The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 47 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Hunting Record

“Weed-nim… He just went.”

“Hyu. Sometimes he is really tiresome. He doesn’t know a woman’s heart.”

Surka and Zephyr sighed. It wasn’t only them, but Maylon, Romuna, Irene and Bellot were also looking at the distant mountains with a bittersweet expression. All his colleagues blamed Weed’s insensitivity.

The apologetic Romuna asked Bellot.

“How is Hwaryeong-nim?”

“I’m not sure. Unni hasn’t said anything.”

“She is so generous…”

“I think that the wound of her heart is big.”

From the beginning, they had wished Hwaryeong well with Weed.

‘Dang, he lost a golden opportunity…’

‘She is a celebrity. His eyes are really wrong!’

‘There are millions of people who would want to be you. Why does she have a crush on Weed-nim? Her taste…’

It was difficult to understand Hwaryeong’s decision but they supported it anyway.

‘They don’t suit each other.’

‘She isn’t just a beauty. A beauty still likes a miser like him.’

‘Weed-nim isn’t ordinary. He is a miser and a hard-working craftsman.’

Although Zephyr wouldn’t admit it due to Yurin, he acknowledged Hwaryeong’s charm.

‘There is no such woman. A person like that can’t be created in 2 minutes. She is a top singer in the entertainment industry.’

She had gone on Weed’s adventures and helped found the Arpen Kingdom.

Hwaryeong thought the look in his eyes was different, but Weed ended up in a relations.h.i.+p with Seo-yoon.

From that time, Hwaryeong’s state became ambiguous and she was invited by the Haven Empire to become a lord there.

She completely separated from Weed’s colleagues, but she joined them in the land of the giants after a long time.

They had fun hunting with Weed but now he left without saying anything.

After thinking about the heart of a woman with a crush, the group at least wanted Weed to talk to her.

Hwaryeong stood on the cliffs and returned to her colleagues after a long time.


Bellot looked at her tearfully but Hwaryeong just smiled brightly.

“What is it?”


Bellot thought the bright expression was forced so more tears streamed down.

“Unni… If you are sad then just cry.”

“Why should I cry? Because Weed-nim just left?”

Hwaryeong saw her colleagues staring at her and laughed.

“It is okay. I know that he is the type of man who is only good to his girlfriend! It is natural.”

Hwaryeong had a broad understanding.

‘She is sincere.’

‘Hyu. These true bonds…’

Her colleagues were thinking poignant thoughts when she pulled out sheet music and showed it to them.

“Thanks to Weed-nim, I managed to write this song.”

“Unni. What is this?”

“Right now, I am immersed in my vivid compositions. Beautiful melodies and lyrics. Doesn’t it give off a deep impression? Weed-nim is truly my soul companion.”

The group was silent for a while.

‘Her crush is too severe.’

‘Isn’t this almost at the level of addiction?’

* * *

-The skill Summon Undead has increased to level 6.

Health regeneration of the undead will improve.

The skeleton bones have become harder and the binding force is strengthened, making it so that it won’t break easily.

Skeletons with little intellect will become proficient in collective combat.

-Faith has decreased by 4.

-Dignity and courage has decreased by 1.

Weed kept on creating undead from every corpse.

As his Summon Undead skill increased, he kept on receiving penalties to his stats..

“It is heartbreaking. Still, for the time being, it can’t be helped.”

-Leaders.h.i.+p commands have been acquired due to high leaders.h.i.+p and courage.

Strict Military Discipline: The undead will maintain their battle formations.

The amount that will break away will decrease.

Undead warrior types will respond to commands more quickly.

After spending a long time as a sculptor, it was easy to obtain characteristics a.s.sociated with commanding the undead as a necromancer.

“R.u.n. B.o.n.e.s.”

Weed didn’t need to lead the skeletons because he had Van Hawk.

A group of undead labos could be called high-level monsters!

Weed and Bahamorg followed the skeletons with solid bones.

The attack power and health still wasn’t good enough but their appearances weren’t common. They were better in battle than skeleton archers and magicians.

While the skeleton troops attacked the labos, Weed and Bahamorg could steadily reduce their numbers.

The shattered undead could be restored using mana. And once mana was depleted, he made sculptures.

“Being a sculpting master… It is definitely easier.”

Weed used a skill on the sculpture.

“Time Sculpting!”

The flow of time piled up on the sculpture. Decades flowed past. Just like a tree transforming, the sculpture gave off the impression of an old antique after the light faded.

Since the sculpture was made of a metal harder than steel, it didn’t change easily with Time Sculpting.

-Fine piece! The Bear that Stole the Honeypot has been completed!


A sculpture made of a metal found in the land of the giants.

It is the work of Sculptor Weed who has reached a perfect state.

This work will be coveted by all n.o.bles and rich people.

Artistic Value: 988

Special Options: Bear that Stole the Honeypot will increase health and mana regeneration by 23% for a day.

Maximum vitality will increase by 20%.

Attack +30.

The skills ‘Bear Run’ and ‘Great Chest’ can be used.

The effect doesn’t overlap with other sculptures.

Number of Fine pieces completed: 146

-Fame has increased by 150.

-The skill proficiency of Time Sculpting has improved.

-A new material has been smelted. The skill proficiency of Blacksmithing has increased.

“Hrmm. It isn’t bad.”

Due to the new materials coming out from the land of the giants, the Blacksmithing skill went up.

In the old days, blacksmiths would have to carry heavy furnaces.

Now he could bake sweet potatoes with Divine Fire, so his convenience had increased.

If he used Divine Fire for a long time then faith might increase, but it wasn’t very meaningful.

For necromancers, faith was nothing more than a dangerous force.

While adventuring as a sculptor, he couldn’t see the effects of faith that he had acc.u.mulated.

He only occasionally received the blessing of a G.o.ddess!

Paladin and priest skills would benefit significantly but it was useless for Weed.

“I don’t want to live not doing bad things, just for the sake of faith.”

The soul of a vicious and free king!

“Time Sculpting skill window!”

-Time Sculpting Intermediate level 7 (74%).

Beginner: Age Sculpting.

This skill will add a long amount of time to a sculpture. Sometimes this time will add value to the sculpture.

It will also stop the sculpture from being naturally damaged over time.

Intermediate: Moment Sculpting.

The world will stop.

Light, wind, people.

In front of Time Sculpting, everything will stop.

The beauty of that stopped moment will consume a lot of vitality and concentration.

In order to spread the reach of Moment Sculpting, a special energy is required. Energy can be obtained when a moment makes people happy.

Energy of the Moment will be quickly consumed.

Continuous use in a short amount of time will consume a vast amount of vitality and mana.

Advanced: Travel Sculpting.

Chase the traces of time to travel to a specific point in time.

You can proceed with special quests.

However, accepting random quests not related to sculpting that would change the past will incur a huge penalty.

Energy of the Moment- 7,281.

Weed’s current Time Sculpting was intermediate level 7!

During the war with the Haven Empire in the north, Time Sculpting was already intermediate level.

Since them, he had steadily made sculptures and used Time Sculpting while hunting.

The 7,281 Energy of the Moment he acc.u.mulated through quests and acts of a king was a great a.s.set.

Of course, it might be exhausted if he faced a life threatening crisis in a large-scale battle.

“After a while… I can never soar in a world where the Hermes Guild is chasing me. Move forward. Search completely. Even if there is no one left!”

The skeleton unit led by Van Hawk quickly searched the cave.

Weed, Bahamorg, Van Hawk, Torido and Cerberus would attack together every time the labos appeared.

“Divine Fire, Heriam Fencing!”

Wielding the sword of flames, he suppressed the monsters!

The new skill and sword showed remarkable combat power.

“This sword skill is at the level of a scam.”

Although was hard to show the effect of a necromancer’s growth on the undead, his hunting speed was noticeably faster.

The undead only obeyed.

The speed of his growth was amazing considering that he shared the experience with Yellowy, Cerberus and Bahamorg.

The undead could track monsters or eliminate traps by walking into them, so the burden in combat was reduced.

When he was only a sculptor, he had deliberately allowed himself to be hit in order to raise his stats.

At the end of his hard work, his stats increased so he felt good.

Now he was wiping out all the monsters.


-Great battle achievement!

You have succeeded in hunting a series of labos. You have taken control of the dungeon.

-Wisdom has increased by 1.

It wasn’t a modest hunting.

With Weed’s level and skill, he struck swiftly like a storm and gained a combat achievement.

“Summon Golem.”

Weed’s goal was to raise his golems so he also summoned it.

Once the effect of Sculptural Destruction was over, the golem would return to beginner level 1.


“Fight with the enemy.”


“Hey. You heard it, right?”

The mud golem walked over to a labos.

-The mud golem has been destroyed.

“They are useless.”

The golem turned back to dust.

“It isn’t a skill that I can throw away. I’ll have to summon it steadily. It can carry my baggage.”

The time pa.s.sed quickly!

Two days after he entered the dungeon, he arrived at the end of Labos Hall.


-You have arrived at the Labos Queen’s Nest.

A sticky darkness is spreading. The living who arrive here will meet their end.

-Fame has increased by 20.

Weed rushed into the queen’s nest with 240 skeletons.

Humans, elves and dwarves were bound to the walls and ceiling by woven structures that were like spider webs.

In the centre was a large cauldron filled with boiling water that an adult male was just about to enter.

Labos queen!

The labos resembled a large crocodile so the gender was impossible to guess. However, the queen cried out after seeing Weed.

“Intruders! Don’t invade my sacred s.p.a.ce.

If you move even a little bit then I will boil your fellow human being.”

Weed immediately responded to the labos queen’s words.

He didn’t need to listen to a monster’s words and he completely ignored the person!

“Boil him. Boil him well.”


“There are many humans in the world. Even at this moment, someone is dying somewhere. From starvation or diseases. Can I save them all?”

“If you are a human then you should try to save him. If you step back then this human can live.”

“No. I’m not a doctor or a politician who thinks of saving everyone.”

“Such a thing… You ought to feel some n.o.bility. Aren’t you the king of a human kingdom?”

Weed’s fame had quickly spread to the dungeon without him realizing it.

“Okay. Kill him. He never paid me any taxes.”

-Fame has decreased by 35.

-Infamy has increased by 2.

If he was a knight with a moral obligation then the decline in fame would be even greater.

He would have to do difficult quests or do good work despite the rewards being small.

Sometimes they would be able to exert a miracle through his stats, but knights had shackles that narrowed their choices.

A profession like a knight didn’t fit Weed.

‘There is nothing good in losing money. I don’t see any benefits.’

The pursuit of a reasonable life!

Weed issued a command to the undead.

“Go ahead!”

The skeleton soldiers have become quite hard after Summon Undead reached level 6.

The skill Undead Weapon was only beginner level 2 so the skeleton warriors were holding big bones.

Weed’s Summon Undead skill was growing abnormally fast.

The skeleton archers used bows made from their bones and were a little better at using them.

Van Hawk wielded a greatsword and raised the abilities of the undead.

“Start firing.”

The undead pushed towards the labos queen.

“In the end, you are interrupting my meal time!”

The labos queen picked up the human and inhaled deeply.

At that moment, her body swelled like a balloon.

Her muscles grew rapidly but Weed had experienced many things on his adventures.

When he was facing the Embinyu Church, he had transformed into a bear 230 metres big.

There was no reason to be afraid of monster only 14 metres tall.

“Solid torrent!”

When the labos queen used a skill, mud flowed up like a s.h.i.+eld.

The skeletons were repelled by the mud and some were destroyed.

“Those guys can’t be eaten. I’ll crush you all.”

The labos queen summoned a long black rod and started beating the undead.


Dozens of skeletons couldn’t cope with the attack and the bones were shattered.

“Charge forward!”

Under the direction of Van Hawk, the undead fearlessly threw themselves at the flow of mud.

The bones snapped all over the place from the mud.

More than a dozen skeletons were crushed every time the labos queen wielded her rod.

“Fire the bows!”

Skeleton archers and magician fired arrows and cast spells.

Even those attacks were mostly blocked by the fast mudflow.

They didn’t affect the hard defense of the labos queen.

‘This is too much. As the body grows, does the physical abilities increase?’

Weed keenly observed.

The undead could restore their broken bones if mana was supplied, but it seemed to have no great effect at the moment.

‘The undead are still useless.’

There were many hunting grounds in the Arpen Kingdom. However, it was hard to give up new dungeons that gave double the experience.

Furthermore, in order to quickly increase Summon Undead, a dangerous battle was needed.

His skill proficiency would slightly increase even if he summoned rabbits and foxes as zombies and skeletons.

Using a good quality corpse in dangerous hunting areas would increase the proficiency.

‘If Summon Undead was intermediate level then this would be a different story. In the case of a sculptor, I grew quietly but a necromancer is different. There is room to hunt.’

The occupation of a magician was one where skill proficiency was significant!

In the meantime, there was a reward for doing the quests. For others, Weed’s hunting style would be considered unreasonable or impossible.

Weed had the instincts to withdraw if he sensed danger!

Once the labos queen killed more than 100 undead, Weed’s eyes shone sharply.

“Corpse Explosion!”

Kwa kwa kwa kw.a.n.g!

The corpses around the labos queen exploded in unison.


It was an attack that penetrated the holes in the labos queen’s defense skill!

Weed followed up with magic.

“Remaining health. Show me all of it. View Life Force!”

-Labos Queen Callador

The origin of the labos species are unknown. Long ago in glorious times, they ate young giants. But after losing their strength, they started to eat humans that were easy prey.

The labos who escaped from the giants are cunning and can use basic magic.

Most of them are forgotten now.

Health: 85%/100%

Mana: 56%/100%

‘There wasn’t much damage.’

Weed had guessed it, but the damage didn’t hit properly.

The labos were more resistant than the giants.

In the absence of Sculptural Destruction, his wisdom was too low so Corpse Explosion had low damage.

‘But it is enough to hunt.’

Weed looked around.

He was looking for Bahamorg.

The shattered undead could be raised again with mana and Van Hawk and Torido were also ready to go into battle.

Weed’s equipment, skills and ability to direct the battle was also formidable.

“Experience Fear, b.l.o.o.d.y Fog, Swarming Big Maggots!”

Weed used beginner level 2 curse magic.

-The Experience Fear spell has weakened the power of the labos queen by 3%. 240 health and vitality will be reduced every second.

-b.l.o.o.d.y Fog has blinded her vision.

-Swarming Big Maggots has slowed down the labos queen and she will be poisoned if she stays in one spot for more than 5 seconds.

Curse magic!

The skill levels were low but they were centred on the labos queen.

Weed yelled using Lion’s Roar.


* * *

Committing all the undead!

The shattered corpses were infused with mana and restored or used in Corpse Explosion.

Weed hunted the labos queen with the help of Bahamorg.

-Your level has risen.
-Labos Queen Callador in charge of Labos Hall has entered her eternal rest.
-Fame has increased by 530 due to the great achievement.

-Charisma has increased by 3.

-Strength has increased by 1.

-Knowledge has increased by 1.

He gained two levels from Labos Hall and hunting the queen.

“It was a good fight.”

All the undead was consumed but Weed was still satisfied.

The labos queen, who was above level 600, wasn’t an easy to catch monster.

The important point was that he received Bahamorg’s help. Thanks to that, he completed the dungeon quest very quickly.

“The rate of hunting has definitely risen. I can use the undead in trivial areas.”

In the field of using subordinates, he was an expert.

Whether the undead attacked or were exploded, he used them depending on the purposes.

The regular labos appeared in the dungeon again.

Weed would have hunted the labos again due to the double experience.

It was likely that he would have spent a week in the dungeon. Now thanks to the improved hunting speed, there was no reason to do so.

“Let’s go to a new place.”

Weed exited the dungeon.

Other users were relaxing in Derick Village or picking up information when he emerged.


“It hasn’t been a day but the dungeon capture rate is so quick.”

Even so, the users weren’t surprised. Weed was like an unreachable person in the sky.

He reported the B grade difficulty quest and found information about other quests.

“There is a rumour that a huge giant is targeting us. He is a little bit special. Very luxurious!”

A commission to fight against a luxurious giant!

“I am busy today.”

“Find the lost treasure! If fact, it was originally from the giants but it was taken back.”

“You should let someone else know.”

Weed didn’t accept quests that required getting rid of giants.

To be honest, defeating the giants with the undead was a fluke.

‘It is possible with all the sculptural lifeforms. However, it is difficult to catch one giant so the hunting speed is slow.’

If he still had the desert warriors that he trained during the Nodulle and Hilderun quest then he could wipe out the land of the giants.

He could capture or overthrow the giants.

‘Let’s focus on hunting for now. My priority is to grow. Those who boast about their high levels have no basic decency.’

Weed hid his level as much as possible. He didn’t expose it to the Hermes Guild or other users. No matter their power or influence, they should still have pride. Recently he saw users who reached level 500 receive great treatment on the broadcasts.

‘I’ll ignore everything and go higher than them!’

* * *

Smas.h.i.+ng the Sollado Dungeon!

Suppressing the Miktik Canyon Hall!

Bake Lair ma.s.sacre!

Weed’s hunting in the land of the giants was sold to the broadcasting stations at an expensive price.

“Is he hunting because he is a necromancer?”

“Yes, Head Director-nim. Isn’t it fresh news? I’ve purchased five hunting videos.”

“Anything related to Weed will give high ratings but… Will similar hunting videos be fun?”

The station executives were quite skeptical.

“Hunting today and tomorrow. Just keep on hunting monsters in the dungeon… Will people keep watching the channel?”

“It is Weed. I purchased it before the other stations.”

“An exclusive?”

“It isn’t a monopoly. I asked for 60% of the advertising sales… It will be profitable to broadcast it as soon as possible.”

“Hrmm. Go ahead. See what time slots can be organized.”

While CTS Media approached it carefully, KMC Media started broadcasting the video straight away.

A production team of more than 10 people organized it quickly.

They each cut three minutes of video, checked the camera angles and sound and then immediately broadcasted it.

Director Kang was a ma.s.sive fan of Weed.

“A fast broadcast!”

Every time they showed Weed, ratings would go up and every employee of KMC Media received a great bonus.

“The probability is 100% because we have succeeded so far. Isn’t it better not to worry and just see what the results are?”

“That’s right.”

“Weed can’t be s.n.a.t.c.hed by other broadcasting stations first.”

They didn’t review the contents and allowed for an emergency broadcast.

The moral of the station employees were very high and the broadcasting announcement was made through subt.i.tles on the channel.

-One hour after the cancellation of the regular broadcast, the videos of King Weed hunting as a necromancer will be relayed.

Thank you for your understanding and interest.

The reaction of the viewers came immediately.

-Kya! Weed-nim’s hunting.

-Necro, necromancer!

-That robe seems to smell awful!

-Necromancer Weed-nim will show us the havoc that an Immortal Legion can deal.

-The force when he was a lich was also great. The scenes of orc Karichwi are famous, but when it comes to pure strength, the lich is the best.

-Strength? It is the fire warrior. Having a lot of undead doesn’t mean strength. They are just strong in groups.

The bulletin boards, that started with joy and admiration, soon turned into a controversial debate.

There was high interest in Weed’s various professions and species, with many people evaluating it.

Talk about professions quickly came out on Royal Road.

-There is going to be a boom in necromancers!

-Just like many people became a sculptor, the number of necromancers will be enormous.

-The sculptor bubble has popped and now it is the turn of the necromancers.

-Currently the strongest profession is a necromancer. They are a one man army.

-That is only for high level necromancers. Don’t you know how hard it is? Hunting is also difficult. They can’t hunt in parties.

-They can live in the second half. I think it has more advantages than other professions. Isn’t the fact that Weed-nim chose it evidence?

-Yes, they are vulnerable to and combat professions. If they get close then it is over for a necromancer.

-Is the undead just there to play? After being imprisoned in a bone prison, they can be killed using curses or Corpse Explosion.

-There is no need to worry about necromancers if you have equipment based on holy power.

-It is really hard to gather one piece of equipment at higher levels. When equipped with black magic resistance equipment, it is hard to hunt in general. Rich people won’t understand.

-The strongest is a black knight. Bardray is the strongest on the Versailles Continent. Do you recognize it?

-Bardray defeated Weed in a one-on-one fight. Do you recognize it?

-They have to fight. Personally, I vote for Bardray.

-There are Hermes Guild moles here!

The articles on the bulletin boards started running wild and the audience ratings increased.

And the conclusion!

-It doesn’t matter what he does. I forgive him. Because he carved the star of the G.o.ddess. Oh G.o.ddess.

-Gra.s.s Porridge! Gra.s.s Porridge! Gra.s.s Porridge!

-Bamboo Shoots Porridge unit. Gather here.

-I want the full taste of gra.s.s porridge. Come here!

-Gra.s.s porridge…!

The conquest of the Gra.s.s Porridge units!

-Finally the argument is over. Gra.s.s Porridge!

-There is no way other than Gra.s.s Porridge. Gra.s.s Porridge!

-This is more important than professions. Gra.s.s Porridge!

* * *

In the media, Weed’s hunting videos were organized in an emergency broadcast. They thought that the audience ratings would be high due to Weed, but they didn’t expect much from the hunting videos.

This wasn’t the start of Royal Road, so hunting videos wouldn’t cause ma.s.sive changes in the continent.

Hunting was just a series of simple repet.i.tions to beat the monsters.

It was only one hunt with no expedition team and the dungeons weren’t famous.

Still, the ratings would be above average and the best hosts were chosen.

Han Sang-ho and Lee Dana gained popularity by relaying broadcasts about Royal Road on the Internet.

s.h.i.+n Hye-min and Oh Joo-wan, the representatives of the broadcasting station, already had many programs.

The viewers evaluation of Han Sang-ho and Lee Dana was also high, so they were entrusted with this program.

“Woo PD-nim, the configuration is simple. Dungeon hunting. And is that the end?”

“Yes. You just need to broadcast the video.”

“It won’t be difficult. Weed-nim’s videos are played almost every day so just leave it alone.”

Lee Dana was a female in her early 20s, but she had a profession as a knight instead of a magician or priest that provided long-range support.

“Sang-ho, are you familiar with necromancers?”

“I only know a few basic points. I learnt by watching video of Weed in the past. There is also Krobidyun from the Hermes Guild, but there aren’t many top necromancers.”

“I don’t know that much either.”

“Is Dana’s level high?”

“I am over level 400 and haven’t seen many necromancers wandering around.”

“Hrmm. Then I’ll have to quickly study up on necromancers.”

They briefly studied necromancers on sites related to Royal Road as preparation for the broadcast.

And started, causing a ripple beyond imagination.

* * *

The scene began with Weed entering Bake Lair.

The first one to speak was Han Sang-ho.

“Bake Lair. A place to the north of the giants’ fortress. It is known as a mountainous area. The terrain is rough and the monsters are dangerous, so no users have hunted there.

“Then this will be the first time it is shown to viewers?”

“It is probably the first time that someone has entered the dungeon. There are many dungeons near Derick Village without needing to go to Bake Lair.”

The hosts were focused on Weed’s video.

The preparation time for the broadcast was too short, making it hard to study about necromancers.

Curses, Summon Undead, golems, some attack and defense magics.

A necromancer was simple, but a host couldn’t give wrong information.

In addition, a script wasn’t available so they had to make it up on the spot.

They had to improvise on the broadcast, so they needed to be quick and witty. However, the two hosts were from internet broadcasting.

‘What type of hunting…’

‘A necromancer won’t be fun. He will just watch from behind as the undead fight.’

The broadcast started with the worries of the organizers!

“It isn’t certain, but based on information that the users gathered from Derick Village, the monsters in Bake Lair are around the mid-500s.”

“The level is very high.”

“From the data, the monsters that mainly appear are called Pitche.”

“I know the monsters. The monsters can instantly spread thin wings to jump high and far. They have poison and tremendous vitality and attack power… In addition, they have the characteristic of collective hunting. In particular, they are intelligent.”

“Dana, do you really know them?”

“Yes. Just a month ago, our party met them in the mountains and were wiped out.”

Lee Dana had no words.

A party of 10 people in the mid-400s, including herself, encountered the pitche and were killed.

She was able to convince herself that she was lacking in strength.

Suddenly, more pitche popped out of the forest and started attacking them one by one.

“Ggeug ggeug ggeug.”

In front of Lee Dana, the pitche laughed as they opened their wings.

Funny monsters hunting while scoffing at users!

‘Oduduk. I want to get revenge.

But our whole party was wiped out, can Weed truly hunt them alone? Furthermore, the monsters can use incredible magic.’

In the field, they could meet monsters wandering around. However, Bake Lair was crawling with monsters. It was like the difference between a secluded rural area and a city.

If Weed entered the lair then he would be slaughtered by the pitche.

Lee Dana’s voice became louder.

“The pitche are monsters that absolutely must be avoided! It is absolutely dangerous. There is a reason no one has entered the lair.”

“However, Weed-nim…”

“The hunting absolutely won’t succeed! He will just die here.”


Sweat formed on Han Sang-ho’s forehead. He felt that Lee Dana was too emotional.

‘It is possible if Weed is hunting. But did he really succeed in attacking the lair? Didn’t he send the video because it was a success?

To be honest, they didn’t know the result of the hunt because they were in a hurry. They didn’t investigate before broadcasting because they a.s.sumed that the hunting would be a success. However, the emergence of the pitche caused a ma.s.sive reaction from Lee Dana.

‘Even if Weed didn’t die, he might have failed. Is the video just him hunting a few monsters?’

Then the length of the video caught Han Sang-ho’s eyes.

‘4 hours 48 minutes? It isn’t short. Then he didn’t just hunt a few.’

The length of the video couldn’t be shrugged off.

“The pitche are very dangerous monsters so I don’t recommend hunting them. They have one of the highest difficulty among the level 500 monsters. If your skills are excellent then you might be able to hunt them. However, you must be vigilant and your party can still be wiped out…”

While Lee Dana was explaining diligently, Han Sang-ho pointed out the length of the video to her.

‘Is he hunting properly?’

While Lee Dana was speechless, Han Sang-ho took the initiative.

“Yes. Weed is finally starting to hunt.”

In the video, Weed raised a mud golem and summoned Van Hawk and Torido.

They were monsters familiar to the hosts. Anyone in Royal Road would be familiar with Weed’s two summons.

“Mud golem. The Summon Golem skill seems low.”

“Golems are useful in low level hunting grounds. But they need to grow stronger with the necromancer to be used in high level hunting grounds.”

The hosts focused on the video without saying that much. It was early in the broadcast so the viewers would be interested in Weed’s behaviour.

‘How is he going to hunt…?’

The hosts were also curious.

Weed wore Barkhan’s full set and Yellowy and Bahamorg were also present.

“Here we go.”


Yellow slowly disappeared into the cave and soon came back.

There were two pitche behind Yellowy!

The sculptural lifeform, the most popular Yellowy in the Arpen Kingdom was used as bait during hunting.


As the pitche came flying, they saw Weed, Bahamorg, Torido and Van Hawk.

Their wings spread as they stopped in place and prepared for battle.

They exchanged glances before smiling wickedly.

“Ggeug ggeug!”

They calculated that it was possible to hunt Wed, Bahamorg and the other two.

They weren’t smart enough to develop skills or use magic, but they were very clever about hunting.

“Bahamorg. You go first.”

“Understood. Waaaah!”

Bahamorg gave a battle cry, raising the health and morale of his allies.

The Loa Sword!

Weed wore Barkhan’s full set but his weapon was a sword.

Divine Fire and Lava River.

He attacked the pitche with those skills.

Weed’s stats were stacked towards attack in the first place, and it didn’t fall after becoming a necromancer.

Barkhan’s equipment lowered his defense, but he felt confident at attacking due to Bahamorg attracting the attention of most of the monsters.

“Heriam Fencing!”

He cut the body of a pitche with Heriam Fencing and Divine Fire.


Van Hawk and Torido rushed through the gaps for an a.s.sault!

Torido produced illusions, turned into a bat and used blood curses.

Han Sang-ho opened his mouth.

“They fight well. As expected of Weed. Weed took into account the movements, form and attack pattern when attacking. The actions of his subordinates are also amazing.”

“Yes. I think he fights really well.”

“It isn’t just his level and skills. His ability to calculate the attack radius of the monsters is excellent.”

“I agree. The pitche’s bodies aren’t moving properly.”

He didn’t allow the pitche any room.

Tremendous skills burst from Bahamorg and Weed.

If they tried to move sideways or backwards then there was the Lava River, Van Hawk or Torido blocking the way.

Yellowy would wait and attack when there was a chance.

A battle that took advantage of the s.p.a.ce and speed to overpower the pitche!

“There is no panic and they respond perfectly. Weed has experienced countless battlefields and quests.”

“But that isn’t fighting like a necromancer…”

“He is acting as a swordsman. He is wearing a magician’s robe and swinging a sword. It transcends common sense. Ah. He has just used a necromancer’s skill.”

“Poison Absorption. He absorbs the poison and it turns into mana.”

* * *

Weed and Bahamorg had high resistance and better equipment so they were less affected by the poisoning.

“For the glory of the Arpen Kingdom!”

Bahamorg bravely rushed forward and swung his axe and mace.

His armour was typical for a warrior so he had tremendous defense.

The defense was enough to sustain five or six intensive attacks from the pitche.

His attack power was a little lacking, but his weapons struck successively and damaged the pitche.

Combined with Weed’s equipment and skills, the two pitche soon lost their lives.

Han Sang-ho said with amazement.

“The hunt was successful. The sculptural lifeforms? Even with the help of his subordinates, he hunted reliably in a fairly short time.”

“T-that… They aren’t monsters that will die so easily. The other pitche will start hunting them.”

Lee Dana was panicked for a moment. Weed and his subordinates had easily killed the pitche! Han Sang-ho looked at the status of Weed, Torido and Van Hawk and said.

“Those three don’t seem injured. They stopped most attacks or didn’t even give the pitche a chance.”

“Ah. That can’t be…”

Lee Dana’s common sense was being destroyed.

The three pitche that she encountered gave her the feeling of being stronger than boss monsters.

‘There are only two but how can he beat them so easily?’

Then Weed used Summon Undead and made death knights from the corpses.

Death knights were called the flower of the undead! They used skills according to their own judgement, and their intelligence and health was improved.

“I see the immortal commander with the power of eternity.”

The death knights respectfully bowed down.

Weed’s Summon Undead skill was beginner level 8.

His equipment, stats and skill level was optimal for his necromancer level. It was the result of using Time Sculpting and constantly summoning undead at the hunting grounds.

“Van Hawk. You lead.”

“Understood, Master. They will be of some use.”

After greeting the undead, the Weed on the screen continued to hunt.

Summoning the death knights was a huge inspiration.

He had a huge ambition to raise dozens of bone dragons and doom knights as a necromancer!

It took approximately two minutes to catch the two pitche.

With the death knights, it took a similar amount of time to hunt three pitche.

Unlike the skeletons, the death knights used melee skills and didn’t fall easily.

Under the direction of Van Hawk, they fiercely struck the pitche.

“An unrelenting a.s.sault. I am your master. Even death isn’t allowed unless I give permission!”

A vicious necromancer!

“The undead have no human rights. Run until your skulls fall!”

Weed only let Van Hawk and the death knights attack.

The level of the pitche were in the mid to late 500s.

For ordinary people used to safe hunting grounds, they were difficult monsters. However, Weed had suffered on many battlefields.

Lee Dana thought that Weed couldn’t handle the monsters. But from the beginning, there was a gap between them that went far beyond sour and sweet.

“They are good monsters to beat. Taste this!”

In the old days, he had already hunted level 500 monsters when exploring Roderick’s Labyrinth.

If Weed wore the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour rather than Barkhan’s full set, then he could hunt them alone.

“Daring speculation!”

“Sword of Death!”

The death knights were hit by monsters, destroyed and restored. However, their damage was great, increasing their hunting peed.

“Rise. Open your eyes, ghosts that never sleep. Live and get revenge on those that killed you! Undead Rise.”

Thanks to the death knight, Weed didn’t need to use Yellowy as bait.

He was different from necromancers who had to fight while carefully considering troops and formations.

Weed and Bahamorg fought in the front with the support of the increasing undead in the back or sides.

Even if the death knights were destroyed, they would soon be restored.

Weed took risks in combat and fully utilized the attack power of the undead.

5, 10, 25, 45.

There was a feeling that only the first time was difficult as the hunting time shortened.

As they kept on watching the video, Han Sang-ho and Lee Dana were speechless.

“Hah… What is this?”

“Aack. It is nonsense. It is a dream.”

Instead of acting as hosts, the two people became viewers.


-As expected of Weed. He experienced adventures and wars, but his hunting is incomparable.

-Why didn’t he start as a necromancer? I have never seen such a strong and fast hunting.

-He is an ancient user from Continent of Magic. It is over. Pray for the Hermes Guild. Although it will probably take some time.

-Why was Weed’s first profession a sculptor, not a necromancer? We all become skeletons. Or we are skeletons.

-Gra.s.s Porridge members aren’t scared of death.

-Weed the G.o.d of War and the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult!

The PDs and writers smiled as they checked the bulletin boards in real time.

There were hardly any comments that blamed the hosts for being frozen. Instead, they were full of surprise or praise for his hunting speed.

Weed increased the number of death knights to 50, then he summoned skeleton magicians and skeleton archers for ranged attacks.

Throwing poison was the main feature of skeleton magicians and there were fire spells that steadily acc.u.mulated damage.

“Fools. Move faster. Lubricate those bones!”

The skeletons moved in a certain direction without straying and fought.

Not only did Weed have the most powerful equipment, he also received t.i.tles from quests.

Immortal Warrior, Glorious Undead Commander.

He completely controlled and dominated the undead using his own strength.

A perfect control of the battlefield!

His ability to command was based on nagging and dictators.h.i.+p!

Through repeated hunting, the bones of the undead thickened and their equipment improved.

Weed utilized his beginner level 4 undead weapon and armour creation skills.


“Lead me to the path of death!”

The undead ran like crazy.

The weak undead were combined to maximize strength and demonstrated a ruthless aggressiveness.

A battle frenzy!

-That is a necromancer. I honestly confess… Is that possible?

-It is outrageous. The undead are insane. Hitting a monster until they break and then hitting again.

-Is he cleaning out the lair?

-The pitche appear. They die. They turn into undead.

-It is scary. This is a real ranker in Royal Road. I am over level 300 as well. He is on a completely different dimension.

-The person above me. Absolutely not. He is more than three times faster than other necromancers.

-Visit Royal Road’s Hall of Fame. Look at Krobidyun hunting. It is slow. There are many things to worry about. Even if he has many undead, it will still take a long time for them to fight.

-When a necromancer fights, there are always skeletons that run away!

It was to the extent that Weed could be leading an army of undead forces. A ma.s.sive advance based on volume!

He was conquering Bake Lair at a rapid pace. It wasn’t a large cave so he only took 4 hours and 48 minutes.

As the undead grew, the repet.i.tive parts were removed and the broadcast time was reduced to 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Next was the Sollado Dungeon!

The undead rushed and a large scale hunting took place.

Van Hawk led the death knights with the skeleton army following behind.

Weed and Bahamorg fought in the centre.

Although he was a necromancer, he didn’t say in the rear and attacked the monsters with the Loa Sword.

A storm of attacks!

There was a great sense of speed.

Even if it was a wonderful sight, there was no time to appreciate or explain it.

“Advance. Ride. Bones!”

The death knights and skeletons rushed until the bodies of the monsters were broken down.

The viewers were busy watching the video and sometimes they were speechless.


“It is a dream. I think this is a dream.”

The hosts didn’t know what to say, but the reaction of the viewers was great.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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