The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 47 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Best Hard-Working Craftsman

Weed’s sculpted the basic form of a baby but it wasn’t the end. There was a lot of work left to refine the star but also decide on the overall form,

“If the child is alone then they will be lonely. That is child abuse.”

A sculpture of a baby with their mother would be better.

Weed pondered for a moment.

‘Will this sculpture be okay?’

A sculpture of Seo-yoon holding a baby in the night sky of Royal Road might stop her from getting married.

‘I won’t send her away from my side. It doesn’t matter how difficult and hard it will be.’

Weed started the sculpture again.

The appearance of a woman smiling brightly while looking at her baby.

Of course, he was so familiar with Seo-yoon that he could sculpt her with his eyes closed.

Seo-yoon’s beautiful face was sculpted on the left side.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t elaborate yet, he found it difficult to take his eyes off the work.

‘The face should be more beautiful. The buried beauty should emerge. The piece needs more work.’

He carefully sculpted her every day. He could have become lazy but he didn’t do that.

Seo-yoon’s sculpture couldn’t be lacking so he put effort into sculpting every exquisite detail.

‘Marriage, live together and have a baby… I think that would be good. At a later date. Hrmm. I wouldn’t mind if it was a little bit sooner.’

Weed sweated as he continued making the sculpture.

He estimated how much time pa.s.sed by watching the planets moving in s.p.a.ce.

After approximately 10 days, Seo-yoon and the baby were 60% completed.

‘The appearance is beautiful but that can’t be all. She needs the feeling of a mother.’

Unfortunately, Weed didn’t have many memories of a mother’s warmth. Rather, his memories of his childhood was carrying Yurin on his back and giving her bottles.

He often cried while carrying his sister in the cold winter.

It was a real tough time with a lot of suffering. He devoted his strength to just surviving every day.

‘Mother… Yes. From here on, I’ll sculpt what I want it to be. It isn’t exactly the same but I feel something. I will sculpt that feeling.’

He placed emotions into the eyes and facial expression of Seo-yoon holding the baby. Her beauty was a powerful weapon but he couldn’t just depend on it.

His purpose wasn’t to sculpt a pretty mother holding her baby.

He used the forgotten warmth of his mother while sculpting as he recalled her eyes and affection filled voice.

‘A mother taking care of her baby. I will be the father. Yes. That is good. Adding other small things will be good.’

He didn’t care too much about the golden ratio, composition, etc.

Weed just watched to focus on the warmth of a mother when sculpting Seo-yoon and her daughter.

In the future, he would be able to watch it with a happy heart.

‘Sculpting master? He needed to go back a little bit. He would do what he really wanted to. Even if this sculpture had a low artistic value or failed… I won’t regret it even if I waste this chance.’

This might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to sculpt a star.

As long as he did what he wanted as best as he could, he wouldn’t regret it even if there weren’t good results.

‘Yes. The real work that I want to do.’

Weed didn’t regret making this piece or worry about making it better or it would fail.

‘I really want to make this sculpture. And this will be the best work of my life.’

* * *

Fabio was making the best sword on the continent with helium.

The first master on the Versailles Continent!

Helium was as great as the rumours and he obtained it after winning the compet.i.tion with Herman.

The flames seemed alive as he smelted and quenched the helium to make a sword.

Fabio was sure that the best sword would be born in his hands.

“The work will be over soon. This will become a legendary sword that will never be broken.”

Fabio was a craftsman who received respect from many other professions.

This sword would be enough to satisfy his high pride.

He had no doubts about becoming a master as he realized his weaknesses through the confrontation with Herman.

Fabio kept an eye on the news despite working on the sword day and night.

‘Weed is also challenging the master quest. I will finish the quest faster.’

He didn’t grumble about the trick used to drag him to the Northern Continent and delay his time.

This was a great opportunity to become a master.

‘I won the game and will use my skills to become a master first. My sword will be completed earlier. The blacksmith will become the first among all professions.’

Fabio looked at the star Weed was creating.

‘The last work. Will he make something good? I worked hard for the sake of becoming a blacksmith master.’

A blacksmith dealt with making a sword in hot flames. Due to this, they had sharper eyesight so he could see the shape of the star.

Fabio’s mouth widened.

“That is… Well. It will still require some time before it is finished…”

He looked up at the sculpture of a star for a long time before laughing bitterly.

“Right. I am also lacking.”

Fabio returned to the smithy and saw a sharp sword.

A strong sword that would cut anything!

It was made with the G.o.d’s metal, Helium so the blade had a radiant sheen.

If Weed saw it, he would have applauded it as the best sword. However, Fabio saw something else.

“Not a strong and sharp sword, but a warmer and great sword…”

He hadn’t been able to tell until he saw the star sculpture.

Fabio was severely conflicted.

‘Should I complete the sword like this? Mastering the skill is right in front of me. Even if this sword is completed… I thought this was enough before seeing Weed’s sculpture.’

He was really close to mastering the blacksmith skill.

Fabio stood in the smithy and stared at the sword.

A strong and sharp sword made of helium.

‘Completing the sword might be enough for me to master the skill. Yet…will I be satisfied with this? Some complaints will remain even if I become a master.’

It was difficult for Fabio to give up on this sword due to his greed over becoming the first master.

His desire to create a historical sword that had never been seen before now was also intense.


Fabio finally decided as a blacksmith.

He decided not to master the skill, but to make a historical sword.

“Blacksmith master. I will do it again. I realized that my path was wrong so I have to go down the right one.”

Fabio had never stopped working as a blacksmith after starting Royal Road.

He had been running hard but now he learnt something new with the benefit of hindsight.

“I don’t think that a sculptor is better than a blacksmith. Feeling lacking when looking at the sculpture of a star… I really need to create a masterpiece.”

Fabio who was just about to complete the best sword out of helium on the continent, decided to start on a new work.

“After becoming a blacksmith master, should I try being a sculptor? I should seriously consider it.”

* * *

Even if Weed worked hard, it wasn’t easy to sculpt an entire star.

He stayed up all night and suffered from hunger.

The area of the star was so vast and he needed to decorate the sculpture to represent mountains, rivers and lakes.

Seo-yoon and the baby needed to be expressive but he couldn’t make them too plain.

He decorated them with gold, rubies, diamonds, platinum and sapphires. When observing the star through a telescope, it looked like sparkling stars falling around Seo-yoon and the baby.

“Something is still lacking.”

Weed thought as he watched the golden rivers, diamond mountains and platinum lakes.

“Of course, it looks luxurious and expensive. However, I feel like it is lacking in some elaborate elegance so the quality of the sculpture is reduced.”

Precious metals were extensively used in a work that expressed family and maternal love.

The colourful jewels and gold were gorgeous but they were lacking.

Weed worried about how to increase the quality of the piece while working on Seo-yoon and the baby.

“Yes. There isn’t enough precious metals.”

The golden rivers became wider, the diamond mountains increased and the platinum lake became huge like there was a dam.

“I need to use the jewels properly.”

Weed observed the sculpture and decided to increase the scale.

A golden stroller, diamond toys, sapphire dolls, ruby car seat, platinum formula and diapers! Children born in wealthy families had gold spoons but these ornaments were well beyond that.

“This is a little better. The quality of the work is much improved.”

Weed continued to refine the sculpture of Seo-yoon and the baby.

The approximate shape was created in s.p.a.ce, but there were still some lacking places if he looked closely.

It wasn’t a task that he could devote his whole life to so he decided to do as much as he could.

“This will not end if I want to make a perfect work. The important thing is the emotions.

Seo-yoon and the baby were sculpted in the way that he liked so he didn’t want to touch them anymore.

If he touched it the wrong way and damaged it then there would be nothing worse.

-Please set the name of the new sculpture.

“The sculpture’s name…”

He was stuck for words because he couldn’t think of a better name.

“Venus, Mercury or Jupiter. What should I do?”

He was stuck on a name for the star.

“Wife and Child.”

-Wife and Child is correct?

Weed felt something and decided on a name.

A baby made out of love. It might be an ordinary process for others but it was his best artwork.

‘Life is art.’

Even though it was hard work, the feelings of a family were precious. A baby meant love and happiness to Weed.

“That’s right.”

That value came out in the name of the sculpture.

‘There are no regrets. Even if… It wouldn’t be due to my artwork but because I lacked skills.’

Weed had no regrets regarding this work.

He felt like it was the best piece he had created so far.

-Magnum Opus! Wife and Child has been completed!

The work of a sculptor who the G.o.ds have recognized to have reached the ultimate heights!

It is the most beautiful representation of a newborn baby and mother.

Even G.o.ddess Hestia admires this work and two new records have been created.

The birth of a star.

The largest sculpture.

This sculpture of a brilliant star can be seen by all residents of the Versailles Continent.

Sculptor Weed has gone beyond the ultimate limits of humans and his name will be forever revered on the Versailles Continent.

Artistic Value: 58,492

Options: Reduces the damage caused by natural disasters on the Versailles Continent.

The reserves of minerals and precious metals not yet mined on the Versailles Continent will increase by 28%.

Rare mineral springs and mine deposits will be randomly produced.

Those who observe the stars will develop knowledge of astronomy and have their intelligence permanently increased by 2.

The effect of holy magic and the blessings of priests and paladins will permanently improve by 5%.

Luck will increase by 7% during the day.

There will quick recovery from disease.

The residents will increase the compensation for a sculptor’s quests.

Maximum health and mana will increase by 23% during the day.

All stats will increase by 50.

Long distance movement speed will increase by 35%.

All stats have permanently increased by 1.

Current number of Magnum Opus created: 20

-Fame has increased by 5,381.

Art has increased by 91.

Perseverance has increased by 15.

Endurance has increased by 4.

Wisdom has increased by 7.

Charm has increased by 115.

-The first person to step into outer s.p.a.ce.

As the first human to leave footsteps, maximum health and mana has increased by 5,000.

The owners.h.i.+p of Wife and Child belongs to Weed-nim. The effects of the sculpture will increase by 1.5 times when applied to Weed-nim.

-All stats will gain an additional 3 points for making a Magnum Opus sculpture.

Magnum Opus sculpture!

Weed accepted it calmly. He determined that the scale of the achievements was more than any other magnum opus sculpture that he created.



-The Sculpting skill has reached its peak proficiency.

You have mastered Sculpting. After understanding the texture of rocks and trees, you have fully understood how to express it in sculpting.

You have reached the peak of sculpting with no other place to advance.

The artistic value of your sculptures will increase by 200%.

The mana used by skills a.s.sociated with sculpting will reduce and the effectiveness will also increase.

The effects received from sculptures will increase by 200%.

All stats increased by 40.

Art quests can be received without any limitation.

Thanks to your excellent insight, all skill proficiencies will develop 6% faster.

Other production and art skills will develop 10% faster.

You will be able to bring out a further 15% of the original abilities of an item.

Completed sculptures will have a special influence in that region.

The strength and vitality of sculptural lifeforms will increase by 30%.

The t.i.tle ‘Master of Sculpting’ has been acquired.

You can meet with any kings, regardless of fame or a previous relations.h.i.+p.

Artists, scholars and merchants will respect you.

The effects of conversation, charisma, and dignity will increase.

Certain NPCs will appear and pledge absolute loyalty to you.

Weed’s whole body shook.

“Sculpting master. The first one to master a cla.s.s!”

He became a master of sculpting that boasted tremendous difficulty compared to other skills.

“I am the world’s most hard-working craftsman!”

* * *

The users on the Versailles Continent were waiting for night time.

After the sun went down and it was dark, an incredibly bright star could be seen in the night sky.

“Kuuuk. Weed-nim didn’t betray us.”

“Look. How beautiful. The world is becoming a better place to live.”

“Pretty. So close to the real thing…”

Seo-yoon holding the baby made the night become more beautiful.

Normally people didn’t show much interest in the night sky.

In modern society, the stars in the sky couldn’t be seen due to fine dust. Mostly there were satellites and airplanes that shone in the dark sky.

The distant stars were uncharted territory and contained endless possibilities. An endless territory where dreams, hopes, and romance coexisted.

Weed’s sculpture was the topic of many newspaper articles and broadcasts.

-A mother and baby star born in Royal Road.

-A story of the creation of stars and the universe.

-The last piece of a master sculptor. The meaning of the stars.

-The limits of virtual reality?

-We forget that we live in a wide world.

It was reported in the news and on radio because it was an event that many people were interested in. It was also featured in educational children’s broadcasting programs on astronomy and geology.

-A baby’s happiness.

-The beginning of the fruit of love.

-The new life project.

Due to the social atmosphere, there were several countries worried about the low birth rate.

The birth rate had declined in some developed and developing countries.

Many people didn’t marry so they didn’t give birth to help maintain the population.

Countries encouraged childbirth by talking about the great joy they would bring.

Most people would never know how much pleasure it would bring until it happened.

Thanks to Weed’s sculpture of the baby and mother, the government started projects encouraging childbirth.

Broadcasters around the world increased the proportion of entertainment shows featuring young children.

* * *

Weed had a rotten smile on his face after becoming a sculpting master.

“Well. Increasing my skills brought me here.”

He closed his eyes and recalled the past.

“It wasn’t luck. It was due to my hard work and talent.”


He felt satisfied with himself.

“I mastered sculpting and got plenty of stats. It doesn’t mean a lot but fame also increased. Fame really doesn’t mean anything.”

The increase in health and mana would be a great help.

The long-awaited sculpting master!

To be honest, a sword, archery, or weapons master would be more effective but he was still the first master.

“I received some help from Seo-yoon’s beauty but it was purely my skills.”

He occasionally had some suspicions while sculpting.

‘Is it not my sculpting but the good model?’

Most of his sculptures of Seo-yoon had very good results.

If he took a photo of Seo-yoon eating half fried half seasoned chicken, it would win first place in a photography contest.

The model would overcome all lack of photography skills and the cheap camera. Rather, the model exceeded the limits. Even if he just roughly pressed the b.u.t.ton with his feet, Seo-yoon’s beauty would emerge.

It was the same with drawing a picture. There was no need to try to draw a beautiful picture. He just needed to draw Seo-yoon as she was.

A masterpiece would emerge and it was be the best representation of the beauty of a woman.

“I’d say that it wasn’t… It is vaguely convincing. That reason is sufficient for me.”

While Weed was thinking, G.o.ddess Hestia appeared.

Unlike the Versailles Continent, Hestia’s form was thousands of metres bigger.

‘It is finally the end of the quest.’

Weed’s heart started beating faster.

‘It is like grabbing a seasoned chicken. No. A little weak. It is like when there are four consecutive lottery numbers.’

Hestia’s clear voice was transmitted.

-Sculptor. I asked you to make me a sculpture of a star.

Weed carefully kneeled down in the universe and bowed his head.

“I did my best not to disappoint G.o.ddess Hestia. I am lacking skills but I tried for G.o.ddess-nim.”

-Sculptor. Have a little bit more pride. Your art has made people happy and enriched them.

“I didn’t do that much. The people feel grat.i.tude towards the wrong target. My sculptures are all thanks to Hestia’s grace.”

It was like really cheap coffee mix! It had the effect of being easy and fast.

Of course, if there was money involved then he was ready to fight Hestia.

-I will now a.s.sess your work.

It was the evaluation for the final stage of the master quest.

Weed relaxed and waited.

Not only did he consider it his best work, it was also a magnum opus with a high artistic value. Hestia stared at Wife and Child for a while before speaking.

-This sculpture is absolutely brilliant. Astonis.h.i.+ng. It is completely beyond my expectations.

“Thank you very much.”

-People will spend the night staring at your star until it is dawn. They will admire the beauty of your star.

Weed made the sculpture using his own wishes.

He would be proud if he could look into the sky every night to see the statue of Wife and Child.

‘I can’t get the admission fees. Still… It isn’t bad if everyone likes it.’

-I was moved by your star. In return, I will bless all living creatures on the Versailles Continent.

-Hestia has blessed all life forms for a week.

The faith stat of all users will permanently increase by 2.

The amount of experience gained will increase by 6% during this period.

Good luck will increase. The probability of obtaining rare items or loot through hunting has increased.

There would be no suffering from the cold.

Those who see the Wife and Child sculpture will instantly recover 8% of their health and vitality once a day.

Animal breeding and plant growth rate will increase.

Certain cities will achieve technological prosperity.


Weed’s stomach hurt.

If there was something good then he would rather receive it alone instead of sharing it. It was like receiving 100 million won only to have to share it with millions of people.

Hestia’s voice became gracious.

-You have dedicated yourself to sculpting from the beginning to now. I’ve never seen anyone walk down the path to this place. You have reached the peak of sculpting.

“Yes. G.o.ddess-nim.”

-As a master of sculpting, will you continue to devote yourself to the world of art on the Versailles Continent?

Weed’s thought inside his head.

‘I’m tired of it now… Keep going? I’m done. Just let me work hard hunting.’

However, he replied with a business like answer.

“I devoted my body and mind to art. Sculpting is an art that will wrap itself in the hearts of those who see beauty. I have no regrets about the life I lived as a sculptor and will maintain that pride in the future.”

Praising sculpting!

Weed licked his lips.

“I’ve learned many things through sculpting. A piece of rock on the ground or a wooden block can become something else through the sculptor’s effort and imagination. I still don’t know what art is but I want to express my heart through sculpting. This is my happiness.”

-Yes… Sculpting Master, you have overcome many difficulties to reach this place.

If there was a lie detector then it would be ringing loudly. Fortunately, Weed’s answer satisfied Hestia.

Starting from Rosenheim Kingdom, Weed was the master of inserting flattery into his comments.

-You have mastered sculpting and I shall give you a reward for the favour.

‘The strongest sword or s.h.i.+eld. That’s it. Or Hestia can create something from helium.’

He made quick estimates inside his head.

-I will give you the fire.


-It is part of the energy I have. You will be able to light this fire anywhere.


-Gift from the G.o.ddess!

Hestia has presented you with a divine fire that is a part of her.

The divine fire can be utilized for art, production, and combat.

It will raise all the values and sometimes will cause a miracle.

The skill ‘Divine Fire’ has been created.

-Faith has increased by 30.

Perhaps because the world was harsh.

Weed replied in just 0.1 seconds.

“Skill verification! Divine Fire!”

-Divine Fire: A symbol of Hestia.

Divine Fire is determined by your skill level, faith, and wisdom.

It will consume a certain amount of mana to dissolve, burn, or lay over your weapon to attack enemies.

It will a.s.sist in the creation of works of art. By creating a religious work, there is a very high probability that faith will increase.

A double effect will be given when used in smelting.

Pure crystals can be obtained while processing minerals and Hestia’s blessing will be applied when added to equipment.

The Divine Fire can be used to both attack and defend during combat.

An additional 7% fire damage will be added to all attack skills. As the skill level rises, the damage will increase by 3%.

Fire skills will be applied twice.

It will deal an additional 5 times the damage to demonic or undead monsters.


Weed’s eyes trembled.

‘It is the last step in the quest and involves a G.o.ddess, so I expected the rewards to be high. However, this time I wasn’t hit in the back of the head.’

Watching his back!

He sculpted a star but he still expected something to be thrown at his head.

The worst result was only having his fame or honour increased, yet he ended up getting a great skill.

‘A skill good for production and fighting… Versatile.’

Weed was already thinking about the future.

He finished the last step of sculpting so he should get another cla.s.s.

Numerous came to his head.

‘This time, I won’t get a cla.s.s like Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. I have extensive knowledge and experience in Royal Road. And Divine Fire will be a great help for any cla.s.s.’

Strengthening himself with divine power like a paladin!

Weed had an unnecessarily high faith stat of 1,200 so he could use divine magic.

‘It is like Squashy Wriggler flying with wet wings.’


-The Sculpting Master challenge has been completed.

The grand journey has ended.

Sculptor Weed had completed many achievements considered impossible on the Versailles Continent.

The sculpture he created according to G.o.ddess Hestia’s request will make him a legend in the history of sculpting.

Changing his nature, bringing life to sculptures, understanding the essence of a sculpture, finding the existence of elementals, and realizing the sword of light!

Now young people with dreams will walk after the great footsteps he left behind.

-Your level has risen.

-Your level has risen.

-Your level has risen.

-Fame has increased by 50,000 for completing the Sculpting Master Quest.

-Health has increased by 8,000.

-Mana has increased by 10,000.

-Art stat has increased by 80.

-All stats have increased by 20.

-Affinity to Nature has increased by 25.

A flood of message windows!

It was an accomplishment that no one had achieved until now. After working for a long time, he had finished the Sculpting Master Quest. Weed had a satisfied smile on his face.

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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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