Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 196: Unfurling the Map to Reveal the Dagger

Chapter 196: Unfurling the Map to Reveal the Dagger

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“If that’s the case, then isn’t Wan Donghai cheating people? Also, this sort of side-effect, it will be discovered sooner or later, right?” Ye Hang asked with a frown.

“Uh, actually, this sort of side-effect isn’t much to those n.o.ble family disciples. As long as they take some meridian recovery medicinal pills, it can completely be repaired. Or, taking medicinal pills which increases the success rate when impacting the Spirit Condensation Realm also works. As long as they break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, the martial artist’s body functions will have a huge improvement. These hidden dangers will naturally also be cleared up then. After all, it’s only a Tier 1 medicinal pill. A little side-effect isn’t insurmountable.” Ye Yuan explained.

When Ye Hang heard that, he said helplessly, “You said it so easily! External injuries are easy to treat, but internal injuries are hard to get rid of. It’s not that there are no meridians recovering medicinal pills, but each one of them is worth a fortune! It’s likely even above this Essence Converting Pill! Calculating this way, the loss outweighs the gain! As for medicinal pills which increases the success rate of impacting the Spirit Condensation Realm, although I know many alchemists wish to refine them, but up till now, I’ve never seen them before.”

Ye Yuan gave a mysterious smile and said, “If I guess correctly, this third type of medicinal pill is probably something that increases the success rate of Spirit Condensation Realm! Heh heh, this Pill Hall planned really well!”

Ye Hang’s face changed, and his gaze could not help s.h.i.+fting over to that not-yet unveiled jade tray.

If what Ye Yuan said was true, then this third kind of medicinal pill was going to be amazing!

Such a medicinal pill was sufficient to shake the foundation of the Imperial Family!

Putting aside all the martial artists under the heavens, just in the State of Qin, how many martial artists were stuck at the threshold of peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm, unable to breakthrough?

One could imagine just what kind of demand it would face once this sort of medicinal pill was released!

Ye Hang himself knew that medicinal pills to a.s.sist in breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm definitely existed. It was just that in this sort of place like the State of Qin, it simply did not have the capability to issue this kind of medicinal pills.

However, Ye Hang also knew that Ye Yuan definitely knew the refinement method for this type of medicinal pills!

Ye Hang sucked in a deep breath and said, “Yuan-er, it’s all on you today!”

“Don’t worry, Father! If I can’t even get this done, then I would have wasted Master’s laborious efforts!” Ye Yuan said perfectly composed and collected.

. . . . . .

Right at this time, an essence energy storm suddenly howled forth in the great hall. That martial artist testing the medicinal pill really broke through to the Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm!

Marveling exclamations sounded out in the great hall!

“Hur hur, everyone has also seen the medicinal effects. There’s no need for me to add on, right? Now, let’s introduce the third type of medicinal pill.”

Wan Donghai did not give much of an introduction about the Essence Converting Pill. He believed that the scene just now already gave everyone enough shock.

He lifted the third jade tray and unveiled the red cloth to introduce. “This third type of medicinal pill is today’s dénouement medicinal pill! This third type of medicinal pill is called Rising Spirit Pill! It can increase the success rate of impacting the Spirit Condensation Realm by 20%!”

“What? Increase the success rate of impacting the Spirit Condensation Realm by 20%? Is there a mistake?!”

“There . . . There’s . . . actually such a miraculous medicinal pill?”

“Manor Lord Wan! How much is this Rising Spirit Pill! I want to buy ten!”

“Manor Lord Wan, I also want to purchase! The more, the better! Oh, right, and also the Essence Converting Pill and True Qi Returning Pill, I also want!”

Everybody could not sit tight anymore. These three new kinds of medicinal pills launched by the Drunken Star Manor today simply subverted the knowledge of all the people sitting here!

Even though many people sitting here were mentally prepared and knew that the new medicinal pills launched by the Drunken Star Manor today were not ordinary, they could not have imagined that it was so extraordinary!

These people all left their seats in succession, encircling Wan Donghai in the center, fighting to converse with Wan Donghai.

At this moment, n.o.body bothered with the Su Family and the Nanfeng Family contending for imperial authority. What they were concerned with was how to purchase the Drunken Star Manor’s medicinal pills!

They all knew that the Drunken Star Manor absolutely would not provide this sort of medicinal pills endlessly!

With these three types of medicinal pills, what could the Nanfeng Family use to hold the hearts of these aristocrats?

Ye Yuan watched this scene and could not help sneering as he said, “s.n.a.t.c.hing so fervently for stuff weeded out by other people. A bunch of fellows who have not seen the world!”

His voice was neither too loud nor too soft, but the surrounding few people heard it loud and clear.

Nanfeng Lou and Nanfeng Ruoqing were somewhat bewildered, but Yang Hao’s and Su Yulin’s facial expression totally changed!

“Ye Yuan, what’s the meaning of what you just said? You say that these medicinal pills were developed by others?” Nanfeng Ruoqing asked curiously.

“Otherwise? With the likes of Wan Donghai that n.u.m.b.n.u.t.s, can he invent this kind of medicinal pills? These medicinal pills are clearly formulas that he got from some other place! Other than sect forces, what other places could possibly have these pill formulas? Furthermore, if these aren’t pill formulas sifted out by the sect forces, you think that Wan Donghai can get to see them? Would he dare to take over?” Ye Yuan said disdainfully.

Nanfeng Ruoqing mused over it. This was really the case.

However, even if they were pill formulas eliminated by the sect, bringing it into the secular world was also sufficiently startling!

With just these few pill formulas, the Su Family could already overthrow the Imperial Family!

If the Imperial Family lost the support of these big and small families, the Su Family virtually did not need to make any moves, and they could take down the Nanfeng Family without drawing blood!

“Humph! How much do you know about sect matters? Even if the pill formulas were eliminated by the sect, it’s enough to stun the world!” Yang Hao snorted coldly.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders as if he was too lazy to dispute.

Yang Hao’s blow landing on cotton made him incredibly depressed.

But at this time, Ye Hang could not sit still too. He was just about to go down when Ye Yuan held him back.

“Don’t be anxious, Father. Wan Donghai hasn’t finished executing his plays yet. Let him play first,” Ye Yuan transmitted.

“En? What other means are there?” In terms of scheming, Ye Hang was evidently inferior to Wan Donghai.

“Hur hur, Father will know when you continue watching,” Ye Yuan said while smiling.

Wan Donghai was presently surrounded in the middle by people, but n.o.body really dared to get close to him.

After all, he was a Crystal Formation Realm expert. Even if he was an alchemist, these people dared not b.u.mp into him.

However, the crowd was speaking incoherently, nearly drowning him in spittle.

“Stop making noise! Not a single one of these three types of medicinal pills will be sold to you all!” Wan Donghai suddenly shouted.

“What? Manor Lord Wan, such incredible medicinal pills and you’re not selling. Don’t tell me that you want to watch a treasure mountain?”

“That’s right, Manor Lord Wan. You didn’t organize this Pill Grading a.s.sembly just for us to covet it, right?”

Wan Donghai waved his hands and said, “Everyone return to your seats. This Wan has something major to discuss with everyone!”

When they heard it, their hearts jumped with a start, thinking to themselves, it’s here!

They were towed by Wan Donghai just now, blindly fighting over the medicinal pills, and forgot about today’s Feast at Hong Gate. 1 Now, seeing Wan Donghai said that, it was most likely time to unfurl the map to reveal the dagger!

Without any accident, Wan Donghai was going to force them to make their position known!

Everyone returned to their seats with ugly expressions, weighing out just how they should deal with this front today!

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

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A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor. Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants. Once again, walking the Great Dao of Alchemy. How can I defy the heavens . . . with the medicine in my hands!


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