The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 45 Chapter 2

Chapter 2) Formidable Enemy of the Haven Empire

“Go and pack up your luggage!”

“We are going back to Morata today. Hurry up!”

Seo-yoon silently followed the procession of merchants.

Novice travellers were mixed in with the merchants for safety.

“Can’t we get good food in Morata?”

“Yes. These days, there are plenty of open restaurants. I also want to open a restaurant in Morata.”

The users were busily rejoicing while walking.

The merchants had empty carriages and users paid to accompany them.

Recently it was a trend to travel around the Northern Continent on carriages so there were at least 70 people.

The rough winds, dangerous monsters and magnificent scenery made it romantic to travel together.

It was a familiar sight for travelers. In the past, Europe was very popular and now the trend was the Northern Continent tour.

Although the development of most cities were low, many people took a leave of absence from the university to explore the north. Of course, they picked up any quests and items as well.

The Arpen Kingdom wasn’t fully developed and many people worked on its development.

The merchants and travelers were diligently returning to Morata when they were hindered by 6 hors.e.m.e.n with flags.

“Huhuhu. Weak humans.”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Murderers from the Haven Empire!

They were troops that penetrated the north, murdering people and looting.

“Coming here…form a defense formation. Stop the enemy!”

The merchants were quick and readied the combat carriages.

“What is that?”

“A little odd. Isn’t this the Arpen Kingdom?”

The novice users responded to the attack in broad daylight. And soon the murderers of the Haven Empire reached them.


“D-d.a.m.n. There is only a little bit left until we reach Morata.”

They were despairing when Seo-yoon silently walked forward.


She pulled out the sword she carried on her back.

At that moment, Seo-yoon’s eyes shone red.

-The eyes of a berserker have opened in response.

Strength has increased by 73%.

Attack sped will increase by 41%, there will be no hesitation and fewer vitality is consumed when using continuous attacks.

Fighting spirit will be at the maximum until the end of the battle.

Your fighting ability will become stronger the longer you fight and the more enemies you kill.


-Berserker Pulling out the Sword

You cannot stand injustice and unrighteous enemies.

There is no need to acknowledge them.

Punish all enemies.

Level of Difficulty: Berserker Quest.

Compensation: Strength 1.

Quest Restrictions: Level 6 Advanced Sword Mastery.

600 Fighting Spirit.

Seo-yoon rushed forward and strongly wielded her sword.


Pale, Maylon, Romuna, Irene, Surka and Zephyr fought around Morata.

They fought together with nearby users to stop the Hermes Guild users.

They were already known as Weed’s colleagues so were very famous in the north.

“I admire you. Archer Pale-nim.”

“Hmm hmm. You’re welcome.”

Archers came running up to Pale after his activities at the Earth Palace.

Magicians came up to Romuna to receive her teachings about fire magic while Irene was surrounded by injured players.

Surka kept to remote villages.

She boldly struck at the Hermes Guild murderers along with soldiers deployed to the small villages. And the night pa.s.sed.

17 villages in the Arpen Kingdom disappeared.

4,000 users died and the residents were wiped out.

Surka, Romuna and Irene died!

They tried to defend the villages against the Haven Empire but were killed.

Some Hermes Guild users were even mixed in the raid.

Videos of villages in the Arpen Kingdom burning with black smoke swept the internet.

-Ah…is this the end of the Arpen Kingdom?

-The gap in power with the Haven Empire is too big. It is burning.

-It is over. The Haven Empire will unite the continent.

A week pa.s.sed since the Haven Empire started their raids.

The stations were emphasizing the damage suffered by the Arpen Kingdom.

“There is serious damage to the land, infrastructure and transportation network. Fertile land has been burned and roads and bridges destroyed. The transportation routes for merchants are disconnected. The threat that the frontier villages are receiving…it is difficult to know the statistics but more than 100,000 residents have been killed. Many users have also died.”

The forces of the Haven Empire were depleted but additional numbers could pa.s.s over from the Central Continent.

The broadcasters reported the Arpen Kingdom’s crisis but also featured the videos of Weed’s current battles.

He moved quickly with his sculptural lifeforms and constantly killed the Hermes Guild users and troops.

He moved without a moment of rest and the Hermes Guild members couldn’t resist.

Weed’s battles were played in real time with sad music in the background.

The veins on their necks showed as the show hosts got heated up.

“Defeating 7 people! It only took 31 seconds. He unleashed Heriam Fencing a total of 24 times. An amazing feat that surprises me every time.”

“s.h.i.+n Hye-min ssi, did you see that wide area attack just now?”

Oh Joo-wan and s.h.i.+n Hye-min was broadcasting ‘the Story of the Versailles Continent’ part 2 with a focus on Weed.

“Yes. Of course. The spear skill ravages the land so it seems to be impossible to avoid. At the same time, he used a another three spear skills.”

“If I was to give a further explanation, it is hard to escape once embroiled in the attacks. The skill hasn’t been broken yet and Weed stays on the offensive. The bulletin boards are already heating up. s.h.i.+n Hye-min, you have frequently hunted with Weed. Is it always like this?”

“You haven’t seen anything. This much is nonsense.”

s.h.i.+n Hye-min gave a terrible sigh. It was only for a brief moment but she didn’t look like a broadcasting host.

“Eh…then what is the most amazing thing?”

“He raises his resilience through narrow battles where he almost dies. Sometimes he only has 0.3% health left.”

“A great sense of combat. It seems to be an innate gift but also requires a high degree of discipline.”

“Yes. After the fight, he would do amazing things like bandage his body, cook, sharpen his weapon, clean his armour and make sculptures. A wonderful sight that shows off his various skills.”


“You can’t lag behind for even 1 second when hunting with Weed. You have to keep up with his fast pace. Standing still for even 2 seconds will make Weed start nagging.”

“I guess it must be tough.”

“I feel happy that most humans like living conveniently. Ah! While we were having this conversation, Weed has already finished collecting all the loot. Where is he going on the wyvern this time?”

The stations showed the video and made Weed into the hero. There was no choice but to make Weed the main protagonist.

He rode on Yellowy and dragged Bahamorg and the sculptural lifeforms with him.

The users of the Hermes Guild that had an ill.u.s.trious reputation easily lost their lives. Weed had the ability to see even the slightest gap.

The people were enthusiastic about Weed who was fighting alone.

Bardray and the key leaders of the Hermes Guild stayed safe in their hunting grounds.

The public opinion of the north also heated up.

“Let’s stop them. We need to protect the city we live in!”

“Our strength will allow us to achieve victory.”

The northern users stayed in different cities and acted as the defense. Sometimes they repelled the enemy while other times the villages were turned to ashes.

At this point, the avians joined in and played a huge role.

Among the avians was the fast growing night owl, Mog. Mog originally started as a human in Morata but changed species via a special quest.

He discarded all human capabilities and was born again. He grew quickly and was popular with his colleagues among the avians.

“Take control of the northern skies and identify the movement of the troops. Avians join us. All avians should work together!”

The avians moved in the sky.

They flew above mountains, forests, rivers and plains and monitored designated areas. The avians watched from dense rainclouds.

They found the movements of the Haven Empire and mobilized the Gra.s.s Porridge combat troops. They also completely cut off paths if the invaders tried to flee.

In comparison, the Hermes Guild members were able to hide themselves well.

They were mainly active at night and took the lives of the people in the Arpen Kingdom.


Geomchi, Geomchi-2, Geomchi-3 and Geomchi-4!

They were active in the conquered areas of the north!

It wasn’t a problem as orc warriors joined from Vargo Fortress.

They completed special quests like Weed and became qualified to lead them.

The orcs were easily coaxed by flattery.

“Chwik. Impressively messy. Chwi chwit!”

“You are a lot more dirty.”

The orcs became subordinates of Geomchi.

“I will follow. Chwi chwik. Just feed me.”

-You are the commander of the Muksabal Army.

There is a total of 134,983 troops.

-The orc fighters have accepted you so charisma has permanently increased by 13.

Honour and intelligence has decreased by 2.

“I finally became a commander.”

Geomchi was filled with strong emotions.

He finally had an army.

“This is the suitable path for a man in troubled times. Maybe we will be able to conquer the continent under my hands.”

Geomchi rarely watched television these days. The broadcast contents when Weed was ruler of the desert.

The cool sight of troops being led to conquer the continent.

Any man watching that would have similar thoughts.

Geomchi-2 asked with concern.

“Teacher-nim. Then do you want to conquer the kingdom that the maknae built?”


Geomchi was seriously distressed.

He only recognized a few people in this world.

It would be cruel to destroy all the accomplishments that Weed had built up.

“In the end, it has to be like this.”

Geomchi slowly pulled out his sword.

The sword glittered in the hot sun as he eliminated the Hermes Guild users.

“I’m sorry for the maknae but…”

Geomchi-3 smiled and said.

“Hey, Sahyung. Teacher-nim isn’t like that. The reason we follow Teacher-nim is because of his righteousness.”

“Hum hum.”

Geomchi instantly turned his gaze to his sword.

A sharp sword.

A sword that slashed everything.

‘I’m sorry for the maknae…a man only has one life. I will give you a spot just below mine. I will be the Emperor but you will receive a substantial role.’

Under the vast sky and the wide earth.

A hot seething ambition.

‘It might be a pipe dream but…all men should have big dreams.’

Geomchi’s vast spirit!

Then Geomchi-4’s words struck a decisive blow.

“But how will we feed the orcs, Teacher-nim?”


“They are very hungry.”

“…Aren’t there quite a few?”

“More than 100,000.”

The heaven and earth in his heart shriveled.

Geomchi-2 spoke like he knew something.

“Teacher-nim. It isn’t only 100,000.”


“I heard that even more orcs will be coming today.”

“Then 1 million?”

“There might be even more.”

The commander of an army of one million.

Geomchi’s face lit up. He would be the commander of such a large army.

“Then go and prepare for their arrival. Bring out the meat and bottles of alcohol!”

“Teacher-nim. What is there isn’t any food?”

“Go to the merchants.”

“All our property has been cleared out. We always change the money to weapons.”

Geomchi-3 hesitated before also speaking.

“Teacher-nim. How are you going to set up tactics with the orcs?”

“The tactics can’t be too sophisticated…”

“Then just a straightforward a.s.sault? Half would be killed in the first battle.”


Geomchi-4 spoke once again

“But will the orcs continue to follow us?”


“Those guys are always fighting among themselves to find the leader. They are stupid and might forget all about Teacher-nim tomorrow.”


A moan emerged from Geomchi’s mouth. The dream of heaven and earth faded away into simple reality.

“The wide world…there are all sorts of trouble while trying to live. I will be happy enough just living.”

Geomchi became depressed and decided to stick to the role of a commander.

Geomchi-2, Geomchi-3 and Geomchi-4 exchanged glances with each other and smiled.


‘Huhuhu. We did it.’

‘Ah, I’m glad.’

All of them were opposed to Geomchi’s big ambitions.

‘Teacher-nim shouldn’t achieve something like that. He will give us all the’

Geomchi-3 admitted that he was only superior when it came to combat force.

‘I just love to fight. My mind will be troubled if I am given a management position. Wouldn’t it cause a headache? Just thinking about it is no fun.’

Geomchi-4 received hospitality from Weed.

“Teacher-nim, you can enjoy any big dreams in the future. The right time will come. Let’s return to Morata and hold some sword training camps.”

“I don’t know about the maknae but all disciples are concerned with Teacher-nim’s dream.”

“The location of the sword training camp is good. It is near a square and along the river.”

“Maknae. Listen to my words. Sword training isn’t a matter of…

“Nowadays, there are many beauties pa.s.sing by the square and river.”


“Everyone wants to become stronger in Royal Road. If some beauties become disciples at the training camp…”

“Beautiful disciples…”

“If you teach swordsmans.h.i.+p then you will see beauties sweating and become closer to them. A bond might be formed. A solid bait for a fis.h.i.+ng rod.”

Geomchi-4 didn’t have big ambitions.

His teacher finally gained some big dreams but his disciples had a variety of opposing opinions.

After that, Geomchi led his disciples and orc army to target the occupied territories.

They swept through the land occupied by the lords of the Hermes Guild.

The knights tried to repel them but just collapsed.

They used the spear, sword, axe etc. against the knights on horseback.

There was a level difference between horses and bulls and their movements in close combat was also different.

The knights used high level traps to defeat the army.

However, Geomchi had experienced all sorts of fights.

“This smells fishy.”

“Should we enter?”

“That would be bad. Instead, let’s break through at full speed. Stragglers will be left behind.”


They were triumphant in every battle.

It might be a haphazard a.s.sault but they relied on their practical experience.

There was no need for any complex tactics as they moved.

Speed was an essential element in their activities.

They fought the enemy but didn’t touch any of the residents.

Caring for the weak!

Geomchi and his disciples were n.o.ble so they didn’t burn the villages like Weed in the desert.

“Teacher-nim, some of the kids are hungry.”

Due to the lack of interest from some lords, there were crop failures and food shortages in some villages.

The hungry residents and soldiers collapsed in the middle of the battle.

“Is that so? Is there any food remaining?”

“The orcs ate almost all of it after the last village…there is approximately one meal remaining.”

“Give it to the kids.”

“Then we will have nothing to eat for dinner.”

“We can go to another place to plunder. Give the food to them.”

“Yes. Teacher-nim!”

They conducted battles in the occupied northern areas every day.

“A-a horde of orcs is coming.”

“Dispatch the magicians and knights.”

The troops were smashed by an army of orcs and Geomchis.

The knights and soldiers tried to struggle but were eventually forced to retreat.



“This is deplorable.”

“They have no spirit.”

“How funny.”

The orcs in the north continued being recruited.

The users that became orcs also joined.

“We can feed our young if we come here. Chwik!”

“Join the army and kill everything. Chwiik!”

The number of orcs was increasing uncontrollably.

The surviving orcs improved their combat experience and could eat more food.

The governor of the northern colonies, Alcard received a headache while dealing with them.

“They have quick mobility and are decisive. They don’t leave one bit of food behind in the looted areas…rather, it is more difficult that they left the residents untouched.”

They gave food to the residents. The quant.i.ty was for one or two meals and it was enough to gain the loyalty of the residents.

Meanwhile, the orcs ate all the food in the warehouses.

They left the responsibility of feeding the residents afterwards to the Haven Empire.

“Isn’t this highly deceptive conquest tactics?”

Geomchi, his disciples and the orcs were like ghosts as they attacked the Haven Empire.

Geomchi and his army attacked from all directions so the damage was enormous.

Even the soldiers in the northern conquered areas couldn’t handle it.

Many soldiers died against the orcs and it was difficult to get replacements from the Central Continent.

A huge amount of 900,000 had been dispatched to the boundaries of the Arpen Kingdom.

The people in the northern occupied areas were anxious and requested reinforcements. However, they received the same answer from the Haven Empire every time.

-Emperor Bardray and his army will go to the north after stopping all rebels. Until then, focus on maintaining security.

“We can only rely on these troops until then.”

Alcard’s anger rose.


-The descendants of the mighty heroes…you are prepared to willingly shed blood.

“Of course.”

-Can you deal with anything under the blue sky?

“Unless it is Master-nim or pretty girls…heook. No.”

-As a descendant of the Pallos Empire, you have to walk the path of the Emperor of the Desert. This will be the last test.

“What kind of test?”

-All those who follow you will benefit. Don’t spill any more blood on these desolate sands and obtain a new home. Play the role of my sword. In the tradition of the desert…


-The Founding of the Pallos Empire

Unify the great desert into one.

Brave warriors.

Break away from the burning sands.

Go back to the land with flowing rivers and restore the glory of the Pallos Empire.

The one who gains the most territory will be the Emperor of the Pallos Empire.

The time limit is 1 year.

Level of Difficulty: Region supremacy.

Compensation: Emperor of the Pallos Empire.

Quest Restrictions: Limited to desert warriors.



Geomchi-5 and his students!

And the desert warriors were finally given the last quest.

Lead the desert tribes to invade the Central Continent.

They succeeded in displacing the residents of several major cities as well as cattle farmers.

They had spent 3 years on internal affairs but the desert warriors didn’t bother waiting.

“Camels! Bring the camels!”

“Move out.”

a.s.sault troops consisting of desert warriors. 350,000 people of the desert tribes gathered to regain their old territory in the Haven Empire.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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