The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 40 Chapter 4

4) Emperor of the Haven Empire

“This is cla.s.sic and boring.”

Bardray frowned from above the valley.

“It would be nice if the undead weren’t so weak.”

The Haven Empire had prepared excessively for the Abyss Knight and Doom Knights. The 100,000 undead army melted in vain from the divine magic and silver arrows.

Their idea to climb the cliff was stupid. The rocks, arrows and magic meant they couldn’t even climb half of it before rolling back down. The Imperial Knights of the Haven Empire were guarding the cliffs so they undead would just die even if they reached the top.

The Hermes Guild moved at an amazing speed and encircled them. They could easily succeed in cleaning up the undead troops.

This undead army was significantly weaker than the armies of the other guilds and kingdoms that the Haven Empire had faced.

“The levels are too far off. I didn’t want this type of battle.”

He wanted the undead army to be stronger in order to create an amazing scene. The Haven Empire’s army could overcome the disadvantage, but they didn’t want to take the risk. He just wanted the best scenario to show off his power.

However, Bardray was watching the undead collapse in vain.

Ghosts could fly in the air but were too afraid of the divine magic to approach the cliff.

However, the priests’ mana wasn’t infinite and half of the silver arrows had been consumed.

“Imperial Knights, charge!” bnjbadsnajdbadjsa

“Return all the undead to dust.”


The Imperial Knights rode down the steep slope on horseback as planned. The horses running down the steep slope was like magic. The Imperial Knights of the Haven Empire had excellent horses with special magic.

The knights heading down the cliff burned the undead with their magic swords.

“I will finish them all off.”

“Let the undead know the strength of the Hermes Guild!”

The Hermes Guild users also hurriedly ran down the cliff.

The high level users enjoyed enormous privileges from the Hermes Guild so they never refused any commands to mobilize. Bardray easily gathered users with the highest levels and largest power.

The Abyss Knight was damaging the Central Continent that they conquered so the Hermes Guild gathered their power. .

“Come, Hermes villains!”

“I will just revive even if you kill me!”

The undead users cried out as the undead users headed down the cliff.

“Just kicking the undead with my foot would cause the skeleton to decay….! This is a high cla.s.s swordsmans.h.i.+p skill!”

“Emanation of fierce power, Axe a.s.sault!” ghjdfhaudsaijdaskdas

The Hermes Guild used their excellent skills to sweep through the undead like leaves.

“Uhh, unbelievable….”

The skeletons’ hopes and dreams were destroyed in vain. Some were lucky but the undead killed by swords imbued with magic power couldn’t even dream of resurrection.

The gap between the Hermes Guild and the skeletons was too large so they were little help in battle. The death knights, dullahans and soul trackers reinforced by the dark aura withstood several attacks before being destroyed.

Then a low, gloomy voice rang out through the valley.

“Steel knights of the Kallamore Kingdom! Destroy the enemy for the glory of the empire!”

“This…place…take…back… …But…blessing…part…take…breathe…that…way…straight…”


The Abyss Knight Van Hawk was marching at the head of the Doom Knights. There was an immediate change to the battlefield. nbhfgauifahoasdhsaod

The dark aura spread out from Van Hawk. His left hand was holding a spear and his right hand a sword as he wielded the weapons against the Hermes Guild.

“The spread of the abyss.”

Before they knew it, the dark aura split into many branches and hit hundreds of users in the Hermes Guild.

Kwa kwa kwa kw.a.n.g!

“This much is nothing!”


The users. .h.i.t by the dark aura lost their lives. The whole front was devastated. s.h.i.+elds and armour were broken and those that didn’t die, received serious damage to their health. In their current state, they couldn’t even resist the skeletons.


“This is the real appearance of the legendary monster, Abyss Knight!”

The Hermes Guild far away watched with horror as their peers were killed.

“Abyss Knight. I acknowledge that he is moderately strong. But a shallow attack like this, Tirbing is impervious to it!”

A user in the Hermes Guild called Tirbing! A warrior who always came to the front in the battlefield.

-Incomplete Body Wave

All physical damage caused by the enemy will be reduced by 20% and a serious injury can increase defense up to 9 times, depending on the level.

This will affect resilience and other defense skills.

However, there will be a severe loss of skill proficiency if you die.

Restrictions: Restricted to warriors.

600 Resilience or more.

Experience clearing more than 206 dungeons.

A warrior who usually didn’t die in battle. He would survive even on battlefields when many people lost their lives.

He dashed hundreds of metres in a straight line towards the enemy as he entered battle mode.

“Abyss Knight, this will be your end!”

Tirbing shouted loudly as he approached the Abyss Knight Van Hawk. Van Hawk stopped emitting the dark aura for a moment.

Tirbing ran towards him wielding a long spear. Once he was roughly 50 metres away from Van Hawk.

All the light was absorbed into the darkness and it was pushed out. A dark spear containing the aura of despair hit Tirbing’s chest. erueheuahodskldjadsa

“Keheok! But I don’t mind the pain. I can endure it!”

Tirbing was slightly over level 400 while Van Hawk was in the mid-600s.

He has always been compared to Weed but Van Hawk’s power was enough to make him one of the boss cla.s.s monsters on the Versailles Continent. The so-called invisible state!

Nevertheless, Tirbing was able to survive thanks to Incomplete Body Wave.

“This dirty Abyss Knight! I won’t be surprised by just this!”

Tirbing’s health had declined by 16%. In addition, he had sore legs from running but he didn’t show it at all. But that wasn’t the extent of Van Hawk’s power as he didn’t withdraw the spear from Tirbing.


Tirbing’s body floated into the air like it was possessed. Van Hawk tied him up with the power of darkness. .

-You have been taken captive by the abyss.

Resistance has failed.

You lack faith and concentration.

Strength is low.

Unable to move for 16 seconds.

“Eh? This isn’t….”

From then on, Van Hawk’s spear started to show dazzling movements.

Pabababak! Kwa kwa kwa kwak! Peok! Jjik! Kuuung!

Tirbing fell down into the dirt. And he neatly died!

The difference in levels and being unable to defend meant he died. It was a shocking sight.

The Hermes Guild panicked in front of the Abyss Knight. The high level users backed by the Hermes Guild had never seen a situation like this before.

“It is time to get revenge for Kallamore. March of the Dead!”

Van Hawk used a collective a.s.sault skill. The Doom Knights escorted him towards the Hermes Guild.

“Endure! Soon the priests will support us with the divine magic….”


“Block their a.s.sault!”


“I can’t endure…..”

Kwa kwa kw.a.n.g!

The users of the Hermes Guild lost their lives to the a.s.sault of Van Hawk and the Doom Knights. The Abyss Knight had a level over 600!

And the aura coming from the Abyss Knight focused on the Imperial Knights of the Kallamore Kingdom. The strongest a.s.sault troops in the history of the Versailles Continent pierced through the Hermes Guild users. tethfjdbfahasoidhaiodisd

Even high level monsters couldn’t exert this much havoc. The species characteristics and weakness in the flesh meant there were always one or two places for effective attacks.

But the Abyss Knight had returned for the sake of combat.

-The deep despair and anger sleeping in the abyss has burst out.

Humans have their morale reduced by 24%.

Luck has been reduced by 66%.

Mental confusion will decrease the probability of a spell or skill succeeding.

Health recovery rate has slowed.


The overall morale was diminished every time a famous user of the Hermes Guild lost their lives. The nature of the knights meant they had higher power than their allies but their loss would shatter the rest.

Van Hawk and the Doom Knights wiped out the Hermes Guild users descending into the valley.

“Uh, it is staggering. This is the first real a.s.sault.”

“In the front. Priests, scatter and avoid them while giving support!”

“Stop them no matter what! If you retreat then the damage will be bigger!”

So far, the Hermes Guild users were slaughtered but the undead a.s.sault hadn’t slowed down at all. The users lost their lives to Van Hawk in the lead!

The knights at the peak of the Kallamore Empire had been revived as Doom Knights.

In fact, Van Hawk hadn’t reached the pinnacle of power as an Abyss Knight. Combat experience would give him more room to grow and his newly acquired Abyss Knight skills hadn’t reached the mature state yet. It wasn’t a situation where he could strengthen all of the Doom Knights and the undead.

Even so, he was like a surging G.o.d of Death to the users. The charge of the Doom Knights that demonstrated explosive speed and destructive power couldn’t be stopped.

“They have appeared as planned. Well as expected, they have serious a.s.sault abilities.”

“Start the 2nd wave of attacks.”

The Hermes Guild had fought countless battles in the process of conquering the Central Continent. There was also the experience of breaking through dungeons.

The successes and failures had been recorded in the guild’s information. They prepared tactics to use against monsters.

A head on confrontation with the Abyss Knight and Doom Knights would be a burden. This wasn’t a narrow dungeon where they couldn’t avoid the opponent. They needed to decide a target to concentrate the attacks on.

“Carry out the attack!”


An uninterrupted horn sound echoed through the valley. From this point onwards, the target of all the ranged attacks from the Hermes Guild users were aimed towards Van Hawk and the Doom Knights. hgdhgarfauhaoisdknjad

Unless the undead were killed with holy magic or silver arrows, they would just continue to revive again. In order to fully subdue the undead army, they had to take care of Van Hawk.

A heavy shower of attacks fell towards Van Hawk and the Doom Knights.

“That won’t be enough. Have the priests be prepared.”

“I understand.”

The senior priests chanted divine magic in order to give support.

“G.o.d, give us permission to liberate all the evil here…free those steeped in darkness and pain!”

-This land has been declared the sanctuary of the G.o.d, Atrock.

All those fighting the darkness will feel the effect of divine power.

The effect of combat skills will be enhanced by 32%.

Maximum health will increases up to 150% according to faith.

The effect of divine magic will increase and the amount of mana used will be halved.

All the undead will receive a blow to their health from 20% up to 65%!

A sanctuary declaration!

It was a spell that distorted all dark magic in the area.


“A clean and perfect preparation.”

“We will make the Abyss Knight cry.”

The high level users of the Hermes Guild were waiting for this moment. They had promised to yield the Abyss Knight to Bardray in advance. But it wouldn’t be bad to play an active role in the broadcast.

“2nd and 3rd attack troops, march!”

An fierce struggle broke out between the Imperial Knights and the users of the Hermes Guild. The dispatched troops were supported with divine magic and ranged attacks but knew they had to look after their bodies to survive.

Bardray and his specifically selected high level Royal Guards waited quietly for the Abyss Knight. 10 minutes pa.s.sed and the number of general undead was reduced by half.

The undead were vulnerable to the divine magic entering the valley. Despite the valley being a Hermes Guild combat outpost, the users had a minimum of level 300 and quite a significant amount were over level 400.

Van Hawk and his Doom Knights survived longer.

“Why are they so strong?”

“d.a.m.n. There is really no answer to that a.s.sault.”

The users of the Hermes Guild realized the strength of the legendary monster, the Abyss Knight.

In fact, they had been contemptuous of the Abyss Knight while watching Weed’s adventures. During the warring period, Van Hawk obediently followed orders or else he was beaten. Weed was sweeping through the Central Continent on a special quest so they didn’t realize it.

However, they finally felt the presence of the Abyss Knight and Doom Knights after facing the a.s.sault.

But the Hermes Guild had only 30,000 users gathered here! Knights, warriors, martial artists, rangers, and magicians all continued their attacks against the Abyss Knight.

“Push them back!”

“Unconditionally attack. Move quickly to lower their health instead of encircling them!”

Nearly 100,000 undead had been destroyed since the battle started. The undead users had played heartily but this stage was too big for them. Most of them were melted by divine magic and forbidden from being resurrected.

The Abyss Knight Van Hawk and Hermes Guild were the only undead still actively moving in the valley.

Both sides of the valley were blocked with priests and paladins and there were dozens of layers of obstacles and troops.

However, the undead had the stamina to fight all day. But the loss of energy would make the special dark skills unusable.

“Armoured troops move forward!”

“s.h.i.+eld troopers, start your a.s.sault.”

The Hermes Guild users gathered together according to their profession and started small formations. The Doom Knights were devastated by the enemy and lost their lives one by one.



Doom Knights in the a.s.sault formation were turned to grey ash. If the Abyss Knight gathered enough power of darkness then they could be fully revived again. But the Hermes Guild called the priests to cleanse the area, delaying the revival time.

They couldn’t completely block the Abyss Knight’s power source. But it was enough if they could delay the revival of his subordinates for a few hours.

Van Hawk struggled as the Hermes Guild users swarmed him. He swung a dark spear at least 10 metres long.

“Come. I will destroy the Haven Kingdom! I’ll show you what a Kallamore knight is!”

The energy of the abyss tore through the Hermes Guild users near it. The priests spread s.h.i.+elds made out of divine magic that could reduce the damage.

20,000 Hermes Guild users were concentrating their attacks on Van Hawk. Despite being a favourable situation for the high level users, 10,000 people had already died due to the Abyss Knight and Doom Knights. tyrtuagraidhjshdsaidusjadnsakj

“Uh…a really awful monster.”

“Is it still not dead?”

They were shocked as 1,000 people collapsed like straw under the Abyss Knight’s a.s.sault. If it wasn’t for the help of the divine power, more people would have died.

‘How the h.e.l.l did Weed win against the Immortal Legion?’

‘This guy is at a similar level to Barkhan. Then we are weak. Or is Weed more powerful than us?’

The best players among the Hermes Guild heavily questioned it. However, there was a very big difference between Van Hawk and Barkhan.

Barkhan could raise high ranking undead legions equipped to fight the entire Haven Empire. Barkhan’s ability to summon a near unlimited number of undead would s.h.i.+ne in a big war. Weed had betrayed from the inside while Geomchi decreased his health. The undead army was weakened and shattered.

On the other hand, Van Hawk could make the most of his subordinates’ abilities in combat. The enemy picked a good place to deal with him but many of them were sacrificed in a short time.

Van Hawk’s amazing military force made the heart of the Hermes Guild members who were certain of victory sink down in their chests. Despite being certain of victory, they couldn’t help feeling scared of the Abyss Knight.

The users gradually withdrew.

“Finish him!”

“Show the continent the power of the Haven Empire!”

Van Hawk brandished his spear at the remaining Imperial Knights and destroyed them. The majesty of the worst undead, the Abyss Knight!

“Now who will attack?”

“How quickly can he recover?”

“d.a.m.n, I don’t know. But I don’t want to fight him.”

The Hermes Guild users that counted among the top 100 on the Versailles Continent had gathered in this place. But none of them could fight against Van Hawk.

Of course, that was also true for Bardray.

‘Now it is the turn of my group.’

The low ranking undead that he wasn’t interested in had already disappeared. He had watched while trying to find a gap in the Abyss Knight and Doom Knight troops.

Bardray could effortlessly take care of the Doom Knights and deal significant damage to Van Hawk. He had the best blessing spells on him, wore undead focused equipment and mobilized the Royal Guards so he didn’t need to fight alone.

However, he had seen Van Hawk take care of 100 people alone.

‘I will wait a little more.’

A persistent amount of arrows and magic were pouring towards Van Hawk. There were no other undead or Doom Knights so the magicians and archers concentrated their attacks on Van Hawk.

However, it was hard to tell if Van Hawk was damaged. The dark aura moved like a ghost and hid the body so it was difficult to tell. Van Hawk was fighting alone but 800 Hermes Guild users had already died.

‘I will wait until he slows down. Anyway, this battle is already won.’

Bardray folded his arms while riding the white horse and looked up at the sky. The stars in the night sky were dazzling but the world was still dark. Van Hawk would be finished by the time sun came up. hgurthsuijfaodklsadnalkdns

‘The group needs to hunt more to avoid the same thing happening again today.’

Bardray was level 510. He could attempt to resist the Abyss Knight.

But it would be humiliating if he lost his life. The damage to his level and skill proficiency would be huge and the scene would also appear on broadcast.

The Abyss Knight was a strong monster but he was the Emperor that united the Central Continent. Losing his life wasn’t a very pleasant experience.

‘It will be silly to take unnecessary risks just to look courageous. It would be truly ridiculous if the Emperor of the Haven Empire dies while dealing with the undead. Just a little more.’

Bardray was a little disappointed and annoyed that he couldn’t have a more perfect victory.


“What will happen in this battle? Should we start acting?”

The high level users of the Hermes Guild and the Royal Guards noticed where Bardray was looking.

Meanwhile, the battle was continuing! Van Hawk had killed more than 1,000 Imperial Knights and Hermes Guild users. ytgauiajaoueawjhekasdbas

Van Hawk was weakened by the divine power and was in the worst state. The divine magic reduced the health of the undead as well as their strength and energy.

-A sacred aura has surrounded your body.

The powers of darkness can’t be used until the next night.

Van Hawk no longer received the power of darkness that rose up from the abyss. The body’s protective abilities weakened and they could see that the armour had turned into rags.

The summoning of a black horse was cancelled.

“I am tired. But it is still enough to handle the Haven dogs.”

The Abyss Knight Van Hawk leaned his body against the spear.

The enemies looking down on the valley.


None of the Hermes Guild users stood a chance against him. The previous attacks had proven that the first person to go against Van Hawk would die!

Most of the damage came from successful ranged attacks. The users who attempted close combat lost their lives to Van Hawk’s spear.

Van Hawk couldn’t attack randomly anymore as he only had 10% health left. The Abyss Knight was gradually approaching his end.


Eyes gradually turned towards Bardray.

The combat commanders and high level users of the Hermes Guild knew that Bardray wanted to finish off the Abyss Knight. Even if Bardray had nothing to do with the victory, the users had promised him in advance.

Soon the atmosphere changed to all of the Hermes Guild staring at him.

‘It can’t be helped.’

Bardray checked his status before riding down the valley.


The Hermes Guild members cried out. It was a cry of surprise at the sight of the white horse coming down the cliff.

Of course, this situation was deliberately directed by Bardray.

“We must win.”

“It was very dangerous.”

The Royal Guards following Bardray whispered among themselves. In their eyes, they couldn’t allow Bardray to be beaten.

The strongest warrior Bardray. His individual ability played a role in conquering the continent but he was also the symbol of the Hermes Guild.

Bardray was the solid roots of the Haven Empire so he couldn’t lose his life. The Hermes Guild users split apart as Bardray and the Royal Guards headed towards the Abyss Knight.


The tension heightened as they neared the Abyss Knight.

Van Hawk said towards the incoming Bardray.

“King of the Fools, you’ve finally set out.”

Bardray smiled without any apparent concern. This moment would ring in the chest of the people viewing the broadcast.

“The undead blinded by revenge, I will show you the might of the Emperor that dominated the continent.” urtuhaiorajriohera

“An emperor. Someone who uses force to trample on the weak, aren’t you deluding yourself?”

“I am the right person to end the war on the chaotic continent. Undead, you have forgotten about human laws.”

“I know. I know it very well. You are not qualified to compete with me.”

Bardray clenched his teeth. It was true that the Hermes Guild had done some vile things while extending the Haven Empire. They deliberately betrayed their guild alliances and destroyed any non-aggression treaties.

However, there was no one that could stop the behaviour of their guild. Van Hawk was questioning Bardray’s qualifications as an Emperor was the problem.

The Black Knight was a profession with outstanding leaders.h.i.+p skills. It was hard to find a combat profession better than this but he had abandoned chivalry when he betrayed a lord.

Despite climbing to the seat of Emperor, his legitimacy was questionable. There was a special emperor’s quest to overcome this but Bardray hadn’t performed it yet. The quest would take too much time and he believed he could show his true force through hunting.

No matter how strong his army was, the effect on his fame could be seen by Van Hawk’s reaction.

“I will prove my qualifications by getting rid of you.”

“That is impossible.”

“You won’t know until we fight. Emperor Bardray of the Haven Empire, I challenge the Abyss Knight.”

“You are ent.i.tled to ask for an honourable fight. Bring it on.”

Van Hawk rushed towards Bardray on a white horse. And the battle between the two of them! Bardray violently struck downwards with his sword and it impacted with Van Hawk’s spear.


It was to the extent that a huge shockwave pa.s.sed through the earth. And the Abyss Knight was pushed back slightly.

This was because he had lost the power of darkness from the abyss.

‘It is possible. The overwhelming resistance is gone.’

There was a smile on Bardray’s face. He quickly stabbed his sword three times.

Van Hawk blocked it with his spear every time.

“Give me your neck.”

Van Hawk also struck back but his attack bounced off Bardray’s sword. It was a fierce and quick exchange of offense and defense. Bardray brandished his sword at least twenty times.

“Sword Awakening, Strong Will, Summon Another Sword, and Power of Birth!”

When fighting any other opponent, he would originally pretend to fall back. But now he was greedy to kill the Abyss Knight.

The Abyss Knight had clearly been weakened.

“Be careful. From now on, my attacks won’t be so simple.”

“Wicked and rude person, be careful what you say to an Abyss Knight. Soon the sun will rise and those words will be meaningless.”

This was what Bardray had hoped for. Once the sun rose, Van Hawk would disappear and then reappear in the evening.

“Golden Lion Sword!”

Van Hawk’s health was gradually reduced during the duel. There was a 150 level difference between them but Van Hawk was already seriously weakened.

Bardray’s sword emitted a brilliant light like the rays of the sun, causing Van Hawk’s body to shake violently. He was holding Lugh’s Sword!

Weed had returned it to the Church of Lugh after removing it from Barkhan’s body. The original divine power of the sword had been restored in Argoldia and the Hermes Guild used their contributions to borrow it.

“This sword…this sword!”

“Today is the day you will rest in peace.”

Bardray continued wielding Lugh’s Sword. The spear of the Abyss Knight didn’t have the power of darkness anymore so he could withstand the damage. Furthermore, Lugh’s Sword had the power to recover his health.

‘It is stable. I will thoroughly finish this. There won’t be any mistakes.’

The undead couldn’t resist Lugh’s Sword. Bardray paid attention to any tight gaps in the defense and counterattacked when possible.

The Abyss Knight’s health was already reduced so there was no need to be greedy. Considering Van Hawk’s actions so far, he was a.s.sured of his success.

The Hermes Guild had witnessed their members being ma.s.sacred so the scene was even more breathtaking to them. Everyone was surprised when he would unleash an explosive attack against Van Hawk.

Bardray was committed to doing his best so he had no need to create more tension on purpose.

The battle lasted 10 minutes before Van Hawk’s health was depleted. Finally, the spear dropped and Bardray was a.s.sured of his victory.

“The Kallamore Kingdom shall forever belong to the Haven Empire. Undead, return to the abyss and disappear!”

“I might have failed but Kallamore will return some day. Ahh…it is a shame!”

Bardray stabbed Lugh’s Sword into Van Hawk’s chest. And the divine light that shone brightly!


-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen.
-The Abyss Knight Van Hawk born from the deep despair and anger of the abyss has been destroyed.

The power of darkness in the abyss will spread.

After the Abyss Knight has fallen, Doom Knights will randomly appear in the Haven Empire for sporadic resistance for 1 month.

-Fame has increased by 5,402 due to the great achievement.
-Charisma has increased by 6.
-Fighting Spirit has increased by 5.
-You have experienced a great victory.

The proficiencies of the skills used in the fight against the Abyss Knight will increase by a minimum of 3% up to 15%.

-This glorious battle has been recorded in the Haven Empire’s records and all those who partic.i.p.ated in the battle will gain 6 stats.
-You have achieved victory against the Abyss Knight Van Hawk.

Bards on the Versailles Continent will sing songs of admiration about your amazing battle.

The loyalty of the residents will climb every time the song is spread and crime rates will reduce.

Honour has increased by 35.

The n.o.bles of the Haven Empire will not dream of revolting.

-Resistance in the Kallamore and Britten Alliance areas of the Haven Empire has been reduced.

Rebels that emerge will be suppressed.

-t.i.tle! Emperor on the Battlefield has been obtained.

Morals aren’t necessary when establis.h.i.+ng a large empire.

Knowing when to take advantage of fear and oppression is an important virtue.

Before the empire fell into chaos, you stood directly on the battlefield and removed the dangerous elements.

The strong determination will increase the morale of the soldiers up to 13% and residents will be forced to obey.

The ability of your subordinates in battle will increase by 6%.

-The Breastplate of Bitterness has been acquired.
-Helmet of the Abyss has been acquired.
-Gloves with a Poignant Grudge has been acquired.

Bardray stood idly for a moment.

So far, he had hunted many strong monsters on the Versailles Continent. Nevertheless, he had never felt any thrill like when he had killed the Abyss Knight.

Soon the sound of the Hermes Guild users cheering echoed through Coc.o.o.n Valley.

“Hooray His Majesty!” fbdfjnbdajfkdnaj

“Bardray-nim chopped up the Abyss Knight!”

“The Hermes Guild is unbeatable!”

Their battle had ended with a complete victory. Those who were involved in the battle also gained stats as a bonus.

The members of the Hermes Guild cheered. They received significant damage but it was worth it to take care of the Abyss Knight.

Bardray also had a satisfied smile on his face.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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