Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 200: Explosive Situation!

Chapter 200: Explosive Situation!

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“Only 20% higher than the Essence Qi Pill? Doesn’t that mean that it’s even cheaper than the Essence Gathering Pill?”

“Such a heaven-defying medicinal pill is actually even cheaper than the Essence Gathering Pill! This . . . Ye Hang isn’t joking, right?”

“Hehe, this is a compa.s.sionate business! I really don’t know how much black-hearted money the Drunken Star Manor earned using this Essence Gathering Pill!”

Ye Hang’s words instantly blew up the whole audience!

This period of time, the Drunken Star Manor relied on the Essence Gathering Pill to haul in quite a bit of money.

Although the effects of the Essence Gathering Pill was only 50% higher than the Essence Qi Pill, its fixed price was twice of the Essence Qi Pill!

Even though everybody knew that this price was too high, for martial artists, time was money. As long as they had the capabilities to bear the burden, they basically bought quite a number of Essence Gathering Pills from the Drunken Star Manor to provide for the family’s juniors to cultivate.

But now, Ye Hang said that the fixed price of the Explosive Yuan Pill was only 20% higher than the Essence Qi Pill. Wasn’t this a blatant face-smacking?

Those present were wily spirits. They were all quite clear on what this Explosive Yuan Pill meant!

Explosive Yuan Pill was absolutely an epoch-making medicinal pill!

This sort of epoch-making medicinal pill’s fixed price was actually so low. Who would come to the Drunken Star Manor to purchase Essence Gathering Pills?

This move by Ye Hang was ruthless. It directly forced Wan Donghai all the way into the corner of the wall.

Wan Donghai was so angry that his face turned green. His gaze when looking at Ye Hang was filled with killing intent.

This way, who would come to the Drunken Star Manor to purchase Essence Gathering Pills?

“Humph! Everyone listen well! Whoever goes to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion to place an order for the Explosive Yuan Pill will be removed from the alliance and placed directly inside the alliance’s blacklist. Influences who enter the blacklist can forget about buying a single medicinal pill from the alliance!” Wan Donghai said with a cold snort.

Wan Donghai’s words were like a basin of cold water, instantly extinguis.h.i.+ng these people’s enthusiasm.

Ye Hang was ruthless, Wan Donghai was even more vicious than him!

Ye Hang only had Explosive Yuan Pill this one type of medicinal pill, but Wan Donghai launched three new types of medicinal pills today!

And these medicinal pills were all medicinal pills necessary for cultivation. Who would dare say that they would not use it in the future?

“Heh heh, Manor Lord Wan seems to be very confident in your medicinal pills! Do you feel that everyone have to purchase your medicinal pills?” Ye Yuan suddenly sounded out.

Wan Donghai said with a cold smile, ‘Isn’t that so? Don’t tell me you guys can still take out medicinal pills even more amazing than these three types of medicinal pills?”

Just as Ye Yuan said, these three types of medicinal pills were sifted out from the Tranquil Cloud Sect. But Ye Yuan had not even entered the sect yet. Could he even know about those new medicinal pills?

Ye Yuan chuckled, and a pill bottle appeared in his hand.

“The medicinal pills inside this pill bottle can double essence energy recovery!”

Finis.h.i.+ng, Ye Yuan took out another pill bottle and said, “This can raise a minor realm for Essence Qi Realms unconditionally and completely without any side-effects! That whatever Essence Converting Pill is nothing but an incomplete product. How dare you have the nerve to use this kind of trash to scam people!”

Following that, Ye Yuan took out a third pill bottle and said, “The medicinal pills inside here can raise the success rate of impacting the Spirit Condensation Realm by 40%. Well, who’s good and who’s lousy, there isn’t a need for me to say it, right? Now, do you still feel that those junk of yours are very useful?”

Ye Yuan introduced three types of medicinal pills in one breath. With each speech, Wan Donghai’s face darkened a degree.

If the medicinal pills within these pill bottles were truly as Ye Yuan said, wouldn’t him hosting this Pill Grading a.s.sembly today become a joke?

Not just Wan Donghai, the faces of everyone present were filled with astonishment!

Wan Donghai’s introduction just now already subverted their understanding. True Qi Returning Pill, Essence Converting Pill, and Rising Spirit Pill. Each type of medicinal pill was ample to alter the setup of the State of Qin.

But then, Ye Yuan casually took out three types of medicinal pills and directly knocked down those three types of medicinal pills.

Compared to Ye Yuan’s medicinal pills, the medicinal pills launched by Wan Donghai was basically garbage!

“What a joke! You think that by casually taking out some medicinal pills, you can say that it’s better than mine? If these are the medicinal pills prepared by your Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, then this is also too targeted at us, right? Before today, n.o.body even knew what kind of medicinal pills would be launched at the Pill Grading a.s.sembly!” Wan Donghai said in a low voice.

“I knew that you wouldn’t give up until all hope is lost!”

Ye Yuan gave a cold sn.i.g.g.e.r, took out a medicinal pill from the third pill bottle, and directly threw it to Yang Hao.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Yang, I wonder how is this medicinal pill of mine when compared to the medicinal pills developed by the sect for impacting the Spirit Condensation Realm?”

Yang Hao reached out to receive the medicinal pill. A bout of herbal fragrance entered the nose. After sizing it up carefully, Yang Hao’s face involuntarily changed drastically!

“Ye Yuan, where did you steal this True Rising Spirit Pill from?” Yang Hao questioned.

From Yang Hao’s reaction, everyone knew that what Ye Yuan said was not false!

At this point, those people who happily joined the State of Qin’s Alchemy Alliance were currently so full of regrets that their intestines turned green!

If they knew beforehand that the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion would deal this kind of ma.s.sive counter-attack, why would they join this lousy alliance?!

No wonder Ye Hang and son watched Wan Donghai’s performance leisurely and calmly. They were just watching a joke!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Turns out that the sect calls this True Rising Spirit Pill huh. Rather fitting. However, don’t casually slander fellow disciples, Senior Apprentice Brother Yang. I haven’t even been to the sect, where did the word ‘steal’ come from? This medicinal pill is refined by myself. If Senior Apprentice Brother Yang don’t believe, want me to refine one for you on the spot?”

Yang Hao fixed onto Ye Yuan’s eyes, trying to see something. But he discovered that Ye Yuan’s eyes were very calm, without the slightest trace of guilt.

Ye Yuan obviously did not have a guilty conscience.

Before coming, Ye Yuan had long predicted the current situation. He refined a round of some commonly used Tier 1 medicinal pills and brought over a pile of medicinal pills.

No matter what kind of medicinal pills Wan Donghai brought out today, Ye Yuan would completely crush him!

This was still because Ye Yuan did not wish to be overly startling, which was why he only took out some medicinal pills that were inferior by a grade. If Ye Yuan took out the type of medicinal pills like the Spirit Surge Pill, he reckoned that before long, the Sect Leader of the Tranquil Cloud Sect would head over here personally.

Ye Yuan estimated that with the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s level, it was roughly the standard of the True Rising Spirit Pill. That was why he took out these medicinal pills.

“Humph! Ye Yuan, don’t get complacent too early! These few medicinal pills are very important to the sect, and now, you actually took them out in the secular world. After returning to the sect, I’ll definitely report to the upper echelons! You better think about how to face the interrogation from the upper echelons after entering the sect now! Now, are you going to surrender without resistance, or are you waiting for me to take you down?” Yang Hao said with a cold smile.

When Yang Hao said this, the entire great hall instantly cooled down.

Su Yulin who had his eyes shut to rest his mind this whole time suddenly opened his eyes. Radiant light shone in all directions.

“Whoa, can’t win in alchemy and decided to switch to fighting huh? Senior Apprentice Brother Yang, I know that you were very unresigned with your loss that day. Thinking to take me down a peg on the Martial Path today, right? Hehe, if you have the capabilities, just come at me and try!”

Ye Yuan’s degenerate look seemed to be completely clueless about the gradually tensing situation.

Right at this time, the four Crystal Formation Realm powerhouses in the great hall were already tightly wound up. A great battle was about to break out at any moment.

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