The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 44 Chapter 6

Chapter 6) Great Master

Weed decided on the nature of the sculpture.

‘It can’t be simple. Ratuas and Yuskellanda. There is something between them.’

There were some obvious laws of the world. After being released into a yard with roosters, hens would lay some eggs.

He became sure that Ratuas and Yuskellanda were lovers.

He wanted to see the dragon Yuskellanda. As an artist, Weed needed to fully express the charm and character of Yuskellanda.

‘Create gentle, nostalgic eyes. A sculpture made of previous materials can be exaggerated so I need to be careful.’

A sculpture!

Easy but very difficult. He needed to produce the best work.

In addition, he needed to produce it from a picture. It was more difficult because the dragon he was sculpting was in a special relations.h.i.+p with Ratuas.

He couldn’t make any type of sculptures for the client. The sculpture needed to resemble Yuskellanda as quickly as possible. Everything including the eyes needed to feel like Yuskellanda!

He couldn’t be creative so it was very difficult. A work that wasn’t possible unless he had a sincere understanding of sculptures!

‘I’ve never directly met her. Can I overcome this?’

His sculpting skill would give some a.s.sistance. Currently it was at 96.6% advanced level 9. It was just one step before master level.

Nevertheless, it might not be perfect.

‘The sculpture needs to fit the personality and feelings. If so…I just need to do my best.’

Weed worried about it for 5 minutes.

‘A conclusion. I will do what I can no matter the price.’

This was a dragon’s quest.

The best chance to make a sculpture using precious materials. He would put in all his effort to create a magnum opus.

Success depended on the mind, heart and effort.

‘I will try it.’

It would be a very large sculpture and one month wasn’t considered that generous.

He committed to working day and night.

‘The quest gives two chances…I needed to make sure I do it properly.’

Weed decided to take advantage of this rare chance and accessed Royal Road.


The first thing Lee Hyun did was access Royal Road’s website.

“I should check videos on the internet. Dragons are divided into many categories in human history so I should look at features similar to Yuskellanda. So that I can express the similarities and differences.”

There were videos about dragons scattered all over the place. Users in Royal Road occasionally saw dragons flying and would post the videos on the internet. It was relatively easy for elves to meet dragons without any risk.

He used the many videos of dragons as reference. Dragons spreading their wings, flying or sitting on top of a mountain!

There were a lot of grand and wonderful images. He observed the joints, skeletal system and other physical proportions. When he looked closely, it was quite different from a hedgehog or rabbit. He needed to see and understand the different parts.

“I made Bingryong roughly. If I investigated at the time then I could have made it more tasteful. But somehow, Bingryong has a charm similar to eating junk food.”

Searching multiple information boards to understand the dragon!

While Lee Hyun was spending time in the real world, time in Royal Road was also pa.s.sing. One month was a very tight deadline so he couldn’t waste time.

Lee Hyun picked up the phone and called someone.

-Yes, KMC Media.

“This is Lee Hyun. I’d like to talk to Director Kang.”

He booked appointments with KMC Media and several other stations.

A piece of the dragon quest! It wasn’t an adventure or combat but sculpting was also suitable for broadcast. And sculpting was a subject of interest to the broadcasting stations.

After learning the final secret sculpting technique, the viewers were even interested in Weed’s minor adventures or sculpting.

KMC Media were always strongly on his side when broadcasting so he contacted them first. He also contacted CTS Media and LK Games. As well as foreign broadcasting stations such as Fox and CRR. They promised to find Korean employees immediately.

The war between the Haven Empire and Arpen Kingdom caused social repercussions in the news. Lee Hyun’s character was sweeping the world’s internet portal sites and search rankings.

Weed’s popularity in Royal Road spread out to Korea, China, j.a.pan, the United States and Europe.

Overseas fans wore costumes from Royal Road and Yellowy stickers could commonly be seen on cars. Teenagers in the United States tried to convert their homes into shacks when their parents were at work and made a mess. In Russia, they even made a majestic 20m large sculpture of Bingryong.

Merchandising of the wyverns, Bingryong and Yellowy were actively exported.

“If children all over the world spends money then it won’t be a problem to get a wealthy retirement fund.”

Lee Hyun politely spoke to the Korean employees of the overseas broadcasting stations

“You shouldn’t go into someone else’s home empty handed. That is overstepping the bounds of politeness. A person should enter someone’s home with heavy hands. But gift certificates aren’t bad. Because most gifts are useless. It would be good if I can take advantage of department stores and marts.”

Bribery as a courtesy!

The station officials gathered at Lee Hyun’s house with high expectations and were a little disappointed about the dragon quest.

In fact, they wanted cool scenes such as large-scale attacks against the Hermes Guild. Still, a sculpting quest was refres.h.i.+ng.

Director Kim of Fox asked.

“But what if you fail the quest?”

“It is hard to a.s.sure your life against a dragon.”

“So these are really good conditions. The ratings will be favourable.”

Lee Hyun knew the broadcasting officials very well. He signed a high value contract with KMC Media, CTS Media and Fox. The deal with the other stations was that they would be given 2 hours on a regular program.

Director Kang frowned and asked.

“So how is it going?”

“The sculpture?”

“Yes. If you fail then you will die. Your sculpting skill will also drop. The morale of the Arpen Kingdom will also drop. Can you really create something good?”

No one could guess the results of the sculpture. It wasn’t fighting against the Hermes Guild but there was no guarantee he wouldn’t die.

It wasn’t hard to decide. He had a contract with the broadcast stations so the ratings would become even bigger if he failed once.

“Well, I will do my best. And I can’t fail due to the ingredients.”

Director Kang was familiar with Lee Hyun’s personality and said.

“The dragon won’t kill you if a few materials are hidden away.”


“Don’t work wholeheartedly.”

“I have a thorough and meticulous plan.”

“It could be dangerous.”

“I will bet my life.”

The officials started laughing.


Weed melted and poured a large mold with the help of the dwarves.

While the silver was boiling and cooling, he used the Sculpting Knife to carve the form of the dragon.

The legs were completed in just 6 hours while the thick body took the whole night. The tremendous speed wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the dwarves.

The dwarves tied ropes and helped with the sophisticated work. 10 metres and then 20 metres was completed

Weed ordered the dwarves.

“Don’t worry about accuracy. Just do it as quickly as possible.”

“Huh, are you really sure? I know that the human world doesn’t have great sculptors. But this dragon sculpture has all our lives at risk.”

“It doesn’t matter. Because I will be making the form of the sculpture.”

“It is difficult to work on the upper body due to the size but we will do our best.”

“Then I will make the dragon lying down. There is no need for it to be standing.”

“Are you serious? Making the form of a dragon like that…”

“Of course. The angle of its head will be like it is sleeping.”

“I understand. We will cooperate.”

The dwarves started to feel increasingly dubious towards Weed. Weed’s fame was too high but doubts started forming.

“Us dwarves would be able to make the sculpture a lot better.”

“I don’t know what that human is thinking. Somehow we need to build a solid foundation. If we don’t work hard then we will pay for it.”

“Don’t give up. That is an artist.”

“That human is acting too casually.”

Using pure silver to create the form of the silver dragon. He didn’t make an intimidating dragon but an unimpressive sculpture of a dragon lying down.

There was no artistry or special emotional feeling involved in the subject. Numerous scales were roughly crushed and clumsily handled.

The shape of the face was almost similar to Yuskellanda but the nose, eyes and mouth weren’t very elaborate. He didn’t make any major changes or attempt to fix it.

Finally, the sculpture was completed after five days. He didn’t even use the helium and pearls!

-Please set the name of the new sculpture.

“Hmm, let’s use Yuskellanda.”

-Yuskellanda is correct?

“That’s right.”

-Yuskellanda has been completed.

A work showing the silver dragon Yuskellanda who existed in the past.

A huge amount of silver was used.

In 100 years, people might say that is it one of the artist Weed’s best work.

An incredibly poor sculpture.

Artistic Value: 590.

Special Options: Yuskellanda will increase health and mana regeneration by 7% for a day.

Combat capabilities of monsters in this area will be reduced by 14%.

He managed to make a fairly ordinary piece with low artistic value.

Then Ratuas walked towards the entrance of his lair. The giant dragon caused the mountain to shake every time he moved.

-This is your final product! You made this after making so many demands! You have the most outstanding skills among humans but you are still useless!

Ratuas roared.

The dwarves watching were astonished.

Dragon Fear!

Weed felt like the earth and sky was shaking and his whole body was terrified.

-Fighting spirit and concentration has given you a strong resistance to fear.

Resistance has been invoked against the skill Dragon Fear.

The stiffness caused by the dragon has decreased by 63%.

Battle skills can be used normally after 13 seconds.

A great experience.

Insight has increased by 2.

Weed was able to somewhat counter the skill due to his previous quest.

Right now, he needed to be respectful to the dragon but he had faced Ausollet in the past!


-The client isn’t happy with the sculpture of Yuskellanda.

Your first chance has disappeared.

The dragon Ratuas’ hostility has reached 59%.

Weed wasn’t surprised by this att.i.tude.

“No. This is a prototype I made in order to study the fundamental form of the dragon. This will be a proper work the next time you see it.”

-This will be your last chance.

“I know. You absolutely won’t regret it.”

Weed was still confident regarding sculpting.

‘It absolutely won’t fail.’

He took the initiative to create numerous sculptures. He would use that experience for this work.

He was now determined to do his best.

Getting a high evaluation for a new creative work was always hard.

Basically, it was important to listen to the client.

“I will dedicate myself to making the best sculpture for Ratuas-nim.”

Weed believed in himself.

‘Life is about using the appropriate tricks to become comfortable. Living an honest and proper life is too painful.’

It wasn’t that easy to just make a magnum opus.

Secret sculpting techniques. He could take advantage of Sculpture Resurrection.

It would be a jackpot if he used it to revive Yuskellanda after completing the sculpture but the skill was only beginner level 4, giving it some limitations.

Apart from the enormous sacrifice in his level, art and faith stat, he could only revive humans and similar species.

‘It also won’t work if the fine details are lacking.’

It really would be an icing on the cake if he could revive Yuskellanda.

He never saw Yuskellanda so there was no way he could make the sculpture perfect enough to revive her.

But he had an endless amount of tricks to use!

“Summon Sculpture!”

Weed summoned one of his sculptures displayed in Morata’s Art Centre. It was a wooden sculpture representing the sculpting master Darone!

Darone was the mentor who taught him Sculpture Transformation and endlessly created sculptures of the women he loved.

It was an ordinary piece but that didn’t matter.

“Sculpture Resurrection!”

-Sculpture Resurrection has been used.

The sculpting master Darone has been called back to this land through art.

45 Art stats have permanently disappeared.

Faith stat has been permanently reduced by 100.

Level has fallen by 3.

18,000 Health and Mana has been consumed.

The person revived by Sculpture Resurrection will retain their knowledge and ability.

It is only a fixed short time but they are thankful for being able to move in this world again.

-The skill proficiency of Sculpture Resurrection has improved.


Sculpture Resurrection was a success but it was difficult to bear his levels falling.

The wooden sculpture of Darone. It started changing to skin and he soon began to move.

“I-I am back…”

Darone marvelled as he looked at his hands and feet. Weed was familiar with this reaction and decided to help.


“Who are you? Ummm…ah! Weed.”

Weed had an extremely ordinary face so it was difficult to recognize him.

“This isn’t the time. There is work to do.”

“What type of work?”

Weed showed him the materials given by Ratuas.

“We have to use these materials to carve the silver dragon.”

Weed planned a collaboration to make the best sculpture ever!

Darone was persuaded after a simple explanation.

Ratuas and Yuskellanda. The reason of love was enough for Darone to agree to make the sculpture. A sculptor having motivation was the best ingredient for working.

Weed even showed the pictures and failed sculpture of Yuskellanda.

“It was be based on this work. We will create the rest together.”

Darone glanced at me and nodded.

“You have improved. It might be rough but the basic shape is good.

“Begin. I will start with the tail.”

“Then I will work from the wings.”

Weed and Darone began the elaborate sculpture of Yuskellanda.

The sculpture of the dragon was large and delicate work was required for the scales. The overall vision in his head was too big for him to do alone.

However, two people working on different parts could give an overall awkward impression.

Weed believed in Darone’s skills.

‘Sculpting one woman for his whole life. The emotional aspect is perfect.’

He had confirmed Daron’s workmans.h.i.+p several times in the past. His skillful hands would be perfect for this.

In terms of expressing the various forms of sculptures, Emperor Geihar von Arpen was the best. He created numerous creatures so Weed could trust him with a dragon. However, the Arpen Emperor could give it an unfamiliar feeling.

Darone was rich in emotions and had delicate and precise skills so he was the best partner for Weed.

‘This is definitely the feeling!’

Besides, there was another advantage to cooperating with Darone.

This was the real reason why Darone was necessary.

“Sculpture Transformation!”

Darone created the Sculpture Transformation technique. He transformed into a silver dragon on a semi-regular basis. Weed looked at the appearance of the silver dragon and found any awkward parts.

“The ratio of the legs should be a little longer. When thinking of Bingryong’s short legs…”

Daron maintained the appearance of the silver dragon and said painfully.

“I think so as well.”

Sculpture Transformation was used in order to determine the appearance and perfect proportions.

Weed had always used Sculpture Transformation in battle so this was the first time he utilized it for art.

Weed requested more materials from Ratuas.

“I’m sorry but can you give 10,000 kilos more? The piece is larger than I first estimated. Of course, it can still be sufficiently completed in this state.”

-In the warehouse…I will bring out 20,000 kilos. Tell me if you need more. You are also welcome to the dwarf village in my territory.

Ratuas had been angry after the first sculpture but that had changed.

He watched quietly as Weed and Darone worked on the sculpture of Yuskellanda with tremendous speed and workmans.h.i.+p.

It was meticulous work so there were no more accusations. All the bulky and awkward parts were changed. Beauty, grace and artistry were shown.

Platinum was melted and covered the wings, claws and between the scales. Small portions created from nothing were pulled together to create a wonderful and s.h.i.+ning silver dragon.

‘It is hard to live a comfortable life without using any tricks.’

It was like an interior designer changing the design in response to the owner. The client had a definite response as he watched the process of creating the sculpture of Yuskellanda.

-Yus…ekellanda. I can see your face again.

Ratuas staring blankly at the sculpture meant the work was going properly.

‘There is nothing else to fix on the face. I can concentrate on other parts.’

Using Sculpture Transformation occasionally would draw out the soul of the client.

‘I need to watch and point out any bad points.’

Even a genius artist needed to use all types of tips and tricks to improve their chances of success.

It was the reason for all the focus on education in South Korea.

‘Success through studying? Wrong. That is how they remain a salaryman for the rest of their lives. Having an excellent education from an early age can increase their IQ. In life, opportunity will knock at least three times.’

Darone trimmed the sculpture of the silver dragon.

The overall shape was representative of the sculpture. It was common behaviour when making a large sculpture.

But Darone had spent a lifetime making a sculpture of one woman. He had an obsession with sculptures that wouldn’t allow even one flaw!

The length of the claws, tendons of the legs and even the wrinkles were fully expressed. He even worried over the look in the eyes and thickness of the tongue.

Still, Darone only did some parts.

“I can’t handle helium.”

“I will do it. I have the blacksmith skill.”

“Excellent. Blacksmith skills aren’t required for a sculptor. You truly are the continent’s leading sculptor.”

“I first picked it up for money.”

Weed used his advanced blacksmith skill and the hearths of the dwarves to melt the helium.

‘There can’t be any mistakes. Especially when I am already having doubts.’

He had done this twice already but Weed’s forehead was covered in sweat.

Sya sya sya sya syak.

A covert action was finished.

“Hum hum, the amount of helium is a little less than before.

“You are mistaken.”

“It seems to be mixed with some foreign substance…”

“It is mixed to increase the purity as much as possible. So that I can use plenty.”

“Even if it is mixed, the original amount of helium…”

“Wasn’t it used for the sculpture?”

The melted helium thinly covered the silver dragon’s face and neck.

Plain silver lacked the ability to express the subtle hues of the silver dragon. He could paint the sculpture but he would rather change the material itself.

The n.o.ble appearance of the s.h.i.+ning, silver dragon was slowly being revealed. The shape of a true dragon was slowly forming under the hands of two artists.

Weed occasionally asked Darone.

“Is there any beast more magnificent than a dragon?”

“You have good judgement. I feel a greater determination in my heart.”

“Well, art is emotional.”

Yuskellanda had the magnificent appearance of a dragon standing on two legs with its wings spread.

It was too high for the dwarves since it wasn’t in a lying down position like the first sculpture. Even if Weed and Darone used ladders, it was too high to work efficiently.

Therefore they modified the primary sculpture.

A fine dragon sleeping in the warm sun. It was infinitely endearing but the eyes weren’t open. It wasn’t a mighty dragon but the loving memories that remained intact in Ratuas. Even the dwarves wouldn’t be scared of a dragon like this.

Weed had a thought.

‘There are only a few days until it is finished. It will be sufficient if I finish the rest alone.’

Ruthlessly discarding their camaraderie!

“How long can you stay in this world?”

“Well, around four days. It should be enough to finish the sculpture.”

Darone could stay in this world longer than expected.

Weed’s resurrection skill could only make them last for a day. However, Darone was a sculpting master with his own high art stat so this increased his survival time by leaps and bounds.

‘It is like making an owner wash some dishes.’

This was an unexpected side effect of Sculpture Resurrection.

“You don’t need to bother with this. There isn’t long remaining in this world so go relax or on a tourist trip. I will even recommend a restaurant. Use plenty of money.”

“No. I am already dead so I don’t want to eat something delicious. If I am hungry then I can eat some barley bread. I think it would be great to spend the last moments of my life sculpting. This would be a big gift.”

Weed’s fist trembled.

“Uhh…if that is what you want.”

“Don’t be sad. I am happy enough that you summoned me here. Now we will complete this sculpture until the end!”

Darone was happy to create a sculpture during his last four days.

‘Should I covertly kill him?’

The dragon was watching him so Weed waited for an opportunity.

‘Should I handle him at night?’

There were no chances even at night.

Darone was already dead so he stayed up all night working without needing to worry about his health. Weed might also be held liable if someone died while working with him.

The continent’s two best sculptors joined together on a sculpture. The statue of the silver dragon Yuskellanda finally finished.

There was a large golden cauldron next to her. Of course, the gold was obtained from Ratuas. He added this to the silver dragon in order to secretly siphon off some gold.

-Please set the name of the new sculpture.

Weed struggled for a moment but decided not to prioritize money.

“This is Darone-nim’s last piece so please give it a name.”

“It is your sculpture so you should name it. I am just a junior sculptor who helped you.”

“It p.r.i.c.ks my conscience but…no, thank you for the consideration. I will name it The Sleeping Silver Dragon Yuskellanda.”

-The Sleeping Silver Dragon Yuskellanda is correct?

“That’s correct.”


-Magnum Opus! The Sleeping Silver Dragon Yuskellanda has been completed.

A sculpture that transcends the limit and is full of infinite affect made by the sculptors Weed and Darone.

The perfect appearance of a silver dragon made with the most precious materials in the world.

The materials and treasures created a beauty that is difficult to continue to exist.

The pinnacle of art on the Versailles Continent!

A sculpture that will be recorded in the legends.

Artistic Value: A collaborative work between the sculptors Weed and Darone.


Special Options: The Sleeping Silver Dragon Yuskellanda will increase health and mana regeneration by 64% for a day.

All resistances have increased by 55%.

The probability of obtaining gold when hunting will increase by 450%.

The activation speed of skills and magic spells will increase by 15%.

Movement speed will increase by 22%.

All stats have increased by 31.

Courage, charisma, dignity and wisdom have permanently increased by 12.

Looking at the statue once a day will restore maximum health, mana and vitality.

The city or area this sculpture is located in won’t be invaded by monsters for two years.

* 53% achievements has been distributed to Darone and 47% to Weed.

A special t.i.tle for the ones who finished this sculpture will be granted.

The effect doesn’t overlap with other sculptures.

Current number of Magnum Opus created: 18

-The skill proficiency of Sculpting has improved.
-Great achievement!

Advanced handicraft skill has reached 100% proficiency.

Handicraft Master!

Your hands have reached the ultimate state.

Humans and dwarves are the only species to achieve this unimaginable feat.

The proficiency rate of all skills involving the hand will increase by 12%.

All skills involving fists or weapons will quickly reached advanced level 1.

Weapons will be handled more accurately. Striking in one place will deal 16% more damage and you will be protected from some damage.

Techniques that require following a pattern will build up a fixed amount of experience. In particular, advanced skills should be followed accurately a certain number of times.

Forging and tailoring products will be given special benefits.

There is a 1/10 probability that the product won’t tear or be destroyed.

There is a 1/35 probability of creating a product with great attack power or incredible defense.

Special benefits will be granted to dishes cooked.

The taste from your hands!

Each dish will be tasty despite only having a minimal amount of seasoning.

The probability of failing during fis.h.i.+ng will be greatly reduced.

The subtle dexterity in the hands will show excellent power regulation when fis.h.i.+ng.

High durability will be granted to boats created with the s.h.i.+pbuilding skill.

You will have direct control of the sails when sailing.

When using a pickaxe, you can dig in more areas with less force.

Bandages will be wrapped very quickly.

Special benefits will be granted to sculptures.

A meticulousness will be added to all sculptures.

There will be a 15% increase in the value of sculptures and this will affect the relevant skills.

-Fame has increased by 23,490.

-Art has increased by 98.

-Perseverance has increased by 7.

-Charm has increased by 10.

-All stats will gain an additional 3 points for making a Magnum Opus sculpture.

-t.i.tle! Craftsmans.h.i.+p of Rare Metals has been acquired.

A special t.i.tle attached to those who work with helium, a metal called the tears of the G.o.ds.

Production experience and fame from blacksmith quests will double.

The proficiency level will increase quickly when dealing with rare metals.


A statue with great options!

Weed almost screamed the moment it was completed.

“That sculpture is mine!”

The excellent options on the sculpture were no use to the dragon Ratuas. The sculpture was in a dragon’s lair so he wouldn’t be able to come visit it.

A situation that caused him pain!

“This is why I can’t give pieces away. All that suffering was in vain.”

And Weed was puzzled.

“But something like this…the handicraft skill is really related to a lot of things.”

A message window that contained a tremendous amount of information! Weed was shocked while reading the message window.

“Wait a minute…did I really master handicraft?”

Handicraft was at 98.4% advanced level 9 so there was only a little bit more to go.

Although sculpting benefited, all the skills involving the hands like tailoring, blacksmithing, swordsmans.h.i.+p etc. contributed to increasing it.

Handicraft was a common skill that wasn’t hard to acc.u.mulate experience.

It was the skill that was the symbol of labour!

The Dark Gamers Union a.n.a.lyzed that it wasn’t possible for a master to appear in the next three years.

Handicraft Master!

The biggest reward was that it affected all skills.

Reading the message window was enough to have an excellent idea of the comprehensive gift set.

“But I thought…sculpting would be mastered first.”

He was glad to see it but still slightly upset.

It was mastered thanks to cooking, tailoring, s.h.i.+pbuilding, navigation, mining, fis.h.i.+ng and more skills.

Sculpting took a lot of time and work, especially when making a large sculpture.

His sculpting skill was at 98.9% advanced level 9. The proficiency had increased but not enough to reach master level. He didn’t want to use the time museum from intermediate Time Sculpting until he was a master.

“I will still become the continent’s first sculpting master.”

A historic achievement that would be founded in labour.

“I’ve spent most of my life working.”

Weed had been working since childhood.

Sewing doll eyes, b.u.t.tons, milk delivery, newspaper delivery etc. There were so many jobs where he wanted to give up.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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