The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 42 Chapter 3

“What was that? Teleportation magic within the city?”

“No. It is greater than that.”

The users and residents gathered together while making a lot of noise.

Weed then broke up the group.

“Then I’ll see you again soon. I will call you if I start to hunt.”

“I’d rather you kill us.”

“I know that you have worked hard during the hunt. If you manage your vitality well then you will be healthy.”

Weed headed to an alley in Morata.

The alleys were complicated like a spider web.

In the early days, the fountain was in Morata’s Central Square. Wyvern Square, Bingryong Square, Light Square and Bull Square were formed as the city expanded, turning the downturn area into a place filled with alleys.

He didn’t dare push for redevelopment.

‘Well, people’s memories will remain in this place. The traces of people living…a warm affection attached to it.’

In reality, many undeveloped areas had expensive rent. Looking back, it was a nice environment to create solidarity between the residents.

People who lived in the neighbourhood for decades would know everyone. Food would be sent to the elderly and it was common to see children playing with each other.

Then talk of redevelopment happened due to greed and the neighbourhood was in a frenzy.

Redevelopment would have big and clean buildings but the people could no longer live there.

In the evening, residents would gather at the big department stores and the unique sentiment of the neighbourhood disappeared.

The large, clean buildings and renovated city caused the residents to change. The feelings of the past didn’t remain anymore. Only the graffiti and old buildings contained the memories of the people.

He wanted to leave the old streets of Morata as intact as possible. Culture wasn’t something that could be created by force but naturally acc.u.mulated over time.

‘Redevelopment will require a lot of money. I still get taxes anyway. There are many benefits to living in narrow streets.’

Morata’s old streets, shacks and stylish commercial buildings but it was the residence of many adventurers. Read at

Due to Weed’s adventures, the Arpen Kingdom also had architectural features of the Niflheim Empire.

The market place was a thriving centre of commerce and users were endlessly growing.

“Now the Haven Empire won’t bother us?”

“Yes. They were wiped out!”

“Hooray! I really wasn’t expecting to win.”

“Soon the Arpen Kingdom and the whole north will be wide open.”

The novice users were running around on the streets.

Weed’s beginner clothes was so common in Morata that no one paid attention to him.

Weed walked past the people.

He had come to the collapsed palace in order to check the kingdom’s internal affairs.

“Well, my mind is firmly prepared. The damage caused by the war is too big.”

The Haven Empire was defeated but the Arpen Kingdom still suffered losses. Dozens of villages were destroyed and land devastated, causing the crops to be planted again.

“I need to find out the exact details. Internal Affairs mode! ”

A kingdom ruling over a wide territory on the Northern Continent.

The Arpen Kingdom is filled with people living scattered over a wide land. The residents living in isolation have welcomed the trade and culture of the Arpen Kingdom.

Most of the villages have increased their population through birth and settlers.

But the residents are trembling in fear due to the invasion of another empire.

Parts of the kingdom’s territory has been taken away and the residents have embraced the invaders as the rulers. Although the Arpen Kingdom won, there is a distrust in the military due to the war.

Thanks to the Royal Palace collapsing, some villages have declared their independence while others are watching the situation with anxiety.

Residents have gathered together to drink the specialty wine of Morata.

“There are many things in the kingdom. Plenty of food, sculpture and art. The technicians improve themselves in their field. But the knights and soldiers are lacking.”

“I knew this day would eventually come. His Majesty is actively devoted to development projects. It might be better in the future but we are anxious about today. I don’t know what security will be like in the distant future. We were all prisoners before.”

“Wasn’t there a big victory? That is a good thing. However, my mind still can’t feel at ease. Another kingdom might succeed in invading because we don’t have the right military force.”

After the war is over, reclaim more than half of the Arpen Kingdom’s lost territory or its political influence won’t recover.

The residents and villages who believe in the Freya Church will have prosperity and abundance. But due to the war, many people are uneasy and have joined different religions.

The king who was religiously treated as the ‘Divine King.’ His religion has deep faith and there is no doubt.

King Weed fought through the bitter cold to create the city of Morata. The northern residents haven’t forgotten the favour of the king who saved them from hunger and a life filled with anxiety.

Recently the residents of the Arpen Kingdom have been pursuing stability and abundance.

The fear caused by the invasion of an empire has spread to trade and production. Investment in art and public facilities have been suspended.

Approximately 63 new cities and villages are growing in the kingdom. The numbers are insufficient so the birth rate will increase.

The capital of the Arpen Kingdom has been broken so many things are a mess.

Military Power: 13,389 Economic Power: 45,942

Culture: 41, 030 Technology: 63,482

Religious Influence: 84 Kingdom Politics: 45

Influence on Surrounding Areas: 71% Kingdom Development: 77

Hygiene: 43 Security: 81%

The residents of the north that belong to the Arpen Kingdom are anxious but still happy.

Clearing of the plains, wilderness, flood zones and redevelopment of abandoned mines are actively being pursued.

The aggressive activities of the merchants means that the carriage production can’t catch up.

The road conditions in the kingdom are becoming increasingly worse. Trade is essential in order to establish a safe and fast road. Recently the Alkazar Bridge has been destroyed so the merchants have lost an important trade route.

A merchant trying to open a shop in a rural village said.

“These days, the mood of the market is unusual. Good things aren’t being sold. This is all due to the war!”

“Well, things used to be worse. Before the Arpen Kingdom was formed, everybody was eating tree roots. Just believe in His Majesty.”

“Aren’t the thieves continuing? They are stealing things…hmm hmm! If they are left unattended then larger groups of bandits will appear!”

New island villages and maritime trade are continuing to be found.

When leaving for distant seas, there is a 15% chance of returning alive and experienced sailors are always scarce.

Strange rumours have been going around Varna Port recently.

“Gold! There is an island made of gold beyond the Velazquez waters. You don’t believe my words? This isn’t something I picked up by chance…I am thinking of leaving. A world of gold, isn’t that worth risking your lives?”

In the agricultural sector, farmers are experimenting with new crops.

“Grain production is enough. We should consider planting new crops for flavour and nutrition.”

The farmers have successfully expanded the herb cultivating area and there has been a recent surge in tea leaves due to the tea drinking craze.

Adventurers have found many traces and relics of the Niflheim Empire.

The residents are uneasy about the military power of the Arpen Kingdom.

There is a small army but they’ve only recently experienced war. Knights are learning new sword techniques and are becoming proficient in fighting on horseback. The soldiers accurately realized that their role in big battles is to survive as long as possible. The high loyalty of the residents means that many people are volunteering to become soldiers.

The development of the kingdom has become stagnant due to the war and the peace loving residents hope that this situation would finish soon.

Kingdom’s Total Population: 39,281,932.

Monthly Tax Revenue: 18,292,048.

Kingdom Operational Expenses:

Military 32%, Technology Development 6%, Economic Development 26% , Cultural Investment 6%, Commissions and Monster Subjugation 11%, Road Construction 16%, Religion 3%

Military Power: 13,214 knights, 39,382 training knights, 538,102 soldiers.

A large amount of new soldiers have flocked to the Arpen Kingdom’s military.

They wear armour and s.h.i.+eld but still aren’t used to spears. Anyway, the new soldiers know nothing aside from eating.

Fortunately, the knights have exceptional bravery and commitment. They are the s.h.i.+ning swords that will save the kingdom in a crisis.


The inside of Weed’s head was complicated.

The economic power and population had significantly reduced since the last time he checked. This was because of the villages that left the kingdom.

Taxes were based on technology and economic development so the collected amount was reduced.

“The internal affairs of the kingdom has worsened due to the Haven Empire’s invasion.”

The Arpen Kingdom had been brilliantly developing. However, the aftermath of the war shook the entire kingdom.

The s.p.a.cious gaps between the villages meant that many villages were lost.

The villages that broke away would continue cultural and economic exchanges with the Arpen Kingdom and might eventually rejoin. Even so, the tax collection from some villages wouldn’t be smooth for the moment.

“The Grand Buildings and roads are delayed and I need to strengthen the military……”

The Arpen Kingdom was mainly focused on development projects. The cities could expand thanks to the Grand Buildings.

After the Grand Buildings were constructed, the entire area could develop.

Areas like Morata and Vargo Fortress were bustling but the driving force of the development of other areas were the Grand Buildings.

However, the war had put off the construction of the Grand Buildings.

It was impossible to maintain that rate of development now. Resources needed to be collected for mine development and city expansion.

Weed felt a heavy responsibility as the king.

“Hrmm, this…where should I start?”

The king’s permission was required to proceed with intensive business development in certain areas and would give mandatory orders to the army. Various measures were required to develop the vast Arpen Kingdom.

Weed looked through the king’s commands available.

The king’s decree could mobilize the military and develop the economy. He could also grant nation quests to the residents.

-Kingdom Wide Monster Fight

Send at least 30,000 soldiers to root out the lairs of monsters.

An absolute way to restore peace and order.

It will a.s.sist in the soldiers’ training.

290,000 gold will be consumed.

“No. Too expensive. Let’s move on.”

-Ambush the Thieves Rich in Treasure.

The country is running out of money due to the thieves.

Take control of public opinion through firm security.

But it won’t be easy for the military to clear out all the thieves. The sacrifice of the soldiers and elite troops will be large.

140,000 gold will be consumed.

“I’m not sure. High level users will be able to sweep up the thieves. And there aren’t that many thieves in the Arpen Kingdom. Later I will suppress the thieves and take care of their treasures.”

-The Study of Magic.

Constant developments are being made in magic research. Magic towers can strengthen the existing magic in the kingdom or create new spells.

Scholars and magicians will greatly welcome this policy.

A minimum of 200,000 gold will be consumed.

“That won’t work!”

-Construct Barriers to Stop the Invasion of Monsters.

This will stabilize the kingdom and eliminate the anxiety of the residents.

The barriers built at fortresses and the troops stationed means there is no need to worry about the invasion or looting of monsters.

A minimum of 260,000 gold will be consumed.

“Barriers…the monsters don’t hit so hard that they can’t be hunted.”

The king could also use the edict to conscript soldiers.

But after the collapse of the palace, conscription would just reduce loyalty and security even further.

It would also be tough to maintain the troops in the army. They needed to be clothed and fed. Aside from the paycheck, compensation needed to be paid if the soldiers were killed.

The installation of various training facilities and supplies to fight against monsters so consumption would increase exponentially.

An army wasn’t called a money eating hippo for nothing. Everything consumed money!

“It is really tough to rule.”

Weed could also construct buildings in the style of the Niflheim Empire.

Building facilities such as public baths or stadiums in Morata could help with commercial development and loyalty.

But that was nothing when looking at it from the scale of a kingdom.

The destruction of the Royal Palace required an astronomical amount of money to recover. In order to resume the large scale of the kingdom, money needed to be spent on the construction of the Grand Buildings.

He also needed to improve the quality of the troops and the growth of the economy.

Nothing could be neglected.

It was realistically difficult to catch up with the Haven Empire in the short term.

“Then what I have to do…yes, I have to actively promote the development of the kingdom.”

Weed came to a conclusion and nodded.

The Arpen Kingdom had been stagnant for a while but it would continue to grow. There was no need to fret about the situation.

“I am like the weeds in the ground. Tough like a c.o.c.kroach.”

Weeds would continue to grow even if they were pulled out.

c.o.c.kroaches would live while endlessly multiplying.

He would sprout up.

There was only the city of Morata in the north.

Right now the military power was dependent on the Freya Church and the northern users. Under no circ.u.mstances would these conditions continue.


“He really did it.”

“Like he promised us.”

“I’m sure we’ll see more of him later.”

“He really showed us the full results.”

Roam, Gunter, Michel, Carlise and Sherwood were gathered in one place.

Until recently, they had been famous figures on the Versailles Continent.

Roam of the Roam Guild, Gunter of the Lion Star guild, Michel of the Black Sword Mercenaries, Carlise of the Black Lion Guild and Sherwood of the Cloud Guild.

The elite rulers of huge guilds.

Despite teaming up for an alliance, they were crushed by the Haven Empire. People quickly forgot their names.

There were too many things going on in Royal Road. The influence of the Hermes Guild had spread and now they were barely remembered.

They pretended to be other people and didn’t do any open activities.

People who weren’t seen often were quickly forgotten.

‘I’m a loser.’

‘It was just a b.u.t.terfly like dream.’

‘The Haven Empire is so strong. Looking back, I was just a puppet. They were holding hands through the whole thing……’

They couldn’t recover their dreams.

The guild was either disbanded or reduced to one third of the size. The famous guild members were chased by the squads of the Hermes Guild until they were forced to hide deeply.

After their defeat, the Haven Empire quickly took over their territories until it was impossible to recover.

They could only watch the Versailles Continent helplessly until they were contacted.

Weed, the G.o.d of War.

King of the Arpen Kingdom and Bardray’s only rival.

‘Hmm, a proposal to unite forces. It is regretful then he most likely can’t block the Haven Empire. However, Weed, the G.o.d of War…looking at that name makes me think of how I suffered.’

‘What do I have to lose? There is nothing. I will watch and make the decision. But Weed…well, he is Weed. Taking into account all the possibilities, I can’t easily refuse his offer.’

‘The Arpen Kingdom stopped the invasion. But the Haven Empire’s Imperial Palace also ended up breaking? I never thought they would suffer like that. It is ruthless. Hasn’t he returned what the Hermes Guild did to us?’

The collapse of the Haven Empire’s Imperial Palace.

People speculated that the cause was due to Weed’s actions.

Roam and Michel were users from Continent of Magic.

At that time, they had built enormous forces in Continent of Magic. Then they learned about the character of Weed.

“A guy like that? Kill. I will let him know the price of crossing us.”

“I don’t know how strong he is but let’s send some people to the area.”

Royal Road was a virtual reality so they were a little more cautious. But Continent of Magic involved looking at a computer screen so their decisions were more spontaneous. They trusted in their basic skills and level.

And a war with Weed!

Well, the result was a defeat and a new t.i.tle of G.o.d of War.

In the war with Weed, they fell into a trap that they couldn’t escape. They had larger numbers but were placed in a disadvantageous situation.

Weed had the perfect attack, defense and equipment so it was impossible to catch him.

They heard that 1,000 people in a guild went to attack Weed in a dungeon.

Other prestigious guilds gave up but Roam’s pride was strong.

“It isn’t a big deal if a lot of people suffer.”

Despite the dangerous situation, blocking him in the dungeon was a golden opportunity.

Roam led a group but was attacked by monsters, caught by traps, killed by Weed and then robbed.

The dungeon area and monsters were already under Weed’s reign.

Before his death, Roam was convinced.

‘Strong. I admit it.’

In the meantime, he had defeated quite a few quests in Continent of Magic.

The pride of the guild was damaged by one individual but it was still a good game.

At this point, Weed’s personality could easily be seen.

“I’ve built up a lot of stress. It is worth fighting these guys.”

Weed controlled the monsters with special items.

It couldn’t be imagined due to the zoom of the monitor but an endless amount of monsters invaded the city. Weed was determined to wiped out the Roam Guild from its roots.

His actions were enough for someone to shake their head and call him a dirty b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

The land was cursed and it became a monster habitat where humans couldn’t live. Roam’s territory was changed into a hunting ground.

Roam exploded with rage.

“No, the damage we inflicted on him…isn’t it enough to just kill us? He didn’t need to do this to us!”

He cried out with anger but the public opinion of Continent of Magic wasn’t favourable to him.

Roam wasn’t a very good lord and people were excited about the new combat legends being written by Weed.

Weed, the G.o.d of War; he was untouchable.

A figure that remained prominent in the people’s minds.

And that wasn’t enough.

Roam and his group settled in a new place. But Weed continued to chase them and wiped out Roam and his subordinates.

He was outraged after dying 5 times and by the time he died 10 times, he no longer felt like fighting. He just wanted to reconcile with Weed in order to live in peace.

After the 20th death, he became determined.

“I will never forgive him. I will show him h.e.l.l no matter what it takes.”

They realized what suffering really was.

They wanted to ruin everything related to Weed.

After losing their lives 30 times, all the power drained out of them. There was no motivation to live.

Weed came like the G.o.d of death and they spoke for the first time through the message window.

Unlike Royal Road, they naturally had to type into the keyboard.

Roam: Why the h.e.l.l are you doing this to us? You’ve already got your revenge. Is it just out of spite?

Weed: …..

Roam: Say something!

Weed didn’t attack for a while. And then the chat window came up.

Weed: It is hard to meet high level monsters.

Roam: Perhaps…do you think we are monsters?

Weed: Unfortunately I can’t get stronger monsters.

It is necessary to hunt to increase his level. Fighting against users was risky but there were benefits. Roam and his guild were considered a great hunting ground. He could obtain extra loot.

Despite feeling like it was unfair, Roam bowed his head.

Roam: Let’s stop now. I want to live in peace.

Weed: I don’t want to.

Roam: We can’t lose much more. And isn’t this enough for you?

Weed: Bad mood.

Roam: Why are you in a bad mood? We were wrong so let’s not have any hard feelings in the future. Give up everything related to revenge or retaliation.

It was humiliating but he did’t want to fight anymore.

Weed was silent. And after 30 seconds, another message showed up.

Weed: The rent on my house was raised.

Roam: Why does that matter?

Weed: The bus fare went up as well. Cabbage and onions are much more expensive than last year. I don’t feel good. The negotiations broke down.

Roam: ……

Roam made the judgement after finding out Weed’s intentions.

‘He is the devil. A devil I can never a.s.sociate with.’

Roam quit Continent of Magic and was given an opportunity to start Royal Road.

Roam successfully settled in Royal Road and become one of the leaders of the continent. The popularity of Royal Road meant his forces were much greater than Continent of Magic.

‘Weak people aren’t required. I need to configure a strong guild.’

The Roam Guild contained the most elite troops. Just like the Hermes Guild now, it was a source of great pride to belong to the Roam Guild.

Nevertheless, Roam was always anxious.

‘The devil might come to Royal Road. That guy is considerably strong. I don’t want to admit it but his senses are excellent.’

There was no guarantee that the same thing as Continent of Magic will happen but he didn’t want to cross paths with Weed again.

‘I don’t even want to hear residents speak the name Weed. His fame didn’t have any meaning in Royal Road. No, he might have even changed the name of his character. But Royal Road is an incredibly s.p.a.cious place.’

Yet after a while, he heard news about Weed.

-The Freya Church’s request was a success. The adventurer Weed has found the Fargo Crown!

“Hey, this can’t be. It is just someone with the same name.”

-The Immortal Legion was defeated. The orc Karichwi. Weed, the G.o.d of War!

“Heok, that guy!”

Since then, Roam kept an eye out for Weed’s adventures. The same was true for his colleagues in the Roam Guild.

At the time, the Roam Guild held a meeting to discuss measures against Weed.

“But this is lucky. He is active in places far away from our territory.”

“Well, he is a sculptor so his fighting skills are gone. Isn’t this a chance to get revenge for Continent of Magic?”

“We tried to retaliate hundreds of times and still failed.”

Roam waited.

He couldn’t strike properly in Continent of Magic. He didn’t want to mess with that devil again.

“We can’t afford to waste the guild’s power on someone not related to us. We should concentrate on our development.”

Most of the prestigious guilds from Continent of Magic kept an eye on Weed. And sighed with relief when Weed succeeded in his adventures and swept through the arrogant Hermes Guild.

‘It is fortunate that we didn’t mess with the devil.’

Since then, Weed continued his miraculous successes until he was killed by Bardray in the Melbourne Mine.

Putting aside the fairness, a defeat was still a defeat.

‘Even Weed is helpless in front of that power.’

Afterwards they were busy fighting against the Hermes Guild and didn’t care about Weed.

The alliance was formed but they lost everything.

On the other hand, Weed completed the final secret sculpting technique and even blocked the Haven Empire’s army.

Roam was filled with deep emotion after watching the scene.

‘He is indeed a devil. He is quite a strong guy.’

The northern users believed in Weed like he was a G.o.d and it was difficult for Roam to rationally accept.

Words couldn’t describe Weed……

Roam, Michel, Carlise, Gunter and Sherwood gathered after being contacted by Weed so they had a lot of expectations.

The losers had come together to hear the opinion of one person on the continent.

If Weed held out his hand then it would be good to join forces.

At the very least, allying with Weed meant they might be able to regain their lost territories from the Haven Empire.

“But he isn’t here yet.”

“Well…there isn’t a set time so let’s wait a little more.”

“After winning the war, he obviously needs to handle some urgent problems.”

They knew there would be a call from Weed shortly after the war ended. It was to discuss the possible combat operations against the Haven Empire.

However, there was no contact after a few hours.

Sherwood from the Cloud Guild struck the table.

“d.a.m.n! How long do we have to wait here?”

Sherwood had a violent and bad character in the past.

The Cloud Guild had quite a lot of personnel early on. In order to raise the power of the guild, he had hired recklessly. He used blackmail and shook a carrot in order to attract small guilds under his banner.

The guild reigned over areas of the continent until they were shattered by the Hermes Guild.

Once the 5 prestigious guilds turned shabby, Sherwood’s character changed quickly.

Gunter of Lion Star just laughed lightly.

“This isn’t something to be angry over. It is just part of the negotiation tactics.”

“Negotiation tactics?”

“Deliberately making the opponent frustrated while waiting so that he will gain the advantage in negotiations.”

Michel nodded like he agreed.

“Haven’t you seen Weed’s combat videos? It could be called the best. And it isn’t necessarily a bad thing that we’ve gathered first.”

Sherwood understood but he still seemed annoyed.

“It still feels dirty. It is like he is poking fun at us.”

“Rather than focus on your feelings, it is important to lower the risk in the negotiations. Let’s think about it now.”

“It is still unpleasant.”

“But can we really suppress the Hermes Guild if we join forces?”

Gunter was skeptical.

“The Arpen Kingdom has shown the possibilities. Of course, it wasn’t the entire Hermes Guild that was defeated.”

The alliance that had a lot of pride were defeated.

The Hermes Guild had nearly two thirds of the forces on the Central Continent. And there were many high level users.

They directly experienced how strong the Hermes Guild and Haven Empire were.

In particular, Carlise, of the Black Lion Guild, feared the Hermes Guild. After their loss in the Melbourne Mine, the Hermes Guild had gradually devoured them. A long term plan was executed perfectly. He saw how powerful the Hermes Guild was.

‘But the Imperial Palace is broken. The Haven Empire’s ability to rule has been disrupted. Security will worsen on the Central Continent and rebels will form. An opportunity. We need to move straight away.’

‘There is no time to waste in a place like this. Gathering users and s.n.a.t.c.hing fortresses from the Hermes Guild……’

Weed had kept the embers alive and this was their last opportunity. If he led an uprising in the area……!

They quietly ate the food while discussing ways to fight the Hermes Guild.

“I’m bored so let’s play poker.”


“We might as well be comfortable while waiting.”

“I want to botch his plan to use our impatience to gain an advantage in the negotiations.”

Despite waiting the whole night, there was no contact from Weed.

In fact, Weed had gone to the bathroom and had forgotten about contacting them by the time he exited.


“Kukuku, hahahahaha!”

The Bandit King Steiner!

He was delighted with the misfortunes of the Haven Empire.

“Security is now poor so there is no better environment.”

Since the collapse of the Imperial Palace and the annihilation of the northern conquest army, many rebels had emerged in the Haven Empire’s territory.

“We are being exploited by the governor!”

“Citizens of the Tullen Kingdom, it is time to defeat the invaders.”

“A militia is being formed to courageously fight the Haven Empire and we are gathering in that back alley.”


-Struggle for Independence

The Lasalle Kingdom being conquered by the Haven Empire has brought great suffering to the local residents.

One of the 10 forbidden zones, Averian Forest is located near the Lasalle Kingdom and the people are famous for their fighting spirit.

Help the locals get revenge on the army of the Haven Empire.

The people will feel grat.i.tude towards you.

Level of Difficulty: C

Quest Reward: Deep affection with the local residents, quests related to resistance activities will emerge.

Quest Restrictions: High intimacy among the local residents.

“These words, hrmm.”

“It is tempting so should we try it?”

“Knock it off. Don’t you know how strong the Hermes Guild is?”

“It is a linked quest. The end of the quests might give proper rewards.”

The active users in the Central Continent could easily access quests a.s.sociated with the resistance.

It was too easy.

Many residents were complaining about the Haven Empire. Just drinking at the tavern would have related quests appear.

There were also quests related to the former Croin Kingdom.


-Croin’s Tax Transportation Carriage

There are no secrets in this world. Huge amounts of tribute and taxes taken from the Croin area are being moved along the Bensa River.

Those with courage, what are you waiting for?

You can obtain a lot of money and treasure from destroying the convoy.

An attack on the Haven Empire will be enthusiastically welcomed by the people

Level of Difficulty: C

Quest Reward: Even if you succeed in looting, infamy won’t rise. Returning the taxes to the residents will increase fame by a huge amount.

Quest Restrictions: Those appointed as knights of the Haven Empire can’t get quests from the residents.

“This is a big deal.”


“The quest isn’t hard with our skills but it will 100% cause difficulties with the Hermes Guild. We can never live in the Central Continent.”

“What is life? There is no guarantee the Hermes Guild will find out and if things become unfavourable, we can just go live in the north.”

“The north? Hmm, I wanted to live in the north anyway. I can appear on television on a daily basis.”

“We should go to the north after succeeding in this quest.”

“We will give the Haven Empire a gift before leaving on a long journey.”

“That’s what I wanted to say. I like it.”

The hearts of the users in the Central Continent were swayed. And users succeeded in their quests.

The Hermes Guild’s power started being weighed down by the users.

Events started to occur all over the place.

-Rebellions are breaking out all over the place.

-The scale of the resistance is expanding as they are joined by local troops.

-The security vacuum means that many lords are being looted.

-The residents are on the brink of an explosion of discontent. They are ignoring the dignity of the rulers.

“Unbelievable. This is too much.”

“It is shameful that something like this has happened to the Haven Empire.”

“It is because security and loyalty is low.”

“What is the right thing to do? It is hard to maintain high security and loyalty in the occupied territories. A series of successive incidents have suddenly occurred.”

The Hermes Guild kept on receiving negative messages.

Due to the collapse of the Imperial Palace and their destruction in the north, public sentiment was greatly agitated.

Normally the Empire’s reign was firm but most of the territories in the Central Continent were conquered. The high taxes, conscription and threat of exploitation meant the Haven Empire’s policy was the worse.

The users of the Hermes Guild spoke among themselves.

“At his rate, aren’t we screwed?”

“Perhaps…although we have a stronger military power. The leaders can quell the minor disturbances.”

“The Haven Empire can’t be shaken. Our guild is strong.”

“My heart holds strong respect for the guild. There is nothing we can’t win by force.”

The users didn’t doubt the military force of the Hermes Guild.

Their power was enough to unify the entire continent. Those who joined the Hermes Guild had an obvious pride in their military power.

“There are enormous amounts of complaints from the ordinary users. Quest rewards have been suspended due to the collapse of the palace.”

“It is easily ignored. How dare they forcefully try to claim compensation?”

“They are on the weak side so we can ignore it but the atmosphere is bad. We should demonstrate a strong power against the resistant users. Beat them all up.”

The users of the Hermes Guild confirmed the damage through the information network.

Surprisingly, confusion and rebellion was occurring through various parts of the empire. The confusion in each area of the Central Continent couldn’t be ignored.

The roots of the Haven Empire were currently being shaken.

There were many problems in areas with low loyalty and security but the Haven Empire’s military power was enough to suppress the rebellion.

The lords and military moved against the rebels.

Even so, the timing wasn’t ideal.

It wasn’t long after the conquest of the Central Continent.

The failure of the northern conquest expedition and collapse of the Haven Empire meant unpredictable holes occurred at a time where they needed to stabilize their rule.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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