Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 195: Three New Types of Medicinal Pills!

Chapter 195: Three New Types of Medicinal Pills!

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Yang Hao sat at the seat of honor in a lofty manner.

In his eyes, these secular world people were just a bunch of ants.

As his gaze swept through the faces of those n.o.bles, there were either nervousness, or at a loss, or excitement, all the facets of humanity, so on and so forth. It made him feel like he was overlooking all life.

Finally, his gaze swept over to Ye Yuan who was opposite him, and his face involuntarily froze up.

The mood which just got a little better instantly vanished with a puff.

This fellow was really hateful! However, he most likely would not survive today either way!

Thinking up to here, Yang Hao could not help feeling secretly pleased.

A core disciple who had yet to enter the sect was killed in a secular world conflict. With the addition of his master and Elder Ouyang covering up in the middle, the outcome would just be left inconclusive.

Right then, Wan Donghai continued, “I think that before everyone came today, you’ve already heard about the contents of today’s Pill Grading a.s.sembly. That’s right. Today, our Drunken Star Manor will be launching three new types of medicinal pills never before seen on the market. The launch of these three new kinds of medicinal pills will be the beginning of a new era for our State of Qin’s alchemy world! Now, we will be uncovering the mysterious veil of these three new kinds of medicinal pills!”

One had to admit, apart from alchemy, Wan Donghai’s ability to inciting public sentiment was not something that Ye Hang could compare to.

In contrast to Wan Donghai, Ye Hang lacked a portion of worldly sophistication and had more personal charisma.

Yes, the reason why the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion could still hang on until now under the Drunken Star Manor powerful attacks was due to Ye Hang’s personal charisma!

From the day Ye Hang took a step back until today, not a single Fragrant Medicine Pavilion employee left the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion!

If both parties were to swap positions, the Drunken Star Manor would have probably collapsed long ago.

However, as the saying went, ‘as virtue rise one foot, vice rises ten.’ Wan Donghai’s operating methods were inexhaustible. This was also the reason why the Drunken Star Manor could steadily suppress the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion.

But today, the stirring by Wan Donghai’s words was no doubt lethal!

Wan Donghai went to the table arranged in the center of the great hall. On the table, three exquisite jade trays were laid out. The jade trays were covered using a red cloth so the objects on them could not be seen clearly.

But everybody knew that what was placed on these three jade trays were those three new types of medicinal pills!

These three kinds of medicinal pills captured everyone’s hearts!

Wan Donghai held the jade tray on the left-hand side in his hands and gently removed the red cloth covering on top of it, revealing three gray colored medicinal pills.

“I believe that everyone isn’t a stranger to the Qi Returning Pill. To martial artists, Qi Returning Pills are a necessity! These few medicinal pills in my hands are the new and improved Qi Returning Pills. Its name is True Qi Returning Pill! The True Qi Returning Pill’s essence energy recovery speed is 50% greater than the Qi Returning Pill!”

When Wan Donghai’s words fell, the scene immediately exploded.

“Oh my G.o.d! 50%! If this True Qi Returning Pill was launched, wouldn’t all the Qi Returning Pills in my shop be unsellable?”

“Sigh, after today, we’re all going to become the Drunken Star Manor’s va.s.sals!”

“Just one True Qi Returning Pill already have such effects. I really don’t know what the other two types of medicinal pills are.”

Unequivocally, improving medicinal pills was exceedingly challenging. To raise the effects of the Qi Returning Pill by 50%, as long as the price was not overly absurd, once the True Qi Returning Pill was launched, it would surely monopolize the market!

Coupled with the Essence Gathering Pill, the Drunken Star Manor could just wait to open their doors and count money in the future. The other forces were basically screwed already.

Hence, for these merchants to survive, they could only be reduced to the Drunken Star Manor’s va.s.sals, becoming their agents!

This way, their stalls would basically become the Drunken Star Manor’s branch.

Wan Donghai smiled faintly and placed the True Qi Returning Pill in his hand down. He lifted up the middle jade tray to give another introduction.

“The medicinal pill placed on this jade tray is not an improved version, but a newly invented type of medicinal pill! Its name is Essence Converting Pill!” Speaking up to here, Wan Donghai purposely slowed his words and came to a halt.

Indeed, once people heard that it was a newly invented type of medicinal pill, they immediately could not resist.

“Stop beating around the bush, Manor Lord Wan! Quickly tell us what the medicinal effects of this Essence Converting Pill are already!”

“Yeah, Manor Lord Wan! Just what on earth is the use of this Essence Converting Pill?”

. . . . . .

Wan Donghai saw that the time was almost right before saying with a smile, ‘The medicinal effects of this Essence Converting Pill is to raise the cultivation of Essence Qi Realm martial artists by one realm unconditionally! However, a martial artist can only use it once in their lifetime. Consuming it again will not have any effects at all.”

“No way, right? Unconditionally raising an Essence Qi Realm martial artist’s cultivation by one realm? This is too exaggerated, right?”

“You aren’t lying to us, Manor Lord Wan?”

“Are you kidding? When martial artists begin cultivation, it has always been about acc.u.mulating essence energy. I’ve never even heard that there are such medicinal pills! This is too preposterous!”

n.o.body believed Wan Donghai’s words.

People were like this. Once something surpa.s.sed their boundary of understanding, they would instinctively choose to not believe.

Wan Donghai smiled and said, “I know that everyone has doubts about the effects of the Essence Converting Pill. Hence, I’ll test this medicinal pill right now in front of all of you!”

Right at this time, a Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm martial artist walked out. He took an Essence Converting Pill from Wan Donghai’s hands and directly consumed it.

At this moment, the entire hall was abnormally silent. Everyone’s eyes were focused on that martial artist!

Only Ye Yuan yawned lazily and was unconcerned over this.

“Yuan-er, why do I feel like you aren’t worried at all? If this Essence Converting Pill really has such an effect, it’s greatly detrimental to us!” Ye Hang transmitted.

Although Ye Hang was very confident in his son, after hearing Wan Donghai’s introduction, his heart was still somewhat drumming right now.

This was only the second type of medicinal pill. There’s still the third type of medicinal pill which had not been released, and it had already spell bounded virtually all of the influences in the State of Qin.

This sort of situation was not something he hoped to see.

Even though he had the Explosive Yuan Pill in his hands, Wan Donghai had four types of medicinal pills over here! Even if he could monopolize the Explosive Yuan Pill market in the future, he would also hold an absolute inferior position in the aspect of True Qi Returning Pill and Essence Converting Pill.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Hur hur, don’t need to worry, Father. Only these fellows who can’t tell good from bad will take this sort of defect good to be a treasure.”

“Defect good?” Ye Hang asked in surprise.

“En, this Essence Converting Pill indeed has the effects of raising cultivation realm. But its side-effect isn’t small either. Wan Donghai taking this stuff out is seriously just scamming people!” Ye Yuan said.

“This Essence Converting Pill has side-effects?” This time, Ye Hang was even more surprised.

“That’s right. After taking this Essence Converting Pill, the martial artist’s meridians will suffer a certain degree of damage which will affect future cultivation speed. However, this sort of damage isn’t obvious. Ordinary people can’t detect it. But when it’s time to impact the Spirit Condensation Realm, their success rate will lower tremendously. Instead, it would be much lower than martial artists who cultivate up normally!” Ye Yuan explained.

Ye Yuan once spent his lifetime to research Tier 3 and below medicinal pills, and among medicinal pills, those with the greatest number of varieties and most widely used was naturally first-order medicinal pills.

This Essence Converting Pill was basically something Ye Yuan left behind. He was naturally crystal clear on the medicinal effects of the Essence Converting Pill.

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

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