The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 43 Chapter 9

9) Haven Empire Raid

Weed played energetically through the Central Continent and every move became known to the users.

“Have you heard? The king of the Northern Continent is fearless. He killed the murderers and thieves in the Haven Empire.”

“A hero has appeared to fight against the murderous Haven Empire!”

“They are finally being caught! I never thought I would see those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds caught in my lifetime…… The person who did it is called Weed.”

The residents chatted about it on a daily basis.

The knights and magicians of the Hermes Guild were losing their lives every day at an unprecedented rate.

Weed sold the videos to the broadcasting station.

“Due to our relations.h.i.+p so far, today’s videos haven’t been pa.s.sed on to other stations yet.

“Ohh, exclusive?”

“For 3 hours. Deposit……”

“3 hours is very doable.”


The broadcasting station quickly edited and showed the videos of Weed.

The reaction of the viewers was hot.

-Kyah, how great. Those jewel like combat skills.

-So amazing……

-I spent a whole day watching broadcasts of the game. I hope he sees it through to the end.

The reaction to the invasion of the Haven Empire was different from the war in the north.

The scale wasn’t comparable. But the ratings came out much higher and was enough to surpa.s.s some of Weed’s adventures.

The broadcasting stations that had become stagnant after the final secret sculpting technique quest and Earth Palace battle turned vigorous.


The new Royal Palace for the Arpen Kingdom in the north was being revealed by the architects.

Even the diligent architects couldn’t believe the quick construction speed.

In the past, the beauty of the majestic Earth Palace on the mountain peaks in the form of a crown could be seen from far away.

However, they couldn’t build it the same way after its collapse.

-If it can’t be high then build it significantly wider.

“Sculptors, let’s give a toast to the Arpen Kingdom.”


“Drink this wine from Morata and then unite to help the construction. And we will make sure the building doesn’t collapse again.”

The great resolution of the architects.

The ambitious Earth Palace collapsed in order to deal large damage to the Haven Empire’s army.

This case dealt a blow to the architects’ pride and ego. They realized that there were several limitations with the terrain the Earth Palace was built on.

It was too small to represent the entire Northern Continent and the construction made it difficult for any visitors. The size of the area meant no more buildings could be built.

Now the construction of a palace that would lead to true prosperity was launched.

The debris on the large battlefield made the entire plains seem like a checkerboard. The construction started all at once instead of being divided into sections.

“Everybody cheer up, we can do it!”

The architects were responsible for the construction of the palace from beginning to end and the speed was incredible.

The inexperienced architects helped in secondary areas.

They used debris from the old palace and the collapsed soil and stones from the landslide became noticeably reduced every day.

The buildings were erected at the same time over a vast area and the architect’s pride meant there was a vast compet.i.tion between them.

These buildings would have their names so they would be ashamed if the buildings were bad. These buildings would represent the Arpen Kingdom in the future and it was the same for the architects.

It was a construction site day and night!

The core of the Royal Palace was constructed by Mibullo who built the Haven Empire’s palace. As one of the leading architects on the continent, he concentrated all his efforts on this project.

“The king is a sculptor who deals with light. And it is sufficient to take advantage of nature when constructing the palace.”

Light played an important role in the construction. The exterior of the building needed to be visible day and night. The palace that symbolized the Arpen Kingdom would be majestic and gorgeous during the day. It was also supposed to be gentle and warm at night.

It wasn’t difficult for Mibullo to overcome the external design and construction materials.

“Is it actually important to make a roof?”

The key to decorating the Royal Palace was the roof.

Opinions on the subject varied widely. It could be rounded, angled or the typical architecture of different eras.

Most of the palace had a similar feeling but they wanted the Arpen Kingdom’s Royal Palace to have a unique feature. No matter how durable the building, it would be a failure if it had the wrong design.

The palace was big and complex so it was easy to get something wrong. The architects could be considered a type of artist but they always considered the convenience of the user.

Mibullo was the best architect on the continent.

He was at the peak just like the sculptor Weed so it would be shameful if he couldn’t build the palace.

“Yes, the Earth Palace was on top of the mountains. It was a short but memorable part of history so some of it needs to be preserved!”

The Earth Palace was built on 7 peaks. Thus the palace had 7 white tower roofs. The support of the sculptors was received as every white brick was delicately carved with animals and plants living in the north.

This would be used as a symbolic meaning. The tallest tower in the centre of the enemy’s invasion was hung with blessed, silver bells.

The palace was divided into several floors so the ceilings needed to give a sense of openness.

The s.p.a.cious central hall needed to be large enough to accommodate more than 1,000 people. It was the main hall where Weed would take care of internal affairs and meet visitors from other kingdoms.

The ceiling and walls of the building had windows that would s.h.i.+ne sunlight through to represent the bright future. The sculptors made pieces while the painters drew artwork on the ceiling and walls.

Compared to the gold, jewels and frivolity of the Haven Empire’s palace, this Royal Palace was completed with the efforts of many users.

The flowers, trees and lake gave it a simple but cosy feel. Large trees were planted on the lawn as a place for avians to relax and play. Sparrows could often be seen sleeping in the gra.s.s on the construction site.

The architect Pavo decided to give their roads on the buildings and walls. Until now, he had taken the lead in the Grand Buildings but he made a significant amount of concessions.

He was looking forward to the great skills from the architects who moved over from the Central Continent.

The new palace was successful and Dawn City was also transformed.

The architects outstanding in urban planning were working on the Royal Palace. In the end, Dawn City was taken on by novice architects so it was expected that there would be many insufficient points.

The city was being built on wide plains. Even if they used only one square construction, it would be difficult to make it both beautiful and comfortable. The harmony with other buildings, commercial district, residential district, mercenary guild and profession guilds needed to be taken into account. The head architects also placed small waterways through the city.

“Somehow we can create it but…are we really the best?”

“I feel afraid just imagining the scene where users are pouring into the square and streets to complain. Terrible.”

In the case of Morata, Weed placed squares that a lot of people used. It needed to be s.p.a.cious enough to accommodate the increasing number of people.

Novices, merchants and artists then warmly decorated the square and streets. However, thorough planning was required to build Dawn City into the centre of politics and commerce. If it was shoddily made then it would need to be fixed over time.

“It can’t just be us. Let’s get some help from other professions.”

Many painters and sculptors waiting at the palace construction site were interested.

“Make the city prettier? I had a few ideas about the design and colours.”

“Construction of a square…it can be called some type of formative arts. A sculptor won’t fail. Let’s create a shrunken model of the work. A down payment? I don’t need it. I can earn money from sculpting, hahaha.”

Painters refined the structure of the city while the sculptors made specific forms. In particular, the architects needed more manpower and the sculptors readily accepted.

“I’ve done a lot of brick laying and carrying sand. Where do you need me? As a sculptor in Royal Road, I have a lot of time. I will do anything to make money. Can you hire my friend as well?”

“O-of course.”

The sculptors worked well in groups. They were entrusted with heavy or difficult work. They had the sense of responsibility as an artist so they finished things neatly.

-Ya, I need to live.

-Yes. Vertigo.

-Are your sculptures selling well?

-2 yesterday and 1 today. I was lucky. Tomorrow I can buy bread to eat. I have been starving for two days.


-I am just watching the water dripping from the fountain.

-There is a job so do you want to come to the Arpen Kingdom?


-It should last for a few months.


-It will be given depending on your workload and capabilities but you should have enough to eat. Shacks to live are also provided if you come to the Arpen Kingdom.

The artists on the continent and sculptors in Rhodium started to stir.

“What, there is work?”

“I will be given money and food? The construction budget is several million gold?”

“Wait a minute, say it again. The fellows who went first have enough to buy a house?”

Rhodium’s sculptors.

Thanks to Weed, the number of people who chose sculpting as a profession had dramatically increased.

The so-called second generation of Weed.

But life on the continent was far too harsh for sculptors. There was a fad of sculptures but most didn’t sell. Each user bought a few because of curiosity but they never needed more.

They could be sold to royalty or n.o.bility but interest on the Central Continent turned away from art due to the war.

To be precise, the sculptors were earnestly persecuted by the Hermes Guild. The reason was simply due to Weed.

Sculptures sold in villages and cities were subjected to a lot of taxes. The sculptors felt frustrated due to this. Some changed to combat professions but others felt a lingering attachment and couldn’t leave.

The efforts of those who remained in Rhodium was insufficient.

“The north is a paradise for sculptors.”

“I’ve heard the rumours but is it really? Is there a place in this world where sculptors can live?”

“A friend of mine went to live in the north. He specializes in sculpting the avians and sells dozens of pieces in one day.”

The sculptors in Rhodium started to move. The pure sculptors had no combat ability so it was scary for them to leave the city. The sculptors were escorted by hunters and walked towards the north.

“How long until we arrive safely in the Arpen Kingdom?”

“Either monsters will kill us or we will die of starvation first. But there will be worse things than death if we don’t go.”

The Haven Empire had given a decree preventing movement to the north. Users found by patrols would be immediately executed.

The sculptors tried to bypa.s.s the Haven Empire. The Hermes Guild noticed the movement and gave a command for execution.

-The sculptors can’t be allowed to go to the north.

The knights chased them. Sculptors that were caught died.

But those who were alive continued heading to the north. Hope was burning in their chest!

The sculptors hung on for the hope of someday receiving recognition. The big dream overpowered their fears.

Finally, the avians heard the news and brought the sculptors to Dawn City.

The sculptors from Rhodium were put to work before even unpacking after the journey.

Dawn City was launched by architects, painters refined the detailed outline and sculptors took over the overall process.

The foundation of the city were shacks so even beginners could start. Many users partic.i.p.ated in the construction of the Royal Palace and Dawn City.

“Work, work!”

“Money. Yes!”

The beginners who couldn’t escape the city for a period of time welcomed the work!

The users who could roam around brought building materials from mountains while the beginners carried them.

Digging, stone flooring, brickwork and repair work was done.

“Hey, this isn’t the jackpot. I am so tired that I can’t even replace the fluorescent lamp at home.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. The tap on my veranda has been broken for 2 years.”

“Stop talking and get back to work. This building is valuable.”

A study showed that many high school students, university students and people in their 20s and 30s flocked to unemployment.

This meant the number of new users connecting increased from millions to tens of millions. When looking at the statistics of where people were starting, Morata and Dawn City were in the top 5.

The users committed to labour for a hopeful future. The Earth Palace and Dawn City were still lacking in scale but many plans were in progress.

“We will continue to work hard while looking forward to what is in front of us.”

“My sculpting skill increases after I finish a building. It is also fun carving on walls and pillars.”

“Do you see the sand and stones piled over there? We will receive that.”

“Architect-nim, when will there be Grand Buildings? We should begin it today.”



Geomchi-3 burst out.

Numerous ghosts were in the air and on the ground.

The costume of the ghosts were worn and faded but the armour and clothing was from a past era. The ghosts were nestled deep in the treasure of the Pallos Empire.

After the battle at the Earth Palace, Geomchi had felt regret.

“The battle ended in a day?”

“I had been looking forward to it and wanted to savour it more. My body still isn’t full.”

It felt like his body was ready to eat a double serving of jajangmyeong, sweet and sour pork and sweet and sour chicken only to get pickled radish instead. He desperately wanted to relieve his thirst for battle.

So when Pale, Maylon and Pale said that the ghosts were too much when digging up the treasures, he was willing to help them.

Geomchi-3 shouted towards the ghosts.

“Bring on all the destroyers!”


Irene shrieked.

Ghosts jumped towards Geomchi-3.

The ghosts unearthed from the treasures of the Pallos Empire were persistent. The ghosts needed to be removed systematically but Geomchi-3 excited them.

“A blow from a blessed sword……”

“52 Storm Blow!”

Geomchi-3 furiously slashed at the flying ghosts.

Just like when he fought against knights, he used spears and swords to attack the enemy. He showed complex movements against the ghosts.

But when he stabbed a ghost with a sword.

-Kihilhilhil! Human, you don’t have the power to destroy us fool.

“Do you think so? I am a professional in this field. I will put all of you to death!”

-Batalli’s Blessing has been applied.

Batalli is watching the battle with joy.

The blessing of trust.

Batalli was the G.o.d of fighting.

He didn’t care if a person was good or bad and even gave blessings to murderers.

A total of 5 people on the Versailles Continent were known to receive the blessing and 3 of those names belonged to the Hermes Guild.

They deliberately donated large sums to Batalli’s Church and deliberately manipulated struggles in order to be appointed as the ‘Destroyer of Struggle.’ They continued to struggle while showing valuable performances and obtained it after several deaths.

Geomchi-3 was appointed when he survived the battle for the Earth Palace. Many of the Geomchis could be appointed but there were few who survived until the end.


Geomchi-3 burst out laughing.

He looked like a completely insane human. Geomchi-6 and the other students watching trembled.


“So cool. As expected of Geomchi-3.”

“Look carefully. That is a man.”

Not an ordinary person but a sword crazy human.


The other Geomchis charged in.

-H-Humans are flocking.

-We are the invincible knights of the Mapon Empire. Knights, listen up. Don’t avoid the challenge and take on the a.s.sault of the humans.

-Ohhh, a.s.sault!

The battle between the Geomchis and the ghosts. They used swords, hammers and axes.

Maylon covered her forehead with her hands.

“Oh my G.o.d. This isn’t it.”

Surka grinned while revealing her teeth.


And she plunged into the midst of the battle between the Geomchis and the ghosts.

Irene raised her sleeve covered hand.

“My mana isn’t enough to save some of you from dying!”

A priests normally watched a battle with boredom. But once a battle became difficult, their eyes shone brighter than anyone else.

If mana ran out and their colleagues died then a priest would consider that a failure. A priest needed to be capable of treating concentrated or sudden attacks but they couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable if someone died.

The priests were dedicated to defense and healing but sometimes they led a party. Against strong monsters, the treatment magic determined whether they could hold out or flee.

Unlike other priests, Irene would not make a declaration to run away.

“Well, can I live? Give it a shot!”

Recovery magic required mana to be used.

So Irene needed to determine the right moment to not let her colleagues die. The skills she showed when worrying about the extinction of the party was completely different. A stable defense meant confident attacks.

“Hey, what is this? It is different from what I said. I was supposed to just be watching. It is difficult.”

Irene’s healing abilities were praised by others because she put all her heart into it.

The fighting ability of individuals differed depending on their judgement and quickness. But the scale of a raid or expedition was decisively influenced by the priests. Priests were the centre of the party as they took over the role of defense and treatment so they were a respected profession.

Furthermore, Irene was a priest who was born to heal. She blessed users pa.s.sing by in the city and increased her skills. Her devotion and faith meant she had much higher skills than some users.


“Smash all of them!”

Pale also fired his arrows among the Geomchis. He was one of those people who suffered every day. Something like this was normal and expected for him.

“Multiple Shot!”

Pale’s arrows penetrated dozens of ghosts. The damage caused by an archer dealt truly outstanding damage to areas where the ghosts were concentrated.

Geomchi, the instructors and the students swept up all the ghosts in just ten days. The number of ghosts hunted during that period was unbelievable.

Maylon acted as the representative and greeted them.

“Thank you. We couldn’t have done this on our own.”

She smiled with grat.i.tude.

As a broadcaster, her laugh was polished and stylish.

Geomchi and Geomchi-2 were silent.

They didn’t know what to say despite both having girlfriends.

‘Even a man with a wife and child won’t necessarily know how to talk to women.’

The old men just sat down with cups of coffee.

Geomchi-3 then approached.

“Hmm hmm, excuse me.”

“Speak comfortably. I am much younger.”

Maylon’s laugh was as fresh as spring flowers.

She had been pushed aside many times due to Hwaryeong and Bellot’s appearance.

“But I can’t talk casually to you.”

“It is too awkward. I would feel a lot more comfortable if I could call you oppa.”

“Is that so?”

Geomchi-3’s tone instantly changed.

It was a low tone like a man from the Joseon Dynasty.

“Yes. We’ve started the cleanup but there are still many treasures buried beneath the lake. I tried to ask Mapan to send some workers to help but that isn’t enough. Can you help?”

“Of course. If you call then I will come at any time!”

The combination of Geomchi-3’s middle aged appearance and the young tone was strange. Nevertheless, the students were still respectful towards him.

‘He can even talk with women.’

‘A strong man, strong! So confident, I’m envious.’

Then Geomchi-3 asked with confusion.

“Treasure buried in the ground, does that mean we have to dig it up with a shovel?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“How many workers are being sent?”

“30 people.”

“Then there is no need to wait. There are many people playing here.”

Geomchi-3 looked at the group.

“Will you do it?”

“Of course.”

“Do some digging?”

“Let’s go digging!”

Almost half the students were in the southern desert but the rest were gathered here.

Geomchi-3 unabashedly said to Maylon.

“We can dig for days. You can leave it to us.”

“I am sorry for making you help in such a way.”

“No. I want to help.”

Geomchi-3 and the students started digging.

Irene cleansed any ghosts that appeared when treasure was dug up from the ground. But sometimes there would be things like treasure chests full of gold and dozens of ghosts would pop up.

The ghosts would try to take control of the area.


-Kuhahaha! Finally the world again……

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

Geomchi-195 hit it with a shovel.

Weapon Mastery was useful because they could use anything.

Among the treasures buried in the mud, a black sword with a suspicious, brilliant s.h.i.+ne was excavated.

A ghost who was an earl of the Mapon Kingdom.

-Foolish humans, waking me up…kuheokheok.

The Earl Ghost looked around with dismay.

Including Geomchi and Geomchi-2, he was surrounded by 250 burly men holding weapons. Their eyes shone as they held weapons like swords, spears, maces and axes.

“It has been a while since I’ve had a taste.”

“He looks like a boss cla.s.s monster, Teacher-nim.”

“I was getting bored as well. Don’t be too greedy.”

“Yes. I have heard Teacher-nim’s words!”

Geomchi, the instructors and students tackled the Earl Ghost. Their strength, agility, vitality etc., in Royal Road made them an unbelievable sight. Some did a drop kick while others threw axes.

A ruthless attack against the ghost! The fighting skills of Geomchi and the students had vastly increased. It was easy to catch a boss cla.s.s monster in a large group so the ghost soon perished.

The students grinned at the ghosts.

“I’m going to become much stronger in the future. Then I will have a pretty girlfriend like Master-nim and Geomchi-2 sunbaenim. A strong man will overcome any adversity.”

“Hey ghosts, bring it on. You should continue to appear until I get a girlfriend. My mum told me to get married next year so that she can have a granddaughter.”

“Go! Let’s go with all our strength. If we hunt all of these enemies then we can meet girls.”

The students continued digging and fighting.

Maylon watched them and touched a hand to her forehead.

“Is a woman really willing to meet them if they become stronger?”

Zephyr replied with agreement.

“If they want to meet a woman then go to a night club.”

Irene said carefully.

“Don’t talk loudly. I asked this exact question to Romuna the other day……”

“What was the answer?”

“The night club employees came up to them when they were at the entrance.”


“The employees didn’t say anything and just handed over money.”



There was nothing more to say. The Geomchis were so strong and seemed like criminals so who would have the will to stop them?

In fact, the students would often get female friends every time a war broke out.

‘Aha, I have to be strong! The power of a man.’

‘Am I too weak in Royal Road? I don’t have a girlfriend.’

As a result, the students had that mistaken impression.

The treasures of the Pallos Empire acquired were disposed of through Mapan. Most items were broken or rusty due to the pa.s.sage of time but they had high value as an antique.

The swords and armour could have some of their original value restored through the hands of a blacksmith. But discarding the leather items were unavoidable.

Mapan’s mouth gaped open because he could easily guess the value of the treasures.

“It is great that you unearthed so many treasures. Then the whole bunch…no, I will let you know after disposing of it at the right margin.”

Almost all the treasures of the Pallos Empire had been uncovered. They verified it by the number of ghosts popping out from the ground.

At that time, they heard news that Weed was playing in the Central Continent.

The fearless actions against the Hermes Guild drew everyone’s attention. The stations relayed footage of Weed every day.

The viewers cheered as someone fought the tyranny of the Hermes Guild and the rebels spread like wildfire.

Geomchi said with outrage.

“That guy…he is playing a fabulous role alone while we are here digging!”

“Teacher-nim, our maknae (youngest) is a really vile guy.”

“We really can’t believe him.”

Weed’s great victories.

The Geomchis were full of desire for pretty girlfriends.

At that moment, Geomchi-227 discovered some graffiti scrawled on the walls of Morata.

[I love Weed-nim.]

[Kyaa, Weed-nim marry me!]

[Take me with you. G.o.d of War Weed-nim.]

Geomchi-3 yelled angrily.

“This can’t be!”

“That’s right. We can’t just stay still.”

“We should move immediately before the maknae clears it all up.”

Geomchi and Geomchi-2 weren’t impressed.

“Something like this happening……”

“I was mistaken. Once I have a girlfriend, it is important to let her know my mind.”

“No matter how old a man is, he is still a child.”

“Teacher-nim, I know a delicious restaurant where you can eat.”

“Is that so?”

But Geomchi-3 was someone not popular with women.

“Let’s invade the Haven Empire!”

“We are our best in battles. It is absurd not to seize this opportunity.”

Geomchi and the others decided to attack the Haven Empire’s occupied territories in the north again.

Pale, Irene and the others naturally came along. The Geomchis had helped them dig up the treasures so they couldn’t refuse.

Pale asked carefully.

“The plan?”

The Haven Empire’s occupation of the north. Because they needed to rule over a large area, the army would be distributed. They should obtain information about secluded areas.

Geomchi-3 thought about it and replied.



“Just attack.”

Pale’s eyes widened in shock.

He knew Geomchi-3’s nature but asked again just to confirm it.

“Is that all?”

“Yes. Why, what is lacking?”

“You should identify the movement of the enemy troops, determine an infiltration route, a path of retreat and strategies to use.”

“Tsk tsk.”

Geomchi-3 thought that Pale was ridiculous.

“This is a battle.”


“I don’t like that. We will just strike first. Winning is more important than anything else. If we don’t win then we will die.”

A simple and ignorant conclusion.

But they still tagged along as Geomchi-3 attacked the occupied Haven territory.

Geomchi-3 and the students didn’t use any tactics. They just stormed through the main entrance of newly built castles without any strategies.

A martial artist could use any weapon. Using different weapons was a huge advantage against individuals.

They defeated the Haven Empire guards posted at the garrison.

The avians also joined to fight against the military. Even the spears of the Haven Empire’s knights couldn’t reach the avains flying in the sky.

Some Geomchis rode the birds and fired arrows. Users called them bird knights as they looked up at the sky. And a few days later, dozens of birds knights could be seen in the skies above the occupied regions of the north.

The Geomchis were impatient and intensively attacked the Haven Empire.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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