The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 46 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Day that Time Stopped

Invitation to Puhol’s Water Park!

People just enjoyed the water on the first day, but they changed clothes for swimming the next day.

The dress code for men and women gradually became shorter. The people gathered at Puhol Water Park became boldly exposed.

“Ah… There is no place to look. There is too much to see.”

The male users watched the beauties walking past in short clothes. Their attention was focused on the elves with slim legs.

The beauties of the Arpen Kingdom were gathered at Puhol Water Park.

“Should I try it once?”

“It will be difficult.”

“I won’t know until I try it.”

Impromptu meetings took place on the spot.

“Excuse me. I am from the 5th Toadstool Porridge unit. Would you like to eat a bowl with me?”

“I am from the Bamboo Shoots unit. I will eat if you don’t mind bamboo shoots.”

In might be a little cold in reality but Royal Road’s joyful atmosphere caused hunting to be a success.

“At this price, I don’t need to play at a resort in reality.”

“I don’t need to get on a plane to fly to Southeast Asia.”

He defeated the Haven Empire and then created Puhol Water Park, so Weed continued receiving endless praise.

“I had thought about whether he was taking advantage of the northern users but now I have no more doubts.”

“I am the same.”

“There was no reason to fight the Haven Empire later. I thought we would be scapegoats in a later war.”

“Yes. Now I know why Weed is revered. If he wasn’t thinking of the users then this water park would never have happened.”

“Let’s call him Saint Weed.”

Appreciation for Weed among the men rose significantly. The female users also liked Weed.

“He is a good king.”

“He had gone through a lot for us.”

“The north is good to live in because there is someone like him. I don’t care about anything other than that.”

“His charm as a man? It is a little… He was a bit charming as the orc Karichwi.”

The northern users were thankful towards Weed.

There was slight disappointment in Weed and the Arpen Kingdom after the battle at Puhol Fortress, but that had disappeared.

As morning and evening pa.s.sed, Weed and the architects continued construction with many users.

Only the basic form of the water park had been completed so walking paths, rest areas and swimming pools needed to be created.

Weed didn’t take a break from making water and ice sculptures.

The northern users enjoyed swimming, looking at the sculptures, talking with people and hunting nearby. They also partic.i.p.ated in the construction of the new city in order to make money.

And the real charm of Puhol Water Park was revealed at night.

“Now, they won’t come every day. But there is a surprise performance from bards.”


Professional bard Nolla.s.seu gave a delightful harp and hip hop performance at night!

-Snow in the hot jungle

A leopard came to drink from a frozen lake

Berobero berobero

The lake water is cool! It is delicious!

Two ice leopards are hunting.

Take a step back.

I don’t want it tearing at my abdomen.

Nolla.s.seu’s instrument playing was good enough to win the compet.i.tion hosted by the Bard Guild every three months.

However, his lyrics were clearly influenced by Weed. Recently new bards had been influenced by Weed, causing a growing trend of messed up lyrics or pitch.

Anyway, the water park’s atmosphere became more heated as exciting music played.

In the s.p.a.cious wilderness where large squares were scheduled to be built, campfires were lit and log chairs and tables set up.

“Let’s do it!”

“Oh yes!”

It was transformed into a nightclub where users danced to exciting music.

Lemon Gra.s.s Porridge and Sweet Potato Porridge were sold along with alcohol. Merchants made unbelievable amounts of money from food and alcohol.

As the water park developed, a rich night market opened in the Arpen Kingdom.

* * *

The Versailles Continent was shaken once again. The hottest attraction had been created in ruins, literally after a great battle took place.

“The north. To the north!”

“Go quickly. No, I need to bargain for some money first!”

There was a wave of users heading to the north from the Haven Empire.

In fact, the sensibility of modern people was as cold as a refrigerator. They admired the scenery but didn’t stop to look at it.

“Whether the Haven Empire conquers the continent or not has nothing to do with me.”

“As long as Royal Road… I don’t know. I’m tired of rebellion. Haven’t the taxes been lowered?”

“I suffered in the advanced Haven Empire. I just want to live comfortably.”

The water park made the Arpen Kingdom more compet.i.tive.

There was no need to hesitate when they could swim during the day and drink beer while enjoying the nightlife.

“Lejyo, I have something to say.”

“I also want to say something.”

“I will start. I have decided to leave Kallamore.”

“Eh? You too?”

“Then… You are going to Puhol Water Park?”

It was enough for some people to leave their hometowns.

Large numbers of people flocked to the north.

The border guards of the Haven Empire stopped them but the users found other ways.

They crossed rivers, went by sea or were flown by avians in the sky.

“I will give you 10 gold if you take me.”

“Chirp chirp. Pay in advance.”

The avians received an income from acting as transportation.

Thus Puhol Water Park became increasingly crowded! One week’s admission fees and taxes exceeded 90 million gold.

Weed was swimming in the profits.

“This is unexpected money.”

-Arpen Kingdom’s Vault

Kingdom’s Funds: 281,373,892 gold

As king of the Arpen Kingdom, he checked the financial status and couldn’t believe it!

“It is 280 million gold.”

The Haven Empire could earn that type of money in a month, but the poor north was different.

Above all, housing sales continued to be vigorous and admission revenue reached record levels.

“The best business is playing and eating.”

Weed couldn’t hide the pleasure from his face.

“I can’t be distracted. I can ruin my life that way.”

Even so, there was a rotten smile on his face.

“I have to be prepared.”

He knew that the water park wouldn’t always bring in this type of revenue.

“This is the initial opening revenue. A restaurant is also good in the early opening days.”

Users in the north were unusually concentrated at Puhol Fortress thanks to the battle. After a week, they would return to hunting and adventuring, causing the revenue to drop.

In order to make people come back to the water park, he needed to improve the facilities and culture.

Weed decided to use Museum of Time. It was a technique that could stop time in a specific area.

Actual artists had a deep interest in the art and culture formed in Royal Road.

“The final secret sculpting technique? Combining time and art… The possibilities are endless.”

“Weed usually shows us more than we imagine. He had been able to go further in life by combining adventuring with various sculptures.”

“The public has become interested in sculpting. Art is playing an important role in virtual reality and is creating new possibilities.”

People in Royal Road also had an interest in art.

Time Sculpting was the final secret sculpting technique and Museum of Time was a jewel-like skill.

Once the flow of time was stopped, a myriad of artistic attempts could be made.

“This technique will certainly be enough to attract people. There is no greater skill for promotional purposes.”

Weed rode on Bingryong.

“Let’s go. It is time to play properly.”


Weed and Bingryong flew in the sky about Puhol Water Park.

The crowd watched the sky as they enjoyed a leisurely dip.


“Why? What is he doing?”

The avians were curious and followed Bingryong from a distance.

Chirp chirp chirp!

Weed, Bingryong and 100,000 avians gathered together above Puhol Water Park.

A free flight in the sky. Flying quickly in the sky with wings wasn’t tough. There was no need for complex calculations and they just enjoyed the freedom. If the avians were hungry, they could go down to the ground to eat worms or grains.

“I have attracted plenty of attention.”

Weed had learnt a lot from watching politicians on television.

No matter how good the policy, it was meaningless if people didn’t know about it. On the other hand, antipathy towards bad policies were likely to cause a big incident.

“Let’s go higher for publicity, Bingryong!”


Bingryong roared and rose vertically in the sky.

Bingryong rose through the clouds with Weed. The avians found the alt.i.tude hard to follow and he looked over the distant north.

It was a clear world without air pollution, so the scene that stretched out dozens of kilometres in front of him was truly spectacular.

Rivers, plains, and mountains blended together while flowers and trees added colour. It looked like a nice picture.

“When I first came to the north, I saw a white, snowy field. Thank goodness that has changed.”

Weed briefly recalled the past.

He had suffered after coming to the north for a quest. He quested in Morata village alone but Seo-yoon and Alveron were with him in the Valley of Death.

“At that time, I was happy making small sculptures.”

Despite lacking many things compared to now, he couldn’t help feeling a sense of nostalgia. Of course, he had no desire to go back to those days.

“I have to start now.”

Weed used Nature Sculpting to make rain clouds.

“He is sculpting a cloud.”

“It will be cool if it rains.”

By now, the crowd on the ground were familiar with his sculpting.

* * *

The continent’s best painter Petrov.

He looked up at the sky from among the crowd at Puhol Water Park.

“Rain isn’t a big deal.”

He acknowledged Weed as Yurin’s brother, but didn’t abandon his pride in the painter profession.

“A moist scenery. It would be been better if he became a blacksmith instead of a sculptor.”

The dwarf Fabio also arrived at Puhol Water Park to handle helium.

“As expected from Weed-nim. He would sell the country in minutes if he became the president of South Korea.”

Mapan was with other merchants from Mapan’s trading company.

They were busy money from the water park, but the money they could earn would change as a result of today’s work.

“Chwi chwik. It is a strange atmosphere.”

The orc Seechwi and Geomchi-2 looked up at the sky.

“I will be sure to look at what the maknae is doing today.”

“Chwik. I’m looking forward to it.”

Seechwi was satisfied with her strong boyfriend.

‘Only someone who knows the charms of a man will understand.’

Geomchi-2 wasn’t good-looking. But he had a dependable body. Solid biceps, abdomen and thighs.

She was an elite who earned a PhD from a school in the United States while Geomchi-2 didn’t have a high educational background. She liked Jung Il-hun even more.

There was an incident on the day she introduced Jung Il-hun to her parents.

“Mum, don’t you have to get rid of the rocks in your year?”

“Uh, that’s right. It is too large so should’t I get a forklift?”

Jung Il-hun who was eating an apple lifted his head.

“Are you talking about that stone lodged in your yard?”

“Uh, yes.”

“It only looks approximately 120kg. Do you want me to move it?”

Her family watched Jung Il-hun walk into the yard.

He told them his opinion after examining the rock.


Jung Il-hun grabbed the rock with both arms and used his power.

The rock that didn’t budge was slowly lifted up to chest height.

“I will put it in a corner.”

Cha Eun-hee and her parents watched with open mouths as Jung Il-hun walked with the rock.


The sound that the rock made as it fell wasn’t a joke.


Cha Eun-hee laughed awkwardly.

Her silent father who was an academic finally spoke.

“The yard is nice and s.p.a.cious.”

“It is a house in the country. I have been living in the city so it is a delight to be here.”

The house was visible to Jung Il-hun through the trees.

“Do you use oak wood as firewood in the winter?”

“Hmm hmm, yes.”

Cha Eun-hee’s father was an elite university professor but his voice was very polite.

In the winter, a 15 ton truck full of firewood was required.

“Then it must be hard to chop all of that.”

“That’s right. It is c.u.mbersome and heavy, so we can’t do it on a daily basis.”

“I will do it since I am here now.”

“How can that be? Just leave it. We will do it later on.”

Cha Eun-hee’s mother laughed and said.

“Leave it. Our chainsaw happens to be broken.”


It was popular to use a chainsaw in order to cut wood these days.

Jung Il-hun saw a rusty axe in a corner.

“That would be enough.”


Jung Il-hun lifted the axe and struck an oak log.


The oak log was cleanly split like a watermelon.

“It is fun since it has been a while. This will be my exercise after the meal.”

Jung Il-hun continued moving the axe.

The split firewood piled up.

10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, the muscles in Jung Il-hun arms bulged as he moved the axe without any signs of tiredness.


Cha Eun-hee and her mother’s eyes were filled with admiration.

It was a scene that neighbourhood women wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off.

“Son-in-law… It seems I’ve gained a good one.”

“You think so as well?”

* * *

Weed’s rain clouds started raining on Puhol Water Park.

It seemed like a meaningless action but was required to increase the effectiveness of the skill.

“The view is very important.”

He adjusted the rain clouds so that rain covered some swimming pools, some hotel grounds and the entrance.

A thick rain poured down on Puhol Water Park. Weed took a deep breath.

“I will get started right away. Museum of Time!”


-Museum of Time

It is a skill that permanently stops time in one area.

A magical s.p.a.ce of miracles!

New light and forms of art will unfold in a s.p.a.ce where all things are stopped.

Once the skill has been used, it cannot be reversed.

It can only be used once on the Versailles Continent so please decide carefully.

-Do you want to use the skill?

Weed swallowed his saliva.

‘I can cancel it now. No. It is a hard earned skill but I will receive money from it.’

It was a rare opportunity to gather such a crowd. Even if a Museum of Time was created, it was meaningless if people didn’t visit it. Art was worth more with lots of people.

“Moreover, if time stops then this place won’t experience a cold winter.”

If there was no winter then the water park could make money for all four seasons.

“I will use it.”

A bright light shone around Weed’s hands.


-Please specify the area to be used for Museum of Time.

The limit is a 4km radius, based on your art stat.

“4km is good enough.”

Weed illuminated the ground with the light from his hands.

It covered some of the swimming pools with rain and one third of the amus.e.m.e.nt park. Additionally, there was a vacant lot designated to display sculptures and artworks.

If time was stopped then the method of using it was endless.

It was possible to create a G.o.ddess of Freya Statue or Tower of Light that floated in the air. Painters could also draw pictures in the sky.

By using the stopped time, artwork with various ideas would emerge.

Museum of Time was a skill too precious to be kept to one individual.

“I can make sculptures here, but it will be shared with all artists on the Versailles Continent. And everyone can get benefits from the various creative artworks.”

A city of art would bloom next to Puhol Water Park where tourists would visit.

It was different from Rhodium, the city of artists on the continent.

The new s.p.a.ce would be the best tourist destination in the north for people who enjoyed the arts. It would be a wonderful city where artists could enjoy working. It was a great opportunity for artists to do the unimaginable.

“Huhuhu. I will earn a lot of money.”

Cultural diversity made people happy.

If there were many artworks at Puhol Water Park, there would be more tourists and this would translate to sales.

“Art is money, money.”

Even if the Versailles Continent was destroyed tomorrow, he would still be trying to rip off money from at least one more customer.

-The s.p.a.ce where time will be stopped has been designated.

In this s.p.a.ce, the growth of animals and plants will cease and there will be no physical limits.

The Museum of Time skill started.

A brilliant light poured from Weed’s body towards the ground.

* * *

Weed was flying in the air on Bingryong when a magnificent light emerged.


The crowds watching cried out with delight.

“Is that a quest?”

“It looks like a technique…”

“A technique that I’ve never seen before. Is there such a big technique?”

“Maybe it is a disaster?”

“Surely not…”

The avians in the sky with Weed were surprised and scattered.

“Chirp chirp!”


The avians were covered by the light but didn’t receive any harm. However, many avians collided due to the sudden change in direction.

The light coming from Weed covered a few kilometres of the ground. The light came down upon certain areas of Puhol Water Park.

The fact that there were no changes showed that Museum of Time was working properly. The rain pouring from the sky stopped and the leaves blowing from the wind didn’t move.

“How is this happening?”

“Ah… The atmosphere is strange.”

The avians watching from afar could see that the world had stopped.

There were no movements so they couldn’t help feeling like it was deserted.

“It is strange. Tweet tweet.”

“Will we die if we go over there?”

The avians watched but couldn’t readily go over there. Even Weed didn’t enter the Museum of Time because he was worried about the side effects.

And then something unexpected happened.

Numerous ghost like people were created within the Museum of Time.

There were great knights, ladies wearing elegant dresses and elderly people. Farmers carried their equipment and horse drawn carriages moved within the Museum of Time.


-Visitors from the old world have appeared.

After the fall of the Niflheim Empire, a vast majority of people lost their lives.

The souls that were lost were unjustly captured by the evil Embinyu Church.

The priests of the Embinyu Church sealed the souls in jars and placed them deep underground.

The priests were able to increase the power of their black magic through the bitterness of the souls.

It was destroyed after the Embinyu Church fell.

The captured souls were free but due to their long period of suffering, they still wander the Northern Continent.

They envy the rapid development and high happiness of the Arpen Kingdom.

The souls of the Niflheim Empire that existed a long time ago can visit the Museum of Time through a gap.

-The Arpen Kingdom’s fame has increased by 64.

The territory expansion corresponds to the kingdom’s fame.

-Local fame has increased by 5,424.

Thanks to the effect of Museum of Time, local artifacts, sculptures, beaded jewellery and antiques of the Niflheim Empire have been registered.

-438,103,328 new quests have been generated due to the old visitors.

Quests from the visitors will give double experience and fame for a week.

C ranked or higher difficult quests will be based on the whole Northern Continent.

This was the power of the final secret sculpting technique.

The people of the fallen Niflheim Empire.

A ma.s.sive number of quests were created with their emergence.



Weed, the avians and the people on the ground saw them.

A message window popped up simultaneously.

-The Museum of Time has been created.

A place established by the final secret sculpting technique where time has literally stopped.

It will be the birthplace of new forms of art, where mystical quests and stories can be heard.

Visitors will have a permanent increase in the knowledge and art stats due to the cultural benefits.

The response of the crowd after reading the message was swift.

“Let’s go.”


At the entrance to Puhol Water Park, NPCs of the Arpen Kingdom were receiving the entrance fees.

-The admission fee has temporarily increased due to the new opening.

You will be guided.

There is a huge investment in facilities in order to make Puhol Water Park the best swimming s.p.a.ce on the continent.

Despite the labour costs and rising prices, we have tried to minimize the admission fee. However, it is inevitable so it will now cost 3 gold and 98 silver.

Starting from tomorrow, you can enter again for 1 gold.

While the Haven Empire cut the prices of the dungeon admission fees, Weed raised his by almost four times!

The north was still poor so 4 gold was a lot of money for some users. Even so, tomorrow it would return to the original price so people couldn’t grumble. They could wait one day if they wanted to save their money.

However, the crowd psychology was scary so there were few users who could wait. Furthermore, there were many quests so there wouldn’t be a big loss!

“I don’t need the change.”

“Come on, please open it.”

The northern users threw 4 gold, 5 gold and entered straight away.

Admission to Puhol Water Park was at a record high.

* * *

The construction of Puhol Water Park was hurried.

Tourist cities and luxury villas were built around it.

Many people visited and materials were gathered to develop the transportation network.

It would connect to the south that was previously the Haven Empire’s occupied area, the north to Morata as well as Dawn City!

The users were bustling in the s.p.a.ce where time was stopped.


A ghost carrying a big hammer replied.

“It is great to see you. I am the blacksmith Alfonso. Let me know if you want to learn how to handle metal.”

New techniques could be obtained from the ghosts of Niflheim Empire.

“The seeds sprinkled in the ground aren’t growing quickly?”

“Is it lacking attention?”

“No. The secret to nurturing plants is the fertilizer. It depends on the type of fertilizer that you use… Have you ever heard of a fertilizer that promotes plant growth?”

The users were able to acquire past techniques that weren’t present now.

There were a variety of combat skills and techniques necessary for life.

“Cooking. Nowadays, people have forgotten how to make a delicious pasta. If you want, I can give you the recipe… Oh, you don’t have to be my disciple. I am just bored.”

“In order to pursue beauty and to make pretty clothes, you need to learn proper st.i.tching. If you see loose seams when buying expensive clothes then you will be disappointed.”

“Have you ever tried doing the laundry by hand?”

There were also techniques that dealt with basic resources such as trees, rocks, and water.

“Can you tell me for free?”

“This was necessary when living in the Niflheim Empire. I can do at least this much for you.”

Northern users started in Morata.

They were public figures that built up fame in the Arpen Kingdom.

It was rare to betray someone when doing quests in the Arpen Kingdom.

They were able to learn skills based on their achievements and fame in the Arpen Kingdom.

“I hope you can help me. I used to have a treasure before I died. I wonder if it is still there?”

“I’m glad to meet someone who knows about the Lahonak Wolf Lair. I didn’t want to share it with others but does it matter if I’m already dead? Listen to what I am about to tell you. There is a treasure. A treasure hidden by the great wolf!”

In particular, a huge number of quests were created.

Along with the existing quests in the north, linked quests and completely new quests were added!

Even F ranked s.h.i.+pment requests were helpful to the Arpen Kingdom.

But the higher difficulty quests were different.

[Gold Excavation Request], [Ancient Treasures], [Forgotten Golden Temple], [The Secret of the Beaded Jewellery]

Numerous treasures of the Niflheim Empire.

They were found buried in the ground and increased the economic power of the Arpen Kingdom.

The users waiting to pay the entrance fee to the water park were filled with jealousy.

“It is really good money. I can make a few million gold in just 10 minutes.”

“It wasn’t a joke. I completely hit the jackpot.”

A person who had a successful restaurant had a habit of counting their sales after the day ended!

In fact, the income from Puhol Water Park temporarily exceeded the Haven Empire.

The Arpen Kingdom was financially strong so Weed resumed the various construction projects.

The Grand Buildings suspended due to the war were started again and destroyed villages were restored.

Just a few months ago, he would have needed to sacrifice the annual tax revenue of the Arpen Kingdom.

“Kuoh, it is too much money. I’ll become a beggar. Check the kingdom’s finances.”

-Arpen Kingdom’s Vault

Kingdom’s Funds: 478,312,394 gold

“4-478 million gold? There was this much money in the vault?”

The unthinkable was happening.

Weed had been living a frugal lifestyle since childhood.

He checked his money several times a day and it was a habit to not waste money.

The Arpen Kingdom’s finances had never been plentiful and were short-lived, so there was never a large amount left in the vault.

The Grand Building and cities were made with the donations of users. If he expanded the military or focused on luxury then the kingdom would have been bankrupt by now.

But the situation changed ever since Puhol Water Park opened.

“I’ve spent a lot but I still have money left.”

An average salary worker needed to pay taxes, repay loans as well as having the money required for food and living expenses.

‘There is money remaining. Even though I spent it on everything I needed to, money is still left… This money?”

It was inspiring to see the money!

He wanted to start more Grand Buildings, but the architects in the north were busy.

The Haven Empire had invested well in transportation and urban construction in the northern colonies, so there wasn’t much left to add.

Public achievements were being given every day due to quests, but this was part of the economic development of the Arpen Kingdom.

It was a really new experience for Weed.

“Now I am wealthy. Should I buy the 200 won more expensive salt in the future?”

* * *

“I will join the Arpen Kingdom. It is an honour.”

“I truly feel like a northern resident. Thank you in advance. Your Majesty.”

“I acknowledge your rule… We respect the dominance of the Arpen Kingdom.”

Weed met with the lords of the Haven Empire’s colony.

Some of the lords were arrogant despite being willing to come to the Arpen Kingdom.

“However, you have to acknowledge what we have invested so far.”

Weed laughed.


“You must understand the concept that our cities are private property. The Hermes Guild paid a considerable amount of money so we can’t justify just giving it to the Arpen Kingdom.”

“What is your point?”

“Huhu. Do I have to tell you?”

A user called Kaljiko said with a stern look.

His tone and way of speaking showed that he had been a lord in Royal Road for a while.

“I am curious. The Hermes Guild won’t be able to help you in the north.”

“The Hermes Guild isn’t the only means that we can use. We have a great network of people that will be a significant annoyance if we mobilize them. I would rather destroy the city and its residents than give it to others for free. “

The lords were united together around Kaljiko.

He proudly spoke and was convinced that his words would be followed.

If the northern colonies were ruined then it would damage the Arpen Kingdom and there would be some political fallout.

“We don’t want a lot. There are only three things. A permanent position as a lord, recognition of our autonomy and the tax rate paid to the Arpen Kingdom will be cut in half for at least 5 years.”

“Is that all?”

“After the 5 years are done, we want a lower average tax rate. Well, you can understand after all the effort we put into it.”

Weed pondered their words.

Kaljiko and the other lords smiled at the sight.

-The negotiations seem to be going well.

-He can’t help it. What will happen if we smash the cities in response?

-He is just a famous fighter. He doesn’t know anything about politics.

-We will benefit once the transaction is complete. Once the war is won, we can take the cities without a single drop of blood. Anyway, it isn’t that much.

The lords gloated in whispers to each other.

Despite stating their willingness to surrender, the lords were rather dissatisfied.

Weed didn’t think for long.

‘How do I kill these guys?’

He didn’t have the slightest intention of accepting the negotiations.

If he couldn’t engage in political work then there could be complicated political issues in the future.

The lords of the colonies had drawn a line. The negotiations were no longer possible as soon as they talked about the tax rate. Weed couldn’t accept the conditions.

“I have decided.”

“I hope you make a wise decision for the Arpen Kingdom. You will know as you get older, but sometimes young blood can be easily angered.”

“That is why I thought about it.”

Weed examined the faces of Kaljiko and the other lords one by one.

There were 37 of them. Representatives of half of the northern colony. Among them were Robin and other members of the ‘Nice Guys’ guild. They became lords due to their money. In other words, the ones born with gold spoons!

“Tell us the decision. We are busy people.”

“I will go against you.”

“Go against me?”

“Yes. From this moment on, I will make everyone against you.”

Kaljiko and the other lords laughed.

“There is no willingness to accept our offer, which means the negotiations have broken down. But can you really move against us? The users might not be willing to help the Arpen Kingdom with another fight.”

“I will make a decree about you to all the northern users. By the edict of the king, there will be quests to kill you and they will receive public achievements.”


The expressions of the lords slightly changed.

Many of the northern users desired public achievements in the Arpen Kingdom.

The lords were equipped with the finest equipment but their hunting skills were low.

The official bounty against them meant people wouldn’t receive the murderer state and the hunt would begin.

‘Then we won’t be able to live in the north.’

That thought pa.s.sed through the lords’ heads.

As if he knew their thoughts, Weed effortlessly spoke.

“Go to the Central Continent. It is a land dominated by the Hermes Guild but there are millions of users. I will give them a big reward and allow them to come to the Arpen Kingdom if they kill you.”


“The Arpen Kingdom welcomes immigrants. There are tourist sites, dungeons, fortresses and roads. It won’t be safe anywhere. Sea or island? They are already under the control of the Arpen Kingdom. Your movements will be watched by the avians in the sky and those pa.s.sing by will point swords at you.”

Weed meant that they wouldn’t be able to live on the entire Versailles Continent.

Of course, things might not go that way.

The lords were closely related to the Hermes Guild, so there was some degree of safety if they went to the Central Continent.

But they would have to worry about being stabbed in the back and wouldn’t receive any profits.

Kaljiko was pushed by the momentum and frantically shouted.

“The cities? Will you be okay if the infrastructure is destroyed and the residents slaughtered?”

Weed’s eyes shone intensely.

It was the way he looked at the landlord who tried to get him to pay an unfair extra 1,500 won on the water bill!

“Do it.”


“I have a good head. Haven’t you seen Puhol Water Park?”


Puhol Fortress had been a ruin after the battle, yet it had been turned into the greatest hit on the Versailles Continent.

It meant he wasn’t afraid of building things from ruins.

“Do you think you can recreate the water park?”

“I am a sculptor and an architect. I have the ability of a blacksmith and can build s.h.i.+ps. There is also mining and fis.h.i.+ng. I have a variety of skills. A collapsed city? I can restore it to an even better state. Millions of people will come. There will be no place for you.”

Kaljiko and the lords were baffled.

They no longer had any cards.

‘From the beginning, was it absurd to suggest some conditions in the negotiations?’

‘It is normal not to receive damage, but this is Royal Road. There might be a strange reversal that will send us to the grave.’

Weed became more relaxed in the face of their anxiety.

‘They are hooked.’

It wasn’t easy to restore a destroyed city. There was monetary damage and would require quite a lot of manpower and materials. The workforce was deployed in many places in the north so development would be slower. Weed wouldn’t want the ma.s.s destruction of the northern colony.

Kaljiko thought about it and tried a final resistance.

“Think again. The destruction of the cities won’t necessarily be beneficial to the Arpen Kingdom. We are lords appointed by the Haven Empire. We took cities through aggression and tyranny. Do you think they will tolerate this?”

“It is your choice.”

“Weed the G.o.d of War’s reputation will drop to the ground. You won’t be able to justify this. Won’t people be disappointed if this is reported through various stations?”

A war of aggression was common in the Central Continent, but not the Arpen Kingdom.

Kaljiko used Weed’s reputation as a last resort.

If the stations were notified of Weed’s unjust tyranny then the Arpen Kingdom would receive large damage.

‘Well done.’

‘He won’t be able to handle this logic.’

The lords had smiles of satisfaction.

Weed’s face turned sad.

“It is all my fault. This situation occurred because I lack the capacity to lead the Arpen Kingdom.”


“The Arpen Kingdom stands for freedom and equality. Unlike the Central Continent, the Northern Continent is based around the power of its residents.”

Weed licked his lips.

It was a habit when he was going to tell a lie.

“You are stating the obvious. We just want a fair treatment.”

“I swore to maintain the north’s freedom and happiness. If I have to take cities and kill you so that millions of people can enjoy low taxes and freedom, I am willing to walk down such a dirty path! This isn’t for cheap fame, but for the northern users.”


Kaljiko and the lords were unable to say anything.

Weed had grabbed them!

The scene of forsaking justice for the northern users would make the viewers go nuts.

The lords that tried to negotiate for their own interests were lost.

‘This… Is he a member of parliament?’

Kaljiko protested.

“We haven’t made any unreasonable demands. If our status as lords is guaranteed then we promise to not raise taxes.”

Weed continued like he hadn’t heard those words.

“You who have been appointed by the Haven Empire, I am depriving you of your right to live in the north.”

“Depriving us of our rights? Even though all the cities will be destroyed at our command?”

“Destroy the cities if you want to do so. I will work to stop you and will take the ensuring criticism.”


At that moment, Weed covered his face like he couldn’t endure it anymore.

As he pulled away his head, thick tears flowed down.

“I will not forgive you. I will make sure you won’t be able to take one step on this Versailles Continent. Fame isn’t as important as the people!”


“These negotiations are over. I am busy so I will leave.”

Weed walked away quickly.

Whatever action was taken in the future, he had given absolute justification for them.

After approximately one hour.

Weed secretly contacted Mapan.

Mapan talked to people at the entrance to the water park.

“The unreasonable demands have offended Weed-nim. Is there no other option?”

“Well, I would like to listen to their requests but it was too difficult. I couldn’t.”

“Honestly, I would like to be able to go to the Central Continent. If today’s negotiations are announced then the Haven Empire won’t accept it.”

“I know but it isn’t possible after listening to Weed-nim’s story.”

“We are willing to pay some price.”

“Would you be willing to give 70% of the tax revenue?”

“70%? The Haven Empire wants such an exorbitant amount?”

“Even though they built the cities, there aren’t that many people. If the northern users go there to live, the tax revenue will increase by one hundred times. And the kingdom’s military power will be responsible for their security.”

“Yes but… The security is fine now.”

“They shouldn’t become lords for money. They already have it. You should become a lord for the honour and pleasure. Shouldn’t the lords of the Arpen Kingdom be worthy of respect?”

Until now, there was no justification to spend tax money on the Arpen Kingdom’s army.

Most of the people listening to Mapan had to accept Weed’s choice. He had tried to negotiate from the beginning, but was forced into the worst position.

Kaljiko and seven others lit the cities on fire like they said they would.

“Burn it all. It is better to burn it then to give it to the dirty Arpen Kingdom.”

This was relayed to the broadcasting stations.

Buildings collapsed and residents died from the fire. All the planted crops were burnt and poison released into wells.

The bulletin boards were in an uproar over the scene.

-Kill! Make sure that they can’t step foot in Royal Road.

-The Haven Empire as well. We can’t leave them alone.

-Weed announced that there would be negotiations with the Hermes Guild… Then this happened. Those guys genuinely deserve to die.

-Let us remember their faces.

Despite the fact that the administrators deleted the messages, they couldn’t keep up with all the posts.

A large proclamation was attached to the gates of the colonial cities already incorporated into the Arpen Kingdom.

[The lords who have integrated with the Arpen Kingdom respectfully greet the northern users.

We respect Weed the G.o.d of War and we have been eagerly waiting to become citizens of the Arpen Kingdom.

The mindset I had forgotten since childhood was revived after watching the Arpen Kingdom.

We are willing to pay 70% of our taxes to celebrate merging with the Arpen Kingdom.

It is a small sign of our affection, but we hope that the north will continue to develop and the residents stay happy.]

Weed and Mapan had maneuvered them to write the proclamations.

It fed the morale of the northern users against the Haven Empire.

The economy of the colony needed to be quickly activated so that the users wouldn’t have any ill feelings towards the remaining lords.

Furthermore, it had a different meaning for the lords of the Arpen Kingdom.

The new lords would pay 70% of their taxes, the other lords could also dream of tax cuts.

And the last sentence rang in the hearts of the northern users.

[Gra.s.s porridge! Gra.s.s porridge! Gra.s.s porridge!]


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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