The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 45 Chapter 6

Chapter 6) Joining of the Avians

The battle had been going on for 4 hours. The northern users repeatedly failed to capture the walls.

The Hermes Guild had conquered dangerous regions so they easily defended Puhol Fortress. The scene of carnage was repeated without any changes.

The northern users came running like moths to a flame and died. The Haven Empire subdued them with mighty firepower and abilities.

‘The operation isn’t moving as planned. This is too common. They are just running forward without any tactics.’

The Hermes Guild users were troubled.

When they compared the number of deaths, it was a one-sided slaughter. But more kept coming no matter how many they killed.

“Gra.s.s porridge, gra.s.s porridge, gra.s.s porridge!”

The Hermes Guild users felt some mental fatigue. It seemed to be an endless fight and natural disaster.

Normally their method of victory was breaking down the enemy’s formations. However, more people just filled their spots.

‘The enemies have been reduced on a large scale. We are winning.’

They repeated the same words for 4 hours but they were physically and mentally tired.

Alcard mobilized the reserves in order to give the troops a break.

‘When will Weed appear?’

The Hermes Guild users kept asking that question.

In fact, it wasn’t just Myul but many troops were waiting for him to show up.

Everyone knew that this matter wouldn’t be resolved even if they killed the northern users. Only getting rid of the king of the Arpen Kingdom would stop the fanatics of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult.

They became more tense as the battle was drawn out. The strength of the soldiers diminished and some people didn’t have enough arrows to shoot. The magicians could replenish their mana but that would require a long rest.

The Hermes Guild couldn’t rest because sometimes high level users were mixed in among the northern users.

Alcard felt like it was time for the situation to be more favourable so he asked Krobidyun.

“Can you do it now?”

“It isn’t too bad. Such a large battlefield will be a new experience for a necromancer.”

Krobidyun and his disciples climbed to the top of the fortress.

“Is everybody ready?”


“Then start chanting your spells.”

“Come back to the land you used to live in. This is a dark place. It is a black and corrupt land. Help spread the laws of darkness. Undead Rise!”

The necromancer magic that went against death! The undead spell cast as a group spread out in a huge wave.

Shortly afterwards, undead started to form beyond the walls of Puhol Fortress. At least 6,000 zombies and skeleton troops were summoned, attacking the living people around them. The skeletons were primarily warriors and swordsmen.

Krobidyun and his disciples spread the undead summoning spell around the walls. Skeleton magicians formed and aimed spells at the northern users. Bones were also gathered to call large, undead monsters.


“The undead. Watch out for the undead!”

In the meantime, the level of the northern users had improved a lot. There were many that were now over level 200. However, those that were less than level 100 easily lost their lives to the skeletons.

-Acute sepsis has been received from the contaminated air.

Vitality and resistance to diseases will lower.

The necromancers then focused on spreading a plague on the northern plains.

“Kukuku. This is a necromancer.”

Krobidyun declared proudly as he watched the chaos happening with the northern users.

There were hundreds of thousands of people visible. They surged from the rear and dozens lost their lives at once. A necromancer was a damaging profession that could create this type of confusion.

“The necromancer profession was released to the public due to Weed but I was the one who benefited most.”

Krobidyun had two goals.

One was to become the strongest necromancer on the Versailles Continent as he walked next to the hero Bardray.

The remaining goal was to secure Barkhan’s full set from Weed.

Krobidyun went to the walls and absorbed mana from bodies. The necromancer’s secondary profession gave the ability to absorb life!

Mana would temporarily be absorbed in the body and mana capacity would increase up to 3.5 times.

Changing professions to a lich. He could collect the power of the dead and could permanently increase health.

Since then, they couldn’t be called an ordinary human. Their appearance changed and an eerie chill flowed around them. Physical contact with other users was difficult and it was impossible to visit cities without losing their lives.

A lich had immortal health but that could be broken by holy power as well as some skills. It would then take a long time to recover and relearn the skills.

Krobidyun didn’t care about all of this. He would become the top necromancer.

“The lost bodies coming to life. a.s.semble together. Use the magic power gained to free yourselves from the shackles of death…blood golem summoning!”

Hundreds of bodies joined together to form a 20 metres tall golem.

“Sweep them all away!”

The golem swung both fists. The blood golem got bigger as more corpses joined it.

‘The golem is still weak but there are plenty of corpses.’

Corpses were the resource of necromancers and this place was overflowing with them.

‘If I refill my mana then I can summon more undead. This is being relayed in real time to the stations so I, Krobidyun will be the hero.’

The level 507 Krobidyun was full of hope.

He brought out the full tactics of a necromancer due to the broadcasting stations.

Most of the people killed were malleable.

‘I am the ultimate powerhouse on this battlefield.’


Before the battle, there was an internal conflict between the avians.

“A ground war? What does that have to do with us? The avians are an existence beyond the division of territory.”

“Gra.s.s Porridge Cult. Good. This is good. They are a coalition that believes in freedom. However, it isn’t compatible with the spirit of the avians.”

Royal Road constantly had new users entering.

There were people from various countries, with differing jobs and ages. They fell in love with Royal Road and joined the Arpen Kingdom after it was founded.

The avians would wake up from a nest egg and learn to fly in the sky with their wings. They didn’t join the humans and experienced the freedom of an avian.

The path to choosing the avians as a species was opened by Weed. Therefore they appreciated Weed to some extent, but didn’t want to be mobilized for a war.

The avians sat in the square and on the trees of Lavias and listened to opinions.

“We need to seriously consider the future. The Haven Empire will not come cras.h.i.+ng down on its own. Looking at the big picture, it is reasonable to think they will control the Northern Continent.”

“Some avians have also become northern residents.”

“Since when have we been inhabitants of the north! The Arpen Kingdom is the Arpen Kingdom. We don’t live upon any land and don’t belong to any kingdom.”

“If we don’t partic.i.p.ate in the war then won’t people laugh at us?”

“Are we prepared? Aren’t we free to go to war or not? There is no reason to be together with those ridiculous humans.”

A fierce debate was going on in the island in the sky. The opinions not to get involved in the war made sense.

It was due to the habits of the avians itself.

The northern users living together in cities and villages needed to help each other. The Gra.s.s Porridge Cult was a big factor in making Royal Road enjoyable in the north. The Gra.s.s Porridge Cult started out in shanty houses and had various events. The Gra.s.s Porridge Cult was already one with the Arpen Kingdom.

But the avians that soared above the clouds didn’t feel such a culture. They joined the avians dreaming of freedom!

Among them, those who were fatigued of war emerged.

The members of the gra.s.s porridge’s airborne troops waited quietly for the decision. They wanted to fight with the Arpen Kingdom but they respected the choice of the avians. The n.o.ble spirit of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult meant they wouldn’t force anyone.


Then Seo-yoon arrived riding Wy-3.

Weed had asked her to try and convince the avians.


“Weed-nim’s colleague.”

The avians stared at her in unison.

Seo-yoon didn’t know what to say even after Wy-3 had landed on the ground.

‘How can I persuade them? Saying fight for us is too shameless…’

Her conscience meant that she hesitated to say anything.

She roughly knew the situation. She couldn’t ask the avians to sacrifice themselves by joining.

One crow, who had been shouting that war was impossible, pointed to her with his wings.

“Look at that. Weed’s colleague can’t even say anything. This is because there is no justification to persuade us.”

The eyes of the avians cooled. There were over 2 million avians present here. There were big birds, small birds and all types of shapes and eyes.

Other avians joined in after the crow.

“Tell us anything. Words that will force our sacrifice! We recognize Weed-nim’s achievements in the north. Yes. He is a great adventurer. But the reason he still has the status of king is due to the sacrifice of our users. Now we have to make such a sacrifice again? Until when?”

Seo-yoon gave a small sigh.

‘I can’t talk.’

The avians were too aggressive. And every point was like a bullseye.

Seo-yoon knew about Weed and Mapan’s various businesses. Land speculation and smuggling!

She couldn’t shamelessly ask them to sacrifice themselves for Weed. She was feeling the pangs of remorse when a raven joined in.

“Weed’s colleague isn’t even polite. She came to persuade us wearing a mask.”

In this situation, basic manners was being pointed out! Seo-yoon wanted to at least maintain the minimum of human dignity.

She slowly took off her mask.

Pukek! Kwaack! Chirp chirp chirp! Kokoko! Pudadak!

The features of the avians stood up as Seo-yoon’s beauty was revealed. Whether they were a man or woman, all eyes were concentrated on her.

Her clear skin, eyes, nose, mouth, forehead, cheeks, chin and hair. It was the optimal combination to give off an impossible, dazzling beauty.

Seo-yoon seemed to be surrounded by a rainbow halo. It was like even the weather was surprised by her appearance.

The G.o.ddess of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult. Even the people who guessed it were amazed.

“She is different from the statue. It doesn’t properly show the person. Kkokoko!”

“Weed is a bad man. A really bad man!”

“A daughter as well. I should have a daughter…” No, get your own sandwich!

“Being born in Royal Road is the best choice. I have no regrets in life.”

Many humans had seen Seo-yoon’s face but for the avians, this was the first time.

There were videos of her on the internet but that hardly displayed all her charms. Seo-yoon gave off a beautiful feeling just being near her.

“Kuah. Her beauty is making my head dizzy. I am truly ecstatic.”

“It is a plague. It is the same for me as well.”

“A short life. Even so, I have no regrets.”

Seo-yoon’s face turned red. It was because the avians were suddenly praising her.

‘The people must be kind to praise me like that. Everyone is nice.’

There seemed to be many good people living in this world.

The people she encountered.

When she was waiting for the light at the pedestrian crossing, the cars would stop regardless of the light and wait for her to pa.s.s.

Previously she had rode in a luxury car with a driver but now she often used the bus. Buses would pull up and ask where she was going while she waited at the bus station.

Sometimes they would kindly take her even if they weren’t going in the right direction.

“Ah. That will take longer. This bus is going to turn around in the other direction…one moment. Guests-nim. I want to ask if we can take this young lady to her destination?”

“Of course. You don’t even need to ask.”

“Driver. I think you did very well. Really smart!”

“Young lady. Please come in!”

The guests and drivers would welcome her on the bus. It didn’t depart until she was sitting down and was as comfortable as the luxury car.

If she was walking in the neighbourhood then the police patrol would approach her first.

“It is dangerous if you are alone. I’d be happy to take you to where you are going. It is 2 p.m. you know? I’m saying this as a policeman, crime happens both day and night. No. It is urgent that we keep our citizens safe.

“Corporal Im. Double patrols in this neighbourhood!”

“Should we make a permanent post here?”

“Please call 112 whenever you go out for a walk.”

It was the same when she bought things at the market.

“500 grams of premium beef? Huh…premium beef is quite expensive these days. Do you still want to buy it?”


“You must be hungry so I will give you 1kg. Eat it and put the leftovers in the fridge. Do you also want 3kg of ribs?”

“I’m sorry but I didn’t bring a lot of money with me. Can I come back in an hour?”

“Oh, what are you saying? This is a service for regulars. Service. How can I make you buy all that meat? You only have to pay for the 500 grams of beef. No, just pay half that price. This is a discount, a market discount.”

The generous hearts of other people!

Seo-yoon was worried about her future job.

‘A dual income family is needed…it is hard to live in the world due to the recession.’

It would be difficult to run a household on her own. She felt it when Weed tried hard to make money.

She tried to get a job in order to ease his burden.

She thought about applying to some large companies as an intern but ended up meeting the manager of the HR department.

The managers of the big companies lost their minds as they saw Seo-yoon.

“The appearance in the picture…you are looking for a job? Your education is good and you have high marks so why did you come to our company? A screening interview? Of course. Come to this place today.”

Other companies sent their representatives directly.

“Thank you for your application. You are looking for a job in our company but I wanted to ask a favour. Have you ever thought of becoming an advertising model? We need an advertising model for a new product and the company will give a down payment of 1 billion won. I promise that price is the highest in the industry.”

“Our company is a global enterprise. You can be an advertising model in fields ranging from cell phones, cars, fas.h.i.+on or even high tech medical equipment. Just tell us the price you want and we will deposit it.”

Famous celebrity management companies also approached her.

“There is a production worth 2 billion that already has the drama script. There are also many interested in the United States…ah. Can you speak English? Then you can directly be a heroine. It will be difficult to attend university in the United States for a long time but endure it. Then come back to Korea. The film technologies are amazing these days. Scenario? It can be modified. It doesn’t matter what we need to replace. We should have a good relations.h.i.+p with each other.”

The people were very friendly and always tried to help her.

Seo-yoon was ashamed and tearfully watched the avians with red eyes. After taking a few breaths, she finally managed to speak in a refined voice.

“Your judgement is right. Thank you for your help so far. My whole life… I’ll be sure to return the favor. Thank you.”

She bent her waist and politely bowed.

She was too considerate to try and convince the avians. Seo-yoon couldn’t come up with any reasonable excuse or reason to persuade them.

Kkokikok! Pukekek! Caw! Huhihik! Pupuk!

There was an uproar among the avians.

“Who? Who dared be so insolent and ungrateful?”

“It must be those guys whose feathers aren’t even dry of the egg yolk yet.”

“No, G.o.ddess-nim. There was a misunderstanding. We were just discussing methods to fight harder against the Haven Empire.”

“They are our mortal enemies. Haven Empire! I can never forgive them.”

The complainers had an entirely different att.i.tude.

‘There has been a problem with how I’ve lived up to now.’

‘Why did I even have doubts? I started Royal Road due to the Arpen Kingdom. My mind forgot.’

‘The sacrifice of the avians? I was thinking the same thing a little while ago. We are on the same side but I became really ugly. Now I am a changed man. I should live as a human.’

The tension between factions and split opinions immediately disappeared.

The emergence of the G.o.ddess!

People made a judgement deep in their souls. The influence was on a completely different level from the girl groups who visited the army.

A real G.o.ddess among humans.

The atmosphere completely changed. The avians no longer spoke bad things to her about the situation.

A crow loudly exclaimed.

“Now. Let us decide. Those who want to fight with the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult, fly into the sky!”

The avians spread their wings in unison.


The avians covered the sky.


The Gra.s.s Porridge Cult and Haven Empire had been waiting for the attack.

Soon a black cloud covered the sky as the avians approached.

“The emergence of these guys. Prepare the anti-aircraft troops.”

“Have the s.h.i.+eld troopers be prepared for the a.s.sault. Their damage is weak. Once the avians land on the ground, prevent them from flying again.”

“Magicians should take to the air. We will cover you.”

The military commanders already had a response prepared.

Puhol Fortress was structurally prepared for the avians.

Numerous towers with small windows were built where magic could be aimed at the sky.


“The gra.s.s porridge air force has appeared!”

The northern users on the ground cried out loudly. It felt rea.s.suring to have the friendly avians flying above them in the sky.

Krobidyun whose body had changed into a lich smirked.

“The sky…it is a shame that I can’t dominate the sky as a necromancer.”

It was possible for him to summon a bone dragon with his necromancy skills.

Of course, he needed to have sufficient skill proficiency and consume more mana than usual. He was controlling a ma.s.sive number of undead on the ground and would lack the control needed for a bone dragon.

Alcard went and visited Myul.

“Myul-nim. The avians are coming this way.”


“Then you…”

“Not yet.”

“If Myul-nim goes out then it will solidify our dominance.”

“Alcard-nim, you are only the commander in the north.”

Myul carefully looked at Alcard with sharp eyes.

“I ruled over a large territory in two kingdoms in the past. My griffon corps are invincible. However, that honour has fallen significantly due to the vile way that Weed killed me.”

“I am truly sorry about that.”

“Anyhow, the result isn’t important but my honour isn’t the same as it was in the past. People are now poking fun at me. The avians might be difficult but you can cope. Please understand that my position is waiting for Weed.”

“I understand.”

Alcard couldn’t force him. Myul had a higher status than him in the Hermes Guild.

He was a person who lost his life in a humiliating way. He would accept the consequences of a one-on-one fight but being hit in the back really angered him.

Hoping that Myul and the griffons would face the avians was being excessively greedy.

‘Anyway, he just needs to stop Weed. That alone is enough to ease the burden.’

Alcard headed towards the walls where the Haven Empire troops were.

“Don’t become confused. The avians can cause confusion but they are basically weak. They can’t be your opponents. Preserve your lives by protecting the magicians. Victory is ours!”


The shouts of the Imperial Army was no less than the northern users.

This was due to Alcard’s leaders.h.i.+p and the protective effects of Puhol Fortress.

There were 1 million troops. 250,000 were stationed at the walls but all the reserves, knights and cavalry were prepared and waiting.

The ma.s.sive fortress was filled with elite groups.

This was catharsis for a commander on the battlefield!

‘Weed. This isn’t your time. You will suffer defeat.’

The avians covered the sky above the battlefield.

It was filled with many types of birds and was a wonderful sight. Sometimes the birds would move and a ray of sunlight would fall to the ground.

The avians slowly moved through the sky as they coordinated the raid. The swirling of the avians felt like a natural phenomenon.

Even the experienced Hermes Guild swallowed their saliva as they became tense.


And something fell from the sky.

“All of a sudden…no. This taste is…poo!”

“Ugh. It hit my head.”

The avians indiscriminately poured poo onto Puhol Fortress.

It wasn’t just an unpleasant offense. It made the walls muddy and lowered the morale of the soldiers.


“Cover, cover!”

The brave users of the Hermes Guild that didn’t blink an eye at anything, scrambled to avoid the poo.

The feces and urine fell for a long time. Those in Puhol Fortress were currently experiencing h.e.l.l.

The northern users continued their reckless a.s.sault on Puhol Fortress as the urine and faeces continued to fall.

“I am already friends with the avians.”

“Oh…I already feel dirty. Is this really necessary to conquer the fortress?”

“It would have been better if the surprise started a few days ago…”

By that time, the faeces and urine attacks had subsided.


It sounded like a chicken was crying.

At that moment, the violent a.s.sault of the avians occurred as they fell down from the sky! They dived towards the ground from the highest point in the sky.

“A raid. All soldiers, prepare your s.h.i.+elds.”

The avians were weak.

However, Alcard and the Hermes Guild found them seriously annoying.

“Armoured soldiers stand up. Archers, lie down and aim your arrows towards the sky.”

It was a posture that showed they were completely ready!

‘We can easily take care of the avians from this fortress.’

The avians came barging in so it was easy to reduce their numbers.

The avians didn’t use any tactics and just came pouring down indiscriminately.

‘What is the operational plan for the avians? Why doesn’t it fit?’

The avians were moving too fast. They used the power of gravity as they dropped towards the ground. Their only goal was to target the soldiers of the Haven Empire.

Kwa kw.a.n.g!

The soldiers faced the attack because they had the perception that the avians were weak. Once they collided with some elite soldiers, two or three lost their lives and turned grey.

Of course, some avians also welcomed death.

“Not weak…no. Unbelievable!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kw.a.n.g!

Alcard watched from the top of a tower and couldn’t believe the spectacle taking place in every direction.

There were dead soldiers everywhere from the air bombing.

The soldiers of the Haven Empire were elites. Of course, they were wearing elite equipment but their levels also weren’t low due to training and combat.

There were armour and s.h.i.+elds to improve vitality and the commanders even owned specialized equipment that would increase the stats of the entire army.

Nevertheless, the soldiers were still helplessly dying.

The fall of the avians even cracked the walls and caused deep pits.

“This can’t be…cough!”

A Hermes Guild members staring blankly was. .h.i.t by an avian.

-A critical hit!

You have been hit by a blow.

The Shylock Helmet has reduced the damage.

Health has been reduced by 4,280.

The mid-400s user from the Hermes Guild also suffered damage.

They never believed that they would be in danger from Weed and the northern users due to their tactics.

Even the high level users were having their lives threatened.

30~40 avians shouted and would risk their lives to kill someone.

“I can’t believe it.”

They couldn’t understand but self-survival was their first priority. The Hermes Guild felt the crisis and hurriedly escaped from the walls.

Due to the moment of hesitation, hundreds of Hermes Guild members lost their lives to the carpet bombing of the avians. They tried to swing their swords but it was no use as the avians fled back into the sky.

“Shoot. Shoot them! Before they drop back down!”

The archers fired their arrows but it didn’t make a big difference. They could only fire two arrows before the avians came diving back down.

The power of a cras.h.!.+

Alcard and the archers weren’t prepared for the speed. The magicians had low health and lost their lives while the archers’ formation also collapsed.

The Hermes Guild avoided them and the ranged units partic.i.p.ated, but the damage from the avians became even larger.

The heavy infantry with maximum defense also collapsed and lost their lives.

“This is…were the avians always like this?”

The northern users who were advancing also couldn’t understand.

Their speed was too fast as they came down from the sky to the ground. It didn’t feel this fast when they were travelling to Puhol Fortress.

In addition, the strength of the avians was impossible to be predicted.

It hadn’t been long since the avian species was unlocked in Royal Road so they were still going through a period of growth.

“We have to do something about them.”

The Hermes Guild discovered that a group of avians was flying over with large rocks.

The avians had the power to drop rocks towards the ground. The carpet bombing where the avians threw their lives.

It had much more speed and accuracy compared to dropping rocks. Their goal was to increase their falling speed form the sky.

“Isn’t this unbelievable?”

“Normally their loyalty to the Arpen Kingdom isn’t that high.”

The avians’ hearts weren’t always like that.

The nature of the avians while fighting was different.

Normally they joined great battles to gain some life experience. But due to Seo-yoon’s emergence, a fire had been lit in the hearts of the young, male avians.

“I don’t want to see the G.o.ddess sad. Kokodaek!”

“Ah. I feel really sorry. No, how could…I can’t commit a big sin.”

Seo-yoon’s appearance was deeply stamped on their souls.

It wasn’t difficult to lay down their lives for her.

“If I die, it will be with meaning. There is no damage. I won’t try to save my life and will fight my best at the fortress.”

“I’ll willingly carry this rock. It will work if I crash into the enemy.”

“Heh. Isn’t that quite scary? I will accurately hit the magicians.”

“I am already level 170. This is an exciting feeling like when discovering a new island. This is the thrill before death.”

“Hermes Guild. They are pestering our G.o.ddess…it is a heavy sin. From now on, it is war. Go until the end!”

The avians that were against the war decided to join. There wasn’t any reason or logic. They just felt like it was good to live in this world.

“Hmm hmm. The girl is really pretty. Elder-nim?”

“It is the first time in my long life that I’ve seen such a face. I hope she takes care of her health. It is worth living a long life.”

As the atmosphere heated up, the seniors and married avians also joined in the air bombing. Age didn’t matter as they flocked!

The avians indiscriminately attacked Puhol Fortress with burning hearts. Of course, some avians fell and dropped their rocks before swerving away.

The scene also lit a fire in the chests of the northern users.

“Advance! Let’s do it.”

“Don’t hesitate. Run and jump over it!”

“Fight two, no three times faster.”

The northern users had their commitment renewed and sped up.

The fighting spirit and morale of the avians boosted the combat capabilities of the northern users by several times.

A change in the flow of battle that couldn’t be told through a plan!

-Alcard: Report the situation.

-Pencil: We are currently unable to grasp it. The commanding system is not secure. I don’t know how many adjutants survived.

-Alcard: First of all, preserve the troops. If we bear with it a little bit then an opportunity will come again. The avians can’t be like this forever.

-Raker: More avians are approaching from the north. The 2nd round of air strikes.

Puhol Fortress was receiving a major attack so Myul’s complexion wasn’t good as he watched.

“I know how to handle something like this.”

If the griffons joined then the avians would become weak like flies.

The mobility of the avians in the air would slow and they wouldn’t be able to resist.

They could die or fall down on the northern users.

However, the timing was already lost as Myul and his troops waited.

“If we lose the air battle then I might receive heavy criticism from the guild. Weed needs to come out no matter what…”


The Hermes Guild users eagerly awaited the emergence of Weed.

The high level users of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult were starting to be seen. They waited for the ambush that Weed was surely planning.

“All he needs to do is emerge. Then I will be the hero of the war.”

The 20,000 Hermes Guild users all had this idea in a corner of their minds.

At that time, Weed was deep in the ground.

“I am finally getting somewhere.”


He moved forward while fiercely digging at the earth.

The abomination that was Squashy Wriggler!

He had been digging at the ground for a long period of time when he realized he was lacking something.

“As the world becomes more developed, there will be improvements in performance. It is like how the price becomes more expensive when the size of a television doubles.”

Thus he used Sculpture Transformation again.

He created 40 razor sharp awls on his head as well as other changes.

Finally, the appearance changed to a level that was even difficult to face. Squashy Wriggler made the rough looking Karichwi look cute.

Squashy Wriggler went through a significant improvement and became a masterpiece.

Sculpting skill proficiency was acquired! The artistic value lowered by 7 but the performance was more extreme.

Despite the outer appearance, it became a masterpiece because the efficiency was optimized.

After transforming back into Squashy Wriggler, he dug and moved through the earth at a frightening speed.

“Indeed, an underground monster should have this degree of efficiency.”

He soon came close to the vicinity of Puhol Fortress. The ground shaking could be felt even deep underground.

“I don’t know what is happening up there but it doesn’t really matter.

The Hermes Guild users at Puhol Fortress were only waiting for Weed to appear.

They were powerhouses from the entire Versailles Continent.

“I should live like a coward.”

Weed’s paws took out a sculpture.

It was a sculpture of a swamp with poison fog. He stayed up late to make this masterpiece of a poison swamp for Great Disaster Nature Sculpting.

‘The effect will be awesome with more people. A disaster isn’t a bad thing. This species means that I can move speedily.”

Of course, he was still affected by the disaster despite being an animal. However, Squashy Wriggler was comfortable in a poisonous swamp like it was the bedroom.

He sent a whisper to Mapan before causing an accident.

“Mapan-nim. Can you talk now?”

-Yes. But the business…it is over and I am offering the final goods at reduced prices.

“The proceeds?”

-Over 800,000 gold was gained.

“Good. What about this evening?”

-My goal is 1 million.

Mapan had a love and hate relations.h.i.+p with war.

A lot of people converged so business was good. Just like many other merchants, he sold goods at a cheap price.

Mapan felt tearful as he sold some items too cheaply but the investment usually paid off. Having a vast production base meant there was a high margin for profit.

Weed helped Mapan’s trading company grow even bigger in the north.

‘I shouldn’t be jealous of a person earning money. People can’t be too narrow-minded.’

The rich should be different.

‘Raise the spoon.’

In fact, Weed made multiple large investments and was a partner in Mapan’s trading company.

But ultimately, Weed didn’t count on Mapan.

‘Someday he might hit me in the back of the hit.’

He didn’t let his guard down around Mapan.

‘Obviously he will betray me. Of course, I can always betray him first.’

There was no such thing as eternal allies in the business world!

Even if they became enemies, Weed was still willing to drink a cup of beer with Mapan. They had a good understanding of each other.

‘Don’t drink unless Mapan-nim is buying.’

‘Weed-nim is earning good money. If he has a conscience. Ah…just buy it for me.’

They were the best combination when it came to making money.

“I am currently near the fortress. The situation?”

-The ground troops were unable to enter Puhol Fortress. The undead is blocking the way so they are losing their lives.

“What else?”

-The avians are hugging stones while falling. The imperial soldiers are dying. I don’t understand it but…the northern users are being heated into a battle frenzy.

‘She managed to bring the avians.’

He had no doubt about the outcome when he asked Seo-yoon.

Weed was aware of the living miracle that was Seo-yoon.

“How much did you pay the real estate when buying the home?”

“I needed to pay them?”

“There is a fee.”

“Really? The former owner didn’t require one.”


Weed gave a deep sigh. There were always fees involved when it came to buying and selling.

Some real estate fees were so expensive that people argued for two days and nights.

“The house has no problems?”


“I heard that some newly built houses will leak when it rains.”

Seo-yoon’s house was large and luxurious but that didn’t mean it was well-built. He had to think that there was something wrong with the building.

“The staff at the architectural firm checked it directly. So far there isn’t anything.”

“You should be careful from now on. It is really hard to check every nook and cranny of a house.”

“I was told that any defects in the next 15 years would be repaired. If I want seasonal wallpaper or flooring then they will change it.”


It was service on an entirely different dimension.

This was the mysterious power of Seo-yoon’s appearance. No man would want to make her dislike them or to feel sad.

If Seo-yoon asked for a blood donation then men would be lining up for at least 1km. If she was in a cosmetics ads then hundreds of millions would be sold every month. It was the same even with cell phones, cars or bottled water.

It really was a pretty world from her point of view.

‘I don’t want Seo-yoon to give birth to a daughter as perfect as her.’

However, Weed thought that such a perfect appearance was a very dangerous thing!

Weed didn’t hesitate to use the sculpting technique.

“Great Disaster Nature Sculpting!”

-You have used Great Disaster Nature Sculpting.

20 Art stats have permanently disappeared.

All stats have been temporarily reduced by 15% for 3 days.

Affinity to Nature has fallen.

Great Disaster Nature Sculpting can only be used once a day.

When a great calamity is called upon, fame or infamy can be increased depending on the damage.

It is possible to die in the middle of the disaster so be careful.

Now Puhol Fortress was in a worse position.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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