The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 47 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Jeong Deuk-soo’s Anger

-The Founding of the Pallos Empire

Unify the great desert into one.

Intrepid warriors, it is time for you to break away from the burning sands. Go back to the land with flowing rivers and restore the glory of the Pallos Empire.

The one who gains the most territory will be the Emperor of the Pallos Empire.

The time limit is 1 year.

Level of Difficulty: Region supremacy.

Compensation: Emperor of the Pallos Empire.

Quest Restrictions: Limited to desert warriors.

Reconstruction of the Pallos Empire!

Unring, Ben, Elliks.

The minds of the Earth Shadow group, that was made of three adventurers, became much lighter because they thought that their troubles had ended.

“That’s enough. Now.”

“Hu. I really don’t want to receive a quest again.”

“The level of difficulty didn’t make sense.”

Found on the Plains of Despair, the best adventuring group on the continent that revealed the Embinyu Church to the world!

They wandered around the continent on quests that involved recovering treasures of the Embinyu Church.

The result was futile as Weed changed the future by destroying the Embinyu Church.

“It is good despite it being in vain. It is for the sake of everyone.”

“The Embinyu Church disappearing altogether is good. If their treasures were released then the continent would have been a mess.”

“When looking at the difficulty of the adventure quest, you can feel the situation getting worse. It is a story that isn’t impossible on the Versailles Continent of Royal Road.”

Weed had found Metapeia in the southern desert.

Earth Shadow received a quest regarding a bactrian camel while returning to the Central Continent.

The 14 stage quests related to the Great Emperor of the desert was coming to an end.

“We really suffered this time.”

“Ahu. I feel both sorry and regret…”

The Earth Shadow party had been playing the role of a leader.

They led the young desert warriors, that were the descendants of the Great Emperor, to the hunting ground and nurtured them.

They united the desperate tribes that had been in a never-ending dispute using persuasion and found the treasures left behind by Weed.

There were many moments when Earth Shadow wanted to give up.

As more of the desert warriors that they raised died or disappearing into sandstorms, the possibility of the quest succeeding became slimmer.

It would have been difficult to see the end of the quest if strong young men hadn’t come from the Arpen Kingdom.

“Are you here for the Great Emperor quest?”

“We don’t know. It doesn’t matter as long as we can fight a lot.”

“There are fights but it will be dangerous.”

“I want it.”

Geomchi-5 and his students!

They were more courageous than the desert warriors and had excellent swordsmans.h.i.+p and strength. And they were ignorant.

Unring told them.

“Ah. You better step back here.”

“Go forward!”

They boldly fought and were wiped out.

“We need to further increase the level of the warriors. They will be more stable if they grow a little bit more.”

“Those kids will know how to fight when they grow big enough.”

The desert warriors they raised were also wiped out.

An incident also occurred regarding the unit of the desert tribes.

“There was a dispute. The tribes are arguing over who controls the oasis…”

“Hrmm. We will resolve it.”

“Consider the history of the oasis. If you arrange the trade of tribe specialties then there will be a good solution.”

“I will go and judge.”

And they caused a war among the desert tribes.

The Earth Shadow party jumped as tens of thousands of warriors rushed towards each other in the vast desert.

Nevertheless, the men who came from the Arpen Kingdom achieved a miracle like victory.

There were times when it seemed impossible to overcome a battle like this, but they matched surprisingly well with the desert warriors.

“Do you have a knife?”


“I am bored.”

They fought against the desert warriors and shared meat and alcohol.

They used this process to become familiar with the warriors.

Desert cities with a population of less than a thousand people flourished due to Weed during the Nodulle and Hilderun quest.

He established relations.h.i.+ps with a number of desert cities and trained desert warriors.

“Anyway, the Pallos Empire will be established soon.”

“Hu… That’s right.”

“The Great Emperor quest is coming to an end…”

The Earth Shadow party savoured the pleasure. But they couldn’t imagine it.

Somewhere on the continent, there was another user who receive a quest related to the Great Emperor of the desert.

-Losers of the Desert

The glory of the Pallos Empire has been buried under an endless pile of sand. The desert warriors have arranged for the resurrection of the Great Empire. Honour and struggle flows in the blood of warriors.

The people of the desert has been waiting for someone with the strength to walk the path of the Great Emperor.

Gather the will and determination of the desert warriors.

If you pa.s.s the test of the desert, the desert warriors will be willing to raise their swords and follow you.

Level of Difficulty: S

Desert quest.

Compensation: You might be connected to the founding of the Pallos Empire.

Quest Restrictions: The recognition of the historic desert warriors.

The desert hero quest forcibly given by Hestiger!

The Earth Shadow party didn’t know about it.

Weed who had become a sculpting master and necromancer would suck their water!

He was waiting patiently.

* * *


He wore smelly wolf leather.

“Is this the taste?”

“It is full of wild beauty. Master.”


There were 122 students.

They led an army of 350,000 people and advanced into the Aidern region of the Haven Empire.

“There is going to be a fight.”

“There is a really appropriate a.n.a.logy. Master.”

“Are you a poet?”

“Kuhuhuk. This is heaven. Talk with fists and swords, not words.”

Geomchi-5 had a little bit of pride regarding his brain.

‘Think before I act.’

It was a habit before Royal Road. Since childhood, he had been told by his parents to think while living.

He would think when pulling out a sword to attack a monster.

‘Should I get a taste of cutting it?’

He would think whenever he met a strong opponent.

‘Take off the limbs then hit in the order of shoulders, sides and ankles. I have to beat it up.’

The area of Aidern was now ruled by the small and medium lords of the Haven Empire.

The acres of land were split up between those who gained achievements or who dedicated money towards the Hermes Guild.

“Get rid of everything!”


The desert warriors led by Geomchi-5 and his students crossed the Great Plains.

“Invasion! It is an invasion!”

It was a small area that had been relatively peaceful since the days when the Central Continent was divided between guilds!

The Hermes Guild members and Imperial Army rushed onto the plains.

“Attack magic! Shoo arrows when you get closer.”

Vast amounts of grains were harvested from the Great Plains!

Staying inside the fortress walls meant handing over a ma.s.sive amount of food to the desert warriors.

Geomchi-5 and the students had no idea about agriculture.

Geomchi-5 thought as he watched the enemies.

‘Are their numbers split in half? Well. Then just attack! That is a rational and intelligent judgement.’

The Imperial Army was hastily a.s.sembled and the lords didn’t join.

“For the glory of the desert! Fight in a cool manner!”

“I will go ahead.”

“I’m going. The person who goes first is the owner.”


After Geomchi-5 and the students gave orders to advance, the camel warriors moved forward like a tsunami.

Ku ku ku kung. Kwa kwa kwa kw.a.n.g!

Magic attacks bombarded the plains.

“Hiyah. Ride!”

“Faster! We shall strike first.”

The desert warriors rushed through the magic attacks.

The desert warriors had similar personalities to Geomchi-5 and the students.

Just charge!

They looked into the enemy’s eyes and ran as fast as possible.

As arrows rained from the sky, the desert warriors struck the camp of the Haven Empire’s army.

“Hahahat. This is the taste!”

Geomchi-5 entered the battlefield and cut down any soldiers he encountered.

“You guys. I will stop you here!”

“I am thinking the same thing. Bring it on!”

Geomchi-5 hit a knight with a spear.

He rode a camel and used all his strength to wield his spear and sword. A brilliant skill that combined an exquisite sense of balance, power and weapon techniques!

“This is enough!”

“Ugh, it is frustrating.”

The knights if the Haven Empire fell down like fallen leaves in front of Geomchi-5’s power.

His skills were good, but there was also a difference between a camel and horse.

The students and desert warriors overwhelmed the Imperial Army.

The regular armies of the Haven Empire were concentrated in the north. In the relatively peaceful southern area, second or third degree soldiers belonged to the armour!

More than 100 Hermes Guild member fought with the army, but they escaped as soon as they saw the situation turn bad.

A victory on the Great Plains!

None of the desert warriors were killed but 40,000 Imperial soldiers were killed while the rest were taken captive.

Even Geomchi-5 was amazed.

“Was my leaders.h.i.+p ability this good?”

“It seems so. We achieved it. Master?”

“We threw a stone and the elephant seems to have collapsed.”

“Um… I thought we would be destroyed when attacked by magic.”

The students were also bewildered.

They fought blindly but this was the result.

In particular, they achieved an overwhelming victory in this big war!

“I am becoming anxious.”

Geomchi-157, who was kicked out of university, said.

“Master. We should obtain some advice.”

“That’s right. We should listen to the words of a smart person.”

Geomchi and the students used magic communication to talk to Alcantra, a commander of the Arpen Kingdom.

Alcantra was an excellent commander of the Haven Empire who was brought to the Arpen Kingdom.

-Alcantra: Perhaps… The effect of a surprise attack seems to be great. It is probably because the Haven Empire isn’t prepared for war. However, if the brave camel cavalry succeed in an a.s.sault then the defensive formation will collapsed in a futile manner.

Geomchi-157 interpreted his words in a simple manner.

“It seems like our method worked well.”

“Hrmm. I was listening.”

-Alcantra: This is a problem for the future. The Hermes Guild will forming a large army on the Great Plains.

“Those guys will come flocking?”

“I know. There will be a lot of suffering. It is because their original nature is to swarm.”

-Alcantra: The desert warriors are stronger than the Imperial soldiers. But the combination is bad. If a magic unit is mobilized with the infantry then it will be in vain. The desert warriors won’t be able to maintain their siege, and magic will be used reduce the number of desert warriors from a distance.

“Hit us from a distance with magic?”

“That hurts a lot.”

“How do we solve it?”

“Let’s ask that as well.”

-Alcantra: You need to prepare for a long conquest war. You suddenly invaded so there is a great victory, but there will be more battles.

Alcantra advised that they should take the desert warriors away from large terrains like the plains.

He talked about the Imperial Army’s battle formations for 30 minutes with Geomchi-5 and the students.

“Hrmm. Thank you for your words. I think that it will help us prepare for the war.”

-Alcantra: You’re welcome. If you have any more questions then please contact me at any time.

As soon as the magic communication was turned off, Geomchi-5 sighed deeply.

“How much did you understand?”

“I don’t know what he was talking about. The explanation was so long that I became sleepy.”

“I don’t know.”

Geomchi-5 and the students gathered around a campfire.

There was a tremendous number of troops as well as prisoners. Extensive land!

“Can we become real kings?”

“Let’s see. I’ve never even been a cla.s.s president.”

“Do you think being a leader is comfortable and easy?”

Geomchi-5 and the students wiped their minds.

“Let’s ask the maknae what to do next.”

“Yes. That would be better.”

“He would have a way.”

Geomchi-5 sent a whisper to Weed explaining the situation.

“What do you think we should do?”

Weed’s mind was like a supercomputer when it came to money or profit, so he quickly came to a conclusion.

-Weed: It will be hard for Sahyungs to keep it for long. There isn’t a single city near the Great Plains.

“Then we will die in the next fight?”

-Weed: That isn’t necessary. Right now, you have wiped out the army on the Great Plains?

“Yes. There are no more soldiers from the Haven Empire in the vicinity. They are guarding the cities and castles.”

-Weed: The lords aren’t very strong. They only have enough money to pay taxes. Hit them all.

“Conquer them?”

-Weed: Nope. Just attack and plunder.”


“Ohhh… Capture and loot!”

Geomchi-5 and the students were enthusiastic.


It was a cool word that even they understood.

“And then? Do we wait and prepare for a war with the Imperial Army?”

-Weed: Nope. Don’t do what they want. Take a bunch of prisoners and step back into the desert.

“We won the battle and got the land, but now we have to withdraw?”

-Weed: There is no need for land. You can’t even build a house to live there.

“That’s right.

-Weed: Starting with the grains of the Great Plains, use resources and money to attract people to the desert. There are many prisoners of war.

“Because they surrendered, I couldn’t kill them.”

-Weed: Take them and train them as desert warriors. Once your troops have increased, aggressively invade the Haven Empire.


Plunder and invasion!

Geomchi-5 thought about it.

‘There are plenty of words that I like. This is absolutely the right operation.’

-Weed: It is a desert warrior’s battle. All you need to do is take rather than keep.

“Such a simple method! But what if they chase us?”

-Weed: The Imperial Army won’t be able to enter the desert. Drag all the resources and people into the desert. If there are resources and people then the southern desert will develop quickly.

“Um. Development… Good. Say a little bit more.”

-Weed: The grains from the Great Plains are enough to feed the captives. It is better to feed them and put them to work. And if you lack resources, partic.i.p.ate in maritime trade with the Arpen Kingdom.


-Weed: Food, production materials or combat materials. Secure it through trade with the Arpen Kingdom.

Weed though of importing luxury goods from the Arpen Kingdom to the desert region through maritime trade in an instant.

The Arpen Kingdom also needed export routes in order to increase production development and technology development.

The desert area was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with combat supplies that could be exported. Meanwhile, luxury goods, silver, gold, animals and leather could be imported.

Weed was very familiar with the desert area so he knew how much the Arpen Kingdom could gain from commerce.

The desert area needed a lot of time and effort to develop.

If the southern desert traded with the Arpen Kingdom then the speed of development would be several times faster.

“That will really help. Thank you. Maknae.”

-Weed: Yes. The reconstruction of the Pallos Empire… No, the Sahyungs are the worst.

* * *

“Um. I gained two levels.”

Weed was fully satisfied with the growth during his hunt.

He gained one or two levels in a day! He just achieved level 462. While other people would say it was so quick that he was crazy, there were many users that were already over level 400.

The people under level 100 spent time relaxing and playing in Royal Road.

They were users who explored and purely enjoyed Royal Road as a hobby! Unfortunately, the majority of them were users of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult.

They became greedy once reaching level 200 or 300.

Hunting was fun and they felt a sense of accomplishment when growing and questing. Their levels exceeded 400 due to considerable achievements through quests.

A large proportion of quests could be obtained from a small village or area.

If they continued to build public achievements in a certain village, the people would praise them as heroes and build monuments.

They were caught by the fun and didn’t forget to raise their level.

If they became a ranker within the top 10,000 of Royal Road then they could boast about it anywhere.

There were no countries that didn’t enjoy Royal Road.

Hawaii, Hong Kong, Paris, London, New York. In any city, it was possible to get a lot of attention regarding Royal Road.

Levels made them popular and became money in the world!

Due to the final secret sculpting technique quest, Weed’s level was in the mid-400s. Therefore, it couldn’t be considered a high level.

Nevertheless, his strength wasn’t like other users in the mid-400s.

He had a vast amount of stats and quest experience.

He was barely able to recover the levels lost due to the final secret sculpting technique quest.

“Go to a higher place. I must be strong in order to become a true villain. Weak villains will just end up as a p.a.w.n in a fight.”

When considering the revenue from the broadcasts, Weed’s situation wasn’t bad.

“I have to buy some land.”

Other than bank savings, he could make profit through land speculation.

On the day when he wanted to drink mixed coffee, he would go to the neighbourhood bank in a sweats.h.i.+rt.

The premier lounge! At a bank counter that was only for VIP guests, he took sweets and coffee.

He was able to hear about the savings products from the friendly bank employees.

“A coffee shop requires money.”

In the past, he ate fish suspended from the ceiling but now it wasn’t necessary.

Even if he didn’t have money, he could get treats from here.

Even if a credit card company could only issue one card, he would get lots of free gifts.

In the old days, he had no place to borrow money so he had to get loan of 50 million.

Of course, Weed was well aware of what would happen if he couldn’t return the borrowed money.

“Speaking of that…”

Weed had a thought while touring the hunting grounds.

The loan sharks who chased after him in high school to repay the debt.

He couldn’t forget the loan sharks who caused him terrible memories.

“It has been a while… Later, once I am more successful, I will have my revenge.”

Money and power.

Weed thought that having money and power was necessary for his revenge.

* * *

Jeong Deuk-soo was conscious of the people’s gaze every time he moved around the neighbourhood mart.

“That man. Isn’t he pitiful?”

“Isn’t he always alone?”

“He often wears suits but doesn’t work. I have never seen him go to work.”

When he was a corporate president, he went to work at the head office and would receive 90 degree bows from the employees.

He was treated as the president of a large Korean conglomerate even when going overseas.

Jeong Deuk-soo was treated as a VIP guest at luxury hotels and could eat the food that he wanted.

When he visited a city for a new construction, he would enjoy sumptuous cuisine for dinner.

In southern Greece and the Mediterranean Sea, he parties on new yachts.

He received a certificate from the government for exceeding the export target and was frequently named as a successful conglomerate in newspapers.

‘Now what? Everything is gone.’

Jeong Deuk-soo recalled the glory of his past.

He possessed a considerable amount of cash, foreign real estate and shares in the Hosung Group.

It was enough to live on for the rest of his life, but he had no impact left on the Hosung Group.

Members and employees of the group cut off contact with him.

Even if a holiday came, there was no one who sent him gifts.

‘I wouldn’t eat it even if they sent it to me.’

Jeong Deuk-soo placed ramyun, pears and tangerines into his shopping cart.

The friendly aunt at the cas.h.i.+er talked to him when he got there.

“You can get a discount in the afternoon. If you wait 10 minutes then you can buy it at the discounted price.

“I’m okay. Ring it up now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Do it.”

Jeong Deuk-soo said arrogantly. He had been the president of a company so he wasn’t going to wait 10 minutes just to save 3,000 won.

A dignified expression of confidence!

However, the checkout lady was persistent.

“You came to the mart at this time, so are you going work afterwards?”


“Then a business owner?”


“Ah. I see. I’m sorry.”

He felt somewhat defeated!

Jeong Deuk-soo left the mart and hurried home.

‘Should I move out of this neighbourhood?’

To a place where none of the neighbours knew each other. In this neighbourhood, all the neighbours were extraordinarily familiar with each other.

‘A quiet neighbourhood.’

He wanted to live close to the house where his daughter was living.

The reality was that he wasn’t the president of the company anymore and he could only watch the situation between Seo-yoon and Lee Hyun.

He wanted his daughter to remember him as the owner of a big group.

It felt too miserable to walk around her while he was like this.

‘I would be comfortable if I went abroad… But then I won’t be able to return to South Korea to see my daughter.’

Jeong Deuk-soo headed home.

‘Going to the mart is quite annoying.’

Most of his meals were made to order, but he had to buy simple groceries.

‘I’m tired of jajangmyeon… They notice that I only order one bowl.’

Jeong Deuk-soo complained while walking. Lee Hyun was standing in front of his house.

‘No, that guy?’

He was the thief who stole his daughter.

‘He should be busy hunting in the middle of nowhere. He has already mastered sculpting.’

He was currently moving between small villages in the Arpen Kingdom with carriages full of goods to trade.

In Royal Road, the difference between Jeong Deuk-soo’s character and Weed like the earth and sky.

The residents of the neighbourhood talked to Lee Hyun as they pa.s.sed.

“Have you eaten?”

“Yes. Is everything okay at home?”

“Nothing happened… Thanks to you.”

Even the elderly didn’t just walk past Lee Hyun.

“Isn’t it too cold to be out today?”

“I have something to do. Isn’t Grandmother out early?”

“These days, I can’t get rid of the pain…”

“Go home and have some pork soup.”

“Did you buy it again?”

“What did I buy? Just put it under my name.”

The elderly people laughed when they saw Lee Hyun, causing their wrinkles to spread.

He bought them food and cheap clothes from the market. He was more reliable than the government. Then Lee Hyun met the owner of an empty house.

“The house is empty?”

“That… I’ve come up with a monthly price but no one has come to see me.”

“Wait a month or two. Reduce the price.”

“I’ve already lowered it…”

“I’ve heard from the real estate agent that there are many areas requiring repair. The grandfather who lives there said it is on the verge of collapse. I’ll give you 170,000 won a month for a clean price.

“What? That price is difficult. I can’t discount it by 150,000 just because my house isn’t perfect.”

“You don’t want to? Are you rejecting it?”

“Eh… What? That isn’t necessarily the case.”

“People are very picky. I am as well. It wouldn’t be good if the word spreads. Don’t you have to live in this neighbourhood for a long time?”

“Yes. That’s right.”

Lee Hyun’s power in the neighbourhood was absolute! After that, there was an elderly man who spoke to Lee Hyun then children from the daycare centre. Even mayors and council members came to greet Lee Hyun.

A thorough power in a small neighbourhood.

Jeong Deuk-soo’s eyes narrowed.

‘He has amazing’

It wasn’t hard for people to even talk to the mayor or national a.s.sembly member.

But it was an unusual ability for someone so young.

‘He is capable of attracting people. Not only in Royal Road.’

The center of the neighborhood.

When he had listened to the residents, some people were tired of Lee Hyun’s existence but now everyone liked him. The neighbourhood became famous and more livable thanks to Weed. Whether big or small, the people couldn’t hate his impact.

‘But why is he standing in front of my house?’

Jeong Deuk-soo worried about whether he should approach or not. Then an elderly person came up to him and said.

“Come on.”


“Oh dear. You don’t know. Don’t let a busy person wait!”

He had forgotten that the elderly people of this neighbourhood was on Lee Hyun’s side.

If Lee Hyun said that he didn’t like a member of the parliament then he would have protested straight away.

‘I really can’t move.’

Jeong Deuk-soo hesitated before walking over to his house. His shoulders were hunched over and his steps had no power.

But he recovered his spirit when Lee Hyun talked to him.

“Sir. Would you like to have dinner at my house tonight?”

“I planned to eat at home…”

Jeong Deuk-soo replied.

He planned to go home and order jajangmyeon or chicken.

It was food he was tired of and he wanted to see his daughter Seo-yoon.

‘Although I want that…’

Jeong Deuk-soo tried to think of a good way to refuse.

“Are you refusing to go to my house?”

“That’s right.”

“What should I do? I told your daughter that I would bring you home.”


“She asked to have dinner together.”

Lee Hyun wanted to grab Jeong Deuk-soo so that they would eat together.

Dinner with his daughter.

He didn’t have a chance to see her face or talk to her over a cozy dinner for a few years.

It felt more precious than one of the affiliates of the Hosung Group.

‘I rejected them the last time. But don’t I have permission from my daughter this time?’

He was caught by the pants!

‘This guy. I will try one more time.’

If Lee Hyun asked one more time then he would follow.

‘The picture should be okay.’

Jeong Deuk-soo stared at a distant mountain.

Lee Hyun gave a long yawn and said.

“If you don’t want to then it can’t be helped. You must be busy in many ways.”

“That… That’s right.”

He didn’t have anything to return to but an empty house.

He just ate rice and entered Royal Road.

‘Just one more time. Only once.’

He tried to get Lee Hyun to offer one more time.

“Even if you’re busy, can’t we have a simple dinner?”

“Is that so?”

* * *


Jeong Deuk-soo coughed as he stared at the food in front of him.

‘What is this?’

There were grilled skewers and roasted scallops.

The side dishes included j.a.pchae, sweet and sour tofu, seasoned vegetables and black sesame salad.

There was also ginseng chicken soup and kimchi!

‘I’m dumbfounded by the smell.’

Visually it looked great, but the dishes gave off a strange smell.

The aroma of a delicious dis.h.!.+

It was insufficient to call it a sweet taste. Saliva filled his mouth when he sniffed it.

He wanted to quickly eat the food with a spoon and chopsticks.

Jeong Deuk-soo suddenly recalled a few years ago.

‘My daughter… You are a good cook.’

When Seo-yoon was in hospital, he want to visit her when he had time.

She looked out the window and didn’t speak, but he talked to her about how much money she would have.

“Everything in the Hosung Group. Stocks and cash. I’ll give you everything. You will be the happiest child in this world. So please get better.”

He repeated that he would leave her a lot of money every time he came to the hospital. He wanted to get her out of the hospital so that she would receive great happiness.

On day, he saw Seo-yoon boiling ramyun in the hospital.

Instead of just the seasoning, she mixed in sausage, cheese and even dumplings.

“It looks delicious.”

Jeong Deuk-soo involuntarily said and Seo-yoon handed the bowl of ramyun to him.

‘She is moving. She gave it to me!’

He picked up some noodles with chopsticks with a thrilled expression.

‘This is the ramyun that my daughter boiled for me.’

He was surprised the moment the noodles entered his mouth.

‘This is poison!’

A spicy, salty then oily feel. The dumplings were crumpled and floated on the broth, and their texture when chewing was the worst.


Jeong Deuk-soo forcibly ate it before setting down the chopsticks. Then he called his secretary.

“Eh. Really? You need to see me today? Yes. It must be due to the food exports. Prepare the relevant materials.”

Jeong Deuk-soo got up from his seat.

“Daughter. There is an urgent matter so I have to go. Then I’ll see you next time.”

He hastily left Seo-yoon’s room.

She was discharged from the hospital and now she made delicious dishes.

‘It is about time.’

Jeong Deuk-soo picked up the chopsticks with a thrilled expression.

He wanted to taste the chicken ginseng soup in front of him.

Then Seo-yoon started distributing the dishes from the centre of the table. She tore the meat off the skewers and the scallops and neatly placed them on Lee Hyun’s spoon.

‘Daughter… My daughter.’

Although the bowl was moved a little bit far away, it wasn’t like Jeong Deuk-soo couldn’t reach it.

It was only 15 centimetres!

He just thought it was embarra.s.sing to stretch out his chopsticks.

“Um. This is good.”

Lee Hyun placed the precious food in his mouth.

‘T-that bad guy.’

Jeong Deuk-soo scooped up some of the chicken ginseng soup with a spoon.

‘Um… This is delicious.’

He ate the tender meat.

The chicken ginseng soup was boiled well and was good for the body.

In addition to the chicken ginseng soup, the skewers were also delicious. His desire for the other side dishes grew bigger.

It was like there was an invisible line drawn on the table that he didn’t dare cross.

Furthermore, the chicken in his soup only had one leg.

‘Isn’t it mean to only give me one chicken leg?’

Jeong Deuk-soo stared at Lee Hyun’s bowl that contained three chicken legs.

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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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