The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 40 Chapter 5

5) Encounter with Subordinates

-We must fight. If we lose the north then we won’t have anywhere to go!

-Struggle until the end. We shouldn’t give up.

The users flocked to the Earth Palace to fight against the Haven Empire. Weed the G.o.d of War had returned but they weren’t sure of victory.

Of course, there were so many people that room ran out.

“I lost my shack. Should I build another shack?”

“I’m not going to bother with a shack. The other day I just slept in the alley.”

“Was the suns.h.i.+ne good?”

“I think it would be better in the hills. But it has been raining since dawn.”

“The Arpen Kingdom is good to us. We can’t have it taken away by those Hermes guys.”

“Shall we eat gra.s.s porridge?”

“I’ve never tasted anything better.”

“That’s right. I ate a toadstool porridge and almost died.”

Whether they were beginners or had a high level, the northern users headed towards the Earth Palace.

“This is for Weed.”

“The Arpen Kingdom is where we live.”

The northern users gathered after Weed returned. As shown through the broadcast, the Earth Palace would be the front line between the Haven Empire.

“His Majesty has entered the Earth Palace grounds. But a lot of supplies are necessary. Perhaps he is thinking of doing business?” fjafhaidjsaidasfjaksndak

“Of course. I want to sell a bunch of weapons cheaply.”

“Then I’ll buy some of them. It would be nice to be a small help to His Majesty.”

-General Store’s Favour

Peka, a resident of the Arpen Kingdom is worried about his future due to the Haven Empire’s invasion.

Monsters have chased him in the past as his family wandered after the kingdom collapsed.

But they overcame all the difficulties and found a king who loves art and adventure.

Transport this material to the Earth Palace for Peka.

Level of Difficulty: E

Quest Restrictions: General store owner Peka’s faith.

After Weed called the army to the Earth palace, quests were generated everywhere to transport materials!

“His Majesty has called. I will polish my sword and go fight at this moment!”

“I, the Horad Clan’s third son will go and defend the Arpen Kingdom despite only being an apprentice knight!”

Many residents voluntarily headed towards the Earth Palace in large quant.i.ties.

Weed was the centre of the Arpen Kingdom and the residents found it a pleasure to follow the true king. This was evidence that his influence had spread all over the kingdom.

In addition, the king’s art related profession played a large role.

“Haven Kingdom, they are the bad guys.”

“Ya! Make Bardray’s statue have larger nostrils!” tyhjaifhasduaids

Painters and sculptors were mobilized to incite patriotism with works against the Haven Empire. While culture might seem weak, it was the driving force behind their tenacity when fighting the invaders.

Thus numerous people headed to the Earth Palace when something gleamed like jewels in the sky. Sunlight reflected off huge, oversized wings, causing numerous colours to s.h.i.+ne.

“Huh, what is that?”

“Look at that. There are even wyverns following.”

“Then…Bingryong made out of cold ice!”

“Hooray the Arpen Kingdom!”

The users and residents walking towards the Earth Palace raised their hands and cheered.

Bingryong and the wyverns were flying in the sky.

Among the users in the north, there was no one who didn’t know Weed’s origin story! He developed Morata from a small village to the Arpen Kingdom with the help of the sculptural lifeforms.

Bingryong and the wyverns were heading into the Earth Palace. Riding the wyverns were sculptural lifeforms like the high elf Eltin, the barbarian Gernika and the swordswoman Vindex. In particular, there was those that rode the first cla.s.s Wy-3 like Goldman, Cerberus and Seville.

And following behind them was Phoenix with a long stream of fire. A giant piece of flame. A warm aura spread through the sky as they flew.

Due to their nature, the users had never had close contact with some of the sculptural lifeforms. gvjfdfhdfidahfaiofhadnsadsadnjak


After that, the King Hydra with 9 heads was crus.h.i.+ng the forest. The King Hydra was tired from defending the frontier of the Arpen Kingdom alone.

“Hey, second head. What are your hobbies?”

“Swallowing monsters whole.”

“Huh, that hobby is like mine.”

“I’m the seventh head, same here.”

“Stop talking about food. Now I am hungry.”

“I’m also hungry.”

The 9 heads of the King Hydra became friends with each other. And now they were playing among themselves as they headed to the Earth Palace.


This time, the users saw an enormous cloud of dust from far away.

“Now what is it?”

“I don’t know. But the scale is enormous.”

The cloud of dust was heading towards the Earth Palace. There were a countless number of cattle. fhaufidwarhaduahoaa


“Who is your father?”

“I don’t know. My mother was hanging around Yellowy.”

“My mother also spent the night with Yellowy and give birth to me and my sisters.”

Yellowy caused a boom in the number of cattle in the Arpen Kingdom. The perfect musculature and energy, Yellowy was the envy of all cows. Herds of cattle with good pedigree wandered the meadows and hills and grew up.

The calves that Yellowy gave birth to headed towards the Earth Palace. Then the cattle were darkened by the shadow of the Sky Island Lavias over them.

The avians were moving the entire island in the direction of the Earth Palace. The avians were cute, had excellent combat power and could easily travel long distances so they were the species that many preferred.

Millions of users in the vicinity of Lavias flew around and tweeted. The avians flying through the countryside could be seen even when the lights were turned on at night.

“We are the Arpen Kingdom.”



Weed created some sculptures while his companions finished their preparations for a hunt.

“Time Sculpting!”

-Time Sculpting Beginner Level 3(79%).

Age Sculpting.

This skill will add a long amount of time to a sculpture. Sometimes this time will add value to the sculpture.

It will also stop the sculpture from being naturally damaged over time.

“I could only raise the proficiency of sculpting by one level in this short amount of time.”

He didn’t want to make Masterpieces or Magnum Opus. Once he finished a piece, he would apply Time Sculpting! Sculptures would become more valuable over time.

He started with a wooden duck, a jade bowl and a gold doll of a girl.

There were several warehouses in the Earth Palace filled with materials that the king could freely access. He had to worry about property and the loyalty of the residents but this level of luxury and pleasure was the privilege of the king! jghhiaodjaiodask


-New Short Beak

A statue of a violently angry bird.

A piece made by the most famous sculptor in the history of the continent.

For some reason, the production year can’t be determined.

The piece seems to have lasted for a long time but it seems to be quite popular among antique collectors.

Artistic Value: 17


Weed discovered the benefits of Time Sculpting.

“I can sell them as antiques.”

The best skill to produce fake antiques! He could ma.s.s produce and distribute fake antiques that seemed to be from the Niflheim Empire or the warring period.

“This is a delicious, minor piece.” bjfdhsfsfjksfdsjfkdsfns

Familiar visitors arrived while he was making the sculptures.

“Master-nim, I knew you would return safely. I polished my sword skills while loyally waiting for Master-nim. Let’s go chop up the enemy. The enemies won’t be able to escape in front of my sword!”

It was the knight Seville who he gave life to in Jigolaths.

“Uh, yes.”

Weed couldn’t help being reminded of Hestiger as he looked at Seville’s handsome appearance. A well behaved subordinate was excellent to command.

But unfortunately, Seville was just like the human Hestiger. A handsome, competent and knowledgeable type that was popular among girls!


“It has been a long time, gol gol gol. I wanted to see you so much. Don’t leave us again. ”

“Bark bark!”

Yellowy, Goldman and even Cerberus came in. Goldman shone brightly and he had Golden Bird and Silver Bird perched on his shoulders.

It was nostalgic meeting with his sculptural lifeforms again.


One side of Weed’s mouth rose. He missed them but he also felt a surge of annoyance when looking at them.

“You ate well.”

“Of course. I ate well, gol gol!”

The sculptural lifeforms truly believed he was impressed. They hadn’t met in a long time so they believed Weed would feed them.

They felt like Weed had changed a lot from the past. It meant their master also missed them.

“I thought so. You ate the rice I cooked without thinking!”


“Yellowy, I told you to take care of your body but look at your hind legs and ribs that have turned greasy.”

He crushed Yellowy’s spirit in one go!


Yellowy’s eyes became wide as he blinked.

“Goldman, have you been hunting to become stronger?”

“Of course, gol gol. I lived in the hunting grounds.”

Goldman confidently replied. He had experienced death in the past so he fought hard so that he wouldn’t suffer that again New skills were developed so he wanted to be praised.

“I’ve learned some new skills in the meantime. Gol gol.”

“What is it?” ooeeaoiraijaoajdoasd

“Eating a gold pill will make me stronger for a short period of time. It also increases my health, gol gol gol.”

“D-don’t tell me you really used it?”

“It is completely good. I use it all the time while hunting.”

“You really want to die!”

Weed was in severe despair from his sculptural lifeforms.

“Where are Bingryong and the wyverns?”

“They are out there.”

Bingryong and the wyverns were flying in the vicinity of the palace. They often broke windows and buildings from their large size in Morata and had heard a lot of nagging about it.

Weed laid his hands on his forehead.

“These guys really aren’t reliable. They are causing plenty of trouble early on. Fortunately, none of them died in my absence.”

Then the warrior Gernika said.

“Not long ago, a steed was found in the kingdom. I got motion sickness while hanging on from the white horns because it moves very quickly when it spreads its wings.”

“So? Are you saying the value is incredibly expensive?”

“Wy-1 ate it.”

“The whole thing?”

“Wy-1 even burped after eating it perfectly.”

“……How about Bingryong?”

The high elf Eltin spoke shyly.

“Bingryong’s body made a mess out of the herb garden. All of them became useless.”



Weed’s hand was on his forehead.

It was like a scene from a drama where the president of a company suffered from high blood pressure and seemed to be collapsing. It was due to a family member or employee. This drama was reflected in reality. bvbafjafsadjaskda

Then there was a dark aura and the Death Knight Van Hawk appeared.


“You…how are you here? Weren’t you supposed to be attacking the Haven Empire as an Abyss Knight?”

Weed was puzzled. He had been so busy creating sculptures that he hadn’t listened to the news of the Versailles Continent in real time.

“I lost.”

“No, why did you lose so quickly?”

“I wanted to restore the glory of the Kallamore Empire but was defeated by the Emperor of the other side.”

Weed’s body started shaking.

“An Abyss Knight could be called a strong existence in this time. Does it make sense that you are already defeated?”

“There were too many enemies.”

“If there are many enemies then use guerrilla tactics. Use the speed and breakthrough abilities of the Abyss Knight and Doom Knights! Sweep everything away. Don’t tell me it was just a frontal confrontation? What type of battlefield were you in that you couldn’t break away?”

“I was in a valley with the opponents above me. However, I wanted to show them the bravery of the Kallamore Knights.”


“Many knights of the Kallamore Empire were killed in vain. I brought them all back.”

“So you died?”

“You don’t understand my words. Once again, there were too many enemies.”

“Your subordinates?”

“Wiped out. The few left behind in occupied territories can’t hold out for long.”

Van Hawk who was the commander of the dark army scratched his skull with embarra.s.sment. And Weed didn’t say anything for a while.

He had a special relations.h.i.+p with his sculptural lifeforms and Van Hawk. It was beyond that of subordinates. In other words, it was more like parent and child.

“The world has completely changed. That is the truth, you brat.”

Weed’s sense of loss was very big. Only complaints came pouring out.

Yellowy watched his master mourning and said.

“Umooooo, I had a lot of calves. I’m not just saying this, but my calves are very manly.”

“They are bulls from head to tail. Well done.”

“But they eat a lot.” nbnbjfhasdjadakjakjdas

“Yellowy, calves have to eat a lot in order to grow larger. Grow up quickly so that they can be used.”

“They are eating from Morata’s grain fields….”



Although there were a few twists and turns, Weed concentrated on ma.s.s production of antique sculptures and barely managed to raise Time Sculpting to beginner level 4.

It was the final secret sculpting technique so the proficiency wasn’t rising that quickly. Then he took his hunting companions and moved them to the vicinity of the Desert of Tranquility.

He could take his sculptural lifeforms but he was pressed for time and needed colleagues that he could hunt quickly with.

“This isn’t the desert.”

Python had a surprised expression as he looked around

“I heard there was a desert in the north but it was really close to the Earth Palace. I didn’t expect to go there.

“We are going to the south of the Versailles Continent. Near the Desert of Tranquility.”

“What? Then we have to move completely across the continent. Really?”

“Trust me.”

Yurin drew a picture on a piece of paper and used Picture Teleportation, giving Python a completely novel experience. But the instant he arrive, his breath clogged up and he was appalled by the heat.

“This is really hot. I can only take small breaths.”

The man who didn’t reveal his name laboriously said.

At first, they thought it was just the hot sun s.h.i.+ning down but soon the sand started to feel like a boiling hotplate.

‘This is the entrance to h.e.l.l. And I can probably endure. Weed-nim will make us suffer until we are on the verge of death.’

Pale was already quietly stringing his bow without any protests. Weed was the senior adventurer and said. tgetyehagdaayruag

“Well, it is better than the cold.”


He had been through a lot and concluded that the cold was worse! There was a rapid reduction in vitality due to the heat penalty but his perseverance and resilience rose in the desert.

The nameless man turned around and asked.

“Then where are the hunting grounds? Are we catching monsters pa.s.sing through here?”

“In the desert, constellations and unusual terrain will identify the location of things like oases. There is a dungeon that way. It isn’t too far.”

Weed pointed in the direction of the floating, intense sun.

“This isn’t the exact direction. A lot could have changed.”

“When did you last see it?”

“I don’t have the exact date but it should be between 500~700 years ago on the Versailles Continent….”

“Wouldn’t time have completely changed the terrain?”

“This is a rich place. There are plenty of dungeons in the field.”


“Rapid gait, summoning the lion that runs on sand!”

Thanks to Alveron’s divine magic, they arrived at the hunting grounds in just 5 minutes. There was the opening to a cave in the sand covered hills.

There were many strong existences in the desert so it was a good hunting ground. It was because they had to overcome the environment in order to survive. “We will enter here.”

Python, the nameless man, Pale, Alveron and Weed moved into the cave without thinking.


At that moment, the soil collapsed and covered the dungeon entrance.


-The Hot Underground Dungeon has been discovered.

This is a very old dungeon. This dungeon no longer remains in people’s memories or books.

It has been a very long time since human traces have come here. Or have any prey come along.

Benefits: Fame has increased by 698.

Experience and item drops will double for a week.

The first monster killed of each type will drop the rarest item.

“It is a trap!”

Python pulled out his sword with surprise and Weed said calmly.

“Desert dungeons are originally like this. The entrances are blocked so we can’t go out that way. The paths aren’t complicated and we just have to go in a straight line to fight the monsters.

Pale calmly asked a question.

“How will the monsters come out?”

“Well, we just need to get rid of them or else they will stack up.”

Weed had come here during his days as ruler of the desert. At that time, he had found the dungeon but no one discovered it for a long time so the entrance had changed.

Now he could benefit from x2 experience from the monsters.

In the past, giant poisonous scorpions appeared so it was a fairly decent hunting ground. They were level 500 so it wouldn’t have any effect on the high levelled desert king. But right now, the hunting party’s level was in the 400s so it was a perfect hunting ground.

They were human companions, not sculptural lifeforms so they could take care of themselves.

Weed told his colleagues.

“This is a battle for survival while we drill our way out. If anyone slacks offs or is in severe danger then I won’t help you. At a minimum, decent proficiency in your skills are required.”

“What would happen if I did during it?”

“I will bring a new colleague.”

“I like this att.i.tude!” bvjffhisoahfjofasfhsaj

“I will go first. Follow me and take care of it.”

And the battle began!

Weed was familiar with the monsters due to their encounters in the desert but the others weren’t.

The giant poisonous scorpion had a hard sh.e.l.l as armour. It quickly alternated between attacks with its two sharp claws and stinging tail. If they were hit by the stinger then their health would decrease by 20,000~30,000. The solid body and fast attack speed made it a dangerous and tricky monster.

On the other hand, they also had weaknesses. If the joints or connection between were attacked then it was surprisingly easy for them to lose their lives.

“Radiant Sword!”

Weed fought using a sword of light.

‘Accurately. There should be no mistakes. My level means that a stray attack can kill me.’

He needed to concentrate against the strong attacks of the giant poisonous scorpions. He had already used Sculptural Destruction to increase his vitality.

He purposely didn’t increase his strength or agility. Thanks to vitality increasing by at least 20 times, he wouldn’t become tired no matter how much he fought.

-The 8th continuous attack has succeeded.

The giant poisonous scorpion has been destroyed.

An incredible victory has been recorded.

Fame has increased by 1.

Due to handling the giant poisonous scorpion in the shortest amount of time, agility has increased by 1.

He saw the prey and ate it!


Weed’s battles were fast and accurate. It was much easier doing this again.

Although his attack power wasn’t comparable to when he was in the desert, he used his experience to skillfully take advantage of their weaknesses.

Alveron and Pale were close behind Weed.

“Divine will, block the poison.” tueahtaueajdiahdad

Alveron used divine magic towards to attack the scorpion or used protection magic on his colleagues.

Alveron was the pope candidate of the Freya Church. Although his power couldn’t be compared to Saint Ah.e.l.lun, he was much stronger than general users.

Alveron’s divine magic was used continuously and the effect was several-fold because of its purity. In addition, his sincerity meant he never slacked off.

“Piercing Ice Arrow!”

Pale fired an arrow at the mouth of the poisonous scorpion and it pierced through.


It went through the bodies of 5 giant poisonous scorpions in a row.


“I know.”

Weed smashed his sword against the frozen bodies of the giant poisonous scorpions. He wore the Daemon Sword instead of the sword made by the red dragon, the Red Star. In the case of the Red Star, its nature meant that he needed to minimize its use while taking advantage of the weak points during hunting.


-The critical hit was successful.

The frozen monsters have received full damage.

12 times the damage has been shown.

The monster has been removed.

1 combat fame has been acquired.

Arrows with ice magic were quite expensive but it ensured there was the effect of ice magic.

Weed, Alveron and Pale quickly pa.s.sed through a cave of giant poisonous scorpions. The scorpions dug out from the ground, through walls or repelled down from the ceiling.

Van Hawk and Torido were also summoned in order to help.

“Hrmm, I like this. I’ll take care of it!”

Python belatedly pulled out a greatsword and followed. He didn’t use any sophisticated techniques on the giant poisonous scorpions. He just used a tremendous amount of power to smash the poisonous scorpion.

An ordinary monster wouldn’t be able to deal with the power of his greatsword. Despite the hard sh.e.l.l being intact, there was still c.u.mulative damage.

“The health of the monster is lower than it seems. Well, perhaps I just fought really well?”

“Don’t eat ramyun without drinking the soup. It will be starting from now on.”

Python was surprised to see the giant poisonous scorpions in the area. The scorpions covered the walls, ceiling and floor.

‘You really can’t go back in this dungeon. In the worst situation, we will be trapped.’

Python controlled his spirit. He attacked any scorpions running or jumping towards him. If he didn’t properly hit the giant poisonous scorpion then he would pay the price.

The nameless man melted into the shadows. He showed up behind a red scorpion and accurately stuck a dagger into the underbelly.

It was an’s typical attack pattern so none of his hunting colleagues were surprised. An was a profession that tried to hide themselves as much as possible. By wearing casual clothes inside a dungeon, it couldn’t be determined if they were magicians, priests, thieves or gaghfiahagahdjsabdsa

Weed’s movement speed didn’t acknowledge the people who accompanied him for the first time.

“Slow. A second yawn is already emerging so move more quickly.”


‘Right now this is considered slow?’

They were walking fast enough to be called a run in the dungeon. There was no time for scouting, let alone a break or leisurely chat.

They just ran into the middle of a monster infested place being moving on. Python and the nameless man followed behind while managing their health, vitality and mana.

If they drained their mana using a wide area skill then it would take longer dealing with a group of giant poisonous scorpions.

Whenever Weed slowed down, Pale would support him by shooting arrows. The monsters were overflowing and they had no time to linger. Loot and experience points were acquired from the fights.

It was a huge performance with the best results but Alveron’s divine magic was also incredible. Their hands and feet quickened and hunting speed improved. They started cooperating and soon pa.s.sed through the dungeon.

‘I am dumbfounded. Originally I didn’t believe in my colleagues…. Normally their bodies would stiffen in a dangerous place like this with so many monsters. If they are only concerned about being safe then hunting speed would lower.’

Python had experienced many such cases in other hunting parties. Due to the sudden emergence of strong monsters, they couldn’t exert their skills. But in this place, there was no one who had a problem with fighting spirit.

Despite the completely dangerous dungeon, everyone did their share.

‘At this rate, I can get stronger really quickly. If I had such good teammates in the early days of Royal Road then I would be 40 levels higher than I am now. It would have been possible to make a breakthrough in the dungeon.’

He was trying to understand Weed’s hunting speed. Weed entered a dangerous area and just hunted through everything.

Python didn’t even have a brief moment of s.p.a.ce during the battle as he paid attention to Weed in the corner of his eyes.

Weed stabbed the head of the giant poisonous scorpion with his sword. The giant poisonous scorpions in the depths of the cave were intimidated by the continuous attacks. Three or four continuous attacks aiming for the critical points resulted in the scorpions being defeated.

While fighting the dangerous enemies in the lead, Weed also grasped the movement of his colleagues.

The party leader was maximizing hunting efficiency so he just believed that that they would follow him.

‘I don’t think that he is particularly stronger than me but his stats are brilliantly placed and well trained. Various skills are utilized depending on the situation.’

Python was someone doing the Warrior Master Quest on the Versailles Continent and had faced many enemies.

He couldn’t believe a sculptor had such great strength and vitality. Weed used the secret sword technique Sword-cloning, Radiant Sword or Heriam Fencing depending on the situation.

‘This is the electrifying strength of the ruler of the desert. And he has demonstrated the ability to make improvised and instantaneous decisions. Can I also fight like that?’

It was hard for Python to draw a conclusion. He also needed to consider the effects of Alveron’s divine magic.

But he had to finish some of the monsters. He had confidence that he could get rid of the monsters.

However, he couldn’t help feeling suspicious of Weed.

‘He is much tougher than other high level users. My level is 465 so perhaps he is a bit higher than that. A sculptor is sure to have some weak stats. Though not all of his skills have been revealed…. Well, my combat capabilities are also beyond my level. I would love to watch him fight more.’

He used every opportunity to look at Weed. The Versailles Continent’s top ranked players like Bardray and Weed were his compet.i.tors.

Of course he had to use this opportunity to closely watch Weed’s combat.

‘I am capable of killing him in a surprise ambush. My hands itch. But is this really the power of Weed the G.o.d of War? The charismatic figure I saw in the videos of his battles hasn’t appeared yet.’

The two men thought like that. They thought they could take him. Weed was currently exerting the biggest attack power.

He couldn’t hunt properly for a long time due to the final secret sculpting technique quest. He neglected his skills and his level also dropped.

He had overwhelming strength during his days ruling the desert but the weakness he felt after coming back to reality gave him a bittersweet feeling.

“We will start hunting more quickly. There is a bigger risk so please take care of your health. There will be more monsters.”

“That….when is break time?”

“We will rest after clearing the dungeon and going towards the next hunting ground.”


“Eat grain bread while moving.”

The man lurking in the shadows showed up.

“How long is the travel time?” bvbajfhadajdadajdbsa

“3 minutes.”


After 2 hours, they reached the mid-point of the dungeon and said.

“Oh, I realized that I didn’t tell you something important. Please note. There is a boss monster level 500 that is near here.”

“Shouldn’t we avoid a monster like this?”

The nameless man asked the question. A level 500 monster was normally hunted with a guild.

“Its balance isn’t good. It is like the rice cake for ancestral rites. It is something to eat before the main dish. In particular, its skin is quite useful.”

“But if we make one mistake then our lives will be at risk. How should we prepare for the fight?”

“Don’t make any mistakes. You aren’t children so each one of you should take care of your own lives.”

Pale was already firmly prepared. He knew from hunting with Weed that he had to be alert every minute.

Pale also felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment from the incredible speed of the hunt. Achieving an unreasonable goal caused him a sense of joy.

‘Weed the G.o.d of War. Hrmm, as amazing as the rumours. Weed finishes the hunt with great efficiency. I am probably benefiting from Weed.’

‘Heh, a shadow of death that kills that huge monsters. Normally I would need to get rid of it with a small, elite group of…. Anyway, I am achieving this level of success with Weed.’

But soon they heard Weed muttering in a frustrated voice.

“The first place I chose was too easy.”


“Well, the monsters in the next dungeon are twice as strong and their most difficult attribute is their high health. Endure the boredom a little more since the next place is likely to be fun.”

“What type of difficult does the next hunting ground have?”

“It is similar to the level of kimchi fried rice.”

Great Emperor Weed!

The biggest driving force behind his success in the final secret sculpting technique quest was the hunting abilities of Weed and his subordinates.

Python and the nameless man could understand why the desert warriors were so strong.

‘Heh, he is bluffing. It is probably only a little bit trickier.’

‘He is just making noise in advance. He is just trying to make us worry.’

And Pale’s thoughts. , Don’t support pirated sites.

‘I will be dead for a few days. It would be nice if I lose consciousness and wake up after the hunt is over!’


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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