The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 43 Chapter 7

Chapter 7) Weed the G.o.d of War

The Hermes Guild users rus.h.i.+ng towards Atarog’s Lair were shocked to hear the news.

-The 3 party alliance has been wiped out. No one survived.

-The attackers. They are dragging evil spirits around the dungeon. Commanding them like subordinates.

-There are over 700 victims. It is expected that all the users in the guild will soon be wiped out.

Usually attackers could only wiped out one party of the Hermes Guild.

A handful of small fights.

It was very rare for small groups to be able to wipe out the powerhouse that was the Hermes Guild on the Versailles Continent.

But now more than 100 members of the guild had been swept away by only 5 people. It was an armed demonstration that was really hard to imagine.

“This…why the h.e.l.l are the evil spirits following them? Is it possible they are over level 550?”

“The level isn’t important. They might have a special item that can increase power for a short period of time. We can still win.”

“The number of people can’t be ignored. They are 5 people while we are 300. We can’t let them run away so move quickly.”

The users still thought that they would win anyway.

But a dungeon was usually a narrow place. The one in the lead in an underground place could easily be killed.

‘Should I stay in the back and wait for a chance?’

But the power of this group was so great that they worried about this fight ending quickly.

Getting rid of the attacks would let them gain fame and loot so the guild members were very tempted.

Then someone riding a horse said.

“It isn’t unusual to find strong users in Royal Road. I thought about someone as soon as I heard the story about the attackers.”


The people had been thinking it was Carlise from the Black Lion Guild or Roam from the Roam Guild.

They were strong names representative of Royal Road.


“Weed? Ah, Weed of the Arpen Kingdom. It might be Weed. Wait a minute, Weed?”

Weed, the G.o.d of War, was the only one counted as a match for Bardray on the Versailles Continent.

The Hermes Guild full of high pride and arrogance had suffered many defeats and setbacks due to Weed.

“Truly, talking like it is a joke.”

“Hey, that doesn’t sound right.”


“Weed is supposed to be in the north so why should he appear here? Don’t keep barking useless things and come on!”

The large group continued riding on their horses.

But the word Weed didn’t leave their heads.

‘Is there another user with these abilities?’

It was rare even on this s.p.a.cious Versailles Continent.

Apart from the form of fighting in the dungeon.

‘A strong man leading adept subordinates. In the last war, there was a barbarian warrior with incredible movements.’

The strongest user among those rus.h.i.+ng over, Philipan said in a loud voice.

“I don’t have a good feeling. Let me check it.”


“A friend of mine died in the Gold Mine Dungeon. I will ask him to confirm whether it is Weed or not.”

Philipan made the proposal to contact his junior.

It was to determine if the attacker was Weed!

And the answer came in just 1~2 minutes.

Philipan exclaimed in surprise.

“I heard from Maro Master…he already had some thoughts about whether it is Weed!”


“All the people here should know Weed’s combat skill.”

The users nodded.

“His skills are unpredictable. The equipment is also impossible to guess.”

“But what made him suspect it was Weed?”

The speed of the horses naturally slowed down.

“The victims in the Gold Mine Dungeon told a strange story. The opponent fought ruthlessly without sparing any lives and the members could do nothing against them. The defense, weapons, armour and composition of the opposing party is on a completely different level.”

“You all know his strength. It is one of Weed’s specialties. An uncommon and daring way of fighting.”

The Hermes Guild understood many of Weed’s skills

The guild received a lot of information and studied his combat skills.

In particular, they a.n.a.lyzed the special skills and weaknesses of strong users.

It was well known that Weed could raise stats such as strength and agility through destroying a sculpture.

The general sculptors didn’t have such special abilities.

“And the barbarian warrior…his equipment made him easier to identify as Weed’s subordinate who took place in the battle for the Earth Palace.”

“Then Weed really came to the Central Continent. How can that be?”

“We can’t be completely sure but I suspect it is Weed. Until the victims post videos on the bulletin boards and the guild a.n.a.lyzes it then we should a.s.sume it is Weed.”


“Come on, let’s go. If we are right then this is an opportunity to get rid of Weed.”

Their movement speed suddenly accelerated.

Formos Castle.

It used to be the Tullen Kingdom and was now part of the Central Continent.

If they got rid of Weed then their names would spread across the continent and they would receive awards from the guild.

The Arpen Kingdom was an emerging headache so there would be large achievements for killing Weed.

They would play a great role in the unification of the continent.


They arrived at Atarog’s Lair!


The horses were foaming at the mouth after running for 1 hour.

“A lot of people are gathered.”

“Get rid of all of them.”

The entrance of the lair was filled with ordinary users.

It was originally a famous dungeon and the rumours that the Hermes Guild was being attacked had spread.

The guild members scattered the users and ran towards the entrance.

They could hear the spectators chattering.

“Is it really Weed?”

“Did you hear the story? The Hermes Guild has already almost all been wiped out.”

“Is there proof that it is Weed?”

“I heard from my acquaintance that Weed is leading the evil spirits like the G.o.d of War from Continent of Magic.”

“He is commanding them?”

“Shooting arrows, using a sword and various other professions if proof that he is Weed.”

“It is highly likely to be true.”

“I want to enter the lair.”

The Hermes Guild users were blocking the entrance.

“Everybody back!”

“The lair is closed for the time being!”

It was obvious to the bystanders that intense battles were occurring inside the lair.

In addition, the spectators could interfere to help Weed.

The news that Weed was attacking spread through the guild’s networks, villages and cities.

They made sure that Weed would be trapped in Atarog’s Lair.

“200 people will enter. The perfect preparation to wipe out Weed has been finished.”

The plan began once 400 people were gathered at the entrance.

Weed wouldn’t be able to use tricks to escape like he did in the Jigolaths.

The general users in Atarog’s Lair were expelled and a thorough search for Weed was conducted.


“The Tullen Kingdom has collapsed?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Then my research……”

“Her Majesty the Queen has died.”

“Ohu, it is the end. Then this black magic is completely useless.”

Weed was talking with the spirits of the n.o.bility inside Atarog’s Lair.

He had defeated all the Hermes Guild users in the lair.

Weed pretended ignorance and said.

“Did you develop some black magic?”

The aristocrat spirit asked.

“What is the greatest achievement that humans pursue?”

A mystery.

Despite the question, this great secret had already been resolved.

The aristocrat spirits had confessed the secret to the necromancer Varenna.


“Youth and beauty being maintained forever. We were doing research on it. Now Her Majesty is dead so I will give it to you.”

The aristocrat spirit handed over 3 Elixirs of Beauty.

-The Elixir of Beauty produced by black magic has been acquired.

The name Elixir of Beauty is a large trap.

Health, strength, agility and resilience has increased by 20 but the faith and charm stat will dramatically drop.

Even luck will be reduced.

After drinking the Elixir of Beauty, the body will be affected for 1 year in Versailles Continent time.

At night, the skin will turn black like a demon is possessing the drinker.

Resistance will be strong after sunset but they will have the appearance of a beautiful monster.

‘Not everyone will drink it. The effect might be good on animals.’

Weed didn’t intend to drink it directly and was going to sell it.

“It is a really great research.”

“Kulkulkul, but the ingredients required to make it……”

“I can find it.”

“Ah, yes. The place to obtain the ingredients……”

“The Rotten Foam Swamp.”

“A long journey. Fortunately, there is a gate connection……”

“After entering the teleportation gate, there will be rotten skeletons holding a grudge. Immediate danger.”

Before the necromancer Varenna settled in the north, he was a member of the Dark Gamers.

She posted information about the aristocrat spirits on the Dark Gamers Union.

-Weed-nim. Right now the Beden Guild and Hermes Guild are in a state of emergency and are gathering a large force at Atarog’s Lair. They noticed that Weed-nim is there.

Weed heard the news from Mapan’s employee, the merchant Black Money.

“Hrmm, of course they would notice. If I think about it……”

He could use the narrow terrain of Atarog’s Lair but it was difficult to a.s.sure victory.

The enemies would continue to swarm and would be supported by priests so there was a substantial risk.

He needed to maximize the effectiveness of a hit-and-run strategy.

Weed recalled when he hara.s.sed the prestigious guilds in Continent of Magic.

If he disliked them then he would retaliate.

Even if he only received a small interference, he would retaliate hundreds of times without any forgiveness.

There were conversations offering compromises but he refused any negotiations.

A human villain!

Looking back, he was somewhat insane during that time.

It was a tender period for him.

“Do you think I am a bad person?”

Weed asked and Seo-yoon shook her head.


“I’m not trying to be good. This society is rotten.”

“That’s right.”

During his days as ruler of the desert, Seo-yoon would give him information.

Weed knew the important parts but she told him the conditions of the area, the characteristics of the monsters and if any support would come from other areas.

“Then let’s go to the next place.”

“I have prepared boxed lunches.”


He could get quite a lot of experience and loot in the Rotten Foaming Swamp.

There were many monsters manufactured by black magic and fighting them would raise faith and affinity to nature.

Depending on the achievements, he could also gain wisdom and strength.

Weed, Seo-yoon and his subordinates pa.s.sed through the teleportation gate.

He was ready to beat up the Hermes Guild users again.


A few hours after the raid on the Gold Mine Dungeon and Atarog’s Lair.

The spectators wrote and uploaded videos about the slaughter of the Beden Guild and Hermes Guild on the various forums.

-Weed took a knife to the Hermes Guild.

-200, no more than 300 people lost their lives.

-He disappeared from Atarog’s Lair.

The broadcasting stations also broke the news while showing the video.

After a detail a.n.a.lysis of the videos from experts, it became known that the attacker was indeed Weed.


-Weed has started his revenge for the collapse of the Earth Palace.

-The G.o.d of War has moved!

The news from the broadcasting stations caused huge ripples.

People paid attention to the movements of Weed and Bardray.

But Weed had suddenly appeared on the Central Continent to attack the Hermes Guild.

The search operation in Atarog’s Lair couldn’t find Weed.

This was a big topic for all users on the Versailles Continent.

And one day pa.s.sed.

While Royal Road, the broadcasting networks and the internet was being turned upside down, Weed had finished hunting in the Rotten Foaming Swamp.

There was no interference as many people were watching the television!

“Then we will head to Wancheonhan Fortress next. If Gold Mine Dungeon is perfect for obtaining riches, Wancheonhan Fortress is perfect for hunting.”

Wancheonhan Fortress was located a little bit away from Poros Castle of the old Tullen Kingdom.

The Tullen Kingdom historically built fortresses on steep terrain but the construction of Wancheonhan Fortress was stopped due to budget problems.

Wancheonhan was called a fortress but only half of it was built and the other half was in ruins.

After the fortress was abandoned, it was swarmed with random monsters, bandits and thieves.

The basic level went beyond 390 and it was a large scale base.

There were magicians, archers,, mercenaries and bandits mixed in.

The area around Wancheonhan Fortress was an extreme danger zone on the Versailles Continent.

They frequently looted nearby cities.

As time pa.s.sed and the overall level increased, the fortress was turned into a great hunting ground.

Great combat materials, special treasures, quest rewards and loot from the robbers could be obtained after a subjugation.

Wancheonhan Fortress was one of the best hunting grounds on the Central Continent.

There was a smile of satisfaction on Weed’s face.

He had suffered damage due to the Hermes Guild’s invasion of the north.

But now Weed had entered the Central Continent and could return that damage.

He would mobilize every trick developed from Continent of Magic to fight and fool the enemy.

“I expect that there will be a festival after teleporting to Wancheonhan Fortress.”

Seo-yoon looked at Weed who was feeling proud about being a villain.

“Don’t work too hard and rest.

“I am enjoying this. I haven’t even started yet.”

They were in the mountains near the Rotten Foaming Swamp and Poros Castle.


Wy-1 and Wy-3 were waiting in the woods.

“Today we will ride Wy-1. Is that okay?”

“I will put up with the inconvenience.”

Wy-1 and Wy-3 had been painted in various shades of blue for camouflage.

He could use Yurin’s Picture Teleportation but he needed to move an enormous amount of loot.

Wy-3 with its flat back was the best at carrying the baggage. Wy-3 was used to move it!


Wy-3 shrieked with every heavy load.

Its leg staggered and its head sagged to the ground.

Weed gave an order to Bahamorg.

“Be careful when loading. Tie it with rope and make sure not to drop anything.”


The backpacks were perfectly tied on Wy-3.


Weed spoke softly to Wy-3 but his eyes were flas.h.i.+ng.

“Do you want to live a long time?”


“It isn’t easy to live a long life in this world. You will feel hungry, cold, sick and hungry. Once I dispose of all this, I will give you warm fleece clothing.”


Wy-3 shed tears of joy.

The wyverns were sensitive to the cold and they were often around the freezing Bingryong.

Warm fleece clothing would go a long way for the wyverns.

Seo-yoon tenderly stroked Wy-3’s head.


She saw through it.

Giving Wy-3 fleece clothing would make riding it more comfortable.

Wy-3 would be busy working in the future.


“Weed is attacking.”

Lafaye reported calmly.

The rebels in the Haven Empire wasn’t as important as the information about Weed.

“It is surprising but should we wait and see? Or should we retaliate?”

Lafaye was filled with worry.

The wide Central Continent.

The Haven Empire had dozens of big battles a day due to the rebels.

The army moved to the central area and swept up the rebels, temporarily stabilizing the area.

Law and order in the Central Continent needed to be maintained for the sake of the future.

In the past, the Haven Empire had easily neutralized any rebels.

But as public sentiment worsened due to the constant wars, rebels continued to form.

The Cloud Guild, Lion Star, Roam Guild and Black Sword Mercenaries.

They were prestigious guilds in the past and were trying to recover territory in the Haven Empire.

More than half of the Imperial Army was mobilized to contain their forces.

The Haven Empire couldn’t overlook the crisis.

“Send some people immediately. If we kill Weed then we have practically conquered the continent.

“I will go.”

“Please send me. I will lead some knights and get rid of him.”

The temporary Imperial Palace of the Haven Empire.

A room in Aren Castle has been converted into a meeting room.

Weed was in the Central Continent so this was a golden opportunity to catch them.

The medium ranked users in the Hermes Guild asked to be sent.

Lafaye thought for a moment before saying.

“I also agree with the perspective of getting rid of Weed. But he isn’t a fool and won’t stay close to Poros Castle so how will we catch him?”

“We should pursue him from now on.”

“It has been confirmed that he can change his species through sculpting.”

“We just need to form a large encirclement and find him.”

“He could ride the wyverns in the sky.”

“Then mobilize the griffon corps.

The Haven Empire’s griffon corps!

The griffon corps was one of the most powerful forces in the Haven Empire.

They were used to conquer the Kallamore Kingdom and continued to receive support to build their power.

Now they were placed on the border area of the Gradian Kingdom and Nest Kingdom in order to fight the rebels.

A total of 5,000 griffons were locked like shackles to that area.

Lafaye was tempted to pull away a few griffons but gave up.

In the past, the primary goal of the Hermes Guild was to get rid of their enemies.

Wiping out a few rebels would have been an easy task in the past.

They needed to stabilize the empire so they couldn’t afford to cause a large event by chasing Weed.

‘After the empire is stabilized, we need to destroy the north. I can’t handle this event in the way that I want to.’

Lafaye cleared his thoughts and said.

“We can’t dispatch troops on a large scale to chase just one person. It will be shameful if we miss. The current priority of the Haven Empire is to maintain our policies.”

The Haven Empire decided to continue focusing on security and internal affairs.

They didn’t know where Weed would appear since he was like a mole.

But they committed troops in areas where he was likely to appear.

If Weed appeared in those areas then they could respond immediately.

They also put a bounty on Weed’s head.

Lafaye simple had to sit back and watch and the Hermes Guild would still receive benefits.

‘Even if he damages us ten times, the big fish will be caught in the end. This will be the last reckless challenge.’

The Hermes Guild would eventually overpower the rebels.

After trampling on their last hope, they would unconditionally obey the rules.

The ambitious lords of the Haven Empire would show them the difference in power.

Many thoughts overflowed as Weed continued causing damage to the Haven Empire.


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