The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 45 Chapter 4

Chapter 4) Puhol Fortress

Yoo Byung-jin was keeping an eye on Royal Road through the artificial intelligence.

“The entire continent is embroiled in a war.”

The elite troops of the Haven Empire were defending against the north and the south. Meanwhile, the ma.s.sive number of users in the Arpen Kingdom were moving to fight.

In the past, the decision of a person could start or stop a war.

Unicorn Corporation a.n.a.lyzed that this war wasn’t that simple.

There was a wide crack in the Haven Empire and the Arpen Kingdom needed to defeat them in order to grow. As the war broke out, more heroes and rising stars would start to emerge.

Each of the broadcasting stations had teams for the featured specials.

-This is a decisive war.

-The final winner will dominate the Versailles Continent!

-The dream of a king.

There were a variety of t.i.tles as they waited for the war.

It would be a battle of an unprecedented scale on the Versailles Continent. It would impact the entire continent. The final winner of the war would end up dominating the Versailles Continent.

“As long as there are no big accidents, it will be between Weed and Bardray. One of these two people will be the first emperor to unify Royal Road.”

Yoo Byung-jin watched with a lot of regret.

“It would be a little better if he was more skillful.”

Weed started late in Royal Road.

If he started Royal Road from the beginning and chosen a combat profession then he would have become much stronger. It was clear just by looking at the desert quest.

If he obtained the final secret technique of a martial artist then no opponent would be able to match him. There would be no opponent under heaven as he opened up new paths.

He probably still would have ended up in the north through a different path and developed it. The power of his combat troops would have been invincible. Given Weed’s tenacity, there would be no end to his achievements.

“What is the story behind not starting Royal Road immediately?”

Yoo Byung-jin asked the artificial intelligence for a detailed background check.

However, there were no recording devices in the past so it was impossible to investigate everything.

“Was it unavoidable circ.u.mstances due to a traffic accident or something?”

The artificial intelligence took advantage of all available resources, including the US and South Korea’s military satellites.

-I found out the correct facts. Doctor-nim.

“Yes. What was the reason?”

-He watched Royal Road to determine the prospects.

“Prospects? What does that specifically mean?”

-To determine whether he can make money or not…


Yoo Byung-jin had used the combination of advanced science and technology to develop Royal Road.

However, Lee Hyun had watched and waited to determine if it would be lucrative or not.

“I don’t believe in venture companies. They might be secret criminals from overseas with an ulterior motive.”

Lee Hyun was recorded saying this as he withdrew his living expenses from the bank.

“A really absurd guy.”

Yoo Byung-jin felt like his blood pressure was rising.

“Anyway, he is not fully human. Only a few months ago, the Haven Empire wouldn’t have thought Weed would raid them. The Hermes Guild failed to use the broadcasts and public opinion properly.

It was regrettable for Bardray and the Hermes Guild.

Their meticulous plans for conquering the continent wasn’t thoroughly completed. They had a few important chances to perfectly capture the Central Continent.

Based on their military and economic power, they would be able to show a convincing domination over other players. However, they avoided the Embinyu Church and disappointed the users of the Central Continent.

If they had showed off their absolute power and fought the Embinyu Church without hesitation, then they would have won.

Instead, they revealed that their power wasn’t invincible. The public sentiment changed into thinking they were a selfish group that only cared about concentrating their power.

Even now, they couldn’t unify the continent after conquering the centre. Lafaye was too busy thinking about the falling economic power of the Haven Empire.

They tried many things but couldn’t achieve their dreams. They were a huge organization that lost momentum as various weaknesses were revealed.

The Hermes Guild switched from conquering the continent to governing as the high level users tried to hold on to their rice bowl.

It might have been better for them to focus their military power on conquering the continent and then coping afterwards. If they tried to reign through force then their empire would only have a brief period of glory. No one knew what would happen if they reigned over the continent for 1 year, 2 years and so on.

“It is a shame about Weed. They would have won if they aimed for him sooner. The Hermes Guild cared too much about their reputation and didn’t invest everything into taking the north. Of course, their forces a few months ago couldn’t be compared.”

Weed and Bardray.

Public sentiment followed Weed but Bardray had the strongest power and support.

“It can no longer be helped. It will play out now.”

The AI Versailles spoke from the monitor in the middle of the laboratory.

-I can simulate the probability of Weed and Bardray conquering the continent.

“There is no need.”

Yoo Byung-jin refused the artificial intelligence.

It didn’t always occur according to the possibilities.

“Are the preparations for handing over all the rights and properties to the person who conquers Royal Road ready?”

-Of course.

The person would obtain shares of Unicorn Corporation and other affiliated companies.

There were also investments in many large companies around the world and would have the power to influence politicians.

It was frightening how much wealth and power the person who took over Royal Road would have.

Yoo Byung-jin wanted the victor to enjoy that money and power.

-But there were some side effects.

“What are the side effects?”

-Do you want your successor to be scheduled for the genetic manipulation based on biotechnology to turn them into a superman?

“Right. That is an indispensable part.

The heir should be perfect in every way.

A brilliant brain and exceptional body. Every human should envy his heir. In particular, they should have endless energy. A person that even a proud man would bow to.

-Animal experimentation into genetic manipulation has shown that the brain functions are excessively stimulated.

“Then it failed?”

As a protective instinct, the body seems to enter a self-hypnosis. The weak will create their own s.p.a.ce and never wake up.


Yoo Byung-jin was upset.

It was his lifelong goal. If it was a failure then the final result could be that the conqueror of Royal Road would refuse to wake up.

“How can the chances of success be increased?”

-There is no way to interfere with the human will itself.

It was likely that the first conqueror of Royal Road would die or fall into a coma.

Yoo Byung-jin briefly looked back on his life.

‘Where did it start to go wrong?’

At first, he had pure intentions as he dreamed of creating technology for a virtual reality.

He had achieved his personal goal of developing Royal Road. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to leave his wealth and power to a successor.

But the price was that the heir might lose their life. The dreams and hopes of the families would turn to grief.

There are numerous things that needed to be dealt with.

“We have come too far to stop here. Do everything to ensure that my plan continues as scheduled.”



Emperor of the Haven Empire.

Bardray was distressed after making a decision. In fact, he ended up having only one choice.

“I will walk the first path.”


-The Emperor has decided how to lead his empire.

“Forget my weak heart. All lives on this continent will be dominated by me.

Reign with blood over those who reject you.

Wash off your fatigue…”

The powerful reign of the Emperor of the Haven Empire has been decided.

You will be able to see through the rebels.

Sometimes excessive doubts will cause mistakes.

Experience and skill proficiency will increase when getting rid of the rebels.

Stats will rise quickly if you rule based on fear.

The growth rate of the knights who follow the Emperor will increase by 45%.

The knights and soldiers belonging to the empire can’t refuse any command from the Emperor.

But it will be difficult to obtain their true allegiance.

Those driven into a dead end will revolt.

Before losing his life, all of the Emperor’s stats will increase by 20.

“This isn’t too bad.”

Bardray was able to gain a large amount of experience and skill proficiency from the black knight quests.

The Haven Empire was currently at a great crossroads on the Versailles Continent but he believed he would be able to overcome the resistance of individuals.

The Hermes Guild supported him so he would have different results from a normal black knight emperor.


Weed heard the news that a large number of Arpen Kingdom users were heading south.

“The war has started.”

He was sorry for those who wanted a speech to boost morale but he was busy hunting.

The high level Hermes Guild users in the north were an excellent hunting ground.

He acted as a lich and was busy making the undead. During the battle, he wore Barkhan’s full set and his power of the dead reached 2,218.

One advantage of necromancers was that they became stronger quickly but there were some side effects. Faith, perseverance, concentration, fighting spirit and courage were suppressed so Weed would find it harder to remain human.

The side effects were already occurring when Weed made a sculpture.

A sculpture of a simple fox was granted evil life.

-Fox with Dark Shadows Under the Eyes

A lively, carved fox.

A nice and cute gift to give to children but something strange has happened.

Artistic Value: 3

The little sculpture of the fox starting moving by itself. It secretly gained a soul!

“Kilkilkil. Hehehehe!”

The fox sculpture had a wicked smile. It would be a horrible sight in the dark but Weed didn’t have a weak heart.

“I will tell you this.”


“I’ll be honest, I understand your position.”


The fox sculpture didn’t say anything.

“It isn’t your fault that you were born. I have the power of the dead…no. There is no need to explain this complex information. It might be difficult but I want to help.”

The feeling of a parent looking at a child!

The fox sculpture quietly moved its eyes in agreement. And then he said.

“I will gift you to a young girl.”

“I can tell you this as well. I knew this would happen.”

Weed grabbed the tail of the fox and sealed it in swaddling clothes.

The so-called evil sculpture collection! He wrote a separate phrase on the clothes.

-Recommended to give as a gift to noisy children.

“These are like the dolls that can be sold to collectors at high prices.”

In the past, Weed had worked part time at a doll store in the neighbourhood.

Adults dealing with pampered children would buy them dolls. Some of the children would kick and throw them. Hara.s.sing the doll was a way to relieve stress.

His sculpting proficiency reached 98.9% advanced level 9! The side effects of the death power over the sculptures was quickly resolved.

-The G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour had detected the abnormal status.

The abnormal status has been suppressed.

Hestia’s blessing has decreased the darkness by half.

The adverse effects caused by the power of death has decreased by half.

While processing the Hermes Guild and making sculptures, the power of the dead decreased to 1,338.

He would need some big plays as a lich to increase it. Minor battles would only increase it by 10~20 so it wouldn’t be a lot of fun.

A lich was useful for a large scale battle.

“The symbol of a necromancer is the rotten smell of skeletons and zombies.”

After mastering handicraft, his skill proficiency started increasing rapidly. In addition to miscellaneous skills, swordsmans.h.i.+p also grew faster.

The species related skills given by Sculpture Transformation were significantly higher.

“This is the truth in Royal Road.”

Weed would grow stronger if there was sufficient time.

His current level was 447.

There was prey littered all over the north. The Hermes Guild members were currently suffering.

They were obsessed with becoming stronger than others but right now they were behind enemy lines.

They fought skillfully with their colleagues and had great combat senses.

Nevertheless, they couldn’t demonstrate that proficiency against Weed and lost their lives.

“It doesn’t make any sense. Why is this happening? The intelligence networks determined that Weed’s level is in the early 400s.”

“He can wear better equipment with the blacksmith skill but we also have excellent equipment.”

“I don’t have to mention the skills. I have learned the best combination of skills for a swordsman. I’ve learned dual swordsmans.h.i.+p.”

Normally a sculptor would be no match against a swordsman in combat.

Weed wasn’t an ordinary sculptor. He mobilized all his production and artistic skills in battle.

The production skills gave him better sword and armour, while Sculptural Destruction could dramatically increase his power.

He had close and ranged sword techniques so the general users would naturally be troubled.

He also brought the sculptural lifeforms like Bahamorg, Eltin, Gernika and Goldman. They were normal but the monsters like Bingryong, Phoenix, Fire Giant, Imugi and King Hydra were nightmares for the Hermes Guild.

King Hydra and Phoenix had close to infinite health while Fire Giant would overturn all their plans on the battlefield.

Sometimes Weed would use Sculpture Transformation to turn into the worst species…

Orc Karichwi! The ignorant Karichwi just wielded a huge axe without answering. It would become harder fighting against an orc as time pa.s.sed.

He could also change into a chaos warrior. The Hermes Guild were terrified as a whole of Weed transforming into a lich.

Great Disaster Nature Sculpting! A wide area skill that caused a disaster.

The Hermes Guild members decided that it was impossible to storm the cities in the Arpen Kingdom.

Those who got hit by a disaster would fall into a critical condition and the sculpture lifeforms would reap the harvest.

The Hermes Guild hesitated before entering every hunting ground due to Weed.

“Weed hasn’t been seen today.”

“Maybe he has gone to war. The guild can now play…”

“An opportunity has come.”

They marched towards villages. They decided to indiscriminately attack the northern users and rebuilt villages.

“Today we will decimate them properly. Don’t leave any survivors. Gather in the vicinity of the Ker River.

However, they had barely been marching for one hour before encountering Weed and the sculptural lifeforms.

Bingryong and 40 other sculptural lifeforms. Enthusiasm was coming from the dignified creatures.

“He appeared just when I thought about it!”

Weed exterminated the Hermes Guild users. As many as 300 people lost their lives in a day. They were high level users in major areas of the north.

“Now he is gone.

“How dirty. I will get revenge.”

“Weed directly killed me. I will maim and kill him.”

The Hermes Guild users gathered again the following evening.

Their purpose was to plunder the Arpen Kingdom! Their goal was a village halfway between Morata and Sinsaeng Castle.

But they met Weed before arriving at their destination.

“How did he…?”

“I knew he would come out.”

Weed wiped them out.

The next day was the same.

A Hermes Guild user asked him before they died.

“Tell us honestly. Did you plant a spy among us?”


“It is a lie. You can’t show up so often without one.”

“There is something similar.”


“The kids eat at home and will come out during the day and night. Anyway, that is the case.”


Weed worked on eradicating the Hermes Guild.

He mobilized the sculptural lifeforms and many Hermes Guild members lost their lives in vain.

The Hermes Guild had a lot of experience hunting boss monsters but the sculptural lifeforms were different.

They weren’t cowardly and cooperated in battle. They complemented each other’s weaknesses in a fight. The Hermes Guild users were no match for the sculptural lifeforms.

Weed used disasters involving earthquakes and flooding.

“Farmlands will appear here in the future. Place it on the map…hrmm. I should buy some land around here.”

Cooperating with the avians meant that he saw right through the movements of the Hermes Guild.

Weed also had excellent knowledge of the terrain.

Weed had toured all the dangerous and safe places in the Northern Continent. Even if he wasn’t directly hunting, he would draw a map when moving through the area.

A map with all the knowledge of the area was like a treasure map for an adventurer!

“This is no good. There is a lot of rain and in the worst case situation, the river will flood.”

Weed created the map for land speculation.

The natural terrain could be changed through sculpting so the map was important for the development of the kingdom.

He marked forests, mountains, monster habitats and any good pieces of land.

He used the map and avians to track the movements of the Hermes Guild and could show up straight away.

The northern users accompanying Weed easily killed the Hermes Guild members but felt anxious.

“That…shouldn’t we join the war? We have to go.”

The Gra.s.s Porridge Cult was rus.h.i.+ng towards the Haven Empire’s occupied areas in the north.

They would have arrived by now so the users were confused about the reason why Weed was still hunting.

“The war? Well…I will go soon.”

“You said we would go this morning.”

“I am waiting.”

“The news showed that the battle has already started.”

“I haven’t received a deposit from the broadcasting stations yet…”



Alcard increased his troops to 1.9 million in the Haven Empire’s occupied northern territories.

He hurriedly supplemented the troops due to the emergency situation.

“Prepare the fortresses as planned!”

Alcard had the fortresses focused on defense as the northern users came flocking.

He used the funding from the Haven Empire to create rea.s.suring thick walls.

A fortress was established near the border traffic. They couldn’t go to the south without pa.s.sing through here.

The risk of a large army was that they couldn’t move quickly.

Puhol Fortress was built near a large river and would be used to annoy the northern users.

While 100,000~200,000 troops were stationed at different fortresses each, the remaining 1 million troops were at Puhol Fortress.

“They won’t be able to easily pa.s.s this fortress. We need to make this place like a mountain if they are going to attack.”

The Hermes Guild had learned from the previous two failures in the north. It was important to use psychological warfare from the start. They would make a fortress so impregnable to invasion that tactics would be meaningless.

The necromancer Krobidyun and his disciples also arrived in the north. Commander Alcard came to meet him directly at the teleport gate.

“I know that you are busy so thank you for coming here.”

“Kukuku. Necromancers are grateful to come to places like this.”

Krobidyun smiled with satisfaction as he looked around him.

The thick walls were 30m high and stretched endlessly from side to side. Plants grew on the walls and would emit poison at night.

They wanted to make it on the scale of the Great Wall of China but that was impossible in such a short time period.

The walls of this fortress was guarded by the reliable and invincible Haven Empire soldiers.

‘This is a great fortress.’

Fortresses had great power in a defensive war.

Several times in history, it had brought great benefits to the side of the defending army.

After a few victories utilizing the fortresses, there would be a psychological burden and people would be afraid to invade it.

“It really is a great fortress. Commander-nim’s ability is great to create it so quickly.”

“Those wet behind the ears people from the north should be flattered that we even consider them enemies.”

“When will they come?”

“We will probably be able to see them from noon today.”

“Then I will offer some sacrifices while waiting.”

The necromancers prepared for battle.

A large scale war.

It would be hard for the northern users to go against the necromancers. Due to the quick nature of a necromancer, Krobidyun’s level surpa.s.sed 500.

His level was close to Bardray but he didn’t dare say this openly. He was scared that he would have a disadvantage against Bardray and his followers’ strength.

‘In the long term…I will become more favourable. Because I am a necromancer.’

Krobidyun and his disciples only focused on training themselves. He came to the north because he saw it as a chance to gain several levels and skill proficiencies.

It was sufficient to stay behind Alcard and raise the undead. There was nothing easier.

“I look forward to your activeness.”

“Of course. I hope I show my value.”

By noon that day, something was coming from the southern skies.

Deng deng deng!

“The enemy!”

Puhol Fortress was in an emergency state and preparing for a war.

Now thousands of flying creatures were approaching.

They were always on the lookout for the wyverns and the avians. The archers aimed large bows towards the sky. These were special bows designed to improve their range against the avians. The magicians prepared their spells.

Soon the flying creatures entered a distance where they could be properly seen.

“Do not shoot. They are allies!”

The griffon corps!

They were mainly active in the Gradian area but then Myul lost his life to Weed. At the same time, he lost his most prized thunder spear.

“Defeat is unacceptable. But I can’t accept that he won through such cowardly means.”

In the end, the griffon corps came to the north to take revenge.

Puhol Fortress readied all its defenses and waited patiently.

The morale of Alcard and the other soldiers rose higher.

“Those northern b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. We will step on them properly!”

“We will unconditionally win under Alcard-nim’s leaders.h.i.+p. No one can get past this fortress.”

“I wanted to see my family. However, my family members will understand that I am fighting for the glory of the Haven Empire.”

Commander Alcard had exceptional abilities and high leaders.h.i.+p so the morale of the soldiers became even higher.

A march would lower stamina and morale but this fortress meant the soldiers had to fight without backing down.

There were also 20,000 Hermes Guild users. Half of them were active in the north while the rest arrived through the teleport gate.

There were also reporters from the broadcasting stations.

“This is Puhol Fortress. The wind is calm and the sky is clear. Today will be fierce so there is excitement on people’s faces.”

“Now I have arrived on scene. I’m guessing that the battle will take place in a few hours. The Haven Empire is busy reinforcing the walls and checking the defense facilities. This is Kang Beom-jin from CTS Media.”

The reporters were wearing dazzling outfits.

The reporters were deeply infatuated with Royal Road. They would be dispatched to some areas to relay an adventure.

Sometimes difficult situations would occur so the journalists faithfully raised their levels on days off.

The high levels and special equipment of the reporters sometimes caused a fierce compet.i.tion with the viewers.

After one hour, people started appearing from all over.

“Gra.s.s Porridge Cult!”

The users of the Hermes Guild were tense. They clearly saw the power of tactics when fighting a northern user.

The northern users were riding horses and bulls. Hundreds of people continued to flock and it quickly went beyond a thousand.

The Hermes Guild just watched. If they left the gates, then there would no doubt be a trap. For some reason, the northern users created campfires and pulled out pots. Some moved and harvested things from the area.


“I will eat gra.s.s porridge before I die.”

The users who arrived first boiled gra.s.s porridge according to a variety of tastes.

There were things like beef or shabu shabu gra.s.s porridge. They were eating gra.s.s porridge in this situation to fill their stomachs.

Among the people from Port Varna, seafood was quite popular.

“Kuah. I can’t kill the seafood. I can’t leave the seafood to die in this deep soup.”

“Don’t say that. All units are equal in the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult. Starting from today, I will belong to the Toadstool Porridge unit.”

“Sunbae-nim. It isn’t great.”

People continued to gather on the plains and ate their own food.

“A freshly caught earthworm. Two gold!”

“Fresh mugwort! It is delicious to eat with gra.s.s porridge. You can enjoy it for only 3 silver.”

“Crabs. The forelegs of the crabs won’t be sold. First come, first served!”

“Repairing weapons. Would you like me to do it for 3 copper?”

A market quickly formed in front of the walls.

Thousands of people were eating or trading. The northern merchants opened stalls and started earnestly selling goods.

“A large hammer to beat the Hermes Guild! Don’t worry about the durability and just freely wield it.”

“Leather armour that will protect your body anytime, anywhere! The leather armour has a special option to stop arrows. An absolute must when trying to go over the walls!”

“A ladder! A siege ladder that can hold six people is for sale. Hurry because there is a limited quant.i.ty. Today you will be the heroes that caused the fortress to fall!”

The northern merchants basically treated the lives like travel wipes.

They didn’t care about saving lives and only wanted to do business. The merchants of the Arpen Kingdom bought a variety of war supplies and brought them here to be sold.

There were plenty of Gra.s.s Porridge members to sell siege weapons to. The blacksmiths of Morata could also make money.

The open market on the battlefield played the role of supply troops. Thanks to the Hermes Guild blocking the Northern Continent, business had decreased so the merchants were willing to risk their lives.

They were the foundation that would allow the northern users to go to war.

Of course, if the Hermes Guild users died then there was an opportunity to aim for their loot. A merchant on the winning side of the war would reap astronomical profits.

“What is this?”

“This atmosphere before a war…I am losing power.”

The tension in the Hermes Guild members guarding the walls collapsed. They couldn’t help thinking it was ridiculous when they looked at the relaxed northern users.

Some faces became more determined as they watched the northern users.

‘This isn’t a joke. Everything is resolved with a logical solution.

‘If this fortress is captured… The northern occupied areas will be lost. Maybe even the Central Continent…’

The Hermes Guild members were also silent.

Acting like this before a battle only made the enemy seem more ominous. It was difficult to guess the result before the fight.

Shortly afterwards, a huge cloud of dust came from afar and signaled more northern users arriving.

“Gra.s.s porridge! Gra.s.s porridge! Gra.s.s porridge!”

The northern users came like a swarm of ants.

The soldiers guarding the walls placed their hands on their weapons.

“Prepare to fight!”

Some of the Hermes Guild members already prepared started trembling. However, those experienced in fights were numb.

“Don’t be surprised. It isn’t over yet.”


“It is just the beginning. They will keep coming.”

The norther users covered the entire land. The majestic sight of only humans.

More people kept arriving on the plains. There was no end to the people. Long ranged archers could fire anywhere and still hit someone, that’s how crowded it was.

“Gra.s.s porridge! Gra.s.s porridge! Gra.s.s porridge!”

The ground shook from the shouting and stamping. Even the strong walls were ringing as they kept flocking.

Alcard and the senior members of the Hermes Guild anxiously waited in silence.

‘Soon Weed will appear.’

Weed was the commander of the army.

A big match!

This was a battle that wasn’t just vying for control of the Northern Continent, but the whole Versailles Continent.

‘How will he emerge? He might pop up with another odd song. However, the position of the plains and the fortress is completely different.’

A commander’s competency would s.h.i.+ne the more troops he had.

There was also a possibility that the army would collapse after the commander exerted their power several times.

‘Rabble like that won’t be able to take over this place with whimsical means.’

Puhol Fortress had high and thick walls!

A vast building that stretched approximately 6 kilometres in the rear. It was the largest fortress that defended the entire northern occupied area.

Myul and Alcard were burning with a desire for revenge.

“Today we will show them the strength of the Imperial Army.”

“I agree. We won’t give away anything to Weed.”

“Kulkulkul. Anyway, war involves genocide…there are many people I can use to demonstrate my skills. A necromancer fits this battle.”

The high level users of the Hermes Guild pledged that they would be the heroes of this battle.

This was a big war against the Arpen Kingdom so being shown as heroes on the broadcast was sufficient. They would take Weed’s place as a hero.

The Hermes Guild was waiting for Weed’s emergence. But then a large disturbance occurred among the northern users.

“W-what? Those guys?”

“Coming here…”

“Ack! The worst. Move before we are trampled to death!”

The Haven Empire’s army thought that reinforcements were coming.

However, the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult heard that the orc troops were coming from Dawn City. They didn’t know the situation in front and were continuing to ignorantly approach.

“Let’s go a little bit faster.”

“Think of the people behind you.”

People were pus.h.i.+ng and the northern users couldn’t hold on to their positions anymore.

“Start the fight before we die.”


“Eh, I don’t know. Since we might die anyway…”

Without any declaration of war, the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult started marching in unison towards Puhol Fortress.

And far beyond them, the orc troops could be seen.

The great orc Karichwi was the reason why they were joining! Karichwi was a name greatly praised by the orcs.

There were at least 2 million orcs, consisting of orc users as well as their offspring.

“Fight bravely. I don’t like retreat, chwiik!”

“Mother. It is kind of scary. Chwik. I want to go home and eat rice.”

“That can’t be. Chwi chwit. We have run out of rice.”

They didn’t discriminate between sons or daughters as the orcs drove their offspring towards the battlefield.

Users were pus.h.i.+ng towards Puhol Fortress in the north.

The fight for supremacy of the north of the Versailles Continent had begun.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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