The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 44 Chapter 7

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 44 Chapter 7 – Ratuas’ Reward

Uncontrollable rebellions.

Residents of the Haven Empire became rebels because there was no food. There were heavy taxes, empty granaries, lower security and robbers attacking the food transportation carriages.

The residents of Vandelrun City rebelled and 10,392 people died. The production facilities received big damage and their rate fell to 49%, while security in neighbouring areas dropped incredibly.

-Stats have increased as a quest reward.Strength has increased by 4.

Wisdom has increased by 3.

Maximum vitality has increased by 200.

“This time, it is a quest to damage the empire.”

Bardray proceeded carefully with the black knight quests. Sometimes he would wipe out large groups of rebels or sacrifice innocents within the empire.

The reason Vandelrun ran out of food was due to Bardray. He manipulated the bandits into causing a food shortage in the city.

‘Is this a trap? Or the penalty revealed in accordance with my profession.’

Bardray thought that the profession of black knight was very attractive. It was the best profession for someone with combat talents and big ambitions.

He received questionable quests after becoming emperor. Quests designed to cause instability in the empire and to rule with anxiety and distrust. Loyal subordinates were secretly executed or unrest incited in cities.

The black knight was the ultimate evil profession so there would be penalties.

The situation in the Haven Empire was gradually worsening while he started the quests. The quests contents unexpectedly showed positive results for the Haven Empire. the rebel infested areas were small in the overall scheme but the areas were actually stabilized.

“It seems like the quests are leading me into a subtle trap. However, black knight is my profession.”

The black knight quests meant he could get tough stats or additional compensation.

The high degree of difficulty meant the quests couldn’t be completed quickly but it was still admirable.

“Even so, it feels like temptation is leading me to my downfall.”

Bardray felt some doubts but he still did the quests.

There was already serious rebellions occurring so there were no damages. The Haven Empire’s soldiers and residents that didn’t listen were killed.

Even if the foundations of the empire were damaged, it would just affect the Hermes Guild. Despite his position as the emperor, the internal affairs of small villages and getting on the wrong side of the lords had no relation to Bardray at all.

‘I am the emperor. And at the same time, I am the head of the Hermes Guild.’

Bardray continued to have doubts about the black knight quests but was still continuing them. However, he was ready to quit at any time.

‘The system of the Hermes Guild isn’t perfect. After one or two years, someone might step up to challenge me.’

Strong power was required to rule the Hermes Guild and remain the emperor of the Haven Empire.

The black knight got the status of emperor through betrayal and slander but its favourable aspect was the endless strength.

Bardray was enjoying the benefits of the black knight profession. And then a new quest occurred.


-The Emperor’s Sacred ChoiceThe efforts of the majestic emperor to rule the empire has come to fruition.

By getting rid of the impurities clouding the empire early on, the empire has leapt forward with a b.l.o.o.d.y foundation.

The Black Knight Emperor can select one of two paths.

The first path.

A black knight is ambitious and aims to have no weaknesses. He rules with death and blood, where no one will resist due to fear.

The emperor will forever kill everyone he is suspicious of.

The second path.

In order to quickly rectify the confusion in the empire, it is necessary to show tolerance. The wise emperor will persuade his enemies to his side.

The empire will s.h.i.+ne under his reign.

Level of Difficulty: Emperor restricted quest.

Quest Restrictions: Black Knight Emperor.

An empire haunted by rebels and unstable peace.

The end of the black knight quest.

Compensation: The path chosen will have an impact on the governance of the Haven Empire.

-if the first path is chosen, the compensation will be clearly revealed against the rebels.The emperor will be given special eyes. The eyes will stare straight into the heart to see any signs of rebellion.

Security and fear will rise every time you kill a rebel.

Governance and personal capabilities will increase. But sometimes, those eyes can be too suspicious and see the pure people as bad.

If you don’t handle those plotting rebellion, your combat ability will be reduced due the anxiety.

Acc.u.mulating a lot of anxiety can cause serious illnesses.

If the second path is chosen, you will be given compensation and skills a.s.sociated with the level of a master.

The complaints of the rebels will fade away quickly under the dignity of the emperor.

Those who surrender in battle will increase and the defeated will be convinced to join the empire.

The effect of all production facilities within the empire will permanently increase by 4%.

The settlement rate within the empire will increase. The residents can relax even further.

Development of commerce and restoration of technology will be promoted.

As security and the economy recovers, the people will blindly wors.h.i.+p the emperor.

*Please note!

Choose carefully as the decision can’t be reversed.

You have 10 days to decide.

Bardray’s eyes sharpened.

“This quest is really incredible.”

The quality of this quest was really ridiculous.

“Aren’t the benefits for the emperor good either way?”

The first path was inclined towards battle.

This was good from Bardray’s perspective. He could significantly increase the gap in strength with other users.

The Haven Empire was receiving large damage right now so it would be nice to subdue the rebels. The first choice would damage the empire for personal gain.

The second choice was for the Haven Empire. The development could help rectify the difficult situation of the Haven Empire.

Special benefits were given to the empire but the overall picture meant the Haven Empire would stabilize.

“Either path would be good.”

Bardray had a choice between two paths. Greed was definitely the first path.

Just like when Weed acted in the desert and formed the Pallos Empire. There were no laws and he gained many achievements.

Using overwhelming force to maintain his position as emperor. An endless path of infinite strength stretched out in front of him. It was a sweet temptation to Bardray.

The path of a wise emperor also attracted him. The development of the empire was good for both him and the Hermes Guild.

He could only select one and it would have an impact on the future.

A few days pa.s.sed as he worried about it. He couldn’t concentrate on hunting due to the quest decision.

Bardray looked inside himself.

“I got to this place through my own efforts. I can have everything with my power.”

He would keep the emperor’s position for himself.

The temptation of the first path was strong but would certainly have side effects. Bardray’s heart shook with desire.

“There will be problems in the long run if I choose the first path. It is better to pick the second path.”

Greed and reason. His mind changed every moment.

Bardray decided on the third day.

“I will choose the second path.”

-Do you want to pick the second path in the Emperor’s Sacred Choice quest?The decision cannot be reversed.

“I will choose the second path.”


-You have chosen the second path in the empire.A wise emperor who shows more tolerance to his people.

The emperor carries out the will of the people and will be applauded in the cities.

The black knight’s ambition has refused this.

You will not be able to select the way of the emperor.

Your choice has failed.

“What is this?”

Bardray tried to pick the second path several times.

It was refused due to the previous black knight quests he completed.


Weed proudly looked up at the dragon Ratuas.

“This is my sculpture.”

-The ability and will of humans…it is truly marvelous. The silver and gold I gave you was changed so beautifully.

Ratuas stared at the sculpture of the dragon Yuskellanda.

“Then the commission was successfully completed?”

-I can’t deny it. This sculpture is the best that I’ve ever seen and none in the future can surpa.s.s it.


-Silver Dragon Yuskellanda has been completed.The dragon Ratuas has admired your skill as a sculptor.

He recognizes you as the best sculptor.

-Ratuas has declared that you are the best artist.Fame has increased by 38,398.
-Ratuas has recognized the value of human help and 4,464 achievement points have been earned.

‘Well, this much…’

Weed had a warm smile on his face.

He bowed to the dragon and turned to Darone.

“A success. All of this, it is thanks to Darone-nim.”

“Huhuhu, I was able to make the work of a lifetime thanks to you.”

It was time for Darone to leave.

Weed fiercely regretted that he only left after the sculpture was finished. Still, he had made a difficult sculpture with the help of a colleague.

“Darone-nim has done a lot more than me. I couldn’t have done it without Darone-nim.”

“You will make better works in the future. Lead the continent’s sculptors well.”

Darone slowly disappeared.

Sculpture Resurrection had played a big role. It was a great way to resurrect a hero.

‘If only it can be used in a timely manner. They should live until no longer needed.’

Weed continued acting humble towards Ratuas.

“I have many things happening. Then…”

He said goodbye in a little voice. He had finished creating the sculpture so he was trying to creep down the mountain.

The moment he tried to leave! Ratuas’ head leaned down towards Weed.


“Yes, yes?”

Sweat started flowing down.

‘I was caught. I only took a little bit!’

He took some helium and gold while making the sculpture. He shouldn’t have done it but his greedy instincts won.

Of course, he used various excuses while making the sculpture but the collected amount was small. He intended to get souvenirs from Ratuas.

‘The quest is good enough. I am working as a sculptor. Then I should get a fair price for my labour.’

The embezzled helium wasn’t enough for an armour but gloves or boots could be created. He also got 100kg of gold.

It wasn’t a large amount compared to what the dragon had.

-I have something to say to you.

“What do you want? I have a previous engagement. My heart is satisfied with this much compensation. It is well meaning but I can’t rest on my laurels.

-Returning the leftover materials.

Weed’s heart started beating.

He deliberately made it difficult to determine the exact amount of materials used in the sculpture.

His profession was a sculptor so he didn’t have the pickpocket skill like thieves or If the target noticed then hostility would increase. Even so, a thief or would not try to rob a dragon.

“There is a little bit but…it was a material I didn’t return after not using all of it on the sculpture.”

Weed pulled out a chunk of gold from his backpack. The dragon’s face didn’t change despite pulling out three or four.

‘He knows all of it. It is hard against high intelligence.’

He watched as he kept pulling out the gold.

‘This is enough…still more?…he knows…this is the strength of a dragon!’

The gold pulled out from his backpack formed a pile.

Despite the sacrifice he made in using Sculpture Resurrection, the dragon’s att.i.tude didn’t change.

Weed pulled out all of the gold and solemnly said to the dragon.

-Helium can be abused in the human world. It is a great material so humans can’t take it without permission.


Weed didn’t want to return the helium no matter what.

‘Should I try to use Time Sculpting to escape? I can use Time Sculpting. The problem is that it is hard to get away very far.’

However, there was a great reversal.

-But human, I can give it to you in exchange for your achievements. I will give in exchange for making me the sculpture of Yuskellanda.


-The dragon Ratuas has offered a proposal.You currently have 4,462 achievements after completing the sculpture.

Do you want to use 4,192 achievements to take away the helium? If you accept the proposal then you can proudly own the helium.

If you reject the proposal and don’t return the helium, a considerable amount of fame will drop and hostility will be generated from the theft.

Weed rarely read a description window like this.

“It was a big honour for me to complete the sculpture of Yuskellanda. In return, please give me these materials for future art.”

-You have accepted the dragon Ratuas’ proposal.You now officially own the helium.270 achievements remain.

It went without saying that he accepted the suggestion!

In the past, he used the helium gained to create the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour.

Thanks to the helium gained from the sculpture of Yuskellanda, he could create one more piece.

‘It would be a big hit if I could create something like boots, a s.h.i.+eld or helmet.’

Equipment had a large impact even in the early beginner days.

Despite Weed’s level dropping, his fighting capabilities would improve simply by changing his equipment.

It was important and made a difference when hunting strong monsters.

Weed didn’t hesitate to speak to Ratuas after obtaining the helium.

“Excuse me, I would like to have the gold as well.”

Exchanging the achievements for gold! Having achievement points with a dragon was great but it could also have the opposite effect.

‘There isn’t a high chance…’

He didn’t need to encounter Ratuas again until the dragon hunt.

-Take it if you want.


-You can take 50kg of gold from the dragon Ratuas for each achievement point.


50kg of gold was a huge amount. Weed’s head was filled with calculations.

‘The current price…’

Usually 3 grams of gold was equivalent to 1 gold, so 1kg of gold was equal to 333 gold. Then one achievement point corresponded to 16,666 gold. All the gold could be exchanged for 4.5 million gold.

‘Well, that isn’t a small sum.’

He only had 270 achievement points remaining and it wasn’t easy to calculate the total value when adding the helium.

‘I can save money on materials so there are a lot of benefits.’

Weed said.

“I will make the deal.”

He changed his remaining achievement points to gold. He didn’t want to see the dragon again anytime soon.

Weed spoke once the transaction was completed.

“Thank you. Dragon. Then I will leave now.”

However, the dragon wasn’t finished yet. Ratuas’ head came up right in front of Weed.

Fierce eyes glared at him.

-Human, you know about Yuskellanda’s death.


Weed’s heart started beating.

‘Is it another dragon quest? It seems to be related to adventuring, not sculpting.’

It didn’t seem to be a simple quest so it was natural to be filled with tension. A dragon’s quest was a.s.sociated with death so it really was a nightmare.

Weed shook his head.

“I am just a weak sculptor. I don’t know anything. Even if I do, I don’t remember it.”

He used the feigned innocence that he learned from watching the news!

‘Do I have to lie down and pretend to be sick?’

The mirror was received from the chaos dragon Ausollet so he couldn’t even begin to guess the situation.

There was a clear reason for Yuskellanda’s death.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the now disappeared Embinyu Church or the chaos dragon Ausollet was behind it.

Or maybe someone behind them…

If he looked at the information collected while the quest was progressing, he could know the whole picture.

‘I can’t keep the peace of the continent alone. The Hermes Guild should also wash their feet.’

Originally the Central Continent channeled their power into defeating the Embinyu Church. It was only a matter of time until the Embinyu Church dealt extensive damage to the north.

However, Weed had neatly solved that problem during the final secret sculpting technique quest. The development of the Central Continent increased and the broken cities also recovered.

The Haven Empire could afford to invade the north. He had already done enough good things in this lifetime.

The dragon watched Weed with sober eyes.


-Become qualified before proceeding with the quest ‘Dragon Ratuas’ Investigation.’You need a minimum level of 480.

Dignity and courage need to have reached at least 400.

Your main combat skill has failed to reach advanced level 7.

The quest wasn’t given.

-The time hasn’t arrived yet. Your abilities are lacking right now but there is no knowing what will happen in the future. Come to me at any time if you want to hear the story. The time will come, no matter what happens. The human who defends Yuskellanda until the end…

“Thank you.”

Weed hurriedly ran away from the dragon.

He didn’t care about what would happen in the future.

He couldn’t waste another moment here.

He absolutely never wanted to do it.



“Avoid the east!”

“Let’s enter the bushes again.”

“No. I will trample on all those in my way!”

The Crimson Wings Guild arrived at the land of the giants.

Hundreds of people were watching the broadcast of Teros and his companions’ expedition.

“A continent other than Versailles? It is intriguing”

“A new world? We can be the first one to stake a claim there.”

The users belonging to the Crimson Wings Guild dreamed of a comeback through this adventure.

They hoped to regain their honour.

Teros dreamed of no longer being cursed at and becoming a lord of a northern city.

The Crimson Wings members treated poorly everywhere could be reunited.

They came aboard a boat made of nails of the dead, through a brambly forest and huge worms to descend into the world of the giants.

However, the huge giants had a tremendous level beyond 700.

It was understandable why the G.o.ds would separate them from the human world.


The giants held the users.

Fortunately, they only ate 1~2 people before letting the rest go.

Not a single one of them could lay a hand on the giants!

The broadcasting stations showed the adventure and recorded stable ratings higher than 10%.

The expedition wandered the land of the giants and hunted large rats and dragonflies.

It was easy for small humans to hide in the huge land of the giants.

They persistently explored for a month.

The severe damage meant that more than 70% of the expedition lost their lives.

They wanted to find a way back to the human world, but it wasn’t that easy to leave.

And they found several clues.

-The adventurer Lodsiker has visited here first. The reason he came here was a request from the earth G.o.ddess Mi-ne.

-Across the ocean to the west of the Versailles Continent, a place containing the giants has been forgotten.

-A new continent blocked due to monsters and a magic barrier.

-The giants brought a huge amount of gold from the Versailles Continent to the New World.

The New World!

The inhabitants of the Versailles Continent sometimes told stories about it.

“The earth G.o.ddess Mi-ne is very diligent…is there only one world outside this continent?”

“My father was an adventurer in the past. He said that crossing the ocean or going through a magic door would allow you to go to a new world. And he never came back.”

Residents often mentioned the New World but it didn’t lead to a specific quest.

Nevertheless, all users hoped to find the New World.

The Versailles Continent alone was already huge. They explored the north, south and west.

However, all adventurers had expectations for a new continent. The pioneers of the New World! They had aspirations to found their own kingdom like Weed and the Arpen Kingdom.

Teros and the Crimson Wings Guild discovered a clue to the New World in the land of giants so it was a big hit.

They received much attention from the users for finding information about the New World.


The southern desert.

“There is a shortcut to bypa.s.s the monsters, allowing you to reach here more quickly.”

This was the advice of the desert warriors.

They needed to save the desert city of Buhares from the monsters attacking it within 10 days.

Earth Shadow guided the party of desert warriors and helped eliminate any obstacles.

The desert tribes had reached stage 14 of the desert quest.

There were numerous desert tribes scattered around and fighting bravely! And they were not alone. Users came from the north far too late and decided to merge with the Earth Shadow party.

Geomchi-5 and his students!

The ones in contention to become the desert ruler were Baebuchi, Heosu and Kimcho. The cowardly desert warriors succ.u.mbed in the middle of the quest.

Then the tanned Geomchi-5 said.

“Let’s just go.”


“Our bodies are too stiff.”

The students followed behind Geomchi-5!

They rode on camels and used a curved sword. Their combat levels and skills increased through partic.i.p.ating in this quest. They just rode their camels through any strong monsters that would appear.

Geomchi-19 said.

“We shouldn’t have been born in modern times.”

Geomchi-282 agreed.

“Yes. The desert life is challenging. It is comfortable fighting under the hot sun.”

“I wouldn’t need to study as a child.”

Geomchi-5 and the students were those who lived independent of human civilization.

Their wildness exploded during the desert ruler quest.

Their bodies were full of scars and tattoos to symbolize that they were warriors.

Geomchi-5 had a large scar from when he barely lived. He deliberately went around topless to make people envious of the scar.

The women were somewhere in the distance.

“What should we do once we finish this quest?”

“Then we will go to the Central Continent. And take down those Helmet Guild b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”

There was a huge sand storm as Earth Shadow and the desert warriors approached.

A desert camel cavalry.

The leading force during the period of the Pallos Empire had been reconstructed.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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