The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 48 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Kallapik Castle

The final secret sculpting technique.

Advanced Time Sculpting allowed him to use Travel Sculpting!

Weed left no stone unturned when learning every detail of the history of the Versailles Continent.

‘Monster invasion or war. Many great things happened.’

When looking at the history of the Versailles Continent, a number of important events were recorded.

-The destruction of the Bruker Kingdom in two days due to a monster invasion.

-Nemias Fortress. 37 days of battle turned it into ruins.

-An invasion of monsters from the sea that didn’t seem to end. Half of the continent suffered from the invasion of monsters for three years.

‘Um. Very nice.’

Travel Sculpting was a technique that followed the traces of time and allowed him to go to a certain point in time.

‘War. War.’

If he was a pure sculptor then he would be interested in the points of history where art flourished.

He could freely travel to kingdoms where culture, tourism and romance flourished.

He could taste delicious food that melted on his tongue, look at buildings and smile brightly at beautiful women.

A secret sculpting technique that allowed him to travel through the history of the continent to his heart’s content.

Weed raised his Time Sculpting skill to advanced in Mols Dungeon.


-The skill proficiency of Time Sculpting has reached level 10 and transformed into intermediate Time Sculpting.

You have received a great enlightenment regarding time.

You have learnt Travel Sculpting that can move you through time and s.p.a.ce.

You can currently only travel three times.

It is limited to once per month and the quest needs to be completed.

When certain conditions are met, special quests related to history, art, business or production can be generated.

Every time the skill level of Travel Sculpting goes up, more areas, quests and history can be explored.

It was a skill acquired be hours of sculpting.

The first place that Weed selected was ‘Kallapik Castle.’

He was mindful of the physical and mental hards.h.i.+ps and decided to bring his colleagues.

The atmosphere was heightened after defeating the Hermes Guild at Mols Dungeon.

Weed said to his colleagues.

“But I still feel a little empty. Would you like to go hunting with me?”

His old innocent colleagues as well as Python and Seasoned Crab were surprisingly easy to catch.

“It will just be a light hunt.”

Weed then muttered in a small voice.

“Travel Sculpting.”

Thousands of strands of light gathered to form a lavish portal big enough for many people to enter.

-Travel Sculpting over time and s.p.a.ce has been invoked.

“Then I will go first.”

Weed quickly entered the portal made of brilliant colour before his other colleagues asked for details.

Weed disappeared.

“Wah. Weed-nim learnt a new skill.”

The innocent Surka said with admiration.

Irene also had a nice and not suspicious personality.

“It seems like a skill he acquired while adventuring.”

The others also accepted it.

“Ah. I’m envious. But does a necromancer have a movement skill similar to a teleport gate?”

Romuna was a bit jealous while Zephyr had no interest in movement skills.

‘I want to eat. Um… It would be delicious to eat together with Yurin. Peel the flesh and feed it to her. Kuooh. I will also have a gla.s.s of beer.’

Bellot and Hwaryeong didn’t like hunting but they didn’t hate it either.

It was quite difficult to raise their level so going with Weed had the best efficiency.

Python was burning with compet.i.tive spirit.

‘A warrior is strength. He is a necromancer but… His power as a sculptor shouldn’t have weakened. It would be useless to acquire a movement skill. Anyway, I will see if I go through it.’

Even the Seasoned Crab with outstanding observation skills didn’t doubt it.

‘He doesn’t seem to be using an item. It is a type of skill. I’m surprised since it is the first time I’ve seen it… It seems to be related to sculpting.’

He wanted to ask Weed about the skill in detail but Weed had entered first. It might not be a bad thing to not know the details.

‘Am I expecting to be hit in the back of the head or something?’

Weed had enormous qualifications.

The G.o.d of War and first king of the Arpen Kingdom.

This was enough, despite the numerous adventurer t.i.tles he had.

‘If it isn’t good then he wouldn’t have entered first.’

Python and Seasoned Crab believed in his fame while the others were loyal and naive.

They were the type that would become debt guarantors.

Pale entered the portal without any thoughts.

Pale felt like something was strange after entering the portal.

As his body moved forward, he rapidly pa.s.sed through tens of thousands of strands of light.

‘This isn’t teleport?’

He was rus.h.i.+ng towards a single faraway place.

After a while, he was dizzy as he pa.s.sed through the portal and was. .h.i.t with a tremendous amount of noise.

“Suppress the rebels!”

“All knights will protect His Majesty, even if it means death.”

“Charge! Charge! Knights, charge into the enemy with all your might!”

Kallapik Palace.

In the Royal Palace close to a city, a battle was occurring between knights and rebels.

“W-what?” Where is this?”

Pale panicked as he looked around. Fortunately, Weed was right next to him.


“Um. You came early. I believed you would come first.”

“Yup. Of course I was the first to follow Weed-nim… No. What is this? Where are we?”

“This is the place where we came to hunt.”


Weed cheered like a successful scammer.

“Yes. This is a hunting ground.”


-Kallapik Survivor.

The Kallapik Kingdom has suffered from a drought for decades.

Due to the monsters descending from Ault Mountain, the kingdom is on the brink of a crisis.

The rebellion of the n.o.bles and departure of the army has left the Kallapik Castle soaked in blood.

Honour, power and morals are already buried in this ground.

Survive this battle.

Level of Difficulty: A

Compensation: Warrior’s bravery and loot.

Quest Restrictions: Survive.

A quest given by force.

The occurrence of a quest!

It was just a hunt yet they received a combat quest.

Weed already knew about the situation before using Time Sculpting but Pale was confused.

“Why the sudden quest… And was there a castle called Kallapik?”

“You can say that there is and you can also say that there isn’t.”


“If you look at the history books, it was destroyed 780 years ago.”

“But how are we at Kallapik Castle?”

“We entered the history of Kallapik.”


Time travel!

Those words popped into Pale’s head.

Weed’s battle slave momentarily believed in him and also felt appreciation for bringing him on such an adventure.

Rather than hunting monsters, he chose a real adventure with his trusted companions. But there were many complaints.

“Why didn’t you explain this in advance?”

“I can’t go around explaining everything in the world. I didn’t think you would come here if I gave a long explanation.”

Weed unabashedly said.

It wasn’t a sin to use a little trickery in a tough world.

People who innocently believed everything were frustrating!


Pale made a face like he had been hit but he was quickly convinced.

‘Um. That makes a lot of sense. I can’t blame Weed-nim because I entered without listening properly.’

He was drawn to a dangerous battlefield but his mind soon relaxed. Even if he suffered, he knew that Weed’s adventures were likely to be successful.

“Actually, the scale of the battle is really great.”

“It is a historic b.l.o.o.d.y fight.”

Weed and Pale gazed at the castle buildings that were burning.

Among the collapsed buildings, soldiers and knights were fighting fiercely.

“Are we fighting on the side of the royal family?”

“Once they do better.”


“I will look at the situation first. Anyway, we just need to survive.”

An absolutely easy quest.


The portal opened and Maylon and Surka arrived.

“W…where is this place?”

“The Kallapik Castle.”

Maylon followed the combat slave who was her lover and Surka came without thinking.

Her face darkened.

“Kallapik Castle? That is recorded in history.”

Maylon was a broadcasting host so she had a profound knowledge of the history of the Versailles Continent.

Pale sensed the atmosphere and gazed at her.

“This is it. We came here through time travel.”

“Kek! Then we came to die.”

Maylon said desperately, but she soon smiled brightly.

“Aha! It will be aired on broadcast!”

If there was a dispute with the Hermes Guild then she had to maintain her neutrality as a host. However, this time she could partic.i.p.ate directly.

Surka glanced at the soldiers fighting before looking back at Weed.

“Should we whisper the others?”


“I will take to them on the chat channel.”

-Surka: Wah. This is a really good hunting ground.

Surka’s conversation was pa.s.sed to the other colleagues through a temporally generated time portal.

-Hwaryeong: So it is good?

-Surka: It is totally amazing! Unni. The monsters are holding jewellery. Some knights are equipped with jewel studded armour and swords.

-Bellot: Fighting is a bit tedious.

-Surka: This is a heaven of handsome men. The appearance of the knights is amazing.

-Irene: The terrible monsters are a bit…

-Surka: There are great buildings here.

Bellot, Hwaryeong, Irene, Romuna and Zephyr were caught in order, and finally Seasoned Crab and Python entered.

“Keek, where are we?”

Surka replied loudly to Bellot’s question.

“Kallapik Castle!”

“What are we doing here?”

“A terrible battlefield!”

His methods of fraud and theft continued to grow!

Weed’s expression became gleeful.

“Come back to the land you used to live in. This is a dark place. It is a black and corrupt land. Help spread the laws of darkness. Undead Rise!”

Weed summoned the undead from the corpses.

There was an even mixture of skeleton knights, dullahans and death knights.

“The wors.h.i.+p of the immortal warriors. We pledge loyalty to the one who returned us from death.”

The death knights kneeled down in unison.

“Stop the enemies.”

Weed summoned Van Hawk and Torido to lead the undead.

His colleagues were confused for a while before soon finding their own things to do.

They took out their weapons and slaughtered the rebel knights.

Pale’s archery was aimed at the n.o.ble rebels while Maylon jumped onto buildings and shot her arrows.

“Fire Field!”

Romuna used a great fire magic.

None of the invading soldiers could get past.

The captain of Kallapik Castle’s knights approached with his troops.

“Intruders! Are they rebels?”

Pale quickly bowed and said.

“We came here to help.”

“Your words can’t be trusted because you made undead from the corpses of knights devoted to the royal family!”

“That is Weed-nim…”

“Necromancy is absolutely forbidden on this continent. Don’t try to make excuses while using evil techniques that deals with the body!”

The gazes of his colleagues instantly moved towards Weed. There was a question in their eyes.

“It can’t be help since this is also a weakness of necromancers. But there is a way to fix it.”

Weed smiled lightly and handed over a sculpture.

“A sculpture of His Majesty. I have always admired him.”



A fine piece that he sculpted in advance!

Three silvers were stuck underneath the sculpture.

Bribes were often the key to softening someone in a complex society!

However, the leader of the knights threw the sculpture to the ground.

“This country is in ruins and a sculpture won’t help! All of you should be put in jail.”

The 3 silvers bribery plan failed so his colleagues’ expressions became worse.

“Don’t worry. There is a solution.”

Weed picked up the 3 silvers and chanted a spell.

“Corpse Explosion!”

Kwa kwa kwa kw.a.n.g!

The area near the knight leader instantly exploded.

-The knights leader Taken has died.

The hostility of the Kallapik Kingdom has increased by 100.


Pale and Zephyr were surprised at the sudden explosion.

“It seems like we can solve it like this. Attack.”

Weed ordered the undead to attack the forces of Kallapik Castle. Then he said towards his colleagues.

“I felt it when I did the desert quest. This is a journey to the past through Travel Sculpting. This isn’t our original world so everything we see now will disappear after our adventure.”


Romuna was convinced and nodded.

The inhabitants of the Arpen Kingdom and Haven Empire still gave birth and raised children.

He was a person who often looked at faces when talking about adventures.

“It seems like all of you are now thinking about life expectancy.”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“I feel a little empty.”

Bellot grumbled but didn’t forget her role.

The death knights surrounded and fought the rebels and defense troops of the castle.

“Chain Penetration, Earth Wave!”

“Ehet, Gust Arrow!”

Pale and Maylon fired arrows towards the enemies.

Romuna’s flashy magic and Surka’s punches!

“Iyap, Fist Strike!”

Surka’s fist grew more than a dozen times bigger and blew away a knight fighting against death knights.

“I like a melee.”

Python jumped towards the enemies with his greatsword while Seasoned Crab quickly disappeared.

Every time he moved, a commander level knight would disappear.

Irene healed her colleagues with divine magic and even occasionally healed the knights fighting the undead.

“Thank you. Priest-nim!”

“You’re welcome.”

Weed commanded the undead while shooting arrows.

It was a fact of life that a necromancer was bad when teaming up with a party.

A necromancer was a one man army so they didn’t work well with other users.

In order to overcome this weakness, he jumped into the middle of the battlefield.

* * *

Evaluk Castle of the Kallamore area.

It was an area Dain ruled that was unscathed by rebels.

“There are clean streets and buildings. It is all thanks to Lord-nim.”

“Do I miss the Kallamore Kingdom? Why? Everything has improved since Lord-nim arrived. I really can’t hope for anything more.”

“Our castle has become the centre of commerce, tourism and production. The population of the castle has increased as a result of people moving here and children have stopped crying.”

The residents of Evaluk Castle praised Dain’s reign.

The users also had no complaints.

“I was worried when Lord Dain-nim arrived.”

“Yes. It is futile to worry about everything. ”

The Hermes Guild lords were famous for squeezing the users to an unbearable degree.

As soon as she was appointed, Dain changed the tax rate and eliminated most discrimination in hunting grounds and quests.

Excluding the mandatory tax to the Hermes Guild, only the minimum tax was required.

The city also formed its own funds by operating businesses.

“Lord-nim. This is a difficult situation.”

“The Hermes Guild didn’t give any instructions about how to rule. I am acting within the guild’s rules.”

There was a backlash among the Hermes Guild users but that soon stopped.

Rumours of Dain’s friends.h.i.+p with Lafaye and Darius circulated.

Even when there were rebels on the Central Continent, Evaluk Castle kept evolving and now boasted the largest population and economic power.

Dain made friends with the residents as she patrolled the streets several times every day.

“Lord-nim. This is a herb. I tried to prepare flowers but I like herbs more…”

“Yes. Thank you. This is fine.”

Dain chewed the herb and laughed brightly.

“After eating, you should have some ginseng as well… Hem hem.”

She wore a dark robe in order to not make people and users uncomfortable.

“An accident!”

“There are several people that are seriously injured.”

One of the residents was. .h.i.t by a wagon and was seriously injured.

Dain ran over straight away and reached out her hand.

“I’ll fix it. Absolute Recovery!”

She used an advanced divine spell like a priest!

She was also involved in hunting parties centred around Evaluk Castle.

She sneaked into places where people were recruiting to go to the hunting grounds.

“Do you want to go hunting?”

“One more person… I have been looking for a long time. Seeking a level 400 user.”

“That is me.”

“Then would you like to go with me?”

“Yes. I’ll go.”

“But we need a warrior. You seem like a shaman looking at your headband and earrings, so can you fight in close combat?”

Dain nodded lightly. She wasn’t a combat profession but it didn’t matter.

“Yes. I can.”

“What type of weapons do you primarily use?”

“A sword, a spear, an axe, a bow, a hammer, a sickle, chains, a rope and a pickaxe.”

“Ah… I see. You can deal with almost everything.”

“It is because weapons are my hobby.”

“The priest in my party isn’t very skills so you will have to be careful about managing your health.”

“I can use healing magic.”

“Really? Then you are the best.”

A shaman who could do anything!

If that wasn’t the case then a high level shaman wouldn’t never get to join a party.

Dain played in dungeons when she was bored, therefore her skill levels were very high and she also learnt a variety of techniques.

From traps disa.s.sembly to blessings, curses and monster tracking. Whenever Dain joined a party, a speedy hunt would occur.

She supplemented any missing professions and the party members just followed behind her.

“Have you ever hunted with Lord-nim?”

“No. Is it as good as the rumours?”

“The rumours weren’t enough. We just trusted her and left it to her. She took care of everything.”

Dain entered dungeons when she was bored and also visited cities.

The popularity of Evaluk Castle increased and became financially efficient as the users grew.

Her fame wasn’t the best, but it couldn’t rise any higher among the local residents.

Dain’s reputation was high in the entire Kallamore region.

After a leaders.h.i.+p meeting, the Hermes Guild made a formal offer to her.

“Why don’t you try expanding your governing area?”

“How much?”

“There are seven castles in an uneasy state around Evaluk Castle. The lords have lost their qualifications so… Please rule these areas.”

“Yes. I understand.”

Dain’s territory continued to grow and reached approximate 1/5th of the Kallamore area.

Through the exchange of technology, culture and production, Evaluk Castle increased its influence like a black hole.

* * *

The salesperson Komul from the Mapan Trading Company! He dragged his hand wagon and entered Evaluk Castle.

“Come come. Dried fish for sale!”

“Please come in. Come and see. Pick up cheap crystal b.a.l.l.s for disposable magic and video conversion.”

“Selling snake skin, insect and various timber. You know the value of it.”

The wide s.p.a.ce of Evaluk Castle was a paradise for merchants!

They were sitting on the ground or standing on wagons and actively selling things.

‘Hmm. Of these merchants, a third of them are full-timers.’

Komul a.n.a.lyzed the users with sharp eyes.

A merchant who avoided combat would have their belly and chin grow thicker.

‘Average users are selling many things… The economy looks robust. The economy is developing through minor trade.’

Komul was a native user of the Arpen Kingdom.

He started Royal Road late but still experienced the initial period of the Arpen Kingdom.

‘Whatever it takes. Mapan-nim said. I will look for a better spot to trade.’

It was impossible for a merchant to monopolize the trading of goods within a kingdom.

Economically, it was important for residents and general users to move goods between small villages and cities.

In order to produce large quant.i.ties of leather products and weapons, the related materials needed to be supplied.

The faster that users and local residents received daily commodities, the better the economic development would be.

It was less meaningful if only one village was looked at. But when looking at the size of a whole kingdom, trade was a very big factor in production, consumption and user growth.

‘Evaluk Castle is energetic.’

Komul sold all the pickled fruits loaded on his cart in 10 minutes.

‘That is a record speed for selling this.’

The Mapan Trading Company dispatched a secret salesperson to each city in the Haven Empire.

From low level to high level users, they would sell typical products and gather information.

It was possible to statistically a.n.a.lyze the extent of the city’s consumption, the technology, user level and population satisfaction.

‘Evaluk Castle. It is going to require a long-term strategy.’

Komul pa.s.sed through Evaluk Castle towards Subein.

Agents of the Mapan Trading Company quickly spread through the Central Continent.

* * *

Seo-yoon drank tea in her room in the Earth Palace.

The Wife and Child star sculpture s.h.i.+ning from her window. The moon was beautiful, but not as much as the Wife and Child sculpture floating in the sky.

‘I hope there will be a happy family sculpture in the future.’

She wondered if there could be a bigger present than this. Seo-yoon rested at the window before returning to her desk.

-An a.n.a.lysis of the economic power of the Central Continent cities.

-Population migration in the empire.

-The main hunting areas and quests in the Hermes Guild, allowing any free merchant a chance to earn big money. The exhilarating fun of a bargain!

The sense of accomplishment when trading hundreds of thousands of gold was much greater than when hunting monsters.

“I can’t be too late.”

Mapan started to run with his ma.s.sive body. There was only one person he respected in this society.


‘Before I met him, I was just a regular merchant who liked money.’

Weed taught him about money.

Mapan transformed into an expert who could look at a customer and think of three or four ways to get money from them.

It was a glorious moment when he met Weed, allowing him to become the merchant he was today.

‘I am almost late for the appointment time. That absolutely can’t happen.’

Mapan entered the palace and politely greeted Seo-yoon.

“I know… Heeop! I received a call from you.”

“Mapan-nim. I’m sorry. There is something I have to deal with straight away but I can’t go myself.”

“It is an honour that you thought of me. I’ll do anything.”

Mapan’s eyes were filled with starlight as he gazed at Seo-yoon.

He was envious of Weed, but Seo-yoon’s presence in the Arpen Kingdom was even more surprising.

“There is something I have to buy in the Tullen area. It is possible for the Mapan Trading Company to purchase it?”

“Yes. Of course.”

“Then please buy 100,000 gold’s worth of iron ore. I will send you the necessary funds from the kingdom’s budget.”

“I will do it.”

Mapan said but he thought it was strange.

‘Something like this… 100,000 gold is a lot of money. Furthermore, buying iron ore from the Tullen region and bringing it to the Arpen Kingdom will be a complex task. The north doesn’t lack in iron ore.’

That was just the beginning of Seo-yoon’s request.

“Please sell the iron ore in the Ritten area. The price is 13% higher so the profit margin will remain.”

“Yes. That is good. If the merchant makes a bargain then I can get 17%.”

“Is it possible to buy barley from Ormal Castle and sell it in the Gradian area?”

“There is a route so that will be easy.”

“The price is 5% more expensive. I will invest 530,000 gold in this.”

“I will promote it.”

Mapan’s questions grew as he wrote it down. He hesitate but soon opened his mouth.

“But what is the purpose of these transactions? If you want a profit then it is better to change the sale locations. With iron ores, it is better to sell at the smithies in the nearby Somren.”

“It is in order to interfere with the Haven Empire.”


“It will prevent the goods from being consumed in the right places. It is a normal deal but with interrupt production, causing the economy to hurt a little bit.”

Seo-yoon spoke with a decisive expression. Even this sight was beautiful.

‘There was this way as well.’

Mapan was smuggling money but he only thought about himself.

The Central Continent’s economy was driven by a very complex and efficient system.

Putting a small pin in one of the cogs would cause a huge disruption.

As Mapan thought about this, many things popped into his head.

‘Selling iron ores in the Ritten area. There will be a temporary scarcity in the areas where iron ore is needed. The merchants will be able to bring them to Somren later. However, the process has increased so the price will go up.’

The price would go up as multiple transactions are made and there was also the s.h.i.+pping cost.

In the long term, it would have a deteriorating effect on the national power of the Haven Empire.

‘We will also make a lot of money… Damaging them in this way… It is a tricky method so it is hard to notice.’

* * *

Death knight, death knight, death knight, death knight!

Weed summoned the undead in Kallapik Castle. The rebels and defenders fighting for the kingdom were endlessly pushed.

“The knights won’t be so easily killed!”

Romuna shouted and Weed screamed back positively.

“Just think of them as hunting prey.”

“The difficulty is higher!”

“We can endure.”

“Yes but…”

“Just keep striking. In fact, this is a rare opportunity.”

Romuna restored her mana and used wide area fire magic.

An attack that destroyed buildings and burnt enemies!

It was cool but she had to take a moment of rest due to the magician’s nature of consuming mana.

“Irene. Bless me.”

“Yes. I understand. Smart Blessing!”

It was a blessing that temporarily increased wisdom and mana.

Romuna opened a magic book and chanted a spell.

“Hot flames rise, a rain of heavenly fire falls to the earth.”

It took four minutes to chant the spell while watching the magic book.

“Great Fire Storm!”

Hundreds of metres of earth split apart and flames soared into the sky. The sky was raining fire.

An ultimate magic that didn’t distinguish between rebels and defenders!

“There are many people to fight.”

Python was a warrior who broke through the enemy with Surka who came back when they needed a break. Meanwhile, Zephyr stayed next to Weed.

Pale and Maylon fired arrows like a machine.

“Corpse Explosion, Corpse Explosion, Corpse Explosion!”

Every time a body exploded, Weed acc.u.mulated experience and skill proficiency.

The battlefield atrocities didn’t end there as bodies exploded everywhere, dealing damage to all troops.

Seasoned Crab quietly aimed at the commanders while Hwaryeong was a distinctive presence.

At first, Seasoned Crab was surprised to see Hwaryeong go out into enemy lines.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Just stay by my side.”

“Do you want me to protect you?”

“Nope. Kill all enemies who come.”

Hwaryeong’s skirt flowed as she danced in the middle of the battlefield.

The beautiful movements caught the attention of enemy knights and commanders, and they became strongly deceived.

Seasoned Crab was able to easily eliminate the commanders.


Bellot sat on a pile of stones and played her harp.

His colleagues who were afraid of dying when they came to Kallapik Castle had adjusted to Weed’s lies.

There were meals everywhere around them.

Weed wave the Fallen Saint’s Wand.

‘Get rid of the enemies running amok. Having endless enemies is a perfect battlefield for a necromancer.’

When it was evening, the battle was over and Weed’s group settled in to rest.

“Uh… It is coming to an end.”

Surka sat on the ground.

Pale and Maylon were moving around the battlefield to supplement the arrows that were already consumed.

They could fire mana even without arrows, but there was a difference in the mana consumption.

“Pick it up.”

-Understood. Master.

Weed summoned the wind elemental to help collect the arrows.

Of course, the main purpose was to get all types of loot along with the arrows.


The sweaty Hwaryeong stretched charmingly as she spread her arms. A celebrity!

She lived in a world different from ordinary people so she was used to staying up all night. Bellot also finished playing with a bright expression.

“Now I can live a little bit. Unni.”

“Yes. It feels like it has been a while since there was a hard hunt. We followed Weed.”

“Well, it is okay.”

Weed checked the status of his colleagues while making a bonfire.

“What are you doing?”

“I am cooking.”

“Wow. What are you cooking?”

“It’s nothing.”

A considerable number of ingredients emerged from Weed’s backpack.

He grilled steak with special sauce and made a seafood soup using his advanced cooking skills. They seemed like expensive grade 1 or 2 cooking ingredients just by the smell and colour. Python laughed at the thought of eating an abundant amount of delicious food.

“As expected from the first master.

Zephyr and Pale became dizzy because they knew Weed’s personality.

“That’s not it. He only mastered sculpting.”

“I feel something creepy.”

“I feel more anxious than when I first arrived at Kallapik Castle.”

Anyway, Weed’s cooking instantly disappeared into their mouths.

The close to 30 servings quickly disappeared as his colleagues ate.

Irene and Bellot, who had nice personalities, moved their spoons before the others could.

“Weed-nim’s cooking. I can live.”

Hwaryeong grasped a big bone with meat attached.

Weed laughed as the food disappeared in a short time.

“Prepare to fight.”

“Huh? The battle is over.”

Maylon said to them.

“Don’t you know? Kallapik’s history.”

“What about it?”

Maylon knew the history of the Versailles Continent.

Although there were some differences in the history, this was referred to as the worst battlefield.

“The struggle with the n.o.bles will last a week. The attack will continue at night but the royal guards will defend it with much difficulty. The n.o.ble faction was finally defeated and peace came. After that, creatures started attacking.”

“I-is that so?”

“Yes. This quest won’t end so easily.”

Overwork and mistreatment.

They weren’t surprised.

Given the scale of the n.o.ble rebels, they knew it wouldn’t end so simply with just one battle.

On average, the level of the knights was in the mid-300s.

Each individual was weak, but the joint attack of the knights and the magic divisions were dangerous.

In addition, the commanders were in the mid-400s.

They had the power to improve the morale and capabilities of troops using their commanding abilities.

In order to subdue them, Python and Seasoned Crab worked diligently.

Maylon asked with curiosity.

“But Weed-nim drove away the Embinyu Church. They were destroyed in the past and completely disappeared in the future. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“But if we stop them here then won’t the future of the Versailles Continent change?”

Maylon’s eyes shone like lanterns.

Hwaryeong, Bellot and Zephyr weren’t interested in history but the others also wondered about the results.

Weed explained while was.h.i.+ng the dishes.

“Time Sculpting. So it is dangerous to go back and change history with Travel Sculpting. I don’t know what changes will happen in the future. But there is nothing to worry about with this quest.”


“By the end of the battle, this area will be hit by an earthquake.”

* * *

Kallapik Palace!

Weed’s colleagues just remembered one thing.

Attack if they weren’t attack. If they were undead then leave them alone.

Sooner or later, everyone would become an undead.


“My head!”

“Syuong syuong syuong syuong syuong syuong!”

There were drooling zombies and dullahans carrying their heads.

Van Hawk led the death knights in a confrontation against the knights.

“The undead are strong.”

“Van Hawk was the commander of the Dark Army.”

“The pride of the undead… I will tell you my name. I am knight Kreger.”

“Kreger. Soon you will become my new subordinate.”

Weed didn’t focus on the undead and searched the battlefield.

Numerous troops were gathering in Kallapik Castle.

The rebels of the n.o.ble families and those loyal to the kingdom’s royal family.

Both sides fought at Kallapik Castle, as the battle occurred in both day and night.

“Rise. Open your eyes, ghosts that never sleep. Live and get revenge on those that killed you! Undead Rise.”

Weed called undead ghosts.

He used stage 1 magic to produce abundant numbers of zombies, skeletons and ghouls. Then he used stage 2 undead magic in the area where knights and n.o.bles were fighting.


“How dare you. Selling an eye in a battlefield!”

The rebel army was formed from n.o.bles of various parts of the kingdom.

In areas where they fought, undead occurred.

As the magic rank rose, different types of undead could be summoned and their health and combat power would increase.

The quality of the corpses wasn’t as good as the giants’ fortress but the mana consumption used to summon the undead was reduced.


“Unbelievable… A zombie!”

“Ghosts. Their eyes are flas.h.i.+ng. Priest!”

Weed’s Summon Undead skill was rapidly growing.

Although it was only intermediate level 1, the skill proficiency was improving in quality rather than quant.i.ty.

“Solid Bones, Wind of Stench.”

Enhancing magic and curse magic were also enough to increase proficiency.

Even if the level was low, there were many enemies so it was good to build experience. Surka and Python started talking.

“I think I’m used to this.”

“Certainly. I also feel like I am adapting.”

Weed made a big decision on the third day.

“Hit the rebels.”

Maylon was confused and asked.

“Aren’t we fighting them now?”

“We have to go subdue the enemy’s base.”

“Such a thing…”

Astonishment flickered in Maylon’s eyes. She was very strong as a broadcasting host, but fighting both armies caused her to be tense.

Whether they were n.o.bles or soldiers of the kingdom, she had to fight the enemy!

Surka applauded.

“Wah. How interesting!”

Python laughed as he stuck the greatsword into the ground.

“I am in favour of this. It is tiresome fighting like this.”

The decision to hit the bulk of the enemy!

“Van Hawk. You need to open the way.”

“Understood. Master.”

“Take care of the knights and attack the archers and magician unit. Also stop the commanding force from getting away.”

“Is that all I have to do?”

“Yes. I hope you are successful.”

Van Hawk’s huge shoulders!

As the death knights attacked the bulk of the n.o.ble rebels, Weed summoned ghosts and ran with his colleagues.

Van Hawk formed a formation with the death knights.

Weed’s Undead Summon was intermediate level 2 and Barkhan’s equipment made it more effective.

The death knights defeated the knights.

“Defense formation. Defense formation!”

The knights of the n.o.bles defended themselves with the s.h.i.+elds of the heavy infantry.


Van Hawk wielded his sword and the death knights threw their bodies.

This tactic was possible because they were undead.

The ghosts ran through the bodies of the enemies.

While the leading death knights were destroyed, the gaps in the defenses of the rebels were exposed.

“Die. Immortal Commander Weed-nim gave us new life.”

“Bow down to greet Immortal Commander!”

“Weed’s proud army won’t stop!”

The death knights in armour spoke in bizarre voices as they attacked.

Weed followed closely behind the ghosts and chanted spells.

“Dead Rise, Corpse Explosion!”

Corpses rose in an instant and some of them exploded, widening the path.

After using Sculptural Destruction, all the art stats were put into wisdom so the great power breached the defense formation.

“An ambus.h.!.+”

“Protect Duke Grouse!”

The rebel forces fighting the palace guards hurried over.

The death knights pierced enemy lines but forces gathered from everywhere.

“Now. Sweep through the rebels for the kingdom!”

The palace guards chased after the rebels.

“Hiyah. Charge. Charge!”

“Python-nim. This is a great.”

“I feel good. Hiyah. Hiyah!”

The death knights attacked Duke Grouse who was commander of the rebels.

Weed and his colleagues overpowered the surrounding troops and used a short gap to penetrate deeply.

“The execution guillotine.”

A sharp offensive!


-Duke Grouse, the head of the Kallapik rebellion has lost his life.

You can freely pick two stat points based on your combat achievement.

Fame has increased by 690.

-A ma.s.sive task has been achieved in a large-scale battle!

You have killed 10,000 enemies. Fighting Spirit and perseverance has increased by 1.

Duke Grouse, the head of the rebels, lost his life and the n.o.bles started to escape.


Weed used the undead to sweep up the experience.

As the rebels suddenly collapsed, the death knights increased to over 1,000.

It wasn’t enough to sweep the battlefield, but that was enough power to fight against the knights.


Weed used the characteristics of the undead to start fighting.

Fight and fight again.

Raise undead and raise again.

“Piece through. The master of your life commands it. Smash the enemies!”

A necromancer couldn’t become easily bored on a large battlefield.

A powerful undead unit occupied the battlefield area and started fighting.

The death knights were the centre and supported by the skeleton units, while the ghosts bit the fleeing enemies.

-Faith has decreased by 2.

-Luck has decreased by 3.

-This battle takes advantage of the characteristics of the undead.

-Wisdom has increased by 1.

It is the pain of a downturn, but weed stats said that even had yet.

“Sweep them all away!”

The battle was over that night.

In the original history, the battle of Kallapik Castle lasted a few more days but the result was changed.

After Duke Grouse died, the n.o.ble forces were irreversibly damaged.

The castle guards lost a similar amount but were victorious anyway.

“Everybody shout!”

“For His Majesty!”

“We have overcome the enemy with courage and hope. The unrest in the kingdom will be removed soon.”

However, the joy of the kingdom’s guards only lasted until midnight.


The undead could no longer prey on the rebels and started to strike at the kingdom’s guards.

“Ohh… This is a really bad thing.”

“I’ll make a spinach pizza.”

“Spinach pizza is good. No… That’s not it!”

“Add a tangy lemon drink.”

“I won’t oppose the deal.”

Surka tried to disagree but was quickly persuaded.

On this Travel Sculpting trip with Weed, they were continuously brainwashed.

All the NPCs here would disappear after their adventure. Therefore, there was no need to bother about good or evil.

“I am lacking arrows.”

“I have some arrows left. I’ll share.”

“Pale-nim doesn’t have enough left.”

“I’m okay. My heart will grow bigger if I give it away. Haha.”

Pale and Maylon were shooting a romance movie on the battlefield so they were interested in the surroundings.

Either way, they wanted to look cool while fighting.

Irene used recover magic and Romuna used fire magic.

Hwaryeong danced and Bellot played musical instruments.

“Ah… Shaking my body relaxes me.”

“Unni, this is really funny. Do you want to listen to a new song that I made?”

Only Seasoned Crab felt somewhat troubled.

“Life and death… Living a long life is good and dying early is bad. At the end of this adventure, all these lives will disappear.”


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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