The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 40 Chapter 8

8) Great Emperor’s Quest

Weed raised his level to 422 through hunting in the desert.

It was unbelievable quick growth but he benefited from the dungeons’ double experience and diligent hunting.

Time Sculpting reached beginner level 6. He didn’t get this result until 3 Magnum Opus emerged.

“Hmm, the skill really doesn’t climb quickly.”

It wasn’t easy dedicating himself to sculpting while recovering his lost levels.

“It would be good if there was a big reward at the end of the quest.”

Occasionally they would visit the thriving cities around the oases and rivers in order to sell the loot.

“You’ve brought a lot of good items. It is my pleasure to transfer it over to warriors.”

“How much are you willing to buy that necklace made of ivory for?”

“It is ivory so it will be at least 800 gold.”

“In this situation, it is worth an extra 200 gold. I have already processed it.”

“It is really great handiwork. I admit that the price is correct. Let’s continue to trade in the future.”

Weed was friendly with the merchants in the desert cities. The prosperous desert city had a completely different culture from cities in the Central and Northern Continent.

The strong warriors walked around showing their naked upper bodies. Water, cigarettes and art were luxury goods at the market.

Weed had left several sculptures in the desert cities that still remained intact. Traces of the Pallos Empire still remained. Various valuables looted on the Central Continent had been traded for precious metals.

“The population is increasing but there is a limitation to economic growth.”

Weed sighed as he walked around the desert city. He had been looking forward to the continued development of the desert areas.

However, the nature of the desert meant it wasn’t convenient for farming or mining development. The cities also had to be built along oases and rivers.

In the past, the falling rain had made the desert area fertile but a lot of that water had dried up. There were the infested ruins of many abandoned land and cities.

Specialty crops were grown while food like rice, wheat and barley were brought to them. Nomads wandered around raising sheep and camels.

Traces of the Pallos Empire could be seen at the market but goods weren’t very expensive.

“It is hard to live. The typical problem of youth unemployment hasn’t been overcome. The desert warriors need to hunt in order to return the money. Only the mercenary industry remains.”

He could hear countless stories as he walked around the desert city.

“Are you interested in the treasures of the Pallos Empire? You can hear the information for 2,000 gold.”

Treasures of the empire!

Python and the nameless man were tempted but Weed and Pale didn’t care. They knew that the treasures of the Pallos Empire were buried somewhere in the north. The problem was finding the treasure and determining its value. There were people excavating the treasure in the north right now.

“Uhh, Great Emperor Weed of the desert. The children of the desert grew up hearing his legend every day. My mother talked about him every night.”

“About what?”

Weed wondered if his reputation had changed.

“The Great Emperor of the desert is a person who causes blood to flow. He left after advancing the desert into the continent. He founded the Pallos Empire during what we call the golden age of the desert.”

“A really brilliant person.”

Weed had a smile of satisfaction as he walked through the desert city. Hearing praise about himself wasn’t that bad. It was rare for users to visit the desert city.

The new history meant the southern desert was prosperous compared to other areas. Even so, the area next to it was the Central Continent where the weather was less hot.

It was a place where users with a lower level than Weed’s hunting party couldn’t be seen. But every once in a while, they would see other users.

It wasn’t easy to reach a city near the Desert of Tranquility. The difficulties meant that only high level adventurers and warriors came here.

“You look like a fairly experienced adventurer. Wouldn’t you like to find a hidden legacy sleeping in the desert? There isn’t anything difficult. It won’t risk your life.”

The senior citizens of the city would occasionally say to Weed. It was a quest to find Weed’s legacy from his past life in the desert.

“That’s okay.”

“I won’t be the only one talking about it. There are various tribes scattered across the vast desert. If one of them finds the trail of the Great Emperor then all the wealth, honour and power……”

“I have no interest!”

The quest would be a long challenge. There was a high chance of something scary happening while completing the quest. He had some outstanding achievements during the final secret sculpting technique quest.

The secrets of the desert. Valuable a.s.sets like information about monsters, traces of cities and burial places of warriors could be bought.

However, he needed to concentrate on raising his level because the fight against the Haven Empire was coming.

-The Haven Empire’s army has crossed the Pes.h.i.+l River.

-The northern users tried some ambushes but couldn’t cause any damage.

-The Haven Empire’s army is like a poisonous gas. They devastated an entire area of the north with magic.

-They are 10 kilometres away from the Earth Palace. If the soldiers move quickly then they can arrive within 2~3 hours.

-Those guys have stopped advancing and are a.s.sembling siege weapons. There are 400 large siege weapons. It is enough to be seen with one glance. A grand sight!

Mapan gave regular reports about the current situation.

The threat of the army towards the Earth Palace was becoming increasingly serious.

After a few days, it was time to leave the desert.

“The day has finally come.”

Weed lightly sighed.

He had a huge grudge against the Hermes Guild.

“This world is becoming increasingly tougher. The value of pork, fruit and electricity is all increasing.”

He blamed the apple and pear prices rising on the Hermes Guild!

“It is a pity but I have to go to the Earth Palace.”

Weed finally declared the termination of the hunt.

‘It finally ended.’

‘This time it is truly over. I don’t believe it.’


Python, the nameless man and Pale’s expression stiffened even though they wanted to cheer. If they were too joyful then they might be forced to hunt again.

The first day was like h.e.l.l but the next day was slightly better as Weed made his sculptures. Nevertheless, wandering between dungeons through the sand was one of their worst experiences.

The oldest person, Python cleared his throat and said.

“If you are busy then go. Now, let’s quickly return.”

“Yurin will come in a moment. Be ready to leave before that.”

They wandered the desert city and invested the money earned through hunting. They didn’t want to carry a lot.

That’s why they sold loot for jewellery, land, a house and even a shop. The housing prices in the desert cities were still affordable.

There weren’t a lot of people coming here currently so the profit was limited. But it contained the best hunting grounds. If they invested here then someday they would come back for hunting.

‘Never again.’

‘I won’t go with him again.’

‘I won’t live in the earth house.’

Yurin arrived and they headed towards the Earth Palace.


Earth Shadow.

Unring, Ben and Elliks who made up the Versailles Continent’s top adventurer party started a quest at Valhalla Temple.

In the process, they exposed the Embinyu Church and gained great contribution.

The Embinyu Church was exposed to the world before they were completely ready and the various religions found and destroyed them.

Of course, the residents and other users were kept in the dark.

Finally, they found the fifth arm of the G.o.d Embinyu in Metapeia and destroyed it by throwing it in boiling lava.

“The Embinyu Church? What about them? Are they a poor group like us?”

“Uhh, the Embinyu Church…buy some bread before talking about them. They sound like a group that loves fish.”

“The names Unring, Ben and Elliks? I’ve heard of them a long time ago. I don’t know what they are doing these days. Are they digging at the ground somewhere?”

Most signs of the Embinyu Church on the continent had disappeared. Adventurers who now had their adventures unknown felt severe frustration and injustice.

“Aigoo. We wasted a year for nothing.”

“I’m glad that the Embinyu Church disappeared but it is like we did nothing.”

“There will be other adventures so let’s have a good night’s sleep.”

Earth Shadow decided to relax.

All the hunting and exploration during the Valhalla quest had made them sick. They wanted to spend some time relaxing and recharging.

“Do you want a camel?”

“Yes. Strong and fast ones would be good.”

“The Bactrian Camel is the best in desert areas. The price is a bit expensive but they can go anywhere.”

“Give it to me.”

After completing the quest at Metapeia, the Earth Shadow were in the desert area. They tried to obtain camels to get out of the desert area.

“It is regretful that you are leaving. Well, do you want to listen to a story before you go?”

The feeling of an intense quest!

Unring was tired but he still had the habit of an adventurer. It wouldn’t hurt to hear the information. Even if it wasn’t important, they could trade it at other stores for cheaper goods.

“The people of the desert hasn’t forgotten one person. Sometimes I don’t know how we could live if it wasn’t for the Great Emperor Weed-nim.”

“Ah, Weed-nim.”

Unring said with disinterest.

Other users honoured Weed as an adventurer. He solved impossible quests and broke through any adversity.

The Arpen Kingdom might be pushed into a crisis due to Bardray but his personal combat skills on quests were recognized as the best.

Earth Shadow specialized in adventures so they thought about him bitterly.

They didn’t lack skills and believed they could attain a significantly higher achievement through the Vahalla quest. But the local residents were praising Weed everywhere.

Unring turned around.

“A waste of time. Come on.”

Elliks and Ben’s expression wasn’t good.

They came to the desert in vain and now they had to listen to these words!

The camel trader said behind their backs.

“The Great Emperor’s greatest achievement was founding the Pallos Empire but those in the desert were more grateful for his creation of oases and rivers. Thanks to that, our parents and children living in the desert never ran out of water to drink.

“Yes yes, but we are busy so…”

“It was our lifeline. The Great Emperor’s legacy. That’s why the desert is now gripped in a very huge crisis. The oases and rivers are drying up. The desert tribes that were united have started to hate each other again. Soon the whole desert will be filled with blood.”

Unring, Elliks and Ben stopped moving.

The feeling of an intense quest. The adventurer’s instinct meant they couldn’t leave without listening.

Unring turned around and said carefully.

“Will there be a big fight over the lack of water?”

A fight between the desert tribes meant there might be a war in the entire area. The population of the desert had increased quite a lot thanks to Weed’s adventure.

It was dangerous for users to act in the desert right now and the price of the commodities would rise.

“The camel’s footprints will eventually be completely erased by sandstorms. After the sun rises a few times, we will eventually be covered in sand.”

“It would be nice if someone concedes.”

“We aren’t fools. We are well aware that this fight will destroy all of us. It is difficult to abandon the cities and civilization will be wiped out. But we will be eliminated without any water. The resolve of the other tribes means there will now be war.”

The experienced residents could hear the meaning behind their words.

‘A large scale.’

‘Euum, this is a quest.’

‘Is it a peace quest to stop the war and revive the desert tribes? It is simple yet difficult.’

And they waited for the next words.

“There is only one way to prevent the war among the desert tribes. In the legend, the Great Emperor would appear again to unify the entire desert.”


“The Great Emperor left his legacy behind for the descendants to find.”

Ben seemed to notice something and said.

“Those words are quite difficult. The value of the Great Emperor’s legacy must be enormous.”

It was difficult to convert the value of the equipment Weed left behind in the warring period to money.

“The Great Emperor’s equipment and power was left in a very dangerous place. I heard a rumour that you shouldn’t go there unless you are willing to bet your life.”


“In an effort to prevent the war, many desert warriors are attempting the challenge to obtain the Great Emperor’s legacy. If they can obtain the knowledge and power of the Great Emperor, they can rule the desert. But this is a mission that only a pure and prestigious desert warrior can do.”

“It is a little difficult.”

The Earth Shadow group was puzzled.

A Weed related quest was a little worrisome in terms of difficulty but it was tempting. Finding special relics or money would be satisfying but the desert was a very large place for an adventure. But it seemed like this quest was only available to desert warriors.

Elliks asked.

“What is a desert warrior?”

He had no intention of switching professions but he wanted to know the information.

“Only men who grew up in the desert feeling the sun on their skin are qualified.”

“So you aren’t looking for desert warriors to find the legacy.”

“No. There are numerous desert warriors looking for a guide.”

“By guide, do you mean a person who gives directions?”

“Right. The warriors have a lot of respect towards the Great Emperor. They are hoping for the rebirth of the Great Emperor to lead the desert tribes.. Will you help the desert warriors achieve their goal?”


-Desert Warriors’ a.s.sistant

There is a legend of a young warrior sleeping in the desert who woke up and ran into a mountain of sand and skeletons.

Long ago, the Great Emperor Weed led the desert warriors.

Help the desert warriors fight against the monsters in the sand mountain to pursue the achievements of a hero.

Warriors will follow a guide in dangerous situations.

Level of Difficulty: A

Compensation: Desert Warrior’s faith.

Can lead a large number of desert warriors depending on your performance.

Quest Restrictions: No limit on fame or level.

Must be completed within ten days.

Discovered the Great Emperor’s quest.

“It is a little tricky and long. We have to proceed on the quest while taking care of the desert warriors.”

Elliks muttered a complaint but everyone felt like it was intriguing. A quest that would allow them to command desert warriors felt like fun.

Curious adventurers would never give up something like this.

“Let’s do it.”

“Try it.”

-You have accepted the quest.

Thus the desert warriors quest began.

Earth Shadow accepted the Desert Warriors’ a.s.sistant quest and went to meet the desert warriors.

‘They are still young warriors. If I take care of them well then they can be the pillar of the desert.’

However, the reality was a lot different from what they imagined. The desert warriors spat at them.

“What are you looking at? Keep your eyes away from me.”

Tough and arrogant warriors filled with the spirit of the desert!

The desert warriors wouldn’t obey unless they showed off an overwhelming power so their true suffering began.


“It’s really cold.”

-This is today’s weather. The current temperature is 6 degrees Celsius, the rain and wind speed of 4 metres per second makes the temperature feel lower……

“Shut up. Don’t answer unless I ask a question.”

Yoo Byung-jin’s body was shaking from the cold.

Sitting on a bench with his hands in his pocket was the richest and most influential scientist in the world. The cold wind meant he couldn’t take his hands out of his pocket.

He sat on the wet, wooden bench as his bottom started to feel damp.

Yoo Byung-jin was currently in a park in New York to meet up with Bardray who was likely to be the first person to unify Royal Road.

Bardray was a French American. He regularly ran in the park at 5 a.m.

Yoo Byung-jin aligned their schedules so that they could meet by coincidence.

“Why the h.e.l.l hasn’t he appeared yet?”

Yoo Byung-jin felt the cold seep into his bones. His head might think faster than any young person but his body was old.

The park was damp due to the rain falling at night, people were doing exercises and birds were chirping. He had endless thoughts as he sat on the bench in the park.

“I’m too old.”

He devoted most of his life to Royal Road. Most of the world had mocked his childhood plan. Creating his own virtual reality that would give an individual enormous wealth and power.

Getting over loneliness had been the driving force behind the plan and he created a new technology from scratch.

It might be reckless but his tremendous plan was at its final stage. Meeting Bardray away from Royal Road was immensely important to Yoo Byung-jin.

He sat on the bench for a couple of hours. Bardray didn’t appear even after the sun rose.

Yoo Byung-jin s.h.i.+vered from the cold and asked.

“When is Bardray coming?”

-Is Doctor-nim asking a question?

“That’s right.”

-Bardray isn’t exercising this morning. Currently he is on a plane to Las Vegas in order to meet with investors of the Hermes Guild in 1 hour and 20 minutes.


He had been suffering several hours in the cold for nothing.

“Why didn’t you say anything if you knew?”

-Doctor-nim told me not to say anything until you ask a question.

Yoo Byung-jin lowered his head. He criticized himself for blaming the AI.

“When is Bardray coming back?”

-According to schedule, it should be 3 days later.

“Then I will come back.

? …….

Yoo Byung-jin felt uneasy as the AI didn’t answer.

“Are you sure that Bardray is coming back?”

-The consultation to build the Hermes Company is almost over. They just need the final steps to seal the agreement so there is a 98.7% chance that he will return in 3 days.

“Well, it is like that.”

Yoo Byung-jin was impressed every time by the convenience of the AI. It relieved human discomfort and instantly answered any questions.

But then Yoo Byung-jin suddenly felt a strange premonition.

“What aren’t you saying?”

? …….

“You can talk even if there are no questions.”

-It is about today’s weather. Currently a cloud is forming about the Mediterranean and is expected to bring about 60 millimetres more rain.


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