The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 43 Chapter 10

10) Black Knight’s Fate

“I’m not lonely. There are many people fighting with me.”

Weed said while hunting in the Haven Empire.

He had 20 days remaining until he had to go to Ratuas’ Lair.

“I don’t know what I will deal with so I need to become stronger first.”

He gained good experience while processing the users of the Hermes Guild. But that still had a risk.

Vultures gathered around Weed everywhere he went so it was hard to focus on dungeon hunting. Every time he defeated a dungeon, stats and experience would build up.

The battle videos were naturally sold to the stations.

“I need to still think of making money. Now I am making money and becoming stronger from the Hermes Guild.”

The viewers cheered enthusiastically as he raided the Hermes Guild and defeated their dungeons.

Weed’s battles were thrilling and they never knew where he would hit the Hermes Guild. His collaboration with Seo-yoon and the sculptural lifeforms was also perfect. The quick movements and destruction was enough for the viewers to gasp for breath.

The broadcast officials and viewers complimented Weed the G.o.d of War. The Hermes Guild thoroughly had the reputation as villains. If it wasn’t for them, the Arpen Kingdom’s speed of development would have slowed down by now.

The beginners would have no reason to start on the Northern Continent or to cooperate when making the Grand Buildings. The merchants were busy running around the Northern Continent to avoid the threat of the Hermes Guild.

“A niche market everywhere. Outdoor stalls would be brilliant now.”

When he reached level 441, Weed decided to make one more sculptural lifeform.

In his time as ruler of the desert, he made the priests Alverun and Alveren based on Alveron of the Freya Church.

Weed wanted to make an exclusive priest that would accompany him, Seo-yoon and the sculptural lifeforms.

“I can get the help of Alveron from the Freya Church so this time I will make a different sculptural lifeform.”

The Freya Church blessed and cleansed the land. There were also blessings that could enhance the beauty of a person.

The military religions like Batalli and Atrock were useless to him.

But the Church of Lugh was also widely spread among the people. Many residents supported the Church of Lugh because it symbolized the sun.

“What ingredients should I use?”

Weed was wondering about it when Goldman approached.

“Gol gol gol, use this Master.”


“I worked hard to collect it, gol gol gol!”

Goldman had been diligently gathering gold while Weed was hunting!

Goldman was friends with the wyverns and Bingryong but he wanted to find a mate.

‘A couple…that isn’t bad. A married couple that I can use. The sculptural lifeforms might also give birth to children who I can use. Wait a minute, a mix of gold and silver. In short, a golden couple!’

Weed received a big short like the back of his head had been smacked.

‘I should have thought of this sooner. I am too stupid and kind to live in this world.’

Extreme regret!

“Don’t worry. I will make a truly good and smart woman.”

“Beauty is good, gol gol gol.”


All men had a common taste in women.

Weed dissolved the bullions in a furnace.

In the case of silver, all the impurities needed to be melted and removed. A purity of 99.999% would have a high value when trading.

‘I wonder if I can sell it later. I don’t know what the future will be.’

The popularity of the sculptural lifeforms was really great. They were good subordinates and could live for a few decades through many human conflicts.

‘A lot of money…around 100 million? Or I can sell it directly!”

The potential sale of a sculptural lifeform.

He poured the high purity silver into a mold. He had gain much experience with blacksmithing since creating Goldman.

Weed made the form of a beautiful person.

‘A woman with a refined, western feel. The face of an Eastern European beauty. She will have the beauty of the east and west at the same time. And a glamourous body.’

An ideal match that many men wanted.

A survey of men in their 20s reported that they wanted a woman with a face and body like this. No matter how old a man, they would still pay attention to the face and body.

‘She can’t be too flashy and should be dutiful. So I can make her work.’

The beauty of an Eastern European made him feel good! Weed had exceptional skills at sculpting beauty thanks to Seo-yoon.

“I want the eyes to be sapphires.”

“Gol gol gol, I am in favour of that.”

Blue gems were used as the eyes. They were gems that he obtained from the Hermes Guild users.

“This is a lot of money. I should be able to gain some back.”

-Please set the name of the new sculpture.

“Female Priest of the Church of Lugh.”

-Female Priest of the Church of Lugh is correct?

“That’s right.”

An honest, simple name. The name wouldn’t matter when he gave life to the sculpture.

-Fine piece! Female Priest of the Church of Lugh has been completed.

A pure and n.o.ble statue.

The value of fully refined silver has raised its sanct.i.ty.

A eulogy to beauty.

The poets of the Versailles Continent will talk about it.

“A perfect and flawless beauty that G.o.d allowed.”

The grace of Hestia of the Hearth has been granted.

Artistic Value: 3,194.

Special Options: Female Priest of the Church of Lugh will increase health and mana regeneration by 30% for a day.

The blessings and treatment skills of the priests will increase by 2 stages at night.

Priests of the Lugh and Hestia religions will permanently gain 5 faith stats after viewing the sculpture.

Faith stat will increase by 50.

All stats will increase by 12.

The accounting skills of merchants will increase by 1.

An adventurer’s art appraisal skill will increase by 1.

Maximum health, defense skills and magic resistance will increase.

The effect doesn’t overlap with other sculptures.

Number of Fine pieces completed: 143

-The skill proficiency of Sculpting has improved.

-The skill proficiency of Handicraft has improved.

-Fame has increased by 630.

-Art has increased by 16.

-Charm increased by 11.

“It turned out well.”

The increase in his art and other stats was amazing. It would have been better if it was a masterpiece.

Of course, making a fine piece was great for a sculptor. But as someone who almost mastered sculpting, Weed’s greed was higher.

“I should have made my nose a little higher. The eyes should be wider as well.”

Weed looked over it and continued to worry.


-The sun G.o.d Lugh has spoken to you.

As someone who illuminates the world, he hasn’t forgotten your devotion and will gladly return the favour.

-Faith stat has increased by 21.

“Uhh, it’s not bad.”

Apart from priests and paladins, faith was a useless stat for most users.

Weed also thought that faith was a junk stat at first.

But he discovered when fighting the vampires that having high faith made it much easier to command the knights and priests.

When faith reached 600, it increased defense and resilience. The effect from blessings and healing magic was greater and he could withstand the black magic that acc.u.mulated when turning into an undead.

It had a positive impact despite not affecting combat skills.

“Huhuhu, Goldman what do you think?”



Weed turned and looked at the drooling Goldman.

He seemed to like it.

“Goldman, it is good?”


“Huhuhu, then let’s use my skill. Sculpture Life Bestowal!”

-Life has been given to the sculpture.

The ability of the sculpture will depend on the 3,377 art stat and has been converted to 522 points

Based on performing a religious miracle, the level penalty is reduced by 25%.

The level is adjusted to 417.

Four attributes have been given to the sculptural lifeform.

The standard of the attribute given will depend on the level and shape of the sculptural lifeforms.

Metal Property (100%), Faith Property (100%), Foresight Property (100%), Resurrection Property (100%).

The metal property means that a lot of magic can be ignored.

Pure silver is a physical material that is excellent for defense and magic resistance.

The n.o.ble faith won’t be shaken and sometimes the divine magic can create a special miracle.

The foresight property gives the ability to see hidden or invisible things.

The resurrection property means the divine magic in the body has the ability to revive itself once after dying.

262 Mana has been used.

The efficiency of the skill has increased so the level and stats consumed has been reduced by 20%.

The Art stat is permanently reduced by 6 points. The reduced stats can be supplemented with other sculpture or art related activities.

Level has fallen by 2. Stats have been reduced by 10.

When raising the level, the decreased stats can be regained.

Cherish the sculptures that have been given life.

If they die then you have to give them life again.

If they are completely destroyed then it isn’t possible to revive them again.

The sculpture made of silver shone brightly like the sun. Over time, the light became more natural and beautiful.

The appearance that Weed sculpted. The sculptural lifeform spoke in a melodious voice.

“Master, please set my name.”

Most of the sculptures lifeforms Weed made were based on the masculine form. The female high elf Eltin, Vindex and Gernika were made by other sculptors in Jigolaths.

Looking at the finished product made him feel like he was looking at a beautiful daughter.

“I made you so…”

Weed hesitated and tried to think of a name. She was like his daughter so he couldn’t give her a bad name.

He pondered over a pretty name to give a woman.

“Eun, Eun, Eun…Eun-sook.”

“I understand. Please call me Eun-sook in the future.”

Weed took out a uniform and hat that belonged to the Church of Lugh. It fit Eun-sook perfectly.

Goldman scratched his head with bashfulness and said.

“My name is Goldman, gol gol gol.”


“I will be good to you in the future. I hope you will become my wife, gol gol gol.”

Eun-sook was puzzled.


“Let’s spend the rest of our lives together, gol gol gol.”

“I am a priest of G.o.d. I will never consider marriage.”

Both Goldman and Weed received a huge psychological impact.

“Unbelievable! My golden goose plan…”


There was 19 days remaining until he had to visit the dragon Ratuas’ Lair.

Only a fool would continue going against the Hermes Guild.

“Weed was seen in this area.”

“It is likely that he will appear at famous dungeons around Formos Castle.”

“Go that way. It is important to travel there! And identify areas that the wyverns have been seen in.”

The Hermes Guild were working on stabilizing the Central Continent. The lords and knights were giving quests to secure the peace. Quests such as punis.h.i.+ng rebels or increasing the security of an area were given.

But there were some Hermes Guild users who voluntarily hunted for Weed. There were over 1,000 people because there was a heavy bounty on Weed’s head.

-The one who eliminates Weed will be paid 70 million gold. In addition, they will be given the position of lord of a city.

“I have no personal feelings against Weed but……”

“If we cut Weed’s neck then we can join the Hermes Guild and get good treatment.”

Those who had skills on the Versailles Continent started aiming for his life.

Until now, Weed had received the support of users who hated the Hermes Guild but now he couldn’t even hunt in the dungeons.

Weed was a large fish to be caught.

“I don’t expect people to like me. In fact, I expected everyone in this place to hate me. There is no need to worry. This is life.”

Weed was relaxed at the thought of meeting enemies.

A G.o.d of War needed to be able to do at least this much. If he had been scared then Weed wouldn’t have obtained such a large presence on Continent of Magic.

“Kill them all. Even if it means inducing attacks.”

This crisis actually widened his area of activity.

Weed used Sculpture Transformation and entered a famous dungeon. And 10 minutes later.

-A hidden gem in this dungeon has been obtained.

The quest ‘Stolen Jewels’ has been completed.

-Luck has increased by 4.

Someone ignored all monsters and completed the quest in the shortest time.

Weed returned to the dungeon entrance and showed the jewel to the little boy there.

“I have found a gem. There is a chance I might lose this in the future so I will give it to you. I don’t have much use for jewels.”

“The quest has already been completed?”

He caught the attention of the users at the entrance.

“Who? I don’t know anyone with that face.”

“I don’t think he is someone active in this area.”

Weed stood with a serious expression as the users wondered about him. And he walked around rapidly.

“Hmm, I am busy so……”

Weed scanned the users in the area.

He had developed a keen eye during his time in Royal Road. He naturally built up knowledge about the equipment that other people were wearing.

“But that ordinary attire doesn’t belong here. It is suspicious.”

“Those boots……”

Sky Boots! Boots painted with the sun and clouds. A famous item owned by a member of the Hermes Guild. They increased movement speed over long distances and magic resistance. In addition, it was a unique item that increased honour and dignity by a total of 70 points.

The boots appeared several times on broadcast but there were rumours the user had recently been robbed by Weed.

The boots caught the attention of the users.


‘If it isn’t Weed…I still want those boots.’

The dungeon entrance had more than 20 people gathered.

Murderers with red names also stood out. The stigma of a killer wasn’t a flaw in the Central Continent. Those with strength and connections could be proud anywhere.

The users in hunting parties exchanged glances and nodded.

“Let’s kill him.”

“There is no need to think. We should take care of him before other people notice.”

“He is really Weed?”

“He doesn’t look strong…we will know once we surprise attack him. Be prepared. Have Jane report to the Hermes Guild.”

Weed only suspected that he had a bounty on him but it was finally confirmed.

“He seems to be going in the direction of Sisley Castle.”

“We will go to the right. Make sure to follow him carefully.”

They hastily followed behind Weed.

They were instantly joined by 100 other bounty hunters.

“The Hermes Guild?”

“They are coming.”

The chase gained momentum. Many colleagues were gathered to take care of Weed.

This was a windfall for Weed.

“Let’s go!”

Then arrows flew towards the pursuers!

The first arrows flew accurately at the murderers.

The regular users would need to attack first for it to be called self-defense. Killing the general users would cause him to fall into a murderer state.

“Cough, it really is Weed!”

Weed leisurely hunted the chasers. He used arrows for long distance attacks. He didn’t know how many magicians the other side had but he shot arrows while riding his mount.

“Catch Weed!”

The chasers continued receiving from Weed who was riding on Yellowy.

“Multiple Arrows, Rapid Fire!”

Weed left the running direction and speed to Yellowy.

He rode Yellowy backwards and fired the arrows.

Kwa kwa kw.a.n.g! Kw.a.n.g kw.a.n.g!

He had awesome destructive power thanks to Sculptural Destruction into strength.

The arrows that hit users dozens of metres away caused a hole in the ground like the earth had been blown away by something.

Knights, swordsmen and warriors had a superior strength in dungeons. However, their slow movement speed on the wide plains made them offerings to Weed.

Offerings served up.

They were like delivered chicken. Weed made the numerical superiority obsolete!

-You have become a murderer.

Infamy has increased by 543.

-A ma.s.s murderer.

Infamy has increased by 2,394.

-A terrible murderer!

You are a rare murderer in this neighbourhood.

Infamy has increased by 4,998.

He was dealing with bounty hunters, not murderers from the Hermes Guild.

Weed overpowered the chasers with his arrows.

Approximately half of them fled since they didn’t want to die.

“It is so-so.”

He picked up the loot.

Yellowy’s burden also included carrying the loot.

“Lululu. There is still a long way to go, Yellowy.”

Weed hummed as he moved.

Of course, his whereabouts would be transmitted by the survivors. Millions of users on the Versailles Continent would hear about this incident.

Weed laughed as he recalled the days in Continent of Magic. At that time, he killed almost all the users himself.

Fighting everybody! He didn’t have any breaks to recover his vitality and also had to deal with monsters. Some of the equipment was worn while he entered monster villages to buy and sell goods.

It had been a really long time since he felt this thrilling feeling of enemies on all sides. Tension and concentration filled him.

The weight was still less than Continent of Magic.

Like a mother holding hands with her hand when applying for kindergarten.

“It will be more fun from now on.”


Bardray received situation reports from the Hermes Guild’s information network.

[The remnants of the Nest Kingdom has declared their independence.]

[Civil war in the Gradian area. The residents are declaring their support for the rebels.]

[Looting and arson is occurring.]

[The Aidern rebels have gone over 400,000.]

Rebels had infested every city and territory in the Haven Empire.

The Hermes Guild waged a peace stabilization operation and won the majority of battles with the rebels. That’s why the flames of revolt were gradually sinking.


Then Bardray received a new message window.

-The Anxiety of the Emperor

As a strict black knight, you defeated the ignorant kings and n.o.bles to found an empire.

The result has given you power, treasure and an army.

You have the desire to achieve but can’t trust anyone.

“They are aiming for my position.”

Your subordinates can betray you at any time. You are the target.

Knight Naet.

He formerly pledged loyalty to the Kallamore Kingdom so beware of him.

He will definitely have a different heart.

Perhaps if you kill him…this worry will be alleviated?

Level of Difficulty: Emperor restricted quest.

Quest Restrictions: Black Knight Emperor.

Knight Naet has to die within 10 days.

Compensation: Endurance, willpower and charisma stats will permanently increase by 4.

*Please note.

If you refuse this quest then your combat capabilities will be reduced by 2% for 10 days.

If Knight Naet is executed then your combat capabilities will increase by 1% for 10 days.

“An emperor restricted quest?”

Bardray looked around.

He was hunting deep inside a dungeon. It was a hunting ground he was familiar with where monsters would periodically appear. He didn’t bring the Royal Guards to this place in order to develop his combat skills.

‘Should I accept this quest?’

Bardray liked the permanent increase in stats.

Knight Naet. He heard that name before.

‘He was an Imperial Knight. He isn’t significant.

And there are many knights in the Haven Empire. Bardray had thousands of knights and general lords under him so the number was difficult to gauge.

The lords appointed by the guild needed to pay the Imperial Palace a certain number of knights and soldiers regularly. If one of them died then it wouldn’t have a single effect on the power of the empire.

‘Strong knights are dying every day on the battlefield. There were as many knights as the stars. I need to permanently increase my stats.’

Bardray was thirsty for stats. He represented the Hermes Guild and toured the hunting grounds to sustain his strength. Even a slight increase in stats would make things easier in the future.

Bardray whispered.

“I will kill Naet.”

-You have accepted the quest.

It was really easy to kill Naet who was a knight. He just invited 100 knights to kill a boss level monster with him.

“Naet, block him and buy some time.”


An unreasonable command.

Bardray and the other knights helped but Naet died in vain.

It was common for many knights to die during hunts and they would sacrifice their lives for Bardray.

He was the emperor of the Haven Empire so his skill proficiency and level was a big deal to the Hermes Guild. The guild did no suspect anything.

-The quest has been completed.

Endurance, willpower and charisma has permanently increased by 4.

Your combat capabilities will increase for 10 days.


Bardray smiled.

The Haven Empire showed no signs of loss at all.

And the day after that.

A new quest was created.


-Don’t be Caught Off Guard

Rebels are haunting the empire.

They are buds that will disturb the empire.

The death of Naet caused the rebels to cower but they will soon come back to fight.

You should be wary before it was too late.

Make an example of 10 Imperial Knights.

Before you lose everything you have built up……

Level of Difficulty: Emperor restricted quest.

Quest Restrictions: Black Knight Emperor.

Compensation: All stats will increase by 2.

‘Indeed. It led to this type of quest.’

Bardray was conflicted.

He was greedy for stats but didn’t know where this was leading.

‘The characteristics of a black knight. Should I cut it off here? It is an emperor restricted quest so n.o.body will know.’

He accepted the quest.

It wasn’t ideal to take a person’s life but it was common for 10 people to die while hunting.

And he accomplished the quest in three days!

The next quest was called ‘Rebels’ Scheme.’ The quest required taking the lives of 100 knights and two n.o.bles. It increased all his stats by 5 and the reward was equivalent to gaining 1 level.

‘Enormous. It isn’t easy to gain 1 level.’

Bardray was indifferent to the death of his subordinates.

The Hermes Guild ruled an empire and could generate an endless number of resources. He would take advantage of them to grow.

‘I shall embrace these quests. The problem is getting information for these quests.’

He was becoming more uncertain about the quests. He could consult with Lafaye but there were disadvantages to such an action.

Some of the disadvantages of the black knight profession was that security and rebellions became worse when Bardray emerged as the emperor.

It was suggested that someone with a different profession be appointed for the sake of establis.h.i.+ng peace.

‘There is no need to divide the Hermes Guild. This will just give justification to potential rivals.’

Bardray decided to think for himself.

‘I will accept the quests.’

Although there would be slight damage to the Haven Empire, it would be worth it if the levels increased. Their sacrifices would be used to increase his own strength.

And then another quest occurred.

-Check the Rebel Groups

Ashton Castle has maintained a high security.

The residents appreciate the emperor.

But the incompetent guards don’t know that rebels have infiltrated the castle.

Get rid of them before there is betrayal.

If security is 7% lower…they will be discovered.

Level of Difficulty: Emperor restricted quest.

Quest Restrictions: Black Knight Emperor.

Compensation: All stats will increase by 5.

Skill proficiency will increase by 35% for 15 days.

‘It has changed a little bit. But the reward is still good.’

After accepting the quest, Bardray thought about how to lower the security of Ashton Castle.

It wasn’t a quest where he needed to take the lives of knights.

‘Should I directly speak to the lord there? They will listen to my commands. But they might report it directly.’

He needed to do it without Lafaye and the other members of the Hermes Guild knowing.

‘I might have to give up.’

Bardray kept thinking about Ashton Castle while hunting.

This would be something that would cut away at the Haven Empire. But it would make him rapidly stronger! A unique strength on the Versailles Continent that no one could handle.

He didn’t care about Ashton Castle.

‘People will eventually become enthusiastic after I am strong.’

Bardray took some knights and went hunting in famous dungeons near Ashton Castle.

He used the excuse of the dungeon hunt to get military support from Ashton Castle.

He contacted the lord of Ashton Castle instead of the Hermes Guild’s network.

They were very inspired by being able to join Bardray’s hunt.

Bardray spoke with fake concern.

“Lord-nim, I heard rebels are happening.”

“Huhu, those guys are no big deal and are easily suppressed. Bardray-nim doesn’t need to worry about this.”

“But I still feel sorry.”

“Every resident here is loyal and are willing to do this.”

The lord didn’t have any worries.

Bardray was here so they would win even if rebels attacked.

-Check the Rebel Groups has been completed.

The rebels in Ashton Castle have finally revealed themselves.

Even though they are weak presences like butlers, cooks and maids……

If you leave them then they will grow up like poisonous mushrooms and might someday threaten you.

Be alert.

Don’t rest even for a short time.

As an emperor, you need to plant bone-tingling fear into the residents.

The quest reward has increased all stats by 5.

Skill proficiency and experience rate will increase for 15 days.

The quest then appeared to suppress the rebels at Ashton Castle so Bardray said after the dungeon hunt.

“I will be happy to help fight against the rebels with some of my knights.”

“No. I can’t trouble you like that.”

“This is my fate.”

“Then I will gratefully accept.”

The Imperial Knights easily handled the rebels.

It wasn’t enough to cause him worry.

The Imperial Knights were NPCs loyal to the emperor and the empire.

The knights were willing to perform any command, no matter how simple it was. A few NPCs in Ashton Castle lost their lives but the lord didn’t protest.

‘The knights have taken care of the rebels. Bardray-nim is increasing his popularity among the NPCs……”

From the lord’s perspective, this would give more benefits than harm.

Bardray was repaid hundreds of times.

-The rebels have been completely eradicated.

No one can oppose the emperor’s reign.

Uproot those hiding in the shadows.

The quest reward has increased honour by 16.

Fighting Spirit has increased by 7.

There is a perfect harmony between the body and mind.

Your combat capabilities will increase by 7% for a week.

Bardray completed the black knight quests and was constantly getting stronger.



The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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