The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 43 Chapter 1

1) The Meaning of Time Sculpting

Weed managed to raise Time Sculpting to the intermediate level.

“I need to care less about others in order to do bad things.”

Intermediate Time Sculpting could literally stop time. Moment Sculpting could be used to stop the world.

It was like wearing a mask and holding a knife for robberies!

“I really wanted this.”

The world of art was infinite. But it was different for everyone.

There were those impressed by making more beautiful sculptures. To Weed, it was like ordering seasoned fried chicken only to have nothing on the chicken leg.

The reason for doing the final secret sculpting technique quest was for his own intentions rather than a pure artistic soul.

Weed didn’t feel any pangs of conscience at this part.

“Let’s see…check Time Sculpting skill!”

-Time Sculpting Intermediate 1 (2%).

Beginner: Age Sculpting.

This skill will add a long amount of time to a sculpture. Sometimes this time will add value to the sculpture.

It will also stop the sculpture from being naturally damaged over time.

Intermediate: Moment Sculpting.

The world will stop. Light, wind, people.

In front of Time Sculpting, everything will stop. The beauty of that stopped moment will consume a lot of vitality and concentration.

In order to spread the reach of Moment Sculpting, a special energy is required. Energy can be obtained when a moment makes people happy.

Energy of the Moment will be quickly consumed.

Continuous use in a short amount of time will consume a vast amount of vitality and mana.

Advanced: Travel Sculpting.

Chase the traces of time to travel to a specific point in time.

You can proceed with special quests.

However, accepting random quests not related to sculpting that would change the past will incur a huge penalty.

Energy of the Moment- 492.

“Good. I am ready.”

The nature magnum opus had increased intermediate Time Sculpting to 2% so it was a large gain.

Even if he continued building up the proficiency, it didn’t matter now.

“I have 492 energy of the moment. I don’t know how much that amount is worth. I need to work out the value.”

As the king of the Arpen Kingdom, he steadily acc.u.mulated that figure during his quests. He used Time Sculpting while sweeping through the dungeons.

Weed looked around.

The only thing visible were birds! He had spent 2 months making the sculpture of the Versailles Continent.

Weed could focus on the job because of Seo-yoon. If he was completely alone then he would receive some damage. If he created something then all his concentration was sucked into it. This was his habit when making a sculpture or any other type of immersive work.

Of course, he fell asleep as soon as he watched a doc.u.mentary or educational broadcast.

“I should test it lightly.”

Weed activated the skill.

“Moment Sculpting!”

-The world has stopped.


At that moment, the wind that was blowing stopped. The cries of the birds couldn’t be heard anymore and the birds with wings spread in the sky were locked in place.

It was the first time he felt such perfect stillness and serenity. Apart from his breathing, there was only silence.

-Energy of the Moment has been reduced.

There was a rabbit hiding in the bushes. A curious rabbit had approached to look at Weed.

Weed had high affinity to nature and animals often hovered around him. Of course, sometimes he would grab them for leather and meat but this was a heartless world.

If Moment Sculpting hadn’t stopped the world then he wouldn’t have seen the rabbit. He didn’t pay attention to anything except monsters.

The rabbit with red eyes and pointy ears was standing on its hind legs.

“I don’t know.”

Weed questioned why the sculptors used Time Sculpting to search for radiant beauty when there was no monetary value.

An expression of radiant beauty.

It wasn’t necessary to stop time. It was like using all his strength to climb a mountain when it wasn’t necessary.

“Anyway, the world really stopped. This skill isn’t a scam.”

Weed walked towards the rabbit as an experiment. The world had completely stopped so he was alone.

Even walking placed a heavy burden on his body. It felt like there was a pressure on him.

-Vitality has been reduced by 2%.

Due to the time difference, acceleration has been activated.

Your current speed will be enough to threaten the life of a deer.

It will cause a change in the attack and defense.

Weed walked slowly as the message window popped up.

“It worked. I don’t know but…the test will stop here. Skill off!”

-Moment Sculpting has been released.

16 Energy of the Moment has been consumed.

The wind blew again and the birds continued to fly.


Due to Weed’s movements during Time Sculpting, the gra.s.s shook. The rabbit was startled and hurriedly tried to flee.

“Hrmm, the consumption is considerable.”

There weren’t any other people around but quite a bit of energy of the moment was consumed.

“It isn’t very much. But it feels good. There must be a minimum consumption amount in order to activate the skill.”

During the battle, he could stop the opponent and move so it would be a big help. The other person wouldn’t be able to stop continuous attacks.

He could deal critical blows from successive blows and escape an absolute crisis without any damage. It was a large advantage in combat but it wasn’t decisive.

First was the vitality consumption. And if it lasted longer than more energy of the moment would be reduced. He could run out of energy of the moment if he wasn’t careful.

“I’m not sure but this seems to be a fairly bad artistic skill for sculpting. But the effect will certainly work well in battle. Anyway, this world is never free.”


Yoo Byung-jin watched Weed’s behaviour.

Millions of people were living in the Versailles Continent. They experienced thrilling adventures that placed that on the border of life and death.

Weed was someone who hunted 10~20 hours a day. Yoo Byung-jin often watched him, especially when he used the final secret sculpting technique.

At the moment, Weed had used the skill and the time around him stopped.

Time was completely fixed.

“Umm, it is amazing.”

Yoo Byung-jin pretended to be casual but was inwardly shocked at this speed.

Each profession had a final secret technique created for them. It was limited to certain areas but the users could display the mystical power of a G.o.d.

The quest difficulty was ruthless and atrocious! Currently, a vast majority of professions missed the chance to obtain the final secret technique.

Since Royal Road opened, there were 3~4 people who could challenge the quest. But a sculptor unexpectedly acquired the secret technique and eventually raised the skill proficiency to the extent where it would manifest in the world.

Yoo Byung-jin’s heart was overwhelmed while watching the video monitor.

Weed had gone through much suffering to reach this point.

So far, Yoo Byung-jin had enjoyed all of Weed’s suffering.

Intermediate Time Sculpting, Moment Sculpting was a skill that could stop the world.

“Did you know…? Beauty is everywhere around us.”

Moment Sculpting showed a world that was too beautiful. An indescribable beauty of the world would enter their eyes.

Just before the leaves fell. Water droplets being formed or a new bird crying. A rabbit’s ears p.r.i.c.king as they sensed something. The wind blowing the blades of gra.s.s.

These things happened on a daily basis. Numerous ordinary moments occurring in the present and the future.

Once time stopped, the eyes could see all the beautiful surroundings.

The hot sun s.h.i.+ning down on the river. Far away, there was the beautiful sight of a few drops of rain falling from dark clouds.

“Once time stops, a person can finally see how beautiful this world is.”

Yoo Byung-jin recalled the time he lay in the gra.s.s as a child and read a book.

Looking back, it was such beauty that tears came out. The world was beautiful.

Blue skies, flowers and gra.s.s, trees growing and even beautiful people. If the world didn’t stop then the beauty couldn’t be seen properly.

Sunrise, the moon and stars, the hot sun from early morning to evening, the world was beautiful.

“A gift to sculptors because…Time Sculpting can help define radiant beauty in the world.”

The final secret technique was the best way for sculptors to express the beauty. This conclusion would be simple and obvious to sculptors.

-Feel the beauty properly first and then make a sculpture.

Weed did tremendous work and it was easy to conclude that he could turn the history of the Versailles Continent upside down.

But commitment and sacrifice was required in the process.

It was easy to hear the truth with their ears but not feel it with their bodies. A sculptor could see beauty in even the most mundane things. There was even a skill that could give life.

Yoo Byung-jin created Royal Road but he was truly surprised in this moment.

“A tremendous technique. To the extent that it can’t be priced……”

He thought that Weed would have an even greater impression. He was just watching from the side while Weed was directly using the Time Sculpting skill. Looking from the side was different from experiencing it directly.

Soon Weed’s reaction was exposed.

-Useless. It is regretful after all I suffered. However, the effects are helpful in combat. Anyway, this world is never free.


Yoo Byung-jin was so disappointed from Weed’s reaction that he found it hard to breathe. The psychological impact was great but he kept staring at the image in the monitor.

He couldn’t mean it.

After a while, Weed used Time Sculpting again. Weed wasted it to chase after a runaway rabbit for food.

-Ah, it is a skill to take care of rabbits. Wasting precious energy on experiments. Using the skill for wrong things.

“T-this guy…he was originally like this!”

Yoo Byung-jin grabbed his head.


The Hermes Guild found a new secret sword technique.

The retired Pardo who had a sword of nature!

After a.n.a.lyzing the continent’s history and hearing about the hiding place from the mouth of residents, they deployed combat troops.

“A sword that carries the laws of nature. This land won’t benefit if you learn it. You are people who don’t deserve the power. Go back.”


-Pardo has banished you.

If this continues then hostility will continue to acc.u.mulate.

The Hermes Guild members surrounded Pardo.

Learning a secret sword technique would make them stronger in the guild. A colossal value. They couldn’t give up even if they weren’t qualified.

Darius. The name of a high ranking member of the Hermes Guild.

“Old man, those words aren’t good. The Haven Empire rules this land so we are qualified.”

“That’s right. I have heard about your infamy. Get lost.”

“Then I will talk with ease. If you don’t teach us……”

“Intimidation is useless. I would rather die than teach you.”

Pardo drew his sword.

He was a master swordsman so he had an air of intimidation around him. The ground shook and wind blew from his sword.

The Hermes Guild’s combat troops contained knights, magicians, priests and shamans so it was a risky battle.

They had obtained information about Pardo from the local residents.

“He can’t be found in the village. It was about 10 years ago. He came to our village seriously injured.”

“Injured? Okay. He will probably find the upcoming winter difficult. His days are numbered.”

The ailing Pardo.

The Hermes Guild was ready to fight but Darius had a more relaxed approach.

“Old man, we didn’t come here to fight. But we will be forced to kill if you don’t hand over the sword technique.”

“Do you think I, Pardo, care about my life?”

“It can’t be helped. Bring them.”

Darius waved towards the back.

There was a line of village residents tied up.

“If you don’t give us the sword technique then we will kill the children and women.”

“This cowardly……”

“Say it if you don’t want to stop me. I will cut this child’s neck.”

Darius found it fun to play the villain role. It was hard to raise intimacy so he would rather use threats or intimidation to achieve his objectives.

-Pardo’s hostility has reached its peak.

Infamy has increased by 796.

It was a significant penalty but he held a high position in the Haven Empire so no one could touch him.

People in the Central Continent were scared of those with the mark of a murderer. The Haven Empire’s knights and soldiers were bowing towards him even if they were drenched in fear. There was even a city that boasted his name.

“There is no time. Will you teach me the sword technique? You must have realized that my words aren’t a joke and I really will cut their necks.”

“Dirty b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. Your sins will never be forgiven.”

“Teach us the sword technique. Don’t you have no time left?”

“I will tell you. In exchange for a guarantee of the residents’ lives.”

“There is no reason to get rid of them after learning the sword technique. They are residents of the empire.”

Pardo’s surrender!

The Hermes Guild acquired Pardo’s secret sword technique.


The emperor. Absolute!

Bardray didn’t find it awkward to hear the highest praises.

“Power and gold. All men pursue this. And an individual who can achieve that dream…I am endlessly strong.”

Bardray looked at the Haven Empire’s internal affairs at Aren Castle. Most of the administrative work was done by Lafaye but he could check it directly. Aren Castle was the former capital of the Haven Kingdom so its development was very high.

[Strict Monitoring]

Very special features were granted.

He borrowed the eyes and ears of the Haven Empire’s management system and looked throughout the territory.

“Cheap, cheap! Buy a long sword. If you’re a man then you should use this!”

“Selling armour with the insignia removed. I can tell you that it is very good. It will only be sold to soldiers of the empire. Come on!”

In Kories Castle of the former Tullen Kingdom, a store owner openly disobeyed the Haven Empire.

Public sentiment had deteriorated due to the military conquests. The situation was worse in the alleys.

“How are we going to live in the future? My children won’t have any rice this winter. Sob sob.”

“Let’s join the resistance army. At least we will be eating and wearing clothes when going to our graves.”

“Really? That can’t be.”

“Shh. There is a way so listen carefully. Loot supplies from the empire.”

“Such a thing……”

“We are just getting back what is ours. Do you think His Majesty will care about guys like us?”

The conversations between residents.

Bardray looked at the screen and laughed.

“The king’s profession will affect the characteristics of the military.”

The direct attribute of a black knight. It was wonderful in battle and could affect his leaders.h.i.+p. In particular, it was easy to persuade ambitious NPCs to become his subordinate.

Early on, Bardray had smooth relations.h.i.+ps with the NPC knights and n.o.bles of the Haven Kingdom.

In the early days of Royal Road, the users were weaker than most NPC knights. He gained their trust by partic.i.p.ating in battles with the knights. At the time, he often went on monster subjugation quests for the n.o.bles or the king.

The knights were competent and ensured his safety during the combat. In addition, he only had common or rare sword skills at the time. His exceptional skills gained the attention of the knights and they gave him gifts.

Bardray started his career as a knight of Earl Malkan’s family in the Haven Kingdom.

And shortly after, he was given a secret quest.

“These days, I can trust no one. I believe I can trust you. Can you solve my worries?”

“It doesn’t matter. Earl-nim can count on me.”

-Earl Malkan’s Woes

Earl Malkan, the head of a n.o.ble family in the Haven Kingdom has a secret that can’t be told to others.

There is a rogue knight killing his family.

It wasn’t known but his father and mother had already died from the rogue knight.

Earl Malkan’s father suffered an injury during the war and often frequented the Blue Whale Tavern.

Don’t let anyone else notice and punish the rogue knight.

He will appear in the alleys late at night.

Level of Difficulty: E

Quest Reward: Appointed as a full knight.

The Malkan family’s sword techniques.

Quest Restrictions: Earl Malkan’s faith, a bit of infamy, the potential for a black knight’s quest has increased.

Please note.

If the quest fails or someone witnesses it then infamy will rise and an inappropriate t.i.tle will be gained.

This will have adverse effects on a trainee knight’s future.

“I’ll ask once again. Can I entrust this to you? If you succeed then I will grant you a probationary appointment as a knight. There really aren’t a lot of people I can put my faith in.”

“Do not worry. I will take care of it for Earl-nim.”

-You have accepted the quest.

And the quest was a clean and perfect success. Bardray was appointed by Earl Malkan as a formal knight. He could join in the training groups and hunt in dungeons with other knights.

After this, he became Earl Malkan’s number 2 knight and recruited others. Earl Malkan’s power in the family slipped until he experienced a sudden death!

In fact, Bardray had received a linked quest at that time.

The quest was to fight a thief and retrieve some poison. Earl Malkan was no longer needed now that all the knights followed him. The great power of the knights was needed to achieve his ambition.

Earl Malkan thought of him as a minion. Didn’t he know that useless hounds would be thrown away one day?

The knights had high pride but it was nice when they moved perfectly to his commands.

The required method…Bardray didn’t think it was bad.

-Level of Difficulty: C

Quest Reward: The wealth and knights of Earl Malkan.

Quest Restrictions: Limited to Black Knights.

Please note.

If the quest fails then you will be deprived of the position of the earl’s knight.

In addition, you will have the highest degree of hostility with Earl Malkan.

The quest may also affect your future.

If noticed by someone then fame will sharply degrade and infamy will increase.

The knights will also leave.

(This is the full contents of the quest window. The author only chose to display this much.)

The successor to the Malkan family.

There were legitimate ways but Bardray didn’t want to bother with them. The chances of success was very high and loopholes could be created.

‘I need to buy a few chefs and maids.’

The mansion’s maids and chefs all followed Bardray. The black knight’s unique skills made it easy to buy others.

Bardray accepted the quest and easily succeeded. And then he the maids and chefs.

The Malkan family’s new earl! He sought power through treachery and betrayal.

The Hermes Guild had been preparing to conquer Royal Road and soon began to take the Haven Kingdom.

As an earl, he could get good information and quests with national achievements faster than other users.

He explored dungeons with magicians, knights, warriors etc. and soon made a name for himself on the broadcasts.

Bardray was the subject of much envy.

‘I was a little worried in the beginning but now it is a lot of fun.’

Lafaye and the Hermes Guild proceeded with his plan step by step. They faithfully built up their power and fame.

The perfect preparation meant that the Haven Kingdom fell into the hands of Bardray and the Hermes Guild.

The characteristics of a black knight meant they sought power and had no loyalty to a king. Finally, he was given the fate of a Black Knight Emperor.

“Now I have everything. I am free to enjoy it.”

Bardray smiled.

Holding absolute military and economic power on the Versailles Continent. It was an astronomical amount in reality.

In the future, he would exert a more powerful force in Royal Road.

He relaxed and enjoyed this feeling.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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