The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 44 Chapter 1

Chapter 1) Waking up the G.o.d of War

Weed entered a dungeon where Hermes Guild members were hunting.

“I can’t believe in this world because I will someday be hit in the back of the head.”

Those who didn’t have strong convictions would suffer losses.

“Bahamorg, sweep everything up!”


“Goldman and Eltin will fire arrows. Seville, Vindex and Gernika will penetrate the centre with Bahamorg! It is a blitz attack.”

The vast lands of the Haven Empire meant there were many places to find Hermes Guild users. There were many fresh prey scattered around widely known dungeons.


“Sculpting Blade!”

Bahamorg and the sculptural lifeforms broke through! The Daemon Sword in Weed’s hands exposed his ident.i.ty as he cut down the Hermes Guild users.

“Yellowy, make sure to pick up the loot. This is the most important mission!”


The Hermes Guild users were in a state of emergency whenever Weed and the sculptural lifeforms appeared.

The bounty hunters also flocked like moths to a flame.

However, he had already secured a clear retreat by scouting the area before taking action. He could hunt at lightning speed with no regrets.

As well as the area around Formos Castle, Weed hunted in the entire region of the Central Continent. The area turned into a mess every time he appeared.

It was risky but the income was worth it.

“The difficult dungeons and hunting grounds are good places to find Hermes Guild users. Quality is better than quant.i.ty so I should grab the strong guys.”

He also met with the knight commander of Rabenta Castle. A Hermes Guild users who was level 485. A famous user who won countless wars in the Central Continent.

“I knew you would appear one day. Come. King Weed of the Arpen Kingdom.”

“I won’t pay the dungeon’s entrance fee. You have no conscience and only care about your own greed!”

“Slander. Even though we are enemies, you should still be courteous to the opponent!”

“What are you talking about? I am so envious that I am praising you!”

Bilsu the knight was surrounded by Weed, Bahamorg, Seo-yoon, Seville, Gernika, Eltin, Silver Bird and White Tiger.

“You speak too much. A knight should speak with their sword. I, Knight Bilsu, challenge Weed to a fight.”

-Do you want to accept the honourable duel?

If you win in the showdown with Knight Bilsu of Rabenta Castle, rewards such as fame, stats and honour can be obtained.

If you refuse to fight then honour and charisma will decrease.

“Why should I accept this duel? The labour costs……”

“I know you can wipe out the knights. I will give you the Gloves of Extinguished Flames.”

“Bring it on. Well, I can get it if I kill you.”

Weed and Bilsu had their confrontation in a wide, open s.p.a.ce.

“Ahup. Intensive counterattack!”

Bilsu unexpectedly jumped at him with his s.h.i.+eld.

The basic way for a knight to fight was to take advantage of their strong defense. In a war, ordinary soldiers wouldn’t be able to deal with any knights with outstanding defense.

Bilsu intended to use continuous attacks to drive back the opponent.

Weed was full of admiration.

‘These simple attacks…he has clearly lived an honest life! He was probably a good student when he was a child.’

Bilsu was a good knight but victory was impossible for him.

Combat stats, skills and levels. His growth was substantially balanced in those three areas. Just like Weed, they even defeated the basic, beginner and intermediate training centre.

The top ranked members of the Hermes Guild would certainly be pursuing a solid growth process. They pursued strength in the hunting grounds.

‘Only a fool would use such a straightforward attack. A good trap.’

No matter how strong the body, it didn’t mean the person was invincible. The abilities of people doing physical activities like boxing, judo or martial arts would deviate depending on mentality and skills.

Weed had studied the system and movements of Royal Road early on. His senses and mental ability grew as he learned the sword. Pursing invisible strength, not just stats and skill level. Regular users could show the result of hard work.

Weed obtained information about the Versailles Continent from Seo-yoon.

Weed invaded the dungeon after killing Bilsu. An invasion where he gained experience and loot!

Weed continued moving despite the 70 million bounty that the Hermes Guild put on him. There was even the position of a lord so the general users also aimed at him. Dealing with them meant his infamy increased and he obtained the red murderer mark.

In order to get rid of this state, he needed to focus on the players of the Hermes Guild.

Seo-yoon arranged their plans by looking at the information on the bulletin boards and the Dark Gamers Union.

“We should check Chekram Dungeon at 1 o’clock and then the Valley of Wind at 2:30.”

“Why there?”

“I got information about the Haven Empire’s tax transportation route. I have high confidence in this information.”

“Let’s go!”

Weed moved on to his next targets in the Hermes Guild!

But the Hermes Guild and bounty hunters always had a fast response.

They had always been living from a position of strength. They wouldn’t keep being defenseless.

‘This dungeon is famous enough for Weed to come here.’

‘He will come here. Sprinkle poison on a trap and have reinforcements close by.’

They all thought of a few ways to fight Weed.

In addition, many people exchanged information with their close friends to prepare for Weed’s emergence.

The Central Continent was huge but there were enough individuals to cover it. They stepped up precautions in any places that Weed might appear.

The main lords waited with elite troops that could be dispatched if they heard Weed was in the area.

The general users coveted the enormous bounty while the lords wanted to gain the best achievements in the empire.

A situation where the entire Central Continent was a hyena aiming at Weed!

Some users wanted to help Weed or cheered him on, but their strength was weak.

-Those who help Weed will be executed. In addition, any house or store owned in a city will be closed and destroyed.

The general users didn’t dare do anything due to fear of retaliation by the Hermes Guild. The rebels didn’t help Weed because they weren’t the main targets anymore.

The places where Weed could stand in the Central Continent were gradually being reduced.

“This isn’t right. A large group is using all their power against an individual.”

Weed had realized the pain of dealing with a prestigious guild in Continent of Magic. They were sensitive to attacks from others.

“I’ve gained a lot from raiding the dungeons so now I will go to the next step!”

He would be caught if he continued doing the same thing. It was time to take the next step against the Hermes Guild.

Of course, now he would strongly hit them.


“Dammit. d.a.m.n. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Deckard, the lord of Formos Castle didn’t like this.

“Why is he appearing in my land?”

Gold Mine Dungeon, Atarog’s Lair.

Two places where the Hermes Guild received a surprise attack. The area became more famous because the stations covered it but he was troubled as a lord.

‘The people around me are incompetent.’

Formos Castle was an important piece of territory to the Haven Empire. The admission fee from the dungeons alone was in the tens of millions. Residents paid taxes, merchants the trading fee and the profit from the mines and farms meant that Formos Castle had a huge income.

The reason it could reap so much benefits was because there were a lot of great dungeons nearby. The Haineph Mountains was developed and there were a number of production facilities in the area.

Deckard had been part of the Black Lion Guild but left as soon as the tides turned against them. He helped the Hermes Guild and was able to maintain his territory after the Tullen Kingdom was swallowed by the Haven Empire.

Deckard firmly maintained his hold on Formos Castle.

He lived a successful life with no regrets until Weed.

“Won’t the Hermes Guild use this as an opportunity to get rid of me? Hunting hounds aren’t required. Formos Castle is my territory. I won’t let anyone take it.”

Deckard was locked in worry.

“Should I send aid to the rebels? The Haven Empire is slowly rocking from instability. If the Haven Empire collapsed later on then I could move this in a favourable direction.”

However, it was still too early to judge whether the Haven Empire would stay healthy as well.

“Then I should fight against the rebels.”

He decided to show his power to the Hermes Guild by leading the castle’s troops to sweep up the rebels.

The attention on Formos Castle hadn’t disappeared yet.

He thought his position would become more firm if he wiped out the rebels.


20,000 mercenaries. Formos Castle’s 20,000 elite troops. Deckard led 60,00 troops to a fortress near the Haineph Mountains.

The lord was able to mobilize its military power. Only 10,000 elite crossbow troops remained at Formos Castle.

In addition, there were many users of the Hermes Guild and Beden Guild. Many jumped at the opportunity to strike against the rebels.


“I heard the rebels are retreating to the outlying villages.”

“Let’s go. Wipe out those fleeing!”

Deckard’s army fought against the rebels outside the occupied areas.

Some troops took over the villages and they fell under the reign of Formos Castle.

-The rebels of Salt Well Village has been annihilated.

Even children and the elderly who belonged to the rebels weren’t spared from the cruel actions.

-The lord and his army’s infamy has increased by 26.

-Charisma of the lord has increased by 1.

-Security in nearby areas will recover by 26.

Deckard chopped up the rebels in just one day!

“Commanding something like this is fun.”

It had been a while since Deckard led an army so he had fun.

He had experience with large scale combat when the Black Lion Guild took over the Tullen Kingdom.

He set out with his troops, mercenaries and members of the Hermes Guild.

Fighting against rebels was simple but there were much more users due to the news that Weed had appeared near Formos Castle.

Deckard looked at his lieutenant.

A NPC who was appointed to give reports on the territory and had an excellent ability to handle subordinates.

All lords had a number of talented lieutenants to manage administrative duties.

“The status of Formos Castle?”

“It is silent. There has been no movement at the main entrances at all.”

“I will sweep up the rebels quickly. Let’s return after fighting for one more day.”

The rebels consisted of thousands of people but Deckard only faced a small force. Still, it felt good to restore some of the security in the area.

“There are reports of a rebel presence in the mining villages in the Haineph Mountains.”

“The scale?”

“More than 3,000 people in 3 villages.”

“Send 40,000 troops to subjugate them. It will be annoying if they run off to the area controlled by bandits so make sure to eradicate them.”

“I understand.”

40,000 troops moved to the Haineph Mountains.

And later that afternoon. Deckard received an urgent report from the army.

“The troops sent into the Haineph Mountains are fighting.”


“They are surrounded by 60,000 rebels and the attack is in progress.”

Deckard thought for a moment.

‘The elite mountain troops. I spent a lot of money to train them. I know that sometimes battles with rebels won’t occur on the plains.’

They were troops used to irregular fighting.

“Even so, I need to reduce the damage a little more. We need to completely suppress the rebels in this area.”

“A brilliant decision.”

Deckard led his army to save the troops in the mountains.

An hour at best.

But when he arrived, they had already been wiped out by the rebels.


Weed met with the rebels active in Tullen Kingdom.

“Taking command…well, what is the reason?”

“It will be a great honour to have the merciful King of the North rule us.”

“But the troops seem to be insufficient.”

“We are scattered in order to escape the scrutiny of the army. However, more people will join if Your Majesty leads us.”

“Okay, I will rule over you.”


-You have become the head of the rebels.

Weed reorganized the rebels.

There were former soldiers, mercenaries, hunters and the general public.

The rebels were a disorderly group holding iron swords and s.h.i.+elds.

The number of people was 5,500.

‘There is no end to the training.’

Weed seriously considered the survival rate of his subordinates.

If his subordinates were a long-lasting battery then it would be more useful in the long run.

‘Death is death and living is living.’

Weed put small villages near Formos Castle in the hands of the rebels.

The residents inside the village refused to defend the Haven Empire.

Even if he didn’t come out in combat directly, his commanding abilities increased the capabilities of the rebels.

The rebels increased to 60,000 in no time.

“Please work with me to fight against the Haven Empire.”

“I know of your reputation. We will join.”

The other rebel forces joined him.

This time Weed heard that elite troops had left Formos Castle to fight the rebels.

“100,000 elite troops. There isn’t the slightest chance of winning this fight. The answer is to make more troops.”

A minimal amount of defense forces were left at each village to prevent subjugation. But the battles would be so small it would just be a minor brawl.

He only felt regret instead of satisfaction after conquering the small villages.

And the rebel uprising in the mountain region! It was a smaller scale but some troops were sent to the mountains. The uprising happened deep in the Haineph Mountains.

The Hermes Guild users were mobilized to besiege the rebels.

“Get rid of these guys!”

Weed’s Lion’s Roar!

The rebels weren’t as strong but the sculptural lifeforms were mobilized to remove Deckard’s mountain troopers.

Nevertheless, the rebels ended up retreating after some were killed. It was indeed the definition of a disorderly group.

Then Weed pulled out some equipment he had been saving. The necromancer who led the Immortal Legion, Barkhan’s full set! He immediately used Sculpture Transformation into a lich and wore Barkhan’s boots, cloak, robe, ring and necklace.

-The magic of a necromancer will increase by 267%.
-Wisdom and knowledge will increase and other stats reduced depending on the nature of a lich.

Health will become higher depending on the magic force.

Health and mana can be absorbed.


A laugh flowed from Weed’s mouth.

“It is better for the weak rebels to become undead. Come back to the land you used to live in. This is a dark and corrupt land. Help spread the laws of darkness. Undead Rise!”

Magic to turn them undead! The dead were revived. The bodies of the rebels and Haven Empire soldiers turned into dullahans and death knights.

Weed’s magic power was high but the weak rebels were bad ingredients. Even so, there were more than 1,000 undead summoned.

“Calling Death Knight Van Hawk!”

“You callled.”

“Lead the kids in the fight.”

“I was the commander of the Dark Legion and an Abyss Knight born in the depths of the abyss of despair.


“Those are children who still have dirt on their heads. The ribs aren’t even rotten yet.”

Van Hawk’s disobedience!

This time he tried to convince Weed with words.

“Is that right?”


“Do you want to be hit today? No, you will be hit for a year.”

“This is lacking compared to the Dark Legion but I will do my best.”

Van Hawk respectfully bowed. Weed was wearing Barkhan’s full set so Van Hawk couldn’t refuse his charisma.

“The darkness that doesn’t spread any light, the awakened dead who dwell in this place. Death Aura!”

Weed touched the skull wand to the ground. One of the Barkhan’s 3 magic spells that could strengthen the undead!

The ground shook like an earthquake was happening and the cracks steadily spread. Pure dark smoke emerged like sulfur fumes and wound around the undead.

The mediocre dullahans changed as their bones became thicker and harder. There was no need to mention the death knights. They were even wearing swords and armour.

-Death Aura has been triggered.

The undead have recovered a little bit of their intellect.

They can endure more attacks.

The longing for life and blood will increase the destructive power.

34,983 mana has been consumed.

It was a mana consumption that he could afford.

“Go. Sweep them all!”


“I’ll eat their hearts.”

Under Van Hawk’s leaders.h.i.+p, the undead army fought with the mountain troopers.

Weed always ignored the death knight Van Hawk. His value was the ability to command and control all undead forces.

The death knights led by Van Hawk penetrated enemy lines in an instant.

The mountain troopers were optimized for fighting in forests and mountains. But they weren’t armoured infantry and were unable to break through the dark knights.

-8,391 health and mana has been absorbed due to the activities of the undead.

Maximum health has increased by 2,650.

The effect of Death Aura!

A lich had an endless source of health and mana.

The basic undead meant a full-scale battle could now begin.

-49 undead couldn’t withstand the hits and have been destroyed.

They will rise again with a more intense hostility.

Weed used the Summon Undead spell again.

There were bodies everywhere and this time 300 doom knights were summoned. The original skeletons developed into more advanced troops.

The doom knights fell to their knees in front of Weed.

“A glorious master we can’t escape even in death, we are immortal warriors who will keep wors.h.i.+pping you.”

Weed received the respect of the undead with high intelligence. Barkhan’s full set meant there wasn’t a lot of risk a.s.sociating with the undead.

“You know what to do right?”

“Annihilate the enemies and make them live in an eternal h.e.l.l.”

“Go. Sweep them all away!”

A power emerged that the mountain troopers couldn’t withstand.

The doom knights with Death Aura around them attacked quickly and gained their health. Weed didn’t absorb the health and mana so it was shared among the undead.

An overwhelming offense that made it impossible to exterminate the undead.

One of the unique features of a necromancer was to win against those weaker with almost no damage.

Of course, a necromancer couldn’t always create an army. Undead or advanced golems would be used to explore the dungeons and plains.

But raising an army of thousands of undead was more to Weed’s taste!

“My law of darkness governs this land. The power of eternal immortality is grasped, Dark Rule!”

Weed cast Barkhan’s 2nd spell when he had enough mana. The spell constantly summoned undead from the corpses. The dead would rise back up as undead and attack their previous colleagues.

Holy magic couldn’t unfold anymore and the undead legion was unbeatable.

“Your task is to rebuild the Tullen Kingdom. Make a siege to prevent anyone from escaping.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Just please spare our lives.”

The rebels trembled with fear as they moved around the battlefield. They were frightened when looking at the battle between the undead and mountain troopers.

“I thought Weed was a good man. He is actually the devil.”

“It is wrong. We will get devoured.”


-Panicked rumours are circulating.

The story of the undead has spread.

Infamy has increased by 4,391.

The side effect of being a necromancer!

Humans were filled with fear when seeing the undead and thus became difficult to manage.

If he continued using the undead or staying as a lich then there would be strong side-effects.

“But sometimes it is worth eating junk food.”

Weed watched as the mountain troopers slowly fell.

Early on they had an advantage against the rebels but after Van Hawk and the doom knights joined, they couldn’t hold out any longer and were quickly destroyed.

The undead were affected by Dark Rule and caused serious injuries to the mountain troopers.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kw.a.n.g!

People were also injured when the corpses exploded. Weed felt a thrill at the scene of destruction.

There were 2,000 skeleton archers that fired arrows. Even the swords of the mountain troopers were broken in just 20 seconds. The mountain troopers had no way to deal with the arrows.

-Your eyes have seen death and intelligence has permanently increased by 2.

And the number of undead went over 20,000.


-The amount of undead you are controlling is reaching the limits of your faith.

If you create more undead then it will lead to the fierce anger of the G.o.ds.

If you give up on ruling the undead then they will be taken over by instincts and indiscriminately slaughter.

Barkhan’s necromancer set meant the undead were strengthened and he could summon more. But there was a limit because Weed’s faith was too high.

“There is no need for a president to do everything.”

Weed placed Van Hawk as the commander of the undead legion.

“Stand up straight! The skeleton soldiers of the Kallamore Kingdom aren’t stupid like you!”

Van Hawk was able to govern the undead.

As an abyss knight, he once ruled over an army of 100,000 undead. As a death knight, he could only lead 30,000.

“The numbers are already sufficient. A fast and powerful army needs to be created for battle.

The rotten bones of the skeleton were too weak if the war continued. At this point, he needed to think of quality over quant.i.ty.

The mountain troopers continued to decline while the undead evolved. Death Aura wrapped around the undead helped them grow.

“Tweet tweet tweet, new enemies are approaching from far away.”

Silver Bird scouting in the sky flew to him and reported. Silver Bird looked like a sparrow that had been painted from far away.

“Then prepare for another group.”

Weed created a trap.

“Those who haven’t died, hide your existence to give a false welcome. Fake Shadow!”

The mountain troopers and rebels had been turned into undead. Barkhan’s magic gave them the appearance of humans again. The skeletons wore normal clothes and wielded weapons.

But if someone looked closely then they could tell the movements of the limbs were unnatural.

“If they fall into the trap then I won’t lose anything. And then the necromancer’s magic……”

Weed glanced at Barkhan’s tome.

A necromancer’s diverse magic! A lot of knowledge and wisdom about the old days was missing as the magic wasn’t written down.

“I will help. It will be properly lethal.”

Weed used a vile magic from the magic tome.

“Oh you dead, this is your final revenge. Life Bomb!”

The heart or head of approximately 200 undead shone red.

It was a magic that reconfigured the body to make it a bomb! Unlike the other necromancers’ corpse explosions, these undead could move. Of course, their movements would slow down after the explosion.

Weed planted the undead with bombs whenever his mana was recharged through Death Aura. Bombs were planted in ghouls, zombies, dullahans and death knights.

A necromancer was an original profession that didn’t harmonize well with colleagues. Although it wasn’t strong in a small fight, it was quite useful in a large war.

“Silver Bird, how far away are the enemies?”

“10 minutes.”

“Then I should decorate the stage.”

There were only 3,000 mountain troopers left while the rebels had at least 34,000. There were approximately 12,000 undead.

Weed instructed Van Hawk to make it seem like the undead rebels and undead mountain troopers were fighting.

The undead sparred among themselves. But there were some weak points.

The dullahans fighting among themselves kept cutting off limbs. And if the undead fell, they continued to get up and fight.

“Do it slowly! And those who fall, don’t get up and just lay there!”

Van Hawk questioned why Weed gave such strange commands.

“Why should we do this instead of making a large formation? I can’t understand it. Explain.”

“Stop bothering me. Pick a number between 1 million to 20 million.”


“I will hit you that number of times.”

Weed wasn’t the type to allow his subordinates to be ambitious.

In the case of Yellowy, Weed threatened him with being eaten while he verbally abused Bingryong and the wyverns. Every time the price of gold rose, he threatened Goldman with being sold.

As Van Hawk was a boss monster in the beginning, Van Hawk was often made to surrender through beatings.

From that point on, he became familiar with becoming a punching bag.


Deckard arrived with 54,000 troops.

Some were left behind to govern the conquered villages.

Deckard raised his sword while riding a horse.

“Our allies are in danger. Slaughter the rebels!”

“Understood. Charge!”

The knights started the a.s.sault after hearing the command. The 20,000 knights were followed by spearmen, armoured infantry and soldiers.

“Attack any rebels that run away.”

Deckard led his army directly behind the knights.

“The Haven Empire dogs have come, kueek!”

“Aaaaah, spare me I surrender!”

The Haven Empire’s army attacked the rebels without hesitation.

“Too weak.”

“They are just ordinary farmers gathered together. Having this much firepower to face them is ridiculous.”

The Hermes Guild users thought they could suppress the rebels in 30 minutes.

“Rescue our allies!”

The knights moved into enemy territory in order to save the mountain troopers. The rebels couldn’t resist and fell to the knights.

The movements of the rebels were awkward but they thought it was just due to fear. The eyes and skin tone were dark but the knights didn’t have time to look closely while attacking.

The Hermes Guild were too busy entering the battlefield to pay much attention. They took advantage of wide area attacks to kill dozens at a time.

Furthermore, the battle was starting just as the sun went down.

“Don’t worry. We will help you.”

The knights rescued a group of isolated mountain troopers.

“What is that smell?”

“A ghastly stench. It is like a rotting body……”

Then the mountain troopers lifted their arms.


“Hukiiiiii, the warm smell of human blood.”

The mountain troopers headed to the knights.


The mountain troopers hugged the knights.


Kwa kwa kwa kwa kw.a.n.g!

The rebels and mountain troopers exploded in unison. A sixth of Deckard’s army went flying and there were few survivors among the knights. The mountain troopers and rebels were revealed as undead to Deckard.

“It is a trap!”

The soldiers tried their best to live. But the undead was all around them.

“Kueh…the smell of blood.”

Deckard’s knights were born again as undead thanks to Dark Rule. They hit the backs of their former colleagues.

Weed watched from a distance and didn’t command the new undead.

“They are familiar with fighting. Even if it is just rough fighting.”

The experience in the previous life was important to the undead. They attacked Deckard’s army that was nearby.

There was no need for the commander to use tactics to destroy the enemy. This land had already seen a lot of death.

“Then let’s get a bigger harvest. Corpse Explosion!”

Weed used explosion whenever a large amount of Deckard’s army was gathered.

“Sticky blood, End of the Mist, b.l.o.o.d.y Arrow!”

He flung black magic at Deckard’s army.

Experience was acc.u.mulated! Black magic skill proficiency was only built up when he was an undead so it was a shame.

“My apt.i.tude fits a warlock or necromancer.”

If he hadn’t become a sculptor then Weed would always have such a large and disorderly army.

He would even summon the devil!

“Where is the necromancer?”


The users of the Hermes Guild struggling against the undead belatedly discovered Weed.

“It will end if we kill the necromancer. Concentrate all attacks over there!”

“Mercenaries and heavy armored infantry, thrust! Victory is in sight.”

Instead of the undead, Deckard’s army marched towards Weed. The undead blocking them kept collapsing only to get up again.

Dark Rule and Death Aura’s b.l.o.o.d.y havoc!

The battle unfolded on the dark and gloomy earth. The undead were becoming increasingly more rigid.

Necromancers were good in large military situations but were vulnerable.

The Hermes Guild users aimed magic attacks towards Weed. The magic attacks directly hit the necromancer.



-The magic was interrupted.

All mana flow in this region is being dominated by the necromancer.

Due to the mana reflux, health has decreased by 21% and mana decreased by 36%.

The lost mana has been absorbed by the necromancer.

This was one of Barkhan’s 3 spells, Absolute Magic Defense! The wizards collapsed on the spot.

“Cough…how did this happen?”

“I can’t believe it. Who the h.e.l.l is he?”

“Absolute Magic Defense! A spell that requires the blood of at least 4 necromancers…the other conditions are so high that not even Krobidyun can use it.”

“Look at that robe. Where have I seen it before?”

Weed’s equipment caught the eyes of the magicians.

“The Immortal Legion?

“B-Barkhan’s full set!”

“Weed the G.o.d of War!”

They correctly guessed that the person wearing Barkhan’s equipment and using his skills was Weed.

The Hermes Guild knew that Weed could act as a necromancer.

They weren’t worried about a one on one fight between Weed and Bardray. Even if he used Sculpture Transformation to change to another species or profession, he couldn’t overcome Bardray.

But if he was a necromancer with an endless amount of undead then he could potentially push back Bardray and the Royal Guards. It was complex and required multiple conditions but could create a very dangerous situation.

The Hermes Guild was careful to prevent such a situation. They had confidence in fighting the necromancer Weed!

But the endlessly rising undead ate away at the troops of Formos Castle. Van Hawk and the dark knights ran across the battlefield and took the lives of the Hermes Guild users.




After wiping out Deckard’s army, Weed led the undead towards Formos Castle.

“The undead are attacking!”

50,000 undead were marching. The undead didn’t need to take a break so they arrived very quickly.

Most people felt an unusual aura drifting around the undead army.

Rumours had spread to Formos Castle that Weed defeated Deckard’s army. General users came to the vicinity of the castle to watch.

“We should make a bet. Who do you think?”

“3 gold on Weed.”

“I have 700 gold.”

“Hey, I have 2 billion gold.”

Formos Castle had 10,000 defense forces.

There was a chance of the Haven Empire’s army falling in the short term so Hermes Guild users flocked like vultures.

Weed used a necromancer’s spell.

“All the flow of mana, use these lives as sacrifices and move in accordance to the principles of destruction!”

Absolute Magic Defense! An undead magic that wasn’t detrimental.

Weed set the limits to a 400 metre radius and kept it going by sacrificing undead. Weed gave a final command.

“Go, undead. Sweep them all!”

The skeletons climbing the walls weren’t scared of falling or arrows.

They united to attack the gates while doom knights summoned skeletal horses to jump over the walls.

Weed restored his mana thanks to Death Aura.

“Remnants of Darkness, Frost Soil, Blindness, Summon h.e.l.l Vampires!”

He cast vicious spells towards the guards of Formos Castle.

Many Hermes Guild and Beden Guild members in the castle lost their lives against the power of the undead.

Before long, their bodies became powerful doom knights.

The volunteers gathered in Formos Castle were completely defeated. It was 50,000 against 10,000 but the destruction became faster as the defense forces became undead.


“The undead are really finished. They are stimulated by the necromancers.”

The watching users were appalled. The undead were undaunted by arrows and swords and rushed towards 5~6 enemies at once. It was different from a common battle where people defended their lives.

Weed directed the undead and isolated the troops controlling the walls. They couldn’t help protect Formos Castle’s walls.

-Formos Castle in the Haven Empire has been taken.

The defense forces collapsed.

An army of invaders led by a lich has captured the castle.

A ghastly fear has been implanted in the residents.

Of course, they have to survive to feel such a horror.

-You conquered the castle as a lich necromancer with an army of undead.

Faith has been reduced by 24.

Honour has decreased by 17.

13 courage has disappeared.

The G.o.ds won’t give you blessings for 41 days.

Infamy as increased by 15,391.

Power of the dead has increased by 311.

The skill Power to Reject Death has reached beginner level 5.

“Tremendous damage.”

A normal conquest would give fame, leaders.h.i.+p and considerable combat experience. The knights would often get combat skills or leaders.h.i.+p skills.

“It is unfortunate. But I can’t often play as a necromancer. Well, I shouldn’t worry about something like this.”

Although he conquered Formos Castle, this was the Central Continent so Weed couldn’t keep it.

The users watching Formos Castle all had one thought.

“It is over. Formos Castle will disappear today.”

They believed that the undead army would thoroughly kill and loot the residents before burning the city. The undead would pull down the buildings and walls until it was impossible to recover.

This was the best way to inflict maximum damage to the Haven Empire. The residents would suffer economic losses while those in production like farmers and craftsmen would disappear.

Destabilizing the region would cause a huge setback to the empire. It was an opportunity to delete the developed Formos Castle from the Versailles Continent forever.

Weed thought differently.

“Money is the best emotional revenge.”

It was silly to always have the same habits.

“I need to walk a straight line as closely as possible. Move at full speed from now on.”

Weed led the undead army to rob Formos Castle’s armoury and warehouses.

There were weapons of war, grain, horses and other things stacked. Formos Castle had enormous amounts of wealth, iron, silver and magic sealed items.

Lord Deckard bought them for merchants and well sell them when the price rose.

“Van Hawk.”

“I understand. Everything will burn in a fire.”

“You are crazy. Just have the death knights create carriages. Load as much as possible. But we should only take one tenths.”


The purpose of conquering the castle wasn’t slaughter and arson.

The undead retreated after looting the warehouses with Formos Castle intact.

“No matter how angry, we need to think rationally. The residents didn’t do anything wrong.”

Killing residents of the Versailles Continent would just acc.u.mulate infamy. Weed already had infamy from acting as a necromancer so he didn’t want to add anymore unnecessary infamy.

In his days as ruler of the desert, he didn’t hesitate to burn down the cities. However, it was pointless to play with fire right now.

“I need to maintain a good relations.h.i.+p with the locals. There is still a bounty on my head but I should have the spirit of mutual aid.”

No matter how petty and dirty, he had patiently delivered milk and newspapers. Weed needed to live on the Versailles Continent so he couldn’t make an error. Or else he might be hit in the back of the head.

After Weed left the castle, the users looted the remaining warehouses.

“Wah…isn’t there too much piled up? Hermes Guild, Beden Guild. They are truly vicious.”

“But no one is guarding this?”

The guards were wiped out.

The users stealthily moved and picked up a few things from the warehouses.

“How much?”

“Unbelievably expensive. These glowing beads.”

“Is it okay to steal them? Those guys might retaliate.”

“How would they know who did it? Aren’t all the users in this castle killed?”

In the next moment, the users started gathering things from Formos Castle. The antiques, artwork and even the rugs were looted.

Those who belonged to the Haven Empire had to pay high taxes and a dungeon entry fee.

The bad feelings piled up meant they started looting without hesitation.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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