The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 40 Chapter 6

6) Alkazar Bridge

United Kingdom, London.

Senior executives of international investment companies, property managers and wealthy people were gathered in one place.

They had put together an astronomical amount of funds. The royal family of the Middle East, European aristocrats, oil and conglomerates were some of the sources of the money for their operation.

“The next thing is to expand our influence in Unicorn Headquarters. First of all, the last attempt failed.”

“How many shares do we currently have?”

“We mobilized several accounts and companies and obtained 4%.”

“Only that much…..”

The executives of the international investment companies sighed. They didn’t need more money. If they wanted to cause a war, a financial crisis or cause remarkable economic development in a country, all of it was possible.

Nevertheless, it was impossible to get a hold on Unicorn Corporation.

Unicorn was dominating and obtaining money from virtual reality. The current stock value of the company was steadily rising and its affiliates were sparking a ridiculous revolution in other industries. gndjkfdaisjaodjsad dgadddg adgadgdgdg

The s.h.i.+pbuilding industry was in an overall recession but Unicorn had pushed inventory forward 15 years. s.h.i.+ps that had fuel economy and speed beyond those currently existing. It would be worth it in 3~4 years.

The compet.i.tiveness of marine plants and oil drilling could be considered the highest in the world. Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, new materials, robots, precision machinery, etc. They caused winds of interest to blow in all those areas.

The affiliates raised the market capitalization of Unicorn Corporation who serviced Royal Road. That’s why interest increased in Unicorn Corporation.

“The shares for Unicorn are at such an exorbitant price that it is impossible to secure owners.h.i.+p through market trading.”

“What about corporate bonds?”

“It isn’t planned and they don’t need it in the future. Even if we identify Unicorn’s core affiliates, the amount of money we have isn’t enough to eat them.”

“That can’t be.”

“J.K.I. in the past. We have to take the financial group’s failure as a lesson. We can’t touch it carelessly.”

“The amount of funds used for that operation is amazing.”

Capitalists wanted to touch Unicorn Corporation.

If necessary, politics could be used to place pressure on companies but Unicorn’s vast social network meant it wasn’t possible. In addition, representatives of Unicorn were secretly lurking in leading banks around the world.

The first time they noticed such movement was 1 year ago.

J.K.I. The financial group had obtained 20% of Unicorn’s shares and tried to threaten them. In order to buy the shares, the amount of funds necessary was equivalent to a country’s budget. After securing 20% of the shares, they combined with other equity funds and investment banks in order to threaten the funds.

They fought hard but Unicorn didn’t consider it a serious crisis. However, Unicorn Corporation had started the full-scale counterattack. hfjbdafiuhdanskajd

J.K.I. The corporate customers of the financial group started to depart in a chain reaction. Stories about the financial groups corruption and accounting manipulation was released to the media and management was punished.

They could no longer afford to fight Unicorn, let alone recover to their original state. The media continued to attack and the investors withdrew their funds until they were on the very of bankruptcy!

J.K.I who had a 105 year history acc.u.mulated losses in real estate and business. The financial group shattered and was dismantled.

The international investment breaks investigated and revealed Unicorn’s deep interest. As it turns out, Unicorn had invested many secret funds into the investigation.

They internally took control of major banks and was also influential in politics and journalism. A large number of multinational companies were directly or indirectly controlled by Unicorn Corporation.

Even if there were no formal agreements with Unicorn Corporation, they were under their control. Companies and individuals. Many of the actual shareholders were hidden through an artful concealment process.

Since then, most of the international investment banks gave up on their desire to buy Unicorn Corporation.

The more dangerous the fruit was, the tastier it would be. But they learned that money wouldn’t penetrate the company.

J.K.I. The financial group was thoroughly dismantled and became a tight cage for them. Since then, several companies were smashed by Unicorn Corporation. No matter how much money they had, it was impossible in front of such power.

All hostile movements were discovered by Unicorn’s information network. They couldn’t trust their colleagues.

The capitalists in Chicago thought a little differently. ‘There is no point digging at the company. If so, what about inside Royal Road?’

It was an established fact that the Hermes Guild would conquer the continent. They would manage the territories according to merit and ability. They could gain huge taxes and exert power going forward.

Royal Road was made with superior technology as a resort where humanity could feel fun. Currently the number of users was exponentially increasing so there would be more value in the Emperor of the Haven Empire and Royal Road.

‘Then should we invest in the Hermes Guild?’

The strong Hermes Guild!

Capitalists invested money in the Hermes Guild and allocated them a number of shares. The Hermes Guild now had control over the large Haven Empire so it wasn’t a loss. They had already secretly earned a large amount of funds. jbfaijdhsadujadnk

They recognized how profitable it was and invested a large sum to help the Hermes Guild dominate the Versailles Continent. Some major investors welcomed this plan.

Once the Hermes Guild unified the Versailles Continent and achieved a steady income then the future prospects would be very bright. Moreover, some investors could see the additional effects of the Haven Empire having power on the Versailles Continent.

Money would help to raise their standing in Royal Road.

Although the leaders of the Hermes Guild showed a positive response, the Hermes Guild had certain conditions.

From the very beginning, their goal to conquer the Versailles Continent had always been closely related to money.

The Hermes Guild predicted that Royal Road would have vast popularity across all ages and countries. They started earlier than others and prepared a lot of achieve the unification of the continent.

Individuals in the guild that received a lot of investment could easily obtain a fortune. Even after the unification, they still needed to continue ruling the continent.


Geomchi, Geomchi-2 and Geomchi-3.

They led their respective troops and met at Pato Castle.

Pato Castle had been built by the Haven Empire after invading the Rupoi Plains. By mobilizing slaves, they finished construction of a stone castle where they could monitor the Rupoi river and plains.

Geomchi sat on a black bull on a hill as the sun set.

“Our goal is that place.”

“Well, that’s great.”

Geomchi-2, Geomchi-3, Geomchi-4 and Geomchi-5 also rode the bulls.

The broad shoulders, thick neck and excellent abs! The students behind them gave off a menacing sight. Users could often be seen running away from them screaming on mountain trails or dark paths. fbajkdnakd amd

“Today we will take care of this. Let’s go, everyone!”

“Yes! Follow Teacher-nim!”

They spoke as knights of the Arpen Kingdom.

In fact, they had been finding it boring fighting monsters.



Geomchi led the a.s.sault with 505 bulls following behind him!

They weren’t stupid in fights. Despite dying of hunger in Royal Road due to barely bread or recklessly fighting a dragon.

‘They will be prepared for us.’

‘Those guys will start moving soon.’

They learned by studying strategies and tactics. From an early age, they had been called many names by their parents and teachers.

‘They have noticed.’

Geomchi who was in the lead felt something.

“The enemy has appeared!”

“Get ready for crossfire!”

And not surprisingly, 2,000 archers got up from Pato Castle’s walls and simultaneously aimed their bows!

“Just rush.”

Geomchi said to the bulls behind him. They were rus.h.i.+ng so it was already too late to avoid the arrows.

Therefore, the students made the bulls run even more vigorously.


Syu syu syu syu syuk!

Reinforced steel arrows flew from Pato Castle’s walls.

Among the archers were those with ‘sniper’ as a secondary profession. Their destructive power in times of war was huge since they could penetrate armour and s.h.i.+elds.

General users sometimes didn’t like body armour or s.h.i.+elds. Those who didn’t have a knight profession didn’t wear body armour due to discomfort and physical strength.

Full body armour was expensive and difficult to manage. A few thousand gold went into armour so they would cost a lot to repair if damaged during combat. jnadjnawodadnjkasn

Therefore, light weight armour or leather armour was the favourite target of the snipers.

“Everyone use Sword-cloning!”

Geomchi gave a command as the bulls ran.


A secret sword technique. It was a skill that could produce up to 40 clones.


Geomchi, the instructors and the students each produced between 10~30 clones each.

The clones didn’t ride bulls and ran using the power of their two feet so there was a momentarily large army!

The arrows that came flying mainly hit the clones.



The snipers panicked and just fired their arrows. The students that were hit fell to the ground. But the remainder continued forward.

“Those guys have arrived at the 2nd defense line. Open the gate and dispatch the knights!”

The wooden gates temporarily installed at Pato Castle opened wide. And 3,000 elite knights emerged.

They were regular knights of the Haven Empire waiting for the 500 members of the Kill Without Asking porridge unit.


The knights started to accelerate out the gates as the horn blew. The knights wore full body armour.

They charged towards the Kill Without Asking porridge unit.

“These unknown b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. We’ll show them what happens when they resist the Hermes Guild.”

The Barit Knights were elite troops that had won many battles. They had played a major role during the conquest of the Kallamore Kingdom. Their power increased while sprinting.

The knights that belonged to the Hermes Guild had a rough idea of the situation going forward. Normally enemies would be scared at the emergence of the Barit Knights and turn to flee. During that vulnerable moment, they would use their power to trample and slash at the enemy.

Geomchi said calmly.

“Hey everyone.”

“Yes, Teacher-nim.”

“Extend yourself!”

At the same time, Geomchi pulled out a bow. He just ignored the archers from Pato Castle firing arrows towards them. The arrows would be dangerous if they hit the body but this was the fun thing about battles! After Geomchi’s instructions, the instructors and students all took out a bow.

While hunting and adventuring, they had acquired a variety of bows ranging from crossbows to longbows. Unfortunately, their increase clones could only hold swords.


They indiscriminately fired towards the knights! The arrows were launched rapidly without consulting anyone. In rare cases, there were a few ice, fire or wind arrows mixed in.



The Barit Knights blocked the arrows with their s.h.i.+elds. The horses collapsed and some knights were stunned by the impact of falling. ahjkanwaisjkadbsa

“Raise your spears in preparation for the clash…euaack!”

A user of the Barit Knight giving a command was surprised.

Once the arrow attack was over, the Kill Without Asking porridge unit was only a short distance away. They had removed the s.h.i.+eld protecting their body but this time axes flying could be seen.

Axes, arrows and spears.

Geomchi, the instructors and the students interchangeably threw their weapons depending on their mood!

It was a proficient style of combat that desert warriors used. Heavy armour was inconvenient and the effect would fall when attacked with many types of weapons.

In fact, the n.o.bles knights respected the sword and spear and didn’t like using other weapons.

“S-stop them!”

The Barit Knights were troubled by the axe and spear attacks. They had a completely different weight from arrows. If the axe bounced off the s.h.i.+eld then it would just damage a knight nearby.

The formation was a mess when the Kill Without Asking porridge unit arrived in front of the knights.

“Slice and drop them!”


Geomchi-2, Geomchi-3, etc., followed behind Geomchi.

“Sword that Cuts Anything!”

Horses, people, s.h.i.+elds and armour would be cut every time they wielded their sword. If the strike was successful then it would do 55 times more damage to the enemy. It was an unbeatable technology when used properly and broke weapons or dealt serious injuries.

The attack skill was risky but Geomchi and the instructors boldly used it.

The knights that didn’t know the circ.u.mstances just felt a tremendous a.s.sault force and lost their lives. airnaodjnaksdnada

“Kilkilkil, meat!”

“Should I have a meal or sleep?”

“W-women. Take a look. How cool!”

“This is life. All the attacks, bring it on!”

The clones also rushed towards the knights. The clones also had sword skill proficiency. Geomchi, the instructors and the students brandished their swords against the knights.

“These guys……”

The knights were quasi-n.o.bility of the Haven Empire. The Barit Knights’ great honour and pride failed in front of the Kill Without Asking porridge unit.

On the walls of Pato Castle, the commander Banrommel and users of the Hermes Guild weren’t laughing.

“These guys have considerable power. The Barit Knights are a little bit inferior to them.”

“We should move before it becomes more dangerous for the Barit Knights.”

“Mobilize immediately.”

8 knight units appeared on the Rupoi Plains. They were part of the 5th knights division of the Imperial Knights.

They couldn’t allow the Barit Knights to be completely annihilated by the Kill Without Asking porridge unit.


The a.s.sault of the knights began. Banrommel’s knights were wearing red armour with flames on it. Due to the magical effect of the armour, the flames would last forever.

Armour infantry exited from the gates and joined the Barit Knights. More snipers were placed on the wall. In the beginning, they had regarded the opponents as easy and allowed them to get close.

Geomchi, the instructors and students were surrounded by knights! It consisted of the elite armed forces of the Haven Empire. They feared that the Kill Without Asking porridge unit would flee so they hurriedly surrounded them.

The snipers on the wall fired straight shots towards the Kill Without Asking porridge unit.


A arrow became stuck in Geomchi-2’s shoulders.

“No. 2.”

“Teacher-nim, I am okay.”

“You’re not hurt?”

“Teacher-nim would be mad if I was hurt by something like this.”

Geomchi felt the pleasure of the sword. nbjfdskfndjksadnas

This was the battlefield. It was a place where his wishes could come alive. The Haven Empire had encircled them to stop any escape but he had no intention of fleeing.

“Everyone listen.”


“Let’s heartily enjoy this.”

“Of course!”

Geomchi, the instructors and the students struggled against the constantly surging knights and enemies.

Arrows were shot in their backs as they charged into the midst of the heavy infantry and knights. Despite the fact that they had the worst position, they willingly fought on this battlefield.

10~20 trainees died quickly. They couldn’t withstand being battered from all sides.

And eventually, the only one who survived was Geomchi-5! He lived the longest thanks to the sacrifice of the other instructors and students.

An enormous 6,000 knights of the Haven Empire had been killed wiping out the Kill Without Asking porridge unit. They had a hard time due to the ruthless attacks by Geomchi, the other instructors and students.

Banrommel appeared above the walls.

The snipers and knights carrying spears aimed at the final survivor, Geomchi-5.

“Last survivor, do you want to say some final words?”

Banrommel said from the wall. He had wanted to avoid a frontal confrontation against the Kill Without Asking porridge unit.

Nevertheless, he wanted a cool ending for Geomchi-5.

Geomchi-5 just laughed brightly, revealing his buck teeth.

“How funny. We will fight again later!”


Hermes Guild users in the major cities of the Haven Empire gathered together for dinner.

“The glory of the Haven Empire will continue forever!”

“Hooray Haven Empire!” jfkfajkffbakjidsad

The guild mobilizing half of its power against the Abyss Knight Van Hawk was a great event. The general users were easily mobilized at a great capacity and showed their power in Coc.o.o.n Valley.

Weed’s adventures showed him struggling along but the Hermes Guild showed the strong power of their high level users in a landslide victory. The performance of the Hermes Guild was broadcasted so no one could doubt it.

Due to the defeat of the Abyss Knight, the rebel activity in the Haven Empire was suddenly withdrawn.

“Every corner of this land must accept the Haven Empire.”

“The Kallamore Kingdom is no more. They will completely adapt to the reign of the Haven Empire. This is a good business opportunity.”

The att.i.tude of the residents in the conquered area towards the Haven Empire completely changed.

The Abyss Knight crisis had been overcome so the Hermes Guild thought this was the perfect opportunity.


High level users in the Haven Empire were called for a banquet at the Imperial Palace. There was an unlimited amount of the finest brandy from Ipia Island.

Even the lords of the Hermes Guild who weren’t over level 440 weren’t allowed to attend the banquet.

“Now only the north is left.”

“There is also the east and the south. The Embinyu Church has declined significantly so I am quite greedy for the east and the south.”

“Having said that. After the north surrenders, the east and south will come into our hands more easily.” rabwjkenas kad ksa

The Rosenheim Kingdom and Brent Kingdom had been revived after the Embinyu Church was destroyed. The collapsed palace was rebuilt and the original residents returned.

Serabourg Castle that had previously been occupied by the Embinyu Church was used for many users to move between the north and the east.

The Embinyu Church hadn’t even entered the south. The religion of the desert warriors was the blazing sun and sand.

Thanks to Weed’s adventure in the southern desert, the oasis cities were now the target of the Haven Empire. The desert warriors were tough but they wouldn’t be able to resist an army.

The Hermes Guild had a tremendous appet.i.te and wanted to expand their territory into the forest of elves and the dwarf territory in the Central Continent.

The kingdom of humanity was going to reign everywhere.

This result was achieved by spending an astronomical amount of the taxes they reaped. The Haven Empire’s Imperial Palace had the jewels and golden decorations increased every day.

A handful of high level users watched as Bardray and Lafaye quietly talked to each other.

“But will we definitely win the war in the north? We don’t have room to send any more power to the north.”

“Weed’s reputation isn’t groundless. If there is an unexpected counterattack then the Hermes Guild might receive some damage.”

“The incident at Jigolaths caused a huge headache.”

People nodded. They couldn’t take Weed lightly. Of course, he was annoying but they didn’t think he was scary.

Weed might revive like a weed but the Hermes Guild would crush him. Like an egg was unable to break an impregnable fortress, he couldn’t catch up to feats done but the Haven Empire who had a strong economic and military power.

One of the high level users laughed.

Penatul! He was ranked in the top 300 people on the Versailles Continent.

“Lafaye said something after the battle against the Abyss Knight ended. There is no way we can lose the war in the north.” jgkdnfb ajskdnsada

“That means…..”

“I don’t know what he is planning but Lafaye must be confident to speak such words.”

The Hermes Guild recognized that Bardray was their focal point. However, there were no doubts when it came to Lafaye’s ability to lead the guild.

Lafaye must have prepared some things in order to be confident of their victory in the north. And if the Earth Palace was conquered then Weed no longer had the forces to oppose them.

The Versailles Continent would perfectly enter the hands of the n.o.bles of the Haven Empire.


The Northern Expeditionary Force of the Haven Empire.

The army was advancing towards the Earth Palace. The Pes.h.i.+l River was shrouded in early morning fog. A bridge of a ma.s.sive scale was connecting both sides of the river.

This piece of architecture was the greatest thing that surprised the Hermes Guild since entering the north.

The Central Continent was economically richer but it would be hard for them to create something like this. It was because it required a lot of money, manpower and time.

“If we cross this river then the Earth Palace will be visible.”

“Once the preparations for war are finished…there is high morale. Especially after the victories in the southern part.”

“The soldiers should have a sufficient amount of rest.”

The Hermes Guild commanders had thoroughly prepared the army after Weed appeared at the Earth Palace.

The soldiers were given a break to release the acc.u.mulated fatigue while new supplies were imported.

The cavalry and knights even used mana stones to buy one time magical items. They weren’t frequently used because it was an expensive price for an item that could only be used once.

Despite wanting to march immediately, this task consumed half a day. However, they were perfectly ready for an overwhelming victory against Weed and the Earth Palace.

Any commanding officer in an army would dream of leading a huge and powerful army. Excellent knights in Royal Road could lead their men to fight the enemy without a hitch.

Of course, it wasn’t easy for individuals to affect the outcome once the scale of the battles increased to a war between kingdoms. Even so, there were occasions when people would become widely known through the battlefield. kjjbajkrbajdksn abdjb

Being a commander or a knight appearing on broadcast would increase their fame. But any skilled commander wouldn’t just rely on the power of the army.

Wonderful tactics could give a.s.surances in wars. A commander could clearly overpower a small troop with larger numbers.

“Besides, this fight with Weed isn’t like the one against the Abyss Knight. The leaders have considerable interest in this battle.”

“This time it is our turn to be heroes.”

After the battle with the Abyss Knight was settled, the northern conquest army quickly advanced. They killed the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult members swarming like flies until they reached the Alkazar Bridge.

“If it wasn’t for this bridge then we would have to go back. I’m glad. This is the virtue of the north’s transportation network that was developed.”

“Tell the soldiers to move faster. We will reach the vicinity of the Earth Palace tomorrow evening and then a full-fledged siege would start in the morning.” jfkadnajksdnadbk

“The siege weapons need to be a.s.sembled and the soldier should have a lot of rest at night. Given Weed’s leaders.h.i.+p skills, the soldiers need to have the maximum morale.”

“A few days later, we will have a toast inside the Earth Palace.”

The commanders sent troops onto the Alkazar Bridge. The bridge was wide enough to allow carriages to pa.s.s by in both directions.

The scouting unit rode until the end of the bridge and came back to report.

“There are none. I don’t see any enemies at all.”

“In the river?”

There was a chance that the northern users had planned an ambush in the river.

“It is clean and clear. The only things visible are the pretty fish.”

“Good. Then the 2nd division will enter first.”

“I will go ahead and clean the place.”

The 2nd division was composed of infantry and magicians and were configured for defense. They would cross to the other side of the river and secure the area for the rest of the army.

Soon after the 2nd division, the main army started moving across the bridge.

“The 1st division will carry the battle materials.”

“The supply carriages will pa.s.s through the bridge first.”

An incalculable amount of materials required for the northern conquest was moved to the other side of the bridge. The goods were preparation for the war against Weed so the 1st division took a fairly long time to move them across.

Dozens of troops sat on the carriages or walked alongside them. The users of the Hermes guild sitting on horses or the carriages admired the view of the river from the Alkazar Bridge.

“This bridge is crossing a great river. Something not possible in the Haven Empire is present in the Arpen Kingdom.”

“I think so as well. This bridge is quite comfortable, durable and well made. Without this bridge, people travelling to and from the north would go through a lot of suffering.”

“It is good that we can use it. No matter how good the roads or infrastructure is, the weak don’t have the right to benefit from it. If the military power is too weak then they will be deprived of it.”

“Kukuku, we sure are lucky to be in the Hermes Guild.”

The Hermes Guild users naturally enjoyed the benefits that came from being stronger than everyone else. That power would eventually be used to capture and reign over the entire Versailles Continent.

“There are even excellent decorations carved on the pillars. They just caught my eyes.”

“Later I should buy land in the vicinity. The trade between the Central Continent and the North Continent means that this area would quickly grow.” jfkafbajkdsa dksadb

“I’m going to use the money earned from plundering in order to open a dress shop.”

The users watched the lights of Yusellin Village and imagined a sweet future after the conquest.


-You have crossed Alkazar Bridge.

Alkazar Bridge connects the Pes.h.i.+l River and was completed by the Arpen Kingdom.

All acc.u.mulated fatigue during the move is fully recovered.

Vitality has increased by 30%, you can continue to fight for a long time and the possibility of fatigue during hard work will decrease for a day.

The skill Quick Step has been applied.

Movement speed won’t reduce for 3 days.

Horses will be able to exert a maximum effect for a week.

Due to experiencing a special place, agility has permanently increased by 2.

Alkazar Bridge is one of the Northern Continent’s specialties.

If you go to another kingdom then you can obtain for reporting this amazing place to n.o.bles.

“Ohh, really?”

“Completely excellent.”

The Hermes Guild users were filled with great admiration.

Alkazar Bridge was a Grand Building. The total construction cost was 8.5 million gold and architects hammered at it for 4 months in order to create it.

“We will control this bridge later.”

“I really like taking away someone else’s hard work by force.”

The users of the Hermes Guild that had crossed the bridge hesitantly sat down on the ground. The main body of the army hadn’t come across yet. A considerable amount of time was required in order to cross the river.

“But it would be amazing if the bridge collapsed.”

“You idiot, there is no way it will collapse. This is a Grand Building.”

“I suppose so.”


At that moment, a large irritating sound came from the bridge.


The attention of the chatting Hermes Guild users headed towards the Alkazar Bridge. They were shocked by the sound but nothing happened.

“Did I hear wrong?”

“No, I’m sure that I heard it.”

“I heard. It is like the sound of stones rubbing together.”

“Did some fool crash a carriage?”

“It is no big deal. I’m going to take a nap so wake me up if something happens.”

The users started talking again but the deafening noise was heard for more than 1 minute.

“It sounds like it comes from the bridge.”

“Is the bridge singing?” hbarakjrsdnkjafadsn

“This is fascinating. A Grand Building is capable of such a thing.”

The users watched the Alkazar Bridge. And the same scene appeared in all their eyes.

Usually a huge building absolutely wouldn’t move. It was solid and grand like a hill or mountain. But there was no common sense in it being destroyed now.

Cracks started in the pillars standing in the middle of the river and the steel strands that connected it started to break.

The Pes.h.i.+l River started slos.h.i.+ng with large waves. The troops watched with horror at Alkazar Bridge started severely shaking. High waves. .h.i.t the pillar of the bridge and it started crumbling.

“Aaack! Help!”

The carriages carrying the material as well as the troops holding weapons fell down into the water. And after a while, the entire Alkazar Bridge crumbled into the river.



The users of the Hermes Guild who had crossed the bridge safely or had yet to cross watched with disbelief and couldn’t accept the reality.

“Why did it collapse all at once?”

“Was this a bad bridge construction?”

The users couldn’t understand how this had happened in such a short amount of time.

The commanders that didn’t cross the river received reports of the damage.

“The 7th knights division fell into the river, 38,000 archers and approximately 6 days’ worth of combat materials….”

“Enormous damage.”

“But it isn’t an insurmountable one. There are plenty of battle supplies.”

The Haven Empire marched more than 2 million troops over the Poros River into the north. Despite the strong resistance of the north, the damage from the bridge collapsing could be handled.

The Hermes Guild users that fell in the river would drift downstream before making their way back.

Nevertheless, this was enough to put pressure on the battle commanders.

“I don’t know how to report it to the guild.”

“It is only a matter of time before the damage we suffered is known. We must emphasize that we couldn’t predict the damage in advance.”

“If we want to be recognized then we have to hurry and destroy the Earth Palace.”

Despite only losing 150,000 of the Haven Empire’s army and 2,000 Hermes Guild users, the atmosphere was heavy and serious. fjakfnsdkjnaksadnjakd

-You have been cut off from the main body of the northern conquest army.

The soldiers watching the disaster are severely shaken.

Morale has decreased by 45%.

The value of training is temporarily reduced by 22%.

Training and morale were key factors in a war.

If training was low then they wouldn’t follow commands well and low morale would decrease the fighting power.

“This is how it is. How will the main army cross here now?”

“Then should we cross over there?”

The Hermes Guild users who crossed the bridge and were lazily watching the scenery suddenly stood up.

Since coming to the north, they had only achieved overwhelming victories. They ma.s.sacred those in the villages regardless of who they were.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that the guild leaders wanted to rule the north then they would have thoroughly destroyed everything.

“Ya, I’m feeling anxious.”

“Surely the enemies won’t appear now? Perhaps they will.”

“But perhaps……”

The users were having uneasy conversations.

The distant plains starting shaking.

“Waaaaaah! The bridge really collapsed.”

“Let’s get revenge on the Hermes Guild.”

“Let’s go! They’re not moving! I am Tokkung of the Toadstool Porridge unit. I will fight as long as I have the strength!”

“Tokkung has already died 7 times yet he is back!”

“Tokkung-nim, please be careful of everyone. Last time I almost died!”

The Gra.s.s Porridge Cult members that kept dying! Despite their losing streak, they persisted in fighting.

They weren’t disappointed by not having the power to defeat the invaders. The Hermes Guild and Haven Empire were strong but the northern users weren’t discouraged.

There were various sayings in the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult.

-Don’t eat if you are defeated, eat if victory is achieved when you die.

-Life is like a bowl of Toadstool Porridge. If you don’t eat it today then eat it tomorrow.

-Courage comes from the challenge itself. You can’t eat if you lose and you can eat if victory is achieved when you die.

-Don’t leave without cleaning this up.

The Toadstool Porridge unit served as the focal point of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult. Their annihilation signaled the beginning of the battle!

In addition, the norther users ate gra.s.s porridge for their three meals a day as they wors.h.i.+pped the Arpen Kingdom and Weed. Naturally they were hostile towards the Hermes Guild.

“Those guys are coming here. They are weak but this situation isn’t good.”

“Then was the collapse of the bridge planned?”

“Surely not… No, did it really happen by chance?”

The faces of the Toadstool Porridge unit and Arpen Kingdom users standing in the vanguard told a different story.

“We’ve finally arrived.”

“The moment we’ve been waiting for has come. Today is the day of vengeance!”

The knight users of the Arpen Kingdom had high honour and intimacy with the residents. It was easy to get quests related to the country and obtain a chance to build public achievements.

Many enjoyed preferential treatment and grew along with the soldiers of the Arpen Kingdom. The larger the kingdom, the more benefits that were attached to the knights. But if they lost all their honour, there would be a huge penalty and fighting spirit would be reduced.

Apart from partic.i.p.ating in monster subjugation and war, there were other constraints.

Trade, production or other combat professions could migrate but knights that swore allegiance to a kingdom needed to stay loyal. In short, the knights had a duty of obedience to the king and the kingdom. jganbfjkabfskjadnsakd

Despite the invasion of the Arpen Kingdom, Weed hadn’t allowed them to partic.i.p.ate in the war. Weed had the final authority for all military power so the knights didn’t go out to fight for their kingdom.

Although the knight users took their own personal initiative to fight, the soldiers could only swallow their resentment.

1 knight entering a dungeon with 100 soldiers to subdue the monsters could have their power grow quickly. Improving the Arpen Kingdom’s vulnerable military power was essential.

But some knights couldn’t tolerate it anymore and came out.

“Those bugs are looking at us? Their fate is to be stepped on.

“Their skills can’t even touch my feet.”

The Hermes Guild laughed as their enemies appeared. Morale had fallen but they had defeated such opponents so far.

But dust was constantly growing on the plains!

“Let’s defeat the Haven Empire!”

Yusellin was emptied as users started to pour out. It was a tactic that never ended. It was at a level to defeat the enemies.

The sea of moving Gra.s.s Porridge Cult started to attack.

Seo-yoon was also among the knights and the Toadstool Porridge unit.

“Unni, unni hide behind me.”

“Is there a need to fight? You can’t kill them anyway.”

“I just want to contribute. So my friends can be proud of me.”

Seo-yoon joined the Bamboo Shoots Porridge unit to fight against the Haven Empire.

‘This situation seems to be against us.’

‘This isn’t a battle. I just need to kill 1,000 of them.’ ajfdbjakdnabkjdnad

‘Their formations aren’t polished. But I can’t deal with all these guys.’

Some of the Hermes Guild users experienced in war quietly went to the riverside. They took their armour off and swam across the river.

But they weren’t aware that there were also members of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult in the deep river.

c.o.c.kle Porridge and Seaweed Porridge diving units! They held harpoons in their hands and waited for the prey.

A bunch of users were also waiting downstream of the Pes.h.i.+l River.

“A lot of those guys are going to come here right?”

“Of course. That person’s information can’t be doubted.”

Dark Gamers.

The Dark Gamers had flocked after receiving information from a post on the website.

A person had posted anonymously to go to Pes.h.i.+l River today. If they waited then they could easily hunt users of the Hermes Guild.

Usually anonymous posts couldn’t be believed but this time was different.

The anonymous user who wrote the post had a long period of activity with the Dark Gamers and had a separate nickname. jfaskjdn askjdansdkajd

Gold Bug.

He always left comments hunting expensive weapons or jewelry.

-I have a story about a good hunting ground. At the current market price…and there will be a gang of youths complaining. I am very jealous.

-It can be served with a large pizza.

-I need to buy some pottery. Don’t go come back with weapons. Bring pottery as well. If you go to the market in the back alley then someone will buy it from you. However, the owner will pay attention to those trying to attempt dirty bargains.

There was be a steady stream of money and items for the people who were interested.

He answered any comments left by others with the market price. Every once in a while, he would correct the wrong information with an explanation.

In particular, he was quite sensitive to the price difference of a few copper. He knew the detailed prices of equipment, precious metal and pieces of artwork.

He stopped some users from being ripped off. Therefore, the person’s rating in the Dark Gamers Union continued to climb and there was high confidence in him.

-If you don’t go downstream of the Pes.h.i.+l River today then you will regret it for a year.

It was among the secret Dark Gamers post that only 10% of the highest ranking members could read.

“We can believe it if it is from Gold Bug. Even if he deceived us, there will only be minimal damage.”

“When it comes to money, that guy is more reliable than my mother.”

Thus, 600 of the highest levelled Dark Gamers were waiting for their prey downstream.


“There are many people. It is indeed a jackpot!”


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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