The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 42 Chapter 6

Weed made a sculpture of Seo-yoon in the office.

“Um, that arm over there should be a little higher.”

“Like this?”

He tested many different types of clothing for the sculpture of Seo-yoon.

“This is all for art, art.”


“No, nothing.”

His pure artistic soul was climbing.

He tested several pieces of clothing such as a knight’s armour, magician’s robe and stage costumes for the dancers.

Seo-yoon was perfect whether she was covered up or wearing revealing clothes.

“Fas.h.i.+on completes the face and the body.”

A statue of a beautiful woman like Seo-yoon was a wonderful sight. His work would also create a new beauty.

He sculpted through the night. Seo-yoon didn’t show any signs of boredom as she followed Weed’s instructions well.

“These clothes? The skirt I’m wearing is too short.”

“Art should have constant attempts. It should be a n.o.ble challenge for beauty. Hesitation in art means that it will never develop.”

“Now I am drooling.”


Any man would become sneaky with a girlfriend like Seo-yoon.

Many things could be read during the sculpting process. Not only was she beautiful but he could learn a little bit more about the subject while sculpting.

Weed was constantly updating the facial expressions and new parts of the body.

A long time ago, he had sculpted Seo-yoon smiling. He had thought it was a pity that her pretty face was stiff. Even now she didn’t laugh loudly but gave soft smiles.

Then she was a beautiful diamond!

‘She is prettier than she was in the past.’

If there was a G.o.d in the world then he gave all the beauty to her.

Seo-yoon had a much friendlier att.i.tude towards him compared to the past. A natural appearance that made her more beautiful than usual.

‘My sculpture needs to have that look. I need to show that side.’

She was impressed by his many sculptures. Eyes that looked at him with confidence and affection. He wanted that feeling to remain with the sculpture.

The sculpture that Weed completed was a work of art.

-Woman in Love.

-An Angel’s Smile.

-Blazing Beauty.

-Eternal Beauty.

Moonlight sculpture fine pieces were created in succession.

“Tricky conditions are necessary to succeed as an artist.”

Weed again gained enlightenment.

An extraordinary observation and judgement was required. It was a part of music, poetry, novels, plays, sculptures, etc.

He always tried to create expensive pieces of art. An artist always felt greed towards their works. Pa.s.sion and commitment for the work was required.

Having a pretty girlfriend was definitely convenient for his work. Weed slashed at sculptures all day to raise his skill proficiency.


The next day.

Weed acted like a black king in his office.

“Investment, investment!”

Investing in the growth of the Arpen Kingdom in order to deal with the Haven Empire!

Currently the Arpen Kingdom had a budget of 70 million. It was a few months of tax income.

The tax revenue of the Arpen Kingdom was mainly put back in development and the Grand Buildings. Even so, the acc.u.mulated funds could be administered by the king.

70 million gold!

A huge amount for an individual but it wasn’t much considering the current size of the Arpen Kingdom.

It would be completely drained investing in a military of 300,000 troops.

In fact, the trade and production of the Arpen Kingdom was expanding every day. Even with the special tax rate for residents, it was bringing in an astronomical amount.

It the taxes were raised as high as the Haven Empire then the profit would increase by more than 3 times.

But this was limited due to the free nature of the north.

Many users started in the Arpen Kingdom in order to take advantage of the low taxes. Merchants succeeded in risky trades due to the low tax rates and they opened up new trade routes.

Raising the taxes now would lose the crazy but important strength of the Arpen Kingdom.

“Well, the tax decreased due to the collapse of the Royal Palace but it will rebound.”

The users and residents were increasing.

70 million gold was money that should be used very sparingly.

He could use all the money at once in a large investment but that wouldn’t benefit the Arpen Kingdom.

“I need to invest in high productivity sectors. Usually it would be better to invest in the economy but I don’t know how effective that will be.”

In order to increase the economic power of the kingdom, he should establish smithies, clear wasteland areas or expand agricultural areas. Active mine development was also one of the ways.

But Weed wanted the Arpen Kingdom to be larger.

Economic development was somewhat helpful but it would lead to an ambiguous amount of money.

“Besides, it is too subtle.”

Setting up smithies for weapons and armour production would make employment in the kingdom grow by leaps and bounds. Items such as swords and s.h.i.+elds were essential in combat and continuously consumed so the business would never suffer any damages.

Usually capital would be steadily invested but there was currently a lot of weapons and armour from the Haven Empire. This was a temporary phenomenon but there was a need to consider where to spend money effectively.

Tax income was reduced and the Northern Continent was blocked so this meant the economic situation would become more difficult in the future.

He needed to make investments that had immediate results as well as long term benefits.

“In order to create a lively economy…increasing the products won’t help.”

Weed started thinking.

He wasn’t taught economics but common sense was enough.

There were many users in the north and this would increase further in the future. He needed to make sure products were consumed without running out. The blacksmiths and merchants knew how to do this themselves.

“There are many products on the market not being sold.”

Rather than books or lectures, the merchants acquired knowledge through conversations at the market.

If products were selling particularly well on the market then there was no reason to stop. Merchants mainly imported low cost items in order to obtain a large profit from their customers.

The king building smithies everywhere wouldn’t strengthen the overall production and economic strength of the kingdom. Currently there wasn’t a problem of lacking goods so there was no reason for the king to intervene.

Although there were some benefits to Weed, the level of the kingdom meant he could let others produce the items.

The kingdom’s economic power meant that basics could be filled in themselves. He needed to generate a higher value to the Arpen Kingdom.

“This is a kingdom of merchants so there is no need to intervene to make it prosperous……”

Weed’s head continued to think. Then he suddenly thought about the merchants.

“A larger market and vigorous trade will make the Arpen Kingdom richer.”

It was a difficult problem.

Weed considered the entire Arpen Kingdom. Right now it was insufficient. There were too many things.

The Arpen Kingdom was filled with beginners.

“The Earth Palace is broken. Along with Morata, Port Varna and Vargo Fortress, it is the heart of the Arpen Kingdom…… Adventurers roam all around the northern continent. It is the same for merchants. And they develop small villages in every corner of the kingdom. That’s how the current status was created despite the threat of monsters.”

Needless to say, the merchants had a large contribution. The novice users starting here was also a solid foundation for the development of the kingdom.

But he couldn’t always believe in them.

The Arpen Kingdom was vibrant and fun.

It was currently in a state of confusion due to the Haven Empire but it was getting better. The war with the Haven Empire had ended but their cities had advanced technology and were stable.

The northern blockade had just been launched so the novice users might prefer the Central Continent despite the popularity of the Arpen Kingdom.

The Haven Empire was unlikely to change their governing methods but there was no reason to live in the Arpen Kingdom unless there were improvements.

In the north, the only huge city was Morata.

In contrast, the Central Continent had so many big cities that it was hard to remember their names. However, the novice users liked living in Morata and the north.

Many novice users believed in an illusion when starting Royal Road.

“If I don’t change it quickly then my brand will decline.”

Weed strongly felt the need to maintain the compet.i.tiveness of the Arpen Kingdom. The current Arpen Kingdom was too narrow.

In fact, the territory was very wide but more of the areas were filled with monsters. There was a large distance between villages and people were rarely around the frontier.

There were too few cities in the Arpen Kingdom. There was only Morata, Port Varna and Vargo Fortress.

Recently visitors also increased at Vent Castle and Mordred. Besides that, numerous villages were getting better. The orc fortresses were increasing day by day.

Nevertheless, the lives of people living in the big cities were lacking.

Various types of cities were required.

There were trade and commerce cities, mining towns, cities that prospered due to techniques that extracted resources from the land and cities that taught magic education.

It was necessary to establish tourist cities to attract travellers and settlers. There couldn’t only be cities of arts and culture.

In order to rule the Arpen Kingdom more effectively, it was absolutely necessary to expand the jurisdiction of the big cities.

Each town and city would have lords that could look after domestic affairs like taxes, technology etc.

Vargo Fortress was the only one with a similar development to Morata.

“Famous areas where people will travel to. The Arpen Kingdom is a fledgling kingdom. Now it will be difficult for the lords to differentiate their villages.”

Grand Buildings would quickly cause a village to grow to the scale of a city. Although there were many travellers, the features of the city could end up deformed.

Morata ended up making the Arpen Kingdom. There were many advantages to have politics, economy, commerce, culture and technology focused on Morata.

“I need to connect roads between the cities.”

He decided to build 8 cities with Morata in the centre.

Of course, the construction of the new cities would depend on the river, plains and existing villages.

Important buildings needed to be built in the villages.

People were still lacking sufficient reason to leave Morata so more cities needed to be built in the Arpen Kingdom.

Users were still starting in the north so now was the perfect time to widen the narrow feel of Morata. Adventurers and merchants could wander around without risk.

He was certain now.

The Arpen Kingdom had reached its limit because of Morata.

“We need to expand Ibellin Castle in the east. The necessary buildings are required in order to make it easier for beginners.”

Ibellin Castle was close to Kruger Harbour.

Kruger Castle was to the east of Rupoi Plains. Merchants pulled carriages there and it had a good amount of travellers.

It would be good if adventurers and novice users used Ibellin Castle as a base for their activities.

It was a good opportunity for people to settle in places other than Morata.

Weed decided to invest 15.84 million gold in Ibellin Castle.

Users would feel offended if he only invested half-heartedly.

Commercial buildings such as grocery stores, guild offices, training centres for knights and magic guilds. There was a construction request for a branch of the Freya Church and new residential areas were formed.

Fortunately, it was a very safe area so there was no need to build walls around the old castle.

“The Ha.r.s.el Mountains area needs to be explored. Lots of resources are required in order to develop the kingdom.”

A small river flowed from Vent Castle to the Ha.r.s.el Mountains.

He decided to develop Iptun Village at the entrance to the mountain area.

Buildings a.s.sociated with mining and construction facilities were created. A small harbour was created at the river. There were frequent invasions from monsters so he ordered walls and rangers to be recruited.

If Iptun Village explored and developed the Ha.r.s.el Mountains area then it would be helpful to the Arpen Kingdom’s economic power.

The territory could produce a considerable value.

If many high level users were active in Iptun Village and the Ha.r.s.el Mountains then monsters would stop overflowing out of the mountains. This would have a positive impact on the Arpen Kingdom’s security.

Parties in the area wouldn’t need to return to Morata and Vargo Fortress.

“I can’t miss developing the Valley of Death and the east sea. I need to invite them for location hunting and production.”

The mind of a corrupted king!

“If the Ha.r.s.el Mountains become more secure then I can create a unique tourist city.”

Of course, it was instant death if there was a monster ambush. It was an advantage that might work out well.

Weed’s head started rotating at full speed.

The development of a kingdom was bound to have complex macroeconomics. This was Weed’s way of living.

Extraordinary vision and smell!

A ghost like ability to see and smell money.

The dark smell of money was coming from the Arpen Kingdom!

“Some islands recently discovered to the east should be developed.”

Small fis.h.i.+ng villages were found by sailors.

After the fall of the Niflheim Empire, some settlers left for the sea.

Necessary buildings, s.h.i.+p repair yards and trade buildings were built.

Now it was only small villages but a wide sea region could be created. If there was a trade route with the Brent and Rosenheim Kingdom then there would be long term economic benefits.

“Huhuhu, it is difficult to develop these islands due to the heavy trades but I can set up 1~2 free trade zones.”

Precisely, pirate islands!

The life of a pirate was fun.

An endless horizon!

Numerous fish swimming in the sea that could be caught with a fis.h.i.+ng rod.

There was also a high traffic trade route at sea so looting merchants was very profitable. Of course, Weed knew very well the happiness of being a pirate.

“There is too much to develop. Huge value industries are everywhere.”

Weed once again reflected.

It really was hard when he thought about it. Looking back at his past, there was areas he regretted not investing in. Opening his eyes in the morning every day and finding it difficult to make money. Burying money in the ground, he couldn’t think of an honest life!

Weed thought it was a really undesirable life.

“I need to spread rumours about the top 10 attractions of the Arpen Kingdom. Pilgrimage places for the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult.”

He also needed to secretly negotiate with Mapan for the opening of overpriced stores!

“It is difficult to enjoy the peace if Morata isn’t secure. He needed to spend money on the kingdom in order to stop it from coming to an end. Earning money is very hard and I need to harvest the taxes.”

The Gra.s.s Porridge Cult will stand up every time the Arpen Kingdom fell into a crisis.

Weed’s tongue started slowing creeping out as he concentrated on the internal affairs.

He could already taste the money.


The live adventures of the Crimson Wings Guild!

Interest had fallen because of the war but the ratings still reached 23%.

-One of the sacred obligations as a giant is to sustain the world. Humans, do you sincerely want death?

Teros only had 10 people left in his group. They had the funds to hire NPC mercenaries but almost none of them survived.

People overflowing with adrenaline could randomly die.

The sight of the Crimson Wings Guild struggling in the dungeon was a very popular live show. And finally, they met a sleeping giant.

Teros nodded.

“I want to die. I willingly risked death to come here.”

-Excellent. Having the courage to continue through your fear. Humans, do you have the courage to rectify a wrong despite the dangers to your life?


Gale met Mako’s eyes.

Gale: I thought this was the end……

Mako: It must be refused. Our power is already limited.

A S-cla.s.s difficulty was the hardest level of quest.

They had wandered around and barely came to the last dungeon. The colleagues Pulain and Bastien had been sacrificed in order to reach this point.

Reaching this far in a S-cla.s.s difficulty quest was already a great success. Only Weed the G.o.d of War would succeed in this type of unexpected quest.

But now the giant was giving them another quest.

Teros thought for a moment before bowing his head to his colleagues.

Teros: Let’s not back down here.

Psyche: That’s not what I wanted to hear. We’ve done enough.

Gale: Captain, let’s give it up. Our power won’t be able to break through.

Teros: However, won’t we miss too much? The quest was a little difficult but we got nothing. Didn’t we want to become famous and respected on the continent again? Shouldn’t we show our power? The stupid things we did will forever remain in the memory of the people if we retreat.

Mako: Captain……

Teros: The giant’s words make sense. We are different from the past. There is only one life that we have to walk. I will regret not seeing it through to the end.

His colleagues no longer opposed after hearing Teros’ words.

A quest was a quest. Higher compensation would be received the more difficult it was.

Novices wanted money, equipment, fame and later stats from the quests. Of course, quests that required leaving the area would take a long time.

It was common sense that chain quests would become popular.

Famous quest items could be traded for expensive prices.

This was different from the adventures and quests the Crimson Wings Guild received in the past.

They didn’t know how to proceed forward in the future or if they could overcome the dangerous situation. There was a possibility of success but they were more likely to fail.

Gale: It isn’t a big deal so let’s do it. Anyway, we only have one life so there is no need to hesitate.

Mako: Let’s not feel any regret and commit to it.

Teros said to the giant.

“We have the courage.”


“Rough men like the sand, I greet the Pugnak Warriors.”

“It has been a long time since the Pallos Empire disappeared. The Pugnak Warriors recognize that you are on the path of the saviour.”

“Come out unharmed from the Desert of Tranquility. Then the desert tribes can’t ignore your n.o.ble valour.”

Unring, Ben and Elliks of Earth Shadow needed to gain the respect of the desert tribe. Earth Shadow was doing a quest a.s.sociated with the Desert Emperor quest.

“It is much more rewarding than the work involving the Embinyu Church.”

“It is fortunate that they haven’t forgotten the past.”

“It is good that it isn’t vague.”

This time they had les anxiety while performing the request.

The leading adventurer group in Royal Road!

However, they wasted a great deal of precious time on an outlandish adventure. There were many worries due to the risk of not knowing the results of the adventure.

The so-called continent quest would get different results depending on good and evil. A typical example was the Embinyu Church waking up earlier!

This time, they expected good results for the Desert Emperor quest.

The resurrection of the Desert Emperor in the harsh and desolate desert! A desert warrior would become Weed’s heir.

Unring became anxious in the middle.

“What if the heir of the Desert Emperor is a bad person?”

“What do you mean?”

“For instance, what if they conquer the Central Continent after the desert? It might be their destiny if they are the Great Emperor’s descendant.”

“That makes sense.”

Earth Shadow started to worry. And 10 minutes later, they came to a conclusion.

“After the southern desert, they will invade the princ.i.p.alities and free trade zones. That is the land of the Haven Empire so we don’t need to get involved.”

“Yes, the Hermes Guild will take care of those guys.”

“Well, look at these nasty b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.”

“They are the same.”

The adventurers didn’t always act independently and some joined the prestigious guilds.

There were many famous adventurers on the Versailles Continent affiliated with the Hermes Guild. They gained information about quests and even took it by force. It also gave them the exclusive rights to excavate treasure at certain locations.

The prestigious guilds even reported in advance special treasures and quests in their territory. If the adventure was a success then they needed to pay half the excavation profit.

They would find public information or intercept new quests. The adventurers were helpless against the special forces of the guild.

Weed was respected enough not to be exploited by the prestigious guilds.

The free adventurers struggled because of them and suffered countless hards.h.i.+ps. The Hermes Guild was just as bad as the other prestigious guilds and it became worse after the Haven Empire was founded.

The official policy of the Hermes Guild towards the adventurers changed. Lafaye and the leaders found that the activities of the adventurers benefited the Haven Empire.

But the lords that ruled the territories were different. If there was hidden treasure in the land they ruled or a wonderful hunting ground then a fee needed to be paid.

Every adventurer had to pay the lords substantial taxes.

The adventurers that succeeded in their territory were threatened by the military unless they handed over a large amount of the profit. That’s why there was a small number of adventurers compared to other professions.

Earth Shadow continued the quest without worrying about the consequences.


Weed decided to wait and see the developments of the Arpen Kingdom after his intervention.

“I just need to hope that it goes well.”

Investments worth 70 million gold.

He placed the 4.93 million gold obtained from selling the loot into the treasury.


-King Weed has invested his personal fortune in the kingdom.

Leading the country and its people with the virtue of n.o.bility. A very good deed has been done by the n.o.ble king.

The security of Morata and the surrounding areas will increase by 3.

-Honour has increased by 1.

Fame has increased by 493.

-The t.i.tle ‘Honourable King of Kings’ has been acquired.

It is very difficult for a king to receive the respect of the people.

High security, economic developments and maintenance of facilities are required to maintain the long-term loyalty of the residents.

Actively taking care of the livelihood of the residents or leading soldiers in a war can grant the king an honourable t.i.tle.

The intimacy with the residents and fame will help the loyalty remain high.

It isn’t easy since the residents would blame any incompetence on the ruler.

If good things happen within the kingdom then the king’s reputation will increase sharply.


He put his individual money to develop the kingdom.

He invested that money with a sad heart!

“Another useless t.i.tle. This is really the worst.”

Weed still believed in a bright future.

“For the moment, I’ve defeated the invasion of the Haven Empire. I have a large margin even if they decide to conquer us later. Until then, I will work diligently to gain more taxes.”

Investments made with the thought of recovery!

This could be described as the basis of investments in the modern world. It was easy to invest in some areas. But in the end, not all the money invested could be recovered.

After his intervention, Weed left the castle with Seo-yoon.

“There is a lot of work to do from now on.”

Hunting, simple quests and sculpting! He couldn’t neglect raising his personal capabilities.

The golden age where he founded the Pallos Empire had pa.s.sed and the reality was that his level was lower than most of the Hermes Guild members. But he had high stats and a new skill so there were lots of opportunities. If he raised Time Sculpting a few more levels then a new world would open.



Weed defeated dungeons with Seo-yoon and carved sculptures.

He started with dungeons near Morata. The bulletin boards of Royal Road and the Dark Gamers forum meant he knew information about extremely demanding dungeons.

Pelka Wilderness.

Going at night is very dangerous.

Hunt the pelka that will come through the ground.

Handle these guys and enter the dungeon through the hole. The dungeon doesn’t have a separate entrance and exit.

It is possible to obtain mana stones if the pelka are wiped out. Recently the pelka horns, leather and teeth can be sold at high prices as raw materials for fire magic.

The recommended hunting level is 440.

“We should be enough.”

“Wipe them out quickly.”

“Leather, horns and teeth can be sold expensively…I am reluctant but I will use them to create sculptures.”

Weed and Seo-yoon defeated the dungeon at the Pelka Wilderness.

Even if his level was lower than the recommended hunting level, Weed was able to endure it. His actual combat ability was excellent so he could overcome all types of adversity.

Seo-yoon’s level was also high and was appropriate for the hunting ground.

Calling Death Knight Van Hawk, calling the Vampire Lord Torido!”

“You called, Master.”

“Incompetent b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! You came out so prove your worth.”


Van Hawk and Torido were reliable and significantly helped in the hunt.

It would be annoying hunting without those two. Waiting for the recovery time after fighting monsters was a significant disadvantage.

Weed optimized his breaks with the best hunting time. And he always sculpted during the break!

That’s why it was good in many ways to have Van Hawk and Torido along on the hunt.

Van Hawk had high health and good attack skills as a death knight. Torido was useful because he could use his vampire skills to brainwash monsters with low intelligence.

And he even generously called the sculptural lifeforms when the monsters were very large.

“Summon Sculpture!”

Bahamorg, Yellowy, Goldman, Seville and Cerberus were summoned when needed.


“It is hard hunting so don’t complain. Crush them!”

Yellowy who required a minimum of 2 copper to 5 silver to boss around was the best.

In the case of priests, he rented them from the Freya Church and Church of Lugh.

Alveron was a precious talent but needed a lot of contribution points. However, the ordinary (?) senior priests could contribute a lot and were only moderately expensive.

The priests would become stronger through hunting with Weed and this was a good thing for the church. If Weed brought back priests that levelled up then he could get back some of his contribution points.

As king of the Arpen Kingdom, he needed to contribute to the religious orders on a daily schedule. If the king made a donation then the contribution would slightly acc.u.mulate every time.

If the contribution piled up then the faith of the residents of the Arpen Kingdom towards the religion would rise!

Weed employed 2~3 priests for every hunt.

“G-G.o.d! This hards.h.i.+p……”


The priests that somehow survived the speed of the hunt clearly became stronger.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6