The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 41 Chapter 2

Chapter 2) Hero’s Advent

“The current ratings is staying at 6.8%. If the broadcast continues then the viewers.h.i.+p will keep declining.”

“Viewers are requesting for regular programs to be broadcasted. It is unusual.”

“The advertis.e.m.e.nts for the special programs aren’t being sold out, Head Director-nim!”

The stations showing Royal Road lamented over the low ratings.

It was unfortunate but there were big expectations for the beginning of the battle at the Earth Palace.

The Haven Empire’s invasion of the north! This was the last step the Hermes Guild needed to achieve before conquering the continent.

The station officials expected the record for the ratings to be renewed. People were constantly wondering about the compet.i.tion between Weed and Bardray and the northern part of the Versailles Continent was always stimulated viewers.

A large number of beginners started in the north so many news programs focused on it.

In the early days of the northern invasion, the users scrambled to defend the cities of the Arpen Kingdom and there were the best ratings as expected.

But as the war progressed, the ratings gradually started to fall to the ground. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that viewers had no interest in the battle outside the Earth Palace.

“What is the reason why people aren’t watching?”

“It is because the Haven Empire’s army is too strong. The viewers see the Arpen Kingdom being defeated every time so it isn’t fun to watch the powerful ranged attacks of the Haven Empire.”

“Kkung, this is difficult. There needs to be something worthy.”

“There are complaints about the war. Many viewers don’t want to see it anymore.”

6.8% for a program was certainly low. Even the late night news about Royal Road received a steady viewers.h.i.+p of 4~5%.

When the Haven Empire first invaded the north, all broadcast stations a.s.sociated with Royal Road decided to organize special programs to compete with each other. There were channels that showed the northern war in real time but this was counterproductive.

The crisis of the Earth palace couldn’t even surpa.s.s 7% and there was a chance of a deficit for the broadcasting stations. There was the cutting costs, production costs and huge royalty incomes promised to the Hermes Guild and Weed.

The meeting of the PDs behind the war broadcast sighed.

“I don’t know how to prevent this… There is no problem with the image or sound but progressing with it will be difficult.”

“New events or ideas in the war… Is here no chance of a large counterattack from the Arpen Kingdom at all? If the Arpen Kingdom collapses then the future broadcasts will be difficult. Stories of the north won’t be as popular as they are now.”

“The problem is that the viewer’s interest in Royal Road will be reduced.”

“I recently received a rebuke from the Board of Directors about the ratings of the last program. Unlike most popular programs about Royal Road, we organized it for beginners so if that is lowered…”

“If the other stations stop relaying the war then we shouldn’t deteriorate more. What are we supposed to do?”

“We are doing our best. It is wrong to judge from the reported results.”

While the other stations were in serious distress, KMC Media continued their organized push for the special programs.

This was due to the strong faith of Director Kang.

‘I’ve seen Weed. Will he really fall to humans? No. He is a guy that will climb up even if he falls to the bottom. When has he never not experienced a crisis? Well, there was his death in the Melbourne Mine. But he is someone with many tricks prepared.’

Weed had always succeeded in his adventures so Director Kang took the risk of continuing to promote him.

“The viewers might be waiting for such a reversal. The Haven Empire is strong but hated so they can’t help being interested. The ratings might rise abruptly once Weed and the Arpen Kingdom counterattacks.”

“What is the basis for that claim?”

“There is no concrete basis except for my personal faith.”

“No, shouldn’t we push other programs to minimize the damage?”

“We need to prepare for the future.”

“The future?”

“Is it necessary for a broadcasting station to remain neutral in the war between the Haven Empire and the Arpen Kingdom?”

The broadcasting station was sensitive to Director Kang’s words.

It was possible for the stations to maintain their neutrality in the dispute between the prestigious guilds or kingdoms. It would be difficult if they showed favour towards one of the kingdoms.

The influence of the stations meant they could lead public opinion or cause users to raise their hands for one side.

“What Director Kang says is unbelievable. If we don’t maintain neutrality then it will be hard to receive the a.s.sistance of the Hermes Guild in the future.”

“It really is a big problem. The broadcasts will receive numerous setbacks if the Haven Empire conquers the continent.”

“A decisive blow will be given to the station.”

“I know all about your concerns. However, think about what will happen if the Haven Empire conquers the continent. Will the viewers really like such a result?”

The station officials were seriously concerned about the situation in the future. The Haven Empire was a good place for higher levels but there was a ma.s.sive backlash against them. It wasn’t comparable to the Arpen Kingdom.

The economy and technology development of the Central Continent meant there were many users active there. However, the north had a lot of novelty and was vibrant. They would never be happy like they were now if the Haven Empire’s territory was the entire continent.

Director Kang said powerfully.

“If the Arpen Kingdom can’t counterattack then it will be destroyed. But that doesn’t mean its history on the Versailles Continent would end. The viewers will continue to miss it. The countless heroes in Royal Road… The memories and history. And Weed is the representative character. History will continue to be made.”

“Are you saying the broadcast should be biased towards Weed and the Arpen Kingdom?”

“We have to be careful but that is my opinion. We need to observe what the audience wants and base the broadcast on that. We should cater to the taste of the viewers. This will be better for us in the future. It is the right path so the station should embark boldly on it.”

The production crew had a late night discussion.

People were against the dictators.h.i.+p of the Haven Empire. If the users of the Versailles Continent suffered from heavy taxes or a loss of freedom then the current broadcast was impossible.

Users would dream of freedom. If the broadcast was from the position of Weed and the Arpen Kingdom fighting against the Haven Empire’s unification then there would be huge support from the audience.

Royal Road had such a huge popularity that it would be difficult for any other virtual reality to compete.

Other prominent game developers tried to get their hands on virtual reality but realized that the development and investment costs would surpa.s.s the budget of a small country. Even if it was successful, the monthly fees wouldn’t be big enough to cover the operational costs. Even if there were an unlimited amount of funds, the technology and infrastructure required would take at least 10 years.

There were many unexplored worlds in Royal Road. People couldn’t imagine the adventures sleeping in those unexplored lands. The cultural heritage of historic kingdoms and cities built by other users.

Millions of people were already enjoying the virtual reality world of Royal Road and that would continue even after the reign of the Haven Empire.

An a.n.a.lysis of the statistics released about Royal Road showed that 80% of users had an average level of 130. 300,000 new users were registering every day. The world of Royal Road was steadily evolving. Virtual reality was another modern world for humans.

The heads of KMC Media decided to open up their policies.

“Good. We won’t dwell on the short-term ratings or advertising sales. We will broadcast the Arpen Kingdom for the users. In the end, it is the most fair to stand on the side of the citizens.”

“Thank you for understand, Boss-nim.”

“There is no need to thank me. We are also a generation that misses those memories. The new history will continue in Royal Road. We hope that more people will have a great experience with KMC Media.”


“Wow, amazing. The people really are endless.”

Bart arrived at the Earth Palace six days ago.

He easily raised his level hunting monsters in the forest with a party while he earned money as a merchant. There were many users in the north so a lot of his goods quickly sold out. Even if they were only a few gold each, trading with hundreds of people would earn an formidable fortune.

“It is fun making money. Of course, there are all types of unpredictable risks.”

The sense of economy was different from owning a large conglomerate. If a little money was collected then he could buy a store, hire a reputable NPC and adjust the volume of items. The investment section sometimes needed drastic decisions but Bart was familiar with those experiences.

“Money can’t spread if it is broken. Even though I started late, I can’t catch up to others by running like a tiger.”

There was a chance to grow in every part of the north. It really was a dream continent for merchants.

There was a constant influx of new users and the productivity of every city was expanding. Other merchants were active but were lacking a lot due to no experience.

They didn’t set aside a proper capital, invested a huge amount of money into goods that didn’t earn them a lot or dipped their field into highly compet.i.tive items. These were common mistakes that novice merchants made.

“Weapons will bring a lot of benefits but… In recent years, the productive capacity of the smithies hasn’t reached me. There were too many compet.i.tors among the weapon dealers and many transferred to textiles. Morata has many new leather armour and this is confirmed at Vent Castle. The turnover rate is good and I can sell two carriages in half a day.”

Bart made bold decisions when it came to investments and change. He checked the daily quotes and listened to information from other cities. He had small stores in Morata and Vent Castle and had a chance to invest in top trade.

There were many stores in the north so he didn’t reap a large profit. However, Bart’s name and face became known at the market and with other merchants.

“If I have a lot more money then I would invest in production and farms. I can hire farmers to earn some profit. The prospects for the cattle breeding sector is also very bright.”

The Arpen Kingdom excelled in the agriculture and cattle breeding sectors.

The warriors didn’t care about those areas but the merchants invested in land and buildings non-stop through the year. Even briefly investing in vineyards near a city could reap a considerable margin.

They were inundated with various items including the artifacts and art of the Niflheim Empire, making the merchants of the Arpen Kingdom live in a golden age. The kingdom’s remarkable development wouldn’t have been possible without the merchants.

Mapan and Gamong had great influence in the north and many users tried to follow them.

-Specialty products development.

-Hiring craftsmen to operate a large workshop.

-Repossessing supplies for beleaguered villages.


-Ranch operation.

There was no discrimination, excessive taxes or regulations on free trade so a special compet.i.tiveness between merchants developed in every corner of the Arpen Kingdom.

The activities of the merchants led to urban development, technology development, productivity and population growth.

Since King Weed of the Arpen Kingdom was a sculptor, there was especially a strong compet.i.tiveness in the cultural sector. The development of the arts a.s.sisted in expanding the borders and the happiness and loyalty of the residents were always high.

Culture also helped increase the knowledge of the residents. Scholars were efficiently born in the kingdom, reduction the budget waste and increasing the proportion of magicians.

The nature of a merchant depended on the king.

Bart had considerable properties and headed to the Earth Palace to watch the battle against the Haven Empire as well as to sell supplies.

“Selling, selling! Miscellaneous goods suitable for levels between 250~330!”

Products good for beginners and intermediate level players were sold. The imported goods were expensive for beginners but they were sold within 30 minutes.

In this place, there were many users selling things for the right price. Users and merchants traded in all sorts of goods.

“Magic items! Magic items for protection. The lowest price is 500 gold.”

“Holding! Holding a freshly caught rat! Freshly caught from the field!”

“Selling holy water from the Freya Church. The quant.i.ty is only enough to remain for 1 hour.”

Merchants traded magic items and exclusive goods.

“Well, where do you want to go? Do you want to climb some of the unexplored mountains of the north? Then I have a useable kit for you that is only 50 gold.”

“Ahem, recording my adventures… In the middle, I came across Andallia Village in the forest. Almost no one has gone to that place. I will take you there for a mere 15 gold.”

Quest items, adventure records and maps were also sold.

The market was a great place. Bart sold items at an affordable price.

“My business is going well and I am making money.”

Now his mind wanted to see Seo-yoon and Weed. But it was impossible to find them among the numerous crowds. Of course, the two people showing up would cause a boisterous reaction and Bart still wouldn’t be able to reach them.

“Are they here somewhere? This place will be secure today.”


“Unni, come over here.”

Seo-yoon was accompanying the Bean Porridge unit.

A small party consisting of four men and six women. These people had befriended each other at the battle of Alkazar Bridge.

‘Was there a strong woman like this in the north? The ability to deal with weapons and she has great courage in her attacks.’

‘Stronger than me. I will catch up within a year.’

‘She seems to be pretty. I would like to see her unmasked.’

The men were secretly conscious of Seo-yoon.

During the battle, she had shown tremendous skill and her natural beauty shown through despite wearing a mask. There weren’t any flaws in the part of her face that could be seen.

Even if she wasn’t pretty, they didn’t worry about it since they wouldn’t see her unmasked.

‘G.o.d can’t give one person all the beauty. I might be disappointed if I look at her face.’

‘It might be better to keep it as a fantasy.’

Seo-yoon had an off-limits atmosphere so the men didn’t try anything. Nevertheless, the female users were quite friendly with Seo-yoon.

“Your profession is a berserker? I heard rumours that it is difficult to obtain. You immerse yourself in battle.”


Her voice was prettier than birds chirping in the morning.

The men walking in front pretended to be unconcerned.

‘The voice of a beauty. Even if she nags me, I would be happy coming home to that voice.’

‘Ugh, no. My ideal standards have collapsed. This… Ah, having a woman like that in the future.’

‘I want to write a dissertation about beauty. All men would be interested in the contents.’

‘Sometimes G.o.d doesn’t make a mistake. An ordinary face might not be behind that mask. The mysterious atmosphere makes me want to throw off the mask. Yet the mask hasn’t come off. Too bad.’

The men drew an imaginary figure in their heads.

“Unni is a university student?”

“Leave of absence.”


Seo-yoon lightly nodded.




‘Despair. Complete despair.’

The men fell into despair. Even those with girlfriends felt a dark sense of loss resonating in their bones.

‘The boyfriend has to be changed.’

Even so, they couldn’t feel at ease with Seo-yoon. The atmosphere, beauty and voice was too superior. A presence like that seemed like it would only appear in their dreams.

“Unni, what is your hobby?”

“These days… Sculpting.”

“Are you good?”

“I’m learning.”

“Do you cook?”


“Do you clean, do laundry and pack rice?”

“I enjoy it. I also make rice for my boyfriend.”

“How annoying.”


Soon it was time for the Bean Porridge unit to fight the Haven Empire.

Seo-yoon stepped back lightly.


“I… I can’t fight.”

“Are you scared? It is okay. We will fight together.”

“I can’t risk fighting or dying since it will be bad for him. It will also reduce his health.”

“What does that mean…? Well I understand. Then you don’t have to fight.”

The expression of her colleagues fell at Seo-yoon’s words.

The proud members of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult were disappointed but didn’t push her to fight the Haven Empire. Some colleagues even felt like it was a betrayal since they might die alone.

One of the females said coolly.

“I don’t need people who won’t risk their life to fight. Then I’ll see you later unni.”


Seo-yoon nodded without giving further information.

Seulroeo’s wedding ring.

She could deliver 50% of her health if her spouse was in a crisis. Conversely, if she fell into a crisis then Weed’s health would be pulled away. She gave up fighting on the battlefield for Weed.


The users in the north had a solid faith like stone.

“We can defeat the army of the Haven Empire.”

“There are enough people in the Earth Palace. We gathered a lot and Weed still hasn’t given a command yet.”

“Yes, we just need to follow Weed’s directions. Somehow he will dismantle the magic and defeat the Haven Empire.”

“We didn’t think we could damage them and then Alkazar Bridge happened.”

Weed the G.o.d of War ruled over the Arpen Kingdom. The existence of the kingdom on the Versailles Continent felt like it came out of a storybook.

From a small village to a kingdom through adventures, the dazzling development meant that the users soaked up its spirit of courage and challenge. Despite having to eat barley bread, people were thrilled at living in the Arpen Kingdom.

Their confidence and hope of defeating the Haven Empire was broken immediately after the battle started.

The magic attacks from the Haven Empire felt fierce enough to knock down the mountain and sweep away all the northern users.

Explosions, explosions, explosions. The users flocking in droves faced death.

The indiscriminate magic and arrow attacks from the Haven Empire battered the northern users.

“Everybody endure! We will have an opportunity once the magic is over… Kwaaek!”

“Persevere and show them the power of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult!”

The northern users had hope that the magic of the Haven Empire was limited. The attack of the magicians normally didn’t last long on the battlefield.

However, their thoughts about the Haven Empire was too shallow. The magic units of the unified Central Continent army was usually strong.

“The magic is continuing to fly!”

“How could this…ridiculous.”

“If they continue to a.s.sault us without a break then we will never win.”

There was no commander in the northern army so it was up to the discretion of the users whether to charge or hesitate. They scattered whenever the magic came flying.

Their judgement was effective in a one on one fight but they often missed opportunities on the battlefield. It was impossible to penetrate the organized formations in this manner.

Since crossing the Poros River, many beginners in the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult had attacked. If they were lucky then the knights and infantry of the Haven Empire would receive a little damage but mainly they were impervious.

Furthermore, there were many people at the Earth Palace who experienced war for the first time.

Even the high levelled users who were determined had their a.s.sault delayed due to the congestion.

“There is no sense approaching right now. Those guys will soon stop their magic.”

“Mana will fall soon. I know because I’m a magician. They must be barely hanging on.”

“Let’s go! Ready the a.s.sault!”

The magic units of the Haven Empire were wearing equipment to minimize the mana cost. Magicians tended not to wear this equipment in quests or hunting.

That was because it had poor defense. However, right now they were thoroughly protected by the armoured infantry. The magicians could attack 3/4 of the battlefield and were an invaluable a.s.set.

“Condensed power, explode. Fire Pillars!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Pillars of fire dozens of metres large headed towards the gathered northern users. It was the unbelievable wide area fire magic from the magician units!

In the history of the Versailles Continent, various genius magicians had sprung up who left behind numerous magical research.

The high level magicians would immerse themselves in studying. They would then leave their findings to their disciples. Monsters and traps were required to stop intruders from stealing it!

After unifying the Central Continent, the Haven Empire had actively dug up many ruins. During the time when the kingdoms had been divided by the prestigious guilds, even those with the power of a king or n.o.bles would require permission to excavate special dungeons.

The Haven Empire also created a library modelled after Morata and discovered places based on an a.n.a.lysis of the information there. The Fire Pillar was an advanced magic discovered that required 50 magicians to use it.


“It is really terrible.”

“Scary but enchanting.”

“An amazing force. Isn’t it?”

A significant number of users in the north were watching. There was an ecstatic expression as they watch the pillars of fire.

It was a spectacular moment as many people died but they just watched idly. The northern users watching from a distance marveled at the colossal scale of the magic.

They thought they were outside the scope of the fire so it didn’t matter.

“Indeed the Hermes Guild. Tremendous magic.”

“It is good that I came to see it. I don’t often get a chance to see this type of magic. I would be proud to be in that school.”

But soon they also experienced terrible risk.

“Fire Pillar Tornado Stream!”

The magic unit triggered a secondary spell.

Fire Pillar set up pillars of fire. It was an enormous magic that required 50 senior magicians but the flames pillars would disappear once the magic was done.

However, the fire pillars started to change when the secondary magic was triggered. It started to rise from the ground and soon a huge fire tornado was completed.

The scope of destruction extended by dozens of times and the tornado of fire didn’t stay still. A moving vortex of fire swept through the camp of the northern users. The strong suction power and unpredictable paths swallowed the people around it.

“No! I don’t want to die from this.”

“Oh, I can’t move. It will be the end if I’m sucked away. This is…”

The fire magic truly a.s.saulted the northern users. Many northern users fell to the magic and arrow attacks.

It was a one-sided slaughter of the northern users.

“People fighting against the wicked looking army, don’t be afraid! There is nothing hotter than the desert sandstorms. Our bodies will return to the soil so fight with courage until the end!”

A voice was heard in the ears of the northern users.

-You have heard the cry of the brave Warrior who Saved the World.

Vitality has recovered.

The maximum vitality will increase by 50%.

All stats related to combat will go beyond the limit.

Depending on your fighting spirit, you can exert up to twice the ability of your stats.

Various types of blessings from the G.o.ds will be given to you.

“All of a sudden?”

“Who? These blessings are nonsense.”

“It has to be a lie. I’ve never seen anything like this, even on television. ”

“Are there priests around?”

The northern users not affected by the magic attacks looked around.There were many people so they could afford to do it despite the onslaught of the Haven Empire.

The capital city of the Arpen Kingdom, the Earth Palace!

On a nearby cliff, they were able to see a warrior wearing elven armour. At first he seemed like a common warrior but then they saw his face and thought it was absurd.



“It makes no sense! Why would Hestiger appear here?”

“Isn’t he a hero in the warring period?”

It was mandatory for users of the Arpen Kingdom to watch Weed’s adventures.

Hestiger was a warrior who helped him defeat the Embinyu Church in the warring period. A desert warrior with talent, looks and leaders.h.i.+p abilities.

Some people were enthusiastic enough to set up a fan club.

“Doesn’t he look identical?”

“It is crazy to have someone that looks the same!”

“It is impossible to have that face with that body. I think it is the real Hestiger.”

“Weren’t we just saying that the blessings were impossible?”

Hestiger’s hair and cloak flew in the wind.

“Kyaack! Hestiger!”

“Omo, omo!”

The reaction from the females was the most explosive.

The n.o.ble looks, refined atmosphere and power br.i.m.m.i.n.g from his body could be felt. The muscular body was similar to Geomchi but the crucial difference was his face.

The complete unison between face and body!

Stories of Hestiger appearing started spreading like an incoming tide.

Hestiger shouted in a loud voice.

“Warriors of the Arpen Kingdom…as the eternal subordinate for the ruler of the desert, I Hestiger am asking for the people here to fight with me!”

Then a message window simultaneously rose in front of the northern users.


-Become the subordinate of the Hero who Saved the World!

Hestiger has been delegated as a commander by the King of the Arpen Kingdom. The army of the Arpen Kingdom will follow his commands.

Hestiger is asking you.

Will you become his subordinate to defend the Arpen Kingdom against the Haven Empire?

If you accept then you must follow his commands.

The leaders.h.i.+p emerging from Hestiger means that sometimes your flesh will move regardless of your will. In addition, you might be asked to sacrifice your lives in the war.

However, you will gain valuable combat experience if you follow the orders of the great warrior.

If you fight the enemy and win then it is possible to gain experience and increase your stats. The national achievements with the Arpen Kingdom will pile up more than usual.

Become the subordinate of the Hero who Saved the World!

Only one of these warriors could exist at a time. Weed had been a Warrior who Saved the World after defeating the Embinyu Church. After that, the one with the most outstanding achievements was Hestiger.

Warrior-1 and Warrior-2 had great combat ability but they lagged behind the overall ability, faith and n.o.bility of Hestiger.

Weed grumpily didn’t care about the Pallos Empire because Hestiger would be his real heir.

“Is it really Hestiger? Then I’m going to do it.”

“Become the subordinate of a warrior? It is like being employed to hunt a bear.”

The northern users were confused. Because it was unexpected. However, they didn’t worry about it for too long.

“Hestiger… Really awesome! It is an honour to be a subordinate of such a mighty hero.”

“Hey hey, isn’t this situation like pulling out a few junk cards in Go-stop only to suddenly get 5 bright cards?” (Korean card game)

“Weed-nim must be somewhere!”

“Hestiger wouldn’t just appear for nothing. His Majesty hasn’t abandoned us. The Warrior who Saved the World will defeat them!”

“Hestiger is a member of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult! It is an honour for the Toadstool Porridge unit to fight with you!”

“Kuwaaaaah! Please let me be a subordinate! I am willing to be your slave for my whole life!”

An explosion of crowd psychology in front of the power of the Haven Empire!

“We will be subordinates!”

“I will enjoy your commands. Please feel free to beat me!”

-You have become the subordinate of the Hero who Saved the World!

The world will respect and appreciate your decision.

Currently there are 4,928 colleagues fighting.

And after a few seconds.


-You have become the subordinate of the Hero who Saved the World!

The world will respect and appreciate your decision.

Currently there are 9,483,201 colleagues fighting.


“We are all together!”

A huge shout among the users. Since then, the number of colleagues rose quickly enough to get rid of all fear.

When thinking of it carefully, the people were already gathered here to fight the Haven Empire. Even so, their courage grew as the numbers became larger.

“The desert warriors don’t withdraw when fighting. We must charge if we want to break a stronger enemy. Charge at full speed!”

The users felt strength flow through their bodies as soon as Hestiger gave the command. It felt like the rapids of a river as their two legs pushed forward by themselves towards the Haven Empire.

It wasn’t a normal charge.

The users running speed was determined by their level, agility, vitality and skills.

Even wearing light leather armour for defense would quickly tire out a beginner. It was one of the reasons they found it difficult to escape from monsters on flat ground. In the case of a range, they could use a special skill to temporarily increase their speed but most users didn’t have such skills.

Players who could only watch blankly as rabbits jumped past were now fast enough to run past them. They could run 100 metres in less than 10 seconds.

-The Warrior who Saved the World has used the skill ‘Fierce Thunderbolt a.s.sault.’

Speed has become 129% faster. The skill will have the greatest effect on the one with the slowest speed in the group.

It applies to all subordinates.

The northern users’ speed surpa.s.sed the mounted riders as they started running towards the Haven Empire.


“Is there any need to complicated thoughts? Since I will die anyway!”

“I am the same person but it feels like I am overflowing. My mana has changed. Kuhuhuk!”

The thrust of the northern users!

The vortex of fire was still running around despite being decrease in size and there was the aftermath from other magic. The ground had cracked in several places and there were electric shocks. Previous if they tried to run through then they would die.

However, the northern users didn’t bother thinking.

-The earth G.o.ddess Mi-ne has blessed you.

Subsequent magic damage is reduced by 68% for 30 seconds.

-The G.o.ddess Freya’s blessing has been invoked.

The brave warrior Hestiger has served the G.o.ddess Freya with faith.

His subordinates have been given a special body. Any atrophy in the body due to hunger of lack of fighting spirit has been normalized.

-Balder, the G.o.d of Spring and Justice has granted you a ring.

Balder’s Ring: Durability 70/70.

The ability of this ring is unknown.

It seems like something good will happen.

-Atrock the G.o.d of the Military has blessed you.

Combat power will increase when fighting with colleagues.

During the attack, more experience can be obtained.

“Ohhhh! Blessings, blessings! It is the first time that I’ve seen such blessings.”

“The best! This unconditional feeling!”

“I am the mad dog of Baro Village! Woof woof woof woof, bark bark bark bark, woof woof woof woof!”

“I don’t have to worry about looking those guys in the eye!”

Despite rus.h.i.+ng towards their deaths, the users were happy to receive the blessing of multiple G.o.ds.

The Gra.s.s Porridge Cult that spread over the north! Rather than a religious binding, it was a an everyday way of life for the northern users.

The northern users that belonged to the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult could enjoy adventures and freedom. Even those with different professions in reality like a doctor or banker would join the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult in Royal Road.

“Gra.s.s porridge, gra.s.s porridge, gra.s.s porridge!”

Someone cried out and the entire crowd started shouting in unison.

All the stress of living was removed.

The anger and repression felt in reality boiled over in their hearts. Due to the invasion of the Haven Empire, all the bitterness, pain and anger buried deep inside broke out.

“We just need to kill all the troops. Charge!”

“Gra.s.s porridge!!!”


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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