Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 197: When Watching a Play, Watch the Entire Show

Chapter 197: When Watching a Play, Watch the Entire Show

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“Manor Lord Wan, speak then. What conditions do you want before you’re willing to sell us these medicinal pills?”

At this time, an aristocrat spoke. It was very clear that these medicinal pills Wan Donghai took out moved him greatly!

However, his question also voiced out the words in everyone’s hearts.

Wan Donghai gave a slight smile and slowly said, “Speaking of which, these few years, our State of Qin’s national strength has always been leaning to the weak side. Among the Tranquil Cloud Ten Nations, we’re already in the lower-middle position. I wonder if after so many years, has anyone ever reflected on it?”

When the crowd heard that, they thought to themselves that it had indeed come!

These words from Wan Donghai were piercing criticisms! National strength growing weak, who was to be blamed? Couldn’t have been their fault, right?

Of course, it was the Imperial Family’s fault!

Many people’s gaze s.h.i.+fted over to Nanfeng Lou’s direction.

“I keep feeling that our State of Qin’s forces are too scattered and does not form an effective alliance! If we, these forces, can ally together to form a synergy, we can definitely make the State of Qin strong! Now, we have the Essence Gathering pill, True Qi Returning Pill, Essence Converting Pill, Rising Spirit Pill, so many medicinal pills. It’s enough to let even more martial artists grow stronger!”

Speaking up to here, Wan Donghai paused for a bit. Sweeping his gaze one round across the entire great hall, he said loudly, “Therefore, I suggest to establish a State of Qin Alchemy Alliance! Integrate all the influences together to bring about an even stronger State of Qin!”

When Wan Donghai’s speech ended, Nanfeng Ruoqing could not hold back any longer. She immediately stood up and said furiously. “Wan Donghai, are you rebelling?”

Towards Nanfeng Ruoqing’s accusation, Wan Donghai was not overly surprised. He just smiled and said, “Why do you say that, Eldest Princess? I’m only saying to found an Alchemy Alliance to strengthen our State of Qin’s power. Rather, as the Imperial Family, how many things have you done for the State of Qin these few years? Mm?”

“That’s because . . . because . . .” Nanfeng Ruoqing did not know how to answer.

It was an irrefutable fact that the Imperial Family was declining!

Not that the Imperial Family did not wish to grow stronger, but because the Su Family’s obstruction was too powerful. Nanfeng Yi was overly cautious in taking action, which resulted in the State of Qin’s situation today.

When it came down to it, the Su Family was the main culprit!

But this was an open secret! All in all, it was still because the Imperial Family themselves were not powerful enough!

In this world, it had always been the strong who reigned supreme while the weak were destined to be eliminated!

“Because of what? Hur hur, Eldest Princess also can’t say it yourself? Us, the subjects, provide taxes for the Imperial Family, leaving the Imperial Family without the need to care for necessities. But what have the Imperial Family brought us?”

“These years, the country is prosperous, and the people are at peace. The citizens live a prosperous and contented life. Isn’t this all thanks to the Imperial Family?” Nanfeng Ruoqing said crossly.

“This was just peace on the surface! Even though we are people in the secular world, this is the world of martial artists! In the world of martial artists, it has always been the weak who are food while the strong feasts! Other countries grow stronger while our State of Qin grows weaker. In the future, the outcome can only be being swallowed up by other countries! Eldest Princess, tell me whether what I said is correct or not?” Wan Donghai said with a cold smile.

Nanfeng Ruoqing was speechless because what Wan Donghai said was the truth!

However, the Nanfeng Family was not doing nothing these few years!

Why did Nanfeng Ruoqing and Nanfeng Zhirou conceal their ident.i.ty and cultivate in the Dan Wu Academy? That was for the rise of the Nanfeng Family!

Nanfeng Ruoqing’s talent in the alchemy path was incomparable. She had the qualifications to enter the Tranquil Cloud Sect long ago! But she had always stayed in the academy because she hoped to make the Imperial Family stronger through her efforts!

Why did Nanfeng Zhirou train so desperately? She similarly wanted to let herself become strong to protect the Nanfeng Family, to protect the State of Qin!

However, the Su Family pressed on at every step, and now, they finally revealed their fangs!

Yet, the Nanfeng Family had not matured yet!

“Everybody! As long as you join the alliance, we can enjoy the resources together! The merchants of the alchemy world can represent to sell the medicinal pills refined by the Drunken Star Manor! Families and martial artists who join the alliance can enjoy corresponding discounts when purchasing alliance medicinal pills according to their contribution level! I wonder if everyone is pleased with such conditions?”

Wan Donghai finally threw out a heavyweight bomb!

The allure of these terms was not an ordinary kind of big.

One could imagine, with the Drunken Star Manor possessing these four kinds of medicinal pills, they would hold a complete monopoly in the State of Qin in the future.

If merchants in the alchemy world did not join the alliance, then they would not obtain the channel to get these medicinal pills. What awaited them was only one result: bankruptcy.

Martial artists and family clans needed to nurture their own strength/forces. Their requirements towards medicinal pills were extremely huge!

Undeniably, the prices of these few medicinal pills would surely be very high. Especially the Rising Spirit Pill. It would definitely be so high that it would be to quite a ridiculous extent!

Even so, there would likely still be countless martial artists going after it in flocks!

Even though it only increased the success rate by 20%, how many martial artists were struck at this checkpoint in the entire State of Qin?

There were many people who were only lacking just a 5% success rate which made them unable to breakthrough realms, resulting in years slipping by 20% success rate was enough to let many Essence Qi Realm martial artists breakthrough to the Spirit Condensation Realm.

Even those Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm without any hopes of a breakthrough, wouldn’t they wish to give it a shot?

Hence, these two conditions thrown out by Wan Donghai was too alluring!

However, many of these aristocrats were still quite fearful of the Nanfeng Family. Many of them exchanged looks and whispered to one another, discussing countermeasures.

Wan Donghai was not anxious either. He waited patiently for everyone’s reply.

Ye Hang was in a big hurry when he saw the situation and wanted to move out again, but was stopped by Ye Yuan again.

“Father, such a lovely show; how can you not finish watching it? When watching a play, watch the full show!” Ye Yuan transmitted.

“Still watching? Continue watching, and they will all seek refuge from Wan Donghai and Su Yulin already!”

“Of course we got to watch! Such an excellent opportunity, how can it do if we don’t get a clear view of these people’s faces? Of course, it doesn’t matter to me, but the Nanfeng Family will probably start a major cleansing after this incident, right? If we don’t let Nanfeng Lou and Nanfeng Ruoqing see clearly, how will they know who to clean off when the time comes?”

Hearing Ye Yuan say this, Ye Hang finally calmed down. His gaze when looking at Ye Yuan again became somewhat different.

Ye Hang really did not imagine that his son had already grown up to such an extent!

As a father, he was still looking at the things in front of him, but his son actually already saw the distant future!

Looking back at it now, virtually every one of Ye Yuan’s actions had deep meanings. Even he, his father, could not quite see through his own son anymore.

Right then, someone finally made a sound!

“Manor Lord Wan, my w.a.n.g Family is willing to join the alliance!” The one who spoke was precisely the w.a.n.g Family’s Family Head, w.a.n.g Jia.

But he had just spoken when someone immediately voiced out criticism. “w.a.n.g Jia, you shameless thing! Your w.a.n.g Family received imperial graciousness for generations, yet you’re the first one to defect to the enemy today!”

The one who spoke was a family head who was die-hard loyal to the Imperial Family.

“Humph! A fine bird selects its tree, a good subject chooses whom to follow! Go ahead if you want to follow the Nanfeng Family to die together!” w.a.n.g Jia said brazenly.

With w.a.n.g Jia stepping out here, it immediately acted like a fuse. There were scores of people expressing their standpoints.

“My Lin Family also joins the alliance!”

“I, Song Taoge, joins the alliance!”

. . . . . .

In moments, there were actually more than half of the family clans or influences who chose to join the alliance!

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

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