Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 199: Medicinal Effect of the Explosive Yuan Pill!

Chapter 199: Medicinal Effect of the Explosive Yuan Pill!

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Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm!

After Huang Xuan consumed the Explosive Yuan Pill, he directly broke through to the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm!

The effect was the best when consuming the Explosive Yuan Pill for the very first time. Hence, Huang Xuan directly burst through this minor stage bottleneck!

However, this did not cause too much of a stir. With the earlier example of the Essence Converting Pill, everyone was not too surprised by this scene.

“Ye Hang, the medicinal pill you devoted yourself to researching for a month was this? Are you thinking of using this sort of trash medicinal pill to defeat me?” Wan Donghai sneered incessantly.

This Ye Hang entered closed-seclusion for a month, closed until he became stupid, right? Did he exit seclusion to be funny?

Although this medicinal pill was not bad, compared to the Essence Converting Pill, it was far too lacking, right?

That martial artist just now only just broke through to the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm not long ago. The Essence Converting Pill forcefully raised him up by a minor realm.

And this medicinal pill Ye Hang took out needed to pick an Essence Qi Realm martial artist on the verge of breaking through. In contrast, it was way inferior!

The other guests’ thoughts were about the same as Wan Donghai’s.

Towards Wan Donghai’s mocking, Ye Hang turned a deaf ear to it and did not explain anything either.

“Ye Hang, if you feel that causing trouble like this has any effects, then you’re too naïve! Don’t you know that the tras.h.i.+er your medicinal pill is, the more it showcases the irreplaceability of my medicinal pill?” Wan Donghai continued to reprove him.

“Too amazing! Simply incredible! This medicinal pill is simply inconceivable!”

Right then, Huang Xuan who meditated to breakthrough finally awoken, and his first reaction after waking was a shock-filled face.

Towards Huang Xuan’s exclaim, everyone was somewhat uncertain. Wasn’t it just breaking through a minor realm? What’s amazing about it?

Just now, Huang Hui himself said that Huang Xuan had already touched upon the threshold of the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm; only a step away from reaching the door.

This medicinal pill might have randomly caused him to breakthrough. Was there a need to be so surprised?

Huang Hui was also unsure and asked his son, “Xuan-er, what’s so inconceivable about this medicinal pill? You seemed to be on the verge of breaking through anyway, right?”

Huang Xuan nodded and said, “I was indeed about to breakthrough, Father. But I was ultimately unable to burst past the threshold of Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm. But just now, after I consumed the medicinal pill granted by Honorable Uncle Ye, the breakthrough happened immediately without any extra effort! I’ve never seen before such an incredible cultivation medicinal pill. The medicinal effects of this medicinal pill are at least three times of the Essence Gathering Pill!”

Huang Xuan was clearly very agitated. The impact that the Explosive Yuan Pill gave him was too big!

“What? What did you say? This . . . This isn’t a medicinal pill to aid in breaking through realms? It’s just an ordinary cultivation medicinal pill?” Huang Hui asked in shock.

“That’s right! The medicinal pill I consumed just now was the same as the Essence Qi Pill and Essence Gathering Pill; they are medicinal pills used in cultivation. However, this is no ordinary cultivation medicinal pill!” Huang Xuan corrected.

Huang Hui and son’s conversation finally aroused the guests present here. Everyone started to call into question one after another.

Everybody only knew now that this type of medicinal pill Ye Hang took out was simply not targeting at the Essence Converting Pill, but directed towards the Essence Gathering Pill!

If this type of medicinal pill really had the medicinal effects stated by Huang Xuan, then forget about selling the Essence Gathering Pill!

The medicinal effects of the Essence Gathering Pill were only 50% more than the Essence Qi Pill, while the medicinal effects of the Explosive Yuan Pill were three times of the Essence Gathering Pill!

The disparity was too great!

“Cultivation medicinal pill? This . . . How is this possible?”

“Consuming a cultivation medicinal pill and you can burst through a minor stage bottleneck? What medicinal pill is so sick?”

“The Huang Family didn’t collude with Ye Hang, right? Consuming a cultivation medicinal pill and you can break through realms. I won’t believe it even if you beat me to death!”

“Ye Hang, even if you want to act, at least act a little more professionally, alright? This kind of shoddy drama, do you think that everyone is an idiot?” Wan Donghai said with a cold smile.

When he heard Huang Xuan and his father’s conversation just now, Wan Donghai was also impossibly shocked. But he came around very quickly.

It looked like Ye Hang was really at his wit’s end, even this sort of r.e.t.a.r.ded drama play was used.

Ye Hang did not explain anything. He just took out several pill bottles and placed them on the table. Inside were filled with medicinal pills.

“I have twenty Explosive Yuan Pills here. You guys choose twenty Essence Qi Realm martial artists to come out. I’ll give each of them one each. How the medicinal effects are, what I say doesn’t count. Only what they say matters. Wan Donghai, if you aren’t a.s.sured, you choose the people yourself.” Ye Hang said nonchalantly.

Seeing Ye Hang so calm and collected, Wan Donghai was not so composed anymore.

Could it be that this medicinal pill really had such heaven-defying effects?

This was impossible!

How could there be a cultivation medicinal pill with medicinal effects three times more than the Essence Gathering Pill!

“Fine! Since you want to play, then I’ll follow you all the way! I want to see just whether or not this Explosive Yuan Pill or something is really so miraculous,” Wan Donghai said coldly.

Very soon, Wan Donghai picked out twenty Essence Qi Realm martial artists. There was even quite a number whose cultivation had reached the bottleneck among them.

These twenty Essence Qi Realm martial artists were all juniors of the family clans or influences that joined the alliance. Among them, there were even half who were dead loyal to the Wan Family and Su Family. Wan Donghai felt that this was a bit more reliable.

Ye Hang did not say anything else. He just issued an Explosive Yuan Pill to each person.

After these Essence Qi Realm martial artists consumed the pill, they sat down individually to meditate and refine the medicinal strength.

Then, everyone’s focus was gathered on these twenty martial artists. Whether Huang Xuan’s words were true or not, it could be seen in a while.

After several dozen breaths pa.s.sed, there was no movement from these Essence Qi Realm martial artists. Seeing this scene, Wan Donghai was even more certain that the scene just now was simply a two-party act performed by Ye Hang and the Huang Family father and son!

In a twinkle, several more dozen breaths pa.s.sed and suddenly, an essence energy storm howled inside the great hall again!

Su Yulin’s, Yang Hao’s, and Wan Donghai’s face involuntarily changed. Somebody broke through!

Ten breaths later, another essence energy storm raged around. Another Essence Qi Realm martial artist broke through!

Then, there were people breaking through non-stop!

The Essence Qi Realm martial artists that were chosen just now, as long as they were at the bottleneck, all of them would break through!

Without waiting for these martial artists to finish refining, Wan Donghai grabbed hold of a junior who already broke through and asked impatiently, “Quickly tell me, is this Explosive Yuan Pill a cultivation medicinal pill or not?!”

“This . . .” That junior’s facial expression did not look too good. He did not know how to answer.

He knew that he was on the Su Family’s side, but was he going to admit the Explosive Yuan Pill was a cultivation medicinal pill?

“You just have to tell the truth! Is it or not?” Wan Donghai said solemnly.

Cultivation medicinal pills were very easy to identify. It could not be refuted just by these twenty people saying no. Lying did not hold any meaning at all.

“. . . Yes!”

Wan Donghai’s heart fell, and he tossed this junior aside. Grabbing another person, he asked, “You answer, yes or no?!”

“This . . . is indeed cultivation medicinal pill!”

“How is this possible? How can this be possible?” Wan Donghai muttered to himself, appearing somewhat battered out of his senses.

“From today onwards, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion will officially start selling the Explosive Yuan Pill! The selling price of the Explosive Yuan Pill is only 20% higher than the base price of the former Essence Qi Pill! Those who want to can go and place an order at the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion after the Pill Grading a.s.sembly ends!” Ye Hang said calmly.

Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

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