The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 47 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Loa Sword

Overturning the situation!

A necromancer received penalties such as a decrease in physical strength, but they had corpses that could be used as subordinates or to cause a powerful explosion.



“I want to chew on flesh. Fles.h.!.+”

The skeletons rushed to the giants.


Skeletons climbed the bodies of the collapsed giants and struck down with a bone knife.


The bone knife was broken.


The skeleton leaned down and grabbed another leg bone to hit the giant.

The giant’s mighty health! A skeleton couldn’t kill it but there was still damage.

“Fight. Bones!”

Weed even had skeleton archers and skeleton magicians who used ranged attacks.


They fired bone arrows and threw blue flames towards the giants.


A blue light shone in the empty eyes of the undead created by Weed.


A skeleton roared with an axe in each hand!

Many college students and scholars researched the various magics and effects in Royal Road. They used professional theories and mathematical formulas. There was a whole thesis filled with mathematical formulas that could make the general public fall asleep.

Summoning undead was particularly difficult since the geographical environment, monsters and necromancers’ stats and magic skills needed to be taken into account. The body’s capabilities and temperament would have a large and small effect on the undead summoning.

But the general consensus was 75% was skill level and stats, and 25% was the corpse’s quality.

Of course, the body of a rabbit couldn’t be used to make a dark knight or doom knight. It might be possible for a master necromancer but there were no users who reached this level!

It depended on the situation, but the quality of the corpse affected the undead by 1/4th.

The corpses of the northern users were excellent so there were fairly strong skeletons, with the occasional emergence of boss level undead.

“Master of the fles.h.!.+ I want blood and slaughter!”

Even a boss level skeleton didn’t do much damage to a giant!

“Calling Death Knight Van Hawk. Calling the Vampire Torido!”

Van Hawk and Torido appeared with a puff of black smoke.

They kneeled down politely.

“You finally walk down the road of the power of death. Master.”

“I have responded to the summons of the great monarch.”

The att.i.tudes of Van Hawk and Torido, who had been summoned after a long time, was respectful. As a necromancer, his control over the undead had increased.

Weed unabashedly said to his subordinates.

“You guys will have plenty of work to do in the future. I will often be leading an undead legion.”

Van Hawk, who used to be Commander of the Undead Legion, didn’t conceal his expectations.

“Will you paint the Versailles Continent with death? Can the knights of death roam free?”

The madness of war and death!

Death Knight Van Hawk was filled with vitality.

Barkhan’s powerful undead army nearly devoured the continent. Once Weed became a necromancer, the undead could sweep through the continent.

“No. That is hard and annoying. I just want to eat and live well as a necromancer.”

“I thought being a desert warrior was cool and felt good but… It hurts when I think of the troops I brought up.”

Hestiger, who became the strongest on the continent, was like eating ramyun.

“The continent… It needs to dip in death in order for you to become a great necromancer.”

“I will reach the top of necromancy alone, while dragging the undead with me. And there is no need to dip in death. The Versailles Continent is a slaughterhouse. Especially in the Arpen Kingdom, there are complaints that people can’t hunt because of the stench. The value of housing has fallen. It is absolutely prohibited to summon undead within a 1,000 kilometres radius of Puhol Water Park.”

The Necromancer Guild in Morata was a disgusting facility that lowered house prices! In that regard, he hated a necromancer more than a sculptor!

The collapsed giants started to wake up so he stopped talking and used a skill.

“Strengthen Undead!”

-Death Knight Van Hawk’s health has increased by 6%.

Attack power has increased by 4%. Movement speed is faster.

Strengthen Undead was a level one reinforcement skill!

Van Hawk’s hollowed eyes became bright.

“What is this Master?”

“Now do your best.”

“Creating weapons or armour would be better.”

Weed could use basic undead reinforcement and equipment skills, but that wasn’t much help at this time.

Van Hawk was the former commander of the Undead Legion, a boss level undead and he was previously an abyss knight.

Thanks to steady quests and hunting, Torido was also over level 500.

‘It is easy to grow as a necromancer if I use these guys well.’

Weed decided firmly.

The hards.h.i.+ps so far wouldn’t be for nothing!

His goal was to eat well and live well alone!

“Lead the undead.”

“Understood. Master. But the condition of the undead doesn’t seem so good.”

Van Hawk complained as he watched the skeletons. Van Hawk was a strong knight but if he led the undead, he could draw out their powers.

“Are there no death knights?”



“Not yet.”

“The troops I will lead are weak. And the enemy is too strong.”

“You don’t have to win the fight. Just lead the undead. Act as bait.”


“Take a long time. I will continue to raise the undead, even if they are broken.”

“A dark knight’s pride… I can’t throw away the pride of the Immortal Legion.”

“Have you been feeling much pride these days despite being hit? Is your skull that hard?”

Weed could cause more pain to Van Hawk after becoming a necromancer!

“Torido. Suck the b.l.o.o.d.y of the giants.”

“Understood. Master.”

Torido hastily accepted the command. He noticed that it was the best way to keep his grace as a vampire n.o.ble.

Thanks to Van Hawk’s emergence, the combat capabilities and health of the undead rose. They were faster and their health increased. They were stronger by at least one grade.

“Come on! Breathe in blood! We are immortal beings.”


Under the direction of Van Hawk, the skeletons ran and attacked the giants.

Skeleton troops that didn’t know fear!

The undead would be quite helpful in general hunting grounds, but it was impossible for them to overpower the mighty giants.

“All the rotten things!”



The giants who recovered from a stunned or confused state angrily trampled on the skeletons.

Due to the high hostility, the undead were the first targets.

Of course, in the eyes of the giants, they were attacking Weed.

The giants who suffered from Corpse Explosion didn’t go on a rampage. Their health had badly fallen so they stayed in the rear and were protected by their colleagues.

The undead with missing body parts exploded themselves as an additional opportunity to hunt. It meant that the giants’ radius of activity shrunk.

Weed sent a whisper to Pale.

“The undead will buy some time. Recover the wounded and quickly rescue the prisoners.”

-Pale: Yes. I understand.

Pale commanded the northern users to rescue the prisoners.

Bellot, Hwaryeong, Zephyr, Surka and Romuna. All of them were leading a group in the expedition so their movement were fast.

“Now. Move quickly.”

Once Weed appeared, the burden on the users was lighter. Even so, the northern users were tired from hunting.

While the giants were fighting against the undead, the northern users ran to save the captives. They jumped between buildings and rushed to the prisons. They didn’t take any risks.

Weed raised the undead while commanding them was left to Van Hawk.

-The skill Summon Undead has increased to level 3.

The skeleton bones have become harder.

There is a chance of summoned ghouls being able to move faster.

Due to the quality of the bodies, the Summon Undead skill increased rapidly.

If he used fresh seafood, he could get the best taste when making seafood noodle soup.

Of course, it didn’t have much meaning on the battlefield but the skeletons were a bit stronger.

Necromancers found it fun to watch the skeletons’ health increased by 100 or 200. The more novice users developed an attachment to the skeletons and zombies they raised. The skeletons were subordinates that should be pampered forever.

“Summon Sculpture!”

Weed used Summon Sculpture to call Yellowy.

-Summon Sculpture has been used.

53,203 mana has been consumed.

The sculpture was a huge distance away so there was tremendous mana consumption. His 150,000 mana was reduced to less than 30,000.


The angry Yellowy emerged with a red aura around him.

The st.u.r.dy muscular body showed off his dignity. He was too big to be called a cow!

“Master. It seems to be a little dark. I feel a sense of dismay.”

“This is life. n.o.body knows what will happen in the future. I haven’t washed for a month.”

“Ummoooooo. One month is okay.”

“I think so as well. Are you ready for battle?”

“Fighting is scary.”

“If you want to feed your children, you have to work diligently.”

“Understood. Master!”

Yellowy, who had been summoned after a long time, scratched at the ground with his hind legs.

The sculptural lifeforms that Weed created could become stronger. In the case of Yellowy, he was usually gentle but showed terrifying combat power when angry.

“Master. Can I beat these guys?”

“Don’t win. Just run away.”

Weed rode Yellowy and attracted the attention of the giants.

“Abominable bug!”

“Delicious beef.”

The giants tried to catch Weed and Yellowy, but it wasn’t easy due to their swift movements.

Fast speed and quick change of direction.

Weed and Yellowy were chased by half a dozen giants.

Kung kung!

“Bug. Meat!”

“They are mine!”

Every time the heavy giants took a step when running, the earth shook.

“Do you know what will happen if you get caught by them?”

“I’m going to die?”

“To be exact, you will be eaten. The delicious cuts of meat will be fried. Every piece will be cut and boiled, with not even the tail being left behind.”


“Don’t cry. Watch your pride. You have the best beef.”

Yellowy escaped through the obstacles and buildings like a mouse!

‘Too bad. If the giants were a little bit weaker than I would hunt them.’

Thanks to the undead army, it became much easier for the northern users to do quests.

While the giants beat down the undead and chased Weed and Yellowy, the northern users rescued the prisoners using side paths like c.o.c.kroaches and mice.

“There is no doubt that it is S cla.s.s difficulty quest. Something like this looks like…”

“I had been fighting in that position a while ago. It is great that I’m not dead.”

The northern users were nervous. They wanted to be able to complete the quest safely!

Weed went to the bodies of the giants that collapsed.

“Soul Extortion!”

-The soul of the giant Balross has been gained.

Captured souls allow you to research undead skills and enhance your skills.

He took souls from the northern users or giants in order to complete the Necromancer Guild’s quests.

He would be compensated according to the number of souls acquired so he took them from the bodies around him.

That was Yellowy’s purpose.

While acquiring the souls, he met Adventurer Chase who was rescuing prisoners.

“Weed-nim. It is a pleasure.”

“Yes. It is good to see you.”

“Coming here to help us…”

Adventurer Chase’s eyes were moist.

Weed was a busy person yet he came here. He saw that the northern users were in a critical condition and moved.

Weed spoke in a belligerent tone like someone asked him for money.

“Let’s talk at a later time.”

“Ah, I was too short-sighted. Right now you are busy commanding the undead.”

“That’s not it. I came to get the quest shared with me.”


“I have to eat well. I’ll contribute a spoon.”

* * *

The quest to rescue the prisoners from the giants’ fortress.

Weed was able to complete the quest after the northern users helped all the prisoners escape.

-Captive Slaves has been completed.

Of the prisoners held by the giants, more than half have been escaped safely.

They are willing to hand over the treasures they have if you guide them to a safe area.

-Fame has increased by 1,458.

-Experience has been acquired.

-You have achieved amazing merit on this quest.

For the first time, four giants have been hunted at once on the Versailles Continent.

t.i.tle! Giant Hunter has been acquired.

A glorious t.i.tle given to a merciless hunter of giants!

Damage will increase by 9% when attacking a giant.

It greatly raises your fame in the land of the giants.

A total of 800 users died but the quest had ended.

The users who survived were thrilled but also disappointed.

“Too many have died.”

“Hu… It was a highly difficult quest.”

“There is also the broadcast… Will we become famous?”

“Of course. We were with Weed. People around the world will know about us.”

Weed ate the meal that the northern users had prepared!

“Thank you. It is thanks to Weed-nim.”

“It is nothing. I did it because I could.”

“Kuhok. If you had come sooner…”

“Well, I am a little busy.”

Weed couldn’t confess that he had been sleeping on Seo-yoon’s legs.

The strong support group, the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult! As soon as the millions of users in the organization heard that, they would pull out their sword to stab him.

‘If I complain about her side dishes… I don’t know if I will be in trouble.’

* * *

The surviving northern users felt somewhat empty.

“That… Phew.”

“Ah. Too bad. Although I didn’t wish it to become like this.”

“That’s right. It is hard to hunt even one giant.”

“We received a huge blow every time we hunted one. Us.”

The users barely survived rescuing the prisoners and escaping the giants’ fortress. Looking back, they realized that they didn’t get most of the loot from the giants.

Every time someone died, their friends took care of their belongings. However, they didn’t pick up the items dropped by the giants!

“Kuooh. We left it all.”

“It can’t be helped.”

Despite the victory, the shoulders of the users were slumped.

“I didn’t get a chance to gain the items. Weed-nim said to stay hidden.”

“Wasn’t he just caring for us? It can’t be helped. Let’s just be satisfied with the success of the quest. We also got on the broadcasts.”


The northern users thought back.

While they hid under the debris of the buildings, Weed was running around the fortress. Weed risked everything for their victory so they couldn’t hold a grudge.

A user called Luda laughed and said.

“Perhaps Weed took all of it?”

“Hey. That is ridiculous.”

The users who were nearby all laughed.

They had seen the breathtaking sight of Weed’s life being at risk while being chased by the giants. Although he did get close to the corpses of the giants while being chased.

There were similar suspicions in the minds of the users.

‘If that is the case… Did he really take it?’

There were doubts but no proof! When they went back to the giants’ fortress to confirm it, all the bodies were gone.

The truth was perfectly hidden.

However, the strong Yellowy’s legs were carrying a heavy burden.

* * *

The rescued prisoners brought out the minerals mined from the giants’ fortress.

“This is all we have. Please accept it because it isn’t important to us.”

It glittered like gold.

The users who partic.i.p.ated in the quest received 20 kilograms of gold and five bars of Migrium.

Weed decided to check the status of the item.


-Migrium: Durability 230/230.

A solid metal found only in the land of the giants.

Mana isn’t included but it is very hard.

Wonderful weapons and armour can be produced with this metal.

A 1st grade blacksmith item.

Options: Helps increase proficiency of the blacksmithing skill.

Sharp weapons with high durability can be created. Special armour with physical resistance can be created.

A s.h.i.+ny material.

The corners of Weed’s mouth went up slightly.

“It is good.”

It was a tremendous profit if he could use the Migrium to create weapons and armour.

Due to the nature of the quest to rescue prisoners, those who died in the middle of the mission were still successful and received the rewards later. However, they didn’t get the experience from hunting giants and were disappointed about not getting any combat achievements.

“This will be used later to increase Time Sculpting.”

Weed didn’t dare misuse the Migrium and decided to save it for sculpting.

Unless it was Herman or Fabio, it would be hard to make good equipment that he could wear directly.

As a sculpting master, if he created a sculpture using Migrium then the effect would be enormous.

“It would be a waste to use this material on a sculpture.”

He ignored sculpting! His a.s.sessment of sculpting hadn’t changed despite becoming a master.

Despite receiving a new occupation of necromancer, he could still use the sculpting secret techniques.

Sculpting Blade, Sculpture Transformation, Sculpture Life Bestowal, Elemental Sculpting, Great Disaster Nature Sculpting.

There were the five secret techniques and Sculpture Resurrection that he created. The final secret technique was Time Sculpting!

There were various skills but that didn’t mean they were strong.

If he wanted to learn a lot of skills then when he started Royal Road, he would become a swordsman up to level 50, a magician to level 100 and then an archer to level 200.

He could become a jack of all trades in this manner by changing occupations.

‘I have to fully learn the five secret sculpting techniques. They are my primary skills and the most solid foundation.’

Even the aggressive sculpting techniques weren’t perfect. There were skills with defects.

Sculpting Resurrection caused a serious decrease in level while Great Disaster Nature Sculpting could only be used once a day.

Even then, 20 art stats were permanently lost and all stats fell by 15% for three days.

The effect of Great Disaster Nature Sculpting made a large area of death, but it was rare that the monsters would gather together to that extent.

Furthermore, most monsters above level 500 weren’t killed by disasters.

However, sculpting could overturn a situation in a spectacular manner.

If swordsmans.h.i.+p, archery, and undead summoning were abilities that gave achievements in combat, sculpting was a weapon that could overturn a strategy.

When combined with other skills, sculpting could wreck unimaginable havoc.

‘One reason why I chose a necromancer… Sculpting has some tricks that can minimize the disadvantages of a necromancer.

While Weed was giving an evil laugh, the rescued captives said.

“There is a safe place nearby that is hidden from the giants. It is the village we live in. We will guide you there.”

Weed and the northern users left the vicinity of the giants’ fortress and moved according to the guidance of the prisoners.

As they headed to the village, he talked with his longtime friends.

“Weed-nim. Sculpting Master. I’m just happy that I know you! You are a born hard worker.”

“Congratulations. In the end… You are so persistent.”

Surka and Romuna’s celebration!

Weed effortlessly replied.

“No. I didn’t expect something so big.”

Irene laughed, revealing her dimples.

“I saw a beautiful statue of a pretty woman. That feeling of home… The sculpture you made is really important. I thought you would make a sculpture like a golden dictator or a necromancer.”


“If you were going to become a necromancer, a sculpture would enhance those effects. It would have been awesome if you carved something like an undead.”

He hadn’t considered that part!

Weed’s face was pale as he came up to Bellot and Hwaryeong.

“Have you been well in the meantime?”

“Yes. Weed-nim.”

It had been a long time since he saw Hwaryeong and she smiled fondly at him.

He was having a conversation with Bellot when some people came up to him.

Pale brought the people.

“Weed-nim. This is the representative of the Crimson Wings Guild, Teros and his colleagues.”

“It is a pleasure. It is an honour to meet Weed the G.o.d of War. I have been with the northern expedition for a while but… I was really impressed about how you dealt with the giants.”

As a one-time leader of a prestigious guild, Teros had great power and influence. He bowed his head and greeted Weed.

“No. What is the purpose of your visit?”

Weed laughed and asked. However, his eyes weren’t smiling at all.

It was like the sharp eyes he used to examine every inch of Yellowy!

“Our whole guild… We would like to settle in the Arpen Kingdom.”


“I have talked to a few guilds and friends on the Central Continent.”

“What is the story?”

“There are a few guilds that were defeated in war and disbanded. They have increased their power while under close surveillance by the Hermes Guild. The guild broke up but the people… Those who we contacted want to come to the Arpen Kingdom.”

“How many?”

“I need to contact you with specific details, but if I include those who are close to me and those who are acquainted with them, I think it will be close to 1,000 people.”

The prestigious guilds defeated by the Hermes Guild. They were high level users of the Central Continent.

“The Arpen Kingdom doesn’t stop people from coming in. But why are you asking for my permission?”

“That… This might be greedy, but I want to become a lord and rule a small piece of land. Of course, I will dedicate the taxes to you.”

Weed hesitated before grabbing Teros’ hand.

“The Arpen Kingdom has a lot of good land. Fish swim in beautiful, clear rivers…”

Zephyr avoided his gaze from a distance.

“The mountains have abundant natural resources and attractions. It is close to hunting grounds and the hidden treasures of the Arpen Kingdom will be scattered somewhere. Definitely!”

Pale said while feeling remorse.

Teros didn’t know the meaning of their actions and was happy.

“So we can really become lords?”

“Yes. There are many vacant lords.h.i.+ps in the Arpen Kingdom. A lot of money… Anyone who is capable is always welcome.”

There were many villages in the Arpen Kingdom that didn’t have lords.

Many adventurers and merchants came to Morata from far away and didn’t become lords because they didn’t settle in one place.

There were empty villages. Once the number of residents increased, a lord could be appointed.

‘I can do it myself but… I also need lords and the aristocrats.’

Weed was the head of the Arpen Kingdom’s multi-level pyramid structure political system!

If the lords expanded the villages then the taxes would eventually increase.

While officially accepting the Crimson Wings Guild, they arrived at the shelter that the prisoners guided them to.

-The Derick Village has been discovered.

A secret and mysterious discovery! You have found a village of residents living in the land of the giants.

A new finding has been added to your journey of great adventures.

If you shared this discovery with the world, you will be able to make a big name for yourself.

Knowledge has increased by 2.

Insight has increased by 3.

A village of 5,000 people were hiding in the forest.

In order to not be noticed by the giants, they didn’t have big buildings and built houses underground by digging.


“Sob sob. Welcome back!”

The prisoners and residents embraced each other. There were even young children so it was a pretty touching atmosphere.

“Should this be called a city?”

“I think activities will centre around this place in the future.”

The northern users watched for a while before immediately dispersing.

A new city in the land of giants! They wanted to search it quickly.

Weed moved towards the shopping area first.

There were human merchants, a weapons store, armour store, grocery store, furniture store, etc.

He stopped in front of a merchant with dried meat. The merchant resembled a human wolf. The bulk of the merchants’ belly fat was suspicious.

“What is this?”

“Um. Are you a traveller from the world of humans?”


“It has been a very long time since humans came here…

I think it was a traveller called Lodsiker…”

The adventurer Lodsiker!

As an adventurer, he was the first one to step foot on the land of the giants. Weed had received a related quest from Hestiger but he didn’t like it.

‘How to get rid of the quest…? I can’t get dragged in anymore.’

Weed gave an innocent smile.

“Yes. This is the first time I’ve heard of that name. Are you selling this meat?”

“That’s right. Inspect it once.”

The merchant handed over a piece of dried meat.


-Dry Aguchak Meat

Meat from a savage beast.

It has an excellent texture. It can be used in basic cooking recipes. Attack power will increase by three when hunting Aguchak.

If it is eaten frequently, maximum health will permanently increase by 50.

A specialty of Derick Village.

A 2nd grade food ingredient.

“Um. Great.”

Strong dishes could be made with it!

Weed’s smile widened.

Due to hunting and quests, his cooking skill had stayed at advanced level 2 for a long time.

His cooking skill improved every time he cooked and ate food.

He studied various ingredients and recipes, but good food ingredients helped him improve his skill.

Therefore, a chef was destined to go around the continent to find new recipes and ingredients!

‘It is good that I’m not a cook. Constantly making food is hard.’

The food industry wasn’t simple as much chefs suffered from wrist injuries. The fish, fruits and other miscellaneous goods sold at the shopping area were very good quality.

“How much?”

“55 gold.”

“For a lump of meat?”

“No. Only one piece.”


Weed swallowed his saliva at the high price.

“That… Have you heard of the Arpen Kingdom?”

“I don’t know it.”

“I am the king.”

“If you’re not buying then don’t shop. Don’t say such flimsy remarks. I won’t reduce it by even a penny.”

The residents in Derick Village were impervious to bargaining.

The quality of the products were good, but the quant.i.ty suffered due to the nature of the land of giants.

That is why they sold it at a fixed price. Once the users came flocking to it, the selling price started to go up.

‘I can’t not buy it. Anyway, this meat should increase my cooking skill and residents of the Versailles Continent will line up for my food.

It increased the maximum health so users would buy it even at an expensive price.

‘Should I sell it for 50 times the price through the Mapan Trading Company? No. It should be by 100 times.’

* * *

The specialties of Derick Village were meat, fruit, weapons and armour.

The blacksmiths who escaped from the giants made weapons and equipment from the new substances extracted from the rocks.

There were also traps and long spears that could help hunt giants!

They were helpful in hunting, but only users in the late 500s to 600s could use them.

“The price is 100,000 gold. There are also those that cost more than 200,000 gold. The traps are thousands of gold each.”

“Sell it to me despite being too expensive. I can use some supplies.”

“Still… It we are lucky, we can get it from hunting or quests.”

“We can save money by buying it anyway.”

The users who ran to the weapons store and armour store talked seriously.

Several stores sold new items not found on the Versailles Continent.

They dealt with jade rings, artworks, crafts, precious metals, spices, minerals and alcohol.

The prices were expensive, but merchants could make big money by going back to the Versailles Continent and selling them.

Even the agricultural store sold seeds that caused 100 metre fruit trees to grow.

“Trade is good.”

Weed was satisfied.

If there was active trade then the income of the Arpen Kingdom would increase significantly. Improving economic or technological power was a bonus.

‘The land of giants. One day, I will also conquer this place.’

He came up with long term plans for the Arpen Kingdom!

Numerous quests were received from the villagers and prisoners that they rescued. Requests for fighting against monsters and revenge against the giants had become mainstream.

The northern users were exhausted from completing the quests at the giants’ fortress, so they either rested or carefully examined the village.

Residents came looking for Weed.

“Thank you for saving me. Evil Necromancer-nim.”

“Thanks to Necromancer-nim, I was able to escape from the giants. You got revenge on them. The undead are disturbing, but it is better than the giants.”

“You have a strong power for a human. Really? I didn’t believe it but now I have a little bit of confidence.”

The effect of fame!

Weed had 300,000 fame across the Versailles Continent. There had been no exchanges with Derick Village in the meantime, but the users that arrived spread Weed’s fame.

“Please fight against the giants. Necromancer-nim can do it.”

“I dream of revenge. Please help me. If you make me a magician then I will give you a family heirloom.”

“I heard of something unknown in the vicinity. I would investigate but… What if monsters are invading? I know that they have been eaten by giants.”

Message windows popped up while listening to the residents!

‘I shouldn’t get caught up in the quests.’

Weed continued to receive quests with A grade difficulty from the residents. Sometimes they even gave quests with S grade difficulty.

Requests to investigate unknown areas were immediately rejected.

There were endless quests in the land of the giants.




Python, Seasoned Crab, Pale, Irene, Romuna and the other party members watched Weed.

“Did you come to the land of the giants to meet Weed or get away from him?”

“I am hiding.”

The large Python shook with fear while Seasoned Crab wanted to disappear somewhere.

Irene, Romuna, Surka, Pale and the others felt the same.

“Don’t tell me that we’re going hunting today?”

“Why not? Except for when he is making sculptures, Weed-nim is always hunting.”

“He is a sculpting master now… If nothing else happens, he will continue hunting.”

Zephyr said gloomily.

“He also hunts at night.”

They were old friends that couldn’t escape! They made a big decision and walked up to Weed first.

“I would like to hunt but only for one day. It can only be extended up to three days!”

“A 10 minute break every four hours is required.”

Python and Seasoned Crab talked about their needs first.

Pale was a battle slave and had slightly lower standards.

“I am ready to be abused, but just stick to mealtimes. I can’t eat barley bread in battle. Don’t we have to live like a person?”

Their words were sad.

While they were worried, Weed was dumbstruck.

“Are we going hunting together?”

“Huh? We’re not?”

“I’m going hunting but Summon Undead is still lacking. I have to grind my skill.”

* * *

After receiving the basic information from the villagers, Weed accepted a B grade quest.

The loyalty to his colleagues!

He could take them on a hunt, but he allowed them to rest.

-Dungeon exploration

There are people in Derick Village who are disappearing.

It is rumoured that there is a dangerous dungeon somewhere in the village. The only clue is the insect’s antennae.

For the peace and stability of the village, you need to succeed in clearing the dungeon.

Level of Difficulty: B

Quest Restrictions: More than 100,000 fame.

Compensation: The recognition of the residents.

Compensation of minerals based on public achievements.

Weed accepted the quest and received the insect’s antennae.

“I don’t have to wipe them all out?”

“Yes. I don’t know Adventurer-nim’s skills… If it is difficult then just take care of some monsters. I will reward you with minerals depending on how many monsters are destroyed.”

“I will start with a few of them. Don’t worry, it will be over soon.”

Weed spoke confidently.

Normally he felt trepidation towards quests and would have to overcome many hards.h.i.+ps to complete them. But now those hards.h.i.+ps were gone.

“I’ll had to adapt to my occupation in the beginning, but later on the advantages of a necromancer will rise. I will pa.s.s on all the hard stuff to the sculptural lifeforms.”

Weed gathered mana and summoned Cerberus.


The watchman in h.e.l.l with three heads!

The roar of a cerberus was enough to make the weak monsters freeze in fear.

Weed gave Cerberus the antennae obtained from the quest.

“Look for the place that smells like this and make a loud sound.”

“Bark bark!”

Thanks to Cerberus, he would be able to find the entrance of the dungeon hidden somewhere in the village.

The three heads sniffed and searched the village.

In the meantime, Weed recovered the mana that he used to summon the sculpture.

“There is no need for a lot to come. Summon Sculpture!”

After Cerberus, the next sculptural lifeform that he summoned was Bahamorg! Bahamorg had continued hunting and doing quests with Weed so his level was now 588.

‘Although the golem production is horrible… I can use Bahamorg.’

As a necromancer, Golem Production was an essential skill to master.

A necromancer was much weaker than regular magicians except for Corpse Explosion.

Golems played the role of hunting and protection so they were a necromancer’s most precious wealth.

However, Weed was familiar with battle and had the sculptural lifeforms. Therefore, the weakness in close combat didn’t exist from the beginning.

Weed, Yellowy, and Bahamorg followed Cerberus.

“Bark bark!”

Cerberus found the entrance to the dungeon as a pa.s.sage in a well.

-Dungeon. You have become the first to discover Labos Hall.

Rewards: Fame has increased by 1,000.

Experience and item drop rate will double for a week.

The first monster killed of each type will drop the rarest item.

“Good. Full force advance.”

Weed made the 10 skeleton warriors that he summoned to advance.

Dalgurak dalgurak.

A mud golem, made by inserting Aura of Death into clay, also moved forward.

A paltry army that only consisted of a dozen undead.

‘I don’t have to worry about traps or surprise attacks.’

He followed the undead with a relaxed mind.

The effects of Sculptural Destruction from the giants’ fortress was still in effect.


The monsters in the dungeon appeared with a roar.

A monster that was seen for the first time on the Versailles Continent!

They had a long snout like a crocodile and walked on two feet.

Their behaviour was similar to that of humans, but their height was at least 4 metres tall.

“Prey! There are prey that can’t be eaten due to rotten food!”


The two monsters lightly crushed a skeleton by swinging their arms.

Weed looked at them and judged them.

‘The giants are level 700. By default, this is a high level area. This village, which is a hideout, should be lower. If I look at the current strength… They seem to be around level 600. I don’t need to do more research.’

Thanks to his numerous experiences dealing with monsters, he could quickly make a judgement despite having no information.

Weed gave an order to Bahamorg.

“Go out and fight.”

“Understood. Master.”

Bahamorg rode Yellowy and rushed to a labos, wielding an axe and mace.

“Calling Death Knight Van Hawk. Calling Vampire Lord Torido!”

Death Knight Van Hawk and Torido were also summoned!

“Help Bahamorg fight. Don’t play around.”

Cerberus who scented out the dungeon also joined the battle.


Battle Cry!

Bahamorg used a warrior skill that increased his health and defense.

Two labos could easily overpower him, but he wasn’t damaged by only one due to his strong defense.


Cerberus took the chance to bite a labos. However, he soon received a kick.


The labos had very hard skin but it was soon damaged by Bahamorg’s axe and mace. If Bahamorg fought the monster for a while then he would win.

‘Indeed, he is the most powerful sculptural lifeform. He will be a big help in this dungeon.’

Weed sculpted creatures with high strength and health but his confidence increased due to Bahamorg.

After Van Hawk and Torido joined, the health of a labos was reduced to less than 30%.

“Van Hawk.”

“Speak. Master.”

“Are you fighting at your best?”

“That’s right.”

“Slow down from now on.”

Weed eyes shone as he waited until the health of the labos was less than 20%.

Finally, Van Hawk and Torido backed off when it dropped to 10%.

“Bahamorg. Defend me.”

“Understood. Master.”

Weed looked around and slowly pulled a sword from his waist.

He wasn’t so cautious when taking out Kolderim’s Daemon Sword.

In the case of the dragon sword Red Star, he couldn’t use it openly and fearlessly. He was resigned to dying by a dragon if he kept on using the sword.

But Hestiger left a different sword.

The Loa Sword.

It was a treasure of the elves and a sword that humans wouldn’t hesitate to regard as the best sword. There was a level limit of 650 on it and it was only available for the one who found Hestiger’s legacy in the Desert of Tranquility.

If it was a home, he wouldn’t need to feel envious of the penthouse apartments in Gangnam and Haeundae.


A clear and clean sound.

-You have armed yourself with the Loa Sword.

Affinity to Nature has increased.

Agility will increase by 26%.

All stats + 42.

Triple damage will be dealt to large monsters.

Reduces the opponent’s maximum health by half the damage.

When there is a critical hit, the opponent’s defense is weakened by 7%.

Fire, wind, water and earth spirits will lend you energy.

Defense has increased by 117.

When using a sword skill, mana consumption will be reduced by half.

76% of the opponent’s magic protection will be ignored.

Art has increased by 35 due to the beautiful sword.

Protection magic ‘Big Forest’ can be used.

“This is the first time I am using it.”

He didn’t know how much his hand tingled to use it while making sculptures in the Desert of Tranquility.

It was like giving a chocolate pie to soldiers and not allowing them to eat it!

Weed laughed wildly. He struck the labos that Bahamorg was fighting.

-Your sword has pierced the enemy’s back.

A fast and accurate attack has succeeded.

A critical hit!

The opponent’s defense has weakened. Health has been reduced by 3,481.


Weed felt touched for a second.

Bahamorg dealt 2,000 damage while Weed did almost twice as much.

‘I know why people wear the best climbing gear when climbing the Himalayas.’

It was an awesome equipment.

The power of the Loa Sword was immense enough to make him forget about being a necromancer.

After the history of the Versailles Continent was changed by Weed’s adventure for the final secret sculpting technique, Hestiger had become a hero and received this sword.

“It is a luxury. I will use it.”

Weed moved forward despite a sharp tail flying towards him.

‘I can discard my way of fighting as a sculptor.’

In the meantime, his health and mana was low so he had to fight carefully.

A miser personality!

He needed to also consider his vitality when swinging a sword.

A non-combat occupation like a sculptor had definite limitations!

The best choice he made was to increase his perseverance, resilience, and build up his defenses. If he had been as reckless as his other colleagues then he couldn’t be as strong as he was now.

He had bitter challenges to overcome as a sculptor.

‘I don’t have to do that anymore. My basic health grew, but if I run out of vitality then I can’t use skills. My maximum mana and recovery rate has greatly increased.’

He didn’t have as much attack power as a swordsman or desert warrior, but he could use plenty of skills since becoming a necromancer.

“Divine Fire!”

The beautiful Loa Sword burned red. An attack skill from G.o.ddess Hestia!

-Divine Fire has been given to the Loa Sword.

Fire attack power will increase by 105-271 depending on your faith stat.

Divine Fire will temporarily reduce the power of Summon Undead by 46%.

The undead nearby will suffer every second.


The Loa Sword was covered with fire and the attack power was doubled. At the same time, the bones of the skeletons burst into flames.

-The skeletons have suffered 603 damage due to the Divine Fire.

‘Just like a spoon is needed to eat rice, equipment is essential for hunting!’

Weed once again forgot about being a necromancer and struck the labos.

-Great attack!

The sharpness of the sword and Divine Fire has reduced the opponent’s health by 4,391.

Even though it wasn’t a fatal blow, the monster suffered enormous damage.

The amount of damage depended on the monster’s armour, attribute, and vitality.

Weed used additional attack skills.

“Heriam Fencing!”

-The 1st consecutive attack has succeeded. Agility has increased by 20%.
-The 2nd consecutive attack has succeeded. Strength has increased by 40%.
-The 3rd consecutive attack has succeeded. Agility has increased by an additional 40%.
-The 4th consecutive attack has succeeded. Strength has increased by an additional 40%.
-The 5th consecutive attack has succeeded. Labos was burnt and died.

Cold movements!

The Loa Sword was light and he could wield it at a rapid pace.

As soon as the monster lost his life, his left hand reflexively moved forward.

-You have acquired the Labos Heart.

-You have acquired 3 Precious Meats of the Labos.

-You have acquired the Immortal Wisdom Necklace.

The spoils of combat.

Weed’s hands shook as he received the wealth.

‘An immortal set.’

At a minimum, it was an accessory with a level limit of at least 600.

The necklace increased health, strength, wisdom and knowledge. It increased the range of stats, his skill levels, and maximum mana.

It would be sold at an expensive price at the auction and it would be helpful when used directly. Financial reasons wasn’t the only cause of his trembling.

He was the first discover of the dungeon so he knew he would get the best loot when hunting. The monsters’ level was close to 600 so it was normal for these type of loot to drop.

‘The sword damage is enormous. My hunting speed will become much faster in the future.’

He vividly felt how much stronger his attack power became in battle.

‘If I was a swordsman… There would be a bigger effect. Or if I master swordsmans.h.i.+p…’

It would be possible to wreak havoc with the power of the Loa Sword.


At that moment, one of the surviving labos escaped from Bahamorg’s containment and struck Weed with its tail.

-You have been hit by a tail attack. Temporary paralysis!

Your high perseverance has minimized the paralysis to 0.4 seconds.

Health is reduced by 7,325.

-The equipment effect of Barkhan’s equipment. Life Vessel has been activated.

3,291 health has been taken out of storage.

Total health remaining in the Life Vessel: 203,281


820 health will be absorbed by the labos every second.

“Master. Be careful.”

Bahamorg and Cerberus protected him as soon as Weed was struck. He had entrusted the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour made of helium to Herman, while he was wearing Barkhan’s robe.

It had very high magic defense, high mana regeneration ability and above all, it increased wisdom and the ability to control the undead.

The basic defense was weak but due to Life Vessel, Weed’s health didn’t significantly drop.

‘That’s it. I just need to catch it quickly. This is an ignorant attack power.’

Weed was filled with mana due to being a necromancer, so he utilized the skills without sparing.

“Lava River!”

This time, it was the desert warrior’s strongest skill.

The skill was still level 1, and it required training and combat experience to grow.

Nevertheless, a river of lava burst out from Weed and covered the labos.


The labos hastily tried to escape from the lava.

Weed’s eyes sharpened.

“Divine Fire, Heriam Fencing!”

Divine Fire prevented Weed from getting any fire damage caused by Lava River and he continuously attacked the labos through the gap!

The labos, whose health was at the very bottom, couldn’t hold out any longer and died.

-You have overpowered two dangerous labos.

-Experience has been acquired.

-The skill proficiency of Swordsmans.h.i.+p has improved.

“Okay. The experience… It increased by 0.2%.”

Weed was satisfied.

It was a hunting ground with strong monsters and he received double experience.

“I will eat up all the experience alone. As I grow as a necromancer, I will completely monopolize experience.”

Although he had Bahamorg, Van Hawk, Torido, Cerberus, and Yellowy, he decided it wasn’t enough. Weed used the Summon Undead skill.

“Rise. Open your eyes, ghosts that never sleep. Live and get revenge on those that killed you! Undead Rise.”

The labos he had just been fighting rose as a skeleton knight.

-The skill proficiency of Summon Undead has improved.



The undead was weak but it was better than not having them in a hunt.

Unlike the sculptural lifeforms that needed to be pampered, the undead didn’t require rest and could speed up combat.

Divine Fire conflicted with the undead, but he would use it in accordance with the situation.

As Summon Undead’s skill level increased along with Aura of Death, the damage caused by Divine Fire would rise. Therefore, there would be a way around it.

‘It is certainly different from when I was alone as a sculptor. I can focus on combat skills.’

Weed felt the change.

As a necromancer and with Barkhan’s set, he didn’t need to stop hunting due to the large mana pool.

In the process of mastering sculpting, he had acc.u.mulated experience in various fields. He raised the sword and bow to a fairly high level, and learnt the spear after receiving Myul’s Thunder Spear.

He acc.u.mulated stats during adventuring and quests. There were the desert warrior’s skills and Divine Fire given by G.o.ddess Hestia.

If a dangerous situation occurred when fighting the labos then he would be able to escape with Time Sculpting.

After a battle, he could raise the undead so he had many options.

During Royal Road, there were many users who learnt the sword, magic, and elementals at the same time. Those who succeeded were among the most successful.

Weed was at the top of all of them.

“No one else can achieve this success.”

* * *

In front of the gates of Aren Castle.

Lafaye and other Hermes Guild members were gathered there.

“Has your level risen these days?”

“Kuk. I’ve hunted for two days and barely gained one level.”

“I can’t go to the top dungeons. They are too crowded.”

The Hermes Guild users chatted with the people they were familiar with.

One day a week, Lafaye held a tour of Aren Castle with the Hermes Guild.

They had conquered Aren Castle in the Haven Kingdom since the early days of Royal Road, so this event was held to increase morale.

Every week, the city’s progress was confirmed and ordinary users could look at the Hermes Guild.

‘Hrmm… There aren’t that many.’

Lafaye felt like the number of people gathering was reducing every year.

In the past, it would be crowded every time they held an event.

The spectacular sight of the prestigious guild walking through Aren Castle showed off their great glory.

Sometimes after an inspection event, they also attacked dungeons so the guild members would try to attend as much as possible.

‘In the past, it wasn’t difficult to gather 3,000 people. Now there are only approximately 500 people?’

Lafaye concealed his regret and seemed unconcerned on the outside.

“We will start the inspection.”

The leaders of the guild were at the forefront, followed by the members. They walked along the wide streets of Aren Castle and watched the buildings and people.

“Hermes Guild.”

“Wah… They really have nothing to do. After unifying the Central Continent, they deliberately went to the north.”

“Don’t you know? It is dangerous to move around.”

There were many general users who watched the procession of the Hermes Guild.

In the past, their gazes were mixed with jealousy and anger. Now they were rude and contemptuous.


The Hermes Guild who heard them grinded their teeth together.

“Those fellows don’t want to live.”

“Leave it alone. They don’t have the confidence to come forward.”

The Hermes Guild could easily sweep away a few hundred people, but they didn’t move.

If they brutally killed general users then there would be a negative broadcast report.

In the past, such news revealed the strength of the Hermes Guild. Now it just encouraged rebels and the users’ antipathy.

There were many unfair aspects that the Hermes Guild members had to endure, but it couldn’t be helped due to their actions in the past.

“Most of them are murderers.”

“They had lived bad lives.”

“Strong and dangerous. It is because they weren’t educated in elementary school.”

The Hermes Guild’s visit continued as they silently endured the criticism of ordinary users.

‘This shame…’

Lafaye was a character who didn’t normally get angry.

Most of these things were largely expected.

Even when defeated by Weed, the result wasn’t unexpected.

The chances were slim, but he knew that luck followed Weed.

Indeed, Weed used his incredible power and popularity to block the offensive of the Haven Empire every time.

‘Even if the Arpen Kingdom is a little big… The Haven Empire won’t collapse. They are just trying to eat the big food called the Central Continent. Now it is time to grow the economy and calm the rebels. No matter what, the Hermes Guild will dominate the Central Continent.’

He was in the process of stabilizing the shaken empire by giving tax cuts and freedom to ordinary users.

There were all types of exclusive myths, secrets and legendary equipment hidden in the Central Continent.

The Hermes Guild had conquered a wide territory. Their power wasn’t weak so there was no obstacle to their rule.

The Arpen Kingdom was hard to fight because they received the unusual support of the users.

On the day that Weed’s popularity crashed, it was only a matter of time until they conquered the Versailles Continent.

Lafaye thought that if he waited and worked behind the scenes, he would be able to lead everything like when they conquered the Central Continent.

But there was an embarra.s.sment that Lafaye hadn’t expected.

‘This can be tolerated. I will be sure to reward those who are tolerant.’

Lafaye walked the streets with a firm, bright face.

An exceptionally cute girl was standing on the street. A cute little blond child was blocking the street that the Hermes Guild was coming down.

Young children could access Royal Road with the permission of their parents.

Of course, they were free to roam the cities but hunting and adventures were forbidden.

Although there were restrictions on movement between cities, young children could move using teleportation or travel on a certain schedule.

Even if there was no fighting due to the restrictions, young children experienced a variety of occupations and adventures in Royal Road.

‘Cute child.’

‘She will grow up beautifully. She will become a beautiful woman.’

There were warm smiles on the faces of the Hermes Guild members.

They puffed up their shoulders in order to look cool.

Lafaye also liked cute children so he cautiously approached.

“h.e.l.lo. Little lady. What is your name?”

An affectionate voice and handsome looks.

Lafaye didn’t doubt that the child…

“I won’t say anything.”

The child disagreed and stepped back.

Lafaye a.s.sumed she was shy and laughed.

“Why? Is Oppa a horrible man?”


“Then? Can’t I give a nice gift to a little girl?”

“That’s okay. I don’t want anything.”

The child seemed to be approximately six years old.

The Hermes Guild and people on the road were interested in the conversation between Lafaye and the child.

“Your mother has trained you well.”

“Yes. My mother said that all Hermes Guild members are crooks.”


The child spoke clearly with excellent p.r.o.nunciation.

“My mom said you are all bad people. She told me not to be friendly to you.”

A frank and shocking remark emerged from the child’s mouth.

“I will never be like the people in the Hermes Guild when I am bigger!”

Lafaye’s smile stiffened.

“Ah… I’m not supposed to speak to people from the Hermes Guild.

The child winced and ran away like she was scared.

The Hermes Guild members froze while the people watching laughed.

Lafaye started walking again like nothing had happened.

‘Did I have to encounter that on the streets?’

He was cold on the surface, but inwardly he was boiling.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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