The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 41 Chapter 3

Chapter 3) Disaster Occurring

There was a tide of northern users pus.h.i.+ng forward. They ran with all their might without thinking.

Previously, the Haven Empire’s formidable offense provided a barrier of fear that stopped them. But the a.s.sault overcame their psychological limits.

There was no beginning and end as they ran at their fastest speed.

The Haven Empire’s magic, arrows and siege weapons continued but the users just marched through one after another.

The commanders of the Hermes Guild were shocked at the abrupt change.

“The situation is strange.”

“I think so as well. Is this really Hestiger?”

“The intelligence network never mentioned it but now is the time to clarify the truth.”

Less experienced commanders would be surprised and make mistakes. But the commanders of the Haven Empire had gone through many wars and kept their cool.

“Mobilize the magicians and archers. Don’t waver and continue attacking the enemies. They have started their resistance but we still have the advantage.”

“The charge can do maximum damage but it won’t last long. After 5 minutes of attacks, the enemy troops will be decreased by half.”

“Few enemies can live through the magic destruction zone. After that, the enemy will be the knights and armoured infantry. There won’t be enemies so we can just sweep all of them away.”

The commanders finished their discussion.

Currently the Haven Empire’s army boasted 1.7 million people. The troops had been reduced due to the battles, placing them in occupied areas and the collapse of the Alkazar Bridge.

“To your battle stations! 1st cla.s.s battle boundaries.”

“Archers shoot sequentially! Magicians use spells with staying power!”

The users of the Hermes Guild soared in emergencies. Each commander gave orders to the troops and went into standby mode.

The ranged attacks were almost over as many users were quickly approaching. It felt like a ma.s.sive flood of people. Water sweeping against a thick and high dam.

“Shoot at random!”

The magic attacks were concentrated on the users.



There were screams from the dying users every time there were flashes and explosions. Poison even spread and the low level users died as it went beyond their ability to endure it.

However, many users ran quickly despite the victims.

“We finally arrived at last. Cutting Das.h.!.+”

“Pull all the power together to one point… Steel Fury!”

There were sparks as the northern users bounced against the Haven Empire’s armoured infantry.

The beginner skills were blocked by the s.h.i.+eld. It was realistically unreasonable to think that the weak beginners could break through the armoured infantry of the Haven Empire’s army.

“Push with all your strength!”

“You don’t need to attack. Just pus.h.!.+”

“Asa asa!”

It was unknown who suggested it first but the beginner users pushed with their hands. There was a huge difference in the strength and stamina of a beginner and a level 200 user. Even so, the hundreds of armoured infantry were pushed back.

“Fight back!”


The s.h.i.+eld users fought back and the novice users lost their lives. It was an inevitable result since they didn’t carry any weapons or s.h.i.+elds.

“Don’t pay attention to it and continue. This is the only thing we can do…!”

“Push until the end for the continent!”

The users knocked down more of the formations of the armoured infantry. Impressionable young girls cried about the users.

“Ohuhuk, the Arpen Kingdom really…”

“Unni, oppa! Don’t lost hope and fight!”

The tender hearts of the females were clearly defined by the war.

“The good and pure Arpen Kingdom is fighting the wicked Haven Empire!”

In fact, the high taxes and many regulations of Bardray and the Hermes Guild made life difficult for the residents.

Still, they could at least live a long life despite it being unhappy. However, they fought for Weed against the malicious invasion of the Haven Empire.

The high level northern users crashed through the cracks in the formations of the armoured infantry.

“They are just defending. Let’s freely attack!”

“Stick close for safety. Fight without taking a break!”

“The people over level 400! Break through the front! We will handle the rest!”

There were many northern users so the armoured infantry also suffered damage.

“This isn’t good.”

The faces of the Hermes Guild stiffened as they saw the northern users.

‘Coming up to here… So many users trying to fight against us. It hardly looks possible.’

‘We must have done quite a lot of bad things.

Nevertheless, the Hermes Guild didn’t think they would be defeated. The Hermes Guild didn’t lose even when there was a fierce war on the Central Continent. There wasn’t a single moment of inattention.

But now they were facing an a.s.sault. No matter how many they killed, the northern users kept pouncing.

Archers and magicians were their core power. As long as the defense wasn’t broken through, the infantry could hold on for a few days.

Considering the ability of the ranged units, the Haven Empire normally won within a few hours. A brilliant victory was obtained in this manner.

“Once half of them are killed then the rest will scatter… There is no other method than a frontal fight. Kill all of the people here!”


“Aww, it has already started.”

Irene arrived at the battlefield along with the other colleagues.

Yurin had landed them on one of the peaks of the Earth Palace.

The plains were filled with users running towards the army of the Haven Empire.

“I’m going first!”

Surka ran and jumped off a cliff.

“My body will show off the exquisite kung fu skill!”

“I’m going.”

Romuna teleported near the battlefield.

Her position was a place where magic could hit the enemy. Her position also had to take into account the placement of the soldiers and the wind direction.

Bellot and Hwaryeong were on a decorated stage at the Earth Palace.

Irene gave blessings to users from the rear of the battlefield.

The group scattered across the battlefield.

Yurin asked Zephyr who was still next to her.

“Aren’t you going out to fight?”

Zephyr nodded slightly.

“This battle is important, but you are more precious to me. I want to keep you safe.”

Greasy words!

He knew from experience that women wanted men who could save them. He wanted to show his devastating ability on the battlefield to Yurin.

Yurin shook her head.

“My grandmother told me not to trust men who hides behind a woman’s skirts.”


“Go and fight. I will be fine.”

As a painter, Yurin lacked the ability to fight.

She could grow like Weed but she had no need to kill monsters.

Drawing a picture could give an affinity with ordinary monsters. There were no monsters in this place so she would receive a lot of damage from the Haven Empire’s army.

Zephyr moved quietly towards the plains.

In fact, after arriving on the battlefield he had been yearning to fight the enemies.




The birds chirped on Lavias Island.

Despite the battle on the ground, the avians hadn’t joined in yet. The avians had a distinctive habit of collectively taking action together.

If they had a leader and strategists then their combat capabilities would increase by 2~3 times. On the other hand, the leading bird could s.n.a.t.c.h the food first or bully others.

Lavias’ ruler.

Despite the war, Golden Bird was just sitting on a branch playing with its feathers.

One of the most outstanding warriors, an eagle flew in front of it. It was hard to count how many NPC avians were following it.

“What’s up, tweet!”

“Kokodaek! We want to fight.”


No matter how dissatisfied the birds became, Golden Bird didn’t move.

There were also complaints from the newly hatched users.

When a user started off as an avian, they could choose from a variety of eggs.

To some extent, it was possible to select the avian species in advance. There were the eggs of sparrows, ducks or even thunderbirds. Several users would be born at the same time and would become friends or brothers.

They learned how to catch their prey from their mothers. After some time, they would flap their wings and leave the nest. There were snakes and other dangers before leaving the nest but then the users could start Royal Road.

The avians were so popular that there was a waiting period of at least a month.

The population of the avians grew quickly. The avians already on Lavias Island also law eggs and the birth rate quickly increased.



“Caww! Cawwwww!”

“Kukuku. Kukukukukuk!”

The birds whined and became increasingly violent. The birds cried out with one voice.

Among the avians were species such as cranes. But even they couldn’t be patient anymore.

The battle on the ground was becoming violent so the avians wondered why they couldn’t join. The human divisions of the Sky Porridge unit were also waiting.

“Why aren’t they fighting?”

“At this rate, we will be twiddling our fingers in the wrong place while allowing the Haven Empire free reign.”

The Sky Porridge troops were waiting to be dropped in the middle of the Haven Empire. 10,000 brave users were waiting for the avians to join them.

An elite unit with courage and skills.

However, without any explanation, Golden Bird stopped the avians from fighting. The nest, sky, trees and land were filled with the wild chirping protests that vibrated everywhere!

At the time, Weed appeared riding Wy-3.

Golden Bird sat down on Weed’s right shoulder like it had been waiting for that time. On his left shoulder was Silver Bird.


“The King!”

A dramatic entrance in order to considerably increase morale!

Weed said softly.

“It is nice to see the avians. And the human heroes here as well.”


A breathtaking silence flowed at the same time.

The avians started late so there were almost no high level users. Instead, all the beginners knew about Weed.

Having Weed the G.o.d of War direct them was a great honour. In addition, some of the avians were envious of Weed.

Weed was King of the Arpen Kingdom but he so went on adventures. During his final secret sculpting technique quest, his journey as a hummingbird was broadcasted on the television. Thus they also selected the hummingbird species.

The body was too small but they could have a positive impact on combat. However, they couldn’t escape the limits of the species.

The avians had to perform seasonal quests for their species. These quests were quite tricky but it was possible to increase the weight, enhance certain parts of the body or even breed.

Most users that selected the duck species dreamed of laying young. It would be fantastic if they raised the ducklings directly from the egg and then swam along the rivers of the Versailles Continent.

It wasn’t as much as the orcs but if they gave birth early then it gave them a compet.i.tive advantage compared to other avian species.

“Tweet tweet. Mum, it is W-Weed-nim.”

“Please sign my wings.”

The birds started chattering and flapping their wings as soon as Weed appeared. It was a dangerous situation like walking along a beach filled with seagulls with shrimp crackers.

Weed wasn’t surprised by the avians and spoke carefully.

“I thank you as the King of the Arpen Kingdom.”


“As you know, I didn’t create the Arpen Kingdom because I desired to become a king.”


The Arpen Kingdom was born through chance but I accepted it with a greedy smile. Weed pasted on the smile that he had practiced all night.

“While adventuring in the north, I rescued the people of Morata and the village evolved. It became a decent place and travellers visited until it became a city. My adventures made the entire north a place where people can live and everything combined to make the Arpen Kingdom.”

It was a story similar to the founding fathers.


The avians were curious about Weed suddenly telling a story. They had been clamouring for a fight.

The battle viewed from the sky was very intense. Light and fire, wind storms, poisonous fog and soldiers and knights fighting.

Naturally the avians wanted to join the Arpen Kingdom in facing the Haven Empire. It was urgent yet Weed came here to tell a story.

But Weed just looked at the faces of the avians.

The Sky Island Lavias. This was the world of the avians. The avians lived freely and didn’t belong to a kingdom.

Now that it was part of the Arpen Kingdom, they were subjected to the taxes and the special commands of the king. Originally there hadn’t been any taxes so there had been severe resistance. It felt like they had been robbed of money!

In order to make them accept it, he needed to give the impression of a good king.

“The Arpen Kingdom is in a crisis. I give my heartfelt thanks that you are willing to protect it.”


“I am the king but it is embarra.s.sing that I can’t even prevent an invasion. I worked with everyone in order to found the Arpen Kingdom. It is still a distant future but I want to make the Arpen Kingdom a good place for people to live. Thank you sincerely for your help.”

Weed’s words felt different than usual.

His voice was stiff like a child in the 2nd grade of elementary school was reading a language book.

He had raised the morale of people one or two times.

During the quest to build a pyramid, he had dragged the collapsed people by giving them gra.s.s porridge.

Despite having the status of a king, he still felt awkward and shy. He felt like a politician on television during an election.

‘Surely they won’t be fooled by this shameless story? Uhh, it is hard. The time was a little short. If only I had more time to polish off my speech.’

Weed was thinking gloomily when the avians spread their wings and cried out.

“Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!”

“Kuwaaak! Kuwawak!”

The avians were impressed! After joining the Arpen Kingdom, they had fully transformed into aggressive supporters of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult.

Weed noticed this and burst out with Lion’s Roar.

“Let us fight to keep the Arpen Kingdom!”

Many birds flew up at once in order to fight.

The Haven Empire were still smas.h.i.+ng the northern users with magic. The influx of enemies were pus.h.i.+ng against the Haven Empire.

Flames poured towards the users who were pus.h.i.+ng through the Haven Empire’s infantry.

“This way!”

“It is our chance to get revenge on the Haven Empire.

And attacks came from the sky.

The avians flew down from the sky towards the Haven Empire. Some of the Sky Porridge users held between the claws were dropped down in the midst of the Haven Empire.


The body of users were dropped on top of magicians.


Some of them died from being in the hit or from the impact of the fall. The surviving users that avoided all risk found themselves in the middle of the enemy.

“Take care of them properly!”

“Let’s go crazy!”

A decline in level and skill proficiency was inevitable. However, they succeeded in pulling off a few expensive jewellery that the magicians were wearing.

“Don’t allow them access. Shoot into the sky!”

Naturally the Haven Empire had expected the avians to join the battle. Arrows and magic were aimed towards them.

The entire area was covered with areas and magic so it was inevitable that the avians would crash to the ground.

The avians that flew to attack quickly crashed.

There was a big impact from falling from the sky so some of them lost the ability to fly right afterwards.

The role of the avians was to fly around in the sky to encourage attacks to be aimed at them. If the Haven Empire paused for even a little bit then they would fly down towards the magicians.

The avians also hunted in a similar manner.

And Hestiger!

He jumped from the Earth Palace.

“Friend of the forest, Iyaluterun!”

Hestiger summoned a blue pegasus.

The wings of the pegasus spread and he flew towards the Haven Empire’s army. The blessings of the G.o.ds surrounded his body and handsome face like a halo.

Bardray riding on the horse Rindullin couldn’t compare to Hestiger. With a perfect face and body, a legendary hero and G.o.d’s warrior. And he had a halo.

The men there had no choice but to feel extreme jealousy!

“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Taking care of him is my first priority!”

“Hestiger is approaching so take care of him with magic.”

The Hermes Guild had paid careful attention to Hestiger. In contrast to the avians, Hestiger was already at the 1st boundary.

Draka: How did this happen? Isn’t Hestiger a warrior from the warring period? Then what are his abilities?

Arkhim: We haven’t accurately identified Hestiger’s strength. There was no need to a.n.a.lyze it since the quest would end.

Balbaro: Why would there be any information? If we knew he wouldn’t disappear then there would be separate measures to deal with it.

Arkhim: Once again, the information network doesn’t know everything in advance. It is questionable why Hestiger appeared now. A special item, skill or quest… It could be anything.

Peitallod: This is just speculation but Hestiger is probably the reason why Weed didn’t show up at the Earth Palace for a few days.

Arkhim: In the best case scenario, it might just be a temporary phenomenon. Anyway, we will try to gather any information available about Hestiger but right now he is hostile towards the Haven Empire.

Hestiger had appeared out of the blue so questions were dumped on the Hermes Guild’s information network.

There were numerous questions about Hestiger’s abilities.

The Haven Empire poured out magic attacks towards Hestiger riding the pegasus.

“Hit him with lightning arrows!”

“Crus.h.i.+ng Flash Explosion!”

“Ice that Destroys the Fles.h.!.+”

Basic magic spells were used in the 1~2 stages of the battle but now intermediate spells were used that consumed a lot of mana.

“This magic was prepared in advance… It was originally waiting for Weed.”


The magicians of the Hermes Guild chanted spells through the priority goal, Hestiger. He was a warrior with an innate affinity to fire so ice magic was focused on him.

“Curse of the Ice Spirits!”

“Freeze Moisture!”

“Ice Sculpture!”

The magic floated in the air and formed an ice sculpture that was more than 30 metres in size. If it fell to the ground and smashed into pieces then it would freeze an area of 100 metres.

The reappearance of battle magic!

The sculpture split into thousands of ice chunks that flew at high speed towards Hestiger. Magic attacks in the sky and on the ground rushed towards Hestiger from every direction.

The Hermes Guild’s all-out attack!

“Aaaagh, I can see it now. This is death!”

“Time is ticking down!”

The northern users threw themselves onto the ground. The magic flying over 50 metres would freeze anything in its path.

“Despite the pegasus flying, he won’t be able to avoid this.”

The magicians of the Hermes Guild watched with a satisfied smile. Their goal was to see Hestiger smashed by the ice. Even magicians couldn’t dismantle all the flying magic before they died.

Hestiger took out his scimitar. And he waved it strongly in the air.

“Blade of Degradation!”

Flames emerged from it and started to smash the ice.


There was the sound of ice fragments flying in every direction from a vortex of flames. It took a while but eventually the ice fragments broke through the flames.

The users of the Hermes Guild started cheering.


“Indeed! It is the end!”

Hestiger couldn’t be seen so the northern users were worried. But those concerns were so revealed to be unfounded.

The ice fragments were melted down by the fire. Finally, Hestiger smashed all the pieces with his weapon.

-Your magic has been destroyed.

Mana has been reversed and a great blow will be dealt.

There is a 32.8% loss of mana.

The wisdom stat has been temporarily reduced by 14%.



The bodies of the users who partic.i.p.ated in the magic spell stumbled. The magic was forcibly destroyed so it had a large impact on them as well.

Although the senior magicians were dealt a mental blow, they could still use magic immediately. Even the users completely frozen started melting from the flames spread by Hestiger.

They could tell the strength just by how he responded to the attack skill.

Hestiger gave an ancient shout.

“Keep advancing! Don’t hesitate for even a moment in front of the enemy!”

A voice skill.

It was a technique that Weed used quite often when ruling over the desert.

The cry of a brave warrior rang out through the battlefield. However, those listening to the ancient cry had their resilience and physical abilities greatly increased.

“Let’s go!”

“Oh, yes!”

The northern users initiated a frenzy of attacks. They were happy even if their colleagues died.

Their decision was based on their desire to protect the north. They couldn’t just sit back and not do anything to stop the invasion.

Even a vague hope allowed them to push against the Haven Empire. The northern users were able to throw their bodies due to the emergence of the mighty warrior.


“It seems like we are a little late.”

“We didn’t come here to explore but… That is a healthy body.”

“But this war is dangerous. There are many chances to lose a head. Hrmm.”

“I’ve realized it from watching but there really are a lot of benefits from the battlefield. Particularly when it is against the Hermes Guild.”

“But now there is the opportunity to pour water on these guys. The Hermes Guild and the Central Continent isn’t the entire world.”

The northern users weren’t the only ones hostile to the Haven Empire.

Users from the Central Continent came to the north to watch the war. Some of them arrived first at the Earth Palace while others came behind the Haven Empire’s army.

“I am afraid of the aftermath… How will we live in the hostile Central Continent now?”

“It will be harder when I go back. I should just sit down here in the north.”

“That makes sense. The north might be able to stop the Haven Empire.”

“What about your friends and family who remain?”

“They will all come to the north!”

“Then let’s do it!”


Geomchi walked while his tattered cloak that hadn’t been repaired floated behind him.

“Today we can fight heartily.”

“It is our chance to defeat them, Teacher-nim.”

A line of students stretched behind him.

“This is the pride of a man. We have to live. Isn’t that right?”

“I understand, Teacher-nim!”

Geomchi and his students gritted their teeth. They had fallen into the trap at Pato Castle and were wiped out by the Haven Empire’s forces.

It made them angry but their hearts were filled with interest and excitement whenever they thought about it.

Dying against a strong enemy was the best experience.

‘The last time I fought properly, I had 7 broken ribs and my arms were bruised but it was interesting.’

‘This battle isn’t just about fighting sense.’

Saliva filled their mouths and their muscles twitched. The feeling caused by a battlefield.

Geomchi and the students had been waiting for today.

“The Kill Without Asking unit is now dissolved. It is a crude name that doesn’t fit us.”

“Yes, Teacher-nim!”

“We are now the Muksabal () Knights.”

“Muksabal, it sounds good.”

“As expected, Teacher-nim has a strong insight towards languages.”

“If I ever have a child then I want you to name it!”

Geomchi-100 who had good eyesight from archery shouted loudly.

“It seems like we can start!”

“Is that so? Then let’s go!”

Geomchi and the students ran out.

They had waited in order to minimize the damage from magic attacks. But soon they realized that it wasn’t necessary.

The Haven Empire had a huge army. All their military power was concentrated in one place.

The battle was already underway and the northern users were sweeping over the Haven Empire’s army. Geomchi and the students didn’t pay attention to any specific boundaries.

They mixed in with the northern users and approached the Haven Empire.

“Sword that Cuts Anything!”

“Keheok, this sword technique…”

The armoured knights had formed a barrier with their s.h.i.+elds. The sword technique cut through it easily. This made it easy to break through enemy lines in a battle.

The enemies couldn’t block it as they just charged straight through. Many armoured infantry were defeated in the s.p.a.ce of a few breaths.

“Chain Wave Sword!”

The student Geomchi-200 used a new technique. It was a sword technique that he had created.

An intangible aura blasted through an enemy and straight onto the next one.

Peseok! Ttak! Kung! Ududuk! Kwajijik!

In the end, the wave cut through 14 people at once.

“Huhuhuhu, killing 1 person is good but wiping out a lot is fun.”

Geomchi-420 had a high level.

He has benefited from Royal Road.

“I am strong. In reality it is different but strength aligns with the rules of this world.”

He was among the educated students. After graduating junior high school, he had received a scholars.h.i.+p to high school He gained access to the world of the sword after barely graduating high school.

He was thinking about the style of his body.

“I have become stronger in Royal Road.”

Fighting monsters, completing quests and receiving rewards. Fame had grown after getting involved in various events.

Geomchi-420 had faithfully trained his skills and reached level 450. He had a personality that would fall head over heels for something.

“I will be the best in Royal Road. I will catch a dragon.”

Geomchi, the instructors and students dug into the Haven Empire’s camp.

“The defense line has been breached! Magicians hurry and defend the place!”

“Knights! Knights go and intercept them!”

Geomchi and the students didn’t even glance towards the archers and magicians. This opportunity wasn’t easy to come by so they didn’t want to waste a fun fight with swords.

“A bunch of rice has gathered, Geomchi-2.”

“Yes, we can fight heartily and die.”

“The honour of a warrior. Let’s not worry about the result of the war and kill 1,000 people each.”

“No problem!”

Sword, spear, knife, axe and bow.

They wielded anything they could.

The effect of a long spear on the battlefield was excellent. However, the axe also had manage advantages in smas.h.i.+ng the enemy’s armour.

“Kill them all!”

“Awesome! This is a playground!”

“Let’s play!”

The students armed themselves with all types of weapons and smashed through the enemy camp.

The Hermes Guild found it impossible to block all the attacks.


“Well, the battle is proceeding smoothly.”

Weed watched the battle situation while riding Wy-3 in the sky.

“I want to fight… But I would just be in the way.”

Right now he was like a G.o.d to the northern users. Later he would show up when the battle was less favourable.

He could see the battlefield in one glance through the clouds.

Of course, it was impossible to distinguish individuals and could only tell by the colours of their armour.

The army of the Haven Empire had great cohesion. Their army was united and aimed their firepower towards the huge ma.s.s of northern users.

One Haven Empire soldier could killed at least twenty people.

“It is still the beginning. Hestiger needs to work harder!”

Currently Hestiger had entered the camp of the Haven Empire. Ever swing of his scimitar would wipe out 100~200 people at once. It was quite a sight to see the enemy’s armoured infantry collapsing in front of him.

Therefore, the northern users followed behind him. The higher level users with good combat senses noticed quickly. Hestiger was a strong leader on the battlefield and they marched along the road that he opened.

There was a minimum of tens of thousands people following him! There were smart people with their own skills among the northern users.

Still, the unrest was only in a small corner of the Haven Empire.

Despite Hestiger’s prominent leaders.h.i.+p and abilities, he couldn’t defeat the Haven Empire by himself.

If all members of the Red Knife unit were present then the Haven Empire would be forced to withdraw to the islands.

“I hope he receives considerable damage to his face. The problem is that it is insufficient.”

The Haven Empire had marched 7 corps for a total of 2.1 million troops to the north. And 5 corps were 1.5 million troops were present in this battle.

Some of their army was at Vargo Fortress to block the orcs. The invasion army was ridiculous as they had absorbed the soldiers after conquering the Central Continent.

If prisoners of defeated kingdoms were defeated then rebels could emerge.

From the perspective of the Hermes Guild, this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Fighting the rebels could gain combat experience and build up public achievements.

However, if the Haven Empire occupied a different land then they would be facing rebels from every direction.

Therefore, some troops were sent to stabilize the areas of the north that they occupied.

Weed was able to somewhat guess the Hermes Guild’s future strategy.

“After the Earth Palace, they were thoroughly demolish Morata and Vargo Fortress… Then they will scatter throughout the entire north in one stroke.”

It was an effective military strategy. And it would be difficult to prevent once they were in that position. Vargo Fortress and Earth Palace. If the diversion attack was successful then the north would be powerless to resist.

“There is an opportunity for a counterattack but… It will be difficult if I miss the first opportunity at the Earth Palace.”

Even though the northern users had a great solidarity, it was unknown what would happen if they suffered a huge defeat.

If the Earth Palace, Vargo Fortress and eventually Morata was destroyed then the will of the north would be broken.

The norther users couldn’t do anything and would fall into helplessness. Subsequently, the Haven Empire’s army would then march through the cities of the Arpen Kingdom.

The current 2.1 million army could scatter in units of 50,000~100,000. Even if more northern users partic.i.p.ated, it would be impossible to prevent all the troops that scattered in unison.

More than half of the north would be conquered in 1~2 weeks and would eventually surrender to the Haven Empire’s army.

If the Earth Palace and Morata were destroyed then the war would be over. Even the northern users might abandon the fight. No matter how much effort they put it, it would be difficult to get back up from the hopelessness.

The Hermes Guild’s information network and defense troops were giving support from nearby. Once surrounded on all sides, the northern users would be like rabbits in a mall.

The Haven Empire could take over the entire continent so the resistance in the north wouldn’t matter.

After the destruction of the Earth Palace and Morata, the affection towards the Arpen Kingdom would be reduced a lot.

In reality, the power would be weakened by the Haven Empire and the tax revenue significantly reduced.

This was the last chance to reverse the situation!

“If I don’t want to lose the north then I need to damage these guys.”

He had a headache like the time when the prices of electricity and food went up.

“It is definitely better to have a simple life. This is enough to make me tired.”

Thinking of a strategy to repel the invaders was complicated. It was different to succeeding in an adventure.

“Anyway, I’m working earnestly. I need to make the battlefield a mess in order to topple the formation of the Haven Empire.”

Weed started creating sculptures on Wy-3.

The power of Great Disaster Nature Sculpting depended on the Affinity to Nature, art stat and other variables.

An operation to produce a larger disaster!

-Large Turtle

A piece that expresses the form of a turtle.

The sculpture has unbelievably high skill proficiency but the head and sh.e.l.l has simplified workmans.h.i.+p. Anyone who is observant would be able to see a turtle.

Artistic Value: 13

A sculpture that had been created just for today!

Advanced sculpting level 9, advanced handicraft level 9.

Weed steadily acc.u.mulated his art stat from floating around the continent.

“The workmans.h.i.+p is okay. The urgent thing right now is quant.i.ty.”

Weed furiously created sculptures of creatures living in the water. After the turtle was finished, it was followed by various species of fish and eels.

Truly nasty fish that would be difficult to find in an aquarium. A sculpture of a rockfish that had sharp teeth like a piranha and had terrible, spiky barbs.

“A truly creative work.”

Even those who liked to eat it would flee with fear. The finer details were omitted in order to produce sculptures are a quick rate.

“What should I create now? A crocodile or a loach. I don’t know. I should think of a freshwater fish.”

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that no spirit was involved so the pieces were made so quickly.

Fish that lived in the deep sea not accessible to people were made roughly. And sometimes there were sculptures of beautiful mermaids. A ma.s.s production that was similar to the speed of a high performance machine.

The Sculpting Knife moved roughly and the form of a water creature soon appeared.

“Cloud Sculpting!”

-Cloud Sculpting has been used.

Depending on your Affinity to Nature, clouds will form.

Rain clouds are created.

The rain clouds started to scatter across the sky.

Unfortunately, none of the users embroiled in battle realized the change in the clouds.

To be honest, the nature of the cloud sculptures meant they were difficult to distinguish. Thick clouds started to fill the sky and rain fell down.

The miracle of nature sculpting!

It wasn’t enough to cover the entire battlefield but it caused havoc to some fire magic being used.

On the ground, the magicians quickly changed to water based magic. The elemental magic depended on the surrounding environment so it was the right choice.

The fire magic had been a huge obstacle to the northern users advancing. The rain falling down helped the northern users pa.s.s by the magical destruction zone.

Weed’s Affinity to Nature was high so he could create a lot of rain.

In the north, he had created the Magnum Opus Wet Land and also caused a miracle in the desert.

The ground soaked up the rain.


Weed hummed as he continued making a sculpture.

“At this point, I’m in quite a good mood?”

It was a happy time in his life.

A cousin bought a land with difficulty only to have the prices slump or a friend proudly boasting of a new car only to have it break down. It was very enjoyable when something like that happened so a hum naturally came out.

-The skill proficiency of Sculpting has increased.

In a short time, he had made more than 200 sculptures.

He was sure of the number needed but Weed spread the clouds out quite a bit. The skill level of Cloud Sculpting was quite high so dark and heavy rain clouds formed.


Kurung-kwa kwa kw.a.n.g!

The rain clouds spread through the entire area, with some places having thunder and lightning. There was still fierce fighting on the ground but they started the sense the change in the weather.

The clear, sunny day suddenly became filled with dark rain clouds!

The Hermes Guild users hated the rain.

“The situation is becoming complicated. Rain will reduce the effect of the magic attacks and reduce the soldiers’ vitality more quickly.”

“Keep in mind that a break is needed in long wars. We need to change troops frequently.”

“It is still a concern. The charge of the knights will become c.u.mbersome on that ground.”

The land became softer due to the rainwater soaking in, making it harder for the soldiers to fight. The commanders of the Haven Empire told the users to pay more attention.

On the other hand, the northern users also had to take care of their bodies. The avians had more difficulty seeing while flying.

But the clouds continued to grow thicker as more rain fell. The rain wasn’t a major impediment to the battle because of the wide plains. But they started to realize that it wasn’t ordinary.

“Somehow, this rain feels artificial…”

“There are only 3 magicians out there who can control climate on a global scale. And we’ve always been tracking the best magicians. None of them are in the north. It would be difficult without a lot of special materials.”

The Hermes Guild users had doubts first and then the northern users followed.

Those who took place in the construction of the Earth Palace knew for sure. The weather here was mainly always sunny. However, there wasn’t a drought as enough rain fell to soak the ground. A stream flowed through the plains with animals always present, making it a lovely sight.

The G.o.ddess Freya blessed the north so this was the first time the weather was like this.

“This is enough.”

Weed looked down at the ground after creating a sufficient amount of clouds.

A wide area, including the Earth Palace had been affected by the rain. Thunder and lightning sometimes struck but it wasn’t on the level to be called a natural disaster.

People were still fighting vigorously in the rain. The battle already started and wouldn’t stop just because of the rain.

“More rain will significantly increase the effect of the skill but… I don’t even have to try with this much.”

Weed took out a sculpture.

A fine piece!

-Cold Weather and Tsunami

A unique nature sculpture.

The land is covered with thick ice.

A sculpture that represents the appearance of a high and mighty tsunami. This work vividly recreates the overwhelming fear in front of a natural destruction.

Artistic Value: 1,203

Special options: 34% reduction in rain.

There is a certain probability that monsters will flee.

He used nature sculpting for a reason.

Great Disaster Nature Sculpting.

Looking at the ground from the sky, there were many people busy fighting. The Haven Empire and Arpen Kingdom residents were mixed together.

However, if he didn’t use the skill now then the Haven Empire could avoid the disaster.

“This is life. I need to commit to it. Great Disaster Nature Sculpting!”

-You have used Great Disaster Nature Sculpting.

20 Art stats have permanently disappeared.

20,000 Health and Mana has been consumed.

All stats have been temporarily reduced by 15% for 3 days.

Affinity to Nature has fallen.

Great Disaster Nature Sculpting can only be used once a day.

When a great calamity is called upon, fame or infamy can be increased depending on the damage.

Be careful not to die in the middle of the disaster.

The fine sculpture broke into millions of grains of ice and water. After various types of adventures, Weed had gained 3,300 art stats and 1,829 Affinity to Nature.

A natural disaster occurred that couldn’t be ignored. The dark clouds that produced rain also maximized the power of the disaster.


-G.o.ddess Freya has granted you a blessing.

Freya has great faith that you won’t do anything bad due to your previous adventures and high faith.

After watching you save the world on a mighty adventure, she has decided to lend a helping hand.

Due to the blessing of the G.o.ddess, the power of Great Disaster Nature Sculpting has increased by 89%.


G.o.ddess Freya’s blessing!

He had maintained a good relations.h.i.+p with the G.o.ddess and this was the special benefit.

“But now it seems like the power is too strong. My Affinity to Nature rose dramatically through the Master Quest… And there are too many people here. So many people of the Versailles Continent are gathered in one place.”

Weed feel silent for a few seconds.

“Huhuhuhu, I’ll discover the results shortly. Anyway, I won’t regret it. I’ve already committed to the action so I should just continue living my life.”

He neatly rationalized his actions.

It was absurd to blame himself for an accident. The world was in an endless cycle.

“Wy-3, what do you think?”

“Kukukuku kakakaka!”

Wy-3 was a lot smarter. Wy-3 was pretty cunning and clever for being made of rock.

“My only job is to be under you, Master!”

Wy-3 was looking forward to the spectacle that would happen in the future.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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