The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 41 Chapter 8

Chapter 8) Collapsing Royal Palace

“I belong to the Aren Knights…”

“I won’t remember so just bring it on!”

Weed got rid of random Hermes Guild users.

Generally speaking, the users had excellent attack and defense skills. Their high levels made them difficult opponents but this was the Earth Palace.

Additional effects of defense and health were granted by the Red Star and the chaos warrior was a highly mobile species.


He would teleport from time to time.

The Hermes Guild users were priority targets as he looked around. Killing Weed would gain the highest achievements so many excitedly jumped at him.

Weed looked down the mountain while fighting.

Hestiger was still chasing the 6th corps. The commander had escaped but the elite troops and Hermes Guild users had been wiped out by Hestiger.

The chain of command of the 6th corps collapsed and morale dropped as the northern users fought them.

The 5 army corps of the Arpen Kingdom and the sculptural lifeforms were in the centre. The ability of the sculptural lifeforms were superior and they fought the humans.

“We will live a long life, gol gol gol!”

“It is good to roll cow s.h.i.+t around the fields, omooooo. Master tells me it will be an honourable death. Rubs and sirloin that will melt in the mouth.”

Weed’s sculptural lifeforms gave support by attacking.

The indomitable King Hydra devoured humans on the ground while Bingryong flew in the sky. The users trembled with fear whenever Bingryong flew over them.

The various sculptural lifeforms like Cerberus, Death Worm, Crocodile and White Tiger used their skills.

And the renamed Muksabal Knights that contained Geomchi and the students. They used any weapons as they roughly stalked the battlefield. They took the horses away from the opponent and rode them.

Weapons like swords, spears and axes were used to break through. Their practical skills were displayed and helped improve the morale around them.

In the meantime, the 2nd corps of the Haven Empire displayed amazing maneuverability and climbed up to the Earth Palace. The Haven Empire planned to plant their flag at the Earth Palace.

But it was important to defend the Earth Palace so the northern users died en

The 1st corps advanced quickly and arrived 500 metres away from the central gates of the Earth Palace. The knights were instantly at a distance where they could a.s.sault.

Weed thought about it.

‘It is really risky. However, it is still lacking. Draw in a lot more. Lure them well.’

The Haven Empire’s army was drawn here. Weed had appeared at the Earth Palace. That act itself was enough to trick the enemy. More tactics were required. The other party needed to move properly.

The opponent’s fighting spirit was high.

“The goal is there!”

“Weed is a high goal but he is nothing compared to the Earth Palace.

“Faster! 1st corps, push forward. Ignore the knights and charge!”

The 3rd and 4th corps fought urgently.

The Earth Palace was built on several mountain peaks. It was a palace in the shape of a crown that overlooked the heart of the north.

The lower areas of the mountains were covered with Haven Empire troops. There was at least 900,000 of them.

Of course, they came to invade the Earth Palace but more than half the power was concentrated on the mountains. The heavy infantry, knights and elite troops relentlessly increased the speed of the invasion.

“Is this luck? My house has a little less decorations. A person’s life doesn’t have the possibility of eating day by day. I can’t catch up with the fate of a son of a rich man. “

The world couldn’t be seen as being equal. If Weed needed to tell his child about modern society then he would say.

“Son, studying isn’t everything in life but you need to do it if you aren’t the child of a rich man. Shouldn’t you find a way to live?”

Regarding the issue of love.

“A woman is money. Without money, it is hard to love. Marriage… Me? I, um…”

Weed intended to get married with Seo-yoon. In fact, they had become close so it was natural to think of marrying Seo-yoon in the future.

“I want to meet a woman with lots of money. Dating secrets? Just be prepared for unconditional damage. Eventually it might be solved with common sense. Well, it is a good a.n.a.logy. Isn’t it like winning the lottery?”

Many people dreamed of reversing their lives after winning the lottery but a win was truly rare. The rarity made it like a story.


Weed fought even while thinking. Users that jumped at him with courage and pride were killed in a few moves. Even if his level was low, Weed had superior stats and combat skills from his adventures.

In particular, he had high vitality and health from Sculptural Destruction and the priests healed him as well.

As the enemies approached, more Hermes Guild users broke ranks in order to strike him.

The commanders could prevent this but they didn’t.

‘I don’t know if they will die or not. The higher levels are difficult to manage.’

‘If their deaths can prevent Weed from running away…’

The commander of the 1st corps, Draka was close enough to see his face.

The flowers that bloomed were crushed as the knights on horseback rode through the market filled with players.

Draka exclaimed with joy.

“Weed the G.o.d of War! This is the place where you will die. I’ll kill you cleanly!”

Despite how busy the area was, the knights rode out wildly. There were at least 10,000 knights followed by elite troops.

“This! It is wrong.”

“Fight until the end. We will as well.”

Millions of users were at the Earth Palace but many of them had already given up hope. But from Weed’s point of view, the knights of the Haven Empire were like caught fish.

Weed had a rotten smile on his face.

‘They took it well. At a minimum, they won’t be able to get away. And in order to inflict significant damage to more corps, I need to pull them in deeper… Should I buy a little time here? It might be suspicious.”

Distrust popped up in Weed’s mind.

‘Are they really going to trust me? My life has never been honest or straight.’

The Earth Palace was the symbol of the Arpen Kingdom so people weren’t thinking rationally.

‘Now is a good time. My behaviour needs to seem like I am desperately protecting the gates. I need to make sure my friends are acting the same way.’

The number of northern users still fighting was enormous. However, the military situation meant there were doubts that they could protect the Earth Palace.

In order to trap the Hermes Guild users, he needed to give the feeling that he was doing his best.

‘In situations like this, it would be better to flee…’

However, Weed needed to stay here in order to draw the Haven Empire in deeper.


The thoughts in Weed’s head started to accelerate. The tricks that allowed him to live in any poor environment or unfavourable circ.u.mstances!

Weed yelled using Lion’s Roar.

“Avians, listen to me! Right now the Earth Palace is in a crisis!”

The fierce battle cry rang through the battlefield. All the northern users and avians listened to Weed. Many users at the top of the mountains and on the plains also heard it.

“The Haven Empire is indiscriminately killing. The avians will save all those without combat skills trapped in the Earth Palace!”

A rescue command!

The Haven Empire was harshly attacking every person they saw.

The users on the plains cheered.

“It really is Weed-nim!”

“The Arpen Kingdom’s belief is to protect the weak!”

“Gra.s.s Porridge Cult, we will fight until the end!”

Whether the war was favourable or unfavourable, the northern users were determined to fight.


The avians few to the Earth Palace at Weed’s command.

“Are you really going to save me? You won’t drop me?”

“I’m afraid of heights… Don’t take me. I’ll just die here. Aaaack!”

“I have nothing to lose. Ask the other people.”

The avians started to forcibly rescue merchants and tourists.

Weed used Lion’s Roar again.

“Haven Empire troops, I encourage you to attack me without killing the northern residents!”

The blazing Weed wielded the Red Star in front of the gates. The flames spread out widely. It was an att.i.tude that showed he was willing to rescue the people inside the Earth Palace.

The crowd thought Weed was acting really heroically but those who knew him personally didn’t believe it.

Pale glanced at him while shooting arrows from the walls.

‘Is he trying to gain money from them? Charging them one by one… This situation doesn’t seem like that. Then is he trying to relieve his acc.u.mulated stress?’

His actions when people were dying really caused doubt! But the act was enough for the Hermes Guild members.

As King of the Arpen Kingdom, it was natural for Weed to take care of the residents. Seeing Weed act so nicely caused them to have stomachaches.

“A full force a.s.sault!”

“Twilight Knights, engage in battle! And magicians, pour out attacks towards the avians. Infantry, bypa.s.s the walls. Seize the Earth Palace at the same time!”


The strongest army launched an a.s.sault against Weed’s Earth Palace. The magic units aimed towards the users escaping with the avians.


The knights and soldiers started their a.s.sault on the Earth Palace.

Weed and the other northern users grabbed their weapons in defense. They wouldn’t regret it even if it was their final moments. They were honoured to protect the Earth Palace along with Weed.

The gentle smile on Weed’s face turned into a deeper, rotten smile.

The 1st corps had clearly been lured in.

‘Their goal is in front of them but they will die here.’

Weed understood the goal of the Twilight Knights.


The knights fiercely threw spears towards Weed. It was a situation that might have been fate.


Weed appeared in the vicinity of the leader of the Twilight Knights. He wielded the Red Star against the enemy.

“Wrath of Fire!”


A pillar of fire occurred where the knight was and there was nothing left. The knights around him collapsed and had their health and mana decreased.

The Red Star and Chaos Warrior was a very good combination in a war. It was also the reason why many magicians specialized in fire magic.

“Bahamorg, follow me.”


Bahamorg had a big axe in his right hand and a mace in his left hand that he used to defeat the knights while following.

The knights kept jumping at them as they moved through the battlefield. I could safely ignore the attacks. The knights were strategically sacrificed.

“Follow Weed-nim!”

The northern users sprang towards the Twilight Knights. It was like throwing an egg against a rock but they could slow down the knights a little bit.


The surprisingly clear cry of an eagle could be heard.

The warriors of the avian clan had arrived and was dealing powerful damage from the sky. Some rescued the users while others pecked at the Twilight Knights.

The other corps were advancing towards the Earth Palace without worrying. A fierce battle took place between the warriors and the northern defense in an attempt to secure the gates.

Draka watched the battle with sober eyes.

Weed and Bahamorg were holding up well against the Twilight Knights. The frenzied flames caused the onslaught from the knights to become obsolete.

Weed efficiently dealt with the users of the Hermes Guild. A significant amount of time had pa.s.sed since facing Bardray in the Melbourne Mine and he had grown.

His attack power was certainly only one or two steps below Bardray.

Despite the users belonging to the top ranked Hermes Guild, their lives were easily taken in the battle. Although, Draka was sure that he could win in a one on one confrontation.

Weed was just very hard to catch due to the characteristics of Blink. Several times he had been hit due to teleporting to the wrong place.

‘I will wait until he loses a little bit of his power. I will proceed to conquer the Royal Palace first.’ Weed was fleeing so he decided to take over the Arpen Kingdom’s palace.

Draka gave the command as soon as he made the decision.

“Leave the 2nd to 10th cavalry to fight Weed. The rest of the 1st corps will head to the Royal Palace to conquer it.”


The 1st corps bypa.s.sed the area and joined the battle to conquer the palace grounds. There were facilities like a moat and archer’s tower but they were prepared for such things. Those with even the slightest fighting ability fought with all their hearts.

“The 3rd division has arrived. If we conquer the Royal Palace then we will receive significant achievements!”

“The 4th corps has launched their attack. A crisis. They are heading straight through the defense.”

A wide engagement occurred on the grounds of the Earth Palace. By default, it was difficult to get reinforcements from the other peaks. Quite a significant number of users rushed towards the gates.

It was the worst, desperate situation!

“It is over now…”

The northern users saw the death and destruction of the Arpen Kingdom. On the other hand, the Hermes Guild were convinced of their victory.

Either way, the first ones through the gate would seize the empty Royal Palace.

“Break through!”

Draka continued pus.h.i.+ng his mounted troops towards the Royal Palace. The northern users fell under the relentless a.s.sault and the gates opened wide.


“The 1st corps will conquer the Royal Palace!”

Some troops were left in charge of the users while the rest entered the palace. The looting of the palace started.

Weed and the northern users were surrounded by enemies so they were forced to watch helplessly

The northern users felt terrible.

“It is the end.”

“Ahh, all the stones I carried through here.”

“I even carried stones 73 times.”

The users who partic.i.p.ated directly in the construction of the Earth Palace were even sadder.

Weed’s eyes sharpened.

‘The avians have rescued half the civilians.’

The remaining were spectators who he didn’t care if they were killed or not.

‘A considerable number of defense troops were killed. They didn’t fight in an organized manner.’

The northern users couldn’t survive the ma.s.sacre.


While the battle was going on inside and outside the Earth Palace, Weed sent a whisper to someone.

-Commence the operation. Don’t hesitate and commit to it.


Gaston and Pavo were drinking heavily in the middle of the day. The architects of Stone Hammer sitting next to them were also drunk.

“How can he suggest that? Breaking down the building I made with my own hands.”

“Forget it. It is better than allowing those guys to have it.”

“Whenever I close my eyes, the memory of Alkazar Bridge is still sharp. The elegant bridge that connected the north and the south…! Can we have such a bridge again?”

It was the fruit of the architect’s hard work.

The Alkazar Bridge they were so proud of collapsed so it was natural for the architects to be upset.

A grand building that they planned and created with the efforts of thousands of people. Fortunately it gave a significant blow to the Haven Empire but their hearts were still bitter.

“Kuohh, this is the taste of wine.”

“I need to drink.”

Gaston and Pavo held their drinks with trembling hands.

The Alkazar Bridge incident had already happened but Pavo was acting like this now. This was a huge event that couldn’t even compare to the Alkazar Bridge.

Weed had contacted the architect Pavo separately. The words spoken made Pavo doubt his ears.

“R…really? I heard the wrong thing…”


“Tell me again.”

“Please destroy the Royal Palace of the Arpen Kingdom.”

“If you don’t like the building then we can just repair it.”

“That’s not what I mean. I want you to completely destroy the entire Royal Palace.”

“A joke?”

“Do you think eating barley bread is an expensive joke?”


Pavo heard the specific plan from Weed.

His strategy was to destroy the Earth Palace once the Haven Empire had occupied it.

“Will it be worth it? Once it is destroyed, the palace can’t be recovered.

“It is the taste of eating tonkatsu. It is worth it if we can kill those guys.”

“I would rather die than surrender to the Haven Empire but…”

“Is there a way of reliably doing it?”

“Well, we have an architect that is experienced in collapsing buildings. Time is running out but if you are already committed to bringing down the Alkazar Bridge…”

The architects had techniques to collapse buildings. After constructing a great building, it was natural for several to develop this skill.

Of course, using the skill also required several supports to be weakened in advance. Essential parts of the building needed to be prepared or it might not collapse properly.

The architects responsible for the Royal Palace knew every hidden part like the back of their own hand.

“It needs to collapse to deal the maximum damage to the occupation forces.”

“That won’t be hard to do. Due to the nature of the Earth Palace that was built on several peaks, if one comes cras.h.i.+ng down then the others will as well.”

“The problem is the time and costs involved in breaking the palace. It needs to exert the maximum destructive force.”

“If the building collapses then the Hermes Guild will move. There is a need to stop them.”

“The Earth Palace is on the mountains. We can use those points.”

“Don’t tell me… You want to use the collapsing palace to create landslides.”

“If it is possible.”

“There is enough material at the palace to create a landslide. Although the architects are working on Alkazar Bridge, I might be able to have the miners work on the ground…”


“You are really scary. Not anyone would think of this choice of action.”

“I just want to get my money’s worth.”

Pavo’s face became morose as he remembered his conversation with Weed. The architects moved to implement the plan to smash the Royal Palace.

The miners and architects worked secretly on a large project in the north at the same time.

“I-I am disappointed. But we have do it.”

“Should we weaken half the land underneath the palace? If we crash the tunnels with care at a later date… There are minerals but the pickaxes can dig through them.”

The architects had to worry about insulation, heating and waterproofing and some of the continent’s best architects were gathered in the north.

Mibullo had joined the north after envying their freedom and meticulously designed nests for the avians. He was an architecture so he could guess the nature by the results.

He decided to join after hearing the plan to stop the Haven Empire.

“…A terribly drastic plan. Just thinking of the results would cause goose b.u.mps. By the way, I have some skills to increase the certainty of the plan.”

“Really? Excuse me, could I know the name of the skill?”

“Landslide, Ground Collapse.”

“That is exactly the skill that we need. How did an architect obtain such great skills?”

“It is a secondary skill a.s.sociated with architects but it wasn’t easy to obtain them.”

“Hmm, Mibullo-nim is really great.”

“I didn’t think these skills would be so influential when I learned them. I didn’t know there would be such a huge impact.”

“Then it seems a problem has been solved.”

Pavo immediately reported it to Weed for permission.

At the time, Weed said.

“That’s great. I will make them pay dearly for the value of the Royal Palace. The scale seems to be larger than I expected. I will definitely hit them in the back of the head.”

So the architects secretly worked on the Earth Palace.

Effort was dedicated to weaken the supports of the Earth Palace. Once it started collapsing, the chain reaction would spread to cause a landslide and the ground to collapse. The words Pavo feared were heard.

-Commence the operation.

The moment he heard that whisper.

“Kuohh, in the end it is like this.”

Pavo whispered to the linked architects.

-Let’s get started. I’ve received contact from him.

-Understood. In the end…

-The Royal Palace has been invaded. Sweep out the dogs of the Haven Empire.

The architects immediately received reports about the fight.

Pavo pulled out a miniature of the Earth Palace. Architectural models when it came to collapsing buildings.

“Eh, it is over. Building Collapse!”

Pavo struck the model of the Earth Palace. He couldn’t bear watch the situation.

-Skill, Building Collapse has been used.


Hestiger was the Hero who Saved the World.

He directly knocked down the 6th corps completely.

The knights that came to rescue the commander Drom were defeated. He also fired arrows at the commander.

He took out those chasing in the blink of an eye with his scimitar before taking out his bow and arrows.

Desert warriors were adept in archery.

He looted the high elf’s ‘Forest Clear Echoing Spirit Bow’ from a fairly strong Hermes Guild user. The bows of the high elves were known for their power so it wreaked havoc. Accuracy, range, rapid fire and elemental enchantments made it a top bow among high elves.

In Hestiger’s hands, it flew with the speed of lightning and killed the target.

If Weed saw that bow then he would be rushed to the emergency room of the hospital with acute gastroenteritis.

“Kyahh! Hestiger-nim, have strength!”

“Omo, look at his smile!”

Hestiger was followed by a group of female humans and avians.

In the meantime!

The female avians with sharp beaks and wide eyes joined the group.

The knights and soldiers of the 6th corps were almost all wiped out by Hestiger and the northern users.

“Use all your power. Believe in Master. We can overcome this.”

Hestiger’s body emitted fierce flames everywhere. Lava occurred everywhere he pa.s.sed.

A river of lava.

Those who touched the lava would explode.

One of the top skills of a desert warrior! In order to get the skill, they had to visit a volcano spewing lava and go through a special ceremony.

Weed didn’t have the time to learn the skill so he made Hestiger go and learn it.

Once the river of lava sprang up, it was impossible to cross and the army were separated. The aura of flames emitted by a desert warrior could also strengthen health recovery and skills.

Weed had spent many days as the ruler of the desert. Although particular skills could be learned through quests or mentors, he didn’t bother.

Hestiger’s flames continued dealing huge damage to the Haven Empire’s army. The blazing flames maximized the damage.

The soldiers standing in a row were destroyed by the fire. Even the knights couldn’t approach without dying.

One of the strongest heroes in the warring period had showed up in current times to a.s.sault the Haven Empire.

Drom fled to the area of the 2nd corps but Hestiger eventually caught up.

“This is the end. All knights should welcome death.”

“Weed, that wicked and wily guy hid such despicable means…”

“Do not insult the Great Emperor. He is n.o.ble and holy.”


Drom crossed his arms in anger. A monster like this had showed up but he was the absolute spiritual slave of Weed.

“To me!”

Drom desperately called the knights of the 2nd corps to him.

“End of the Day!”

Hestiger’s greater skill destroyed Drom and the knights. Drom was a significant opponent but his health had been constantly reduced while escaping.

And since then, the goal of the 2nd corps changed to Hestiger.

The rapid mobility and powerful penetration meant the 2nd corps was one of the worst enemies on the battlefield.

But the really important battle was occurring at the Earth Palace!

“Ahh, it is too late.”

“They already broke through the gates. There is no way.”

The northern users that wanted to save the Earth Palace thought it was over. The grounds and mountains of the Earth Palace was filled with the Haven Empire.



All of a sudden, there was a deafening roaring sound.

They looked up at the ringing sound and saw the Earth Palace visibly shaking.

The battle stopped for a moment. The gaze of the northern users and Haven Empire were fixed on the Earth Palace.

They could see the palace on the mountain peaks collapsing badly. Although it couldn’t compare to the Haven Empire’s Imperial Palace, the palace buildings that occupied a considerable area was shattered.

“No way. Does this make any sense?”

“It doesn’t.”

“But it is amazing.”


Trion started screaming.

Trion was cowardly.

He had gained that t.i.tle after escaping and leaving his colleagues behind in a dungeon. No matter how much he raised his level since then, he never escaped the t.i.tle of a coward.

Trion shouted as soon as the ground started shaking.

“I don’t want to die againnnnnn!”

He still had memories of dying after falling from Alkazar Bridge. The strong bridge shook before cras.h.i.+ng.

He felt a similar feeling from the Earth Palace.

The peaks were shaking. The slabs that the Royal Palace rested on shook while the pillars and ceiling fell.

“The building is collapsing!”

The 1st, 3rd and 4th corps could hear the screams of Trion.

“What? What? An earthquake?”

“Draka-nim, the Earth Palace seems to be collapsing.”

The Hermes Guild users could feel the tremors as well. They could see some large buildings falling.

“Did they choose to destroy this to prevent our conquest?”

“I think so. If so, it is unfortunate that we didn’t get to conquer it ourselves.”

“Anyway, the result is still that the Royal Palace is thoroughly destroyed.”

The Hermes Guild users felt regret like a rabbit had fled right in front of them.

Then Weed exclaimed.

“All avians stop fighting and rescue the people! Seek at least 1 person!”

Draka felt a chill run down his body.


It was understandable if Weed didn’t want to give them the Earth Palace. However, it didn’t make sense to have the avians stop fighting in order to embark on a rescue mission.

Draka: Something isn’t right. Commanders, report the situation.

Persione: I’m 100 metres away from the inner gates. The buildings are crumbling.

Chaker: I am approximately 400 metres inside. The paths that lead to the palace’s central buildings are blocked. I see the 3rd corps.

Sirbat: I’ve penetrated beyond the walls. It is difficult to determine the exact location because of the buildings. I’ve found the 4th corps! The commander Instrium. He has entered the Royal Palace.

Draka brought a significant number of troops but stayed in the vicinity of the gates in order to handle Weed. That’s why he couldn’t visually see the situation that was happening.

But the reports coming in succession were enough to cause an electrifying feeling.

He understood that the Earth Palace was being destroyed.

Whenever a war was won in the Central Continent, the palace would be thoroughly defaced and burned by the invaders. In fact, most forces wouldn’t just turn over their palace.

‘Is this because our troops are coming?’

Draka felt sweat flow down his body from the excessive stress.

His opponent was Weed, the G.o.d of War!

They made it all the way here so they absolutely had to win.

‘Is it really just the Royal Palace breaking?’

The doubts grew stronger as he felt the vibration in the earth.

‘Not good. My judgement here isn’t wrong.’

Draka cried out in a loud voice.

“Full retreat! 1st, 3rd and 4th corps, retreat down the mountain!”

The call of the commander in chief!


The horses of the Haven Empire freaked out. The soldiers could also feel the ringing of the earth.

The evacuation of the troops should be done systematically. The other troops could only retreat when the rear troops quickly went down the mountain.

However, the rear troops were quickly rus.h.i.+ng towards the Earth Palace. Now the command had suddenly switched to a retreat.

“What the, we came all the way up here…”

“Is the 1st corps trying to monopolize all the achievements? Even if the palace collapsed, they can still plant the flag.”

The Hermes Guild users were frantic to boost their achievements. The 1st corps were trying to s.n.a.t.c.h an important moment in the northern conquest war so they couldn’t accept the unreasonable command.

They couldn’t help feeling that the withdrawal order was to benefit the 1st division.

They identified through their own resources that Weed could only cause a disaster once. While they were hesitating, the collapse occurred quicker.

A huge chain of dust rose from the falling buildings. The accommodation for the knights, banquet rooms and central palace all collapsed sequentially.

And an earthquake took place as the buildings touched the ground. The Royal Palace crumbling caused the ground to collapse and a landslide occurred.

The mountain ridiculously tilted on one side.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The debris from the Earth Palace rolled down the slope.


The overwhelming spectacle of a landslide! A number of users, elite Haven Empire knights and carriages were swept down with the rocks.


The avians launched a desperate rescue.

“Ahh, save me! I’ve haven’t finished paying off the loan for my shack in Morata!”

“White Radish Porridge unit that has a long history in the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult, die here with honour!”

The dust rose up more than 1 metre so the avians’ field of vision was limited. A burly person was caught by the claws and flown upwards.

“I really thought I was going to die but I barely survived. Thank you for saving me.”


“The Haven Empire dared use such dirty methods…”



“Uaaaack! Don’t let go!”

The avians bravely continued their rescue operation.

Walls and wooden pillars were cras.h.i.+ng down. Feathers turned grey from the dust but they still continued flying. A few northern users were quickly rescued.


Weed instantly moved onto Phoenix’s back. Phoenix was just like a taxi.

And the mountain started crumbling.

Several of the mountains holding the Earth Palace started experienced landslides and falling rocks. The collapsing Royal Palace also accelerate the destruction.

“My valuable money…”

Weed swallow tears of blood.

For the sake of the Arpen Kingdom, the luxurious Royal Palace was built. But it was hard to find any traces of it after just a few weeks.

“My real estate, it is like my real estate is falling… These days many people are suffering due to the fall in housing prices.”

The Earth Palace completely disappeared down the mountains. A serious crisis that no one could stop.

The landslide and rock collapse didn’t have a lot of power on its own. It was significantly influenced by the terrain.

The mountains could withstand the heavy load of the Earth Palace. However, the architects and miners had previously weakened it.

Thanks to that, the scale of the landslide and crumbling palace became larger.

Weed was looking over the devastated ground when he saw Draka.


He had been near the gates so it was impossible for him to survive. The rocks collapsing in the immediate vicinity meant instant death.

To Draka, the conquest of the north by the Haven Empire was more precious than his own life. Honour, power and money. He could enjoy all those things even if he died.

Weed spoke some words towards him.

“This is life. It isn’t a big deal to start again.”


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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