The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 40 Chapter 3

3) Abyss Knight and the Hermes Guild

“Huhuhuhut, I am the number one archer in the north, Pale!”

Pale looked towards the cloud of dust where the Haven Empire’s army was gathered.

A group of high level users in the north had gathered to face the invincible army trying to take over the entire Versailles Continent.

“We won’t stand a chance with a frontal attack. We can kill a few fellows one on one but there is no chance against an army.”

“Then let’s stick to the outskirts.”

“Don’t the Hermes Guild have many people just as strong as us?”

“A huge army like that won’t have a perfect defense. We can see some gaps. They will become larger in the eyes of a ranger.”

“I agree. This will be a fun hunt.”

The best rangers, archers and magicians in the north had ventured out for combat. The news wasn’t widespread so only 200 people had joined

They waited quietly on top of the hills as the Haven Empire’s army pa.s.sed by. The scouting troops had pa.s.sed and now it was the central group of the army.

If the northern users’ location was discovered then it would be instant death. The whole area would be devastated by the huge magician units riding in carriages.

There were many soldiers in the Haven army. There was also a variety of monsters, beasts and special forces.

It was mainly magicians and archers that partic.i.p.ated in the battle against the north but troops were fully mobilized in order to occupy the area.

There were a variety of kingdoms in the Central Continent where many species lived but they also had the ambition to suffocate the north.

“Please, please. This life will be saved today. Kill for the dignity of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult.”

Some of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult members were also there.

“Now.” njdkahaoifdjafioarheaiodfjkdalngkadifhaskjdaiosd

And finally, the troops composed of ordinary soldiers moved into their view. Many of them were elite soldiers of the Haven Empire that had experienced a lot of war.

“Then load your weapons.”

The archers pulled out their bows and arrows. They loaded the arrows without protesting and waited.

“Fiery Pebble elemental summon!”

“Xing Xing, I am here.”

“Let’s bury the enemy.”

The elementalists summoned the spirits and attached them to the arrows. Once the help of the spirits was received, the power and characteristics of the arrows would increase.

“Shoot all at once. Fire!” arhauiwahjewanakjdfnaoisakdjasdsad

Syu syu syu syu syuk!

The archers shot from the hills as the arrows penetrated the troops of the Haven Empire. Skill, arrows flying on the wind!

A skill that increased the distance of ranged attacks by 50%.

“An ambush by the enemy!”

“From the direction of the hills back there!”

The archers from the Haven Empire identified the enemy positions and counterattacked but their arrows didn’t reach the hill.

There were differences in the skills and equipment but the Haven Empire’s archers were firing against the wind towards the northern users who were on a higher terrain.

“A great opportunity. Shoot as much as possible!”

“I don’t have time to talk right now. Pour out the steel arrows….”

The archers moved their hands as quickly as possible. They utilized their rapid fire and penetrating skills.

Normally the accuracy would decrease for long range attacks.

The long range attacks were mainly useless but now the archers could use them energetically. Now they didn’t need to worry about being hit by anyone in the vicinity.

Unfortunately, the soldiers had armour and s.h.i.+elds so they didn’t lose their lives from one or two long range arrows. sawueiejasnsajdasknasfojafkadnsadkjsandjkdfnd

The wide area archer skills such as burning, freezing or exploding weren’t used. However, the effects of the elemental spirits meant the arrows could exert a similar power.

The soldiers of the Haven Empire were hit by multiple shots and lost their lives. The users of the Hermes Guild leisurely advancing gave an order.

“The soldiers are taking care of those guys too slowly. Knights, control them immediately!”

“Eagle Knights, march!”

Dust rose as the knights of the Haven Empire sped into action. The Hermes Guild users with tremendous skill were among them.

“Hurry up and shoot. Don’t let them come closer.”

At this point, the arrows fired by the north targeted the knights.

“This isn’t causing enough damage so we need to increase our power.”

Penetration, poison and whirlwind. The arrows fired from the bow were so strong that half of the knights fell from their horses.

The knights’ strong defense meant they weren’t easy to kill but they would be unable to fight for a while.

“Those guys are coming closer.”

“Enough damage has been caused so let’s go.”

“Good!” eytrjthsuijheriajhnajkahsiaaskjasorieahkadsjoid

The northern archers completed their mission so they carried their bows and quickly withdrew. The knights chasing found armoured knights among the northern users.

“Who do those guys belong to?”

“They seem to be the knights of Miyaba. Before Miyaba Princ.i.p.ality fell, the minimum level of the knights was 400.”

“I didn’t realize they moved up to the north.”

The northern users had felt the terrible power of the Haven Empire’s magician units. If they came closer then it would be death. However, if the knights chased after them then they could fight.

“Like thorns stuck between the teeth. It will just be a burden if we go too far away from the main army…. We will wipe them out at the next opportunity. Withdraw.”

The knights of the Haven Empire eventually chose to retreat.

“Hooray!” . Don’t read at pirated sites.

“Kuh, this taste!”

“We did it!” tuihsduiadjasdnsadnasdjoafdjikoasdbnajdsadkand

It was small damage as only 1,000 people were killed but the northern users rejoiced. So far, millions of people had died in the north but the Haven Empire only received small damage as 100,000 were killed.

A constant losing streak!

However, more users in the north were scrambling to partic.i.p.ate. Moreover, many users that had been living in the depths of the dungeon started to emerge.

“That is…if my eyes are mistaken, that is the red skirt worn by the bard Skolla-nim!”

“Eh, that man is the one who kept on hitting wind monsters…he appeared on a broadcast 2 years ago!”

In the early days of Royal Road, there were many well-known users who experienced death at the hand of the Haven Empire and wandered around.

They developed unique hunting styles or techniques in Royal Road and quietly migrated to the north. They were already disillusioned by the fierce power struggle in the Central Continent. Quests and hunting were all tied up by the Haven Empire.

They migrated to the north where they could live freely. Anger towards the Haven Empire boiled up inside them as they finally started to make a move. jndfkmfndfkajdosadksalfnsad

They joined the northern users and set out to fight for Weed’s Arpen Kingdom.

Haven Empire and Weed.

If it was just a matter between those two then the residents wouldn’t partic.i.p.ate. Morata was only one city that had too many users living there.

But the Haven Empire had already conquered the Central Continent so if they captured the north, there would be no place on the continent to live freely.

To them, Weed and the Arpen Kingdom had become a great focal point.

“Our hope is the archer Pale-nim.”

“If he hadn’t shown us….”

“I saw him shooting a bow. Almost a 100 metres back and it pierced two or three times.”

“Amazing skills.”

Pale was praised by the northern users. nbknamoiarijeajskdasjdsajkfafasdasd

‘I suffered through a proud life but now people are looking at me with proud eyes.’

Although he started Royal Road a little late, he suffered while accompanying Weed around. The skills, stats, and j.a.ptem acquired during the encounters made everyone admire his skills.

-No, I am no different from a dog….! Wasn’t I strong when I started in Rosenheim Kingdom?

-I grew conventionally just like everyone else.

-I can’t believe I’ve been using a plain arrowhead until today! If poison is used on the arrowhead then hunting efficiency will increase. I should at least fire some poison arrows.

-Weed-nim told me. Hunting isn’t something for the head. It needs to be repeated with the body. Don’t just use my head to catch monsters and fight comfortably. And it is good to spend money to buy a better item.

-The level of skill is terrific.

-It can be called grinding the basics. This is also something I learned from Weed-nim.

Pale had appeared on previous broadcasts with Weed so he was famous in the north.

All eyes turned towards him whenever he entered the city carrying an elves’ bow. Pale didn’t know what the people watching him were thinking.

‘An influential person.’

‘I can recognize him with one glance. I can see the glory of Pale-nim directly.’

‘Good looking. Tall.’

‘Kyah, the stylish way he is carrying that bow!’

Pale led the northern users in the fight. He didn’t join his colleagues in finding the treasures of the Pallos Empire as he thought this was more rewarding. uaehasjdbsanfadoskaldnsajdkasnfsaj

He demonstrated excellent skills in battle and was recognized by the people he led.

‘This is a man’s romance.’

A rotten smile that resembled Weed’s appeared on his face. And all of a sudden, he received a whisper.


-Ah, Weed-nim!

Pale was startled and replied.

“What, he is receiving a whisper from the G.o.d of War Weed-nim?

“Iyah, an answer! As expected, Weed-nim frequently sends whispers to his colleagues.”

The users over level 430 greatly admired him. No matter how high their level was, it wasn’t easy to become friendly with Weed. cajdsanjndaifjsbdaisdajdksadnsad

The news about Weed’s whisper quickly spread through the surprised crowd. Weed’s reputation was enough to make a river out of soju in the north.

-Where are you now?

Pale replied in a manly tone.

-I’ve been fighting the army of the Haven Empire near Nur Plains. I’m using arrows for ranged attacks. The knights were very dangerous so it was quite suspenseful.

He expected Weed to give some form of thanks or praise.

-Hrmm, so you’re not particularly busy. I will send Yurin towards you. Can you wait a short moment? tuhraijandhsajdadadasjdakdsad.

-Of course. Weed-nim has returned from a long quest so there must be a celebration. I’ll pay!

-We’re going hunting instead of celebrating.

-Huh? Already? Talking about hunting as soon as he returned…..

Weed had a wide range of view and could identify the characteristics and actions of monsters. When fighting with difficult monsters, there were moments when they almost lost their lives.

Instead, his colleagues felt glad.

‘It won’t be too bad if I die.’

‘I-I want to rest.’

‘This is h.e.l.l hunting. This place is h.e.l.l…. I won’t do bad things anymore and will live a good life.’

He got goose b.u.mps after receiving the hunting invitation.

-Well, I’m quite busy….after next day or two. iyudfisfuijfanodnaskdlasnfsadjkasdnsakjd

-It is quite fast so it was only take a few days.

-I’d like to fight the Haven Empire when they arrive at the Earth Palace. If we come back a little bit late…they might come sooner.

-There is no way I can hold them. It is possible that we might come back late.

-Well, I hope so. No matter what my mind thought of, it didn’t work.

The devastating whisper ended and Yurin showed up. Pale’s activities were being broadcasted so she didn’t need to have the surroundings explained to her.

“h.e.l.lo. I will quickly take you to Oppa.”

“Yes, I’m off.”

Pale’s shoulders slumped as he left together with Yurin.

And the people who remained behind.

“Is the story he told about suffering with Weed-nim real?”

“Somehow I don’t envy him.” weawerejfdnamkandsakjsanfsajdsa

“Even if I had the abilities, I don’t want to live like that.”

“We can just act comfortably.”


Weed’s hunt for members!

All of his colleagues were looking for the treasure of the Pallos Empire except for Pale.

And he needed to pick up a man from the Freya Church. His first slave apart from Van Hawk.

“Ohhh, it is great to see you after such a long time. Other people don’t know but I heard about Weed’s special adventure through G.o.ddess Freya.”

“Let’s go.”


“Time is precious.”

Weed used his acc.u.mulated contribution to the Freya Church to kidnap Alveron. And he was introduced to some new people through Mapan’s wide network of contacts.

“Um, I am Python.”

Python had a huge bulk like a bear and swung his sword. He was famous for surviving in Averian Forest for his Warrior Master Quest.

Weed had met him in the past at the training centre but they both didn’t remember.

‘He must eat a lot of rice.’

‘He doesn’t look unusual. The atmosphere is normal, just like the rumours about the King of the Arpen Kingdom.’

And a mysterious man also joined.

“My name…it is difficult to tell you but the merchant Mapan can guarantee that I am trustworthy.”

The man that Mapan introduced was wearing a hood that made it difficult to even see his face. Weed shook hands with him first. bhutuifhjfsfhoajafioahfasiofsjadaiofashdasd

“It is a pleasure.”

“I’ll work hard.”

The man had a naturally cool voice like an actor. Weed met the man’s eye.

‘I can’t believe this guy. He looks much better than me.’

‘I know he is a sculptor but I don’t feel anything special.’ Perhaps he seems stronger on the broadcasts? But I can completely win over him. I am the shadow of death, Seasoned….no.’

Weed, Pale, Alveron, Python and the man of death. The party was formed and then Python asked.

“But where are we going? A normal hunting ground wouldn’t need to gather all these people. Do you have some quest to finish?”

They heard that hunting with Weed the G.o.d of War was amazing and decided to join without any information.

The Haven Empire’s army was approaching so they wondered why he wanted to hunt now. He would only be able to gain 1~2 levels in the next few days.

From Weed’s perspective, he was in a hurry to restore his levels.

“Let’s go south.”

“South? Huh, really surprising. Are you referring to the battlefield of the Haven Empire?”

“Not the southern area of the north. We are going to the southern region of the Versailles Continent.”

“That is just desert…. Ah! The quest on the television. You want to hunt based on information obtained from your time in the desert. But won’t it take too long to move there? It would be better to take care of some of the surrounding dungeons.”

Python disagreed with the travel plans. There were many dungeons near the Earth Palace.

The higher level a user was, the more careful they had to be. They had to carefully collect information about dungeons, quests and hunting. Losing their lives would cause a huge loss so they needed to make rational judgments. So they needed to prepare places to run away in the dungeon when they were at risk from dying. utushseuihsiaofhaoifsadhsaoifsajdsoia

Weed, the G.o.d of War, might have power but he couldn’t just go into dungeons unprepared. But Weed had a rotten smile on his face that was closer to derision after hearing Python’s words.

“What is the meaning in achieving an insignificant goal? It should be larger.”

“That is fine but what can you achieve in a day of hunting? Of course, the story would change if there was a long distance teleport gate to the dungeon.”

“I will take care of the travel time. And more important, you should have a goal in life or it will be like eating roasted buns instead of sweet and sour pork for the rest of your life.”

The shadow of death felt deeply sympathetic towards Python. Because they both disliked roasted buns. . Don’t read at pirated sites.



Van Hawk and the 600 Imperial Doom Knights occupied cities and two fortresses.



The thick walls of the fort found it difficult to stop the rush of the undead. Angry ghosts and Doom Knights pa.s.sed through the gates or jumped high over the walls.

“Constantly shoot at their feet!”

“Generously sprinkle with holy water, priests pray for G.o.d’s power!”

The soldiers of the Haven Empire used flaming arrows. Arrows flew across the dark sky and fell onto the enemy. Lights momentarily flared everywhere and the bodies of skeletons and zombies could be seen.

“Really fun. Shouldn’t I express this fun?”

“Attack, attack, uhehehehe!” mnvmfjahfasfakdjsaiofhdadkfsandoajdksadsa

“Ah, it is frustrating. I am a skeleton with no left leg. Are there any leg bones nearby?”

The users partic.i.p.ating in the event advanced towards the fortress as undead. There were at least 40,000 undead users partic.i.p.ating. Including the bodies of the Versailles Continent’s residents wrapped in the power of the Abyss Knight, there was a total of 100,000 undead!

It was enough troops to form a kingdom in the Central Continent that had been unified by the Haven Empire.

“Skeletons, climb the walls!”


The skeletons climbed the steep walls with their bony fingers and fought the soldiers. Unless the undead users lost their lives to divine magic or holy water, they would be restored immediately.

The users partic.i.p.ating as Doom Knights laughed pleasantly. The users could relieve their stress against the Haven Empire in this event so they were happy!

However, the elite troops of the Haven Empire were prepared to respond to the undead. The Hermes Guild had 30,000 users, 6,000 Imperial knights and the support of the paladins and priests of the Central Continent.

Due to the exclusive quests and funds, they were able to mobilize the troops of the religions on the continent. caurhauwjaofakdssafiosadknsafnsadojsadn

“The undead will continue to revive unless we completely remove their roots. The low grade undead don’t matter but we need to address the Abyss Knight Van Hawk and the Doom Knights.

An Abyss Knight was terrifying. Its power was supported by the Doom Knights.

Time was running out since the Abyss Knight appeared in the Kallamore area. While the Hermes Guild was mobilizing their forces, the undead were getting stronger as more soldiers from the Kallamore Kingdom joined them.

Fortunately, it was relatively easy to deal with the undead using light and divine power. Except for the Hermes Guild users, the soldiers and knights were entirely composed of NPCs.

All the users involved in the battle had their weapons and armour blessed. Silver weapons, armour and supplies piled up in the warehouses were all released.

As the Abyss Knight Van Hawk and the Doom Knights arrived near Hepenia Fortress, the teleport gate there activated.


There was an intense light as Bardray arrived at Hepenia Fortress.

“His Majesty the Emperor who rules over a vast territory.”

“The Sword of the Empire and the largest sponsor of the church.”

The NPC knights were respectful as soon as Bardray appeared. The ordinary soldiers and residents of Hepenia Fortress bowed low on the ground

Bardray nodded his head towards the Imperial Knights and paladins.

‘A lot of troops.’

Hepenia was a very large fortress that used to belong to the Kallamore Kingdom. The Hermes Guild had to sacrifice a lot in order to occupy this place. nvjskfdfjaodiskanfaoajdnasodnad

It wasn’t just the height of Hepenia Fortress. It was built against high mountains and cliffs so it was difficult to penetrate. It was equipped with basic defenses like an archers’ tower, catapult launchers, a moat and small, narrow windows to prevent the intrusion of enemies.

In many ways, it was difficult to conquer Hepenia Fortress so those who owned it would feel proud. Of course, it still wasn’t completely repaired from the damage of the last battle.

‘Those who started in the Haven Empire won’t know the difference but this used to belong to the Kallamore Kingdom. There is no time, so many things are insufficient. I miss those days a little bit.’

The Hermes Guild users gathered at the fortress once they heard Bardray come through the teleport gate.

“Is that Bardray?”

“It is the first time I’m seeing him directly and his equipment is really great.”

“The power that dominated the Versailles Continent. How strong is he?”

“Based on the broadcast, he is the strongest in the continent. Even Carlise lost his life. He didn’t just obtain the name of G.o.d. Even Weed the G.o.d of War couldn’t survive against him.”

Bardray heard a lot of chatter around him. Most of it was praise but some words were filled with envy.

The users belonging to Hermes Guild were proud to be in the presence of Bardray.

‘Yes, this reaction. Soon all of the people on the continent will be showing this reaction!’


Despite the undead’s first attacks, the Hermes Guild waited calmly.

Losing fortresses or cities was a loss for the Haven Empire but they willingly submitted to it. The economic power of the Empire meant that cities could grow in 1~2 days.

Lafaye and the leaders of the Hermes Guild were concerned about the big picture of the Empire. The centre of the area was the Haven Kingdom that promoted production, technology development and trade for the entire central area.

In the early days of Royal Road, each kingdom were held firmly to their area. The continents in the centre flourished economically compared to the undeveloped areas.

There was a long period of time where the prestigious guilds had disputes over those areas. The whole continent was in turmoil until the Haven Empire was established.

Once the continent was unified, the Imperial Palace would start the systematic management. Stable and endless prosperity.

The Hermes Guild’s leaders gathered at the Imperial Palace had already thought of a long term plan for ruling. nbvhafbajfksadsafikadsadsjakoflnsadjadksad

Of course, most of the east was still recovering from the influence of the Embinyu Church and they were also preparing the army to occupy the southern deserts. In the process, they would accept the knights and soldiers of the kingdoms they conquered.

The leaders of the Haven Empire didn’t need to worry about conquering the east or the south. Despite the war in the north lasting longer than expected, it was being handled perfectly.

“We need a complete victory.”

Bardray and the Royal Guards were going to fight against the Abyss Knight. The top 300 users in the Hermes Guild belonged to the Royal Guards.

The Royal Guards were supported with the best weapons, armour, hunting grounds, skills and research.

“Those guys flocking towards Hepenia Fortress…there are places where the walls of the fortress are crumbled and it will be hard to respond in the darkness.”

They decided to intercept the undead outside the fortress. There was no need to fight the enemy at a fortress that wasn’t suitable. The Hermes Guild were filled with pride so they didn’t want to be beaten by the undead on these walls.

“Coc.o.o.n Valley. If we block all sides then none of the undead will be able to survive.”

Coc.o.o.n Valley was an area with tremendous height. It was a wide valley in between beautiful, breathtaking rugged mountains. eraurgeaijhraoifakjdnsaiofknsadjasdiadskao

The rainy season would cause a river to flow through it. Flowers bloomed among green trees in spring and the scenery would beautiful enough to have hundreds and thousands of visitors. Currently, the water and growth was low so it was a place suitable for large scale combat.

“This place will be the grave of the undead. That is the only value the scenery has.”

The forces were mobilized after noon and waited for night to arrive. The Hermes Guild arranged their weapons and waited for night time.

Abyss Knight Van Hawk and the undead would appear at night. Soon it was twilight and night fell.


The ghosts made whining sounds and emerged from the ground. The undead that had been sleeping deep in the ground rose again.

Abyss Knight Van Hawk and the Doom Knights of the Kallamore Kingdom. The undead users actively partic.i.p.ating!

-Night is the time of the undead.

Abyss Knight Van Hawk led his undead troops to regain the territory of the Kallamore Kingdom. Today 4,302 new undead users had joined.

“Heh, this will be fun.”

“They are only beggar skeletons.”

“Trample the rebellion. Shatter all their bones.” dfhauiahoigkosajoiafkoasdjsaida

This was the Kallamore Kingdom in the Central Continent and the levels of the users in the Hermes Guild were far superior.

They were composed of strong people that had gone through all types of hards.h.i.+ps. In the past, the strong players had gathered under the banner of the Hermes Guild. They thought that they were the strongest as they waited for the upcoming battle.

The Abyss Knight invading the Haven Empire was a big issue so the broadcasters decided to play it live.

The worst monster, the Abyss Knight! The strongest Empire on the continent! Many high level users like clouds!

There were already enough elements for success!


Bardray stood at the top of the valley with the Royal Guards. It was a good location to look over the whole battlefield.

Abyss Knight Van Hawk had to break through layers of troops in order to reach him.

He was always escorted by the Royal Guards but now there were an additional unit of Imperial Knights and 5,000 Hermes Guild users acting as protection.

‘Funny. This is a quirky and fresh situation. I had been feeling a bit bored from all the conquest and ruling. Weed must have felt this way after experiencing numerous quests and events.’

Bardray could feel the tension of the exciting battle.

‘I’ve been looking forward to a battle like this.’

He had pride in having defeated numerous strong monsters. He was recognized as the undisputed strongest user on the continent. ygreauyrgasjfskadbasdjksanfasjdkasnx

Weed was the symbol of a great battle by using one point attacks but the Black Knight had special skills to stop rebellions. The effort of the Hermes Guild meant that his sword techniques were continuing to evolve.

Bardray was inwardly surprised. His armed forces were growing with increasing speed. One individual had piled up such a military force in Royal Road.

Unfortunately, he was restricted in quests so Weed had stepped up to the level of Warrior Saving the World first. However, if he was given the opportunity in the future then there was no doubt he would obtain it.

‘My fame will go up if I fight the Abyss Knight.’

Bardray waited for the battle. He wanted to fight but needed to wait for the proper timing. A man should appear in the most important moments of the fight. He would appear with dramatic timing and clear up the situation like Weed. nksdjfajfasdiaosfkjsakdlnas

“They are coming.”

“Prepare to carry out the plan.”

Bardray watched the users busy taking action. The undead were expected to enter through the entrance of the valley below. They couldn’t bypa.s.s Cocc.o.o.n Valley.

‘They are a stupid and easy opponent. The attributes of the undead are crucial.’

The undead were widely known as the incarnations of revenge. NPCs were capable of moderately complex thought processes.

For example, a magician would have a lot more knowledge than a merchant. They cherished their own lives, academic goals or gave out certain quests. But the undead didn’t think and simple wanted the destruction of the Hermes Guild.

The details of Van Hawk’s past meant they knew his nature. He was a hero of the mighty Kallamore Empire. After somehow becoming lost in darkness, he was appointed by Barkhan as a commander of his Immortal Legion. uerhaeuarhjnsoandsaocnskxamdsa

Van Hawk’s true ability was his power to exert leaders.h.i.+p over the skeletons! A great knight could double the abilities of their soldiers. There were several variables such as loyalty or intimacy but the knights could increase the abilities depending on the situation.

Van Hawk and the Doom Knights were fully trained in that regard. The undead with their capabilities strengthened could crash through the enemies. jdfaahroeaifkasdjsaidoksalna

Despite being undead, the leaders had considerable intellect. Even if they knew it was a trap, their tendencies to break through meant they would come into the valley.

“This will be a good opportunity.”

Bardray rode a white horse with dignity as he waited for the battle to start.


“Let’s start the operation.”

“Carry out the 1st wave of attacks!”


Large rocks started to roll down the valley. The Haven Empire had prepared rocks in order to deal with the undead. The rocks quickly rolled down the steep valley and broke through the formation of the undead.



The limbs of the skeletons were broken. Hundreds of skeletons went rolling as they were crushed by the rocks. . Don’t read on pirated sites


The users partic.i.p.ating in the event as ghost cried out.


“Is that how you should meet us?”

The skeletons, zombies, dullahans, death knights, ghosts, doom knights and users watched the rocks coming without any tension.

Even if they died, they would be revived with the power of the Abyss Knight! In addition, they welcomed an ambush. The Doom Knights would become stronger from suffering.

It was common to find Doom Knights in the dungeons of the Central Continent. The Abyss Knight Van Hawk’s ability was enough to smash walls and gates. The level of the undead users varied and some were senior monsters like Doom Knights.

However, they looked down on the response of the Haven Empire.

The Hermes Guild had the capacity to build an empire and their knowledge of tactics from ancient books was excellent. Even though their opponent was the worst Abyss Knight, they had prepared to respond accordingly.

“Purify this land according to G.o.d’s will…Proclamation of Holy Land!

“All the wicked and evil can’t return to this place, Judgement of the Wicked!”

The priests shouted and aimed their divine magic at the undead. The bodies made of dark mana returned to the earth as the souls were perfectly destroyed.

The priests’ divine magic struck down on the valley filled with undead like pure, white lightning.

“The archers will begin their mission.”

The Haven Empire’s skilled archers launched a barrage of silver arrows. The specialized magician and archer units had helped in their conquest operations.

No matter how excellent the users, they couldn’t escape the intensive attacks. .h.i.tting the battlefield. The commanders of the ranged troops aimed them at the proper place for active suppression.

The archers of the Haven Empire had the best equipment and received special training so they could shot arrows ten times per minute.

5,000 archers fired silver arrows, causing a huge commotion among the crowd of zombies and skeletons.

There was no armour or s.h.i.+elds so it hit the body. The dullahans and death knights didn’t die but the arrows greatly reduced their health.

“Kehehe, not enough. I will have rice porridge with abalone!”

A skeleton hit the arrows with rusty swords.

‘A hero needs this much suffering!’ dfnabfjasdakansdkaonfsa

Jighart started in the Central Continent and joined an ordinary guild. His guild didn’t have a fortress so he didn’t partic.i.p.ate in any wars. But there was a war between the Haven Empire and prestigious guilds so the persecution in the Central Continent became deeper.

Then he had migrated to the north. After a distressful trip, he finally lived a life of happiness in the north.

In the distant past, he had died in the vicinity of Reinstadem and the Abyss Knight revived him to partic.i.p.ate in the fight. nfbdjfmnaoajdaikodansdaos

Due to the fact that he lost his life in the old days, he only became a skeleton. But he skillfully handled the sword and hit the flying arrows.

The aura of the Abyss Knight made him more powerful.

“Their huge conceitedness! I will show them the power of a skeleton!”

Jighart moved like he was possessed but his body was soon hit by arrows.

-Health has decreased by 2,349.

A holy silver arrow.

This is a critical hit against those with dark inclinations.

Attack power has been reduced by 12%.

Once hit with three or four arrows in a row, his body burned into grey ash and soon disappeared.

The Abyss Knight had control over darkness and could raise the undead again. But the Proclamation of Holy Land and silver arrows meant it took more time than usual.

“My bones are melting so I can’t advance.”

“I only have my pelvis and ankle bone left. I won’t be able to fight.”

“Show those humans the taste of death.”

The undead started to climb the valley without hesitation. Rocks rolled down but they were somewhat safe from the arrows on the steep cliffs.

“Chew on living flesh.”

“Revenge on the Haven Empire!”

The undead players and residents of the Kallamore Kingdom climbed the cliff. The users mixed in with the undead found it interesting and fun.

“A terrible smell is coming!”

“The severe smell of something rotten. Stop the undead from reaching here!”

The army of the Haven Empire screamed.

A strong odour was drifting from the body of the undead. The undead didn’t have a nose so they couldn’t smell it. However, it was seriously painful for the humans.

“Kilkilkil!” Don’t support pirate sites.

The undead climbed up bit by bit.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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