had to dream about becoming rick and living better in this dirty world!”

-Gather turbulent winds and blow!

Ausollet’s magic created a blast that was 200 metres in high.

The Embinyu knights attacking the dragon were caught by the severe winds and were blow back a few hundred metres into buildings! The dragon unleashed its resentment towards Weed upon the people on the ground. It was really dirty!

The tightly bound Weed continued attacking. The role of the dragon’s scales weren’t working so every hit reduced a large amount of health and triggered special effects.

-Kuoooooh! This is…this!

The dragon that was the best presence above the ground was in severe pain due to Weed. Any other monster or human would be melted away by its poison. It turned its head towards the sky and shot poison at itself.

But Weed was wearing the G.o.d’s armour with Divine Blessing. Even if his health was reduced, it would just be cured by Saint Ah.e.l.lun’s treatment magic.

“Great Emperor-nim! I knew that Great Emperor-nim could do it!”

“Endure until the end. According to providence, the dragon must disappear. G.o.d has really selected a great warrior. I will continue to help. The power of healing will help you beat all the trials!”

Warrior-2 directed the escaped prisoners to prevent the Embinyu Church from interfering.

Ah.e.l.lun continued using magic from far away to supplement his health. Like a cycle of breathing, Weed’s health would be filled up every time it fell. His power had been greatly enhanced by the blessing so his attacks were vastly stronger.

With the help of the saint, the dragon became even more confused.

“We have to help Great Emperor-nim, even if it is only a little bit. This will be the chance to defeat the dragon.”

Hestiger and the elves shot arrows towards the dragon. The steady damage got on the dragon’s nerves. Of course, the arrow didn’t reduce its health but it was enough to annoy the dragon.

The fire elementals continued to hinder the dragon from using magic.

-I never thought it would end up like this. You deserve punishment for your sin that will be paid in blood.

The dragon that had suffered helplessly spread its two wings wide open. And it started to fly towards the sky like earlier.

Despite the huge physique, it rose sharply in a deliberate attempt to drop Weed.

-Get away from my body.

“I will never do that!”

It rotated dozens of times in the sky but Weed’s hands didn’t stop moving.

The one point attacks continued to decrease the dragon’s health during the flight. The one point attack was a very difficult and tricky technique during combat. However, the large body meant that more than half the attacks still hit.

Even if the one point attacks missed, the lowered defense meant that large damage would still be dealt.

-At least I won’t die alone, human!

Ausollet attempted to dive towards the ground. They descended through the clouds and the ground was suddenly closer.

Heuller, the priests and the prisoners lifted their heads with surprise as the dragon appeared over them.

The dragon was risking its own life on a suicide attack! The wind fluctuations was scary as it aimed down towards the ground in order to die.

“Good. Yes, I’m going to die anyway!”

Weed didn’t stop moving his hands until the end.

A desperate plan. Even if he was frightened, he couldn’t give up this chance now that he finally obtained it. The dragon was damaged and quite weak but even the Great Emperor with his high level couldn’t accomplish it easily.

If it was a dragon then humans would have already been wiped out by the wide scale magic. A half-hearted attack wouldn’t deal damage to the enormous health. It might be impossible for humans to hunt the dragon but a high level, definite plan, special items and equipment meant it could be challenged.

These types of quests could show a bit of his dignity.

-Go away!

“I don’t want to! We should have a comfortable death.”

-Human, isn’t your life worth anything?

“It is worth a lot. I will end this unfair and regretful thing. But I won’t miss!”

-Think about it rationally. If you let me go then I promise on the name of a dragon that I will never be hostile to you.

“I’ve thought about it a hundred times! Eating and living well, I really hate you! And believing your words is like trusting a politician.”

Although Weed’s goal was a stable life as a civil servant, he wouldn’t give up the prize if he won the victory.

His goal was to strike it rich and money was more important than his life! If he lost is life along with the dragon but obtained huge riches than the result wouldn’t be bad.

Weed was caught by this greedy and Ausollet was obviously unhappy with the discussion. Ausollet hesitated as it dived towards the ground before eventually changing directions when it was 20 metres away.


Kwa kwa kwa kw.a.n.g!

Monsters were thrown back and buildings collapsed. The wind aftermath of the dragon’s flight caused 400 people to be knocked out. Ausollet said him to die but not enough to commit suicide.

“I thought so. Fellows like you are originally like this!”

Weed continued using the one point attacks on the dragon. It was all or nothing so he didn’t think about it! Ausollet continued suffering and gradually decreased its movements.

-This is….

Now it only had 6% health left.

The one point attacks were perfect but Weed’s powerful offense meant the dragon was weakened. The divine power also wound through the injuries on the black dragon’s body.

It was a fast and furious battle that would never exist in real life!

-Humans…especially a cowardly liar like you, it is unacceptable.

“Humans are vicious and have toxic consciences. That is how they are successful in the world. And you reap what you sow. It is good that you did bad things so that I can hit you even more.”

Weed didn’t even take a millisecond to think about it. The dragon was a creature with high intelligence. In other words, it was possible to inflict psychological damage.

-Things won’t be as simple as you think. Destruction is approaching you.

Ausollet started using a spell. And Weed struck it powerfully in the back of the head.

-You have dealt a critical hit.

The spell that the opponent is chanting will be cancelled.

-All of this will end. No one here will survive. All life that dwells in this land, the deep darkness will descend….

-You have dealt a critical hit.

The spell that the opponent is chanting will be cancelled.

No matter how many times Weed interrupted the magic, Ausollet continued to use it while floating in mid-air. It didn’t try to run away from the attacks and kept on chanting the spell.

‘What is this? This magic seems to be different.’

Weed felt the seriousness of the situation but other than trying to cancel the spell, he had no other way to respond.

The magic of the dragon was very quick compared to the humans. The dragon persisted in trying to chant the spell.

“This guy!”

A vast amount of mana surged towards Ausollet like an ocean. The colossal amount of mana that swarmed to the dragon was enough to cause goose b.u.mps.

The hairs on Weed’s skin started standing up.

-Your attacks have been blocked by the stacked layers of mana.
-Your mana has been affected by an abnormal, external force.

The Moonlight Sculpting Blade skill has been cancelled.

And the spell was completed.

-Complete destruction will come to this land. Eons of Erosion!

Ausollet cast the ultimate destruction magic, Eons of Erosion!

“Eons of Erosion?” Then it must be related to the ground.”

Weed thought about the ultimate earth magic for a while.

Usually magic involving the land wasn’t used frequently in combat. The power was weak and there were no immediate effects during the battle. Normally it was used to create a wall to obstruct monsters or cause them to slip.

‘But a dragon’s ultimate magic is on the same level as Summon Meteor.’

He had obtained a magic scroll containing Summon Meteor that was on a colossal scale. It would completely destroy the monsters in the targeted area. Last time, the impact of the meteor meant the city hit by it was gone. It also caused an immense shock wave. There was a deep pit 1~2 kilometres wide in the ground.

Of course, the Embinyu Church survived due to the divine power but Weed almost died.

‘Wait a minute! I’ve seen Eons of Erosion somewhere before.’

Weed belatedly remembered. Eons of Erosion was written in a booklet he obtained during his activities in the desert.

[Bizarre terrain of the Versailles Continent #8.

The Eskehae Archipelago.

An archipelago contained 17 stone islands that looks like it rose from the sea.

Once upon a time, notorious pirates lived on Pandes Island.

A pirate s.h.i.+p carrying mermaids attracted the wrath of the sea dragon, Leviathan and the magic hit Pandes Island.

Eons of Erosion!

At first, the earth shook like an earthquake was occurring but it quickly started swirling. A terrible vortex was occurring in the ground.

Dirt, rocks, people and plants

Nothing could block it.

Everything was swallowing up by the ground and even birds flying in the sky were sucked in.

After that, the Pandes Island was completely shattered and disappeared.

The only thing that remained are 17 stone islands consisting of the beach and strange cliffs.

Animals don’t live on the small islands but occasionally the singing of mermaids could be heard.

Magicians with a little knowledge of death have gained significant experience and insight by a.n.a.lysing the soil.]

Eons of Erosion was only briefly used but it had smashed the terrain itself.

“If I don’t stop it then everything will disappear.”

Weed understood what Eons of Erosion would do if he didn’t stop Ausollet’s spell. It had used a large amount of mana so the dragon’s movements were dull.

-Stop, stop it now! Listen to my story. There is still a chance for you to live.

Weed asked as he continued with the one point attack.

“What is it? I’m listening.”

-I am tired and hurt from fighting after waking up from a long sleep. As a human, you can easily understand that death is ahead.


-If we stop fighting and reconcile then we can get out of here quickly. Human, nothing in this place will survive Eons of Erosion. Don’t you want to save your precious life?

“Okay. Thanks for your worry but I don’t want to live that much.”

-Make a wise decision. If you think calmly and rationally about it, you can save your life. It is useless if you die in this battle.

“Shut up. Tomorrow you will just destroy the continent and kill me.”

The earth magic was slow to activate.

But there was no telling what would happen one Eons of Erosion occurred. Even so, he didn’t worry about it and just continued taking care of Ausollet.

Weed repeated his attacks, lowering the dragon’s health.

-Kuoooooh! It was resentful and mortified. Ausollet who was qualified to destroy the continent was humiliated that a human could do something like this.

If it could get Weed away from its body then its lost health would recover. Ausollet gave a rough scream and soared high into the sky. It soared vertically through the clouds into the endless sky.

-You have dealt a critical blow!

413% damage has been added.

The opponent’s strength and resilience have been reduced.

The Sword of the G.o.d Thor has dealt 92,939 holy damage.

-25 consecutive, successful attacks in a row has decreased the dragon’s agility by 2.

Weed no longer paid attention to the messages that arose with every hit. Ausollet’s energy was reduced as it started dying from the attacks.

He didn’t consider the issue of survival after killing Ausollet. The top priority was hunting Ausollet!

-I don’t want to die like this. A dragon, forcibly experiencing death….

“Thank you for dying at my hands!”

The black dragon Ausollet.

With absolute power, the dragon was an untouchable existence. Ausollet’s vertical movements into the sky suddenly stopped. And the magic barrier protecting the body slowly started to lift as wind blew slowly.

A grey light spread over the dragon until it enveloped the entire body.

‘This is surely….’

Even Weed couldn’t believe it himself.

-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen.
-The Chaos Dragon Ausollet that would lead the continent to ruin has entered its eternal rest.
-Fame has increased by 79,398 due to the great achievement.
-The dragon that threatened the order of the continent has been killed!
-The combat experience that no one could surpa.s.s has increased all stats by 8.

In particular, Fighting Spirit has increased by 10 and a special skill has been acquired.

Dragon Opposing Anyone its Faces: The dragon slayer’s fighting spirit is something that the weak can’t withstand. Scared monsters will be weakened by 10~60%.

-Due to the triumph in the tough battle, all skills related to combat have risen by 27%.

All combat skills stuck at beginner level will rise by 4.

-The great combat victory has created the state Insight.

Insight: Originates when wisdom and knowledge is very high. Sometimes obtained when discovering hidden secrets in ruins, learning incomprehensible spells, improving magic spells or winning great battles.

This stat will have a positive impact across many areas.

There is a chance to turn the enemy’s magic attacks upside down, easily find traps and know about a monster’s ambush in advance.

Certain senior magic requires insight so it will affect the acquisition of high level, special skills.

-Insight has been obtained during the final secret sculpting technique quest.

This achievement will be applied after you return to the original time zone. However, all stats obtained will start at 1.

Weed’s mouth trembled with emotion.

“Today is really my day.”

The first person to hunt a dragon! The value of the fame would be hard to replace but Weed didn’t realize how much he would gain from killing Ausollet. He was already level 825 but the experience points had increased his level by 4.

It was a brief moment of joy but Weed still had work to do.

“I can’t miss!”

Sya sya syak!

His concentration was at the maximum after hunting! He used his personal experience to collect the loot in the air.

-The map showing something buried at the Mysterious Grey Lake has been acquired.
-The Mirror of the Silver Dragon Yuskellanda has been acquired.

This is an item a.s.sociated with a special quest so it won’t be lost when transcending time and s.p.a.ce.

-68 unsealed mana stones have been acquired.

If used correctly then the colossal amount can open a new area of development.

-208 black dragon bones have been acquired.
-3,494 black dragon scales have been acquired.
-43 black dragon fur have been acquired.
-The dragon’s heart that is the source of life and mana has been acquired.

This fresh heart contains a high density of mana. The heart can be used in all areas of advanced magic.

Most of the items were materials except for the heart! It would be difficult to process but nevertheless, it was still overwhelming. If he had billions of won in his bank account then obviously he would be generous with a few won.

“I might not be able to take these things back to the original world.”

Shortly afterwards, he felt a ma.s.sive sense of loss. The sword and armour of Thor were treasures that would disappear when the quest was over.

The scales and bones from Ausollet that he couldn’t recover starting falling to the ground. Weed was also plummeting towards the ground.

A cool breeze hit his face and his fall slowed down. It wasn’t noticed during the battle because Weed was soaring into the sky with the dragon but the moment Saint Ah.e.l.lun noticed the fall, he immediately used flying magic.

The duration would last for 2 hours after Weed proved his qualifications to Ah.e.l.lun so he could freely act. The Embinyu monsters and escaped prisoners made the earth seem like h.e.l.l while the sky was a paradise to Weed.


-Unit of 7 People Leaping towards a Dragon’s Mouth has been completed.

The tower built by the Embinyu Church to gain power from their G.o.d has been badly broken.

The Chaos Dragon that would cause fear on the continent has been unbelievably removed by a human warrior. This is the first time a dragon has died in combat on the continent and no one could imagine it.

The high priest Heuller and the Embinyu Church will use any evil means necessary to stop you.

The quest will a close to impossible difficulty has been flawlessly completed.

The reward of the final secret sculpting technique will be given.


Weed had a greedy smile on his face.


Bardray and the leaders of the Hermes Guild were gathered at a tavern in one of the areas they occupied in the north.

They only received victory reports as the northern conquest continued. The central area of the Versailles Continent was firmly grabbed so they didn’t feel any tension.

-The gold mines in Asdemend have been discovered. We will proceed with the development.

-The Treasure Dungeon has been verified. An appropriate hunting level is the mid-400s.

-A relic related quest has occurred.

Precious treasures and hunting grounds in the Central Continent were used to raise their power. The Hermes Guild already had unprecedented power but it was being built up even more.

‘This is my way.’

Bardray also didn’t proceed any further on his master quest. It was a lengthy quest that caused headaches rather than giving any definite benefit.

He took his forces to the best hunting ground and pa.s.sed level 510. He used his outstanding information network to acquire skills a.s.sociated with the Black Knight!

Even the Black Knight’s professional attribute ‘Day of Rebellion’ was obtained. It could only be used once a month but it improved the abilities and indomitable strength of his subordinates by more than 2 times. In addition, if a certain amount of mana was used then all ranged attacked will be made void.

Bardray also prepared the Hermes Guild.

Scholars and magicians read books related to quests that were housed in various palaces. Important secrets of the continent were sometimes hidden in libraries and palaces. Adventurers obtained information about unknown sword masters by examining underground walls.

If Bardray and the Hermes Guild could obtain the secret skills of the sword masters than their combat abilities would grow much stronger.

‘I can choose the east and fast way to get ahead of others. I need to increase the gap. This is my way.’

Bardray found his path as a king.

His greed grew as he found compet.i.tion in Weed’s abilities. But he decided not to compete with Weed’s fame on quests.

If he raised the national power of this empire then he was untouchable. After becoming an emperor, he was on the path to become the true ruler of the Versailles Continent.

Dominate the continent and solidify his power so that no one can attack. The Hermes Guild would rule with a powerful force that would never be broken.

In fact, the Hermes Guild only contained 200,000 people but only 50,000 were sent to the north. They commanded the soldiers and knights belonging to the regular army and utilized the power of the magician units to decimate the north.

Of course, that alone was a power enormous enough to make fun of the north. From the perspective of ordinary users, just having a level high enough to join the Hermes Guild was enough to make them feel special.

An operation to cause complete despair.

They would make the northern users kneel down in front of them after losing hope. All cities and villages would be demolished and the land pillaged, making it hard for people to live.

Once the devastated northern users succ.u.mbed to the Hermes Guild, they would come live in the Central Continent.

“Retro is in these days. Today I am playing well.”

“I heard that state of affairs at Pandros Castle is great. Will you have time to visit it sooner or later?”

“The ranch operations near the vast gra.s.slands is going well. Well-bred horses are being raised.”

The lords and senior n.o.bles of the Haven Empire exchanged friendly conversation. A war was going on but those with the best abilities were idly drinking beer in the rear.

“What do you think of Weed’s quest today….?”

“He is greeting his end. And once he returns to this era, he will be pushed back by the Haven Empire.”

“Haha, of course this is also my opinion.”

Bardray and 200 other people were gathered at the tavern.

They were the army commanders and users nominated to key positions in the Hermes Guild

Users brought wrapped gifts to give to Emperor Bardray.

“In contrast to what I expected, the north isn’t giving a formidable resistance.”

“They are just going in circles. They should just give up.”

“But the forces of the Haven Empire isn’t even half a day away. The allied forces in the final battle of the Central Continent were strong so they couldn’t be ignored. This is just stepping over them.”

“Haven’t there been some attacks on the supply carriages in the occupied areas?”

“We’ve significantly increased the number of personnel escorting the supply carriages.”

“Gee, that’s not good. Can’t Lafaye solve it?”

“There are many supplies heading towards our army so gaps can’t be helped. It is also difficult to fortify the occupied territories. The supplies lost won’t cause a strain on the war. The distribution of combat materials is very generous.”

Users quietly talked among each other in the rear of the tavern.

They were users invited after the Hermes Guild became larger so they had a special type of loyalty. They wanted to live among the strong forces.

Their aspirations caused them to join the Hermes Guild and were satisfied to be involved in a coherent plan.

If the power of the Haven Empire was 10 then the north was only 1 or 2. The economy, military power, cities, land area, population and road development couldn’t be compared.

Many of them had surrendered in the face of real power.

“This is the beginning of an adventure, huhuhu. Everyone is watching Weed’s downfall.”

“Of course!”

“It will be a funny sight before the north is occupied and devastated.”

“Hooray Hermes Guild!”

The Hermes Guild users drank wine and enjoyed the entertainment. They were already a mighty force and it was only a matter of time until the continent was unified.

The Sky Tower collapsing caused them to be full of laughter.

“Hahah, he is struggling. That ignorant fellow has the worst luck.”

“I don’t see the reason why Weed is popular. Struggling in vain will give them false hope.”

“If he rampages like that then Bardray-nim will kill him with one single sword strike.”

“Well, he is showing tremendous ability but the quest will end soon. He won’t be capable when he returns.”

Users ranging from the early to mid-400s kept flattering Bardray. The ability to be good at flattery would smooth a person’s social life.

However, there was also a feeling among the users of the Hermes Guild.

‘Is this really not a joke?’

‘Hey, is the quest really proceeding in this way? The scale is so big! I want to see it. But it’ll probably never happen.’

‘Is there a chance of survival? This is a quest with a time limit. Then he will be broken.’

‘An amazing jackpot. The ratings will be very high. He will become a hero and there will continue to be reruns.’

The Hermes Guild users pretended to be casual while watching the broadcast.

“The commentators are praising Weed too much. This is nothing.”

“That’s right. If anyone here was given the chance then they will be much cooler than Weed.”

“This is the end of the G.o.d of War. Conqueror of the continent? That is just due to the quest.”

Bardray had considerable authority over his subordinates and they all revered him. Many people made the bold decision to follow him after seeing his strength.

Bardray calmly drank beer and watched Weed’s adventure on large, magic crystal ball.

‘Weed’s combat sense is much greater than mine. It is useless. Although his one point attacks are accurate, there won’t be much of a gap when I fully learn it. The other special skills? I can also learn them.’

If he watched the broadcast and a.n.a.lysed Weed’s actions then he could compare himself and get ahead of Weed.

Maybe the idea was a little pathetic. In the adventures in the distant past, the Embinyu Church had caused the Hermes Guild a huge headache.

Weed’s fight would be very beneficial for the future. If he returned to the devastated north then there was no doubt the Hermes Guild will be labelled as villains.

‘I will step on him. Justification or reason doesn’t matter. People will eventually succ.u.mb before power.’

Bardray and the Hermes Guild members watched the broadcast with joyous hearts.

Weed riding on the back of the dragon until it was awakened.

‘He is blocked.’

‘Indeed. He is doing something nice by himself.’

‘Ah, the G.o.d of War is real. He is shooting arrows from the dragon’s back.’

‘Is that possible? I was originally an archer and couldn’t do that. But it probably won’t last long.

The tavern was filled with thoughts that were envious of Weed.

And the moment Weed won the fight against the dragon, it was so quiet that the sound of ants crawling could be heard.


[TL Notes:] Hey guys, some of you might not notice this but I’ve started released teasers for a potential project. Two stories have already been uploaded and I will be uploading them once a day.

: I will also be doing an additional 3 chapters for this because the web novel format means that chapters are short. I am doing this to give people an idea of the combat style. I won’t be doing additonal chapters for any of the other stories so please don’t ask.

Also, people seem to be having some misunderstandings. The teasers have nothing to do with ATL. I’ve been planning this long before I decided to put ATL on hiatus so the poll isn’t a vote between ATL and the teasers.



The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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