The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 43 Chapter 3

Chapter 3) Dragon’s Quest

In the Haven Empire’s territory in the north, there was a luxurious territory being developed.

A quarter of the northern continent.

The construction of roads and facilities was the basic framework of a village.

Among the 1,000 northern lords, Robin was one that stood out. Robin had used a vast amount of cash in a short period of time.

-Ars Village’s huge investment

In the occupied territory of the Haven Empire, Ars Village!

The residents of the occupied territories are anxious about the future.

The Haven Empire’s notoriety means they are nervous about the new rulers. But they are relieved as the new lord has invested a lot of money into the village.

In 4 months, there is a 60% increase in productivity.

The area of the village has expanded.

Population growth rate has improved.

Depending on the nature of Ars Village, the following structures can be built immediately.

Tavern: Improve the residents’ satisfaction and increase tax revenue.

But there will be adverse effects on security.

Inn: Inn where travellers can stay.

Many travellers will make the village livelier.

Lord’s Bank: Funds can be borrowed or deposited.

This will promote the development of commerce and is the foundation for merchants to trade.

The facility can make a big profit in the future but can also see a large deficit.

Precious Metals Workshop: A place that specializes in gold and silver jewellery.

Depending on the skills and technology, a high price can be gained.

Quests to see special jewels can be generated.

Police: Due to the residents seeking commercial profit, having crime prevention will improve the security of the village.

Set up a basic village patrol and criminals can be imprisoned.

Mercenary Guild: Investigate monsters around the village and receive regular commissions.

It requires many taxes to operate but if the requests are successful, security and reputation of the village can increase.

Lower Cla.s.s Housing: There are many immigrants due to the war.

They don’t live near the main roads.

Once urban development increases, more advanced buildings can be constructed. The village’s tax rate, policies and budget will determined the buildings that can be constructed.

“Huhu, security isn’t meaningful to the current situation. Dismantle the police force.”

-Are you sure that you want to dismantle the police force?

Residents might dislike it.

The village’s budget will save 140 gold every month.

“It isn’t a big deal so I don’t need it.”

-The loyalty of the residents has decreased.

There will be a slight dislike for the lord.

“The lower cla.s.s housing is also not needed. In the long term, it will just eat up large areas of the city. Destroy the lower cla.s.s housing.”

-Are you sure you want to destroy the lower cla.s.s housing?

The residents will resist it.

Casualties might occur in the destruction process.

The expansion of the village will slow down and the influx of immigrants will reduce.

“Smash it.”

-The lord has commanded the army to destroy the lower cla.s.s residences.

If the army doesn’t strictly control it then there might be looting and arson.

Robin replaced it with other buildings.

The army was stationed at a fortress while brick buildings were given to residents almost for free.

“Do you know about the Ars village? There is no hunger, it is clean and the taxes are affordable. If you want, your family can live in a house. Is any further explanation needed?”

“You don’t need to worry about the security. Lord-nim has 2,000 regular soldiers. Of course, that might be insufficient to prevent monster attacks but 5,000 mercenaries can also be employed.”

“There are many fields of interest. The jobs? The daily wage is high. There will be many civil construction over the next few years. The size of our village…it takes the residents 30 minutes to run to the market. There are many fields in the middle but they will develop someday. It won’t be an issue.”

Ars Village was enough to be called a paradise for the residents. The registered residents could use the commercial facilities for free and they had housing. There were training facilities, facilities for the treatment of illnesses and an unlimited number of shrines.

The residents were paid 400 gold every time they gave birth to a child. Every immigrant family was also welcomed with 300 gold.

Ars Village’s birthrate was enormous and there was a long line of people coming from nearby villages.

The residents in the areas occupied by the Haven Empire couldn’t return to the Arpen Kingdom. But they could move freely within the Haven Empire and rushed to the most livable Ars Village.

Robin was confident of the village’s development.

‘No matter how much money I spent, this is still the early days. It was take 6 months for the stabilization period. This will become the largest city in the northern Haven Empire and this status will be maintained with the merchants and residents constantly visiting.’

The tax revenue for 1 month was 17,000 gold. His spending was 16 million gold!

He wasn’t making ends meet but the development meant it would be promoted to a city in no time.

The population already exceeded 30,000 and the rapid development exceeded that of Morata in the early days.

Of course, at that time the north was dangerous but Ars Village was currently experiencing a dazzling growth.

‘Politicians who sacrifice no taxes needs to constantly pay attention. Once Ars Village grows big enough, it can become independent from the Haven Empire. In the future, this will be the Ars Kingdom. And I will be known as King Robin.’

Robin continued to invest huge amounts of money to develop the village.


Lord Dain of Evaluk Castle.

The confusion that happened in the Kallamore area didn’t affect her territory.

“Become rebels to organize a resistance against the lord? f.u.c.k, this person. Get lost before I report you to the soldiers!”

“Ungrateful human. We are able to live like this due to Lord-nim.”

“Missing the Kallamore Kingdom? Haven Empire? I don’t know about such things. I am just living with a relaxed and comfortable mind. The knights will take care of any difficulties.”

Evaluk Castle was developed in the previous Kallamore area.

Dain had lowered the tax rate as soon as she became the lord.

Most lords of the Haven Empire would have significantly high taxes and embezzle them. It was for their own benefit and they could give bribes to acquire better territory.

Dain lived a frugal life so she lowered the tax rates and developed Evaluk Castle.

“Lord-nim, the best trader in the kingdom is here so should we purchase it?”

“What is the price of jade today?”

“It is currently at the lowest price in the past year. The merchant is selling it at 1 for 1,000 gold. It is good quality jade so just buying 20 should……”

“I will buy 40. And later sell it for 1,500 gold.”

Summoning magic research, combat magic and other such knowledge. The lord needed to identify and buy various materials from merchants before selling it at an increased price.

The marketplace prospered as merchants visited and a unique culture flourished. The residents and users explored the streets and squares.

“Hillia-nim, it has been almost a month.”

“Lord Dain-nim, h.e.l.lo. I came here because some bandits robbed my carriage.”

“Oh…were you heading towards the free city of Somren?”

“Yup. For now, I will just trade food in the vicinity.”

“Near the vicinity of Somren City…should I install some officers?”

“Really? Yes please.”

She had the best relations.h.i.+p with the merchants. Most of the merchants wandered around villages and cities but it was important to maintain a relations.h.i.+p with them. It was required when buying and selling goods.

“These buildings are aging.”

“Should we build new ones?”

“Since a lot of money will be used…it is enough to renovate the interior. Get rid of any facilities that will make the residents uncomfortable. Hire street painters to cover the exterior walls. Maybe the residents would also like to draw their favourite heroes?”

“Yes, the residents would prefer that Lord-nim.”

There was a general awareness of the empire’s preference to economic and military power. But the traditions and culture of the Kallamore Kingdom was maintained so the residents had a big crush on Dain.

The high loyalty of the residents and the active trading of goods stabilized and raised the reputation of the area.

Skilled blacksmiths, tailors, miners etc. were attracted by the stable life and migrated to Evaluk Castle.

The users also felt comfortable in this place. There was no chaos and the residents were happy. The users preferred this pleasant atmosphere compared to being suppressed.

There were still restrictions on hunting and quests due to the policies of the Haven Empire but Evaluk Castle was a base for user activities.

Evaluk Castle became a key area where users could a.s.semble.

The fastest growing region in the Central Continent. Even with the chaos in the Haven Empire, Evaluk Castle has strong internal economic strength.

Dain occasionally left the city on expeditions with the soldiers.

“Captain Carlson.”


“I will be going to subjugate a bunch of monsters and won’t return until the end of Don’t miss me after just one night.”

“Understood, Lord-nim!”

Dain swept through the dungeons and mountains with the soldiers and knights. A lord was hunting almost every day.

Of course, her level was a match to the elites of the army.


Under the guidance of the fairy, Weed headed to where the Fairy Queen was resting.

‘I can receive the hottest compensation. I would like a weapon. The daily use of the Red Star is too limited.’

His head was filled with complex calculations. The quest was successful then he could obtain goods that could be disposed of.

‘Looking at the price drop lately…well, the top level goods still have a high value. It won’t be bad if I receive an armour I can dispose of. It would be good even if I received an armour I can’t wear.’

Weed watched the fairy and quietly took off the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour. It was an armour made with helium and the divine power of the G.o.ds.

It had good options so he was unlikely to receive a better armour. His armour would change in accordance with the dungeon or hunting grounds.

“Omoooo, Master took off his armour.”

“Gol gol gol, it is suspicious.”

Yellowy and Goldman immediately reacted.

‘Greed for money.’

Seo-yoon guessed Weed’s heart and didn’t say anything.

A mountain range was nearby. After pa.s.sing the forest of elves and a dwarf village, they arrived at the entrance of a dungeon.

Fairies were flying around to welcome them.

-Late. Late.

-Procrastinating humans. Humans aren’t really strict about time.

-The Queen’s wrath will be great. Kyaruruk. The humans might end up dying.

-They deserve to have their necks cut with a huge knife and then sent to h.e.l.l!


The fairies were fed up from waiting.

Weed was familiar with this type of att.i.tude. It was something he received when receiving a delayed payment for newspapers and milk deliveries.

The fairies were really angry and weren’t joking around.

Weed entered the dungeon with Seo-yoon and the sculptural lifeforms to meet the Fairy Queen.


Teneidon’s haven.

A place with old rocks, trees, overgrown gra.s.s and a pool.

By human standards, it was just a small fountain but the fairies thought of it like a lake.

It wasn’t a place where humans could easily visit as only those close with nature like the dwarves and elves were allowed.

Among the users, there were some who received quests to explore the dungeon.

In the case of a user who started in Vargo Fortress, his video became famous.

Wibullo was only a level 14 user.

He didn’t have an apt.i.tude towards a particular cla.s.s and worked hard at his part time job to raise money.

“Food deliveries, errands? Yes, I’ll go in a minute.”

“Was.h.i.+ng the dishes…there are no complaints. No. I’ll get started straight away.”

“I will stack a room full of firewood for 2 silver. Won’t you hire me?”

Users often received part time jobs in villages and cities. The users would make friends with the residents as well as earn money.

People starting in Royal Road for the first time found that it was a completely different environment and didn’t feel bored. While adapting to the world, they diligently worked part time in order to obtain some equipment.

Wibullo mainly worked part time in restaurants.

“It is really done. This is the first time I’ve seen such a clean bowl. Here is an extra 31 copper.”

“Thank you!”

He cleaned the dishes and kitchen and always achieved more than the quest goal. He couldn’t accept long quests because of his busy work life in reality. He had to decline requests such as delivering a letter to a stranger.

The dishes of the restaurants that pa.s.sed through his hand became so perfect that they shone like jewels.

-The t.i.tle ‘Bowl Cleaner’ has been acquired.

Cleaning a bowl so perfectly without breaking it isn’t an easy task.

No matter how dirty or stinky the dish entrusted to you, they will boast of a perfect clean.

-Fame has increased by 14.

He managed to work at a few places a day.

A large amount of fame and intimacy acc.u.mulated just from was.h.i.+ng the dishes.

He was still cla.s.s less and level 14.

Suddenly Wibullo received a gracious invitation from the Fairy Queen.

t.i.tle: Fairy Queen’s Invitation. Hahahahat!

The fact that he received an invitation from the Fairy Queen attracted huge attention.

Many players didn’t believe it but then he posted a video.

-Ohhhhh. Jackpot.

-As an expert in Royal Road, I didn’t think a quest like this would occur. Isn’t he still unemployed? Clearly he meets some conditions.

-This is ridiculous. Teneidon normally won’t meet anyone without high fame. The fairies are choosy and won’t extend an invitation to just anyone!

-Do you need help reaching the dungeon? I am at Vargo Fortress and will immediately escort you to the dungeon.

-I will help for free.

Many curious users came to the dungeon to watch Wibullo meet the Fairy Queen.

Of course, the broadcasting stations were also there to observe the quest. It had grown to a large scale!

Wibullo carried all those expectations as he met Queen Teneidon.

“I’m here to see the holy Fairy Queen.”

Wibullo raised a dignified hand to his chest as he bowed.

“How can I help? My skills might be lacking but I will do my best no matter what. Even if I am knocked down, I will get up and challenge again.”

He came here with a submissive att.i.tude.

Becoming a new hero on the Versailles Continent! It was a big dream for a man. Recently, the dream of elementary school students was to become the lord of a major city or a dragon slayer.

-Human, don’t you love to clean?

“Huh? Of course……”

-This dungeon is too dirty. I will give you 3 gold if you clean it.


-Please do it as quickly as possible. If you finish quickly then I will give an extra 2 gold.

A F-grade difficulty cleaning request!

Teneidon would give him money to clean the large dungeon.

At that time, Wibullo was mocked on the bulletin boards but later he would become a pretty good adventurer.

He could obtain good information from the fairies at a cheap price.

If an adventurer was in distress while thinking of a mystery then the fairies could give the right or wrong clues.

Moreover, the fairy would save their lives through teleportation if they were falling.

Of course, the chances of this happening was very slim but there were some cases of people falling into the ocean or lava.

Weed had seen this place before and walked straight towards the queen.

Just like last time, Teneidon was sitting on a giant tree root.

-Human, come here.

Weed respectfully greeted her by kneeling down on one knee.

“Queen-nim, you must have been in a lot of distress. I have come with the keepsake of a dragon.”

-You are far too late. In the meantime, my pain has become so bad it is hard to resist.

Teneidon’s wings affected by the curse of the dragon trembled.

Weed shook his head.

“I have no excuses for being late, but the world is very confused. I had to defeat the Embinyu Church and a senior sculptor taught me a new technique…many things were waiting for me.”

-Stop. I don’t want to hear another word. I want to see the dragon’s memento that you found.

“Here it is.”

Weed pulled out the Mirror of the Silver Dragon Yuskellanda.

Except for the Red Star, that was the only object related to a dragon that he possessed.

The Red Star was a relic but it was stolen goods so Weed secretly used it.

-You really brought it. Despite the request…finding a relic of a dragon is very difficult these days. I couldn’t find any ways and almost sent explorers to the polar regions. Astonis.h.i.+ng.

-The Fairy Queen Teneidon has admired you.

Fame has increased by 2,698.

“Is this the right thing that Queen-nim is looking for?”

-It isn’t the exact thing but…I can’t deny that this is a memento of Ratuas.

Weed had a lot of concerns about Yuskellanda’s mirror.

‘What the h.e.l.l is this?’

It was an item that transcended time and s.p.a.ce but couldn’t work out how it was important.


-It has been blocked by the dragon’s magic.

Inspect has failed.

Inspect failed even when he tried several more times!

If he lacked knowledge then inspect wouldn’t work no matter how much he tried.

He had Mapan search through Morata’s library but no information on the mirror could be found.

The valuable treasures on the Versailles Continent were in the lair of dragons and humans didn’t even know they existed.

‘There could be some great options but the reverse could also be true. Anyway, it is good that I can take advantage of this to complete the quest.’

Taking care of 3 quests at the same time!

A profession quest could be done separately but it was more efficient to complete it with hunting and other quests. He could solve Teneidon’s long quest without wasting as much time or receiving any damages.

After a period of thought, Weed handed it over.

“Here it is.”


-The Mirror of the Silver Dragon Yuskellanda has been handed over.

Dragon’s Curse has been completed.

It can’t be completely confirmed if this is a clue a.s.sociated with Ratuas in the Forest of Red Reeds.

But it isn’t necessary to know as it is a giant leap in the adventure.

-Experience has been acquired.

-Fame has increased by 121.

-The Fairy Queen Teneidon is happy and 1 energy of the moment is gained.

It was a C-level difficult quest so his experience didn’t even increase by 1%.

Weed was currently level 435.

Ddiring! Ddiring! Ddiring!

-The Traces of a Human quest has been completed.

-The Old Friend of a Dragon quest has been completed.

-The Pale Bones Left Behind quest has been completed.

-The Monster Corps Subjugation quest has been completed.

-The Elementals’ Salvation quest has been completed.

-The Human’s Hometown quest has been completed.

-The Unfortunate and Distressing quest has been completed.

-The Sweeping Search quest has been completed.

-The Recover Dragon’s Relic quest has been completed.


Weed had a flood of quests being completed after pa.s.sing over Yuskellanda’s mirror.

Even the names of the quests caused him to s.h.i.+ver.

‘The names are warlike. It is at least 6 months’ worth of work. Losing my sense of direction or being required to find special materials would take some time.’

It was a bonus income for all the time he spent on the final secret sculpting technique quest.

A huge number of quests a.s.sociated with Teneidon was handled all at once.

‘If I didn’t get this items after defeating the Chaos Dragon…or what if I thought I couldn’t use it and discarded it after returning to this world?’

Just thinking about the close call caused his chest to cool.

As a smile formed on Weed’s mouth, a message window started to s.h.i.+ne.


-A large amount of experience has been gained with the completion of a continuous quest.

-Your level has risen.

-Your level has risen.

-Your level has risen.

-Fame has increased by 22,981.

-You have processed quests for the Versailles Continent.

Energy of the moment has increased by 61.

-Affinity to the fairy species has increased by 64.

They will feel close to you and joke around.

Sometimes the fairies will follow you around incessantly chattering.

Gossip from the fairies will flow with the wind. Valuable knowledge will be delivered to you.

Of course, sometimes the fairies will lie……

The rewards for all the quests!


Weed’s mouth rose so quickly it felt like it was going to crack.

He didn’t receive any expensive armour or sword from the Fairy Queen but he was more than satisfied.

‘The rewards are considerable.’

His level and fame had risen with these quests.

Weed didn’t need any more fame at this point but it had a lot of advantages. He was a celebrity so residents and the mercenary guilds would easily give him quests.

He was happy thanks to the additional compensation.

Furthermore, Weed was king of the Arpen Kingdom. A king succeeding in difficult or arduous adventures would raise the national fame and loyalty of the residents.

The fame earned by fulfilling the continuous quests would cause the whole continent to buzz with Weed’s name again.

Teneidon then said to me.

-Although I’ve waited a long time, you have done a great favour for me. I have never found a better adventurer among humans.

“I am thankful for your words, Your Majesty!”

She was more hospitable towards Weed after he was rewarded.

Despite her grumbling, the situation had changed in a positive way.

-I think I should give you something as compensation…the fairies don’t have many things.

“I-is that so?”

Weed’s mouth trembled.

-You will be shown to the Fairy Fountain.

“I have heard stories of the Fairy Fountain.”

Weed fiercely searched through his memories.

Fairy Fountain!

He was definitely sure that he heard it somewhere before.

‘Where. Many someone mentioned it or it was in the contents of a quest.’

He forgot mathematics and foreign languages but kept convenient memories.

His time as the desert ruler.

He rode Bactrian Camel to a village next to an oasis and heard about the fairy fountain from scholars.

“There is a legend about water in the desert. A fairy fountain exists in a place somewhere…unfortunately, this water isn’t in the desert and I believe it is in another world where the fairies live. Drinking this water will make the body younger and will help recovery from illness and fatigue. A magic like that…do you believe in it?”

His time as the desert ruler was for his final secret sculpting technique quest. He completed other quests in the warring period so Weed’s fame and level was high.

Weed’s answer was simple.

“Shut up. Don’t talk nonsense.”

The scholars were then kicked out.

Weed recalled the memory and spoke to Teneidon.

“I’ve heard of the Fairy Fountain. Isn’t it in the world of the fairies?”

The fairies could cross time and s.p.a.ce to a world where only they were allowed.

-Amazing. Very few people know about it among humans. As an adventurer, you really are great. How many places have you roamed around?

Weed thought about it.

‘I didn’t go around because I wanted to.’

-The Fairy Fountain is connected with a magical place. The drinking water is full of life and will give humans incredible power. The fairies are born from that water so it is like our hometown.

“Then it is a special place that no humans have seen.”

-That isn’t true. You are an excellent adventurer but the fairies have a special friend.

“Who is that?”

-He isn’t known among humans but Petrov is a painter with great skills.


Weed had heard this name.

A painter that often caused an uproar on the bulletin boards. He was accused of drawing pictures on fortresses that made the Hermes Guild look bad. His paintings were filled with whimsical imagination and fantastic artistry so he was often compared to the Weed.

‘My compet.i.tion has already visited that place.’

-As a reward, you will be taken to the Fairy Fountain.

“You don’t have any jewellery or other goods.”

-The greed of humans is really great. Fairies don’t like s.h.i.+ny things. Instead, the fairy over here will guide you to the fountain.

“T-thank you.”

Weed was greatly disappointed.

‘Even so, I still don’t know the damages.’

It felt like the reward was somewhat inadequate for the quest difficulty but Weed didn’t know the effects of the fairy fountain.

It might permanently increase his stats and lead to better long term benefits than a sword or armour.

Weed’s biggest weakness was his low vitality and increasing his knowledge and wisdom would also be useful.

‘And it will be handy in a big battle.’

Weed thought back to his hunting while using Time Sculpting.

‘The rate of my increase in strength has limits. I need to hunt desperately.’

If he invested more time in hunting then his level gain would increase by 5~6 times faster.

Weed felt it wasn’t easy when comparing himself to Bardray and other users.

‘I have to raise my level even if I don’t play with those guys. And in a large fight, it is inevitable that I will use Sculptural Life Bestowal or Sculpture Resurrection.’

The Hermes Guild monopolized all the great quests and hunting grounds in the Central Continent. The guild could also take advantage of advanced information and equipment and skill support.

The Hermes Guild had the best environment so they grew faster than normal users. The world was really unreasonable sometimes.

Weed looked for answers about how he could grow faster from the Central Continent.

The dungeons of the Central Continent! Specific stats or equipment could be obtained from the dungeons. Weed hadn’t experienced the dungeons in the Central Continent so exploring them would still strengthen him.

Thanks to the Hermes Guild dealing with the emerging rebels, he could quickly clear some dungeons. Gaining experience from monsters and achievements from breaking through dungeons.

Of course, he would need to use some clever tricks to avoid being detected. His speed needed to be as quick as picking money up from the ground!

Weed’s abilities matched up to his fame but he couldn’t face a lot of people.

Rebels were attacking the villages and cities of the Haven Empire.

Weed had fought against a whole prestigious guild on Continent of Magic. If necessary, he could use the abilities of a necromancer.

After transforming into a lich, he could use Barkhan’s full set and magic.

Dark Rule, Death Aura, Absolute Magic Defense!

There was also the Devil’s Helmet from Montus that gave great power to an individual.

Like a storm of crows, the undead would feast! Zombies would emerge from the ground and join the ghosts, specters, death knights and doom knights. Commanded by a lich wearing old robes and holding a long staff.

It was something that all humans wanting to be necromancers dreamed of.

The G.o.d of War was coming!

‘It is the ideal sight. Causing a disaster and summoning the undead. And it will be really fun. Now that the relations.h.i.+p with the Hermes Guild had worsened and was irreversible, I need to find an effective way to hit first.’

Weed thought for a short period of time and came up with a price.

It was too risky to the leaders of the Hermes Guild in the Central Continent due to their size.

The enemy was all over the place so he couldn’t fight alone. If there was a dangerous moment then it wouldn’t be easy to run away.

‘Similar to the G.o.d of War on Continent of Magic. There are many ways to overcome the difference……’

He would sweep up the Hermes Guild little by little.

‘Life is a long and thin cloth. Um, a good thing is a good thing……’

Then Teneidon told him.

-The mirror you brought us is too heavy for the fairies to carry.


It was a plain mirror that was the same size as a fairy’s body.

-The loose ends should be tied up. Please return this mirror to Ratuas.


-Ratuas’ Lair

A dragon doesn’t like anyone visiting their lair without permission.

There are numerous monsters and rare guardians.

Bring this mirror directly to the dragon Ratuas.

If you are very lucky then Ratuas won’t take your life.

If you survive then it will be a perfect career as an adventurer but a wise person would know to prepare their casket first.

Level of Difficulty: Impossible to verify.

Quest Restrictions: The confidence of the Fairy Queen Teneidon.

The remaining conditions are impossible to check.


Weed wanted to refuse but hesitates as this was the last step in the chain quest.

‘It will be good if I can resolve this. The quest rewards at the end are usually the best. And how risky can bringing a mirror back be?’

He came to that conclusion because of his greed.

‘Yes, I need to think of my life. I should retract my greed.’

Weed opened his mouth.

“Queen-nim, this is too big for me. There are many things I need to do so someone else……”

-I’m sure you can succeed in anything we give you.

-The quest has been accepted!

Deprived of a choice!

-You have a n.o.ble spirit and strong sense of responsibility so I can’t imagine leaving this task to any other adventurers. You will be great.

“O-of course.”

Thoughts ran through his head as he was forced to accept the quest.

The mirror floating in the air returned to him.

-The Mirror of the Silver Dragon Yuskellanda has been received again.

He checked the status of the item.

-Yuskellanda’s Mirror: Durability 80/80.

A mirror that reflects Yuskellanda’s form.

The material is made with special ‘scales.’

Those who own it can use the special effect of the silver dragon.

Restrictions: Level 1,000.

A minimum of 2,000 strength and wisdom.

Options: Charm +122.

Dignity +20.

There is a 31% chance of reflecting all attacks and magic curses.

There is a low probability of reflecting the magic twice.

The appearance of the silver dragon Yuskellanda is imprinted on the mirror.

No matter how far away the area, you can search it through the mirror once a day.

A large number of enemies approaching will be reflected in the mirror.

A strong enemy or multiple enemies can be sealed.

The seal will loosen and those inside would be released after a week.

It was an amazing item. This magic was nothing short of miraculous.

‘This is amazing. I have to hand something like this over.

The limit was so high that he couldn’t use it even with his blacksmith skill.

Weed’s blacksmith skill was now at advanced level 2! Although the restrictions was reduced by 48%, the item was still unusable.

-I know you are busy but my request can’t take too much time. I want this resolved within 30 days.


-A time limit for the Ratuas’ Laid quest has been created.

If you don’t resolve it within 30 days then the quest will fail.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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