The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 43 Chapter 6

6) Emergency

An emergency occurred for the Hermes Guild users in the Gold Mine Dungeon.

Hapun: Someone is aiming for us. There are already a large number of victims. Our friends from the Beden Guild have already been wiped out.

Chodreker: Each party should prepare for battle. Don’t move around carelessly. The enemy is considerably strong and it is estimated that there is between 3~5 of them.

Maro Master: Be vigilant. The information about that group isn’t well-known. If a fight occurs then act defensively and wait for reinforcements. We will patrol the dungeon and get rid of those people.

The level 460 users inside the dungeon warned each other through the Hermes Guild’s internal network.

A sudden incident occurred in the Gold Mine Dungeon so many users were interested.

Sometimes minor guilds would give trivial challenges but this was very rare for the Hermes Guild.

‘Today is an interesting day. They are going to die like dogs. Once the guild’s revenge falls on them, they won’t have the spirit to live anymore.’

The spectators weren’t disturbed and just waited for the results.

Hapun: Another party has been struck. Always be alert! We are the Hermes Guild. Don’t allow any further damage!

Chodreker: They are very strong individuals. According to the reports from the dead, there is a very strong barbarian warrior so be careful. Don’t try to win the fight and wait for some allies.

The Hermes Guild users continued to die in the Gold Mine Dungeon. There were over 70 deaths in one hour. There was an estimated 100 Hermes Guild users currently hunting in the large and famous Gold Mine Dungeon.

The damage was already close to 70%.

In addition, there was an incident where the level 470 Maro Master who was considered a leader in the guild died.

As soon as the battle commenced, he had reported it through the guild network.

Maro Master: I found those people. There is one female and one barbarian warrior. One of them is holding a musical instrument like a bard but…there is something suspicious. This is a state of emergency so I will kill one or two of them.

Maro Master: The battle is taking place. It is indeed those people. Come to the east side on the 3rd underground floor.

Maro Master: These guys, they are incredibly strong. The individuals seem to surpa.s.s the ones on our side. 2 people have been killed. The rest are hanging on.

Maro Master: We are dead.

Maro Master’s party was the strongest in the Gold Mine Dungeon. His death and the party’s annihilation caused the Hermes Guild great alarm.

At this rate, all their members in the Gold Mine Dungeon would be wiped out so external users received the emergency signal.

All Hermes Guild users in the vicinity of Formos Castle and the dungeon were mobilized. 300 high level members from the Central Continent were mobilized in an instant.


“Get out of the way!”

The eyes of general users widened as people on horseback rushed off. But by the time they arrived, two more parties had been wiped out and the perpetrators had vanished.


“This place was filled with fools. It is no different from burying money in a field of garlic and forgetting about it.”

Weed laughed and gloated after sweeping through the Gold Mine Dungeon.

“The Central Continent is indeed a good hunting ground.”

The individual skills of the Hermes Guild users were fairly strong. But it was a different story when fighting.

Weed, Seo-yoon, Seville, Gernika and Bahamorg’s power was enough to instantly break them.

The warriors and knights were a.s.saulted until gaps were formed. Once their formation was messed up, their skills couldn’t be utilized properly.

Bahamorg’s presence was a significant disadvantage to the Hermes Guild. His dazzling two handed attacks only needed to last for 10 seconds before the enemy was destroyed! He wasn’t as strong as Hestiger but he had grown on the battlefield.

“This is a really fruitful place.”

Weed looked at the pile of loot gained from the Gold Mine Dungeon. It was a revenue of more than 2 million gold in just one day.

“The Central Continent is definitely a place where items and gold flows.”

There was gold, supplies and equipment that were at least level 420 piled up.

And after a while, a merchant arrived.

Weed and the merchant exchanged pa.s.swords.



“Mapan’s trading company?”

“I am honoured to meet Weed-nim. I’ve done some work for Mapan-nim.”

The Central Continent branch director of Mapan’s trading company!

Mapan’s trading company had a wide range of activities that stretched all the way to the Central Continent.

Once he had traded with the Central Continent but that was stopped by the blockade of the north. Despite that, Mapan secretly established a branch in the Central Continent in order to make money.

“These things…….”

“I heard from Mapan-nim. I will be happy to do it for 6% of the sales revenue.”

“Hmm, that is a good deal.”

Weed accepted the deal with any bargaining. Mapan’s trading company was absolutely necessary to sell stolen goods in the Central Continent.

In addition, heavy objects needed to be transported all over the Central Continent while being wary of the Hermes Guild.

The merchant laughed.

“I will be paid through more convenience in the north. This method will take a bit of time to dispose of the goods and I have instructions to further expand the business on the Central Continent.”

“Good. I can believe in the director that Mapan appointed.”

“Is it possible to continue making deals?”

“There will be another transaction the following evening.”



Weed and the merchant’s minds fit well despite only just meeting. The thrill of secretly doing bad things!

Weed made the proposal first.

“For the sake of smooth transactions in the future, let’s register as friends.”

“It is an honour.”

The name of the merchant he registered as a friend was ‘Black Money.’ Even Mapan’s Central Continent branch director was greedy.

There were enormous rewards so the stolen goods were pa.s.sed around despite the threat of retaliation by the Hermes Guild.

After meeting Weed, Mapan’s conscience had shrunk while his greed stretched out endlessly.


Weed finished the deal and moved onto the next spot with Bahamorg and Seo-yoon.

Their 3 people group increased to 5 once Gernika and Seville joined.

-You have entered Atarog’s Lair.

A lair where the Tullen Royal Family hid some secrets.

There are secrets hidden but people often go missing in the area.

The Tullen Kingdom was currently destroyed but the evil spirits are still continuing their mission.

Warlocks who explored the cave wouldn’t be attacked by monsters. They could use the facilities in the cave for spell research and learn some special magic.

In the past, defeating the knights, guards and magicians of the Tullen Kingdom inside the cave would allowed a person to meet the high ranking n.o.bles.

The n.o.bles tried to increase their resistance to black magic and would offer their wealth for a deal when their lives were in danger.

Riches could be gained for a bit of infamy and drop in stats. Or the battle would resume again if the riches were refused.

“I knew it. Human beings are the most disturbing.”

The n.o.bles would use black magic to fight intruders. Those who won against them would receive significantly high honour, fame and combat stats.

Even if the last boss couldn’t be reached, defeating the magicians would give good loot.

Intimacy with the surrounding villages could be raised. However, hostility with the knights and royal family of the Tullen Kingdom would rise.

After the fall of the Tullen Kingdom, the overall difficulty of the evil spirits increased. It was a popular hunting ground occupied by the Black Lion Guild in the past and now the Beden and Hermes Guilds monopolized it.

The price of admission was a huge 1,000 gold.

“It really is a hen that lays golden eggs.”

Weed attacked as soon as the Hermes Guild users tried to take the entry fee.

“The enemy!”

“Those people are here!”

It wasn’t far from Gold Mine Dungeon so rumours about Weed’s actions had spread.

They didn’t know who was attacking because of Weed’s ordinary appearance.

By default, the Gold Mine Dungeon and Atarog’s Lair were dark places. It was difficult to see the contours of his face when fighting and Weed wasn’t wearing the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour. Ordinary armour was a device to conceal his ident.i.ty.

It had been less than 2 hours after beginning the hunt in the Gold Mine Dungeon. He could use Sculpture Transformation but there was no meaning as the battle went on.

The Hermes Guild had a.n.a.lyzed Weed’s fighting style so it was only a matter of time until they noticed.

The 4 Hermes Guild entry fee collectors were in danger of dying.

“I don’t know what guild these guys came from. Today I will make them regret it for the rest of their lives.”

“Huhuhu, give me your money!”

Weed slashed the enemies without hesitation. The G.o.d of War from Continent of Magic was revived.

“Gold, gold.”

Of course, he also gained a considerable amount of loot from the Hermes Guild.

Weed subdued the entrance and ran into the depths of the lair with his colleagues.

This place wasn’t as complicated as the Gold Mine Dungeon. There were only a few crossroads, warehouses, laboratories and accommodation for knights and magicians.

They defeated the parties of the Hermes Guild without a hitch.


“Those stupid dogs don’t know the horrors of crossing our guild.”

“They might be strong enough to deal short term damage but in the end they will die. Where the h.e.l.l did these people suddenly appear from?”

“Maybe they are users from the Tullen region.”

“They seem to be separate from the rebels and the Black Lion Guild so let’s thoroughly step on them.”

300 Hermes Guild users had gathered at the Gold Mine Dungeon.

Emergency squads had been dispatched to Formos Castle. By the time they arrived at Gold Mine Dungeon, the attackers had disappeared.

There was no place to go for revenge so they started talking to each other.

Tenjin: The intruders are attacking Atarog’s Lair.

Someone shouted through the Hermes Guild’s network.

Tenjin: The battle is becoming worse! The squad at the entrance has already been destroyed. It is the same people who raided Gold Mine Dungeon.

“No, those guys have no fear?”

“Well done. Let’s figure out their ident.i.ties while wiping them out.”

“They will be easy to handle with all of us gathered.”

The Hermes Guild users at Gold Mine Dungeon immediately started to move to Atarog’s Lair.

Due to the challenging terrain of Atarog’s Lair, they had to cross over 3 mountains.

The knights galloped on their horses while magicians gathered and used teleportation.


Weed defeated 4 parties in Atarog’s Lair in a short period of time.

He swept through the enemies while hunting at the same time. The regular parties in Atarog’s Lair heard rumours and clapped when Weed pa.s.sed.

“They are defeating the Hermes Guild!”

“Please be careful when fighting.”

The priests that walked past gave Weed’s party blessings and healing without saying anything.

“Ahem, a weak person will receive rewards.”

From Weed’s standpoint, this treatment wasn’t bad.

And some users gave information.

“A friend told me that people from the Gold Mine Dungeon are heading over here.”

Despite being in the heart of enemy territory, the general users were on Weed’s side. But they feared the Hermes Guild’s retaliation so they only secretly gave pa.s.sive help.

‘They will come to catch him.’

The users worried about it.

“If you leave now then you won’t be caught. Run away!”

“Thank you for your concern but I absolutely can’t back down.”

A spirit that would never withdraw!

Weed didn’t worry about the troops coming and marched deeper into the depths of Atarog’s Lair.

Some of the curious onlookers gave up on hunting and followed behind Weed. The Hermes Guild had reigned supreme in Royal Road was receiving many casualties so it was a large topic.

Videos were circulated on the internet and the broadcasting stations covered the event.

Weed could deter the spectators but he left it alone. They actively promoted the scene of the Hermes Guild users losing their lives.

“They have already arrived up to here!”

“Don’t let them pa.s.s through the defense. Let’s make this place the tomb of those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”

3 parties hunting in Atarog’s Lair had formed an alliance and were waiting. They had prepared themselves after learning about it through the guild’s internal network.

This time it would be a large and dangerous battle!

A fireball flew towards Weed, Bahamorg and Seo-yoon.

A fierce ball of flames. It could be cut with a sword but the fireball would immediately explode when it was destroyed, inflicting damage on the surroundings.

It was a level 430 magician spell that required a long casting time.

It was hard to use on the battlefield but the magic had been completed after hearing the news through the guild’s information network.

“Bahamorg, charge.”

“At any time!”

Bahamorg jumped forward.

The Hermes Guild users smiled coldly.

“Stupid rookies.”

“They have no idea about magic.”

It was ridiculous that Bahamorg would try to stop it without knowing the magical properties. Bahamorg would be turned into a lump of charcoal and the colleagues next to him damaged.

The knights and warriors of the Hermes Guild were ready to move forward. Their plan was to use the magic to prevent escape.

Bahamorg shouted loudly.


A stony body!

The blazing fireball hit Bahamorg.

“At this point. It is over.”

The Hermes Guild users ran to the front.

Magicians and shamans used secondary skills to increase their sprinting speed. Their intention was to jump over the intense flames and attack.

But the flame explosion occurred much closer to the Hermes Guild users. There was a dazzling flash of light and Bahamorg revealed his intact body.

“A lie? This is a senseless scene.”


“Magicians, what stupid mistake…… You couldn’t make the magic last?”

The warriors and knights blamed their allies. Actually, the magicians had put their souls in to the magic attack.

“The magic was normal from beginning to end. How unbelievable……”

It was a fierce fire magic that burned away dozens of lives on the battlefield. It was a wide area magic by default but the individual hit had endured it.

The attack that consumed more than one third of their mana was blocked.

Bahamorg started his attack.

“Turbulent Split!”

His used his axe and hammer on the Hermes Guild users.

Despite being blocked with a s.h.i.+eld, the power was enough to blast them back 10 metres. Gernika and Seville fought the Hermes Guild users on the side.

The fallen Hermes Guild users tried to stand back up. They would have an advantage in a prolonged war due to the priests.

“We have to support our own side.”

“We simply have to hold out as planned.”

The priests cast healing magic towards the warriors. But Bahamorg was reducing their health at an unbelievable rate.

“Save your mana. Prepare for a long battle!”

“Treat people who suffered damage one on one and refrain from using wide area recovery skills. Just stop the warriors from dying!”

The priests and shamans were strong support.

The alliance of 3 parties that was considered impregnable was pierced through by Bahamorg. In fact, breaking through with a skill like warrior’s dash would cause considerable damage. Despite being besieged from all sides, Bahamorg didn’t feel any fear.

Even so, this was a pre-planned tactic.

Weed had come up behind the Hermes Guild priests without them noticing it. He had secretly moved when the huge explosion engulfed Bahamorg’s body in smoke.

An’s movement. He didn’t have the skill of a thief or but it was easy if their vision was blocked.

He had moved to the rear while the opponent’s gazes were completely focused on Bahamorg.

“Dual Swordsmans.h.i.+p!”

Weed slashed with the Daemon Sword and a sword he picked up in the Gold Mine Dungeon.

“Surprise, surprise attack!”

He hadn’t properly learned Dual Swordsmans.h.i.+p but the power from Sculptural Destruction meant he was strong enough to attack the defenseless priests.

Weed swept through the priests and shamans in the warrior and then headed for the warriors.

“Huhuhu, a simple victory.”

The battle with the 3 party alliance of the Hermes Guild ended in a short period of time.


“What the, so strong!”

The onlookers stared on with doubt.

-The Holy Elegant Uniform has been acquired.
-The Platinum Belt has been acquired.

Weed steadily collected items.

The things he obtained were better than the items that dropped with hunting monsters. The Hermes Guild didn’t wear cheap things so the profit was enormous.

Weed licked his lips.

‘Jackpot. After I finish hunting in this dungeon, I will gain one more level.’

Level up in one day!

Considering Weed’s level, this was a close to impossible growth rate.

The vast majority of Hermes Guild users had immense infamy so killing them would give him huge experience.

This rapid growth was to the extent of completing several quests. In addition, there wasn’t much risk in hunting so his growth rate was many times faster than normal.


Atarog’s Lair!

There was only method for the Hermes Guild users after the 3 party alliance was defeated.

“Get out right now!”

“Which direction are those guys coming from? Where are those guys….?”

“Rest a.s.sured. They are busy with monsters and won’t be able to catch us.”

The Hermes Guild users with high pride chose to run. It was an unfamiliar sight to the normal users hunting.

They went deep inside the dungeon to hunt. They had hope due to the level of the monsters in Atarog’s Lair.

But the evil spirits roamed in Atarog’s Lair.

Weed wore the Devil’s Helmet dropped by Montus in order to increase his attack power.

-You have worn the Devil’s Helmet.

Defense has increased by 161.

Your cruel mind will cause fear.

Faith will be reduced by 3.

The devil doesn’t collapse easily.

The endless defense will trigger depending on how the attacks are endured.

This state of defense won’t collapse and will sometimes make the enemy’s attacks obsolete.

Your body will become stronger when injured.

Black magic that isn’t as strong as yours will have little effect.

Wisdom has increased by 98.

Knowledge has increased by 115.

Intermediate black magic will consume a minimum amount of mana.

The casting time of demonic magic will decrease.

All combat skills have increased by 12%.

This helmet can never be lost.

It will increase combat fame by 8,000.

When wearing the helmet, the t.i.tle ‘Thirteenth Subordinate of the Devil’ will be applied.

“Huu, tremendous abilities.”

He used the Devil’s Helmet in high risk fighting.

A typical commercial equipment!

Weed’s body trembled as he saw the evil spirits.

-Kyahuhuhu, a servant of the devil.

-An evil seed.

The evil spirits were actually glad to see him.

His alignment now matched theirs so they didn’t feel like attacking. Warlocks and necromancers would also receive such preferential treatment. But if the evil power emitted was weak then the evil spirits would attack.

Weed’s fighting spirit was high enough to make the evil spirits avoid him.

-This is worrisome. Clear a path! Hihihihi.

-Let the devil’s minion pa.s.s. That human will make things a mess.

The evil spirits avoided Weed as he advanced.

Some of the low level spirits even followed behind him.

-Follow him. We can learn how to be evil from him.

-Look. The moment we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. The devil’s servant will open up new despicable and cowardly avenues for us.


Weed led the evil spirits in Atarog’s Lair and used them to completely smash the Hermes Guild’s hunting parties.

He didn’t dare fight one on one against Bahamorg or Seo-yoon but his combat capabilities were high after using Sculptural Destruction.

An unprecedented amount of evil spirits swept over the Hermes Guild’s hunting parties.

-Kihehehehe. The doors of h.e.l.l will open.

-Ahh, the fragrant smell of corpses.

As the battle continued, the Hermes Guild users ran away from the ma.s.sacre.

“This is truly delicious. It is like delicious ramen soup.”

Weed’s chest swelled.

He had achieved his goal through pure submission but he still needed to be cautious.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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