The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 41 Chapter 7

Chapter 7) Tilting War

“Ready for battle, ready for battle!”

“Those gathered here are beginners. We couldn’t play a specific role in battle yet now we have to be ready for combat!”

“Have the archers gather at Turtle Rock. That is a good position to fire towards the bottom.”

“Battle supplies are needed. The consumable combat supplies are being sold for a low price. I’ll get some so go ahead and fight!”

Bart was confused on the premises of the Earth Palace.

Many people had climbed to a high terrain at the Earth Palace in order to watch the battle against the Haven Empire.

It was also common to have hundreds of thousands of users on the road going up the mountain.

But nearly half of the Haven Empire’s army was rapidly advancing towards the Earth Palace. They trampled on the northern users and arrived at the bottom of the mountain.

“Run away before it’s too late!”

“The users with no combat ability will be a hindrance so go down!”

The merchants and tourists came down from the Earth Palace but were diverted by the 4th division.

The Arpen Kingdom’s Royal Palace was built in the mountains so the commanders planned a joint attack.

The users present near the Earth Palace were forced to fight to the death.

“What is this? I don’t want to die for the palace.”

“Should I surrender? I am a supporter of the Hermes Guild living in the north. They are the original definition of strength.”

The users that didn’t want to fight revealed their intention to surrender.

Instrium who was the commander of the 4th division exclaimed.

“Being in the Earth Palace itself means that you intended to resist the Haven Empire. Don’t accept the surrender and kill everyone!”

A genocide operation!

The Haven Empire wanted to set an aggressive example with the Earth Palace.

“Kill them all!”

“Survivors or prisoners aren’t needed.”

The army of the Haven Empire slaughtered the northern residents and climbed the mountain.

“There is nowhere to escape.”

Bart couldn’t escape so he headed back to the Earth Palace. Those who wanted to just watch were forced to join the battle at the Earth Palace.

It was impossible to measure how many users were present inside and outside the Earth Palace as well as throughout the mountains.

“This way quickly! It is our heads at risk.”

“I have been waiting for these guys for a week but I am trembling now that they are here.”

They set up a wooden frame in order to pour boiling oil.

In contrast, the users gathered to prepare for the war were inspired. After the exits were blocked, the users chose to die fighting.

The knights and soldiers of the Haven Empire received continuous attacks as they made their way up the mountain. Arrows, magic and large chunks of rocks rolled towards them.

“Block them with your body and continue marching. Don’t dwell on minor damage.”

There was a friendly compet.i.tion between the 3 divisions of the Haven Empire as they proceeded on the operation to a.s.sault the Earth Palace.

The knights and even the infantry carried swords and s.h.i.+elds. Despite the soldiers becoming fatigued, the commanders were busy thinking about conquering the Earth Palace.

“Heh, I feel like I can kill 100 people alone.”

Pale stood on a wall of the Earth Palace. He was biting his lips as his arrow was pointed high in the sky.

“Scattering Land!”

The arrow that Pale shot soared vertically into the sky. The avians tried to dodge in surprise but it literally ran through their wings.

“Tweet tweet?”

Despite the arrow hitting the avian, there wasn’t any damage. The arrow that Pale shot flew up 400~500 metres before popping like fireworks.

More than 10 fireb.a.l.l.s started falling towards the ground. The avians once against tried to avoid it but the fireb.a.l.l.s just fell through their bodies and wings.


It wasn’t until the fragments touched the ground that they exploded. This was a special arrow created by refining the aura of the land and was an advanced technique.

The other archers standing in a row on the palace walls with Pale also aimed arrows at the army.

The archers had held their position despite the war going on. Due to the nature of the terrain, there was no shortage of archers to defend the Earth Palace against invaders.

Among the northern users, there were hermits that came out of hiding.

“I’ve been solo for 34 years and today was the glorious day of my blind date. Interfering in relations.h.i.+ps in Royal Road, I declare that this is a sin of the Haven Empire!”

“Come. I will clean up the dirty blood of the Central Continent!”

“I am an adventurer but I’ve never had a strong reputation. Other adventurers also have the same name. All those failed adventures, I will finally succeed today!”

There were users who enjoyed quietly hunting or adventuring alone. They liked the atmosphere of the north and happily built their lives here. Therefore, they also joined the fight.

The Earth Palace had the highest density of the best users with advanced skills.

The Haven Empire received unexpected damage when climbing the mountain but they still kept advancing. Their hearts were greedy for the achievements so they couldn’t withdraw here.

The Hermes Guild had been trained for endless battles. Despite the sacrifices in battle, they gained territory, loot and experience and the soldiers became more elite.

Even if there was a slight disadvantage, the leaders of the Hermes Guild wouldn’t retreat and only fought for their goals.

Then Weed appeared above the Earth Palace on Phoenix and yelled with Lion’s Roar.

“Army of the Arpen Kingdom, start the war!”

“For the glory of His Majesty!”

Weed earnestly started giving commands.

“Seville, the 5th army corps will be your responsibility!”


The configuration of the Arpen Kingdom’s army became solid.

The knights of the north contained users and their skills were quite good. The knights and soldiers received training from the training centers along with the users in the north.

The desert warriors who were descendants of Iron-5 also created a separate unit.

The Arpen Kingdom had 5 rough army corps.

There was also Bingryong and the wyverns. They were sculptural lifeforms but were also like boss cla.s.s monsters. Bingryong and Phoenix had high levels and were capable of wide aerial attacks.

The King Hydra was a monstrous beast with high health and was part of the defense corps.

Weed hurriedly conducted the 5 corps after arriving at the Earth Palace. Weed strongly yelled with Lion’s Roar.

“This place is the core of the north. Fight together to defeat the invaders!”

Naturally the northern users had an explosive reaction!

“Kkiyahu! Weed the G.o.d of War is with us!”

“We have your support. I will watch as a miracle occurs and I will return home alive.”

Weed gave a bitter smile as he watched the enthusiasm of the people. A great commander would give encouragement to the troops and not have them question him.

‘It is a really difficult battle. A miracle really needs to happen in order to protect the Earth Palace.’

Weed was a normal person.

The elite corps of the Haven Empire were coming towards the Earth Palace and they couldn’t be stopped.

This wasn’t a situation where tricks would win.

‘Well, I just have to do my best.’

Arrows and magic from the 1st corps flew towards the Earth Palace.


-The memorials built at the Royal Palace of the Arpen Kingdom has absorbed the energy of the mountains and resisted the devastating attack.

96% of all ranged attacks have been blocked.

Health and vitality of the defense will increase up to 240% depending on their fame and loyalty.

Please note. If the memorials are destroyed or the stored energy depleted then the attack block rate will greatly reduce.

If the gates, iron towers and other structures are destroyed then no benefits will be given to the defensive side.

Despite the memorials blocking half of the ranged attacks, some of them struck the users. It couldn’t deal with the concentrated firepower of three corps of the Haven Empire.

“I knew it was right to change tactics today! My judgement was correct. If I continue advancing to the Earth Palace then Weed’s neck will be mine.”

Draka told the troops that their top priority was conquering the Earth Palace.

From the Hermes Guild’s viewpoint, there was no meaning in focusing on the Weed.

The frozen land hadn’t entirely melted yet and soldiers of the Haven Empire were dying but that had nothing to do with the military situation.

The northern users on the plains were trying to save the Earth Palace but they were blocked by two corps.

The users scattered over the wide plains were frustrated.

“Ah… How did this happen? The Earth Palace is a very important place.”

“Black Sesame Porridge unit, go over there.”

“Bean Porridge, Leek Porridge, Herb Porridge, Mugwort Porridge and Perilla Porridge, go to the rescue!”

“Bamboo Porridge unit, there is only one important thing right now. Prevent the Haven Empire from stepping foot in the Earth Palace. We will head towards the Earth Palace.”

The Gra.s.s Porridge Cult moved quickly. Initially the run of the large group of users was a success.

The former military experts in each unit issued commands depending on the battle. Even if such a command system wasn’t in place, a huge sea of users was charging towards the enemy.


-There are 39 unread emails.

“Hrmm, it is really bittersweet. What happened to my popularity when I used to reign over a part of the world?”

Carlise of the Black Lion Guild.

In reality, his name was Gao Degang and he was a Chinese person who operated a traditional store in Beijing.

In the Black Lion Guild’s peak, he had received thousands of emails a day. Many of them admired Carlise or asked to join the Black Lion Guild. When they belonged to the alliance with the Hermes Guild, they had received hundreds of applications a day.

However, all that interest disappeared after they lost the battle for supremacy of the continent. It had been a few days since he accessed the homepage of Royal Road and there was only 39 emails.

“It figures. They don’t care about anyone other than the Hermes Guild.”

The Black Lion Guild had scattered after their defeat.

Carlise bore the responsibility for the defeat and there were many internal conflicts among the users.

In its prime, the Black Lion Guild had up to 100,000 members but that situation soon changed and they scattered like sand.

Some of the former Black Lion Guild members hid like criminals on the continent while others joined the Hermes Guild. In the meantime, many wealthy people lived leisurely in resorts.

Sometimes he heard news from people who left for the north.

Gao Degang had nothing else to do so he clicked on the mailbox.

  • Sender: Chewy Rice Cake

Carlise. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, my resentment from the past…

  • Sender: Ject

Are you doing well?

  • Sender: Hekel

h.e.l.lo. I am contacting you to join a quest.

  • Sender: Bindel

I found information about a good hunting ground.

  • Sender: Weed.

Hey, do you want to get revenge on the Haven Empire with me?

Gao Degang gazed at the top part where it said ‘Sender: Weed.’

“Don’t tell me… Weed?”

When he opened the email from Royal Road’s homepage, there was a sender with that name. Weed was the most common nickname.

“G.o.d of War Weed! He is showing off his skills at the Earth Palace. Overcoming the disadvantage and hammering against the Haven Empire.”

The television was broadcasting the northern war.

Once Weed appeared, it was guaranteed that the ratings would rise dramatically. The viewers showed an ecstatic reaction.

After Gao Degang saw it on television, he read the many posts that other users wrote on the homepage of Royal Road.

“Of course it isn’t Weed the G.o.d of War.”

After deleting the emails with grudges or abusive language, he would reply to the ones from the former Black Lion Guild members.

His cursor clicked on the email that said ‘Sender: Weed.’

“I don’t think it is true but I should read this mail.”

The t.i.tle suggested it was a trick but he had time to waste.

But after a moment, Gao Degang felt his spirit become ice cold as he looked at the body of the mail.

When mail was sent from the homepage of Royal Road, the body of the mail would show the image of the character. The image that appeared in the mail was Weed.

He wore the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour and a variety of unique equipment obtained from quests.

“It really is Weed’s mail.”

Despite not meeting directly in the Melbourne Mine, he had watched the broadcast where Bardray defeated Weed. The users of the Black Lion Guild often watched videos of Weed’s battles.

It was understandable that they would pay considerable attention to Weed.

-Well, I will skip the greetings. Isn’t it a cliché to ask if you are living well?

As you know, the Haven Empire has sent troops to conquer the north. However, this story isn’t to ask for help…

Gao Degang was confused.

He didn’t know why Weed was sending an email to him.

In fact, he thought it would be a proposal to partic.i.p.ate in the northern war. By the time he read the email, it would be far too late for him to play a big role in the war.

In its prime, the Black Lion Guild was the 2nd best power.

In the past, the users would gather together to control whole regions or hunt dungeons. There was a proposal to go to the north together before the guild was disbanded.

Of course, Gao Degang wouldn’t take part in the northern war without any benefits.

-The Hermes Guild users will eat up the Versailles Continent if left alone.

Just wait and gather your power.

A chance will come to completely shake the Haven Empire.

A lion will be able to hunt wounded wolves.

The specifics will be told after the northern war is won.

The email ended there.

“Weed… Are you really not giving up?”

Gao Degang thought out loud.

After being defeated by the Hermes Guild, the prestigious guilds had disappeared. Despite being the G.o.d of War, he was amazed that Weed hadn’t given up yet.

“Even so, the war can’t be won with just his heart.”

Gao Degang’s gaze turned towards the television.

Many stations were broadcasting the northern war. Each channel showed that he was at a disadvantage in the war.


The Haven Empire were slaying users and going up towards the Earth Palace. The users trapped at the Earth Palace weren’t defending well.

The allied forces had more favourable circ.u.mstances and were perfectly defeated. Gao Degang thought there was nothing that could be done.

“It is impossible. But if this is somehow reversed… Everything might be different.”

The situation ahead couldn’t be seen at all.

But if the Haven Empire was defeated even once then the myth of the Hermes Guild would be shaken.

“He wouldn’t have sent this email to only me. Will I see confusion on the Versailles Continent once again?”

The Hermes Guild was unbeatable. Countless enemies of the Haven Empire shed tears of humiliation.

Weed intended to create a new myth while pulling these people together under one banner. Or to use the confusion to gather their forces.

“The Hermes Guild is sure to win. I can’t think of anything else. Can Weed really reverse this situation? It is questionable but… It would be huge if it is possible.”

Gao Degang showed a renewed interest in the northern war.

He hated to admit it but Weed, the G.o.d of War, might really upset expectations. If he could stop the conquest of the Haven Empire then a big change could happen.

“I have to look at it properly. Don’t let me down.”

Gao Degang turned to the television and increased the volume. Other users had already read Weed’s email.

Roam of the Roam Guild, Gunter of the Lion Star Guild, Michel of the Black Sword Mercenaries and Sherwood of the Cloud Guild.

The losers who once dominated the continent.

They watched the northern war through a crystal ball in a shabby tavern in Royal Road. The taste of beer in Royal Road far outpaced reality.


The user Penchel was gasping for breath in the north.

‘War is war.’

He was similar to ordinary users when he first started in Royal Road. He started Royal Road without knowing his apt.i.tude or dream profession.

From the moment he felt exhausted in Royal Road like a hamster in a spinning wheel, it was like a new world had opened.

Everything from the winds, sea, sand, textures, smells and panoramic view of the meadows made him happy.

‘A fresh world where others haven’t been.’

He had started in Morata and became a resident of the north from day one. He dreamed of prospering in the Arpen Kingdom.

Initially users couldn’t stray far from Morata. So he didn’t choose a profession that resided in the city like a blacksmith or tailor.

Penchel didn’t necessarily want to run around the world on adventures.

Despite the large cities on the Versailles Continent, nothing could compare to the Northern Continent in his mind.

‘The knights. They are roaming around on horseback. Defending the weak.’

He raised his level and combat skills from hunting and dungeons near Morata.

He wasn’t limited by profession and could learn warrior combat skills. After learning warrior skills, he became a knight.

Penchel travelled through the north with adventurers and merchants as a knight. Sometimes he would defend villages against the threat of monsters.

He had joined the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult since the early days so it was understandable that he would come to the Earth Palace.

‘The Arpen Kingdom was built on a wilderness. This is the fruit of many people’s efforts.’

Those who started in Morata had complete loyalty to the north.

Even so, the users were well aware of their limits. If they fought one on one with a Hermes Guild users then they would die so they targeted the stragglers.


Penchel ran to one Imperial soldier and successfully defeated them with six attacks. The large steel s.h.i.+eld used by the Haven Empire was dropped as loot.

He felt a thrill through his body.

‘Strong. But I’ve used too much mana. It would be cool if I could win with just three attacks.’

His short breaths made him more nervous.

‘I’m not alone. In order to protect the Arpen Kingdom, I must kill even one more.’

Penchel only rested for a brief moment before looking for the next opponent.

Weed stood at the main gate of the Earth Palace. A aura of radiant fire was blazing around his body and he was the envy of millions of users.

“Weed, the knight Randemir has sent you a challenge.”

“As King of the Arpen Kingdom, I’ve heard vague things about you. I’ll settle this with you.”

“I enjoy killing… But you are just one dot!”

A large number of Haven Empire troops rushed out towards Weed.

They were figures with levels 450, 460 or 470. Hestiger wasn’t there so they had confidence in facing Weed. The mounts were ridden over obstacles towards Weed.

However, Weed wasn’t alone.

The barbarian warrior Bahamorg!

The strongest warrior who led the sculptural lifeforms was beside Weed. He was even escorted by high level users of the north.

The avians led by Golden Bird and Silver Bird flew around in order to give Weed support. The Hermes Guild users were removed one by one.

He lost a significant amount of levels in the quest but Weed wasn’t badly weakened by it. His stats were supplemented by his adventures and he defeated Hermes Guild members wearing brilliant armour.

The morale of the northern users were raised by Weed!

Penchel stared at him with eyes full of envy.

‘One day I will be able to fight like that. I want to become stronger in areas other than the north.’

Penchel had a similar mind to the other northern users.

Included in those users was Bart.

‘So many people are following him. His influence in Royal Road is really amazing.’

An uproar was taking place among the users. In some cases, the users even pretended to die in front of Weed.

As a plain merchant, Bart didn’t even dare approach the King of the Arpen Kingdom. Just the fact that he knew Weed was enough.

Of course, many people wouldn’t believe his words.

‘Although my daughter is too good…’

Bart stood next to a pillar and watched his combat capabilities. The Hermes Guild users just pa.s.sed by him since Weed had a higher priority than a plain merchant.

Then Weed and Bart’s eyes suddenly met.



Distant voices could be heard. Weed’s gaze was soon blocked by the Hermes Guild members.

Bart was humbled.

‘I will pretend ignorance.’

He was embarra.s.sed that he wasn’t wearing the expensive outfit of a merchant.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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