The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 43 Chapter 2

Chapter 2) Teneidon’s Call


Weed wore a cloak and stood on the high peaks of Ha.r.s.el Mountains.

It looked like he was standing on a sea of clouds.

“Great. This is a place befitting me.”

After reaching intermediate Time Sculpting, he decided to challenge some tough monsters.

He had gathered a group of sculptural lifeforms.

Anyway, now he had the final secret sculpting technique so he could reach the ultimate heights of a sculptor.

Weed had come to the Ha.r.s.el Mountains in order to catch the legendary yeti.

The information boards of the Dark Gamers Union.

-Pathfinder Lane.

Deep in the region of the Ha.r.s.el Mountains. There is a rare chance for the legendary yeti to emerge.

If you hunt them then ice purification materials can be obtained. Magicians can use them to develop ice spells so the materials can be sold at a high price.

And using these materials in sculpting……

According to the legends, it is difficult to find the yeti.

It might be possible for a party consisting of 8 people who reached level 470 but it is still risky. Magicians, priests and warriors are required.

“Based on that, the yeti should be at least level 500. The wide area ice attacks will be a problem. I might be able to challenge them with Time Sculpting. Let’s try and fight one first.”

A visit to hunt and collect money.

Weed would hunt suitably advanced monsters in the Ha.r.s.el Mountains and landslides would often cause new dungeons to appear.

Of course, it was common to need to drill through blocked entrances.

In his days as ruler of the desert, he had difficulties in dungeons where retreat was blocked. They were top level monsters and that experience was very helpful to the weakened Weed. He considered the appearance and characteristics of the monsters and figured out their weaknesses and attacks.

Weed took his subordinates through a crack in the ice.

The ice dungeon shone like a jewel.

-Dungeon, the first one to find the Eastern Niche.

A dungeon located to the east of the Ha.r.s.el Mountains.

The crack in the mountain is hiding an unknown force.

This resulted in a small niche and the landscape will change significantly if it is closed. Of course, there is no need to talk about what will happen to those inside.

Benefits: Fame has increased by 2,330.

Experience and item drops will double for a week.

The first monster killed of each type will drop the rarest item.


The wind was cold and water ran down from ice pillars hung from the ceiling. It was a dungeon located near the snow fields of the Ha.r.s.el Mountains.

The floor was made of ice, meaning it was easy to slip and the severe cold extended down to his bones.

Weed didn’t worry as he had packed equipment in advance and he could also use his blacksmith and tailoring skills.



“Be careful with every step. The monsters here might be beyond us. Run away if it is dangerous.”

“Thank you for caring, Master.”

“Be careful since there is a difference between raw meat and frozen meat.”


Thanks to the mining skill, he sometimes found strange minerals by using his pickaxe on the icy stones. The mineral blew dry ice and it was a 2nd grade magic ingredient. The minerals were like expensive jewellery but could only be found in special terrain so were easy to sell.

“Hunting makes me feel at home.”

The monsters in the dungeon were in their late 400s and Weed easily hunted them. He had Seo-yoon, two Freya priests and could call the sculptural lifeforms as necessary.

Bahamorg, Cerberus, high elf Eltin, Gernika, Seville and many other sculptural lifeforms could be called.

“Gol gol gol, at this rate I will die from overwork.”

“Ummoooooo. The burden is too heavy. I want to go Morata to mate.”

Goldman’s specialty was fire magic and archery while Yellowy acted as a porter so they were stuck.


And Bingryong flying in the sky! The Ha.r.s.el Mountains were cold so Bingryong could exert its power.


The Freya Church blessed Morata and the Black Imugi was summoned after a long time. Those two were formidable creatures in the mountain region. Even normal monsters would be scared of the dragons and would become easy prey.

The rulers of the Ha.r.s.el Mountains didn’t even go near the region with the ice monsters.

In a place with high level monsters, Bingryong posed like a king! In addition, there was the vile-natured Imugi near Bingryong!




“Right? Isn’t feeling rain in the morning quite refres.h.i.+ng?”

Bingryong turned its big eyes elsewhere. Bingryong really only listened to Weed.

Bingryong was level 520 and exuded a grand dignity. In particular, it could exert ma.s.sive destruction by using Ice Breath in the sky.

The novice and ordinary users would be astonished if they saw Weed hunting. His skills developed thanks to the desert quest and the Weed’s sculptural lifeforms fully demonstrated their skills.

“Drive out the monsters with the wyverns.”

“Understood, Master.”

“Don’t play around and report back. Or I’ll make delicious meals out of you.”

“We will take care of it.”

Bingryong and the wyverns toured the Ha.r.s.el Mountains. The sculptural lifeforms were used as hunting slaves inside and outside of the dungeons.

Bingryong and the wyverns flying in the sky caused quite a threat to the monsters. They drove them to a location where Weed’s group could use the cliff and valley terrain to hunt them easily with arrows.

“Clear Rapid Fire!”


Arrows quickly flew from the high elf bow Weed held in his hands.


“Kuweeek. Humans.”

“Cowardly humans……”

-15 chukopan have been overpowered by arrows.

-Experience has been acquired.

“Heh, good. My power is…… Bingryong, wyverns, what are you doing? The monsters in middle have been cut off. It is like tasting unpleasant meat in a BBQ restaurant. Go and bring more!”

In the past, he didn’t bother with level and tried to raise his stats and skill proficiency as much as possible.

But now he didn’t hesitate to abuse his body because his level had fallen by a lot.

Collecting all the secret sculpting techniques, his production skills and general skills was enough to make him known as the G.o.d of the jack of all trades.

Sculptural Resurrection placed a burden on his levels so he couldn’t raise the skill proficiency quickly.

“I need to adjust the level of the living sculptures. Of course, the lower ones will be first.

When taking into account Weed’s combat skills, he didn’t fall behind others of his level. Most swordsmen concentrated on attack. Few of them had defense skills such as Stone Skin.



“Is it hard to carry the luggage?”

Yellowy looked up and vigorously shook his head.

j.a.ptem was stacked like a mountain on his back. They were goods that could be sold for an expensive price in the cities and were quite heavy.

However he knew not to give Weed an honest answer and shook his head.

“It isn’t hard, Master.”

“I was going to give you a break but……”

“Ummoooooo. Heavy, Master. My waist seems to be breaking.”

Seo-yoon looked at Yellowy sympathetically.


Weed thought after hearing the report of his hards.h.i.+ps.

Yellowy had big, naive eyes.

“Yes. Then rest.”

Weed directed Yellowy to place his burden on the ground.

“These are important and rare items but they are not as important as you.”


Yellowy was thrilled. This was why he followed his master. He pampered his sculptural lifeforms well so they were thankful to their master. This was a deep affection.

Weed held his bow and looked down at the ridge.

“Yellowy, I’m bored so would you like to play a simple game with me?”


“You don’t have to do anything. Well, it might be boring just standing around.”

Yellowy was on guard.

“Is it hard work?”

“It isn’t hard. It is no different from just standing there.”

“I will do it, Master.”

“Then let’s have a meal since you are hungry.”

Weed took out a few cooking tools and started making food. A sweet scented herbal stew!

“Don’t leave without eating.”

“Are you really giving it to me?”

“I’m making the dish for you.”

The taste of the food was heavenly. And shortly after finis.h.i.+ng the meal.


During this time, Weed ordered a wyvern to capture Yellowy.

“Drag the bait to lure the monster.”


The sweet smelling Yellowy was used as bait! The wyverns were strong enough to ignore the monsters and the monsters weren’t mindless enough to be lured without any incentive.

The Ha.r.s.el Mountains had many places for archery due to the height. Rangers liked mountains and forests like this. The terrain was covered with ice but hundreds of archers would be effective here.

In other words, this was an appropriate place to hunt!

He intended to take advantage of Yellowy’s flesh.

Of course, he would use Moment Sculpting if it ever became dangerous.

“This is a very secure hunting.”

He needed to carefully evaluate the risk of the monsters before using Time Sculpting. If his sculptural lifeforms were destroyed then the damage would be too large.

Although the general users would a.s.sist if a crisis happened to the Arpen Kingdom, Weed would destroy them with his power. But his sculptural lifeforms including Bahamorg played a significant role in overcoming that crisis.

Weed conducted the troops in order to reduce the risk.

“Bring them here! Kuhahaha!”


A bull floated through the Ha.r.s.el Mountains.


Low, intermediate monsters and even the legendary yeti were caught. A bunch of monsters moved in Yellowy’s direction. Behind that was the giant form of a legendary yeti.

Weed continued to use regular arrows but the legendary yeti wouldn’t be killed through such a simple way.

The yeti caused a 30 metres wide blizzard that neutralized any arrows.

This was why Pathfinder Lane of the Dark Gamers Union was in distress after seeing the yeti.

Those with basic common sense would arm themselves with items that prevented the cold while taking advantage of the narrow mountain terrain.

“It can be called a boss of the neighbourhood. Time is money. Even the toughest guys can be handled efficiently in the right place. There won’t be a deficit.”

Weed’s eyes shone in the cold.

“Everyone, pincer movement!”

The wyverns attracting attention moved quickly in the air. Meanwhile, Bingryong came down to head-b.u.t.t and swing its tail at the yeti. Black Imugi breathed out flames, Goldman used fire arrows while Weed and Seo-yoon attacked back and forth.

Close combat against the legendary yeti was difficult due to the extreme cold it emitted. But once the appropriate armour was worn, that could be its greatest weakness. Thanks to the help of Seulroeo’s wedding ring, Weed and Seo-yoon often fought together.


The legendary yeti generated lightning and it struck Weed.


-A mighty blow has been dealt and health has decreased by 29,203.

-Your body is frozen.

The body is temporarily paralyzed and defense has decreased by 63%.

Now any attacks will reduce health by 7 times more than usual.

“What the, this is…it is much stronger than the information!”

Pathfinder Lane wouldn’t have bothered to lie. Maybe the legendary yeti was particularly strong in ice and lightning magic. The Ha.r.s.el Mountains had an ice attribute so that probably made them stronger.

However, the armour Weed was wearing wasn’t normal.

-The G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour blessed by Hestia has resolved the frozen state.

The abnormal state was released.

In the meantime, Goldman, Bingryong, Yellowy, Bahamorg and Seo-yoon were unleas.h.i.+ng an onslaught of attacks against the yeti.

After Seo-yoon fell, he thought it was dangerous and brandished a sword at the legendary yeti.

-A companion who shares your burden of destiny is in a crisis.

7,548 health will be pa.s.sed to her.

Weed didn’t have a lot of health left to give her. Seo-yoon’s body was paralyzed close to the legendary yeti and her resistance was rapidly shrinking. If he delayed then her whole body would freeze or she would lose her life.

Seo-yoon wasn’t weak but she hadn’t entered the berserk state. The legendary yeti really emitted an extreme cold.

“A little dangerous…ah, I don’t know!”

Weed used a skill.

“Moment Sculpting!”

Time stopped! The flow of the world once again stopped when the skill was triggered. The legendary yeti shooting a chilling blast literally stopped.

The Ha.r.s.el Mountains was a mysterious and charming place. Normal humans would find the environment tough but Weed’s experience meant he found it spectacular.

Pure, white snow and ice. Scattered snowflakes had stopped and was reflecting the sunlight.

Weed had no time to enjoy the beauty and moved.

He entered the blizzard and cut the yeti.

“Moonlight Sculpting Blade!”

Moving his body while time was stopped took a toll on his vitality. He couldn’t use anything but the basic skills. So he used the one he was familiar with.

The light that emerged from Weed’s sword dealt seven blows to the legendary yeti.

-A critical hit!

The sword has been swung at a speed beyond your imagination.

Due to the fact that it has gone over the limit, durability has been reduced by 43%.


The 4 metres tall legendary yeti sunk deep into the ice.


The ground shook like there was an earthquake. The whole body of the legendary yeti was stuck in ice.

-The legendary yeti is in a state of confusion.

The mysterious attack has terrified it.

This is the first time the legendary yeti has been so frightened so fighting spirit is low.


Weed had a confident smile.

“As expected.”

-Energy of the moment has been reduced by 47.

Vitality has decreased by 21%.

The strength of the body has been pulled out so you will be in an exhausted state for 16 seconds.

You have gone beyond the limits of your physical abilities so strength and agility will decline by 6% for a while.


Half of his remaining vitality was consumed in an instant.

Usually a warrior only had to worry about vitality during a war. It was very rare to run out of vitality while hunting.

‘I need to take good care of my vitality in the future. Time Sculpting is useful but it squeezes all my stats. I need to combine it with Sculptural Destruction.’

Weed thought about how to reduce that physical degradation in the future.

“Gol gol gol gol. Great, Master!”

“Ummoooooo. How brave.”

The sculptural lifeforms praised him. Weed didn’t miss this golden opportunity.

“Everyone, pounce!”

Group hunting!

The wyverns and Bingryong relentlessly attacked from the sky. Yellowy who didn’t like to fight rushed forward while the Black Imugi fought vigorously.

-A legendary yeti has been hunted.

Due to the combat performance, strength has increased by 1.

Perseverance has increased by 2.

Fame has increased by 267.

-The pioneering of the Ha.r.s.el Mountains has increased by 0.2%.

Once pioneering is at 100%, resistance and defense will increase when dealing with monsters in this area.

Pioneering can also increase through dungeon exploration.

The first hunt was always the most difficult. He actively utilized the terrain and sculptural lifeforms to deal with the legendary yeti.

The yeti in the area tried to leave and return to their caves.

They were unexpectedly afraid of heights and couldn’t demonstrate their skills in that terrain. They were also weak in a prolonged fight as health recovered slowly.

But they were strong and overwhelming compared to general monsters. They could throw chunks of ice at a fearsome sped and could hide in the snow.

“This is a little different from the information received from the Dark Gamers. Its nature and attack techniques make it at least two ratings above high level monsters. Well, at least it is worth hunting.”

He always allowed for a certain degree of error with every piece of information.

After more users experienced it, additional information would be registered.

“I can’t leave it alone. Find another one!”

The vicious cycle was repeated.

Weed explored the Ha.r.s.el Mountains and hunted 17 legendary yeti. He also swept through other types of monsters and gained 6 levels.

The monsters with unique characteristics like the legendary yeti gave additional experience. There were also dungeons found after landslides and these discoveries gave double experience.

Thanks to that, he raised his level from 429 to 435 at an unprecedented speed.

This was because he used Time Sculpting to deal with any difficult opponents.

However, Weed was still hungry.

“Think of the other people. I need to stretch out my legs.”

Bardray was the strongest person on the Versailles Continent so Weed couldn’t feel any satisfaction no matter how he raised his level.

He also needed to be cautious during battle about the amount of energy of the moment consumed.

The energy he built up as king of the Arpen Kingdom and his adventures significantly shrank. He used it when his life was at risk so only 163 energy of the moment remained.

Depending on the situation, he had to only use Time Sculpting if he felt like he couldn’t win.

Even so, it was better than losing his life.

A moment where he could relax and take advantage of for victory.

“It is like my mood changing quickly when riding a taxi. Even the underlying charge is enough for a meal.”

Weed was able to familiarize himself with Time Sculpting.

“This is definitely a combat skill. It is irrelevant when it comes to art. The sculptor will profit from it but in the wrong area.”

Weed and Seo-yoon carefully continued hunting in the Ha.r.s.el Mountains.

They found a volcanic lake on a small mountain. The volcanic crater formed a long time ago and was now filled with crystal clear water with overgrown gra.s.s and trees around it.


-Ha.r.s.el’s paradise has been found.

Finding a secret view has increased fame by 1,380.

Compensation can be gained if this is reported to the n.o.bility and royalty.

Weed was immediately disappointed.

“It isn’t a hunting ground.”

However, upon further reflection.

“I am still stupid. This hidden place is unexplored. There might be a bunch of herbs worth picking.”

He instantly searched the area and found red herbs for health and yellow herbs for vitality that could be traded at high prices.


-Ha.r.s.el’s Yellow Herbs: Consumption Item.

Properly grown quality goods.

A useful herb to enhance vitality.

Based on the knowledge of herbs, this herb is enough to even boost the vitality of an elderly person.

Can be sold at an expensive price.

-Ha.r.s.el’s Red Herbs: Consumption Item.

Setting a price for trade is impossible.

An herb that helps in healing wounds.

Squeezing the juices or drinking it can heal injuries.

The benefits include increasing the maximum health.

“I’ve hit the jackpot!”

They were extremely rare herbs that had grown for more than 10 years. Herbs of this quality grew deep in dungeons or at hidden locations so they were difficult to find or put a price on.

There were quite a few of them. A place where no humans visited, a total windfall!

“Huhuhu, selling these yellow herbs at the market…no, I should save it for a little bit in the future.”

Weed looked at Seo-yoon who was dipping her feet in the water.

This was absolutely not for himself! It would all be for her!

So far, she had given him a lot of help so these herbs could be used to repay her someday.

He had learned about dating from cable television and the occasional movie.

“Well, I don’t know a lot about relations.h.i.+ps.”

Weed packed the yellow herbs in his backpack. Depending on his knowledge of herbal medicine, processing it could cause great efficacy.

“It would be nice to sell it…well, it can’t be helped.”

Weed had the same nature as a wolf.

Then something small unfurled its wings right in front of Weed’s nose.


-h.e.l.lo. h.e.l.lo. h.e.l.lo. Nice to see you.

A mischievous fairy was across from him.

Weed replied with a little bit of worry.

“h.e.l.lo, nice to see you. Who are you?”

-Bad, bad. You forgot. Ugly human. Then I will drop you in the middle of the ocean!

Weed searched through his memories.

The fairies were small so they were difficult to distinguish individually. But the confident way it was coming forward was familiar.

“Wait a minute, I remember. I saw you! The one who sat on the nose of the Fairy Queen when I reported about the Jigolaths.”

-That’s right. Nice to see you, my friend.

Seo-yoon heard Weed talk to someone and approached.

“h.e.l.lo. What a small child.”

-That’s right. A friend of a friend. Pretty human.

The fairy moved away from Weed’s nose and hesitantly held out a finger to Seo-yoon. Fairies liked beautiful girls.

Weed asked with a serious tone.

“Why did you come here?”

-Yes. Of course.


Weed didn’t say anything to the fairy.

The quest he received a long time ago from the Fairy Queen! Even now, he still hadn’t resolved it.

His intimacy with the fairies was quite high but they would turn hostile if he gave it up.

-Queen-nim told me to bring you.

“Hmm, that…I am quite busy these days. It is too bad but I can’t come now.”

-Yes? It can’t be helped…Queen-nim has heard through the gossipy spirits. Didn’t you bring something back for Queen-nim?


Weed’s had was filled with complicated thoughts.

The quest of the Fairy Queen was to find a sad momento of a dragon. In order to resolve it, he had to start the linked quest in the Red Forest of Reeds.

But Weed had hunted the dragon Ausollet during the final secret sculpting technique quest and acquired the Mirror of the Silver Dragon Yuskellanda.

At the time, he was just eager to obtain it. It was an item from a dragon but he had never suspected. In the process of doing this, he had unknowingly completed a quest.

Sometime users would obtain the items needed for quests from another place and this would save time.

‘Well, that is the process. I got it anyway. This is…a blind quest?’

He completed a S cla.s.s quest that might have been abandoned. Weed’s back and shoulders straightened proudly like he was a politician just elected.


-Why did you call?

“Let’s go see the queen.”


-“The Great Soul of the Desert has chosen the warrior Baebuchi.”

“The Great Desert Soul has chosen the warrior Kamcho.”

“The Great Desert Soul has chosen the warrior Heosu.”

The Earth Shadow party can proceed with the Great Emperor of the Desert quest.

“It was a success.”

“The damage is too big. Out of 400 warriors, only 20 people survived the challenge. It will be really difficult going forward.”

“Those 20 people means that we haven’t failed yet.”

Earth Shadow had finished the 9th linked quest.

They were recognized and became the desert warriors’ a.s.sistants.

“The desert king, it is something that all warrior’s dream of. You have enough power but lack the experience to lead our warriors.”

“Grow stronger in the desert. However, I a.s.sure you that the path to the king is difficult. Our tribe will be pleased to accept cooperating with you.”

They helped the desert warriors succeed in their challenges. The absurdly strong warriors overcame dungeons and monsters.

They fought and managed to make it past the 9th quest. The desert warriors recklessly jumped at monsters and didn’t hesitate to fight among themselves.

The animosity between the desert tribes was spiraling out of control.

Exploration, excavation and investigation, luck and making the right decisions at key moments, Earth Shadow managed to overcome the difficulties.

Nevertheless, desert warriors were killed or received huge injuries as the quest progressed.

The warrior Bors. A warrior with rare strength, courage and intelligence. Earth Shadow thought he was the most likely candidate to complete the quest but he fell into a trap with 340 desert warriors and couldn’t revive from his injuries.

“It was an honour to walk along the path of the Great Emperor. My tribe…please don’t tell them about my last cowardly moment.”

Bors died.

Fortunately, it did not decrease the morale of the desert warriors.

“The compet.i.tion is dead. That is good news.”

“Kukuku. He did something stupid. I, Baebuchi will become the king.”

“Bors’ sacrifice won’t be in vain as I, Kamcho will make the desert prosperous again.”

“Bors wouldn’t hesitate if I, Heosu was in the same position. But I feel shame while watching his sacrifice. The way of the Great Emperor requires luck, not cowardice.”

Earth Shadow were anxious while watching the desert warriors.

The one that reached the end of the quest would become the ruler of this region. A ruler with the heart of a villain could damage the continent.

“The warriors have an amazing growth rate.”

“I think the characteristics of the desert is to become stronger.”

“The warriors that cleared the dungeons with Weed experienced a growth rate 3~4 times faster.”

“Will these people really succeed in the quest?”

“We didn’t even need to show up.”

The desert warriors were constantly challenging the path of the Great Emperor.

At least 40,000 people walked along that path.

The desert tribes that didn’t respect Earth Shadow wandered around like wolves.

Weed had showed an unparalleled strength. His legacy and relics were left in the desert It was difficult but the desert warriors kept chasing the traces. Legends about Great Emperor Weed made the warriors’ blood boil.


-Desert Camel

The legend of a camel that can run faster than the wind has been pa.s.sed down.

In the warring period, the Great Emperor rode a bactrian camel.

After Great Emperor Weed was gone from the world, Bactrian Camel returned to his home of the desert.

Taming them will be a great help.

Level of Difficulty: S

Compensation: Bactrian Camel.

Quest Restrictions: There are 34 camels with the lineage of Bactrian Camel remaining in the desert.

The spirits of the Earth Shadow group burned at the challenge.

They were happy at the thought of reaching the pinnacle of the quest.


“Hmm, ridiculously hot.”

Geomchi-5 and the students took in the hot sun in the desert.

They had lost their lives in the war against the Haven Empire. They realized their own weaknesses.

“It is shameful that I only killed 50 knights!”

“I was too weak and only took care of 1,000 soldiers. I will carry this shame to my death.”

“You shouldn’t be ashamed. I am the one who only had enough power to kill 60 magicians. I’m not qualified for the sword.”

The students felt regret as they reflected on their weaknesses. They set out to protect the Arpen Kingdom but only managed to kill 160,000 people combined.

Each person took down a little over 300 enemies.

The Muksabal Knights committed to a heavy a.s.sault but didn’t succeed in breaking through the infantry of the Haven Empire.

They ended up in the camp of the northern players. They were destroyed immediately if they got behind enemy lines. They rushed together and were easy targets for ranged attacks.

It was a struggle to fight while they were mixed with the enemy knights and soldiers.

Sometimes they would use the enemies to take a short break. They looted the combat supply wagons and took care of some archers.

Most of them lost their lives but caused enormous damage, gaining them combat achievements and fame.

The momentum of the Geomchi, the instructors and the students was great.

Geomchi-3 gained great achievements causing jealousy. So 230 Geomchis headed to the southern desert to make themselves stronger.

Geomchi-326 came back from talking to some residents and told Geomchi-5.

“There is a quest a.s.sociated with the desert ruler. Users in the city can accept it.”

“What is it about?”

“Help the desert warriors became the heir of the Great Emperor.”

“Women also?”

“No. Only men have gathered.”

“Hyu. It isn’t anything complex. Let’s just go kill.”

“Yes. That’s right.”

Geomchi-5 and the other pract.i.tioners decided to abandon the quest. They didn’t want to bother if there were no women!

Then Geomchi-80 said.

“Geomchi-326, you said it requires leading the desert warriors?”

“Yes, sahyung. I heard that it is harsh and they are fighting really hard.”

“Then won’t it be easy?”


“Won’t they listen if we beat them up?”

“Oh, there is such a way.”

The tough and brave desert warriors were just mere humans to the Geomchis. There was no complicated business. It would be simply resolved by beating the desert warriors up.

“And the monsters aren’t difficult. We’ve been doing the same thing every day. Just grab them and beat them up.”

Geomchi-5 nodded as he listened.

“Well, that makes sense.”

“This is the easy way. We have used our heads.”

Geomchi-5 remembered a long time ago.

“Master-nim once told me this. While others are using their heads, we should tighten our muscle strength.”

“He also told us similar words. Other people might use tricks but we have our bodies.”

Any incidents were dealt with using their muscles! Their muscles popping with blood vessels that made other people become kind.

“Let’s do the quest. We will beat them all.”


Geomchi-5 and the students belatedly decided to take part in the Great Emperor’s quest.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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