The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 45 Chapter 3

Chapter 3) Weed’s Profit

Weed demonstrated his strength when fighting against the Hermes Guild.

“The enemy has appeared!”

He attacked the Hermes Guild users with only Yellowy.

There were six people but two parties quickly joined them. There was a total of 21 Hermes Guild users. The combination of, rangers, magicians, knights, warriors, shamans and priests could bring out their maximum strength.


“Block him from running away.”

“This spot will be your grave!”

Weed actually waited for more Hermes Guild members to join. Two additional parties popped out from their hiding spots and blocked any retreat.

“Distorted Vortex of Fire!”

A joint magic attack. There were flame pillars in every direction!


Yellowy was exceptionally afraid of fire. It was a crisis where the magnificent flames would burn him!

Weed had already made the Hermes Guild users fear him. He had caused much frustration for the Hermes Guild from his actions in the Central Continent.

The enemy was well prepared but Weed was busy looking at their equipment instead.

‘A Pelican Bracelet. That is a rare item. ‘The starting price at the auction…at least 10 million.’

Weed had hunted a bone dragon and the chaos warrior Kub.i.+.c.hya in the past so he didn’t feel any pressure against the Hermes Guild.

“Calling Death Knight Van Hawk, calling the Vampire Lord Torido!”

Van Hawk and Torido were summoned. They were faithful subordinates who always fought with the enemy.

“You called. Master.”

“Eat them.”


Van Hawk and Torido pa.s.sed through the flame pillars.

“Defend the magicians! We will win if we drag this into a long battle.”

The knights and warriors jumped at Van Hawk and Torido. The were waiting with poisonous daggers in their hands.

Their only goal was Weed.

“Yellowy, go to the front.”

Weed commanded but Yellowy didn’t move. Yellowy was reluctant to enter the hot flames.

“Ummoooooo. My body is hot.”

“We need to fight as quickly as possible. If we stay here then we will turn into barbeque.”

“Master, I’m scared. I don’t want to fight.”

“It is the only way if you want to live.”

“I don’t want to. I am afraid to lose my life.”

“Come on, move. I promise you won’t. I will not allow you to die here.”


“Listen carefully. If you die in this fire then your juices will drip out. The surface will be so burned, it will be impossible to tell the inside. There won’t be the taste of beef.”


“Do you want that to happen?”

Stress and threats!

Yellowy didn’t listen to any commands and furiously scratched at the ground with his hind legs.


-Yellowy has entered a wild frenzy.

Resilience has increased by 230% and strength by 410%.

He won’t feel any pain.

Magic resistance will increase by 3 times.

When a.s.saulting and pus.h.i.+ng against small creatures, there is a 47% chance of instant death and 31% chance of making them faint.

The distinction between friend and enemy is blurred.

Any presence is likely to be recognized as an enemy.

“This is a riot.”

Yellowy was a loyal creature but the nature of the species meant that he sometimes ran wild. A lot of stress would pile up due to the excessive hunting and continuous risk. When it was like this, Yellowy would recklessly confront Goldman and the wyverns.

‘If I’m not careful then he will notice and attack me as well.’

Weed felt the biggest threat since he was riding on Yellowy’s back.

The frenzied Yellowy needed to fight against the Hermes Guild users.

The whirling flames were coming closer. It was hard to even open his eyes as the wind blew wildly. The pressure and heat from the dangerous magic seemed like it would rip him apart.

“Yellowy, can you hear me?”

Yellowy made a loud sound like a monster living in the ground.


He didn’t feel good about Weed riding on his back.

Yellowy’s eyes turned red.

“Yellowy, relax. I am on the same side.”


“Then I’ll come down and meet you here again tomorrow.”


Weed tried to convince him but it had no effect.

Yellowy’s muscles swelled due to the wild frenzy.

It was like the quiet before the storm had just pa.s.sed. He was filled with uncontrollable anger and hatred.

Displeasure and hostility. The muscles swelled like a wild beast.

“Them. They are the enemy.”

Weed pointed towards the Hermes Guild.

“Yellowy. They are aiming for your rib eyes. In particular, the is going to cut at your hip with the dagger.”


Yellowy’s red eyes turned towards the Hermes Guild users.

They were holding weapons.

At that moment, his rage reached the peak. Yellowy’s hind legs dug into the ground and he shot out like a bullet. Usually he walked on all fours but this time he sprung with his hind legs like a beast.

He shot through the vortex of flames towards an Weed and Yellow suffered some injuries but they didn’t die.

“So fast. d.a.m.n!”

The tried to use his poison dagger but it was too late. Yellowy kicked him with the front legs.


The body armour was broken and the fell to the ground.


The warrior right behind him was. .h.i.t by Yellowy’s horns and flew back. Despite wearing thick armour, the warrior couldn’t resist at all and flew through the sky from the impact!

The rangers fired arrows but Yellowy just turned and kicked out with his hind legs.

Weed took advantage of this moment to jump down from Yellowy. He jumped towards the Hermes Guild members in the rear.


30 clones of Weed appeared.

Sword-cloning was good to make the enemy attack since the number of enemy targets increased.

“S-stop them!”

“Which one is real?”

“Just hit all of them!”

Van Hawk and Torido blocked the knights while Yellowy ran wild among the warriors.

Weed’s tactic was aiming for the magicians and priests. The most effective method was to cut off the weakest link.


The magicians and priests died in vain under Weed’s hands. The and ranger that Yellowy first kicked were killed by him. Weed also helped Van Hawk and Torido fight the knights and warriors.

He was a sculptor who managed to hunt a bone dragon as well as Barkhan.

The level of the users was identified from their items. He quickly determined the exact name of the item, its options and the price.

His fighting style would change depending on their strength and agility. He determined the health and defense of the enemy and attacked the vulnerable areas.

A keen eye! Bold decisions that allowed him to exert his strength to the maximum.

The final secret sculpting technique acted as a life insurance.

“It is slowly being cleaned up.”

This was definitely a situation where Weed placed Yellowy’s life at risk.

He wildly ran around and was only focused on the Hermes Guild.

Yellowy was staggering around as he fought the enemy. Several spears and arrows had pierced his body. Normally he would run away from any weapons but now he just continued the a.s.sault.

“He is almost dead!”

Yellowy’s injuries were severe as a Hermes Guild user dealt a final attack. An axe flew towards the red-eyed Yellowy.

Weed also saw it. Yellowy’s vitality and health had dropped to the bottom so he wouldn’t be able to avoid losing his life.

‘Yellowy will die. He was worked as a slave but…he is only one cow. He has to defend his life on his own. Too bad. Life is like that. The ribs and sirloin should be obtained.’

The same indifferent att.i.tude as seeing a child in the playground falling down.

‘I understand that Yellowy will die someday. I didn’t know today would be that day…in his next life, I hope he is born for a quiet life plowing rice paddies.’

Weed prayed for a short period of time as the weapon flew.

‘But the value has dropped lately. It is hard to know the value of the meat. Should I just eat Yellowy instead of selling him?’

Just as the weapon was about to hit Yellowy’s body.

“You shouldn’t die until your meat has more value. Moment Sculpting!”

Time was stopped.

Weed blocked the axe and then used his sword against the paladin. He only stopped time for a moment to commit some actions.

And time flowed on once again.


-A severe blow!

The enemy’s body has been destroyed from the impact.

The armour of the paladin has broken.

Health has been reduced by 164,390.

The user died.

-The Daemon Sword’s durability has been reduced by 11.

Maximum damage is reduced.

“Kuook. That teleportation…”

“Watch out for Blink.”

“Blink…the a.n.a.lysis is different! Doesn’t he only use it when he is a chaos warrior?”

“Straighten up!”

The users mistakenly thought they were dealing with blink. Mana was unstable for a short time after using blink so it was impossible to use magic. His sight also moved quickly so sometimes he would suffer if there was an obstacle in the way.

Moment Sculpting was an ultimate skill that stopped a piece of the world. He was alone in the frozen world so there were no constraints.

The Hermes Guild users soon lost their lives. Among them were elite users who killed the people of the north.

“Time Sculpting is useless outside of a fight!”

Weed burst out as he bandaged the injured Yellowy.

Yellowy’s wild eyes soon become afraid.

“You must hurt a lot. Stay comfortable and don’t worry about fighting. Sometimes things might be difficult but I am always looking after you.”


Yellowy was soothed and he summoned some sculptural lifeforms to reduce the risk.

Bahamorg, Goldman, Gernika, Seville, Vindex, Eltin and Cerberus. And the 40 Hermes Guild users were no match for the wyverns in the sky.

He climbed on Wy-3 and shot arrows from the sky. Shooting arrows as Wy-3 spread its wings and glided towards the ground was fun!

“Come down. You dirty b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Weed felt even more satisfied after hearing the curses of the Hermes Guild.

“The best method is through cowardice. The theory of the world.”

He could raise his level to 442 in just a week. There were also numerous t.i.tles and combat achievements. Every day was a constant battle but it was a ma.s.sive short term growth.

The Hermes Guild users allowed him to grow quicker but also had an intelligence network. They would hide their bodies whenever a wyvern was seen in the sky or a person riding a bull was seen.

“It is so easy to raise my level…it is like eating for free.”

Weed was glad about the Hermes Guild’s presence in the Northern Continent but they were sad.

The Arpen Kingdom was currently suffering serious damage. Travelling and trade between villages and cities were blocked while security deteriorated.

The people from the Central Continent were the worst thieves!

“There is nothing to eat so we should steal it.”

Thieves and monsters ran unchecked. The food warehouses were looted and there were rumours of monsters breeding.

It was unknown how much was true or false. The only thing that was certain was that the Arpen Kingdom had turned into a battlefield and the number of victims was growing!

The northern users were constantly fighting with the Hermes Guild users. The Hermes Guild had immensely strong individuals but it was no use if they were noticed.

“There. The Hermes Guild members!”


The Hermes Guild members would be chased by hundreds and thousands of users, with more people constantly joining.

The fierce battles destroyed the infrastructure and roads of the Arpen Kingdom.

“There is a famous saying that talks about following someone into the river.”

Weed and the northern users regarded the Hermes Guild members as a hunting ground. He also collaborated with some of the strong northern users.

“I am a level 410 archer. My name is Gongitba. I was introduced by Mapan-nim. Do you have a place for me?”

“Hmm. I was told you were coming a short time in advance. Any donations?”

“This money has been prepared with much difficulty. 140,000 gold.”

“Ahem. It might be difficult but this is for the entire Arpen Kingdom.”

“I am aware of that. I heard about how Weed-nim sacrificed so much to develop Morata into the Arpen Kingdom.”

“It is embarra.s.sing to hear such things.

“No. Weed-nim is my hero and the mentor of my life.”


He had established Morata and the Arpen Kingdom but the story had grown closer to a myth.

At night, there was a festival in Morata where food was handed out and sculptures were made to evoke hope for the next day.

Weed had saved the residents from the vampires and gave birth to the Tower of Light. Therefore, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that an artistic spirit burned in them.

It was also the hometown of many Gra.s.s Porridge members.

The Arpen Kingdom was a fledging kingdom but there was a sense of unity because they had overcome adversity together.

“Wah. It is really Wy-3.”


The high level northern users were impressed as they watched the sculptural lifeforms.

Bingryong, Phoenix, Imugi etc. were all mythical creatures. They had grown since being born so their appearances were amazing.

Bingryong was a huge 450 metres from head to tail.

A monster with an immense size. Compared to its size, the power was a bit lacking but the huge body was still overwhelming. Sometimes it would be a model for painters, earning a pocket allowance!

Phoenix was loyal and would hunt by raising his charm stat and making the colourful pattern much more attractive. Many users wished to see the spectacular sight of his feathers glowing in the light of the sunset.

Imugi had a firm body and was covered in elegant scales. An eccentric form that was closer to a snake than a dragon.

The sculptural lifeforms were made from sculptures so charm was an essential stat. It wasn’t uncommon for them to become more beautiful as they grew.

Sometimes the sculptural lifeforms would boast among themselves when they met.

The ma.s.s produced wyverns were different and constantly argued with each other.

“These incompetent b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Anyway, I made some useless things.”

They were always abused by Weed but the users thought differently.

“Weed made really beautiful sculptures.”

“An artist. His soul burns beautifully. He can’t be blamed for it not being perfect. Artists are forever pursuing perfection.”

“He chose to be a sculptor on the Versailles Continent. The sculptures are the fruits of his labour.”

Bingryong was the symbol of creativity and stylish beauty.

The wyverns were praised for their ruggedness. Weed had divided the wyverns into Wy-1, Wy-3, etc. Their appearances only slightly diverged from each other.

The users and Gra.s.s Porridge Cult members lacked common sense when it came to the wyverns.

All the sculptural lifeforms a.s.sociated with Weed had the hottest popularity among the northern users.

“I have come. I am a level 430 magician. My name is Loainde.”

“I hate to say this but prices are recently skyrocketing. The situation is a little different.”

“I am fully aware of the situation. Here is 170,000 gold.”

“Huhuhu. It must have been hard to make this money.”

“I sold a few magic books.”

They were allowed to fight with him in exchange for some exorbitant prices.

“A profit. There is no end to what I can sell in the Arpen Kingdom.”

He got some pocket money for fighting against the Hermes Guild! Gaining money and fighting the Hermes Guild, it was like killing two birds with one stone.

Weed was generous to his rich customers.

“There are three other people that way. Please do well!”


“Do you need to clean your sword or armour? This is a free service.”

“Ohhh. Weed-nim is directly doing this. I am grateful…”

The high level northern users were like well-behaved children in front of Weed. Of course, they weren’t pure young children.

The partic.i.p.ation fee was expensive but they would be safe while fighting with Weed. Weed was the king in the north and the creator of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult so he had a network.

The users could also acquire a profit by processing the loot obtained from the Hermes Guild. Besides, the videos got high ratings all over the world so it was chance for the high level users to get their names known.

Weed and his colleagues immediately took care of any Hermes Guild members they found. In fact, the number of partic.i.p.ants was over 700 people so it was closer to an army. An elite group of northern users.


“I want to join the hunt.”

The number of northern users applying grew out of control. Once it exceeded 1000 people, they were divided into several squads with the sculptural lifeforms.

Patrols were put in place around Morata.

Weed visited many locations thanks to Wy-3 and Yurin.

There were 20,000 Hermes Guild users. The people scattered all over the place were hunted down.

The thoughts of the Hermes Guild users changed.

‘I would rather kill the novices.’

‘My achievements in the guild will be swept away.’

‘Smash the villages. As well as those people in the north. Those ideas have turned to ashes.’

They were frequently killed by Weed and the northern users.

Even if they didn’t suffer directly, they heard rumours about it.

‘I need to consider my own body.’

‘A clear opportunity…I can’t let my ident.i.ty be discovered.’

‘d.a.m.n. I can’t move around freely. I am scared to move.’

They couldn’t completely prevent the raid of the 20,000 Hermes Guild users but it was weakened.

Many of them killed several beginners before losing their lives.

The damage caused to the Arpen Kingdom plummeted accordingly. Weed had a decisive advantage when moving alone on the Central Continent.

Even if they sent out trackers to search the continent, it was impossible to find one person.

He had the mobility to go anywhere he wanted and he could conceal himself with Sculpture Transformation.

The individual Hermes Guild members were strong but their red names revealed themselves. Their numbers were increasingly dropping so they started regretting it.

The raids on the villages of the Arpen Kingdom subsided to some extent. But the real damage occurred in the devastated areas.

Refugees wandered the s.p.a.cious ruins. Now the Hermes Guild users were in a serious dilemma.

“Isn’t this bad? It is like we came to the north in vain.”

Their purpose in coming to the north was to turn the Arpen Kingdom into ashes. They would cause great damage to the national power over time.

Right now they were being tracked and the harm was outweighing the benefits.


They hid their bodies and watched a beginner level 30 girl walking. The novices were easy but it was difficult for the Hermes Guild because other users would appear.

“Should we wipe them out?”

“If we touch them then we will be tracked all day.”

“Stay well hidden. It will be difficult.”

“What is this? It is ridiculous.”

It was absurd as they saw a destroyed village recover after a few days.

Novice beginners gathered together and started working.

“This village was formerly a pure shanty village…the road planning was also a mess.”

“Should we make it properly?”

“No. It isn’t necessary. There isn’t that type of money. We just need to come up with rough ideas for living.”

Dozens of wooden houses and fences were completed.

“Now. Cheap. Cheap! A dream house for only 4 silver. The house won’t leak when there is a rain shower. It will even withstand the rising winds. An architect’s conscience won’t allow me to use rotten wood!”

The pa.s.sing users entered the village to look at the houses. There were just a few walls and wooden beams connected.

“Isn’t this s.p.a.ce neat?”

“It is like destroying a newly built house. It was a type of reconstruction. We can expand the living room and kitchen areas.”

“Ah. This is much better.”


-The house has been bought.
-More than 300 houses have been sold.

The village has been restored.

The Hermes Guild lived on a continent where the history and culture had been established for hundreds of years so they were baffled.

‘A city was just created.’

The Central Continent were filled with well-built residential buildings and shops. The Arpen Kingdom was filled with shanty villages and homes made of clay.

However, the users that had their property broken would curse on the bulletin boards.

“Obviously we are strong but…”

“We are predators. Everybody is scared of the Haven Empire but the atmosphere here is strange.”

Hunters seeking the Hermes Guild appeared en

The north didn’t care about things like the dignity of the Hermes Guild or fearing them.

“Can’t we get great items if they are eliminated? Hrmm. You have a point. There are exclusive quests and hunting grounds on the Central Continent so they will have luxury equipment.”

“What? Isn’t it worth dozens of whole chickens?”

An opportunity for a fortune!

Rumours of the good loot obtained from those with high infamy spread through the north.

The Hermes Guild members were like walking treasures trying to avoid the gaze of other people.

Weed had caused enormous damage on the Central Continent but this situation was completely different.


Weed stood at the place where the Earth Palace was being built.

The wreckage of the collapsed palace had been cleared and new buildings erected.

Unlike before, this palace was built on a wide area. Beyond that, Dawn City was visible on the plains.

There were major roads, waterways, commercial district and residential district. Thus, thousands of river courses were built and spread out over a wide area.

This could be called a large scale city on the Versailles Continent. The entire construction site was visible! A city built with stone and wood that blended with beautiful scenery and rivers.

‘The housing is like a goose laying a golden egg.’

This entire area was the new capital of the Arpen Kingdom.

He was able to acc.u.mulate ma.s.sive wealth from buying in advance land that would be developed into stores and houses.

‘A person should really look at the newspaper and television. It might be hard but you should learn.’

Weed‘s pockets went into the Arpen Kingdom.

The collapse of the Earth Palace might have been better in the long run.

The location of the new city was more robust. There were also investments in the land!

“Climbing a hill and mountain is tricky. It is better to have the Royal Palace on flat land.”

In fact, the value of the Earth Palace was beyond imagination.

With the advent of the kingdom, quite a few high level users moved from the Central Continent to the north.

Although Mapan’s Trading Company had the most power in the market, small and medium merchants scored a jackpot every day.

The wealthy wanted to build luxury mansions near the palace and Weed gladly accepted.

The gap between rich and poor wasn’t a problem. Royal Road was a world where everyone was equal.

They could earn a nice house through hunting, adventuring or production. The users in the north could live in shacks or mansions. The tax rate was low and there were a number of development projects in progress.

Nevertheless, the kingdom’s finances didn’t run out.

By default, Weed’s land speculation was at a national level. He colluded with architects to sell state owned land to users. The architects were glad because they could freely display their talents.

The Arpen Kingdom’s lands and buildings were different from reality.

“However, there is a limit to the kingdom’s growth…”

Weed looked at the vacant lots left in the Dawn City.

The city continued to become more crowded as people flocked to it. The Arpen Kingdom’s development potential was high due to the low taxes, rich resources and high beginner users.

But the raid of the Haven Empire made any sustainable development impossible.

The local villages were destroyed, trade routes cut off and production facilities collapsed. 70% of the production facilities were concentrated in places like Morata, Port Varna, Vargo Fortress and Vent Castle but there was still some damage.

The villages were important for the future development of the region and the cut off trade routes destroyed the potential of a village. The kingdom’s military and administrative resources needed to be spread over a vast territory.

In addition, there were a few large and useless land in the Arpen Kingdom that couldn’t be developed. The monsters and bandits were prevalent so it would cost a lot to develop it into a city.

“If it is only in the vicinity of Morata or the Dawn City…in the long run, it will be difficult if development isn’t scattered throughout the north.”

That wasn’t the worst thing.

If the Hermes Guild sent second and third waves of raiders then the Arpen Kingdom’s growth would be completely cut off. He didn’t want this to happen to the Arpen Kingdom so effective strategies were needed.

“There are many people smarter than me. So these attacks can’t continue. I can’t hope for good luck.”

Weed realized that it was time to make a decision.

“I need to prepare the Arpen Kingdom for a march. The Haven Empire’s actions aren’t acceptable.”

The Haven Empire’s affairs were a mess and some facilities hadn’t recovered from previous wars.

The Haven Empire was going after the Northern Continent but the people of the Arpen Kingdom weren’t normal.

“In the future, I wonder who will fall down first.”

Weed decided on a war. He could try negotiating with the Haven Empire in order to smooth relations.

It would require a compromise every time.

But when taking into account his interests in the future, it was important not to let the real estate in the Arpen Kingdom fall.

Grand Buildings were constructed in the north but that wouldn’t be possible if security was bad.

In addition, it would be difficult to topple the Haven Empire.


The people of the north hadn’t forgotten the pain they suffered at the Earth Palace.

“They will definitely invade us again. We need to prepare for the future. This dishonour can’t be allowed to be repeated again.”

Everybody knew that the Hermes Guild would attack again. They were just waiting for that day. The Arpen Kingdom felt like home so they didn’t want the Hermes Guild to control it.

The high ranking officials in the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult held weekly meetings.

“King Weed’s power alone isn’t enough. It is because we have no power.”

“We have to give him support.”

“We are scattered individuals. The previous war showed that there are obvious limitations in our tactics.”

“Um. We could barely manage to keep up with the tremendous damage.”

“Right now, it will be difficult to prevent repeated attacks from the Haven Empire. Being continuously destroyed can’t be in our future.”

“We should nurture an elite group. The avians are also resources we should take advantage of.”

The birth of the Gra.s.s Porridge Army!

They would become the Arpen Kingdom’s army.

-Gra.s.s Porridge Army’s Conduct

  1. We are founded to protect the peace of the Versailles Continent. We won’t tolerate injustice and will fight for the people.
  1. In order to fund the Gra.s.s Porridge Army, each user should donate a certain amount of money every month. The donation amount will be left to your conscience.
  1. The Gra.s.s Porridge Army is voluntary. However, users will be placed according to their ability and have to convene whenever there is a war. The northern users will respect you for your hard work and dedication. You will receive benefits while hunting and in stores, as well as the best support on quests.
  1. Soldiers will be cla.s.sified as active or reserve. The active soldiers have to attend two training meetings every month. You will have to bring your own consumables and military supplies. This is so we can afford to pay you.
  1. The commanders will represent the Gra.s.s Porridge Army to Weed, the G.o.d of War. Each commander will be in the middle of combat.

The Commander in Charge had the right to declare a cease-fire and peace negotiations.

Weed felt a slight discomfort as the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult formed a loyal army for the Arpen Kingdom.

They were called a separate army but they still followed Weed’s commands in war. In fact, the people in the Gra.s.s Porridge Army could lead just as well as Weed.

From his perspective, Weed thought so.

“Eggs or eggs…there isn’t much difference.”

Everybody had images of guarding the north as part of the Gra.s.s Porridge Army. Everyone was free to join the army of the Arpen Kingdom.

The Gra.s.s Porridge Army already had more than 4 million troops. It was more than the total troops of another country!

There were several members of the army who were high ranking military officials in reality.

The Gra.s.s Porridge Army, Gra.s.s Porridge Navy, Gra.s.s Porridge Air Force and even the Military Manpower Administration was established.

The Bamboo Shoots unit that consisted of beginners over level 40 received lessons and were organized as reserves.

Although they were prepared to defend the Arpen Kingdom, the Hermes Guild’s invasion was too quick.

The military officials of the Gra.s.s Porridge Army held a meeting.

“We should mobilize the army.”

“The organization of the army isn’t efficient to chase those guys.”

“Some kind of war on terror…hrmm.”

“Should we dedicate 300,000 members of the Gra.s.s Porridge Army for the establishment of an anti-terrorism unit?”

“No, we shouldn’t increase the number of organizations. The right skills are needed.”

There were urgently discussing when Weed repelling the Hermes Guild members was broadcasted.

“Indeed…His Majesty.”

“Um. It is amazing. The northern users are taking care of them.”

“But the damage…”

“From now on, they are the enemy. We need to be careful.”

Nonetheless, the Gra.s.s Porridge Army kept on thinking. The army hadn’t taken any action despite being invaded.

A third of the Arpen Kingdom had already been lost to the Haven Empire.

“We need to retaliate in some way…”

“We will have the soldiers join the northern users.”

And Weed sent a message to them.

-Spring has come.

The entire continent will be turned into a meadow.

“This is the pa.s.sword for a declaration of war.”

“Let’s do it. We will be Weed’s sword.”

“We will announce it to the people.”

The Gra.s.s Porridge Army formally declared war on the Haven Empire.

Obviously the broadcasting stations were told. It was the talk of the Versailles Continent.

Lemon of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult appeared live on the television.

She was a high school girl wearing a uniform.

Oh Joo-wan asked with a serious face.

“Are you serious? The Arpen Kingdom and Gra.s.s Porridge Cult will undergo a joint invasion of the Haven Empire. The whole continent will be immersed in a war. The repercussions will sweep through all the people.”

“Yes. We have made this decision. The Hermes Guild has been bothering the people of this continent. We have gathered to defeat them. There won’t be a chance to win if we don’t act now. Only fighting will allow us no regrets.”

Lemon didn’t hesitate to express that the Hermes Guild was evil.

It was rare to find any users of the Arpen Kingdom and the continent who hadn’t fallen victim to the Hermes Guild.

The justification to fight through was delivered though the broadcasting stations. The mood was already hostile towards the Hermes Guild.

“The Gra.s.s Porridge Army is waiting for the righteous people. In two days, we will a.s.semble at the plains south of Dawn City. I hope those who see this broadcast will come there.”

A rallying cry from a girl dressed in a school uniform.

Two days quickly pa.s.sed.

The next day, the earth at the plains south of Dawn City couldn’t be seen at all. People endlessly covered the south of the city.

“What? It is here, right?”

“Why are there so many people? Let me pa.s.s.”

“It is full of people.”

“Where is the line to sign up?”

“Hey. It is over here.”

“There is no end to it. Even looking side to side.”

Showing off the natural forces of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult!

The northern users were also flocking.

“It seems like it is going to rain. It is so dark.”

“I can’t see any faces. Heeok! Birds!”

People looked up as the sky was covered.

The avians! The recently popular avians took control of the skies.

Chirp chirp chirp.



“I’m in position. Other wings are hitting me. Mind your basic manners.”

“Tweet tweet. Night owls should go down to the bottom.”

“Be careful of the claws and beaks!

The sky was so crowded that it was hard to feel comfortable flapping their wings.

The gra.s.s porridge users had already formed a consensus about the war.

‘Regain the territory of the Arpen Kingdom.’

Weed was enough reason for the gra.s.s porridge users to follow.

The Hermes Guild and Haven Empire were scared of him.

The Central Continent couldn’t compete with the numbers in the Northern Continent. Every fight they won was due to their overwhelming numbers.

They clearly knew the greatness of having larger numbers due to the results.

A mixed martial arts person would be scared meeting more than 10 high school students at night.

“Mother. We are going to fight. Why? We are blacksmiths.

“Oh I don’t know. The lady next door moved.”

“Honey. This way?”

“Come quickly. The entire neighbourhood is coming so we can’t be late.”

More than one million people were moving.

Not all of the people there were going to fight. The merchants opened a market to sell goods.

“Now. Cheap cheap. Military shoes for only 2 gold. There are a variety of sizes so please pick one.”

“There are warm blankets for sleeping. Directly selling it.”

“For the next three minutes, I am selling a perfect map for travelers. From here towards the south!”

The users were eagerly talking about the war.

“I want to fight the Hermes Guild.”


“It is interesting. And there will be high publicity.”

“Isn’t it more fun than playing around on the hunting grounds?”

“Right. This is a wonderful taste.”

The fight with the Hermes Guild was recognized as a type of annual event.

The battles would be shown all over the world. This motivated the users hunting to concentrate on the war with the Hermes Guild.

In particular, many gra.s.s porridge members had died in the battle at the Earth Palace.

Killed like worms! They wore black clothes and a black hat as they prepared to rush towards the enemies. It was a spectacular sight from the sky as the number of users greatly increased. Some of them had accomplished a lot after dying.

“But when is Weed coming?”

“Will there be an opening ceremony?”

The northern users were clamouring.

A big uproar suddenly occurred at Dawn City.

“Wow! The warrior Python-nim!”

“The adventurer Spenson is partic.i.p.ating directly.”

But the disturbances didn’t end there. The atmosphere heated up like Weed or Lemon were going to appear.

It was at that moment.

There was a buzz as users ran from the south towards the east.

“What is it?”

“What? Beyond…are we going to war already?”

“Going without a ceremony…”

The crowd had expected Weed to appear and give some words of encouragement. They wanted courage to be incited before facing the Haven Empire. However, the news was quickly pa.s.sed from the east.

“Hey, they have come.

“Who is coming?”

“The orc corps.”

“I-I see!”

The mountains in the far east.

A dust cloud seemed to be rising from beyond the mountains. A dust cloud that seemed like a sandstorm was coming closer.

Then another dust cloud rose from the opposite direction.

“Who is over there?”

“Bamboo Shoots unit.”

“There is no end to them. There are a lot. Really…”

The crowd of users felt some emotions rising. It seemed like a threat was approaching from the mountains so it was shocking to some.

“Urgent news. That is just the European troops of the Bamboo Shoots unit.”


“Europe is the 1st unit while there are those from Africa, Asia and the Americas. An avian tried to watch and crashed after becoming dizzy!”

The users gathered to the south of Dawn City were in suspense.

All their colleagues were gathered here to fight for the freedom of the Versailles Continent. Of course, it was a good thing but those who came first were worried about their safety.

“Let’s go!”

“If you don’t want to die then go after the Haven Empire!”

The Gra.s.s Porridge Army gathered near Dawn City started moving. And after a few hours, the size of the crowd never diminished.

“It is a relief that we didn’t come too late. Where are the 49 members of the Toadstool Porridge unit?”

“They have already started departing to the south.”

“Uh. Such perception!”

People started running or riding towards the south.

“Huhu. It is worth delaying some time to form the Hamburger unit.”

“I believe it. The Brown Rice Porridge unit will be able to save the world.”

“We are the dedicated Citrus Porridge unit!”

“Tropical fruits such as mango. Let us move together for the sake of the fruits!”

New branches of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult started moving. And the orcs finally emerged.



The faces of the orcs were red with anger as they said.

“The 1819th Pig Porridge troops have arrived. Chiiik!”


Michel of the Black Sword Mercenaries, Roam of the Roam Guild, Gunter of Lion Star Guild, Carlise of the Black Lion Guild and Sherwood of the Cloud Guild.

The representatives of the previous prestigious guilds on the Central Continent were gathered in one place again.

“Congratulations. Michel-nim.”

“The battle in Gradian Kingdom was really impressive. The Hermes Guild must be seething.”

“Huhu. It was nothing.”

They exchanged heartwarming stories first.

After their defeat to the Hermes Guild, they had wandered as fugitives and rebels. But despite the rebellions occurring everywhere, they were continuing to receive damage. In some cases, members of the guild weren’t happy and decided to leave.

Therefore Michel’s victory was a thrilling event.

Roam arranged the meeting today.

“Rather, we should be talking about our plans.”

“What…are we changing our policy regarding attacking the Haven Empire?”

Sherwood showed some interest.

The Cloud Guild boasted the largest number of forces and received the most damage. He wanted to quickly regain the glory of the past.

“We need a way of dealing greater damage to the economy of the Haven Empire.”


“I don’t know.”

“Huh? Are you joking right now?”

Sherwood was trying to contain his temper when Roam pulled out a sheet of paper.

“I received this message from Weed.”

-Draw your power together.

The time will come.

“Weed’s letter? He once again plans to feed us to the Haven Empire!”

“Oh. I guess an incident will be occurring soon.”

Michel, Carlise, Gunter and Sherwood weren’t pleased.

“How frivolous. He has no manners.”

“Something like this…we aren’t his henchmen. He is too arrogant.”

It was impossible for them to deal with the Hermes Guild. But their pride meant they didn’t want to follow Weed’s commands.

Sherwood started thinking.

‘It would be better to just watch. We can flank them while Weed and the Hermes Guild are fighting. Even if that doesn’t happen…there might be a better chance for the Cloud Guild to move. No, I should pretend to follow the command. Then I will decide according to my own interests.’

Sherwood’s brain was busy. Michel and Carlise were happy about the damage that would be caused to the Hermes Guild. However, they soon started to determine the pros and cons.

‘There is something going on. That is for certain. Is there any way to obtain the best benefits?’

‘Weed fighting the Hermes Guild isn’t a bad thing. Both sides might fall but it will be better if Weed lasts longer.’

Everyone was silent since being shown the letter.

They were tacitly listening to Weed’s words. It was a situation they hadn’t experienced before.

In addition, Weed’s letter wasn’t harmful to them.

Roam thought one step further.

“Weed didn’t reveal a lot. But let’s make a promise in this place. No matter what happens, we should support Weed.”

Michel saw the benefits. However, Gunter was puzzled.

“There is no need to go so far. We haven’t made an agreement with him.”

The other leaders also weren’t impressed.

Sherwood in particular had crazy eyes. He didn’t feel like it was necessary to help Weed.

“I feel rushed. I will give a good explanation.”

Roam fully understood their position. He was the one who knew the most about Weed.

He knew Weed was an awful opponent to annoy. Weed instinctively identified the weaknesses and persistently used it to create favourable situations.

Now that Weed was fighting the Hermes Guild, it was important to revisit the circ.u.mstances.

“Let’s clear up the situation from when we were defeated by the Hermes Guild.”

Roam started telling a long story.

Everyone on the continent knew about the birth of the Hermes Guild and their purpose. They used several plans to slowly take over the Haven Kingdom.

The leaders already knew this but they still listened to Roam.

“The Hermes Guild could be called perfect. They raised their power and defeated us. The construction of the Haven Empire on the Central Continent was the culmination of a grand plan.”

The leaders felt bad after hearing Roam’s words but they still nodded. In addition to their great power, the Hermes Guild were thoroughly prepared. Their method of taking over the Central Continent seemed natural.

“But after thinking about it, I finally realized why the Hermes Guild weakened.”

“The reason?”

“Yes. The Hermes Guild focused all their plans on controlling the Central Continent. They intended to take over the east and north.”

Michel muttered.

“They don’t have any weaknesses.”

“Of course. They dominated the Central Continent so it is natural to think that they could unify the Versailles Continent.”

Everyone in the Central Continent thought so. Until recently, they thought no one could compete with the Haven Empire’s technology and economy.

“But why can’t they overcome that last hump? The Haven Empire should have united the entire continent already. However, their unification of the continent is actually far from complete.”

“The territories are too big…”

“That is an obvious weakness.”

Gunter started realizing the meaning of the words.

Roam continued talking.

“The low security and low loyalty of the residents is also a reason. The so called invincible Hermes Guild was defeated. And their Imperial Palace was even destroyed. Now this is the important part. Who was the one that revealed all these weaknesses?”

One name surfaced in all their minds.


“That’s right. It is correct. If he isn’t in this world then the Hermes Guild would have completely conquered the Versailles Continent. And n.o.body would be able to fight the Hermes Guild.”

Without Weed, the north was likely to still be an undeveloped area.

The east would have been destroyed by the Embinyu Church and the heir to the desert quest wouldn’t have occurred in the south.

The invincible Hermes Guild army would have wiped out the north. Then the Haven Empire could focus all their power on the Central Continent to minimize the confusion.

The rebellions wouldn’t have progressed this far. There would be a minimum of economic loss without the north to flee to.

‘This is all because of Weed.’

‘He repeatedly grabbed the ankles of the Hermes Guild…and ruined Lafaye’s long term plan.’

The severe situation occurring in the Central Continent that they were exploiting wouldn’t have happened without Weed.

He had started in the Rosenheim Kingdom and gradually moved to the north.

‘Did he intend for this to happen? Did he systematically aim at the weaknesses of the Hermes Guild?’

The leaders who used to represent influential forces couldn’t help remaining silent.

One individual had such a large effect on the Versailles Continent. All his movements resulted in the weakening of the Hermes Guild.

They belatedly realized that it was amazing.

“Weed caused all of these events. Lafaye and the Hermes Guild were drawn in by Weed. That is enough reason for us to strongly support him.”

The other leaders were no longer opposed to his words after Roam’s declaration.

The current situation wouldn’t be possible without Weed. Their forces would have been easily defeated by the Hermes Guild.

They acknowledged that their strength couldn’t exceed the Hermes Guild.

Roam said.

“Help Weed. That is the only option available to us. If Weed loses then the Hermes Guild will be a worse enemy than ever.”


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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