The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 43 Chapter 8

8) Crus.h.i.+ng Blow

Weed stood on a plateau overlooking Wancheonhan Fortress.


The wind blowing caused his cloak to flap.


“Gol gol gol.”



“Being frugal is necessary to live well. But risks are needed to order to get rich.”

Weed was wearing a cape he looted from a Hermes Guild user he killed.

In most cases, there was no level limit on cloaks and were easy to sell for money.

The Black Drake Cloak was something everyone on the Versailles Continent wanted to see but it was difficult.

It increased physical and magic defense by default and increased movement speed by up to 7% depending on the level of the person wearing it.

If the wind blew then the wearer could temporarily float on it.

Unlike flying magic, it couldn’t go against the flow of the wind but it was immensely fast.

In addition, the wearer wouldn’t crash even when falling from a very high place.

Weed laughed, revealing his teeth.


A despicable and vile smile that revealed white teeth!

“Shall we go get the harvest?”

Seo-yoon had terminated the connection early to prepare dinner. She was a big help in battle but the power was maintained even if she was gone.

He just thought of more devious methods.


“Did you hear about the big deal that happened in the Gold Mine Dungeon?”

“There was a sweeping search for Weed.”

“Troops were dispatched to reinforce the checkpoints but he hasn’t been caught.”

“If he comes here then we will smash him.”

“Kukuku, we are different from those fools.”

7 members of the Hermes Guild were resting around a fire.

Despite this being in the vicinity of Wancheonhan Fortress, the thieves and monsters regularly went around patrolling.

The users stayed in this place to get rid of them.

The fortress was filled with thieves and monsters so the patrols on the outskirts were often hunted. If they entered deeper into the fortress then it would be fighting without any breaks.

This was the best place to gain levels.

Weed watched the Hermes Guild users intently from the woods.

“Hey guys, a blitz attack. Does everybody know?”

“Understood, Master.”

He had brought Goldman, Yellowy, Bahamorg, Gernika, Seville, Vindex, high elf Eltin and White Tiger.

This was more than enough to eat properly.

“Go straight.”

Weed, Goldman and the high elf Eltin sprang up and fired arrows towards the campfire.

“Maybe Weed might be in the area without us knowing.”

“It can’t be. He would never come so close to the city.”



“An a.s.sault!”

The chatting Hermes Guild members were hit with arrows.

The arrows that Weed and Eltin fired were engulfed in fire and wind.

They came down like a wave and the head was buried in the ground.

“Shouldn’t I use the elementals? Summon Dirtman, Fiery Pebble and Xing Xing!”

“Keheheheh! Great owner of the elementals, we have come because of Sculptor Weed-nim!”

“A handsome man, the greatest genius! A glorious name, no one can resist the glorious Weed for fear of triggering the earth’s anger!”


Dirtman and Fiery Pebble showed up and annoyed the enemies.

There was no need to talk about the elementalists who had great affinity with the spirits.

Weed had brainwashed the elementals so they said things like this.

“Blazing flame of loyalty. My heart burns towards Weed-nim!”

“The earth can endure even when a typhoon hits it. It is because we are in the presence of the handsome and charming Weed-nim.”


Xing Xing the wind elemental was ashamed and didn’t say anything.

It would just sometimes use the flames and dust to draw a heart mark.

Generally the elementals were free and didn’t show absolute loyalty but Weed’s were different.

“W-Weed is here!”


Bahamorg, Gernika, Seville, Vindex and White Tiger quickly annihilated the enemy. This was the effect of a surprise attack.

Weed collected the loot.

He didn’t have time to verify the item information but his hands were heavy. He instinctively perceived it through his heavy hands!

“Those guys will know!”

Unless they were fools, they would have reported Weed’s attack through the network.


Weed took his subordinates and headed to the first place.

Only Hermes Guild users were hunting in Wancheonhan Fortress.

This was an exclusive zone where other users were prevented from hunting.

“I’ve never seen those people before.”

“They clearly belong to the attack group!”

A 6 member party of the Hermes Guilds tumbled upon them.

Weed’s answer was to baptize them with arrows along with Goldman and Eltin.

“Calling Death Knight Van Hawk, calling the Vampire Lord Torido!”

Van Hawk and Torido were also summoned in the enemy territory!

Yellowy, White Tiger, Gernika and Vindex rushed towards the enemy and destroyed them in an instant.

A lightning fast battle took place!

“Keep going.”

Weed knocked down everyone he saw.

He didn’t give time for any parties to join together like they did in Atarog’s Lair.

“Jaejaejaek, enemies located 150 metres to the right!”

Silver Bird acted as a scout in the sky and announced the location of the Hermes Guild users.

“Moving east. Other enemies are found at 400 metres. There are four parties in a 1km radius.”

“White Tiger!”


“Stop them from running. Torido spread out darkness to help hide him. And the rest will take a detour to attack.”


The sculptural lifeforms replied energetically.



“Don’t worry about the enemies. You have to endure for a minute.”


Yellow sat down on the ground and covered his head.

“That’s right. Carry my baggage well.”

Seville, Gernika, Vindex, the wyverns and Bingryong had a different fighting spirit.

Weed’s commands meant the morale of his subordinates went up.

“Uhit, those guys are aiming for our treasure.”

“Give me all your money. If you take off your clothes then you can keep your lives. I am an honest thief so you can believe me!”

They also met the bandits at Wancheonhan Fortress.

Patrol units were circling the outskirts of the fortress.

Groups of 30 to 100 people would go and invade nearby villages and dungeons.

That’s why it was risky to enter the dungeons near Wancheonhan Fortress.

On the other hand, if they were lucky then a huge windfall could be obtained from fighting the monsters and bandits.

In the past, users tried to hunt some low level boss monsters and had great success.

Weed met a group of 12 bandits.

“Sheesh, they are interfering. Bahamorg, you don’t need to kill everything.”


Bahamorg jumped to the front.

The barbarian warrior fought the thieves holding ropes, daggers and poisoned arrows.

Barbarians had high resistance but even they could be poisoned.


Weed attacked the bandits with his subordinates.


“Run away.”

“Let the captain know!”

After killing the rest, the remaining 4 people started to flee.

The thieves were a huge presence in the fortress so the key to hunting was to finish them all off. They might yell and gather their allies so magic to cause silence was required.

This was the best hunting location as long as the thieves were prevented from calling reinforcements.

Understandably, the parties they were hunting would become stronger as they went deeper.

The thieves made some changes like installing traps but the stone fortress was almost intact. If all the roads were identified then it was possible to take advantage of them to escape.

There were many drunk thieves sleeping in the fortress so stealing their money would yield a profit.

For thieves, and adventures who could secretly invade, this was the best hunting ground.

On the other hand, if the guards inside the fortress noticed then there would be a huge pursuit. It was a crisis where the whole party might be wiped out.

In any case, they couldn’t miss any of the thieves in battle!

Weed didn’t try to stop the thieves scattering in all directions.

“Eltin, leave it alone.”

“Master, it is dangerous.”

“I know. But I need some to escape.”

He continued with hunting the next group of thieves.

Enough time had pa.s.sed that some Hermes Guild parties had joined together.

“There is an ambush of 4 archers in the south.”

The specialty of Silver Bird, scouting!

Usually a bird’s eyesight was limited at night but that didn’t apply to Silver Bird.

Its eyes shone bright like an owl.

The Hermes Guild was already scrambling to respond.

“White Tiger, detour and attack. Seville will ride you.”


“We will join 500 metres ahead.”

Weed would attract the attention of the targets while White Tiger and Seville aimed at the archers from behind.

In 15 minutes, he had wiped out more than 40 people in the outskirts of Wancheonhan Fortress.

By this time, there was an uproar inside the fortress.

The Hermes Guild figured out that Weed was attacking.

“Won’t there be a large preparation to welcome me?”

There were several battle facilities inside the unfinished fortress that could be repaired. Every time someone tried to attack through a hole, it would be blocked with tight security.

The fortress was covered in darkness with only some torches around the gates and walls. The darkness gave the wide fortress a heavy and dismal atmosphere.


“Gol gol gol.”

“What do you call that?”


“Hmm, it isn’t wrong but…… Bahamorg.”

“Frontal a.s.sault? It will fall by the time the sun rises.”

Weed gave a deep sigh.

Despite having strength, he couldn’t recklessly rush forward.

Bahamorg could win in a one on one fight with users but that didn’t mean he was invincible. He could fall into a trap or lose his life during a war. It would be a waste if Bahamorg died.

In addition, the users of the Hermes Guild were flocking towards the fortress.

Due to the considerable distance between the city and the teleport gates, it would take a while for them to arrive on a large scale.

If hundreds of thousands attacked then Weed and his sculptural lifeforms would lose their lives.

“Bahamorg, that doesn’t make sense. We can’t be careless. A mere 10 people can’t siege a fortress.”

“This, are we retreating?”

Weed silently stared at the fortress.

A serene silence was engulfing Wancheonhan Fortress.

“At this point, we’ve already achieved the desired results.”

Yellowy approved of this.

“Omooooo, let’s go eat hot food and rest.”

The Hermes Guild users had lost dozens of lives in half a day.

The effect of the surprise attack was enough to cause satisfaction.

But Weed hadn’t become the G.o.d of War on Continent of Magic for nothing.

“That makes sense but……”


“For the sake of my mental health, I can’t give up. We will create a mess.”

Weed breathed out lightly. And then he yelled with all his might.

“All thieves gathered at Wancheonhan Fortress, listen!”

Lion’s Roar rang out in the late night.

The loud sound would travel from the top of an apartment building to the bottom.

The thieves sleeping inside the fortress lit up various torches.

“Thieves! My subordinates hidden inside the fortress will steal all the treasures you have collected so far. You are now dead!”


It was like a bolt out of the blue for the Hermes Guild users lurking inside the fortress.

“It is like a sudden lightning bolt.”

“This is crazy!”

Wancheonhan was the best hunting ground with strong thieves and monsters.

Therefore, only people who had proven abilities and wouldn’t be a burden to others could hunt here.

If they couldn’t withstand it then they should at least die without making a sound.

Weed yelling inside the fortress was a completely irresponsible action.

Of course, the effect was high.


“The guards at the south have disappeared. Find those guys.”

More than 100 thieves were dragged out.

The Hermes Guild were hiding in corners or warehouses or the bas.e.m.e.nt. They were good spots with high traffic to hunt in Wancheonhan Fortress.

Battles soon broke out after the thieves started searching. The previously silent Wancheonhan Fortress was filled with swords and magic. It was lit up like the middle of the day.

“Weed, that bad guy!”

“Using such a dirty method. Bring it on. I will remove your heads!”

“Stupid thieves. Weed is out there. Catch Weed!”

The Hermes Guild users also shouted.

Weed and his group had been standing far back after using Lion’s Roar.

The thieves that came out didn’t find anything so they headed back to the fortress.

It was natural for the battles to continue inside the fortress.


And there was the heavy sound of the gates closing.

Weed cleaned his ears with his fingers.

“Life will last a little bit longer.”

He could also hear the far away curses from the Hermes Guild members.

It felt like a cosy home being disparaged.

“These days I have been living properly. I would like some quiet.”




“Hak, hak, hak.”

The Hermes Guild members breathed roughly.


“We did it.”

The users hunting in the area were approximately 70 people. Many of them spent more time in hunting grounds than cities.

Due to the abrupt battles with the thieves, only 23 people were left.

The thieves used an endless wave strategy that was hard to endure. But the Hermes Guild succeeded in surviving the great risk. They were able to maintain their lives thanks to scattering apart.

“It was really tough.

“You did a really good job. There will be a lot of achievements.

The Hermes Guild felt a sense of accomplishment.

They gained a significant amount of fame and stats in the fight against the thieves.

Such achievements didn’t happen often for their professions.

There were some sacrifices but they could boast about beating the thieves at Wancheonhan Fortress.

‘We survived the trap that Weed laid.’

That thought pa.s.sed through the heads of the survivors.

All events involving Weed were likely to be broadcasted. There was no doubt this would also be shown.

‘Should I tip the stations first?’

They had triumphed despite Weed’s tricks.

“Weed isn’t anything special.”

“Strength has been gathered properly. The other regions were taken by surprise and collapse but that won’t happen to us.”

“It is over once he enters the fortress.”

“He won’t be able to withdraw, hahaha.”

Weed coming to Wancheonhan Fortress had been revealed so reinforcements from the Hermes Guild would come.

The reinforcements who had dropped what they were doing to head to Wancheonhan Fortress suddenly gave excuses that they were busy.

It might take several hours to hunt Weed and the members were aware of the crisis and didn’t want to risk themselves.

Besides, the situation would have probably ended by the time the reinforcements arrived.

The Hermes Guild had already received a ma.s.sive blow so they weren’t willing to sacrifice themselves.

The Hermes Guild members had their health and mana exhausted so they sat down to rest.

“It seems like we will appear on the broadcast today.”

“We have showed our courage and skills.”

“It is enough if we keep hunting in the fortress……”


A arrow pierced into the chest of a chatting user.


Flames enveloped the user.


The user didn’t have much health remaining so they soon died as arrows continued flying.

Dozens of arrows poured towards the other users.

“It seems like there are more bandits.”


The users hid themselves behind pillars and walls. They wanted to somehow survive. The higher level they were, the more penalties there would be when they died.

‘They must have been waiting for a chance to fight.’

‘Dirty b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. No one is coming out.’

‘The thieves killed my friend so I will resolve this.’

Despite being exhausted, the users rushed out of their hiding spots.

Anyway, most of their health and mana had recovered.

It was more profitable to take the lead.

But the arrows curved instead of flying straight and hit the backs of the users.

“A curving arrow!”

Arrows that penetrated the wall also hit the users.

‘Do thieves have such high archery skills?’

Each of the users. .h.i.t by the arrows were also affected by water, earth or air. The elementals had added special effects to the arrows.

Questions filled the heads of the Hermes Guild users.

Weed, Goldman and Eltin appeared firing arrows at the end of the hallway.

“Weed is back!”

Weed had finally returned.

He had come out at the worst moment.


Weed hummed while walking.


A user boldly came out from their hiding spot.

He avoided the arrows fired by Weed and ran down another corridor. He left his colleagues behind to escape.

The excellent Hermes Guild!


The other users blamed themselves for being one step too late. And they ran out of time once the first users ran away.

One person had already fled beyond Weed’s boundaries. Being too early wasn’t good but too late would cause the worst situation.


Then the screams of the first user who fled could be heard.


White Tiger let out a big roar.

The Hermes Guild users here were already under siege.

Weed leisurely said.

“Take your time. You are all dead now anyway.”

Words that didn’t care about the feelings of the other person.

It was the same tone he used when indiscriminately slaughtering the prestigious guilds in Continent of Magic.

But above all, the words made them tremble in anger.

They were about to break down with frustration.

“The milk delivery is late. Can you go quickly?”

“No labor costs, labor costs.”

“It was good in the past. These days, the kids have weak spirits and aren’t any fun.”

The Hermes Guild expected to reign dominant on the Versailles Continent.

‘He wanted to kill us in the first place.’

It was the first time they realized that they had been prey from the beginning.

The feeling of picking up food fallen to the ground.

Weed gave off that impression.



The heart of Wancheonhan Fortress.

After defeating the Hermes Guild members, Weed had led his subordinates to defeat the leader of the thieves.

The remnants of the thieves were killed while coming here but it ended up being just light fights.

“Bring it on, thieves!”

Bahamorg shouted with fighting spirit towards the thieves.

The morale of the thieves was already shattered after their leader died so they fled.

Weed found a vault.

It looked like a few thieves had tried to break open the locks after their captain died.

After some time pa.s.sed, the thieves disappeared with the belongings of their dead captain.

So Weed came straight here. Weed took out a rusty key.

After eliminating the Hermes Guild members, he had acquired the key as loot from the leader of the thieves.

“I must have been a politician who betrayed my country in my past life. Hrmm, but sometimes I had a good hearted official who accepts bribes.”

Weed inserted the key and turned it.


Treasures appeared once the vault was opened.

The vault was filled with gold, silver and jewellery.


One side of Weed’s mouth rose.

“Gol gol gol gol!”

Goldman standing on the side was also delighted.


-You have received the treasures of Wancheonhan Fortress.

The treasure stolen by the thieves has been obtained.

Due to this victory, all stats have increased by 1.

The t.i.tle ‘Thief Leader Subduer’ has been acquired.


Gold Mine Dungeon, Atarog’s Lair and Wancheonhan Fortress were just the beginning.

Weed raided areas like s.h.i.+eld Tomb, Highland Magician’s Dungeon and Valkyrie’s Secret Base and wiped out all the Hermes Guild users.

A huge 470 people died in a period of 3 days!

The activities took place in the old Britten Alliance Kingdom and Lasalle Kingdom. Due to the aftermath, the number of Hermes Guild users in the hunting grounds shrank.

Weed was having fun due to the attacks.

The Hermes Guild was earnestly working to secure peace so many famous dungeons were empty.

He disguised himself as a general user with Sculpture Transformation and paid the admission fee to hunt in the dungeons.

Of course, his goal wasn’t an ordinary hunt.

-All zones of the Black Servant Dungeon has been broken.

Your bravery has been demonstrated when subduing the monsters.

-The underground labyrinth of Kingdom Fortress has been thoroughly collapsed.

Opening new horizons in geography has increased the fertility of the soil by 2.

-The boss monster in the Illeicha Mountain Dungeon has been captured.

If you bring it to the magic guild for study then a great reward can be gained.

He used Sculptural Destruction to speed up the rate of the hunt and gained many achievements!

Seo-yoon and the sculptural lifeforms such as Seville and Gernika also enjoyed the benefits of hunting in the dungeons.

When Weed and the sculptural lifeforms entered, they killed at least 15~25 monsters each.

The Sebas Underground Maze was a particular highlight.

Wy-3 folded its wings and tottered along the narrow pa.s.sages.

“Kukiiik! Hot, dark and frustrating.”

Nile the crocodile also suffered in the cave due to its body and tail getting stuck.


“Shut up, don’t walk too fast or let your tail hit the ground. Anyway, leave any incompetent ones alone.”

The general users saw the scene of Weed and the sculptural lifeforms pa.s.sing by.

It was quite an amazing sight.

“Weed-nim, there, sign……”

“I won’t sign. Instead, do you want a sculpture?”

“How much?”

“I will lose money if I sell it for anything less than 30 gold.”

“I’ll buy. 10 please!”

“I’ll sell you something cute and pretty.”

“Yes yes, it is an honour.”

The popularity of his sculptures!

Sculptures of the wyverns, Bingryong and Yellowy were popular everywhere.

“I have earned over 1,000 gold so I will give you a model fee. Each of you will earn 5 silver. As long as you do this on a daily basis.”

“I will soon be rich, omoooo.”

“It is thanks to meeting such a great master.”

Sometimes the savvy users frowned.

“It is a common wooden sculpture that can be purchased in stores. Even if it is made by Weed-nim, that is a little overpriced……”

Weed was in a bad mood.

The work contained an artist’s soul so having the commercial price refused caused his stomach to hurt.

The material was important but they also needed to look at the work itself.

Weed said in a low voice.

“Then I will lower it. Make a suggestion first.”

“First, I would like to apologize.”

“Please just talk at ease.”

“30 gold is too expensive so will 20 gold be okay?”

“I care about being an artist more than selling it at an expensive price. So I will sell.”

The value of the materials didn’t matter.

They were just made from wood or stone picked up while hunting.

It was made quicker than a carving machine in a factory.

Although he obtained money and loot from the Hermes Guild, it was an important to keep selling sculptures.

He needed to increase his energy of the moment in order to use Time Sculpting.

Handing sculptures to users would sometimes increase energy of the moment.

The skill proficiency of sculpting barely increased.

It was important for a sculpting master to leave footprints behind.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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