The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 46 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Puhol Water Park

At Puhol Fortress, water rides made of nature sculptures formed.

In order to check their safety, the sacrifices of the Toadstool Porridge unit were necessary.

“I am part of the 13th Toadstool Porridge unit. It is a glory to be able to go on Weed-nim’s… Aaaack!”

There was an active cooperation with the elves to plant flowers and trees.

“I am Spuniker. I chose the elf species.”

A level 480 user, he was well known among the elves and posted many articles for beginners.

Elves who read Spuniker’s articles realized that it had a wide variety of information.

“The seed of the elder tree is necessary for the birth of the forest. The north has sacrificed a lot so there is no need to explain. I will give you this.”

Weed had a strange expression.

“Is this real?”


“These days, there are many fakes in the world…”


The seed of the elder tree was planted at Puhol Fortress and a huge tree grew.

The large tree spread out over 200 metres and had thousands of branches coming from it. It was a magnificent tree that could enhance the aura of the elves and improve their natural power.

“Huhut. It really is an elder tree. Then…”

Spuniker thought he had done a great job for the north and tried to leave.

Weed, numerous people and the broadcasting stations had seen it so he had achieved his purpose of raising awareness.

But Weed jumped onto an idea.

A market that had been profitable for 30 years had approached him so Weed swallowed his saliva.

Of course, the Arpen Kingdom would also profit.

Weed grabbed Spuniker.

“Wait a minute.”


“Don’t elves love trees?”

“We love it. Green trees are a source of pleasure and pride for elves.”

Spuniker recited words that might as well be dialogue from a script. He was apparently conscious of the viewers.

“There aren’t many trees here due to the war.”

“It is too bad.”

If he knew Weed well, he would have noticed the danger signals.

Without being aware of the creeping situation, Spuniker only paid attention to the viewers.

“If elves plant trees here then I think the users will really appreciate it.”

“Of course. I am willing to do such a thing. How many trees do you want me to plant?”

“5,000 trees.”


“It should be dense with trees. 5,000 trees.”

“I am a little busy.”

“This wouldn’t be difficult for a true elf. You brought elder seeds for the north so you can’t leave after only planting one.”

Weed made a suggestion but when considering all the viewers, Spuniker had to accept it.

A famous user was sowing seeds and watering them.

Other elves followed him so the landscaping problem of Puhol’s Water Park was solved.

“I got skilled workers for free.”

Spuniker willingly brought him seeds and was exploited for labour.

Thanks to the efforts of many people, the waterways connecting Miros River to Puhol Fortress were also being completed.

The users who lost their lives at Puhol Fortress and revived were mobilized to work.

The gathered crowd cheered as Weed made sculptures in Puhol Fortress.

“In order to celebrate our victory and commemorate the joys of the northern people, let’s drag the river here. This is all for the water park.”

“W-water park! Ohhhh!”

They had only thought that Weed was making a sculpture and dragging the river was for defense.

But now they were pleased to learn they were wrong.

A water park for the northern users!

“Yes. We should have one of these.”

“That is the real form of a water park.”

“Kyaa! Kill, kill.”

The rejuvenated users bought shovels and run to Miros River.

Despite having no construction equipment, the river was quickly moved just by shoveling.

Merchants had separate discussions with Weed.

The merchants were already keenly watching the situation at Puhol Fortress.

“I know the plan is to have a water park. There should be hotels and villas in a good location overlooking the water park.”

“Give us a chance.”

“I have a great hotel business.”

“We will do anything. Please leave it to us.”

If a water park was created, commercial facilities such as hotels and villas would be actively used.

The northern merchants sold j.a.ptem from early on and acc.u.mulated a considerable fortune.

The Arpen Kingdom is rapidly developing.

By investing in trade and production facilities in the pioneered north, the merchants could receive enormous returns.

‘The water park plan? This is it. It will definitely be a success. It might become even more than that.’

‘I see money. Customers will definitely wait in line.’

It was important to gain an early location at the water park.

The merchants were financially well off.

It was a profession that could make a lot of money through businesses and trading.

But from the viewpoint of successful merchants, it no longer mattered how much money they made.

If other merchants receive a big chance that they missed, there would be a lot of regret.

Weed looked at them with warm eyes.

“I am both thankful and envious towards the merchants.”


“As you know, the Arpen Kingdom was able to grow due to the early movements of the merchants I thank you for that and also feel envy as I watch because I am not a merchant.”

Weed didn’t lick his lips and lie. To some extent, his words were the truth.

He felt pain every time a merchant hit the jackpot!

No matter how amazing the adventures or that it was on the news, he felt envious towards those who made money.

Weed spoke softly and the atmosphere was warm. However, he needed to be on guard when it came to money from signing a contract.

“Everyone will receive fair chances. The rights to the hotel business and land sales will be done through auction.”

Merchants attended the auction where hotel business rights, shopping centre business rights and luxury villa rights were sold.

The land sales amount added up to 37 million gold!

In contrast to the rugged wilderness of the Arpen Kingdom, a huge amount of money was robbed from the merchants’ pockets.

“This is the joy of real estate.”

He had succeeded in selling previously worthless land.

The merchants thought it was expensive but were happy at the thought of the profits that would be generated.

Of course, Weed was able to laugh heartily.

“I will reap taxes every time food or items are sold in stores.”

A steady tax income was the ultimate profit.

There were numerous ways of squeezing a nation through legitimate means.

The architects who helped in the battle also stayed at Puhol Fortress.

Weed had discussions with the talented architects of the north.

Mibullo and Pavo were also present.

“I heard that you are making a water park.”

Mibullo, the best architect on the continent as well as the north, cautiously said.

It was the first time he met Weed.

As a former architect of the Haven Empire and prestigious guilds, he was nervous about meeting the king of the Arpen Kingdom.

“Yes, of course.”

“A water park needs a variety of buildings. I would like the architects to contribute.”

There were over a dozen Grand Buildings being built in the north but construction was stopped due to the war.

The architects partic.i.p.ated in the battle but the Grand Buildings also couldn’t be built without the help of the players.

Once peace return to the kingdom, construction was resumed but things like Alkazar Bridge had to be repaired as well.

The architects had a lot to do but they were greedy after hearing the plans for the water park. They couldn’t scatter to various construction sites in the Arpen Kingdom just yet.

“If you leave it to us, we will built water park facilities and buildings as beautiful as possible.”

Mibullo nervously said.

He couldn’t help wondering how Weed would respond.

At the same time, Weed had several ideas.

‘The price of the structures? I should do it quickly. No. I need to build it properly to save the users’ money. The number of users would be reduced due to shoddy construction.’

If the water park was successful, other people might try a similar thing.

The Haven Empire was capable of making it on a larger scale than the Arpen Kingdom.

‘I need to create the best water park, but rapid construction is needed in order to reclaim the funds. To do that, architects are necessary.’

The Grand Buildings and Royal Palace of the Arpen Kingdom were completely quickly due to the calculations of the architects.

“Builders… No, the help of architects are needed. I will tell you about my planned water park.”

Weed opened the sketch of Puhol Water Park and showed it to the architects.

Puhol Fortress and the plains would be turned into commercial facilities, playing facilities and swimming pools.

Along a long road to Miros River, he planned to build restaurants, squares, residential areas, armour stores, weapon stores, grocery stores, various cla.s.s guilds, amenities and markets.

Mibullo, Pavo and the architects stared at the sketch that Weed drew.

‘I-I don’t know. What is this?’

‘Only green and black things can be seen on the paper. Is this the way an alien would write?’

‘It is related to geometry. Or perhaps a list of mathematical graphs. One thing is for certain, this picture is encrypted.’

The architects found it hard to decipher the sketch.

Weed explained each line.

“This is the Miros River and the waterway that will lead to Puhol Fortress. Commercial facilities will be along here…”

They couldn’t understand the sketch, but were convinced by the explanation. However, the picture would once again become chaotic if they blinked.

Weed pointed to what looked like ants on the water and said.

“Do you see the s.h.i.+ps here?”


“Yes. There will be canoes along the river that users can enjoy. Of course, there will be a fee. There will also be luxury cruises on the Miros River. Travellers will be fond of boat rides to Port Varna. Of course, there should be restaurants on the s.h.i.+ps.”

A grand plan to extort a tremendous amount of fees.

Pavo talked after a while.

“But this city plan… The residential area seems to be enormous.”

“That’s right. I plan to build a city. I have already finished the land sales.”

“A resort city next to the water park?”

“Yes. The traffic to this place is very convenient and helpful. And it is close to tourist spots. It has high potential to become a large city.”

Weed’s sketch was complicated for a reason.

If a water park as in the middle of a wasteland then the number of users might be limited.

1st, 2nd, etc. up to 8 mega-cities were planned.

Dawn City was the capital of the Arpen Kingdom but he had plans to build new commercial and resort cities.

Weed believed in it.

‘If the water park succeeds, I won’t need to worry about money. Real estate speculation is a business that won’t fail.’

Reality was a little different from Royal Road.

Compared to leaving their homes or paying off debts, they could leave reality to enjoy Royal Road.

But no matter how good Morata was, people wouldn’t stay in the vicinity for a few years.

The Arpen Kingdom was wide so if they had enough money, people could buy a house in each region.

Even players who started in shacks could upgrade to more s.p.a.cious and comfortable homes.

Each user could make several purchases so it was likely they would buy homes near Puhol Water Park.

‘1,000 gold will turn to 100,000 and then to 100 million.’

Morata was in the inner area so there was a limit to the number of housing areas.

A true villain needed to think of other ways to line their pockets, not just rely on taxes.

Weed’s idea wasn’t new, but actually based on reality.

Weed’s amazing plan didn’t end here.

“There will be Grand Buildings in Puhol Fortress.”

“Grand Buildings?”

“Nine at the water park. Shouldn’t we build something to make land speculation rise?”


The architects all had wide eyes. They were filled with disbelief.

Mibullo spoke on behalf of them.

The manpower for constructing Grand Buildings can be met and we can pay for the materials. But how will we raise the money for the cost of construction?”

Concerns about financing!

All projects had a budget.

It wasn’t often that a country tilted due to a ma.s.sive deficit.

Weed’s response was clear.

“I will earn it from now on.”

* * *

-Puhol Fortress’ Housing Sale!

A new city will be created next to the premier resort in the Arpen Kingdom, Puhol Water Park.

It is a city that will be the hub of traffic and centre of tourism and commerce.

It is a city where time will be stopped, and people could enjoy water, wind, art and fun.

The name of the new city will be called Royal Marina Park.

Nine Grand Buildings will be built in the future and this will be a landmark in the entire Versailles Continent.

The Arpen Kingdom’s housing development administration will directly develop new cities.

Hurry to buy a house!

Collateral loans are also available.

Please note.

Nest type apartments for avians in a 49 storey condominium is selling at the best price.

A view overlooking the water park!

Various learning facilities are linked to excellent job opportunities!

You can fly right into the sky after opening the window and there are beds of dry gra.s.s in the bedroom.

There living room has a fireplace to dry the wet feathers.

However, there are no stairs inside the apartment.

One million houses are planned.

The houses will be sold at prices ranging from 100 gold to 1 million gold for the mansions.

1% of the sale price is required as down payment and there were be some constraints.

Of course, mortgage loans through Mapan’s bank is possible but 5% interest needs to be paid every month.

“I have no money.”

“I’ll bet all my money this time. I need a house. That is for me.”

“A new city. There is no way yet to earn money so I’m afraid to buy an apartment.”

There were some dubious people but 30% of the homes were sold to enthusiastic supporters of the Arpen Kingdom.

The advertising alone provided enough money to build 9 Grand Buildings.

Weed was satisfied despite some of the houses still being unsold.

“The more houses we built, the lower the price will be. The houses will continue to be sold and the prices will rise more after the Grand Buildings come up. At that time, I can sell it at a higher price.”

Weed demonstrated his ability to make a large amount of money through land and construction!

The Arpen Kingdom developed in a different direction and it was supplementing its finances at a scary pace.

After 15 days in Royal Road time.

Many things happened in a short amount of time.

The Hermes Guild users in the northern colonies tried to return to the Central Continent. Most players exited safely but some lost their lives. It was because they were exposed by the avians and couldn’t escape pursuit.

Bellot was one of the lords in the northern colonies.

Weed’s relations.h.i.+p with Bellot was uncomfortable after she accepted the offer from the Hermes Guild.

Pale knew Weed would never forgive her and tried to say something.

“Weed, just hold it in once. Bellot-nim didn’t have any bad intentions.”

“I know.”

“Yes, of course I am aware… Huh?”

Weed looked strangely at Pale.

“I have to distinguish between merits and demerits. Even if we are friendly, isn’t it normal to leave if offered a lot of money?”


“People should do that. I can’t be righteous when it comes to this. Why refuse when the Hermes Guild offers the position of a lord?”

Weed’s ironclad rule!

He wouldn’t forgive cheap betrayal, but an expensive betrayal was understandable.

When Weed and Bellot had a meeting, their companions included Zephyr, Pale, Irene, Romuna, etc. came along.

“Ohu, I’ve been caught. I didn’t think that Weed-nim would recover the northern colonies so quickly. Will you make me pay more taxes?”

“All you need to do is pay in a timely manner.”

“I am a lord so please come over for a meal.”

“Of course.”

Weed and Bellot were coolly reunited. Despite their relations.h.i.+p, there was no sense of betrayal.

They greeted each other like friends in a bakery.

Rather, his other colleagues felt more betrayed.

‘We’ve known each other for a long time.’

‘Bellot-nim became a lord. What about me?’

Surka frankly asked him if she could become a lord.

“I would like to become a lord. Is that possible?”

Weed was king of the Arpen Kingdom but he couldn’t make decisions based on friends.h.i.+p.

This unexpected atmosphere occurred because of Bellot.

“Any spare land. I’ll give it to you.”

Weed entrusted areas of the northern colonies to Pale, Zephyr, Romuna and Surka.

‘It will be a little painful in the future.’

If he appointed those he trusted to the position of lord then he count on them.

‘Increase residents and improve productivity. If effort is made then taxes can increase. So far, all of the money collected had been invested.’

It was easy to neglect the villages in the kingdom. On the other hand, having lords could make them develop quickly.

The Arpen Kingdom basically required many lords.

As the population grew and the monster areas shrank, many small villages were created.

Users who contributed to the kingdom could become n.o.bles or lords.

The lords needed to devote themselves to growing the population, ruling the residents, defeating monster invasions and paying attention to trading with merchants.

In addition, rice and barley farming were basic. They had to grow their villages by strategically cultivating agricultural products to be exported and developing mines.

Unlike Morata in the past, large and small villages were developing and flouris.h.i.+ng.

It was fun to be lord of a village!

Many people on the bulletin boards were envious of the lords in Royal Road.

High ranking users could fight with monsters but lords have a social impact.

The construction at Puhol Fortress was over.

Weed made water sculptures to decorate the amus.e.m.e.nt park.

-Turtle Swimming Pool

Large wooden turtle sculptures can be used as a boat to relax and move.

Of course, a 30 silver entrance fee is required!

Artistic Value: 1,497

-Hippopotamus Creek

A sculpture of hundreds of racing hippos in the creek.

A extreme swimming pool where you can be stunned or drowned by the hippos!

Artistic Value: 2,813

-Elder Tree Water Swing

A place where you can enjoy diving into the water from a 50 metres high elder tree.

Ride the water along the branches and grab the swing.

Artistic Value: 2,291.

-Coral Beach

A deep pool covered with coral from Port Varna.

Various types of fish live in the water and waves are scheduled to occur.

Dive into the water and look at the underwater ecosystem.

Artistic Value: 4,720.

Weed wanted a large aquarium that would require an admission fee, but had to give up that idea.

The blacksmiths and architects cooperated to build the amus.e.m.e.nt park facilities.

“We can make play facilities.”

Mibullo was a land architect.

He had techniques that could tighten the ground, crack stones or form certain rocks.

He used marble to create the square and placed pretty pebbles at the bottom of the pools.

Puhol Water Park was being completed and connected to Miros River through a waterway.

* * *

Thousands of users gathered for the official opening of Puhol Water Park.

Over a million people watched as the waterway was connected from Miros River to Puhol Fortress.

This spectacle was usually hard to find.

“Weed, Weed, Weed!”

“Give us the water park!”

The crowd cheered as they watched Weed standing on the river.

Weed had used Sculpture Transformation for today’s event.

A terrible monkfish holding a spear!

Weed normally disliked events but this was the birth of the water park, so he didn’t spare any expenses.

Weed slowly turned and pointed the spear.

A so-called preopening event.

“What? That appearance is ridiculous.”

“What do you mean? I don’t know how to respond.”

The crowd was full of doubts so someone started chanting.

“Water park, water park!”

“Water park!”

Soon the chant was coming from all the users.

The atmosphere was ripe to earn money.

“Water, rise!”

Weed stabbed the spear into the riverbank.

The dam made of sand broke open and the river flowed along the newly opened waterway.


The scene of water flowing could be seen by the crowd.


Water filled the wide channel. It was so powerful that the ground shook like an earthquake was occurring.

The water was muddy from the construction site but it flowed straight to Puhol Fortress.

Of course, Puhol Fortress was too far away to be seen with the naked eye. If the sculptural lifeforms and creatures hadn’t cooperated then it wouldn’t have been easy.

The waterway flowed through intact mountains and cliffs.


“The real deal. Really.”

The users gathered at the waterway couldn’t close their eyes at the magnificent sight.

It was like a miracle created by human efforts.

People digging at the ground with pickaxes made this possible.

Pride bloomed in the hearts of the northern users.

After a long time, the water finally reached Puhol Fortress.

Puhol Fortress and the surrounding plains slowly filled with water.

The water rose up to people’s ankles.

“Ah… Water is really rising.”

“Is this really happening? Awesome!”

Hundreds of thousands of users were waiting at Puhol Fortress to pay the entrance fee.

Millions of avians flew along with the flowing water.

“Chirp chirp chirp. Cool.”

“This is the Arpen Kingdom. No one other than Weed-nim could achieve this plan in Royal Road.”

“We also helped. Kaaack!”

It was a wonderful experience that wouldn’t disappear from the memories of the users.

The water flowing itself was great but it was created by the people’s efforts.

The water level kept rising around the sculptures and users.

It reached their knees and then their waist.


From then on, the users started to freely swim.

Many of the facilities at Puhol Fortress were destroyed. They enjoyed diving off walls and towers.

Hundreds of users moved like a swarm of ants in the water.

Users hurried to the entrance to check if it was really filling with water.

Parts of the collapsed walls were crudely turned into the entrance of the water park.

“Here is the entrance fee!”

“Let me enter quickly!”

Although the water park was still unfinished, it was an exciting sight.

A fun experience!

They could go to the river or beaches for swimming on the Versailles Continent but the atmosphere of the water park couldn’t be matched.

Users threw themselves into the Miros River and rode along the waterway!

The entrance fee to Puhol Water Park was only one gold. On that day alone, Weed was able to earn 7 million gold.

The tickets continued to be sold until dawn and the food sold gave tremendous benefits.

The chefs in the cafeteria hit the jackpot but the next day’s earnings far exceeded the previous one.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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