The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 41 Chapter 1

Chapter 1) Hero’s Short Agony

“Finally the Earth Palace!”

“The Hermes Guild has arrived to conquer the north.”

“It is the end for Weed the G.o.d of War. As of today, the Haven Empire will destroy the Arpen Kingdom and unite the continent.”

The Hermes Guild users in the north found it difficult to suppress the excitement welling in their chest.

The largest elite troops ever mobilized had marched to the north. They had successfully won against the northern users and were now prepared to take Weed’s neck. Of course, the thorough destruction of the Earth Palace was just a bonus!

The sky island of Lavias floating in the sky was spectacular and they might also be able to conquer it today.

‘I will show how the strong will thoroughly trample on the weak.’

‘The Earth Palace is ugly. Building it on the mountain peaks is a quirky idea but aren’t there many treasures of the north gathered? Looting the palace of another kingdom will give me joy. I can increase my loot. I absolutely can’t fall behind others.’

‘Huhuhu, they will be swept away from the charge of the knights. I’ll certainly appear on the broadcast.’

‘The barbaric magic skills of the north won’t be able to stop us. They will be wiped out by the magic of the wind. How can barbaric people like them withstand the wind magic? It signals the presence of a big name.’

‘Unfortunately the deputy died but I will retaliate today.’

The Hermes Guild users were proud of their bravery and armed forces.

Despite the north being a great attraction of Royal Road, it was just at a frontier level compared to the Brent and Rosenheim Kingdoms. Most of the users were weak and wore humble equipment.

Weapons and techniques were all part of an individual’s combat power. So far, the fighting in the north gave them the impression that there were only many novice users. A weak enemy that would lose under a show of force!

Today’s final battle would be broadcasted live so the Hermes Guild users were excited.

-Presently the army’s morale is high. They’ve completely forgotten about the disaster experienced at Alkazar Bridge.

-The 2nd corps will guide the siege weapons.

-The leader of each knight division should move along the planned path in response to an a.s.sault. Individual behaviour isn’t allowed for a knight.

-Strengthen the communication between the knight divisions in order to show our grandeur in the war.

The commanders used the Hermes Guild’s communication channel to hand out orders.

The scale of the war meant it was important to check if the commands were performed perfectly.

The knights of the Haven Empire were familiar with different a.s.sault methods, formations and methods to divert attacks.

‘This fight will be too easy… It will be our victory even if no one exactly follows the orders.’

The northern users could only swarm like flies while the Haven Empire’s army used group tactics. The leaders of the Hermes Guild also joined the communication channel of the commanders.

It was possible to watch the battle scenes on the broadcast and they couldn’t interfere with the front-line commanders. But after the battle, there would be a review of the commanders based on their achievements.

The warm wind blew and it was a sunny and clear day.

The confrontation between the Haven Empire’s army and the northern users in front of the Earth Palace was about to begin. The commander of the 1st corps of the northern conquest army, Draka rode his horse forward 100 metres.

“Weed who is nicknamed the G.o.d of War, the Haven Empire’s army has come to conquer the poor Arpen Kingdom. The true masters of this land has now appeared!”

Draka’s cry spread through the plains and the Earth Palace.

It was a call of leaders.h.i.+p similar to the Lion’s Roar skill. Magic expanded the sound and spread it over a far distance.

The northern users criticized him immediately.


“b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the Hermes Guild, go away!”

“Weed-nim isn’t going to appear!”

However, there was some internal curiosity about Draka’s cry.

“Will Weed-nim appear here?”

“Isn’t he on the premises of the Earth Palace?”

They were gathered here to stop the Haven Empire but the northern users were most curious about Weed. In order to protect the Royal Palace, the northern users had arrived over the past few days.

However, there were a lot of users watching the situation from the wide plains and mountain areas. Since their levels were high, the loss would be huge if they died so they were watching. Whether they fought or gave up the Earth Palace would depend on Weed.


“Is Weed-nim here?”

“Doesn’t the Hermes Guild have an excellent intelligence network? Those guys know everything.”

The northern users searched for Weed.

Draka was also aiming for this effect.

He summoned him before the battle to make sure that Weed was here. Since the King of the Arpen Kingdom was Weed the G.o.d of War, he would play a core role in the defense. He would be easier to cope with the moment he appeared.

If Weed didn’t respond to Draka’s call then it would undermine the will of the northern users. It was killing two birds with one stone.

Draka waited but Weed didn’t appear among the crowd. The Earth Palace was located in a high place so there would be shouts if he showed up.

‘Is one call lacking? This is the place. The Earth Palace falling apart would damage the Arpen Kingdom. Either way, our goals will be easily achieved.’

Draka opened his mouth again.

“I am the commander of the 1st corps of the Haven Empire’s army and I challenge Weed the King of the Arpen Kingdom to a fair duel. Do not hide and come out!”

A duel application!

Draka who represented the Haven Empire’s army had asked for a duel. It could improve the morale of the soldiers but there was also a risk. Of course, the duel application was based on a conclusion from the Hermes Guild’s detailed a.n.a.lysis.

-Weed’s sculpting skills have been a.n.a.lyzed based on his previous adventures.

-He can change his species or profession, cause a disaster, create subordinates and has valuable sword skills.

-There will be specific boundaries where the disaster will occur… He doesn’t use it frequently so there is probably a great penalty like other profession skills. Judging by the basis of the skill, either his stats, level or skill proficiency is consumed.

-He has the power to create a deadly plague. Weed’s disaster have a great effect but it doesn’t just depend on skill proficiency. Predicting the affected area or knowing it is coming in advance is impossible.

-It is suspected that he got something exciting for the final sculpting technique but specific information isn’t available. He hasn’t used the skill after coming back to modern times but there must be some restrictions.

-The skill can be anything and his combat proficiency will have developed compared to the time in the Melbourne Mines.

-He had a great image as the ruler of the desert but the current reality is completely different. We need to understand Weed’s current combat capabilities. In order to get rid of any potentially disturbing elements, we need to quickly find out what the final secret sculpting technique is. If the skill is deeply related to art then we don’t need to worry.

-When considering the Melbourne Mine and other variables, Draka’s chance of being defeated is less than 20%.

A thorough a.n.a.lysis of Weed’s information indicated that Draka would win.

Typically, an art profession like sculptor needed 2 times more effort to win over combat professions. It was due to the difference in useful combat skills and stats.

However, Weed couldn’t be compared to the standards of a normal human. He used a lot of effort to strengthen himself and utilized special skills.

Even considering various factors, Draka was a strong knight of the Hermes Guild and one of the powerhouses on the Versailles Continent.

He also wasn’t just relying on combat in this duel. In order to win this duel, Draka wore the best armour and was given blessings by the priests and shamans. In addition, there was special black magic that would strengthen him for 7 hours.

“Is there going to be a fight between leaders?”

“How fun. Of course Weed-nim would win?”

“Outrageous. Who is this Draka anyway?”

“Fool, you don’t know Draka?”


“The lord of Ballet Lake and leader of the Anabollic Knights, it is a legend that he won 14 consecutive duels… Anyway, he is a scary b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Draka was widely known among the players. The northern users not interested didn’t know his name but it quickly became known thanks to the war.

“An arrogant man?”

“He must be ignorant towards young and pretty females.”

“I am sure about this. A pervert.”

“Kuahh, he isn’t human.”

The crowd wasn’t friendly towards the Hermes Guild. Even so, Draka’s level and combat experience meant they were nervous.

Weed was revered as the G.o.d of War who could fight Bardray but the power of the users in the Hermes Guild was enormous.

A group where the powerhouses of the Versailles Continent were gathered. They intended to stamp on the northern users.

Despite the duel challenge shaking the Earth Palace and its surroundings, Weed didn’t appear.

‘It would be nice if he appeared. This is Draka-nim’s chance to be the subject of all the attention.’

Draka would win in a one on one duel.

This was an opportunity to get a great achievement before the Haven Empire conquered the continent. Even if he couldn’t surpa.s.s Bardray, he could still reach the 2nd position.

Draka had prepared a lot for today’s duel.

“Weed, the continent didn’t criticize you for your adventures as ruler of the desert. Then where is your confidence? In addition, you have the status and honour of King of the Arpen Kingdom. Nevertheless, are you not going to appear like a coward?”

Draka yelled angrily.

The Haven Empire’s camp and the northern users were quiet. Weed’s emergency in the war was also a concern to them.

But 30 seconds pa.s.sed without any changes.

“King Weed of the Arpen Kingdom! I, Draka have come to conquer your land. If you have pride as a king then come out! Or have you already abandoned the Earth Palace and fled to another area!”

Draka shouted once again but no one came out from the northern users. It was to the extent that the northern users were dead silent. A situation with many people but none of them were Weed!

“Is he really not here?”

“Weed-nim isn’t here… Is he not coming at all?”

“This situation… Is he really going to run away?”

The camp of the northern users suddenly changed. They waited for Weed but he couldn’t be seen.

‘Disappointing. I thought he would emerge sooner. By the looks of this atmosphere, I am unlikely to get my duel. All my preparations were in vain.’

It was regretful but Draka’s duel application was rejected.

He emphasized many times that he was challenging Weed of the Arpen Kingdom. The northern users were shaken.

The possibility that Weed ran away from the Earth Palace was enough to make sure that some northern users wouldn’t partic.i.p.ate in the war. The psychological impact on the northern users would play a role in the war.

Then one man walked out from among the northern users.

“I’ve been listening to you. I am Kamon, one of the elite warriors of the north and I challenge Draka!”

Warrior Kamon.

His current level was 430 and he was formally a user of the Britten Alliance Kingdom. He had migrated to Morata in the early days. He was popular among the northern users and belonged to the Mugwort Porridge unit.

He was one of the many high level users who gathered for the war in the north. One of them had come out.

Draka laughed lightly.

“Warrior Kamon? I’m sorry but I’ve never heard that name.”

In fact, he had vaguely heard it in the past.

The Hermes Guild’s communication channel reported information about him but Draka pretended not to know.

“You have courage to face the army of the Haven Empire but you can’t be my opponent. Is there any warrior who wants to fight with me instead?”

Draka stepped back and one user in the army went forward.

“I am knight Nadelli, I will apply for the duel on Draka-nim’s behalf.”

“You cannot enter. I applied for a duel with Draka.”

“You can fight me afterwards. Didn’t you also come out on Weed’s behalf?”

“You make sense. Then let’s fight.”

Kamon held a short axe while Nadelli had a sword and s.h.i.+eld.

“Kamon-nim, win!”

“Hooray Gra.s.s Porridge Cult!” Take a bite from that guy.”

“No, just feed him some toadstool porridge!”

The northern users cheered.

On the other hand, the Haven Empire’s camp was silent. They were sure of victory so there was no reason to cheer.

Kamon was surrounded by the Hermes Guild. Their military discipline gave the oppressive feeling of a big army waiting calmly.

“Go! Split the earth!”

Kamon brought his axe down intensely but it was blocked with Nadelli’s s.h.i.+eld.

‘Villainous Hermes Guild! I will kill them.’

‘The combat style is simple compared to his level. Although he is proficient in fighting monsters, he doesn’t have a lot of experience in a one on one fight.’

After a few attacks, a gap was exposed that Nadelli aimed for.

“s.h.i.+eld Horizontal Stroke.”

The brandished s.h.i.+eld disturbed Kamon’s balance.

“Tremor Wave, Piercing Sword, Sword with Crus.h.i.+ng Force.”

A series of continuous skills were landed. The short axe couldn’t prevent the following sword and s.h.i.+eld attacks.

And the match was simply decided. The brutally beaten Kamon turned into grey light.

“Oh my G.o.d…”


There was a long silence among the northern users. The Haven Empire had no doubt of their victory so they didn’t cheer.

Of course, a celebration was secretly going on in the guild’s communication channel.

-Nadelli-nim, you were on fire. Congratulations. It was a great battle.

-It was thanks to Pulleborehet Castle. These days it has great hunting. My sword and s.h.i.+eld skills matured.

-Three months ago, there was a dungeon hunt with the magician Milled. To celebrate, we should go hunting again. Find a good dungeon.

-Hahaha. Thank you for the compliment. It is thanks to you that I managed to look good. And I appreciate that Draka-nim gave me the opportunity.

It was indeed a friendly guild channel.

Since then, there were duels between 9 other northern users and 9 members of the Hermes Guild.

“Please win this time, Kitaho-nim!”

“Get revenge for the Ginseng Porridge unit!”

Players came out to defend the pride of the north but the result was 10 losses! The Hermes Guild have overwhelmingly superior levels, skills and equipment. The northern users who threw themselves into the fight were smashed.

The winner of the duel was like an adult playing with children as there were overwhelming victories. The power of the Hermes Guild was great and this was also a part of their war plan.

The northern users came out randomly but the Hermes Guild users were already decided.

Those that partic.i.p.ated in the duels were granted special equipment and blessings. The users who partic.i.p.ated had low fame compared to their skills so a larger sense of shame was elicited from the northern users.

Draka exclaimed once there were 10 overwhelming victories.

“Is Weed the G.o.d of War truly in this place? If so, there is no point in having meaningless duels. I will give you 1 more minute. Weed, come out and fight me. After 1 minute, the Haven Empire’s army will march to the Earth Palace and destroy everything!”

Draka’s voice grew louder.

It was enough to reach the eyes of the avians on the island of Lavias.

1 minute of silence.

But Weed still didn’t appear.

“King Weed of the Arpen Kingdom didn’t appear. The t.i.tle of Desert Emperor is just a vain delusion obtained from the adventure. I am ashamed that you are called the G.o.d of War and a king. Your king has caused the downfall of the Arpen Kingdom. Haven Empire troops, everyone march!”

The Haven Empire’s army responded in unison.


The Imperial soldiers instantly pulled out their swords. Thanks to the consecutive victories in the duels, their morale was at the maximum!

The Haven Empire had finished their placement of the archers and magicians while the duels were taking place. The infantry and armoured infantry were also positioned to seal off the charge of the northern users.

The siege weapons escorted by knights advanced with a roar.

“Shooting spree!”

“Fire, fire! It doesn’t matter the goal!”

“The battle will end today. Tomorrow the sun will not s.h.i.+ne on the Earth Palace!”

The siege weapons launched huge fireb.a.l.l.s. The fireb.a.l.l.s landed in the middle of the people gathered at the Earth Palace and set the mountainside on fire.

Many people used water elementals or magic to suppress the fire but hundreds were already dead.

“Protect the north.”

“Gra.s.s Porridge Cult members, fight with enthusiasm even if our bodies have to be buried in this place!”

“Toadstool Porridge unit, death is in front of us. Don’t avoid it and enjoy it!”

“Huhuhu, we have the free spirit of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult. Rice Porridge, Chicken Porridge and other commonplace porridges. Toadstool Porridge? Can anyone eat it? We are the Insect Porridge unit that will fight against the world’s darkness. It has a crispy yet chewy texture and gives enough nutrients. There is no need to grill it. Eating c.o.c.kroaches and other bugs three times a day…”

“Ugh, Insect Porridge!”

“Those crazy insect users!”

The northern users initiated the attack. Arrows and magic were aimed towards the advancing Haven Empire.


The warriors ran as quickly as possible towards the Haven Empire’s army. The knights riding horses and bulls raced on the plains without any hesitation. A ma.s.sive a.s.sault was initiated.

“Smash the siege weapons!”

“The goal of the Kudzu Porridge unit is the siege weapons.”

“The Beef Porridge unit will kill everyone!”

Hundreds of thousands of Gra.s.s Porridge Cult members moved in their units. And the Haven Empire started their ranged attacks.

“The people of the north are fragile against ice magic. Spread the ice!”

“Wave of explosions!”

“Everyone will die in front of the power of thunder!”

The northern users collapsed in front of the devastating magic of the Haven Empire. There were hundreds of various magical explosions that it was difficult to distinguish between each one.

The northern users charged at full speed in order to confront the Haven Empire.

However, the ground cracked and flames were spreading everywhere. It was an atrocious power that seemed enough to end the world. The sky was filled with arrows from the Haven Empire. The northern users that ran as quickly as possible were knocked down.

The area of the Hermes Guild’s ranged attacks was called the magic destruction zone.

“Barrier formation!”

The commanders gave an order and the armoured infantry raised their s.h.i.+elds. When viewed from the front, it seemed to be a large s.h.i.+eld that covered the area.


“Drill through it!”

The northern users that crossed the zone of death attacked but the s.h.i.+eld formation didn’t budge.


As soon as the commanders spoke, the s.h.i.+elds were dropped and the spears appeared. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th columns of armoured infantry marched out and slashed at the users.



And then they raised the s.h.i.+elds again. Returning to the camp and the barrier formation! It wasn’t impossible to break through the armoured infantry.

The speed and manner of the knights could tear apart a large area. However, the armoured infantry was so dense that it was impossible to use such a method.

The efficiency of the Hermes Guild’s tactics couldn’t be compared to the enemy who fought individually.

“Move backwards. We have to confront them.”

“It won’t work if only one person goes. Go together!”

The northern users gathered to defend he Earth Palace moved in unison like a tsunami but the Haven Empire simply used their power to block it.

According to the combat staff, the enemies had been reduced by one third. The threat approaching couldn’t go beyond the armoured infantry’s defenses. The absolute force of the archers and magicians on the battlefield!

“Attack the archers!”

“We need to contain the ranged attacks. Bravely stop the archers and magicians, aaack!”

The norther users decreased sharply from the arrows and magic flying. The knights and infantry of the Haven Empire had treasures that reduced the damage of ranged magic.

This was the difference between individuals and a group. The knights had special leaders.h.i.+p abilities. Things like dispersing the damage, reinforcing defense, increasing health and ma.s.s formations.

The north had a vast amount of users but they weren’t used properly. Despite filling the large area, they were defeated and disappeared.

Weed wasn’t present at the start of the battle so there were no surprises about the Haven Empire’s might firepower.

The high level users didn’t partic.i.p.ate because there was no chance of winning. Thanks to that, the charge of the northern users gradually slowed.

‘Okay, it is our victory.’

‘It is almost finished.’

The Haven Empire invaded the north and were sure to reap a fortune after the battle was won. They toasted after every victory but this time was different. If they won today then it was no different to the entire north being defeated.


Weed was still inside the Earth Palace watching the battle.

He heard Draka shouting for a duel but didn’t emerge.

“I haven’t got my money yet. And they aren’t reliable…”

The forces from both sides were gathered at a neutral point for the duel but the Hermes Guild would definitely use dirty means.

“I’d rather trust in Choi ajuss.h.i.+ who collects money in my neighbourhood.”

Invisible curses or magic might be used in order to help them win the duel. In the movies, all heroes that courageously come forward would collapse through dastardly means.

He didn’t want to be victim of a vile plot or childish tricks.

‘They will hit me in the back of the head!’

Weed didn’t care about his pride when it came to preserving his life.

“And the war didn’t start properly.”

The northern users had gathered at the palace. They wanted to protect the freedom of the Arpen Kingdom.

In the beginning, the Haven Empire was at its most powerful but they would eventually tire. The northern users needed to accurately judge the timing.

“By the way, where is that guy Hestiger? Surely he didn’t run away.”

“I must carry out the commands of the Great Emperor. But I’ve already lost my life so am I qualified to interfere in this world?”

Hestiger was lost in deep anguish in the Earth Palace.

“Whether it is good or bad, humans should make choices in their lives to determine their fate. Master is trying to lead a good life but… I’m from the past and have no say in current human decisions.”

The clouds pa.s.sed by in the clear sky. His hair blew in the wind as his handsome face was revealed.

The deep blue eyes were like a lake while Hestiger’s appearance showed his tender heart.

“I cannot force the lives of the people. They should be responsible for the consequences of their own lives. There is only one life so I shouldn’t block them.”

Weed used Sculpture Resurrection in order to fight the Haven Empire but the person was locked in worry alone.

“I am thankful for Master’s grace but unconditionally following his will… It is hard. I would rather enjoy the remaining amount of my life.”

Hestiger was the typical example of a hero but he also had many distracting thoughts. He stood on a cliff of the Royal Palace and stared at the Haven Empire’s army.

Hestiger had a great view.

“There are many humans. Most of them seem weak without proper training.”

They were just like the troops Weed and the desert warriors trampled on in the warring period. Despite the kingdom boasting a powerful military, a few a.s.saults would make them scatter.

The desert warriors exerted absolute fighting ability that made the morale of the enemy soldiers fall. Their infamy was great and there were many enemies that tried to desert the battlefield.

The desert warrior’s blood would boil as their desire to fight increased.

“It doesn’t matter.”

There were countless battles in the warring period. After the Embinyu Church, he had wandered around the continent fighting for justice.

Hestiger looked back and regretted his life.

“I want to leave like the wind. To spend my last hours on this earth free while respecting and loving all living creatures. Although I will fail to perform Master’s command…”

It was possible that Weed wasted his valuable levels using Sculpture Resurrection!

Then Hestiger watched the Haven Empire win 10 duels.

After Weed left, Hestiger had continued hunting and adventuring. He reached level 869 and it was rare to find monsters that were a match for him.

He didn’t even move when the Haven Empire used the siege weapons and slaughtered the northern users.

Unfortunately for Weed, Hestiger was already made his decision.

“I will leave, far away from here… A place where combat doesn’t happen. I want to see the sea.”

And at that moment!


Hans was one of the residents living in the vicinity of the Arpen Kingdom. He voluntarily decided to fight the enemy in order to protect the Arpen Kingdom. Just like the other residents, his loyalty to the king had reached its peak.

Hans fired a few arrows towards the Haven Empire but the area was decimated by magic attacks and died. His daughter Susanna who was 7 years old, ran and screamed at the sight.

But the Haven Empire used another fire magic.

This was the goal of the magicians unit. They would first strike an area with the ranged magic. And those that survived the first attack would shortly be killed by a second attack.


Hestiger cried out tearfully as Susanna was burned up. The hero’s wrath overflowed at the sight of one of the Versailles Continent’s residents dying.

“How can they be so cruel…! They don’t have even the minimum of mercy.”

And he regretted it.

“If I had taken action earlier… It is all my fault. An invaluable life filled with love slipped away because I hesitated.”

After that, he had a quick understanding.

“It wasn’t that my life was wrong. I don’t need to respect a person’s right to decide their lives. If I don’t work for justice then justice can’t be accomplished. I forgot so easily my resolution for justice.”

This was a typical rant.

“Master realized all these facts. For Master’s command to have such deep meaning… A real subordinate would have followed immediately.”

The conclusion.

“Evil is evil. I will gladly bury my sword in them for the sake of justice. Evil can’t be left unchecked. Master’s order… I will kill them all.”

The anguish of a hero in a movie or drama.

“Summon the Armour of Forest. Summon the Earth Sword.”

Hestiger called for the high elf’s sword and armour.

In fact, Sculpture Resurrection couldn’t give the original equipment. However, the high elves and their forests still remembered Hestiger.

-Our friend and hero, Hestiger is back.

-He is good and sensitive… The forest will send the items that have been kept here.

-Mischievous fairy, our friend of the forest needs these things…

-I understand. He is also a friend of the fairies. I’ll give it to him.

The armour and sword kept with the elves and fairies arrived.

Hestiger’s body wasn’t slim like the elves. Thanks to achieving a special adventure, the rare elf craftsmen helped make a sword and armour for him. There were strong human magicians but elves had a depth to their magic.

Hestiger equipped the magic armour and sword.


-Kilkilkilkil! Wuhihihit!

“Cleansing of the Spirit!”


The powerful light emitted from Irene’s body extinguished the ghost. Surka ran around punching and kicking while Romuna gathered mana for attacks.

The search for the treasures of the Pallos Empire! The lake had changed into a mudflat and there were many ghosts nestled in the treasure.

-Sarin’s Armour:

Durability 32/51. Defense 54.

An armour worn by Sarin, royal knight of the Mapon Kingdom.

He was the best knight that represented the kingdom and was a n.o.bleman with the status of an earl.

Sarin led the knights that fought against the desert and the Pallos Empire. He tried to defend the Bellos Princ.i.p.ality but was defeated.

His armour was looted by the desert warriors and remains as one of the treasures of the Pallos Empire.

It has been buried in the ground for 600 years so the durability and defense of the armour is in a very bad state. Sometimes an eerie chill can be felt from Sarin’s soul sleeping in the armour.

Restrictions: Level 455.

Knights only.

Options: A relic with historical value.

Can be quickly engulfed in fear.

Dignity and honour will be reduced.

Black Magic + 1

Knights skill + 2

There is a 13% chance that every attack can exert a strange power.

At the moment, the armour was largely useless!

But if a blacksmith restored it then it could be a mouthwatering item. After being cleaned by some senior priests, it was possible for blacksmiths to restore it to its original state.

Restoring equipment from the warring period could increase the blacksmith’s skill proficiency. They were like golden items to the blacksmiths.

In addition, there were some antiques so worn out that they shattered. This was why Weed hadn’t worried about the conditions when telling the desert warriors to bury the treasure.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult. I can no longer tie them up with nets.”

Zephyr said as he trapped ghosts with his net. Without this fishermen skill, they would have to fight ma.s.s quant.i.ties of ghosts at once.

“My dancing is also at the limit!”

Hwaryeong sat on the ground.

Bubi bubi dance!

Even a pa.s.sing ghost would be attracted by her dance. However, her dance consumed quite a bit of vitality.

Surka, Irene and Bellot cried out.

“Yes, a jackpot!”

“I can change my clothes. The garments of a high priest or a saint…”

They ended up being tinged by Weed’s greed for treasures!

This was a great place to raise skill proficiency and levels while searching for treasure at the same time. It was natural the first time they found a treasure of the Pallos Empire.

However, they frequently had to fight ghosts that emerged from the treasures of the Pallos Empire. Especially at night and dawn, there were so many ghosts that their group found it difficult.

Vitality was drained, making this a tough hunting ground and excavation site. Vitality was consumed digging the ground for the treasure and they also hunted ghosts so this place could be called one of the best dungeons on the Versailles Continent.

The ghost knights were level 400~500 in the warring period so they were suitable opponents.

The ghosts were weakened from living for a long time and had low health but they were hard to hunt. Irene was busy with the contaminated soil and getting rid of curses so her faith stat increased every day.

But they reached their limit hunting the ghosts.

Romuna laid down her staff and said.

“I can’t do it anymore.”

“I’m tired.”

Bellot stopped playing her harp that had 3 strings broken.

“Let’s go to the Earth Palace.”

Surka expressed her opinion.

Everybody wanted to fight the Haven Empire and would have left sooner if not for the excavation.

“Hrmm, I’d love to go but what about all our work?”

Zephyr was locked in thought for a moment.

They could find considerable treasures here. If they left here then this place would turn into a paradise for the ghosts. The group’s overall level was 440 so this was a pretty good place for users.

But Zephyr quickly nodded.

“Let’s go!”

He had lived a life full of responsibility. It was enough to have fun. The battlefield was like a playground for high level users.

Even Irene who had a steady character smiled widely.

“Come on!”

She wasn’t worried at all about any changes to the habitat of the ghosts.

‘There is Weed.’

Weed had fought Barkhan and the chaos dragon Ausollet! They had faith that Weed could easily solve it.

Bellot had a long face.

“But how will we arrive in time? The battle will probably be over by the time we get there.”

Zephyr sighed after a moment.

“I will ask Yurin.”

Yurin’s Picture Teleportation!

It was a painter’s skill that was a great help to the people around her.

Of course, he needed to prepare for some nagging every time she was asked to use the skill.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6